KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH April 17, 2014 7:00 p.m. Minister: Rev.

Mark Gedcke Music Director – Suzanne Strahan

Minister: All: Jesus spent his life teaching us the meaning of love…. ove God! love "ourself and love one another. W !"#$ r i% #$ %"m &' ( )*) "%+ r m m, r #$ -". #$"# $ )$&- + *). W !"#$ r #& r m m, r %&# /*)# $i) + "#$, ,*# $i) li' .

HY0N: #$%&'o( s(eet the name of Jesus sounds )v *!+!,Minister: .he (a" of Jesus goes through the cross! /ut (e are not there "et. 0t is close…1e arrive for the 2assover meal! to remem/er that God saved the people from slaver". 1&+ )"2 + #$ I)r" li# ) "# P"))&2 r "%+ r 2 "l + #$"# i# i) 1&+ -$& r i!%), %&# #$ #.r"%#). O*r 1&+ )"2 + &%3 . 1&+ )"2 ) '&r 2 rm&r .


HY0N: #&34 1hen 0srael (as in 5g"pt6s land )v *!+!%Minister: 5ven as the" (ere sharing this sacred meal together! the disciples (ere not of one heart…7ll of the disciples (ere deepl" saddened and the" said: I -&*l+ % 2 r , #r". .&*, 4&r+. I#5) %&# m , i) i#6


eader 8ne 9 eader .(o share of Jesus6 (ords a/out the /read and the cup. eader 8ne: 7nd so! in remem/rance of these "our might" acts in Jesus :hrist (e offer ourselves in praise and thanksgiving as a hol" and living sacrifice! in union (ith :hrist6s offering for us! as (e proclaim the m"ster" of faith. All: Minister: C$ri)# $") +i +. C$ri)# i) ri) %. C$ri)# -ill 3&m "!"i%.

2our out "our 'ol" Spirit on us gathered here and on these gifts of /read and the cup. ;" "our 'ol" Spirit make us one (ith :hrist! one (ith each other and one in ministr" to the (orld. HY0N: #%,4 et us /reak /read together

CO00UNION PRAYER O7 THANKS eader .(o: 1hen the hol" meal had /een shared! the disciples /egan to argue over (hich one (ould /e the greatest….2eter /oasted: All: 84&r+, I "m r "+. #& !& -i#$ .&* #& pri)&% "%+ #& + "#$9

eader 8ne and .(o share a/out the end of the meal and (hat happened in the Garden of Gethsemene. Minister: .here (as a /rief skirmish at the arrest! /ut his disciples <uickl" scattered. 2eter! (ho had onl" hours /efore promised to go (ith Jesus to prison! even death! follo(ed from a distance. During the trial! 2eter remained hidden in the shado(s. =irst a servant girl sa( him and said! >.his man (as also (ith him.?. 8W&m"%, I +& %&# :%&- $im.9. 7 little later someone else! on seeing him said! >@ou are also one of them.?. 80"%, I "m %&#.9. .hen a/out an hour later still another kept insisting! >Surel" this man (as (ith himA for he is a Galilean.?. 8I +& %&# :%&- -$"# .&* "r #"l:i%! ",&*#.9. 7t that moment! (hile he (as still speaking! the cock cro(ed. .he ord turned and looked at 2eter. .hen 2eter remem/ered (hat Jesus had said to him and he (ept /itterl".

All: Minister: All: Minister:

All: Minister:

HY0N: #+$3 Go to dark Gethsemane BENE;ICTION ).his service (as adapted from one (ritten /" Ro// Mc:o" (ho is an ordained elder in the Bnited Methodist :hurch.-

THANK YOU - to Bev Hider and Dale Bast for being our readers this evening. SERVICES AT KNOX - Please join us for our special services this week as we get ready for Easter. Tonight we re!e!ber "esus# last supper with his disciples. $n %ood &riday at '' () we journey with "esus to the cross through scripture song and dra!a. Easter *unday at '' we will share the good news that "esus is risen fro! the dead. +o!e and join us as we celebrate together,

-ou are encouraged to take share in the *pecial Easter $ffering which supports the ongoing !inistry and !ission of our congregation.
SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY LUNCHEON – MAY 4 - .unch will be served after this special worship service. /e need help in preparing sandwiches assistance with set-up and clean-up. Please contact .ori *peiran at 0'1-234-5126. Donations for this lunch will be divided between the +ancer +are )ission7/ig 8oo! and the charity choice of 8ev. 9aren Horst. NURSERY HELPERS NEEDED! - /e are starting to have !ore little ones co!ing to church and it is ti!e to start a rotation schedule again for the nursery. /e need 2 persons per *unday and if enough co!e forward to help it will !ean your na!e would be down only once a !onth. +o!e out and !eet the newest !e!bers of 9no:. &or !ore infor!ation and to add your na!e the list contact Bev. Hider at 0'1-23'-51;1 or ji!bevstratford<sy! KNOX SENIOR MENS’ GROUP - Please join this fun group for lunch at the (rden Park Hotel. They !eet at '2=;; noon the first /ednesday of each !onth. This is a very infor!al gathering of friends. &or further infor!ation contact %ord *pandler at 0'1-234'360. YOUTH GROUP - -outh %roup will !eet again on *unday (pril 23th fro! 6 to > p.!. in the Ban?uet Hall. @f you are able to bring a dessert for the gang please let a youth group leader know.