The Key to Musical Qabalah

Luke Andrews 07/03/14

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To make this key it took us years of research which eventually came together quite quickly once we realized the Tarot correspondences. Still unfinished, (we keep adding stuff).

Use this key to make auditory sigils, i.e generate pitch material for compositions, riffs, etc. Compose musical cyphers, encoded with intent, sonic symbols. Heres an example: Magick MAGICK Take out repeated letters or Vowels in PC… MGCK M=1 G=7 C=3 K=e set: [137e] use this arbitrary method to extract and generate pitch material from a desire.

reasoning behind this method :

> take simple english gematria:

a b c d e f g h i




m n








v w x



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> then by matching the numbers and aligning pitch classes based on alan chapman’s english qabalah:

The Origin of the Order & Value of the English!Alphabet Since obtaining the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel, I have killed Him many times: each time regaining the K and C with a new name and understanding of His nature.

The third and last time I re-established the link with my angel, I received a vision of his name. My angel must have shown me the spelling of his name for a reason: and the only reason that springs to mind is Qabalistic.

I discovered upon entering my angel's name in the gematria databases (found in the linkssection) that my angel's name equals 110 in both the Hebrew and Greek Qabalah. Although no other words were found with the same value, I found the equivalence of value in both systems intriguing.

Two weeks ago and three months later (I suppose it wasn't that intriguing), I decided to explore the number 110. Imagine my surprise to discover that 110 is sphenic, pronic, a harshad number and a self number. Golly.

Messing around with the number, I discovered that the sequence of products of 110 (i.e. the results of multiplying 110 by various numbers), when reduced by the simple addition of digits (i.e. 81 = 8 + 1 = 9), results in the following repeating 6 figure pattern, inherent in all product sequences of 110:


Adding these together, we get the number 27. Of course, 2 + 7 = 9.

So I have the magic numbers 110, 27 and 9. And I suppose 3 as well (3 x 3 is 9 and 3x 9 = 27).

Still no wiser concerning the reason for the vision of my angel's name, I decided to have a go at obtaining 'the Order & Value of the English Alphabet', as instructed by Hadit in Chapter 2 of The Book of the Law.


There are numerous English Qabalahs, most of them rubbish. I see no reason to believe that there isn't a simple mathematical relationship between the letters and words of the English language, just as there is for Hebrew and Greek; however, I do not ascribe to the popular pluralistic Thelemic opinion that there is a unique English Qabalah for each individual.!It is patently absurd to attribute any kind of philosophical, political or ethical attitude to the mathematical structure of a language.

Every attempt I have seen at the English Qabalah has been based on a process of trial and error or spurious problem solving of the puzzles found in The Book of the Law, usually resulting in an overly complex and clumsy set of values.

Although an English Qabalah should certainly elucidate many of the concepts of The Book of the Law, adding to our understanding of the text, the English Qabalah should throw light on the relationship between concepts of the English language full stop. As well as demonstrating an initiated perspective on the relationship between concepts previously considered unrelated, words with an obvious relationship should share the

same value (such as Fire and Light). A = 1. I decided to look for a mathematical relationship between the letters of the English Alphabet. then divide the alphabet into two columns of 13. If we assign each letter of the alphabet the value of its sequential order i. folded at M and N. B = 2. It didn’t take long to find one.. we get this: A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J = 10 K = 11 L = 12 M = 13 Z = 26 Y = 25 X = 24 W = 23 V = 22 U = 21 T = 20 S = 19 R = 18 Q = 17 P = 16 O = 15 N = 14 . C = 3. etc. With this in mind.e.

The Value of the English Alphabet! So I tried the first thing that came to mind: A = 1! B = 2! C = 3! D = 4! E = 5! F = 6! G = 7! H = 8! I = 9! J = 1! K = 2! .K = 11 L = 12 M = 13 P = 16 O = 15 N = 14 If we add the value of A to the value of Z. I took the fact I had come across the very number implicit in the Qabalistic analysis of my angel's name as an indication that I should explore further. Ooh. we get 27. 2 + 7 = 9. Of course. C = 3 + X = 24 = 27. etc). a magic number. If we add the remaining rows together. we discover that each row equals 27 (B = 2 + Y = 25 = 27.

H = 8! I = 9! J = 1! K = 2! L = 3! M = 4! N = 5! O = 6! P = 7! Q = 8! R = 9! S = 1! T = 2! U = 3! V = 4! W = 5! X = 6! Y = 7! Z = 8! .

If we group the letters of the alphabet together by value. These can be viewed here as a simple list. we get the following order: AJS! BKT! CLU! DMV! ENW! FOX! GPY! HQZ! IR! =1 = 2! = 3! = 4! = 5! = 6! = 7! = 8! = 9! . and I’ve included commentary and quotation where I feel the results of the system elucidate key Thelemic concepts.Adding up the value of my angel's name using this system. A couple of days of furious addition later and I had some interesting results. I discovered it equalled 27. and at some point in the future I hope to integrate the list with the calculator in the side navigation. Many of the equivalences speak for themselves (thank god!). The Order of the English Alphabet The values assigned give us two lists from 1 to 9 and one list from 1 to 8.

This might seem a little inconsistent. and one of two. we get a table of nine squares: 3 AJS! DMV! GPY! 6! BKT! ENW! HQZ! 9! CLU! FOX! IR! . If we compare the letter groups by their reduced value.g. 12 = 1 + 2 = 3)! !3 !6 !9 !1 + 2 = 3 !1 + 5 = 6 !1 + 8 = 9 !2 + 1 = 3 !2 + 4 = 6 !1 + 8 = 9 This gives us the repeating sequence: 3.There are 8 sets of three letters. 9. 6. until we consider the values obtained by adding the individual values of the letters together: Letter Group AJS! BKT! CLU! DMV! ENW! FOX! GPY! HQZ! IR! Shared Value! 1 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! Values added! !3 x 1 = 3 !3 x 2 = 6 !3 x 3 = 9 !3 x 4 = 12 !3 x 5 = 15 !3 x 6 = 18 !3 x 7 = 21 !3 x 8 = 24 !2 x 9 = 18 Reduction (e.

g. and reduce the results by simple addition.AJS! DMV! GPY! BKT! ENW! HQZ! CLU! FOX! IR! If we add the rows and columns together using the added values of each letter group (e. mathematical consistency!of the most simple and elegant kind. It is worth noting that the Hebrew Qabalah was supposedly taught to man by angels: is it possible that this is true of the English Qabalah too? . we get 126. Rather interestingly. we get this: ! ! ! ! Total! Reduction! 3! AJS! DMV! GPY! 36! 9! 6! BKT! ENW! HQZ! 45! 9! 9! CLU! FOX! IR! 36! 9! Total! 18! 45! 63! ! ! Reduction! 9! 9! 9! ! ! If we add up the values of the Total column. This English Qabalah demonstrates an inherent. 2 + 7 = 9. the fact that these values (27 and 9) also happen to represent the most significant key concepts of Thelema only adds to the possibility that this is indeed the genuine English Qabalah. 9 + 9 + 9 = 27! And of course. AJS = 3 x 1 = 3). The same is true if we add the values of the Total row: 117 = 1 + 1 + 7 = 9. which also equals 9 by simple reduction (1 + 2 + 6 = 9).

The last row shows the same pcs in hexadecimal (base 16) notation.wikipedia. A group of pitch classes. FAC is represented as 590 in abdo. Thus. Pitch number (pin). C 0 0 C# 1 1 D 2 2 D# 3 3 E 4 4 F 5 5 F# 6 6 G 7 7 G# 8 8 A 9 9 Bb 10 A B 11 B The first row of numbers in this table indicates the decimal notation for each pc. But. http://solomonsmusic. Each pc can be represented by a number from 0 to 11 in the twelve-tone system. usually the first of an arbitrary rotation. e. pcs or pitch-class In the reldo (relative-do) notation.htm >then add samuel vincent’s english qabalah meanings: . The table shows abdo (absolute-do) notation. all C#s make up a single pitch >add musical pitch classes: http://en. any pc may be set to zero. All pitches with the same name plus their enharmonic equivalents. but as 047 in reldo. where C is always zero (0).org/wiki/Musical_set_theory Pitch class (pc). Db and Bx are also in the same class.

it is the sound of discovery (aha!) so that the A in itself concentrates already that Light into the Wheel. Together. it is that which is fixed above the revolving Earth to guide the Traveller. *A is also the Arrow after a certain mystery (see Liber 418).2. the Separation of Space (F) and The NightSky (C).. Its sound when prolonged is the Song of Ecstasy (Aaaaaa!). When punctuated with H. The revelation of the Aeon and the Aethyrs reveals three positions (1. wherein the projectile nature is also evinced. The Letter B b THE BOOK Value: 6 B is the first of three "Stable" glyphs whose value is 6 . is the Ray. which in the Old Key was the first and enumerated as 1. the Star can be see as the concentration of this Light. the letter aleph. Notes The letter A. It is that Point of Light that shines in the Darkness of Night. these three engender and provide the framework for the manifestation of the Star. takes as its origin. whereas the I.The Key to the English Qabalah THE ENGLISH QABALAH An excerpt. By extending the middle bar. They are: the Triple Flame and Light (E). it becomes the Pentagram. The English Alphabet! The Letter A a THE STAR Value: 4 A is the Star: that Fire Visible in the Sky corresponding each one to a Living Soul on Earth. In this way the A.. F and C) preceding the A in the new system . and 3 or E. the Hollow Tube wherein was hidden the stolen Fire of Heaven. or the Light. The lower case "b" denotes the . And these are both the feminine and masculine forms of 4. whereas I is the projectile Light.

and that 111 is the full enumeration of aleph in the old key. 30 C is the glyph of NUIT. fanned open as seen from its figure is Open to All. The Student will note that "the ear’ equals 111 when T is taken as final. The Letter C c THE YONI.6 in its shape. golden character of Tiphareth. and the N is set to vibration. is The Book. and all these symbols are interchangeable here. which is beth-heh-tau which spelt in full as byt hh faw = 2+10+400 + 5+5 + 9+1+6 = 438 = 8+200+200+30=Book. we take the next letter: B. it is the glyph for the Conversation of the HGA. To provide another example. announces the Conversation as the catalyzing initial step. which corresponds to its numerical value. . it is the womb and in a sense represents the Cup manifest in one of its more immediate and practical incarnations. and the common manner of drawing an ear is an ‘a’ with a loop around one end of it. Traditionally associated with the "Word" it denotes the Word Spoken (not the Word Flesh) and is that Falseness and Illusion which is the Highest truth below the Veil of the Abyss and lights the happy. and the Gash in the Sky from which the Light pours in is the Yoni. etc. which in the old Key is beth. Its appearance in Formulae such as BABALON for instance. B– uppercase. the Book. Mystically. __ * The others are Z. Notes The proper ordering of the glyphs by their value is presented at the end of the chapter. after another manner). The lower case a suggests an ear in shape. balanced. One can proceed with such analysis to determine the precise manner in which the glyphs have transitioned. which is again revisited before Balance is achieved and ON is opened. It is the over-arching of the Night Sky (even the crescent of the Moon. THE WOMB Value: 3. Nf b and 6: symbols denoting a wheel taking its light from above. For the first Sky of Man is the wall of the Womb.

the attentive Student will note either the addition of a k to a word terminating in c (as in magick) and the growing tendency of people to replace c with a k in alternate spellings of a name or catch-phrase. ____ Notes C was born of a modified G. Hard C. In fact. the Pregnant Goddess. In this case C takes on the Value of 30 which is K. Examples are case. When followed by one of the female vowels A. Ts or tzaddi of the Hebrews (which was later abbreviated in sound to ‘s’) also plays role in the adoption of this glyph particularly when c is ‘soft’ as in the words "once" or "face". The Letter D d THE BOW Value: 8 D is the BOW that makes swift (and deadly) the ARROW. Hence we see that the C glyph takes on two distinct phonetic existences: It can be Soft or Yielding. by employing it. E or I as in the words cease. Finally. cone. As a general rule. and even BABALON. copper. O or U. ice. they use its power to attract attention. as in the word Celebration. or a womb. When soft as in the word "cedar" it is phonetically. holy to DIANA the Huntress. or that which it contains. its homophone. In this case. cute and cuddly. when hard as in "case" it is phonetically equivalent to a K. which is also P. the hard c and k being homophones are given the same value. an S.As a yoni. it is usually ‘hard’ in the English language. the C is Soft when followed by one of the male vowels. or dice. or Hard and Active as in the word Cat. Instinctively aware of this development. cent. and disseminating its use. Most Ad and PRfirms exploit this truth. This is the first indication of . advertisers themselves contribute to the advance of this evolution. the letter C has no distinct phonetic existence. cane. C takes the value of 3. Soft C—This is a simple case of phonetics. *However. In this way. it is necessarily modified in character by that which is poured into it. "kool" is cooler than "cool" and "Karla" is sexier than "Carla". or a Cup.

F is one of three fricatives in the English Language. Distance and in a sense. The First of the Letters. As 2. feels) the Vibration. and a pin to the Hebrews: F is in reality the source of which all these are the result or fruit. The A is light fixed in a Star. the primum mobile. pedis for foot.movement. it is the force that divides. hence the ph equivalent to the English F in Greek-derived words such as phonograph. but Moves Not. or as is said. that which is All Motion. it is the Foundation of all other glyphs and replaces the aleph as the First. It is from F. The nature of this force is double. F is Force. physics. at other times a club. the Pregnant Goddess in order to accomplish This. The Greeks overcame the difficulty by appending an h to the P. It’s value is 8 and by its shape we have a hint of this infinite motion contained in its double loop and centre-fold. etc. The Student will note the transition in the Latin of the p into the f of English as in pater for father. The Letter E e THE TRIPLE FLAME. the Breath and the Fire in One. the C is that which receives (say. in the act of splitting a single log in two). And this ‘f’ is the division between the Waters Above and the Waters Below the Firmament it is the Aethyr. that U is born. THE TRIPLE SWORD Value: 1 E is the Light. it is double-wanded. Time. the axe or the hatchet which makes 2 of 1 (e. now re-instated with the English Key. The others are S and Th which like the F require air to be forcefully expelled between the upper teeth and the lower lip (labiodental fricative). or the Aire by which Vision.V and W in this chapter. and together they gave birth to the V which in turn fathered the W . And IT required P. the Bis a vibration. * *See letters U. Notes Once considered an axe. telephone. Hearing. .g. With D we have the first notion of movement. The Letter F f BREATH Value: 2. are made Possible. and it is the primum mobile. 10 F is the first of the "lost" father letters.

in its Union with the male vowels. IAO. the Beloved and the Lover. G has a history unlike any other letter. Notes G is the Union. Before then. which was enumerated at 93. the Pregnant Goddess (P) enthroned (H). It seems that when Gladness left the world. but only the action of the throat and so it is one of the sounds infants first articulate.C. The Wheel is the Circle Squared and all androgynous Gods. It is also one of the primal letters and corresponds to primal conditions and forces. The K and the Q (homophones of hard C) were necessary products and constituents of this operation. In shape it denotes the Lingam and Yoni conjoined (the C taking in the horizontal I) and also the Child in its Womb. and all Child gods preside over its operation and for this reason. which later contributed to the naissance of J. is in actuality 220. This reveals further revisions in the old formulae. it took the G with IT.g. which was revealed to be FIAOF to correct the short-sightedness of IAO. Summing: all these are symbols pertinent to G. The Letter G g THE WHEEL Value: 20 Union. That C is a direct descendent of G is the reason why C retains all of G’s properties (e. and is the female counterpart to the 2 (the 1 0. it is the first vocalizations infants make.When Initial it is 10. as in the "goo-goo ga-ga" of the folklore. it’s Daughter which was used in G’s stead. Despite this. which was the process. It was G that held the third position ever since the inception of the first alphabets before 2000 B. And it was this G which. Coitus. there had been no equivalent in the Latin script. it did so with an accretion and development which it seemed to have been gestating for those five centuries. which is Ph its homophone. Its very Nature destroys duality and its numerical glyph of (2 0) denotes this Union that is the Reduction to 0 through the Union of the opposite (the 2 reducing to the 0. that is the Lingam standing by the Yoni). and it is out of this Union that was born the C. by which all these were created. eclipsed by the rise of the C (hard). It requires no teeth and no tongue to pronounce. turning soft before all the male vowels. and hard before the female vowels. But it was G. the Union. For it was by uniting with the I that the soft G (as in Georgia) was born. which is the Great Work). contributed to the creation of J—a sound in .) When the letter G returned. the G disappeared for 500 years in the Middle Ages.

Its Goddess is Venus whose number is 7 and denotes Victory for Love is the Law. Observe that in both the upper and lower case. A COLUMN Value: 4 I. as in Tough) The Letter H h THE CASTLE . and it is the projectile. whereas the A indicates the culmination or the harmony of this perfection. Both reduce the 4 to the 1. the letter in shape suggests a taking "into" a circle. and IT is a Throne ( h ) because it is exalted in the Soul of Man. and Y (the male vowels) and hard otherwise. that the G excites the I. the Phallus. denotes the throne. The Letter I i THE LINGAM. It is not improper to say in this case. Ph. G is soft before E. Notes It is in fact. and that G often makes the I "long" as in sign (long i) which otherwise would have been sin (short I). is the male counterpart to the Star. Gh. THE THRONE Value: 7 H is Light in Extension. Rh. is the C taking in the horizontal I while lower case g which denotes two circles: the taking in from above and from the right. and is also the case for the GH* digraph (e. and so IT is a Fortress ( H ) for it Defends Life. Ch.g. Generally. The uppercase H denotes a castle with its two towers in shape. It is Love and denotes in its shape the Constant Union of two pillars or Ones. and the wrapping of the tail onto itself of what would otherwise have been a ‘p’ (note: all symbols associated with the third position: c. which is responsible for many additions of letters and the transition from Latin to the Romance Languages. p). and because it is Love. This holds for all GN digraphs. Note also that the uppercase G. thus making it ‘long’ or ‘hard’. sight (long i) would otherwise be sit (short i). while the lowercase h.English identical to the soft G. g.g. This ‘I’ in the English gives . it combines perfectly with more letters than any other in the English set (often softening them in the process). with A. * Otherwise the GH glyph denotes a process of F (e. Sh. Wh. (e. Its Shape indicates perfection. Among these we can list. I.g. Its Sound is like the Sigh. and the unity. It is a Ray. and in so-doing creates a new glyph with its distinct phoneme. Th. the softening* of the I.: Georgia and Jorja are phonetically equivalent).

A HOOK Value: 1 J is the Last.the Egg of the Universe). to hard C. but not hard as in Chaos. Its very existence is at War with two other letters with which the K must Fight for survival. Until then. becomes Jesus. Similarly. As the Last.) It was Born from the Union of G and I. 10 being Malkuth). The Letter J is the last of the letters to be included in the modern English Alphabet (V comes just before). the letter K denotes the Arrow hitting its target. The same holds for the letter V which was born out of the U. k THE VIRGIN Value: 30 Of the Three homophones: the K. ____ * See Letter I .Notes The Letter J j THE HORN OF PLENTY. Notes It is in the 17th Century that J make its first appearance in the English Language. again denotes this process: 30 or 3 0 is the C (3) materializing (0 . Thus original Iesus in Spanish (or Hay-Zeus). to H sounds in Spanish and modified G in French and Italian. in which the softening of the I became a H. as in gesu. that of the hard C. transliterated as I. for in Shape it is also the God without standing with an erect Lingam. her Legs Open in Love—and so there is Success in the Operation. and so was inserted after it. and the hard C: The K has always been favoured by the Poets. It is also one of only of two affricates in the collection of English Language sounds (the other is Ch as in Chain. Note the progressive materialization of the same Element: from C. which is the C materialized (30 = 3 ! 10 = C ! 10. An example is Halleluyah and Hallelujah. to Q: the Sky. (the Sea). the I in French and Italian took on a soft g instead of a j. It’s glyph in numeral. . because it was essentially born of it. Q. The First and the Last are One. also plays a contribution in J’s usage in English. to K. IT is also the Goddess seated on Her Throne (seen from above). the letter J in Spanish denoting the English H sound. The introduction of the letter J into English usage can be traced to Spanish influence. it is also the First. Its value is 30. The Letter K. before it was accepted. J was viewed not as a letter in itself but as a mere variant of I*.birth to J (through union with G) and the Y sounds. where j retains its original ‘I’ phoneme. In fact J succeeds I in order of the English Alphabet. In shape. Consonants are typically inserted after their mother vowels. The Hebrew glyph Yod. It took 150 years after that.

the development of the Alphabets is traceable. and my heart came unto me from out of my hand. sometimes an S. Now. The Hand. primarily the creation myths: I gathered together my members. the Pheonician word for hand began with the voiceless velar plosive which is the sound of the modern K. and the seed fell into my mouth. and I emitted from myself the gods Shu and Tefnut. or ON . they adopted kaph. In this way the Hand glyph became associated with the K. are homophones. and hard C. Q and hard C. and developed upon it. etc) when using script to denote the phenome that is K. From the Greek. Q. In terms of the Mystical Tradition. Note also that this operation is said to have taken place at Heliopolis. When arriving at the 11th position. and are once more male and female perspectives of the One idea which is summarized in 30. We know that the original Eygptian glyph for the Hand stood for the first letter of the Eygptian word for Hand* which corresponds to the modern letter D. Notes K. Kephra creates Shu and Tefnut. it found its way eventually to Latin which is the script of the English Language. The Letter K is favoured by Northern and Eastern Nations (German. Its origins were in Egypt. When they adopted the hand glyph (in shape it resembled an upright hand) they adjusted their system to compensate. French. The English Alphabet throws some light on these matters. However. the Lingam. who gave it to the Greeks and to the Hebrew of the Jews. The Semitics adopted it. From the Semitics it found its way to the Pheonicians. the Yoni. The letter K has traditionally been the glyph for the Hand. This is done in order to avoid confusion* and suggests that the K is Rising. the Spermatazoon. The complexity of C.the Womb. which is the word for the Palm of a hand and begins with a K. there is some Confusion as well in the History of this Letter. while the C is favoured by Southwestern nations (Spanish.* This development was already in place by the time the Hebrews took the Phoenician alphabet to devise their own. Russian. and afterwards had union with my hand.* By this act. which is phonetically sometimes a K. Italian). a symbol of man’s will and his sovereignty over the Animal is also the main instrument of auto-eroticism. A further hint may be taken from the Egyptian papyri. and was identical to it in Sound. and will eventually gain ascendency over the C. has meant that newly created or adopted words with a hard C sound in the English Language are increasingly spelt with a K as the choice of preference.

the old glyph for Death. Kaiser and Czar share the same etymological root. *dirite. L is said to be Averse. * It was the Phoenicians who also introduced Q as competitor to K. Notes Dr. We see that the Russian with czar. For the failure to Square the Circle would imply . it is significant and will continue to be so. the Upright and the Averse depending on the letters immediately following and preceding it. The Letter L BALANCE Value: 50. have got but half way. they would have avoided this error as thedid in their equivalent title ‘Kaiser’. Had the English adopted the K. Later that Latins would introduce hard C into the mix. As a rule. otherwise it denotes 50. which is now known to be a Gate—that this state of Death or lingering about the Threshold or Gate. which can take two values. until that day it disappears. Whether this letter is Averse or Upright is decided by whether the particular Balance is established or Not. this letter is taken to be 30 by the key. * The Book of Overthrowing Apep. the Caesars in Rome were not pronounced "the Seezers" but the Keezers. * See The Letter N. This is problematic in certain instances where it is silent as in the words Knowledge and Unknown. *In fact. can Prolong itself unnecessarily. the L is said to be Balanced if it is supported on either side by the same vowel (as in Palace or Element).to the Egyptians*. The Squaring of the Circle or its Failure are mysteries that correspond to the letter L. British Museum.* Their research suggested that L can sometimes be an "N that extendeth" — N which in the Old Key was the glyph for Death. The Authors have preferred to take the following line of reasoning: that if it is present in the word. It resembles a Leg and a Foot in shape: that is. Technically. the lower parts of Man. Otherwise. John Dee* and Edward Kelley first make mention of a special property of this letter. back in the 17th century. 70 L is the Balance. We leave this to the discretion of the Qabalist. Note that Caesar. If the L is balanced it will sum to 70 which is the EYE in the old key. without which there could be no Movement.

of motherhood and the Hanged Man. it has been the symbol of self-sacrifice. *Note the name: John ‘D’ *Dr. London. Dee asks. A True and Faithful Relation. "What shall become of the "L" aversed?" Avé replies "In EXARPH there wanteth an "L. a release of energy into Piscean realms over which the letter N presides. England. It . Also. NEMO—not one of which is male (NEMO is neither). and has traditionally been associated with the element Water. which in the past has been traditionally associated with Death—that Death that is Regeneration or New Life. CASAUBON. MAT. and is a hinge on which the System turns for its numerical value changes Not throughout the Aeons. in the Book TARO. The Letter N n A GATE Value: 70 N is a Gate. L Averse" in this Book. its shape denotes a Wave or a Valley carved by a River. which is the Threshold.Death. Mystically. and thus it has also been associated with Silence in the Tradition*. An example would be chasm. it has persisted throughout the Aeons." Though Dee could not anticipate this: the implication here is that when L is averse. it also divides the Key. A VALLEY Value: 40 One of the Mother letters in the Old Key. All formulas for transcending Death require this M as indicated by the passwords and formulae and Godnames presiding over this Place: M**N. where a vowel is implied between the s and the m. 1659 The Letter M m A WAVE. and it is the glyph. Kelley records in his journal that "Avé" explained that Dee must make up the name PARAOAN. and being the 13th letter. and its function and properties have remained immune to Change. MAUT. * See "The Letter L" and "Special Considerations – L Upright. AIMA. it takes on the Value (and operation) for N in the old Key. As a glyph. It’s value remains 40. Notes M is sometimes a syllabic consonant: it is considered by some to be a vowel in certain cases. John Dee. to pronounce ‘m’ requires compressing both lips shut. AMT.

* The Falling of N on its Side. The Letter O o THE MOON Value: 80. In this latter case. Notes For the purposes of Gematria. the reflective nature of Water and the Egg of Spirit. it is The Splendour into the Kingdom which is 8 (the 8th sphere . In shape. the Tree of the World. This addition contains a new key to the Mysteries of Death. In both cases. an N is a Z on its side and vice-versa. The other two are S and T.Splendour) into 10 (Malkuth.Hod . It is also the Universe or the reflective nature of Consciousness. * It is the first letter to take a final value. A discussion on the significance of final values is presented separately. or the N final. Its value is 70 except when it terminates a word or a phrase (appears as the last letter) as in "Man" or "Babylon". which is the Tree of Life. which is 6. and 220 otherwise. as will be seen shortly. Page 6 The English Alphabet * Z=6 suggests the lightning bolt in shape. and is discussed in greater length under the letter Y. Like the Cup.takes on two possible values: 6 or 70 depending on which side of the gate One is ON*. which is the Lightning Flash*. shines Golden like the Cup which is 200. it takes on the value of 6 and becomes a Z. the Moon is Full when directly facing the Sun: Only then does it Receive fully of its Light and is wholly illumined. ultimately culminates in one of the two possible values for N*. * See Letters Y and L. which in the Day. . the letter N takes two values depending on its position*. *Babalon etymologically equivalent to the Gate (Babal) ON and BABAL ON = 156 with N final. And that Gate that is N is the Gate that the Key ON opens (which is 150. And as the Sky at Night. by falling on its side*. which opened from one side is 156 (150 + Nf) and from the other 220 (150 + N) which are both BABALON. It is 80 when it is New and when Full it is 200. which loses its Aspect of Terror for Humanity. reflection (= projection) is implied. 200 The O is the Moon. the Kingdom) or 80. Later we will see how the letter Y.

the Eye is Established. As 200 it is solar—impregnated with the force of 120. it is She who stands guard: The Pregnant Goddess embodies not only the generative life. and that buried force that propels its growth both within its life and throughout the Aeons. the Yoni is Fulfilled. It is THAT which reproduces itself into the Egg of Spirit in Its original Perfection (n ! 10 = n0. 156 ! Q = 1560).Notes O can be 80 or 200. (Q = 10. Today. but it is all of these: IT is the evolutionary motive power within the individual. * The symbol for Mercury is the symbol of Venus crowned with the Crescent Moon. or Horns of Power. the Earth is Parched. Notes Q is the power of generation which when applied to another element raises it to a higher wheel or plane and manifests the Egg of Spirit beneath it ready for fertilization. Later when the Semitics appropriated the symbol from the Phoenicians. for any integer n). The letter today retains this tail. the Yoni is in Travail. while at 80 it is Mercurial in character as evidenced by the Horns. the animal soul of man. The Letter Q q THE SPERMATAZOON Value: 10 Q was first a Monkey. The Sumerians drew the body of the animal with a tail. but also that attitude of the bearing Mother. At 80 the Egg is Fertilized. The Letter P p THE PREGNANT GODDESS Value: 3 Traditionally the symbol of War and of Priesthood. that is. who is armed and Mighty to defend and empowered to do All to direct the Future or the Outcome of the Battle. or his primal consciousness. and so also that which made the Ape overcome or rise above itself.* At 200.* * These symbols being interchangeable here. they named it "qoph" which signified "the back of the head". the Eye is Closed. . we call it the spermatozoon.

However. Q summarizes then. Note also how the R is troublesome. We have the words wreck. wrap.* As a final note. fallen). as an illustration. save only the power that descendeth in this my chariot…"* The Q is followed by the U. Notes Traditionally. akin to the Pregnant Goddess) . we now know that the Sun. kwick for quick.g. the Osirian Gods. "There is no power that may endure. Such meditations should provide ample material for experiment. And this denotes the Universal process which to Halt in order to arrive at one free of the other can only be effected with great pains. Q shares this power of generation with a third glyph. except in rare cases. and by its number 9. that is cc as in success. and reveals a new perspective for R. flaccid) and the uppercase (R. which are now Exhausted. a Star. 12th Aire The Letter R r BIRTH Value: 9 R is the Phallus. which aptly denotes the Cup. K=30. concentrated with force upon a point. *Liber 418. and in its sound it models the mechanics by which this process is achieved. a Solar glyph. which is the Vision and the Voice (VV or W)*. which also resembles the profile of the flaccid male genitalia (the testicle and the lingam). *Q sounds like Kw (e. Also W=60 is the Spirit. It’s alteration from 200 to 9 in the new key. flaccid or exhausted as its shape denotes both in the lower case (r. A further hint: KW = 90 = 30 ! 3 that is the Hard C (30 akin to the Arrow) transitioning upon the soft c (3. denotes the end or impotence of the heliocentric ideal. Ch which also is 10 (soft C=3 and H=7) and is that female half (to counterbalance the male Q) of that glyph which is the Chariot of which it is written. etc. or kwark for quark). The new key gives U the Cup for 200. in the sense described above. practically. like other Stars is but One in the Body of Nuit. the Secret of the FreeMasons and the Miracle of the Mass. R is the phallus post- . rendering impotent the W.Note that Q = F and so manifests the Father. and the paternal system of old. write.

In others this hiss is constrained by bringing the tongue to rest upon the palate. Death and Birth are one. Ris the glyph of Birth which invokes the Powers of Death. (e. Note that the R renders null the W (see the Letter W) . 42 The letter S holds a special place in the English Lexicon as the main symbol for denoting plurality. turning it essentially into a z especially when terminating a word as in towards and days.g. and that the human Being is blind at both Birth and Death.: words). or sometimes in the .) so that whatever is born of 9 is 9 again and progress is halted.: chaos) and the S that although terminating the word is not of it. as in the words Sure and Sugar. a final example: 9 x 63 = 567 and 5 + 6 + 7 = 18 and 1 + 8 = 9. but is suffixed to denote pluralization (e. The Letter S s THE SERPENT. this hiss is entirely constrained until by force of pressure* it releases thundering and rumbling in the throat. The New glyph for R denotes Birth: that is The I emanating from the Pregnant Goddess or P. Its glyph is 9 which demonstrates not only this re-birthing but also that particular refusal to change under combination with other elements.: 9 x 23 = 207 and 2 + 0 + 7 = 9.g. Notes Perhaps the most tortuous of the glyphs. As S final it takes the value of 42 (21 into 2) versus 24 (12 into 2). And in this letter. The letter S therefore takes on two values depending on its position. There is a distinction to be made therefore in the S that terminates the word as it is. and the womb post-parturition. Other times yet. THE SON Value: 24. Thus the recursive sum on the digits of the product of 9 with any other number is again 9 (e. * See Letter W.g. for all that is born must Die. the letter S sometimes denotes a clear hiss as in words like Super or Supper or case.The eyes. which appear to compound an h to s.coitus. or 9 x 146 = 1314 and 1 + 3 + 1 + 4 = 9.

* The arcs over and beneath the twentieth entry are suggestive of this reversal. it is 98. some oversights are prevalent. In the case of . nose (versus doze and dose).technically. It is the most sudden and violent of the terminations and denotes in this case an implosion. and takes the value of 89. When final it is the Altar. that the Cup as IT is. traditionally associate with the "Wrong" kind of Silence. in the case of an Urn). Otherwise. One can feel this.middle of the word : rose. The Letter T t THE TABLE. but also all ground or powdered solids (or ash. Otherwise it is taken as 98 in value.* It takes the value of 89. the Black Brothers. give them Form). that there is little to add for what may be of practical use. Note for instance. It takes on an entirely different character at the end of the word. the value of which is the corresponding reversal of the digits of its usual numerical attribution. of the Cup of Babalon and others are essentially representations of this glyph in form of legend and folk-tale. However. Notes The T final is distinct. The T elsewhere in a word denotes an explosive release of energy. a prime. and a Table. * The pressurized release vibrates the air between the palate and the tongue which creates the sound corresponding to the letter. 98 T is the table upon which the Banquet is laid. THE ALTAR Value: 89. * See Table I: T = 98. or the reverse effect. and certain other practicalities are often overlooked by rasher Students. possesses not only the Power to contain and restrain liquids into shape (that is. T final = 89 * That of those who are drowned before the vine is planted . Legends of the Graal*. and T is the Altar where the Sacrifice is made. The Letter U u THE CUP (THE URN) Value: 200 So much has been said and hinted at concerning this glyph.

and differ from the V only at the base.the liquid (the most immediate application). and one of the last letters along with the J to be included into the standardized listing of the English Alphabet. Note that the U is prevalent everywhere without the Q. but that Q. U and C are right angle images of each other. Born from its mother vowel the U. has trouble appearing without the U at its Side. upon) it was written with a ‘v’ (vpon). into Hellish and Obscene caricatures of the True Reflection. which together with the U is 220. and there union is 20 (the G – the Yoni satisfied). its corresponding female glyph. and the rippling of the liquid distorts the image. gores the flesh and uproots the tree. They are each 10. which in the latter case resolves to a point and in the case of the U is a continuous. it was placed immediately after it. It’s original usage was that of an initial U. which is that of the soft O.* * The difference between these letters and their correspondents on the pole of the sexes. The importance of this fact cannot be overstated. It’s value is 80. or the new or crescent moon. the Student will notice that the Cup must be still. is in their shape at the root. Thus whenever the letter u appeared at the beginning of a word (e.g. that is Fixed. It does not denote a historical fact. Finally. but a process continually present and incarnating in the Universe. V is the glyph of that which born of the skull. Observe also that U = Q x G * The Graal is Nemo and refers to the initiate at such a stage. U often succeeds Q. Resembling Horns in shape. smooth arc. for Reflection on the liquid’s surface to be possible. Note that both glyphs resemble these horns in shape. The Letter V v THE HORNS OF POWER Value: 80 A fricative like the F. . The slightest vibration sends the liquid in the Cup in motion. Q and Ch represent the male and female counterparts of that which the U contains.

and are fixed on Eternity. and in Shape IT denotes the two Eyes of Horus. or the pinning of the separate poles wherein the Wheel turns. denoting this double fixing. It is the source of Intelligent Life. while in Welsh. and in Finland the "W" hasn’t been born of the V yet. Note also that two hard cs or two ks (arrow hitting their targets each constituting a pin). For the German and the Polish. when activated.The Letter W w THE EYES Value: 60. and these five use the letter to denote yet other sounds that /w/ known in English. the W can represent a vowel as well as a consonant. or hot brands in Thine Head. the wis closer to the voiced labio-dental fricative of the letter . * U=200. or a ‘ck’. and are like two Cups that pour forth the Golden Light to Brighten the World. the Polish employ a symbol very much like the averse L (") to denote the /w/ sound as we have it in English. like pins. or the Sleep of Shi-Lo-Am for the righteous* wherein the Eye of HIM is closed. This is suggestive of the glyph’s modernity. thus employing the teeth and the tongue to restrict the freeflow of air evinced in the English. which is the exhaustion. In Cyrillic the W sound is denoted with a y shaped glyph. that see into the Horizon. W is silent when it precedes R. Wuh etc) and expresses the free flow of force of the letter F which fathered it. and is . this letter at the beginning of a word always denotes the free flow of energy as evinced by its sound – the mouth opening wide and the air passing unrestricted (as in Wah. not Union. it takes on the value of 400* which is the totality of the Universe. 400 Another late addition to the language. that is Tiphareth or Human Consciousness into Malkuth. Instead. Weh. Its value is that of 60. two U’s = 400 * A foul word and not to be interpreted in its usual sense : Righteousness implies Seperation between two standards. denote a ‘w’ which in all four cases are 60. There are only four other European languages that employ W in words native to their language. Called the "Double U". Notes The W is in a sense unique to English. the material plane. and as Tau IT is the Crucifixion.

In both cases. wherein Beauty and Love are exalted. this is the Glad Word for Humanity: how the active glyphs (L. the forked road suggested by its Shape. It is the counterpart to the R and the ideas summarized in the numeral 9. It is the illusory word which Man. execute). and ksh (noxious). which is the Book. i. or into Tiphareth which is Harmony and Beauty (Nf=6).* * This is always the case when the effect of a glyph is perceived but not isolated or understood: Humanity seeks to relate the unknown to something it knows. Here we see that Y. is sometimes a Z (xylophone) sometimes a ks (tax) yet others a gz (exert.e. N) coalesce into these two: the 70 and 6. THE CROSS Value: 9. So it is also B*. Via the Greek. Note that N is identical in shape to Z. * Or N final which is 6. yellow). is the consonant Y whose value is 6.g. the Son is subject to.still viewed as a mere variant of "V" and not a separate letter. 70 Y enjoys the special distinction of being the only letter which can be both vowel (e. when turned 90 degrees in any direction. it sees the new glyph as modifications or variations of an existing glyph. Y. * B=6 * Z=6 suggests the lightning bolt in shape. 300 The letter X a very modern addition and problematic. especially as these relate to what has been said concerning the exhaustion of the Osirian Gods. is like the lightning flash (Z)*. or Sol. which is only seen distantly. the Letter Y or the Tree of Life. . And that path which is fixed and which leads unto Tiphareth. ends in N (the old glyph for death). The light of RHK here. the resurrecting gods. The Letter X x THE WHEEL. The Letter Y y THE TREE OF THE WORLD Value: 6. the Tree of Life. cry) and consonant (e. ends in one of two ways: in that Death which is Balanced Life (70 = N = L balanced). Until it separates the action of its combination with other elements. Yet. it came to the English language where it originally denoted a sound identical to Z. gsh (luxurious). and incarnates. but soon trembles in the breast (the falling of N on its side*) all of which are 6.g.

is Y vowel and takes the value of 70 which is N which is a Gate and Eye and Death. Empty of Light. it is kin to the Spanish double ll which is kin to the j in Germanic languages. The consonant Y therefore is kin to the double LL and in some cases where the phonetics appears clear and spelling may be in transition – a judicious application of the rule is advised. being a Mirror or a Looking Glass. i greca. The passing through the Gate N or the opening of the Eye of Shiva. * N in shape denotes a gate. and this Eye is the Eye of Shiva. These two halves then united at the centre. All that is Seen is one’s own Reflection. The Y is a Greek discovery. i grego. For this Gate is the Gate to the Understanding or Binah. an Anglophone will pronounce it yee and not thee as was originally intended and . French. is invisible and illuminating at once. Italian. i grec. To perceive the Universe without Error—and this is the meaning of the "Eye of Shiva" or its Opening—requires that the Initiate Cease. And this path is beyond the Supernals.That path which leads to the open EYE and is the Balance. However. and is False unless what looks is No Longer.* Otherwise. hence morphing the two bar shape of the double l (like two pillars). a gift of the Classical Period and symbolic of that Age.* * See formulae for NOX: The pure spirit is pure darkness in the same way the Sun does not light up the Space it travels through unless it hits upon a planet or some coarser material: so pure Understanding is Darkness. Spanish. This symbol "Y" denoting a "Th" was called thorn. or in this Life. but was in itself such an element. Portuguese) or sometimes epsilon. the inclusion and subsequent integration of the Y glyph in the language takes an unexpected turn. is Dead. destroys the Universe. Here the symbol is used to denote the contraction of two separate letters "T" and "H" and the accompanying sound. for it passes the light unto Others and in this way. into the forked shape of the modern Y. and extended as one down to the root. Notes: The y is called "the greek I" in many languages (I griega. reflects the Image of that which envelops the Eye. when coming across a Ye as in Ye Olde Pub. In the English language however. and IT is the Balanced L which is the key to the Gate that is N. This necessary step is not as dire as it would seem. The glyph was absorbed into the Qabalistic systems later on as a welcome development when it was found that the double l had not as elemental constituents two l’s. Phonetically. Today we still see remnants of this as in Ye Olde English. This Universe (of the 6).

the . "There is no Power which endureth except in this my Chariot that descendeth from Babalon. Its value is 131 which is S final and T final (42 + 89). it explodes from ON High. which is the Womb or the Sky which rains upon the Earth.HOD) C the Womb and Sky. the power which descendeth from Babalon which lies in Binah. whose enumeration is 30 (hard c) and 7 (h) which united makes 37. traverses the Spheres to discharge its Might on the Ground of Earth. which is ABRAHADABRA in the old Key. 131. Libra. the fire. which is Hermes or Mercury. D the Bow. Cancer. F Force. is that Star particular to our System: Sol. a formula denoting the Great Work. 10 spheres = 26 glyphs of the Roman Alphabet 4 elements: Air. Mercury. Earth. here are some preliminary results of our research. Fire. and actually. Venus. which is the 3. "Great Work" in the English Key. Taurus. penetrating force of Cupid's Bow. Capricorn 10 spheres corresponding to Sol. is that triple Sword (aleph) which is AIR. It is the Chariot of the old glyphs and 418 fully spelt. Water 12 houses: Aquarius. Aries. and in an instant. Alchemically. 12 houses. Sagittarius. the 2nd (reflected in the 8th . Neptune A the Star. is the vessel of the Word. Z is that lightning flash that shoots from the Crown when it is Storm-Laden. which is Love and the Victory (Netzach) of the propelling. Uranus. Gemini. Earth. is Venus the 3rd (reflected in the 7th: Netzach). It is that Chariot of which IT is spoken. which into 37 is 111 (111 = 37 ! 3) and so spans the triune numbers which in themselves are balanced and so Endure. Witness then. The Letter Z z THE LIGHTNING FLASH Value: 6 While S is that serpent that Climes the Tree of Life. 4 elements. ST – The Son on the Cross or on the Altar. the Water-Carrier. Let us know if you are able to confirm. IT – The miracle of the mass. It is the High Priestess and the Symbol of the Great Work accomplished. Jupiter. Virgo. E the Triple Flame. the serpent on the altar (crucible) conjoined. Mars.practiced. irresistible in its force. is Mars. the surrounding of the 3. Its value is 2 or 10 (3 + 7 or C + h). Scorpio. is Aquarius. As 37 it is something altogether different. Pisces. Traditionally seen as a sword that divides. Ch is the crescent Moon or the Cup or Holy Graal exalted. the 1st (or 6 in the old system) B the Book. Leo." and this Ch is the hard c paired with the h. However.

which comes out at night (and is ruled by Moon) and is the only creature to move sideways. a fish that walks on the Water. the first of sacrificial animals: the first altars being the mountain tops where these lofty creatures enjoy gracing. which cavorts in the Earth and is ruled by Venus W is Fire. Gematria Astrology Alchemy . is Virgo the Virgin wading in Water (the element ruling over this house) L the Foot/Balance. the outermost which V the Horns of Power. is Sagittarius. U the Cup is Neptune.its Element form. R the Birth. is Capricorn the Goat. is Jupiter which is dominion over the 4. is the last and so the first: Aries. T the Altar or Table. is Gemini ruled by Mercury as boy Cupid and contains the projectile Arrow of Sagittarius into the sky womb of Aquarius H the Throne. another house over which Water presides. is Leo. which is constituted by Fire. is Water . is Malka the Elemental Earth in her redeemed and abased forms (Y consonant. the Ram that breaks down the Doors to the Palaces within the Spheres. the projectile of the Archer (Cupid/Mercury) J the Horn of Plenty. is Taurus. N the Gate. S the Serpent or the > : then add paul foster case’s color tarot correspondences: Table of TAROT Correspondences Letter Key Colour Note Signific. is Luna in both her phases. is Libra the scales over which Venus presides M the wave or valley. is Scorpio. Time Y the Tree of the World. and whose symbol has the shape of the spermatazoon.blogspot. the exhausted Phallus. is Pisces. is Uranus (one of the Fathers Lost) K the Virgin. P the Pregnant Goddess. is Cancer the Crab. O the Moon. http://englishqabalah. G the Union. I the Arrow/Lingam/Column.Fifth. Y vowel) Z the Lightning Flash. is Earth (the 4th Sphere-Gaia) Q the Spermatazoon. which is Light that gives Sight X the Cross and Wheel is Saturn.

Gematria Astrology Alchemy Aleph bull 1 Uranus Air Beth house 2 Mercury Mercury Gimel camel 3 Moon Silver Daleth door 4 Venus Copper Heh window 5 Aries Fiery Vav hook 6 Taurus Earthy Zaïn sword 7 Gemini Airy Cheth fence 8 Cancer Watery Teth serpent 9 Leo Fiery Yod open hand 10 Virgo Earthy Kaph closed hand 20 0 The Fool Yellow E 1 The Magician Yellow E 2 The High Priestess Blue G# 3 The Empress Green F# 4 The Emperor Red C 5 The Hierophant Red-Orange C# 6 The Lovers Orange D 7 The Chariot Orange.Yellow D# 8 Strength Yellow E 9 The Hermit Yellow-Green F 10 The Wheel of Violet A# .Table of TAROT Correspondences Letter Key Colour Note Signific.

8 Strength Yellow E serpent 9 Leo Fiery Yod open hand 10 Virgo Earthy Kaph closed hand 20 Jupiter Tin Lamed ox goad 30 Libra Airy Mem water 40 Neptune Water Nun fish 50 Scorpio Watery Samekh prop 60 Sagittarius Fiery Ayin eye 70 Capricorn Earthy Peh mouth 80 Mars Iron Tzaddi fish-hook 90 Aquarius Airy Qoph back of head 100 Pisces Watery Resh head 200 Sun Gold Shin tooth 300 Pluto Fire 9 The Hermit Yellow-Green F 10 The Wheel of Fortune Violet A# 11 Justice Green F# 12 The Hanged Man Blue G# 13 Death Blue-Green G 14 Temperance Blue G# 15 The Devil Blue-Violet A 16 The Tower Red C 17 The Star Violet A# 18 The Moon Violet-Red B 19 The Sun Orange D 20 Judgement Red C .

456463 Hz ~ 383.995436 Hz ~ 415.073033 nm 521.841158 nm 464.858663 THz ~ 767.681028 nm ~ 584.365262 Hz ~ 587.255114 Hz ~ 698.botaineurope.wordpress.587466 nm 390.529179 nm 619.961002 THz ~ 780.813170 THz ~ 431. C = 299792458 meters/ second.php?id=16 > only transpose them a tritone away to match with correct scientific evidence: Corresponding light-spectrum harmonics were computed from equal temperament musical pitches.552476 THz 543.775654 THz ~ ~ 684.568436 nm 656. The 780.883301 Hz ~ 523.994423 Hz ~ 391.087555 nm 491.304698 Hz ~ 440.901004 nm 552.632344 THz ~ 483.785116 THz ~ ~ Hz 493.236235 nm ~ 438.320702 THz ~ 609. wavelengths were computed for each frequency.Watery Resh head 200 Sun Gold Shin tooth 300 Pluto Fire Tav mark 400 Saturn Lead 19 The Sun Orange D 20 Judgement Red C 21 The World Blue-Violet A http://www.253967 Hz 659.003540 THz ~ .75nm “F” falls outside of the 380-780nm range but I added it for interest.000000 Hz ~ — 466.030432 THz ~ 575.531052 THz ~ 645.175473 THz 724.929087 nm 695.980501 THz ~ 406. and !=C/F. Note that exactly 12 pitches fit within the range.749171 nm 736. Given the speed of light.329536 Hz ~ — 622. The light spectrum “C” is 41 octaves above middle-C F — F# — G — G# — A — Bflat B — C — C# — D — Eflat E — F — 349.180657 nm 413.374586 nm http://xenophilius.251131 Hz ~ 554.228231 Hz ~ 369. using a reference of A440 and a half-step frequency ratio of 21/12.

95 537.03 445.70 463.27 491.458 by the distance in metres of one wavelength.458 / 0.530.99 481.44 517.000 Hz.458 metres per second.792.58 = 516.middle-c-musical-pitch-related-to-color/ Audible frequencies are from 20 Hz.66 577.e.792.000 Hz. We assume that 299. As octaves are a result of doubling or halving frequency this high frequency may be reduced to a precise audible value by cumulative halving.03 588. The basis of the logic for pitch/colour connection is as follows: Assume the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant i.000.86 612. frequency = (metres travelled by light per second) _ (wavelength of specific colour) Eg: for 5800 Angstroms (yellow) Frequency = 299. which may be determined by dividing 299.13 527.34 554.75 472.62 566.458 metres is equivalent to a number of wavelengths.792. i.69 595. to 25.05 619.32 506. The wave length of a particular colour may be expressed in metres (nanometres or Angstroms).e.792.39 OrangeYellow YellowOrange Yellow YellowGreen GreenYellow Green Green Green-Blue Blue-Green Blue Blue-Violet Violet-Blue .000.000.03 496. The following table shows the results of this logic: Equivalent Wavelengt h Hertz Not Approximate LucyTun Angstroms/ e Colour ed 10 Nanometre s A A# Bb B Cb B# C C# Db D D# Eb 440 457.61 632.883.89 533. 299.08 431.91 511.35 548.

66 742. If you come up with 11 or 22 for one of your answers in the follow excersise do not reduce it further. In the previous section we discussed how two or more digit numbers are reduced to a single digit in Pythagorean numerology.89 537. To read the chart.08 819.86 691.91 511.61 632. For example. This is most likely due to the fact that it is very straightforward and easy to learn.03 445.05 657.53 788.35 548.13 644.67 401. be sure you have read Part I of this guide and have a full understanding of the mathematics behind numerology.Cb B# C C# Db D D# Eb E Fb E# F F# Gb G G# Ab 506.03 588.67 Yellow Green Green Green-Blue Blue-Green Blue Blue-Violet Violet-Blue Violet Ultra Violet Invisible Violet Invisible Red Infra Red Red Red-Orange Orange-Red Orange http://www. Before we get started. find the letter you are looking for and look at the corresponding number at the top of the column containing the letter.96 665.03 496. These two numbers are considered master vibrations are are not reduced.89 533.23 757.91 398.harmonics.59 772.44 517.08 705.87 845.41 684.62 566.77 734.86 612.71 719.70 463.54 678. This holds true in every case except with the numbers 11 and 22. The Pythagorean Number Values The following chart shows the numbers assigned to each letter in Pythagorean numerology and is the basis for many numerology readings.13 527. .39 414.html >Add in pythagorean numerology (which appears in alan chapman’s version) Pythagorean Numerology The Pythagorean system of numerology is the most widely used form of numerology. the letter A would be 1.99 481.

locate the letter in the above chart. so be sure you have a full understanding of it before moving J O H N A L A N S M I T H 1 6 8 5 1 3 1 5 1 4 9 2 8 The next step is to add up all these numbers and then reduce the result to a single digit. Then assign a number to each letter in your name. Do that for each of the letters in your full name. the letter C would be 3.php >Then double the values by 10’ 100’s from english/hebrew/greek gematria etc for fun! 8 H Q Z 9 I R X . John’s birthname reduces to a 9. You will want to be sure to add each name separately. write down your full name (first. We add the parts of the name separately instead of adding the whole name straight across because not only does the total number for the name have meaning. http://aboutnumerology. John = 1+6+8+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2 Alan = 1+3+1+5 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 Smith = 1+4+9+2+8 = 24 = 2+4 = 6 Adding those totals together we get: 2+1+6 = 9 This means that in our example. and then look at the number at the top of the column containing that letter. In Pythagorean numerology it is important that you use your name as it appears on your birth certificate. we will use a fictional character named John Alan Smith. To begin with. middle and last). etc. ! 1 A J S 2 B K T 3 C L U 4 D M V 5 E N W 6 F O X 7 G P Y ! The following excercise will teach you to translate letters into numbers. but each part of the name also has some bearing on who we are. This is one of the most basic components of numerology. For our example. then if necessary reduce to a single digit. That number is the number you would assign to that letter. then add those sums together to get the total for the whole name.the letter B would be 2. To do that.

Book II: chapter xx. The Latin based code appears a bit irregular when presented in this way. 'Hi' and 'W' ('Hu') were recognised as representative of separate sounds and used to increase the alphabet to 27 letters . 'V'.Master Key to the Secrets of Freemasonry ! Letter Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Xx Yy Zz Jj Vv (Hi Ww Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800) 900 ! ! These gematria values are recorded in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1532). The additional letters 'J'.and three tiers of nine digits. . The reason for this is that it is based on the 23 letter Latin alphabet.

'V'. A standard reference for them during the Renaissance was Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1532). Book II: chapter xix. but it can also be counted low. Mem. The Latin based code appears a bit irregular when presented in this way. The additional letters 'J'. Book II: chapter xx.and three tiers of nine digits. 'Hi' and 'W' ('Hu') were recognised as representative of separate sounds and used to increase the alphabet to 27 letters . The reason for this is that it is based on the 23 letter Latin alphabet. The rule of Colel allows for the addition or subtraction of one digit to or from a computed total. The gematria value of the word may be taken at this higher value. ! Letter Value Final Value Name 1 ! ! aleph 2 ! ! beth 3 ! ! gimel 4 ! ! daleth 5 ! ! he 6 ! ! vau 7 ! ! zayin 8 ! ! cheth 9 ! ! teth 10 ! ! yod 20 500 kaph 30 ! ! lamed 40 600 mem 50 700 nun 60 ! ! samekh 70 ! ! ayin 80 800 pe 90 900 tzaddi 100 ! ! qoph 200 ! ! resh 300 ! ! shin 400 ! ! tau Transliteration A B G D H V Z Ch T I K L M N S Aa Ph Tz Q R Sh Th These gematria values are very well established. The 'Final' figures for Kaph. . Nun.Philosophy (1532). Pe and Tzaddi are counted as such when these letters come at the end of a word.

The 'Final' figures for Kaph. Mem. Nun. Book II: chapter xix. A standard reference for them during the Renaissance was Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1532). Pe and Tzaddi are counted as such when these letters come at the end of a word. The gematria value of the word may be taken at this higher value.! Letter Value Final Value Name 1 ! ! aleph 2 ! ! beth 3 ! ! gimel 4 ! ! daleth 5 ! ! he 6 ! ! vau 7 ! ! zayin 8 ! ! cheth 9 ! ! teth 10 ! ! yod 20 500 kaph 30 ! ! lamed 40 600 mem 50 700 nun 60 ! ! samekh 70 ! ! ayin 80 800 pe 90 900 tzaddi 100 ! ! qoph 200 ! ! resh 300 ! ! shin 400 ! ! tau Transliteration A B G D H V Z Ch T I K L M N S Aa Ph Tz Q R Sh Th These gematria values are very well established. The rule of Colel allows for the addition or subtraction of one digit to or from a computed total. . but it can also be counted low.

2 => @$ A.# 6()# 8)# 9()# . 0/ (5' 67 8( 9: .217).! Letter "# &' *+ -. The rule of Colel allows for the addition or subtraction of one digit to or from a computed total.<)# =#??# @#. C4 DE F3 H? IG JK5 L) MB N% OP Q1 R< Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 Name "$%# &()# *#.. Thus a word like !"#$%&' (cross) has a value of either 1271 or 777.. Book II: chapter xviii.# -/$)# 012$34 -2+#. p. ME. Samuel Weiser Inc. The Greek Qabalah. K. In the Greek cabala the obsolete letter digamma may be substituted for the two letters 'st' where they occur together (See. Barry. .2>G34 H2 I< J2+..# AB CB D2 F . This gives a combined value of 6 rather than 500./+# Transliteration a b g d e st) z e th i k l m n x o p r s t y/u ph ch ps o ! These gematria values are recorded in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1532).. 1999.# L#B M12$34 N2 O2 Q2 R .

Saturn Aquarius .masoncode.Mercury Cancer .htm add in modes/planets correspondences: Planetary Rulers Planetary Rulers of the Zodiac Signs In astrology.html . The Greek Qabalah. The rule of Colel allows for the addition or subtraction of one digit to or from a computed total.Neptune (Jupiter) http://www.Moon Leo .Mercury Libra .Uranus (Saturn) Pisces . Samuel Weiser Inc. Note also that some planets rule two signs. http://www..Venus Gemini .com/The%20Jewels%20of%20Freemasonry. and Pluto were discovered. K.Sun Virgo . ME.Jupiter Capricorn .In the Greek cabala the obsolete letter digamma may be substituted for the two letters 'st' where they occur together (See. The following shows the planets that rule each sign. Thus a word like !"#$%&' (cross) has a value of either 1271 or 777. Note that we've added the classical rulers of signs in brackets. These rulers were assigned to the signs before (Mars) Sagittarius .Venus Scorpio . p. Barry. each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Aries . These classical rulers are still used by some astrologers.Mars Taurus .cafeastrology. 1999. This gives a combined value of 6 rather than 500. Neptune.

classical. however -. etc. The overall plan for the Web site is based on what I call the "Five Elements" of music: • . and soundfiles drawn from many styles of music -. • explore the philosophical and even metaphysical side of music theory. references. sound files. as they are now. and with good reason. I am constructing a Web site that will present teaching materials. The components of music theory are presented in a fragmented and arbitrary way. how to label that dominant-seventh chord.The words "music theory" have a they are used to communicate emotion. etc. much less devote scarce classroom time to theoretical discussion. chalkdusty sound to most musicians. without any discussion of their aesthetic and expressive characteristics. obscuring their underlying unity. But in the days when music theory was considered one of the Seven Liberal Arts. were studied. The site will be a resource for teachers and students to use to supplement their classes. it is all they can do to keep a band program intact. • discuss the expressive aspects of these elements -. but to gain insight into the meaning of ratio and proportion.making students memorize how many sharps this key has. The terminology and notational mechanics of music were not an end in themselves. Musical intervals. but a means to learn the philosophy of music.. not merely for the sake of ear training. and illustrating them by links. it was considered an integral part of higher education. and they are treated as neutral objects on the same level as car parts. for instance. as well as for musicians and music-lovers to use for teaching themselves about music theory. and relevant links that teach the technical elements of music theory by showing their fundamental interconnections. early these days of arts cutbacks. rock. Music theory is usually taught by the "drill-and-kill" approach -. articles. Teachers themselves are not to blame for this.folk.

1. If you are interested in providing financial or technical help to continue its construction. the more we become slaves to an omnipotent and all-pervading economic order. and magicians. What are these four symbols? ! The Quadrivium I: The Seven Liberal Arts What are the "liberal arts"? Nowadays. but to liberate the mind. of effective communication."impractical". Little wonder that. in distinction from disciplines like law.oldenwilde. the sciences. Acoustics 2. implying that these paths of knowledge are fundamentally interconnected -. was the basis of elementary education (whence we probably get the word "trivial"): Grammar taught the craft of reading and writing. we usually define a liberal-arts education in the negative -. They were divided into the three-fold Trivium of Grammar.html This "quadrivial compass" represents the intersection of Astrology. by extension. the first phase in the construction of this site. Music. priests. Logic. rarely leads to a job. you can orient yourself in any unfamiliar field of knowledge. Rhythm 3. Timbre Explore a cluster of Web pages about modes and scales. usually due for a cutback next year. Logic. as well. Melody 4. With an understanding of these four art/sciences. the less we remember the origin of the liberal arts as the curriculum of philosophers. Music. in which a college degree is seen merely as a ticket to a higher-paying job. which are supposedly based on a hard. Harmony and Geometry. was the .and. These words mean. and Astronomy. It is a vague phrase used to lump together all the academic disciplines that we perceive as soft. objective body of facts. a three-way and a four-way crossroads.which is merely "vocational" teaching --. The Q. and Rhetoric. Geometry. we increasingly forget that a "liberal arts" education has always been meant. the opposite of technical or professional training. and the four-fold Quadrivium of Arithmetic. http://www. In these moneydominated days. not to train one to perform specialized labor -. The word comes from Latin liber. a "free man". and Rhetoric. The T. that all other paths can be found to intersect here. please contact me at srasmus@oldenwilde. respectively. one who is not a slave. Number. subjective. Originally the liberal arts were seven in number. of careful reasoning.

each of the Quadrivial sciences was accompanied by its complementary metaphysical art. Thus. of form. The astronomer (and astrologer) Kepler was led to his discovery of the mathematical laws of planetary motion by his investigation of the "music of the spheres" and his discovery that the five Platonic solids could be nested within the orbits of the known . and of calendric cycles. the design of temples or cathedrals.for the study of these art/sciences awakens the mind to the intrinsic order of the cosmos.basis of advanced education: Arithmetic taught the science of number. the understanding that numbers were not merely quantities. on the geometry of the cathedral at whose dedication the work was performed(1). Arithmetic included Arithmology. but also with the inner meanings of its discipline. is also "duality. one learns to recognize analogies. Plato. exalted them in the Republic and the Laws as the essential education for the philosopher -. a thousand years after Pythagoras. for instance. from the very beginning. Babylon.indeed. polarity"). Meso-america -. ! II: History of the Quadrivium The choice of these particular disciplines was by no means arbitrary. probably learned them from the priestly schools of Egypt or Babylon). and science of medieval Islam. in at least one instance. The proportions of cathedrals and palaces were in turn often borrowed from the "consonant" musical intervals. and the influence of the Q. Little wonder that. music. of time (of "form in motion"). as the Roman Empire was collapsing and the ancient libraries and academies were being burned and outlawed by religious fanatics. architecture. or in the graphic arts) that the spirit and the emotions can be affected in particular ways by particular forms. in fact. Each dealt not only with the outer structures. in turn. of spatial orientation and architectural and artistic proportion. of nomenclature and technique (e. and Music included not only the study of "practical theory". the seven liberal arts retained an important role in education. "this is a minor third". art. Composers wrote musical works that were based on arithmetical patterns or. as interconnected sacred canons of measurement. Music. Astronomy included Astrology. "this is the Mixolydian mode"). The Quadrivium flourished uninterruptedly in the philosophy. to bloom in the Carolingian renaissance and yet again in the age of the cathedrals as the curriculum of the first universities. but also the study of "speculative theory". of the meanings and influences of tones and intervals and scales. through which the archetypal Ideas that underlie and unite the cosmos manifest themselves in the world of time and space. of musical scales and modes."number in motion". up through the Renaissance. China. India. correspondences. In the West. the understanding (in.g. patterns. of sound (and of "harmony" in the most general sense of the word -. the divination of the meanings of cycles of time. the seven liberal arts were the one essential seed of classical wisdom that was rescued and preserved by the monasteries through the so-called Dark Ages. as it was often put). but also qualities (that "two". Geometry included what is nowadays called Geomancy. in practically every pre-modern culture one can examine. and philosophy. for example. Moreover. who learned the arts of the Quadrivium from the school of Pythagoras (who. the four arts the West knew as the Quadrivium were also the basis of priestly and shamanic education and practice in ancient Egypt. freeing it from its bondage to mere "shadows on the cave wall". whether openly acknowledged or carefully alluded to. deeply pervaded the visual arts. Geometry. By studying the links and intersections among these disciplines. Astronomy.

the four arts were largely abandoned (numerology). meaningful level. Above all else. which inaugurated a dogmatically materialistic view of the cosmos (originally. But they end rather suddenly in the 1600's. between the left brain and the right. to recognize patterns in common among seemingly diverse areas of knowledge and experience. we increasingly hear physicists. not qualities. the web of all being. and the ability to reason analogically.and the Scientific Revolution. The Crossroads was buried and soon forgotten.that is. Astronomy deliberately eclipsed astrology. ridiculed (astrology). and the link it provided between the material and the spiritual order was severed. as a protection against religious persecution. on the other hand. or isolated (music). that we and the cosmos do participate in an organic unity. scaleintervals.which branded the metaphysical arts of the Q.planets. each with its own jargon. is coming to be recognized . Once the habit of "pattern"-thinking was replaced by "straight-line" thinking. the process of specialization of knowledge has reached extreme proportions. but which soon hardened into an ideology that fit conveniently with the increasing domination of society by commercial and economic interests). but we have as yet found few ways to practice it. After Descartes. but only through the revelation of the Bible or the proof of the test-tube -. as "satanic" and "occult" -. Newton. each dominated by its own elite of "experts". and key-signatures. numbers henceforth were allowed to signify only quantities. or even to understand it on a practical. how do we teach it? Academics and educators are at long last beginning to show serious interest in "interdisciplinary" research and teaching. and began to fragment into ever smaller specialties. knowledge lost its unity and interconnectedness. Although the four Quadrivial sciences survived into the Age of Reason in the new materialist priestcraft of "physics". It was as if a heavy iron gate had abruptly slammed shut between the outer and the inner. Such historical examples could be multiplied ad infinitum. numerology was permanently factored out of arithmetic. little of which is expressed in a common language. even less of which is seen to interrelate or form a comprehensible overall pattern. Yet. ecologists. interconnectedness. We sense that this is true. scholars such as Frances Yates (The Rosicrucian Enlightenment) and Carolyn Merchant (The Death of Nature) argue. ! III: A Universal Crossroads Today. forgotten (geomancy). shape and proportion were deprived of symbolism by engineer and artist both. not the variegated images of the zodiac. We live in a Tower of Babble. either religious faith or cause-and-effect materialism. with the combined onslaught of the Christian "witch craze" -. and the artists who inherited its practice of harmony and rhythm were eventually left with a mere technical argot of chord-names. and the Royal Academy.the scientists who commandeered its study of acoustics could only sneer at the "music of the spheres" and the "harmonies of heaven and earth". Ficino's and Agrippa's magickal philosophies were based on the metaphysical arts of the Quadrivium. as utilitarian and aesthete increasingly diverged from their once-shared perspective. time was decreed to be measurable only by the uniform ticks of the clock. and religious figures speak about holism. Music was silenced from singing of any art but its own -. Geometry was circumscribed to exclude geomancy. knowledge and truth could no longer be uncovered through the traditional reasoning of analogy and correspondence. between the physical sciences and the metaphysical arts. bombarded by information and facts and expertise. In the new world order.

I could hear and see mathematical patterns take shape. and an interest in what we call geomancy and the Chinese call "feng shui": the intentional arrangement of space in architecture or landscape to create harmony or discord. while you thought you were simply studying music. these systems of cycles are associated with analogous ideas and emotions. but it's really not that hard) cured me of a lifelong allergy to math.helps one to identify and build upon the most significant points of commonality between what one already knows and an unfamiliar new field or skill. computer science. numbers were alive with meanings and associations. Soon. acts as a kind of "universal translating device". A brief testimonial: As if to prove the timelessness of the Q. careers. analogical understanding -. and the physics of waves and cycles.or "resonance".is an essential skill that seems to be largely missing today from a world increasingly dominated by religious separatism.increasingly (even. you quickly find yourself learning about geometry and math. and cultural and economic conditions. ecology. These patterns led me into geometry. that is enforced by conventional educational methods. My own specialty was music theory. and it was my interest in how and why scales. you find it far more easy and enjoyable to read and understand the underlying theories of texts on physics. Just as you use a compass to orient you to the point on the earth where all lines of latitude and longitude unite.because it represents all-pervasive patterns of order -. From music's "cycles per second".. This is a twelve-fold compass. Suddenly. as it were -. I stumbled across it years before I knew of its name or its historical existence. for example. and to excavate and rebuild the ancient pedagogy of the Crossroads -.but in a new way. in ."that" is similar to (but not identical with) "this". on learning as a linear march through a series of isolated compartments. In both. Rather than the disconnected sets of dry formulas I'd been made to memorize in school. When you begin to follow a theme such as "cycles" or "proportions" -. which -. than "superhighway"!). factional warfare. It teaches you to recognize commonality and similarity. ! I think of the Q. as a kind of compass for navigating the Information Flood (a more accurate metaphor. and economic selfishness. In a larger sense. to find the points where seemingly disparate areas of information converge. and many other technical specialties than it had ever been before. it seems. by such a committed scientific materialist as Marvin Minsky. One might even say that it is the intellect's counterpart to the emotion of compassion. "twelve". rather than the constant focus on distinctions and divisions and particularities. for example. "you" are similar to (but not identical with) "us" -. my work with tuning systems and calculating astrological charts by hand (I didn't have a computer.the realm of astrology. "symmetry". chords. it was not a very large step to "cycles per century". electronics. teaches truly do intersect with nearly every other field of study. Perhaps it is time to re-connect ourselves with our past as well. Moreover. appropriate to the environment of the Computer Age. The Q. to name some others -. so you use the Q. and to penetrate the fog of jargon and terminology that so often obscures those points. because the kinds of knowledge that the Q.that runs through all four of these fields. in a recent interview (2)) as a highly practical skill in a world where people must constantly adapt to ever more swiftly changing technologies. and harmonies work as they do that led me to study vibrational ratios and harmonious proportions. philosophy.

a neutral middle ground which draws on both the logical and the rhetorical branches.) Steven C. the investigation into the laws by which it works. A website for teaching and learning music theory in innovative ways (currently under construction) is the first phase of a proposed Quadrivial website. For example. others as "minor triads". for example. then click on it to find out more about The Goodly Spellbook. exactly inverting the two intervals. available online and in bookstores around the world. by frequency division. as well as its relationship to the spirit and soul. simpler one. (If only architects considered the rhetoric of their geometry and not merely its logic. co-authored with my wife Disie Deerman (Sterling. you can find a more complete version of the information on the 7 Modes that this prototype website demonstrates. with the smaller and more complex interval above the larger. The logical branch is its scientific. "right-brain" side. and the downward-tending minor triad to express "yin" feelings like sorrow or fear. Check out the excerpt below. Logic observes that major triads are formed "upward". Rasmussen March 28. Send e-mail to Steven C. whereas the minor triad is formed "downward".) . 1996 Have I caught your interest in the Quadrivium? Find out more about it my book The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems. by frequency multiplication. Tell me something about your own interests and background. "left-brain" by and large. and note that. the rhetorical branch is its aesthetic. but multiplied with it. its "grammar". and the grammatical branch is the terminology and conventions it uses. Rasmussen at srasmus@oldenwilde. 2005). too. Each Quadrivial discipline can be divided according to its "logic". its expression of meaning and emotion. as in the "seven liberal arts". and ignored or left to individual whim. in Music. Rhetoric uses the upward-tending major triad to express "yang" feelings like joy or courage. (In The Goodly Spellbook.which the arts of the Trivium are not added to the Q. I would go so far as to say that every field is usefully divisible into these three branches. Grammar describes certain combinations of tones as "major triads". whereas the Rhetorical branch is written off as arbitrary and random (because it is "non-quantifiable"). and its "rhetoric". called Liberal7Arts. the Logic and Grammar branches are nowadays given most of the educational and practical attention. Sept. we might have fewer harsh rectilinear surfaces dominating our landscapes and contributing to the anomie of modern life.

."Return to text. Geometry: Circles arranged to form a Pythagorean tetractys. at whose dedication the work was performed. or useful applications. .and that requires us to reason by apparent similarities of structures. xi-xii. For example. I cite this at length because Minsky arrives at the same conclusion as me from the opposite end of the philosophical spectrum:"So you think computer science -.FOOTNOTES: (1) Guillaume Dufay. Music: The overtone and the undertone series for middle C. (2) In Mira Balaban et al. Certainly this is the case in music. structured the motet "Nuper rosarum flores" according to the architectural proportions of the Duomo in Florence.needs other. eds. in the 15th century. p. ideas like 'similar' and 'relevant' are alien because logic can only answer questions like 'what is this an instance of?' or 'what is this a generalization of?' The trouble is that concepts like instance and generalization apply only to ideas -.or at least AI -. effects. Neptune.those artificial worlds that we imagine for ourselves.because no actual object or event can be an instance of anything else. we must base our actions on experience -. logical methods are based on using rigid rules of inference to make deductions. I want AI researchers to appreciate that there is no one 'best' way to represent knowledge. this means that we have to be able to recollect similar experiences and understand which differences are relevant. 1992 MIT Press.. Return to text. richer kinds of descriptive ideas and terms [than binary logic]? MM: Yes indeed. However. Understanding Music with Artificial Intelligence: Perspectives on Music Cognition. real things can be seen as related -. But to cope with the unknowns and uncertainties of reality.. In turn. with the middle proportions filled in.. and Pluto added at the three corners. with Uranus. Number: Plato's proportion series from the Timaeus. This works well inside formal domains -. Each kind of problem requires appropriate types of thinking and reasoning . But in the logical world. "COMPASS" SYMBOLS: Clockwise from top: Astrology: The symbols for the planets arranged in the traditional "Chaldean order". because no two situations are ever quite the least in an observer's mind -.

These days this is usually done for cloak-and-dagger purposes.) . historians trace the origins of the science of cryptography to the 15th-century treatiseSteganographia. used only the major mode. or a word that represents the purpose or focus of the spell (e. This gives us a melody that we can make the basis of a chant or of a drum rhythm -. in which I is the same as J and U is the same as V.a kind of musical sigil or talisman. 1602.html A Musical Cipher by *Diuvei A "cipher" is a method of transforming a text into a secret code. etc. Porta's system was more limited than ours -. To improve the melody. other words. "safety" or "health"). Agrippa. The system we use is adapted from one described by G. To create a musical talisman: • • • • Write down the letters of the word or phrase you want to encipher above a blank music staff. you can see that I transposed down the note D that corresponds to "L" in "WEALTH".). Our version uses the natural correlation between letters of the scale and letters of the alphabet (the letter A = the note A. play the resulting melody. On the staff. write the musical note that corresponds to each letter. you can transpose any of the notes up or down an octave -. and only went up to the note f'' and back. In fact. the letter B = the note B. but in olden times witches and magicians used ciphers to create magical inscriptions for talismans or to write their grimoires (books of spells and rituals). we sometimes use a cipher that translates letters of the alphabet into musical notes and rhythms. Porta. On a musical instrument. to the note with the same name.oldenwilde. For our spells. We might encipher a God or Goddess's name. which composers such as Bach and Schumann have used for centuries to create musical themes. Partly for numerological reasons. De furtivis literarum notis (On the secret notes of letters).the magician who was the mentor and teacher of the most famous magician of all. omitted K and W.g. (In the example below. we use the traditional 24-letter "Latin" alphabet. and generals throughout the 18th century. one of our own names. Porta's method was widely used for secret communications by spies. by Abbot Trithemius

or a B as B-flat? Bear in mind the appropriate correspondences: Minor modes are more dark. You can now set appropriate words to these notes to create a chant. sound better as F-sharp. or a half note a whole.) As long as you keep the basic distinction between short notes vs. "yang". for example. "HECATE" works best in a haunting minor mode. for instance. as we have done with HECATE. inward. "yin". whereas "WEALTH" works best in an expansive major mode. you can alter the rhythms slightly to make them more musical -. (In the examples below.a quarter note could be an eighth note. major modes are more bright. Examples " one should be able to encode a desire into any musical sound.• • • Experiment to find out in what key the melody sounds best. long notes. using this key >now go! >do majick! HU 10:57pm fri march7 2014 . using F-natural. using F-sharp. Does an F. outward.