Nichael Aheain

I2u2 Lesson Plan
Inteimeuiate }azz Ensemble 4¡11¡14

!"#$$ &'(()*+:
This class is maue up of mostly fieshman anu sophomoies who aie in theii fiist oi
seconu yeai of playing in a jazz ensemble. This is two weeks aftei oui last conceit
anu we aie woiking on mateiial foi out }azz finale. This is the S
ieheaisal on the
music. I expect the stuuents to expeiience challenges with notes, ihythms, style
switching, anu keeping a steauy tempo.
1. 1. Singing, alone anu with otheis, a vaiieu iepeitoiie of music.
2. Peifoiming on instiuments, alone anu with otheis, a vaiieu iepeitoiie of music.
S. Reauing anu notating music.
6. Listening to, analyzing, anu uesciibing music.
7. Evaluating music anu music peifoimances.
Ny oveiall goals of this lesson aie to woik on soloing in a stiaight style anu then
achieving an accuiate change fiom a stiaight to a swing style. Ny othei goals aie
getting the coiiect aiticulations anu notes in Sack of Woe anu Noment's Notice. I
also want to inciease the stuuents unueistanuing of the foim in both pieces anu in
the impiovisation.
As a iesult of this lesson the stuuents will be able to
• Accuiately solo in a stiaight style ovei a F minoi blues
• Be able to play a Lyuian Bominant scale.
• 0nueistanu choiu changes in a Cantaloupe Islanu
• Accuiately change between a stiaight style anu swing style in Sack of Woe.
• Set up a stiaight eighths feel in the uium set
• Accuiately peifoim the uynamics fiom 64-76 in Sack of Woe
• Play the heau of Noments Notice with the coiiect style anu aiticulation
• Scoies
• Netionome
• Tunei
89:4-2)$#()-* ;'$$-* <!#*(#"-7:' 8$"#*6= &(#4( #( >?@AB
• Stait by having the stuuents play thiough all 12 of theii Boiian scales anu
ieminu them of theii playing test on the fiist five at the enu of peiiou. Also
make suie to ieminu them of the coiiect jazz aiticulation (A-Bo-A-Bo). Bave
the stuuents sing the aiticulation if neeueu.
• Now have the stuuents get out Cantaloupe Islanu anu intiouuce them to the
impiovisation concept of the uay: Impioving in a stiaight style!
• 0utline the foim of the piece with the stuuents anu ask them wheie they
think they neeu to change scales.
o Tell the stuuents you want them to solo on F Boiian foi 4 bais, Eb
Lyuian Bom foi 4 bais, B Boiian foi 4 bais, anu then back to F uoiian
foi 4 bais. (Biagiam it on the boaiu foi them)
o Now have the stuuents help you wiite out the Lyuian Bominant scale
on the boaiu (Bb Eb F u Ab Bb Cb Bb). Tell them it is a majoi scale
with a shaip 4 anu flat 7.
! Now have the play it slowly while you cue them in on each note
(ieminu them that theii notes aie wiitten on the bottom of the
• Now have them play thiough each scale in quaitei notes up anu uown while
the ihythm section play the vamp foi Cantaloupe Islanu. Be suie to take it at
a slowei tempo so the Bb Lyuian Bominant scale becomes moie comfoitable.
• Next have the stuuents play thiough the heau twice. Then have the stuuents
go into soloing anu have them take 2 choiuses each.
o Nake suie each stuuent takes a solo, anu make suie eveiyone is
following along in the foim.
o Bave the stuuents iaise theii hanu eveiy time the scale shoulu change
while othei aie soloing to check foi compiehension of the changes.
o Also have the stuuents snap anu tap theii foot in the backgiounu with
the ihythm section so they aie actively engageu in the stiaight eighths
o Foi the last solo have Auam (the uiummei) tiaue 4's with Bylan anu
then go into a last iecap of the heau.
&#1C -D E-' <$(#4( #( >?AFB
• Being by woiking on the change fiom stiaight to swing section, stait in
measuie 17 anu woik to measuie 24. Be suie to have a metionome iunning
in the backgiounu to keep the stuuents fiom slowing uown when they switch
to the swing style. Bave the stuuents listen to the ihythm section on theii
own switching styles anu assess them on a 1-S scale (timing, accuiate style
• 0nce the stuuents can achieve an accuiate style switch then go back to
measuie 9 anu woik fiom 9- S7 to complete the phiase
• Now go to pick ups into 64 anu woik up to measuie 76. Ask the stuuents to
point out the uiffeience in uynamics at 64. If the stuuents aie not accuiately
getting them then have them sing it anu ovei emphasize it.
o Woik specifically on measuie 72 anu 7S slowly. Bave the stuuents
sing it while the ihythm section plays anu then have them play it.
• Now woik fiom measuie 88 to the BS. Ask the biass playeis to give you moie
on the accents anu mouel foi them how you want it playeu anu have them
sing it back to you to check foi unueistanuing.
• Isolate measuie 96 anu 97 by having the stuuents sing it anu then play it. 0se
Connoi oi Bylan as an example foi the stuuents anu have them giaue them
on theii singing. Finally have them all play the measuie slowly anu then
speeu it up.
• Next time just go to the seconu enuing to woik on the uium fill into 1uS.
Reminu the uiummei to change to stiaight 8ths in the seconu bai to set up
1uS. Bave him play it by himself anu have the ensemble give him an
assessment (1-S) on his changing to stiaight eighths to set up 1uS.
o Now go 88 the seconu time thiough anu ask the stuuents to stop on
the uownbeat of 9 aftei the coua. This is to check to see if they can
follow along when we go back to the coua.
! Bave them all iaise theii hanus when we go back to the coua to
check to see if they aie actually counting oi getting lost (since
only the ihythm section plays on the uown beat of 9)
! Now move onto Noments Notice
3-9'*($ G-()1' <&(#4( #( H?>FB
• Begin at measuie 27 -S4 to woik on the heau of Noments Notice. Stait by
taking it veiy slowly anu having eveiyone play. Bave the stuuents sing it
slowly to woik on aiticulation anu timing. Then speeu it up anu check to see
if the stuuents ietain what you just woikeu on.
o Aftei having them sing it then have them play it, maybe have them
alteinate singing anu playing to ieally ieinfoice the aiticulation anu
• Now move onto the shout choius at measuie 9S-1uS, ask the ihythm section
to play softly anu ask the winus to sing the aiticulations. Stait by having them
sing thiough it slowly anu then have them play it to check foi aiticulations.
o Stait by just woiking on the fiist 4 bais anu then the last 4 bais
o Then slowly tie the sections togethei until they can play the entiie
shout choius.
o Bave an oluei stuuent mouel the singing anu have eveiyone giaue
them on how well they sing the pait.
Stuuents will be assesseu foimally at the enu of the peiiou with a playing test on
theii fiist S Boiian scales. Stuuents will also be assesseu infoimally on theii singing
anu assessment of othei stuuents thioughout the entiie lesson. Stuuents will also be
assesseu infoimally on theii ability to iuentify wheie they aie in the foim uuiing the
impiovisation exeicise.