"Animals outline their territories with their excretions, humans outline their territories by ink excretions on paper." -Robert Anton Wilson

“Great thoughts are against all doctrines of conformity” ! Austin Osman Spare

"Why should you study and practice Magick? Because you can't help doing it, and you had better do it well than badly. —Magick Without Tears, I am not concerned to deny the objective reality of all "magical" phenomena; if they are illusions, they are at least as real as many unquestioned facts of daily life; and...they are at least evidence of some cause. —The Goetia, It is spoken of the Sephiroth, and the Paths, of Spirits and Conjurations; of Gods, Spheres, Planes, and many other things which may or may not exist. It is immaterial whether they exist or not. By doing certain things certain results follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them. —"Liber O", "-Uncle AL

EXERCISE -FROM Robert Anton Wilson 10. Believe it is possible that you can float off the ground and fly by merely willing it. See what happens. If this exercise proves as dissapointing to you as it has to me, try number 11 below, which is never dissapointing. 11. Believe that you can exceed all your previous ambitions and hopes in all areas of your life.

"Sorcery: the systematic cultivation of enhanced consciousness or non-ordinary awareness & its deployment in the world of deeds &

objects to bring about desired results." -Hakim Bey The means used and the way it happens are simple, the inverse of scientific. I use a formula, created by instinctive guess and *arbitrarily* formed, not evolved by hypothesis and experiment. The law of sorcery is its own law, using sympathetic symbols.! - Austin Osman Spare!

“Art is never decoration, embellishment; instead, it is a work of enlightenment. Art, in other words, is a technique for acquiring liberty.” -Bruce Lee “It is to be remembered that all art is magical in origin – music sculpture writing painting – and by magical I mean intended to produce very definite results.” -William S. Burroughs, Essay on Brion Gysin in Contemporary Artists “Recognition of the root meanings inherent in artistic endeavors can lead an individual to a source of great understanding and power.” -R. Kirk Packwood, Memetic Magic "The Enlightened take things Lightly." -?


XAOS - KHAOS - CHAOS & the apparent illusions of Order & Disorder Chaos (Greek "#$%, khaos) refers to the formless or void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in the Greek creation myths, more specifically the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth. Greek "#$% means "emptiness, vast void, chasm, abyss", from the verb "&'(), "gape, be wide open, etc.", from Proto-Indo-European *ghen-, cognate to Old English geanian, "to gape", whence English yawn.[1] Hesiod and the Pre-Socratics use the Greek term in the context of cosmogony. Hesiod's chaos has often been interpreted as a moving, formless mass from which the cosmos and the gods originated, but Eric Voegelin sees it instead as creatio ex nihilo,[2] much as in the Book of Genesis. The term tohu wa-bohu of Genesis 1:2 has been shown to refer to a state of non-being prior to creation rather than to a state of matter.[3][4] The Septuagint makes no use of "#$% in the context of creation, instead using the term for $#", "chasm, cleft", in Micha 1:6 and Zacharia 14:4. Nevertheless, the term chaos has been adopted in religious studies as referring to the primordial state before creation, strictly combining two separate notions of primordial waters or a primordial darkness from which a new order emerges and a primordial state as a merging

of opposites, such as heaven and earth, which must be separated by a creator deity in an act of cosmogony.[5] In both cases, chaos referring to a notion of a primordial state contains the cosmos in potentia but needs to be formed by a demiurge before the world can begin its existence. This model of a primordial state of matter has been opposed by the Church Fathers from the 2nd century, who posited a creation ex nihilo by an omnipotent God.[6] - WIkipedia

"The individual act of obedience is the cornerstone not only of the strength of authoritarian society but also of its weakness." (Hagbard Celine, Never Whistle While You're Pissing, in Illuminatus!) “The mystery religions were instituted in order to protect the marvels of the commonplace from those who would devalue them.” ! Peter Redgrove, The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real: Our Uncommon Senses and Their Common Sense Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation. - Robert Anton Wilson


Copyright Robert Michael Place 2000 this article first appeared in Llewellyn's Magical Almanac

Defining Magic: Magic, real magic, which is not sleight of hand or trickery, is illusive and hard to define. In Merriam Webster's Dictionary, we find that the term magic is derived from the Greek "magus," which refers to a sorcerer. The Greeks borrowed this word from Persia where it was the name of a member of the priestly class, which brings out one of the essential problems in defining magic: is it separate from or one and the same as religion? Webster goes on to define magic as, "the use of means (charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces." This seems to fit the common conception of magic. Except that Webster's definition contains the disclaimer "believed." As if to say, "some people believe in magic but we officially do not." This brings out the second essential problem. Our culture sees magic as a misconception or false belief. Although magic is an important part of ancient culture and of some modern cultures, and many people in our own culture continue to believe in and practice magic, it is officially considered a superstition. Most studies of modern religious thought start with a discussion of the theories of the British folklorist and author, Sir James Frazer, and those of Tylor, the scholar who most influenced Frazer. In 1890, Frazer wrote The Golden Bough in which he refined Tylor's theories by placing magic on the bottom rung of an evolutionary anthropological structure, which became a major influence on modern thinking. Briefly, the theory states that humans, finding themselves helpless in nature, first attempt to control nature with magic. As culture advances, humans, realizing that magic in ineffective, abandon it and develop a belief in a higher power outside of their control, which they attempt to appease. This is called religion. When sufficient knowledge of the real workings of the world are attained, humans abandon this second superstition and enter into the wisdom that is called science. In this final stage, the culture aims at real power over nature. Modern anthropologists have found that the neat sequential structure of this theory is not supported by their observations. Most primitive people believe in a higher power or powers and use both magic and technology (science as power over nature) in conjunction with this belief. The same can be said of prehistoric peoples, ancient Greeks, or modern Americans. Most historians trace the origins of rational scientific thought to the philosophers of the Classical world, such as Pythagoras and his follower Empedocles. Pythagoras is thought of as a mathematician and Empedocles as creating the rational discipline that led to physics. Yet, Pythagoras was the founder of a mystical religious movement and Empedocles, a member of that religion, wrote his theories in the form of poetry and would have called himself a magician. The Pythagoreans seem to be responsible for initiating a religious, scientific, and magical culture simultaneously - one that became the root of modern Western culture. (i.e. the Pythagorean Illuminati or the mathematikoi/akoustimatikoi) ^ -my note As we can see, the distinction between magic and religion seems to be an artificial one created in the West. St. Augustine, who lived in the twilight of the Classical age, helped to create the Medieval Christian worldview. He described magic as a continuation of pagan culture and therefore unchristian. His view persisted, and near the end of the Middle Ages, the papal bull of 1320 defined magic as heresy, subject to the censorship of the inquisition. This happened in spite of the of the fact that the essence of the Christian mass is the magical transformation of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, that saints were all reported to have performed miracles, and that many Christians - including Popes - were involved in alchemy and Hermetic tradition, which was considered white magic. In order to think of magic as evil and unchristian, it was necessary to see it as something separate from religion and

Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into nature. a dead kingfisher! I was thunderstruck. "the Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. modern Westerners have increasingly turned to other cultures for this experience. Instead. the unhealthy separation from our own esoteric tradition has not been resolved. he describes a dream that leads up to the incident." both admit that they cause change in the natural world. He described magic as a continuation of pagan culture and therefore unchristian. Crowley defines magic as. no doubt. his definition is so broad it could include any act of technology or art under the title magic. one that can lead to psychic transformation and growth . His view persisted. Aside from not including a disclaimer. These events coincide in time in a way that gives them meaning for the observer. In his introduction to the Wilhelm/Baynes edition of the I Ching. and most divine Knowledge of natural Philosophy. We can find this same cause and effect relationship in most modern definitions of magic. strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced. the distinction between magic and religion seems to be an artificial one created in the West. it was necessary to see it as something separate from religion and redefine sanctioned magic as something else . and had the colorful wings of a kingfisher. It might seem that Philemon had sent the kingfisher to Jung to confirm his existence. I feel that it is impossible to separate magic from the esoteric aspect of religion. two or three days ." He precedes this definition with the following quote from The Goetia of the Lemergeton of King Solomon. I have chosen one of the most notorious 20th century magicians. the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle. for kingfishers are quite rare in the vicinity of ZÃ*rich and I have never since found a dead one. BEYOND CAUSE AND EFFECT: I believe that magic is synonymous with what Jung calls "synchronicity." Apparently. Although. most Absolute. which was considered white magic. The following quote describes an event that took place a few days after the dream. but Jung feels that these occurrences are not part of a cause and effect relationship. and near the end of the Middle Ages. In order to think of magic as evil and unchristian. Crowley's definition of magic is not that different from Webster's. I am in good company in making this association. it continues to influence modern Western scientific thinking. The Pythagoreans seem to be responsible for initiating a religious. to Crowley the "charms and spells" of the magician only seem to be supernatural to the "vulgar. a wise old man that he called Philemon. himself. Jung gives a personal example of synchronicity in his memoirs. who lived in the twilight of the Classical age. As a that became the root of modern Western culture. by the lakeshore.e. advanced in the works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things. fantasy. and that many Christians . In his next paragraph Crowley goes on to clarify that this is exactly what he means when he states that by writing his book he is performing an act of "magick" (as he spells it). Magic is the Highest.a miracle of God. In the dream. a member of that religion. (i. Although anthropologists do not find this separation in any other culture. that saints were all reported to have performed miracles. scientific. The body was recently dead .the quest for enlightenment. and magical culture simultaneously . he insists that they are . Only instead of evil. would have been surprised to find his work used to support Crowley's theories. they. wrote his theories in the form of poetry and would have called himself a magician. the papal bull of 1320 defined magic as heresy. Reflections." Synchronicity is defined by Jung as a meaningful coincidence of an external event with a psychic event. for the first time. Crowley seems to feel a kinship with Frazer's anti-religious sentiment.** We can see that the event described had a magical quality for Jung. had a long gray beard. and they confirm that there is a connection or interaction between our psyche and physical reality. Dreams. let's look at how a modern Western practitioner of magic defines it.Empedocles as creating the rational discipline that led to physics. to his inner mentor archetype. so that true Agents being applied to proper Patients.and showed no external injuries. Although Frazer. In fact. because of their skill. The esoteric is that aspect of religion that has the power to create a personal inner experience. * Crowley even goes on to quote Frazer. This happened in spite of the of the fact that the essence of the Christian mass is the magical transformation of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. scientists now think of magic as an ignorant superstition. For this. Philemon took the form of a Hellenistic Gnostic who wore an ankle-length robe. Memories. That is. Crowley believed that because magic makes use of cause and effect experiments in the practitioner's attempt to control nature and not to the intervention of a spiritual agent. St. By attempting to cut itself off from magic Western culture has vilified and driven underground the esoteric aspects of its the most. In his Magick in Theory and Practice. and therefore views magic as a branch of science. subject to the censorship of the inquisition. Jung says that when we successfully consult this Chinese oracle (which we may consider an act of magic) we are experiencing the principle which he termed "synchronicity. Augustine. he was introduced. has stated as much. helped to create the Medieval Christian worldview. Next. they seem like communications between a divine force and ourselves.were involved in alchemy and Hermetic tradition. know how to anticipate an effect. or thought. Pythagoras was the founder of a mystical religious movement and Empedocles.including Popes . First. Aleister Crowley. Although this outside influence has been good for the health of our culture. there is a closer analogy between magic and Frazer's final scientific stage than between magic and religion. such as a dream. the Pythagorean Illuminati or the mathematikoi/akoustimatikoi) ^ -my note As we can see. while Jung tried to capture Philemon's image in a painting: During the days when I was occupied with the painting. I found in my garden. Yet. because Carl Jung.

if we look at our house cat what we are seeing is a creature that will die and disappear in a brief instant when its life span is compared to all of eternity.he felt that these two terms should be interchangeable. a dead kingfisher! I was thunderstruck. It seems that if we are going to understand fully what is meant here we must also define Jung's term "archetype. I found in my garden. but we should not think of the archetype as causing synchronicity. The real cat is the actual intelligence responsible for the direction of the individual cat's life. Plato was searching for what is real and constant in the world .this is what Plato calls the real cat or archetype. which are contained in the center of each cell. but Jung feels that these occurrences are not part of a cause and effect relationship. here we are coming to a deeper and more profound view of reality. As a result. activated. We tend to call the decisions that it makes for the individual cat instinct or intuition." Archetype is a term that Jung borrowed from Plato. will pass it onto their offspring. for kingfishers are quite rare in the vicinity of ZÃ*rich and I have never since found a dead one. When we include the observations of modern quantum physicists in this discussion. while Jung tried to capture Philemon's image in a painting: During the days when I was occupied with the painting. time-bound objects and that the forms or patterns that these objects posses are timeless and therefore real. two or three days . If allowed to reproduce. The body was recently dead .took place a few days after the dream. Plato said that number is the bases of form and the essence of the archetypes. The ego thinks that it is in charge because it can manipulate the world to attain its desires. in turn. Humans are caught in the same illusions about themselves as they are about other animals. Yet. by the the most. because as long as there are cats. Instead. this cat contains a form that we can distinguish from other animals and that we can see is consistent with others of its species. called DNA. This form is like an immortal or divine cat. but it can not decide what to desire. we are breaking with the previous definitions of magic. This view is confirmed by modern scientists who have discovered that this archetypal form is communicated to each living creature through a numerical pattern of molecules. it will pass this form onto its offspring. which is predisposed to view all events as cause and effect. It might seem that Philemon had sent the kingfisher to Jung to confirm his existence.and showed no external injuries. we find that the number of electrons and protons in an atom determine what . He adds that when synchronicity happens an archetype . They all try to define magic as a cause and effect relationship instigated by the magician.** We can see that the event described had a magical quality for Jung. This is typical of our culture. it will not die . he insists that they are acausal acts of pure creation. he did not trust his five senses to give him accurate information about reality the exact opposite viewpoint from modern empirical science. Synchronicity is simply what happens when the archetype emerges into consciousness. This decision is made for it by the real self. This is where magic lives and this is why I feel that it is connected to the quest for higher consciousness. With this. Instead. These are the archetypes. and they.such as the internal mentor . It would seem that science has found an empirical location for the acualization of the archetypal self. The part of themselves that identifies with this individual physical life is what Jung calls the ego. In other words. he reasoned that the sensual world was entirely composed of temporary.

our thoughts are a manifestation of the thoughts of universe. in other words. As I said before. which are contained in the center of each cell. At the deepest level of the unconscious. the magical event is the manifestation of an archetype. Plato said that number is the bases of form and the essence of the archetypes. When we perform magic. such as the I Ching or the Tarot. the changes seem miraculous . found that he lost sight of the archetypes as they merged into the vast sea of the collective unconscious. These facts pull the rug out from under our materialistic worldview and show that there is a connection between psyche and matter. which I quoted above. like the quantum physicist exploring matter. called DNA. and thereby. The definitions. acausal habit of slipping in and out of existence. For this. and when we try to prove that it is either a wave or a particle. but it can not decide what to desire. change happens in the outer physical world. This view is confirmed by modern scientists who have discovered that this archetypal form is communicated to each living creature through a numerical pattern of molecules. This non-stuff also has the disquieting. This decision is made for it by the real self. we bring these unconscious archetypes into consciousness through the use of symbols. When Jung explored the unconscious mind. synchronicity. Whereas. are a more immediate manifestation of the place where the patterns are being formed that will become our future physical reality. Therefore. The archetypes. or magic.and somehow. we find that the number of electrons and protons in an atom determine what substance it will be (another example of number determining reality). Is magic just an illusion created by our ego to convince it that it is in charge? When we attempt to fulfil our . we are left with the fact that all physical reality is the illusive expression of the numerical thoughts of the universe . he discovered that at its deepest layer there emerged psychic patterns or personalities that were the same in all individuals and that can be found in religions and myths in all peoples throughout time. but it seems to us that our symbolic ritual is causing it because these two things always coincide.what the alchemists would call the "Anima Mundi" . This brings us back to the initial problem of defining magic. try to explain that magic is a cause and effect phenomenon making use of a force that science does not yet recognize. He called these the archetypes. When we use an oracle. but when we try to determine the nature of these subatomic particles we find that they are made of an illusive non-stuff that can take on the quality of matter or energy. By using symbols to manipulate the psyche we are activating the archetypes in fact in many magic rituals we deliberately contact them as gods. When we succeed in doing this. it can be proved to be either depending on the expectation emplyed by the nature of the experiment. or we may call them the Gods. this gives us the opportunity to intervene and create the future that we desire.that is they seem to happen outside of the normal cause and effect relationships of the physical world or to intervene in them in some mysterious way. he used the alchemical term "Unus Mundus". saying that it is acausal is like saying that it just happens. we use symbols to manipulate the inner world of the psyche. Therefore. angels. or demons. is an acausal act of pure creation. In the end. This concept is almost impossible for our Western trained minds to grasp.its desires. When we include the observations of modern quantum physicists in this discussion. he. It would seem that science has found an empirical location for the acualization of the archetypal self. Jung feels that synchronicity.

When they conduct an experiment to prove that subatomic quanta are solid particles.with no cause. This void. This is magic. We can have thoughts that lead to other thoughts. it may seem to the ego that it is causing change. At an unconscious level. In both cases. Place 1995 . angels.although. Jung feels that synchronicity. is the real creative power. When they conduct an experiment to prove that these same particles are immaterial waves. they find that they are. This concept is almost impossible for our Western trained minds to grasp. or magic. Now. the Unus Mundus. The observer is intimately connected to result simply by having expectations. footnote** Jung C. Magic must take place in the middle zone. try to explain that magic is a cause and effect phenomenon making use of a force that science does not yet recognize. reality responds to the expectation of the observer. This is synonymous with the observation of physicists that subatomic particles emerge out of nothingness. So how can we manifest our desires if we no longer have them? This is the paradox of magic. Is magic just an illusion created by our ego to convince it that it is in charge? When we attempt to fulfil our desires through magic. we observe that our thoughts emerge out of nothingness they just appear. the magical event is the manifestation of an archetype. in spite of what Jung says. Whereas. and our desires are not yet dissolved. the very desires that the ego is trying to fulfil came from the archetypes. As I said before. If we want to effect change. footnote* Crowley. If I treat them as manifestations of the Unus Mundus. The simplest way that I can explain acausality is to use the example of meditation. If I treat them as individual personalities that can cause change. which I quoted above. Again. However. but when we quiet the mind. then acausal synchronicity happens. New York. synchronicity. Magick in Theory and Practice. Jung has supplied evidence to support this view by demonstrating that most people perform daily rituals and yet remain unconscious of their symbolism. but it seems to us that our symbolic ritual is causing it because these two things always coincide. the way that it manifests has startling acausal quality as well. I have found from experience that the archetypes respond to my expectations of them. change happens through this cause and effect relationship . is an acausal act of pure creation. The definitions. we notice that they can just as easily emerge out of nothing . in other words..them as gods. 1989: Vintage Books. This is where inner and outer reality comes from. Dreams. New York. when I ask for their help. Castle Books. Therefore. It reminds me of the findings of the quantum Physicists. When we meditate. Reflections. this is where we must go. or demons. Aleister. Art!copyright Robert M. but when we enter the Unus Mundus the ego dissipates and we go beyond desire. the archetypes emerge out of this nothingness also. our magical actions are a manifestation of the archetypes as well. where the archetypes emerge out of the unconscious. page 183. Memories. Perhaps. page IX. they find that they are. G. saying that it is acausal is like saying that it just happens.

” -Austin Osman Spare. Memories. The emotional circuit is bent and broken by continuous attacks upon status (ego). The victim is first isolated from his or her previous environment and trained to hook the bio-survival circuit onto the "guru" and/or the Ashram or commune.” -Timothy Leary. this is.” -Austin Osman Spare. until the only emotional security left is found in Total Submission to the group reality-island. ambitious. The re-infantilized victim is then ready to imprint any semantic circuitry desired. and only then. Place 1995 “Magical obsession is that state when the mind is illuminated by sub-conscious activity evoked voluntarily by formula at our own time. Castle Books. footnote** Jung C. Dreams. Chaos & Cyberculture ILLUMINATION excerpt from "Prometheus Rising" -Robert Anton Wilson Neurosomatic brainwashing—the most powerful form of robotization—consists in temporary activation of the neurosomatic circuit by the brainwasher.” -Timothy Leary. of course. It is the condition of Genius. Intoxicate me with self-love. Aleister. The less sex. together with assurances that only the brainwasher (or the "god" who "acts through him") can turn on this circuit. Reflections. page IX. the more compulsion to control. for inspiration. Art!copyright Robert M. Magick in Theory and Practice. intelligent.. 1989: Vintage Books. etc. The socio-sexual circuit can then easily be programmed for celibacy. Chaos & Cyberculture “Sexual arousal is all in the mind. New York.” -Timothy Leary. etc. Anathema of Zos: The Sermon To The Hypocrites “Throughout the ages. for free love.. New York. Then. G. The Book of Pleasure “Give me the death of my soul. For full effect. or for whatever sexual game the guru has selected.footnote* Crowley. affluent. Chaos & Cyberculture “Sex means cheerfully giving up control to receive pleasure. and just plain horny human beings have continually sought the alchemical grail – the true aphrodisiac. from EST to Krishna to People's Temple. proceeded by normal brainwashing. page 183. the neurosomatic buttons are pushed and ecstasy is "given" to the subject .

commented ironically in a film made after abandoning it for a different career. a time-release capsule invented by the Sufi College of Wisdom in Cairo. Marjoe Gortner. etc."by" the guru. The average charismatic insists that the victims can never learn to do it for themselves. unusually honest. cocaine was released into their bloodstreams. or for whatever sexual game the guru has selected. They all think they need me jacking them off!" Gortner is. unusually honest. The emotional circuit is bent and broken by continuous attacks upon status (ego). the neurosomatic buttons are pushed and ecstasy is "given" to the subject "by" the guru. in fact. which order they would enter — the political Assassins or the mystic Illuminati. The Trick Top Hat: Two young candidates dine with Hassan. until the only emotional security left is found in Total Submission to the group reality-island. hashish also began to be released. For full effect. and only then. "The marks never realized they could do it" (push the neurosomatic buttons) "for themselves. The socio-sexual circuit can then easily be programmed for celibacy. the Illuminati. this is. They all think they need me jacking them off!" Gortner is. commented ironically in a film made after abandoning it for a different career. In a short time. But here also. proceeded by normal brainwashing. of course. evidently. including. "The marks never realized they could do it" (push the neurosomatic buttons) "for themselves. were prepared candidates for admission to the Brotherhood of Light. When asleep the candidates are taken to Hassan's famous "Garden of Delights. Both young men were conveyed into the Garden of Delights and placed several acres apart from each other. together with assurances that only the brainwasher (or the "god" who "acts through him") can turn on this circuit. thereby overwhelming the traces of the soporific opium and causing them to awaken full of energy and zest. The garden — of officially known as the "the Garden of Delights" — covered several acres. as they woke. One of the greatest historical practitioners of this neuroscience was Hassan i Sabbah. The victim is first isolated from his or her previous environment and trained to hook the bio-survival circuit onto the "guru" and/or the Ashram or commune. from EST to Krishna to People's Temple." The capsule had released a heavy does of opium and they were quite thoroughly unconscious and unaware of their surroundings. Neurosomatic brainwashing—the most powerful form of robotization—consists in temporary activation of the neurosomatic circuit by the brainwasher. The candidates. the second stage of the time-release capsule began to work. The re-infantilized victim is then ready to imprint any semantic circuitry desired. were prepared the same way. They themselves selected. Then. At the same time. so they saw everything with . a long-time practitioner of this science. for free love. in this same garden. the food is laced with a time-release capsule. who used relatively simple techniques. unknown to themselves. As I describe Hassan's technique — based on historical records — in my novel. Here candidates were prepared for admission to the Order of the Assassins: they were to become the most feared and legendary professional killers in history. nowadays. nowadays. The average charismatic insists that the victims can never learn to do it for themselves. Marjoe Gortner. a long-time practitioner of this science.

" said he. the Medicine of Metals.exceptional clarity and all colors were jewel-like. "Go at once to the Green Room to meet your superior in the order. one sucked raptly at his penis." "You are accepted for the Order of Assassin. the houris of Paradise. rushed forward in a bunch. .dates dine with Hassan. the Stone of the Philosophers. there was no more hashish being released and more opium began to flow into the bloodstream. felt with deeper intensity. as foretold in Al Koran. twenty acres away. True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness. surrounded by similar lovely ladies and other wonders. I will trust Hassan i Sabbah and love him and serve him. began to dance. And some fell at the candidate's feet and kissed his ankles. brilliant." the first exclaimed. As the veils were thrown off." said Hassan solemnly. divinely beautiful. creatures far more remarkable than those ordinarily seen in Afghanistan. the houris finished the dance. and they showed them the animals of paradise (imported from as far away as Japan. more and more hashish was released from the capsules and the young men saw with greater clarity. experienced beauty and sexual joy in a way completely unknown in their previous earth lives. you have entered Paradise while still alive. in both cases. "Truly. they discarded one by one each of their seven veils. they were removed from the Garden of Delights and returned to the banquet hall of the Lord Hassan. playing flutes and other delicately sweet musical instruments. and in their torpor. far sweeter and stranger than the earth-apples they had known before. And then. and great is the wise Lord Hassan Sabbah!" But. Hassan turned to the second. I have no more doubts. smiled in contentment." they sang as the awakening men gazed about them in wonder. In a little while. the second young man merely gazed about him. "Welcome to heaven. Then. as each young man sat entranced by the beauty and wonder of Heaven. "And you?" "I have discovered the First Matter. "I have seen the glories of Heaven. "Great is Allah." And they fed them "paradise apples" (oranges). "And it is inside my own head!" Hassan i Sabbah grinned broadly. and said nothing. And as he was smothered in this hashish-intensified avalanche of love. "By the magic of the holy Lord Hassan. "This is heaven!" the first young man exclaimed. some kissed knees or thighs. the lady working on his penis sucked and sucked and he climaxed in her mouth as softly and slowly and blissfully as a single snowflake falling. and nude and splendid as they were. There they awoke. asking. the young candidates slept again. others kissed the chest and arms and belly. like flowers cast before the wind. and as they danced. the Elixir of Life. A group of extremely comely and busty young ladies — imported from the most expensive brothel in Cairo — sat in a circle around each of the young candidates. as promised in the Koran." When this candidate had left. a few kissed eyes and mouth and ears. in some cases). in ecstasy. quoting the alchemical formula.

occultist. Illuminati. Hassan i Sabbah was not the first or last student of the ways in which sexuality can be transmuted into fifth-circuit rapture. Buddhism and Taoism." . Hans Jenny (1904 -1972). geometric or mandala-like patterns. for if the Holy Inquisition ever learned of such practices the participants would be denounced as devilworshippers and burned at the stake. alchemists and witches kept similar techniques as closely guarded secrets. The method was to take a metal plate and to suspend it as freely as possible and then to excite it into activity via the use of a violin bow. the Prover proves. Each single harmonic of the plate when sounded created the same pattern. developed further by Margaret Watts-Hughes (using the human voice and several diaphragms) and then taken a stage further by Jenny in the middle of the 20th century. in the late 19th century. which further developed the resulting patterns into different. Further to the East. which increased in complexity as one progressed along the harmonic series."Welcome to the Order of the Illuminati!" he said. there were Tantric schools within Hinduism. It is derived from the Greek word Kyma or ta kymatika meaning. Jenny was particularly wishing to point towards periodicity or cycles. "Whatever the Thinker thinks. this was to clamp it at its centre leaving the rest of the plate fairly free to vibrate.for more read my article on this OVERTONE SINGING) ! . This work revolves around the ability to demonstrate acoustic phenomenon. which taught techniques by which prolongation of the genital embrace could explode into dramatic brain-change. matters pertaining to waves. which work was begun in the late 18th century by Ernst Chladni (1756-1827) and then. yet still ordered and repeatable. laughing. In the West. By the term waves. Placing some sand upon the surface and then bowing the plate aroused the sand particles into activity and into very beautifully organised regular geometric shapes. underground cults of Gnostics. The famous Chladni Figures had previously visibly demonstrated the organising power of sound and vibration. Jenny was an Anthroposophist (a follower of the teachings of the Austrian philosopher. Dr. Most typically.Robert Anton Wilson CYMATICS VISIBLE SOUND ! The term Cymatics (pronounced sigh-matt-ix) was coined by Dr. Bowing the plate at different points excited other harmonics. mystic and clairvoyant Rudolph Steiner 1864-1925). (The Harmonic Series is the basis of Overtone Singing .

the first overtone is known as the Octave. Even the regularly formed geometric patterns are shown to be comprised of numerous particles constantly moving within those patterns . we have the certain experience that harmonic systems such as we have visualized in our experiments arise from oscillations in the form of intervals and harmonic frequencies. nevertheless. Each overtone produces an interval that gets progressively smaller as the process moves along until they are so close together that the human ear cannot detect the difference.. strings. the harmonic figures of physics are in fact essentially similar to the harmonic patterns of organic nature. By filming the experiments. we are able to see instances of when forms arise out of chaotic substance and then return back again into what we might term the Virgin Space of Repotentialisation only to come forth again forming the same pattern (providing the tone remains the same).A visible sound photograph by Dr.. If biological rhythms operate as generative factors at the interval-like frequencies appropriate to them.and so on . The results are truly awe inspiring.! The interval of an Octave is when the note upon which the whole series begins is reached again only vibrating at twice. If the first tone is vibrating at 250 cycles per second (cps) then the Octave vibrates at 500 cps. down to Kepler and many others). Jenny.! ! One of the Cymatic images photographed by Dr. and published in certain of his writings. Pythagoras. whilst the next overtone is a perfect Fifth and the following overtone is a an army of ants walking backwards and forwards along a straight line (demonstrating the Particle / Wave phenomenon). Each succeeding Octave is also divided up in an arithmetic series. regarding the effects of sound and vibration upon physical matter. Connections are revealed between such philosophies and the knowledge of cymatic phenomena independently acquired through modern scientific research. or overtones. musical tones and words (Heraclitus.. He researched this phenomena for 14 years. and brass instruments. .Hertz) and amplifications (volume) via a piezoelectric effect using a crystal oscillator and then to cover the plate with various substances and finally to document his results in both photographs and films. yet." ! ! ”Now it is beyond doubt that where organization is concerned. The introduction of this Law into Western music is attributed to the great Sage of Samos . if we begin on the note C the next Octave is also called C but it is vibrating twice as fast as the original C.000 cps (4 times the original speed) and so on. Hans Jenny ! Dr.and an entire cosmology was further developed around these musical principles. is likewise a law of nature that follows a strictly mathematical progression for the human voice. whilst in the next higher Octave we find Four intervals and the next Octave Eight intervals and so on. For instance. That is to say that the first Octave produces One interval (known as the Octave) and in the next Octave we find Two intervals. by the 17th century English Rosicrucian apologist Robert Fludd (1574-1637). Jenny took the idea of the Chladni plate but went on to excite it using precisely measured vibrations (cps . as far as I know.! This series is predictable and ordered and finds its reflection within the Cymatics phenomenon. breathtaking. he laid a wonderful foundation for that work in respect of making visible the power of sound and its effects upon the world of form and matter. within the healing realm of sound.”!!! MUSICAL SET THEORY .! didn't apply any of his findings. The films in particular are most stimulating. Plato.. four times. Here we see cyclic phenomenon taking place. eight times . ! The harmonic series. Aristoxenos.its original speed. the next Octave at 1.Pythagoras (around 600 BC) . ! "An investigation of the world in terms of cymatics throws an interesting historical light on earlier philosophies resting upon mathematical order and the relationship of sounds. Archytas. where all is in constant movement. That is indisputable. In the first place. then harmonic patterns must be necessarily forthcoming.! ! Whilst Dr. most inspiring and enlightening.. Hans Jenny. Therefore.

not of personalities. living a life of its own. with resolution delayed or omitted completely. like Pythagoras. More narrowly. as well as by the occurrence of familiar pitch combinations in unfamiliar environments" (Forte 1977. 2). e. . The emancipation of the dominant-quality dissonances has followed this pattern. and Headlam 2001). Orvis 1974. as atonal (Baker 1980.2. Mathematics is "the basis of sound" and sound itself "in its musical aspects. in this sense. Atonality. 146–47) describes: As the ear becomes acclimatized to a sonority within a particular context. Perle. Rülke 2000. Griffiths 2001. said. Late 19th. exactly as the real Buddhistic Reformation abolished castes into the Brotherhood of Monks. Music theorists sometimes use mathematics to understand music. "That's the Negro's life . drawing on the work in twelve-tone theory of Milton Babbitt. among others. Béla Bartók. It may be described as a metanarrative to justify atonality. in full or in part. Composers such as Charles Ives. and which can be related by musical operations such as transposition. Egyptians and Mesopotamians are known to have studied the mathematical principles of sound. 1986. careful not to get ahead or behind in its rhythmic cooperation with the others" (Harrison 1946.[7][8] Atonality in its broadest sense is music that lacks a tonal center. "[a]s a categorical label. Paul Hindemith. [ ] Just as the harmonic series was and is used as a justification for consonance. citation needed The attempt to structure and communicate new ways of composing and hearing music has led to musical applications of set theory. Thus many useful and crucial insights about even strictly serial music depend only on such basic atonal theory" (Rahn 1980. Duke Ellington. and modern modal musics to which this definition does not apply. Some composers have incorporated the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers into their work. now known as musical acoustics. especially the pre-twelve-tone music of the Second Viennese School. 150). the sonority will gradually become 'emancipated' from that context and seek a new one..!. central tone is not used. a mystical statement of belief in the masses or the people" (Broyles 1996. Dane Rudhyar. Zimmerman 2002). although there are longer periods. such as by Rameau. 'atonal' generally means only that the piece is in the Western tradition and is not 'tonal'" (Rahn 1980. citation needed the . Lansky and Perle 2001. Kohlhase 1983.[5] Confucius. The greater autonomy of the dominant-quality dissonance contributed significantly to the weakening of traditional tonal function within a purely diatonic context.[1] Though ancient Chinese. with the dominant seventh developing in status from a contrapuntal note in the sixteenth century to a quasi-consonant harmonic note in the early nineteenth. and the use of mathematics in composition is historically [ ] limited to the simplest operations of counting and measuring.[3] particularly the ratios of small integers. Michael Broyles calls Ives tone-cluster-rich song "Majority" as "an incantation. 258–64). for Buddhism is nothing but spiritual Democracy" (Rudhyar 1928. music of Free Souls. However. even Duke Ellington and Lou Harrison. and Edgard Varèse have written music that has been described. medieval.4 as the source of all perfection. connected the emancipation of the dissonance with the emancipation of society and humanity. Perle..[6] To this day mathematics has more to do with acoustics than with composition. Teboul 1995–96. simply because nature itself "is amazingly mathematical". "[S] erialism arose partly as a means of organizing more coherently the relations used in the preserial 'free atonal' music. regarded the small numbers 1... It abolishes tonalities. Early Indian and Chinese theorists show similar approaches: all sought to show that the mathematical laws of harmonics and rhythms were fundamental not only to our understanding of the world but to human well-being.. principally Alban Berg. Their central doctrine was that "all nature consists of harmony arising out of numbers".g. Lou Harrison described Carl Ruggles's counterpoint as "a community of singing lines. after playing some of his pieces for a journalist. Sergei Prokofiev. including his pupil Anton Webern.. Obert 2004. . 1). abstract algebra and number theory. "The repertory of atonal music is characterized by the occurrence of pitches in novel combinations.[4] From the time of Plato. Igor Stravinsky. 10–11). The concepts of set theory are very general and can be applied to tonal and atonal styles in any equally-tempered tuning system. Claude Debussy. Many of the notions were first elaborated by Howard Hanson (1960) in connection with tonal music.Musical set theory provides concepts for categorizing musical objects and describing their relationships. the music of universal brotherhoods.and early 20th-century composers such as Alexander Scriabin. We are something apart.[2] the Pythagoreans of ancient Greece are the first researchers known to have investigated the expression of musical scales in terms of numerical ratios. Rudhyar gave the subtitle "A New Principle of Musical and Social Organization" to his book Dissonant Harmony. and to some extent more generally than that. Jim Samson (1977. The methods of musical set theory are sometimes applied to the analysis of rhythm as well. but music has no axiomatic foundation in modern mathematics. or key. 8). Arnold Schoenberg. Bertram 2000. and the notes of the chromatic scale function independently of one another (Kennedy 1994). Parks 1985. and Anton Webern (Lansky. By the later nineteenth century the higher numbered dominant-quality dissonances had also achieved harmonic status. One branch of musical set theory deals with collections (sets and permutations) of pitches and pitch classes (pitch-class set theory). Hear that chord! Dissonance is our way of life in America.. The emancipation of the dissonance was a concept or goal put forth by composer Arnold Schoenberg and others. exhibits a remarkable array of number properties". the term atonality describes music that does not conform to the system of tonal hierarchies that characterized classical European music between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries (Lansky.3. yet an integral part" (Ellington 1963. the term is sometimes used to describe music that is neither tonal nor serial. . "Dissonant music is thus the music of true and spiritual Democracy. 1). The phrase first appears in Schoenberg's 1926 essay "Opinion or Insight?" (Schoenberg 1975. and complementation. harmony was considered a fundamental branch of physics. renaissance. and Headlam 2001). and then mostly developed in connection with atonal music by theorists such as Allen Forte (1973). which may be ordered or unordered. usually describes compositions written from about 1908 to the present day where a hierarchy of pitches focusing on a single. writing. 125). More narrowly still. inversion.

[3][4] This behavior is known as deterministic chaos. Renaissance music (1400-1600). and 3. or chemical reactions. It teaches us to expect the unexpected.6-7) proposes the following timeline: A) unison and octave singing (magadizing) in Greek music and Ambrosian and Greek chant. one can: 1. Baroque music (c. rendering long-term prediction impossible in general. and many of the systems in which we live exhibit complex. ninth. but consonances higher up the harmonic series and thus more complex.[2] In other words. These phenomena are often described by fractal mathematics. a specific timeline he proposes: Timeline of the "emancipation of the dissonance": unison. octave.harmonic series is often used as physical or psychoacoustic justification for the gradual emancipation of intervals and chords found [ ] further and further up the harmonic series over time. 1730-1820). the Emancipation of Dissonance. such as is argued by Henry Cowell in defense of his tone clusters. of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. like turbulence. fractal nature of our world can give us new insight. and so on. our brain states. or through analytical techniques such as recurrence plots and Poincaré maps. given a time series to test for determinism. Thus. or simply chaos. rivers etc. with no random elements involved. including landscapes. Impressionist music (c. What is Chaos Theory? Chaos is the science of surprises. chaotic dynamics of the atmosphere. physics. Medieval music (c. twelfth and Prehistoric music. CHAOS SCIENCE Chaos theory is a field of study in mathematics. and microtones in the early 20th-century. the stock market. Chaotic behavior can be observed in many natural systems. Classical music (c. a balloon pilot can “steer” a balloon to a desired location. major third. our social systems. chaotic behavior. economics and biology. 1880-1900). 1880" G) total chromaticism. and our economic systems are interconnected. uses Schoenberg's "revolution" to trace other movements in the arts around that time.[1] This happens even though these systems are deterministic. and wisdom. Romantic music (c. trees. minor seventh. which captures the infinite complexity of nature. Recognizing the chaotic. All methods for distinguishing deterministic and stochastic processes rely on the fact that a deterministic system always evolves in the same way from a given starting point. organs. an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Chaos Theory deals with nonlinear things that are effectively impossible to predict or control. meaning that their future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions.[6][7] Explanation of such behavior may be sought through analysis of a chaotic mathematical model. By understanding that our ecosystems. Cooper (1973. from c. twelve-tone technique. 2. cited in Nattiez 1990) gives the following diagram. from c. 1400" D) chordal seventh. 1815-1910). pick a test state. 1750 F) whole-tone scale. 1600-1760). citation needed [ Some argue further that they are not dissonances. For example. we can hope to avoid actions . eleventh. perfect fifth. p. the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable. B) parallel fourths and fifths in organum "from c. While most traditional science deals with supposedly predictable phenomena like gravity. citation ] needed Chailley (1951. clouds. Harrison. This was summarised by Edward Lorenz as follows: [5] Chaos: When the present determines the future. 850" C) "triadic music. weather. A 1996 book by Thomas J. Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for such dynamical systems. Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. with applications in several disciplines including meteorology. electricity. by understanding the complex. 1600 E) chordal ninth. compare their respective time evolutions. power. 500-1400). such as weather. music of ancient Greece. from c. from c. 20th-century music. Many natural objects exhibit fractal properties. but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. 12. 1910. engineering. search the time series for a similar or 'nearby' state.

Driven by recursion. A more rigorous way to express this is that small changes in the initial conditions lead to drastic changes in the results. David Peat unfold seven lessons for embracing chaos in daily life: 1. raging rivers. coastlines. 2. Since it is impossible to measure the effects of all the butterflies (etc) in the World. hurricanes. Chaos theory. and our individual lives . originally used to understand the movements that create thunderstorms. nonlinear systems . Who knows what the long-term effects of teaching millions of kids about chaos and fractals will be? • Unpredictability: Because we can never know all the initial conditions of a complex system in sufficient (i.such as nature. However. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right point in space/time. accurate long-range weather prediction will always remain impossible. etc. • Mixing: Turbulence ensures that two adjacent points in a complex system will eventually end up in very different positions after some time has elapsed. Use Butterfly Power: how to let chaos grow local efforts into global results 3. Rejoin the Whole: how to realize our fractal connectedness to each other and the world. • Fractals: A fractal is a never-ending pattern. This in turn further affects the price of the stock. since nature is full of fractals. A good example is the behavior of the stock market.which may end up being detrimental to our long-term well-being. Examples: Two neighboring water molecules may end up in different parts of the ocean or even in different oceans. clouds. rendering any prediction useless. mountains. Mixing is thorough because turbulence occurs at all scales.the pictures of Chaos. only recently has science recognized it as a fundamental force in the universe. As a metaphor it allows us to query some of our most cherished assumptions and encourages us to ask fresh questions about reality. Live Within Time: how to utilize time's hidden depths 7. Principles of Chaos • The Butterfly Effect: This effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico. but the connection is real. Go with the Flow: how to use chaos to work collectively with others 4. As the value of a stock rises or falls. the more complete I am. • Feedback: Systems often become chaotic when there is feedback present.” ! Austin Osman Spare Seven Life Lessons of Chaos Timeless Wisdom From the Science of Change !While humans have had to deal with chaos since ancient times. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Chaos is evolving from a scientific theory into a cultural metaphor. society. manipulate. chaotic. See the Art of the World: how to appreciate the beauty of life's chaos 6. we cannot hope to predict the ultimate fate of a complex system. It may take a very long time. • http://fractalfoundation. It is also nonlinear: fluids cannot be unmixed. Chaos suggests that instead of resisting life's uncertainties. Fractal patterns are extremely “The more Chaotic I am. perfect) detail. Geometrically. In this groundbreaking new book. Even slight errors in measuring the state of a system will be amplified dramatically. John Briggs and F. which often occur in surprising ways. fractals are images of dynamic systems . For instance: trees. Our lives are an ongoing demonstration of this principle. is now being applied to everything from medicine to warfare to social dynamics and theories about how organizations form and change. seashells. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are that are self-similar across different scales. Be Creative: how to engage with chaos to find imaginative new solutions and live more dynamically. people are inclined to buy or sell that stock. Our modern society has been obsessed with conquering and scientifically controlling the world around us. and hurricanes. causing it to rise or fall chaotically. and control them.e. Chaos explores the transitions between order and disorder. Explore What's Between: how to discover life's rich subtleties and avoid the traps of stereotypes 5. the hurricane would not have happened.lie beyond all our attempts to predict. • Order / Disorder: Chaos is not simply disorder. they exist in between our familiar dimensions. A group of helium balloons that launch together will eventually land in drastically different places. rivers. we should embrace the possibilities they offer. .

the body expressing the emotion of yawning. Sigils would be designed in a fashion which would describe and incode the actual sigil with the desire of the sorcerer. The less said of it (Kia) the less obscure it is. science has an important message: Life is chaos. a system of point of congress and otherness. neoshamanism. till giddy and sensation comes in gusts.If you have ever felt your life was out of control and headed towards chaos. delimiting Belief and rendering it transvaluative through Desire" (Zos Kia An Introductory Essay on the Art and Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare." of which one looses all connection with Zos through extreme discomfort and possibly a black out. give exhaustion and capacity for the former. half man. 1995) "The Absolute freedom which being free is mighty enough to be 'reality' at any time. Austin Spare's work with Atavistic resurgence has proved well linked with the Zos Kia cultus. is a school of the modern magical tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods. Chaos magic. till the effort is forgotten." Austin Spare also was later adept in the practice of dream control and assuming various god forms thereof.' but by the Ego being free to recieve it. such as the worship of Hundun from Taoism or Eris from Discordianism. Atavisms are a resurgence of characteristics which have elapsed many generations. The subcoinscious can not operate towards the sigil's goal and purpose until all was forgot by the conscious. and that's a very exciting thing. Atavisms exist in the deepest recesses of the mind and often are characterized as half beast. Much continues in this latent form beyond this time. A description of the "death posture" was detailed in "The Book of Pleasure": • "Lying on your back lazily. close your eyes (this usually happens involuntarily) and visualize. a grammar unspeakable yes exceptionally understood in the points of creation and vision. the moment beyond time and its virtue has happened. • The light (always an X in curious evolutions) that is seen should be held on to. not paranormal. whose limit you cannot reach. Gazing at your reflection till it is blurred and you know not the gazer. This system would allow a union of Zos and Kia and behold a view and vision of strength and wonder. Beyond this time. . by Gavin Semple. This should be practiced before experiencing and foregoing. Some common sources of inspiration include such diverse areas as science fiction. clasped and straining the utmost. and it is common for chaotes to believe in whatever god suits their current paradigm and discard it when necessary. belief in flesh of which "The body of the whole" described each method of focus and realization. The emotion that is felt if the knowledge which tells you why. a conclave of desired astrals joined in a blissful union of their belief. Eastern philosophy. Some chaos magicians also use psychedelic drugs in practices such as chemognosticism. sometimes spelled chaos magick. Chaotes can be agnostic or atheist and regard magical practice as merely psychological. Once the sigil is designed. Such creatures do not emerge spontaneously. bound behind by the hands. Oct. AOS created into day side reality the Alphabet of Desire. The result would be the absorbtion of the sigil until it was forgot by the conscious. It was by this that Spare was present in the Astral Witches Sabbat. This gives a feeling of immensity (which sees a small form).[3] AXIOM: "Nothing is True. It is also possible to connect with pre-human embodiments through such elementals. world religions. 31. Although there are a few techniques unique to chaos magic (such as some forms of sigil magic). traditional ceremonial magic. This would prove rather difficult for the beginner and only encrypted in Spare's writings of which the aquainted student could understand and learn from this system. The most significant forms were of Thanatos and a building association with the Black Eagle. suspiring while conceiving by smiling. the neck stretched . Standing on tip-toe. Despite tremendous individual variation. chaos magic is often highly individualistic and borrows liberally from other belief systems. and individual experimentation. that is the idea of the posture. never letting go. chaos magicians (sometimes called "chaotes"[2]) often work with chaotic and humorous paradigms. one would concentrate it with focusing upon it with a developed gnosis contributed to what Spare termed the "death posture. by being free of ideas about it and not believing. Everything is Permitted. FLUGUR LIMITED. due to chaos magic having a central belief that belief is a tool.breathing deeply and spasmodically. with arms rigid. Forgetting time with those things which were essential reflecting their meaninglessness. Therefore is not potential or manifest (except as its instant possibility) by ideas of freedom or 'means. however can be invoked through several methods of automatic "shamanism" and focus pathworkings. Inspiration against all costs. scientific theories." Zos was described as the realization of the self as entity."-Hassan I Sabbah Sigil:"Representation of Will.

it was possible to attain immense power. With a great effort of will. The thinking behind the process is complex. birds. For example a sigil to acquire great strength was drawn thus: . the Almighty Simplicity. But. It was such inner journeys that inspired the fantastical menagerie of creatures and semi-human figures visible in so much of his art. mind reading. At this point he would be united with the Kia in an eternity of bliss. Almost immediately he sensed an inner response.. we gain their magical properties. which contains the core of his philosophy. Earth Inferno (1905). So by evoking and becoming obsessed or illuminated by these existences. "Spare's 'formula of atavistic resurgence' was based on the use of symbolic pictures. in a variety of human and animal forms. ""A microbe has the power to destroy the world… If you were to dismember its limb. An example which he gave was an occasion when he needed to move a heavy load of timber. everything that exists. what. through a method he dubbed "atavistic resurgence". with no one to help him. etc. For a moment he felt like a sapling bent by the onslaught of a mighty wind. past incarnations as men. he also found that by tapping into the energies of these beings. A great calm descended. ideograms composed of words and phrases that encapsulated a wish. but essentially Spare felt that one's desires could be focussed and embodied as sigils. The other key element is Zos. At the heart of his cosmology lies the Kia.An article by Kenneth Grant published in Cavendish's "Man. As Nevill Drury puts it. the source of all manifestation. A firm believer in reincarnation. This could be tapped into. Spare closed his eyes for a while and visualized a picture which symbolized a wish for the strength of tigers. if you like. has and ever will exist. vegetable life. were retained in the subconscious. These potent symbols were then hidden or destroyed in order to banish them into the subconscious. or the knowledge of their attainment. the Tao. which also served as Spare's magical name. the human in body and mind. He claimed that he had only to visualize one of these pictures for the atavistic impulse to surge up. etc. The Book of Pleasure (Self Love): The Psychology of Ecstasy (1913). even Jung's Collective Unconscious: it is the one truth. From Atavism to Zos: Spare's Philosophy and Magic Mark Pilkington Spare produced three books of magical writing and drawing. manifesting hideous thought forms. Spare felt that each person's past lives. the Hon Everard Fielding (an associate of Bligh Bond. which gave a visable form to various atavistic urges and desires deep within the mind. even magically procuring a pair of slippers for one startled gent." Spare sought ultimately to pass back through the various levels of being until he had reached the very end. he steadied himself and directed the force to its proper object. Kia is the Primal Energy and Zos the human vehicle for receiving it. and he found himself able to carry the load easily.." Spare is said to have used this technique to do all sorts of wonderful things: lifting heavy objects. Myth and Magic" further delves into examples of AOS and his magickial abilities. was there before the Big Bang. allowing one to observe and communicate with the many embodiments of the self that dwelt there. and so the beginning. the mutilated part would regrow. He then felt a tremendous upsurge of energy sweep through his body. the state of 'inbetweenness' or 'Neither-Neither' that might be equated in the language of mysticism with the Ain Soph of the Kabala. etc. "Know the subconsciousness to be an epitome of all experience and wisdom. crucially. animals. and The Focus of Life (1921).

Spare merged in his system. It was vitally important to forget one's initial desire. At a time when much magical practice involved elaborate ritual. which means they can sink into unconsciousness and there start to work. Spare himself thought it most important to access certain parts of the unconsciousness. As Lionel Snell writes in Exploring Spare's Magic (from the 1987 Divine Draughtsman exhibition catalogue): "If the extrovert wants to become successful he should hang up "I'm the greatest" posters and constantly affirm his desire." The best way to achieve this state of void. or as a time between times. most popularly Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. the stage is overrun!" he wrote in The Book Of Pleasure. The awakened power is then used for magickal purposes. that was latter frequently mentioned as means to gain Kia or the self. and are supposed to suffer much Ecstasy! Our asylums are crowded. while the introvert would do better to blow his desire on a sigil. images or desires. and just this guard must be overcome for successful magick. Paterson. Basically that means that since all life on Earth can be retraced to a common cell humans carry all the possibilities and forms of nature. In this state of emptiness sigils take root and have then to be forgotten. which letters symbolized various aspects of sexual consciousness. Jung). writing and comics. his copious volumes of dense writing are read only by the dedicated few. Even sabretooth tigers could be reawakened as atavisms. as one who rejected the pomp and glory of the Royal Academy in favour of his own rich inner world. grow and eventually become real: "When conscious of the Sigil form (any time but the Magical) it should be repressed. an obsession with occult paraphernalia and often ponderous psychodrama. was through sheer physical exhaustion. The psychic censor is a guard that parts unconsciousness from consciousness. that accomplished. on the surface at least.! To this he added his personal alphabet of desire. and I want what I believe in" The magick of the Zos Kia cult is based on a deep understanding of human nature but has little to do with the in most western systems used Quabballah. In the past twenty years. From this letters he formed his sigils which were then activated by what he called the death posture. is its reality and realization. He also utilised a form of yogic meditation to induce a trance state in which his body would become rigid and immobile. Spare himself suggested that the sigil should be destroyed after the working. by this it is active and dominates at the unconscious period. Mrs. Spare's deceptively simple sigilisation process has been adopted and adapted by a new generation of so-called "chaos magicians". its form nourishes and allows it to become attached to the sub-consciousness and become organic. a highly effective method being the time-honoured Tantric tradition of masturbation. Those sigils displayed the atavisms of the unconsciousness. especially those that are buried deep down in the so called "collective unconsciousness" (C. but it is the process of creating the sigil that is most important to a spell's success). but also as mantras." While Crowley may be the most infamous magician of the 20th century. the merging with atavisms with the traditions of the dragon cult from ancient Egypt and voodoo techniques. Key to the technique is the action of propelling the sigilised desire into the subconscious. To summon those forces he used sigils.G. devoid of all rational thought. Spare discovered. All rights reserved. Fortean Times 144 © Copyright Fortean Times. Article reproduced with permission. usually build in picturesque form. She also taught Spare the most important formulas of the witches Sabbath. photographed by Rob Irving The Magick of Austin Osman Spare "I believe in what I want. as awareness of his artistic genius continues to increase. Spare's Zos Kia Cultus lives on. shamanic and. and incorporated into art works. who allegedly followed an ancient voodoo tradition. simple techniques must have seemed nothing short of revolutionary. Spares' sorcery contains five elements: . and then try so hard to fail that he eventually becomes an underground cult figure. a deliberate striving to forget it. Spare's solitary. Like a buried sigil growing deep in the collective unconscious.(Of course not all of us are blessed with Spare's skills as a draughtsman. the Zos Kia cult. his rituals practiced by an even smaller number of devotees. the subject of a number of his drawings. Certainly they are far more in keeping with his own character. This posture is best described as emptying the mind. the practitioner entirely without ego. Images from the John Balance & Peter Christopherson Collection. There are no rites nor dogmatic working procedures in this system. His brief experience of Aleister Crowley's Astrum Argenteum order was evidently not a happy one: "Others praise ceremonial Magic. allowing it to take root. this he referred to as The Death Posture. For this to happen the mind must be blank. the music of Coil (See FT 142)and others. Spare himself learned the basics of magick from a witch.

. meditations and other elements of more traditional forms of magic are not to be understood as valuable by themselves. self-induction and self-hypnosis techniques. thought. where it can be enacted through means unknown to the conscious mind. absent thought processes.[6] An example of a magical paradigm shift is doing a Lovecraftian rite. The gnostic state is achieved when a person's mind is focused on only one point. Three main types of gnosis are described:[3] • Inhibitory gnosis is a form of deep meditation into a trance state of mind. Practitioners of chaos magic each develop their own ways of reaching this state. but only as gnosis-inducing techniques. followed by using a technique from an Edred Thorsson book in the following ritual. Emphasis on creative ritualism[edit source] Modification and innovation of ritual take place in all magical and religious traditions at varying paces. Some chaos magicians like to operate in what is sometimes called a meta-paradigm.[6] This is a departure from older concepts which described energies. This utilization and adjoining of various precepts leads to the essence of freedom desired for constructing conditional beliefs upon which energy can then be harnessed most effectively toward the creation of idiosyncratic reality in the kaotic static environment.• Will. Changing belief systems at will is also sometimes practiced by followers of Discordianism. or goal and all other thoughts are thrust out. Here the intended spell is cast parenthetically.[6] These are the words of the magi.[6][11] Many authors explicitly encourage readers to invent their own magical style. requires the original creation of a banishing ritual. sensory deprivation and hypnotic or trance inducing drugs. • Excitatory gnosis describes a mindlessness reached through intense arousal. All such methods hinge on the belief that a simple thought or direction experienced during the gnostic state and then forgotten quickly afterwards bypasses the "psychic censor" (faculties averse to the magical manipulation of reality) and is sent to the subconscious. Means employed may also include fasting. a major concept of chaos magic. These two magical paradigms are very different. Carroll made the technique of arbitrarily changing one's world view (or paradigm) of magic. desire. atavistic homesickness • Possessiveness and ecstasy • Death posture • New sexuality People do not need "belief" to work magic. It is aimed to be reached through sexual excitation. specific rituals. flagellation. You also have to study and analyze everything that you can about your magical work. Such ideas are influenced by Tantric practices of breaking down all social conditioning to realize the nature of reality. The shifting of magical paradigms has since found its way into the magical work of practitioners of many other magical traditions. being a post-meta-paradigmatic view. Magical paradigm shifting[edit source] Perhaps the most striking feature of chaos magic is the concept of the magical paradigm shift. so it does not raise much thought to suppress. This is defined as an altered state of consciousness that in his magic theory is necessary for working most forms of magic. Borrowing a term from philosopher Thomas Samuel Kuhn. [9] Austin Osman Spare asserts in The Book of Pleasure and various other works that Will formulates Desire which promulgates Belief. the idea that belief systems and gnosis-inducing techniques are interchangeable has led to a particularly wide variety of magical practices evidenced in large and diverse directories of rituals. The concept has an ancestor in the Buddhist concept of Samadhi.[10] According to this belief. This is much akin to syncretism but with the consideration that flexibility of belief is a means of personal power and freedom. but while the individual is using one. • Indifferent vacuity was described by Phil Hine and Jan Fries as a third method. also referred to as gnosis. made popular in western occultism by Aleister Crowley and further explored by Austin Osman Spare. They are CRUCIAL to proper spell work. or an abstention from the notion of any view being absolute. he or she believes in it fully to the extent of ignoring all other (often contradictory) ones. drumming. progressive muscular relaxation. belief (seen as a unit) • Nostalgia. but chaos magic remains the field where it is most developed. hyperventilation and the use of disinhibitory or hallucinogenic drugs. chanting. dance. To Know: First off you need to know that magic not only exists but that it’s a workable process. compare Nietzsche's Perspectivism. [12][13][14] The basic chaos magic training manual Liber MMM. In the case of chaos magic. sensory overload. This type of gnosis uses slow and regular breathing techniques. rather than the conscious mind. intense emotions. Know the SPICIFIC outcome of your magical work and KNOW the EXACT method that you wish to use in your magical procedure. The gnostic state[edit source] A concept introduced by Peter Carroll is the gnostic state. sleeplessness. spirits or symbolic acts as the source of magical powers. A more or less syncretic reality tunneling. Even more removed from this. mandatory for membership in the IOT.

To Will: In order for your magical endeavor to work you need to use unyielding will power and strength of character to push things through to the end. Second off you have to know yourself. the same as ABRAHADABRA in the Thelemic system. . phase of the moon. After you imbue your symbol into the object (or make the object into the symbol) then you HAVE to forget about it. In 10th Century Gematria. you have clarity. If you keep it very simple and very primal then they are more effective than convoluted. This can range from those that will forge a counter spell to those that will just outright doubt your abilities. The trick is figuring each one." In the beginning. clarity leads to dissipation. and sketches. To Keep Silent: Out of all of the things in spell work. First off. If you can’t do clear mind meditation for at least an hour then advanced sigil magics will be fleeting. obsessing about the success of the spell work will dissipate the energy. Walk away and not think about the intention again. how you where standing. Document the date time. Your will is the power the spell work draws from. to keep silentヤ is simple wisdom with a heavy weight. Q. "MAGICK IS REAL" equates to 418. Then again your own self loathing or self doubt could WANT you to fail as well.. What’s an advanced and super effective way of making/charging/using/getting sigils to actually work? What’s a good way to track results? A. The process goes this way in order to override any ‘psychic censor’ you may have inside your mind.To Dare: Not only does this mean to get up and actually do the magic but it also means that you’re willing to accept the consequences of your magical work. consider the matter closed. This is either done consciously or unconsciously by those that you tell. Any doubt and it will not.. you have to KNOW that sigil magic works. The closer that you get to base instinct the better. Finally. The best is not necessarily the most advanced. and the Word was God! Lesson 2: But it does not work all of the time. If you intentions are not specifically stated without distraction then disasters occur. to will. your desire will become manifested. There are a few key concepts in advanced sigil magic. it never happened. Worrying about the spell work. The Secrets of Magic(k) : A Compilation from a few "Fucking Wizards. Third. and your dreams to analyze your rational thinking." BEHOLD THE INFALLIBLE LESSONS. That wisdom will not only increase the success of your magical work but will also keep you safe from those that wish to do you harm. charts. forget the ritual. Which is both counter productive and unsafe. Once the process is out of mind and out of sight. graphs. Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley in particular knew this and I came to the same conclusion independently as well. The root etymology of this is: "I create as I speak. Lesson 5: To transcend. I like to go with base desires. optimally speaking. Lesson 3: And even when it does work. If you lie to yourself about what your desires are or you don’t know your desires then there is no question that it will show. Knowing yourself is FAR more important that most people understand. Lesson 1: Magick is Real! Footnotes: This is the foremost lesson (or belief) for any Magician. there was the Word. The best way to see results of this process is to take notes. It is far too easy for your consciousness to not want to fulfill any desire in order to dissolve any fear of failure. You HAVE to have a clear mind. method. Just don’t look at them until one year has passed. You must go through the actions you’ve prepared and have conviction to see it through to whatever end that you have planned out. If you do not do this then you will sap power from the original enchantment. to dare. Everything can be boiled down to a base desire. You literally put your desires into your magic. it does not always work well! Lesson 4: Use rational thinking to analyze your dreams. talking about the spell work. it is necessary to at first focus on and enlarge the thing to be transcended. You must be daring in your persistence to do your magical work. It’s unsafe because letting others know about the work that you’ve done will give others the opportunity to will your spell work to fail. You get what you mage for. intention. You must use your own emotional and soul / ki / will power to see things through no matter the obstacle. keeping silent is one of the most important in long term spell work success. モTo know. After you finish your spell popemichael Ask the Pope: Advanced Sigil!Creation This week’s question is a doozy! It is slightly more advanced magical theory than some might be used to. If that battery is not charged or is used in the wrong way then things simply WON’T WORK. So forget the desire. Make diagrams. but it contains a lot of metaphysical corner stone basics and practices that can and will help you improve your magical abilities. While a lot of magicians like to use convoluted methodology when it comes to sigil magics. Otherwise the whole “self doubt” thing will kick in. Stay the course and follow through no matter what comes your way.

by Peter Carroll Excerpts by Elendraug i69! Do nothing is the true Law. (Pg 28) • . (Pg 66) • .the source of consciousness. time.out of Chaos arise the two prime forces of existence. (Pg 29) • [gets its name]. have their being in Chaos.' (Pg 49) • Space. (Pg 28) • .. (Pg 29) • [we are]. the magician vows 'to interpret every manifestation of existence as a direct message from the infinite Chaos to himself personally. everything is permitted. the solve et coagula of existence.. hit it with a hammer! Lesson 11: There are exceptions to every lesson (including this one!) Lesson 12: All of the above is most excellent wisdom and you must think of it night and day. live in it.. It follows then that our thinking will never be able to appreciate the nature of consciousness of the universe as a whole because these are . and energy originate from Chaos. is not human-hearted.. (Pg 40) • It is true that the mind must be finally surrendered as one enters fully into Chaos. Lesson 7: The only secret there is to Magic(k) is this: Think of "IT" with utmost peak sincerity (magic.the force which caused life to evolve itself out of the currently most concentrated in the human life force. Indeed. be it . (Pg 28) • .... Therefore the wizard cannot be human-hearted when he seeks to tap the force of the universe. (Pg 28) • . (Pg 103) • It is impossible to understand Chaos. Lesson 9: Be not too serious.the force which adds increasing complexity to the universe by spawning structures which were not inherent to its component parts. the life force of the universe.cannot be known directly. abrabrabrabrabrabrabrabrabrabra HAD Contents: • Chaos (Kia & Chaos Magic) • Magic • Gnosis • Chaoism Chaos (Kia & Chaos Magic) • That which is responsible for the origin and continued action of events..from the bizarre and indeterminate nature of the aetheric plane. metaphors are dead. (Pg 52) • Yet the Great Goddess Chaos will lend some of Her power to those who can become her favorites. He performs monstrous and arbitrary acts to loosen the hold of human limitations upon himself. (Pg 28) • . techniques. caused by other things) and you will have done "IT". because the understanding part of ourselves is built out of matter which mainly obeys the statistical form of causality. When in further doubt. and through the agency of the aether are moved by Chaos in the multiple forms of existence. symbols. but a complete and balanced psychocosm is more easily surrendered. all our rational thinking is structured on the hypothesis that one causes another. Phrases block reflective thinking. or preferred and intended things or feelings) in times of stress or crisis (in your normal life.or else you won't regret it (which is necessary!) -Ellis D Williams Chaos Magick Review: Liber Null & Psychonaut. Imagination came before memory. obsessions. but not always! Lesson 10: When in doubt. where it is.Lesson 6: Dance! Images are alive. and demons must be reabsorbed before Kia can become one with Chaos. (Pg 29) • All ones thoughts. or Kia... (Pg 41) • In beginning the great work of obtaining the knowledge and conversation [of our Holy Guardian Angel or Augoeides]. Lesson 8: Use yourself as if you were someone else (a tool) and occasionally treat others as if they were yourself.. (Pg 52) • Chaos.. mass.. always go with your gut. (Pg 52) • What is a god but man wielding the force of Chaos? To him nothing is true...... meditate on it.centers of Kia or Chaos. The Light power and the Dark.

(Pg 111) • It is for wizards to determine how that new [alternative] spirituality will manifest. (Pgs 113-115) • Magic is opposed to psychiatry and medicine designed to patch up the damaged automaton and plug him back into the system. As they have only themselves on which to base their speculations. random belief. Humor. magical. (Pg 31) • The magician can only change something if he can 'match' the Chaos which is upholding the normal event. (Pg 103) • Magic is where science is actually heading. is whimsical and arbitrary. if you like. counter-information and disinformation are its techniques. (Pg 153-154) • The force which initiates and moves the universe [Chaos]. whimsical and capricious and far too infinite and incomprehensible to be much use as a god to limited dualistic beings like ourselves. (Pg 157-158) • However we choose to see it.the animating force of the entire vast universe is Chaos. At the highest level this manifests as some unspecified feeling for the "vibes" generated by human thought and action. This Kia has no form.making things happen through the agency of various demons and elementals Invocation .. the Tao. its own worldview. on the other hand. There is nothing spiritual or moralistic about Chaos or Kia. (Pg 114) • The methods of magic are remarkably uniform throughout history and across cultures. but we shall never be able to form ideas of what these are. (Pgs 113-115) • Full rituals of the meditative or ecstatic variety are usually directed towards one of the four objectives: Enchantment . (Pgs 113-115) • Magic's commitment to the good is reflected in its concern with individual freedom and consciousness and its interest in all other life forms on this planet. (Pg 154) • . and form arise. for it simultaneously contains the opposite to anything we might think it is. occasionally glimpse and make use of partially formed matter which has only probablistic and indeterministic existence. and impossible to visualize. We may be able to understand the thoughts. The psychic censor.obtaining knowledge by direct magical means. It is a species of operation mindfuck applied to ourselves as much of the world. Magic must have its own flavor. (Pgs 113-115) • Magic is profoundly opposed to religion. order. the ultimate ground of being is utterly void to our understanding. (Pgs 118-119) . however.spontaneous. This stuff we can call the aethers. (Pg 55) • Thus does the magician turn that aspect of Chaos which manifests as causality to his advantage. they are basically saying that their own natures are either random and chaotic or spiritually conscious. and imagine it to be benevolent and human-hearted. There has been a tendency to regard magic as an antique art..the summoning of various entities and thought forms for the inspiration of their knowledge and conversation Divination . and the other considers that it is a force of spiritual consciousness. (Pgs 113-115) • Magic aligns itself to a vision of chaotic good [to oppose repressive forms of order which often impose themselves by evil means]. (Pg 162) • We cannot perceive Chaos directly.making things happen directly by magic Evocation . It is the inexpressible pregnant Void from which manifest existence. Instead it would rather that individuals learn to handle their own mental self-defense and treat bodies with gentler remedies such as herbs. The aim is to produce inspiration and enlightenment through disordering our belief structures. One considers the formative agent of the universe to be random and chaotic. (Pg 114) • Magic is aligning itself against oppressive forms of order in many fields. impersonal and inhuman. Being omnipresent and non-dualistic. The universe IS the thoughts of Chaos. (Pgs 113-115) • Magic is also opposed to the superstition that the world is wholly material and that men's actions are not intimately interwoven with the psychic sphere. it is essential that what might be called a spirituality of magic is evolved.. very unlikely coincidences or unexpected events into existence by manipulating the aether. (Pgs 113-115) • Magic is anti-ideological because the main products of ideological solutions are repression and corpses. It is time to unearth them and make them work. We live in a universe where nothing is true. which are the only real safeguards to freedom. creating and destroying for no purpose beyond amusing Itself... There are two schools of thought in magic. rather than oppose it. we may be accustomed to being conscious and exerting our will. (Pg 192) Magic • [calling]. inconceivable. although some information may be useful for relative purposes. We can. is a material thing which protects the mind from magic and from being overwhelmed by the awesome strangeness of the psychic dimension which appears to us as chaos. and its own philosophy. (Pgs 113-115) • Magic rejects politics as no more than some people's perverse desire to dominate others. (Pg 192) • If it makes us feel any better we can call this Chaos. it is virtually imperceptible.. (Pg 157-158) • The consciousness-force in us that appears as the root of will and perception can be called Kia. (Pg 56) • The adept magician however will have so strengthened his spirit by magic that it is possible for him to carry [his personal Kia] over into a new body.. It does well to dissociate itself from this monkey squabble and advocates instead personal enlightenment and emancipation. at least half of the madness and violent deaths of history have been caused by mindless adherence to religions. Any form of innate divinely sanctioned motive that one may seem to have found in it is illusion.. and the force which lies at the center of consciousness [Kia]. but not the Chaos from which they arise. Secondly. Similarly. or God. It is this void at the center of one's being which is the real Holy Guardian Angel. Although a religion may appear benign when it is in decline. (Pgs 113-115) • The chaotic aspect of new aeon magic is psychological anarchy.. and chaotic by nature.

(Pgs 118-119) • To be effective. concentration. a paintbrush. (Pgs 118-119) • Magical training is designed to open up the neglected dream level. Such empty-hand techniques are the mark of the adept.. to provoke an examination of the contents of the robotic level. The trance candidate can be directed to seek information clairvoyantly and to relate it to the operator. any new power. That is to say. A variety of trance states from mild suggestibility to deep hypnosis can be used for group magical work. Conversely. (Pg 153) • . it is possible to injure or drain an adversary's energy field using one's own. any opportunity for enlightenment is worth having for its own sake. (Pgs 125-127) • As with all things. (Pg 153) • Magic is not just confined to consciousness. Observing consciousness in themselves and animals. amulets. (Pgs 125-127) • Because consciousness does not fit into. (Pg 189) . and the way he lives it in his spirituality.. they are magnanimous enough to extend it to all things to some degree . and these have a tendency to devolve into new religions. neutral or indifferent motives.. visualization and by sexual disciplines. (Pg 151) • To explain their occult and mystical experiences. but we are neither of them. and all. the subjects will can be directed to perform a magical act that the censor would normally prohibit. as in clairvoyance. At short range. spirit and matter] are both part of the same thing. which can be identified as follows: To provide techniques of Emotional Engineering To give life a sense of Meaning To provide some means of Intercession and Intervention To supply an explanation of Death To formulate a Social Structure or Cult (Pg 179) • Private religion inevitably evolves into mysticism or magic. telepathic information is sent which makes the target destroy itself. the magician must master the art of either acting without belief or of being able to invest belief temporarily in anything with which he is experimenting. Magical close combat of this type is not effected by mere will or visualization. At long range. for him life is its own answer. constructive activities are a far greater challenge to our skills than destructive ones. The psychic censor is less active in the trance state but often acts to block the awareness of magical events from reaching other lovels. (Page 153) • Magical. In all things he is seeking to bring his Kia into manifestation. including the origin of the universe. mystical and religious enterprises seek to fulfill five basic human needs.. To be able to operate in all spheres. By strongly visualizing any of his weapons to the point where he actually hallucinates their presence. So we have both of these things. To the magician. we experience our being only at their place of meeting. but by projecting a force that can actually be felt. the ritual must work like an automatic mechanism in which power can manifest without distraction or hesitation. Any act of will is magic. and of entering the gnostic level and acting within it. The magician should be equally at home with a crozier. To the magician it is self-evident that there is some other level of reality than the purely physical.. Consciousness occurs when the Kia (which is equivalent to free will and perception. For this reason it has seemed preferrable to call this root of phenomena Chaos. This demands close proximity. For these reasons trance experiments should be performed infrequently and for objective results only. and he exalts neither above the other. but is itself formless) touches the materiality (the ego. this problem can be overcome. [scientists] declare it illusory. mind. One operator will persuade one or more subjects into a receptive condition by suggestion or invocation.. they arise spontaneously without a final prior cause. usually through the hands.• The simplest way to orchestrate these rituals for group work is for a presiding officer to perform the main ritual sequence and have the participants deliver their visualizations. mantras. More rarely the force can be projected through the voice or the eyes or carried on the breath. a test tube. All events.. Medieval magicians thought that their powers emanated from God or the Devil. that is to say. (Pg 123) • The normal human life is spent in oscillating between the unconscious and robotic levels. planetary bodies. evil. (Pg 151) • Magic offers an alternative view [of the human experience. sensory and extra-sensory information. Conversely. magic works equally well in any god's name for good. The magician may well strive to establish a new oscillation between dreaming and awareness with occasional excursions into the robotic and gnostic levels for specific purposes. magicians are forced to develop models beyond the scope of materialistic or religious systems. happen basically by magic. (Pg 181-182) • The magician should be capable of performing any ritual on the astral. by the power of imagination alone. (Pg 123) • Magical attack takes two forms. an occurrence in nervous matter is spontaneously perceived in consciousness. than the radical stimulus-response behaviorists or the radical godpuppets of the religious]. Another is that the memory and imagination can become very active in trance states and begin to delude both operator and subject. (Pg 181) • [To the magician. Sometimes that perception can occur directly without the use of senses. In fact. ritual movements and invocations on certain pre-arranged cues. (Page 152) • Occasionally consciousness is able to make things happen spontaneously outside the body when it performs magic. usually contact. The magician lives in a continuum beginning with the sublime and ineffable Tao/God/Chaos through the mysterious and subtle Aethers to the awesome and strange material world. he draws both the aetheric form of the weapon and the associated powers within himself into is very difficult to imagine events arising spontaneously without prior cause even though this happens every time one exerts one's will.. He rejects no part of his experience. mechanistic schemes. punctuated by odd moments of dreaming and awareness. The only thing abhorred in this incredible existence is failure to come to grips with some part of it. (Pgs 118-119) • One danger with trance experiments is that the operator's influence over the subject may gradually extend itself to non-trance states as well. any act of conscious perception is also magic.). When the trance state is controlled by another person. Magicians make exactly the reverse argument. any piece of knowledge. the subject being in a relaxed or lightly drugged condition. A part of this force is put into the enemy's body to cause a disruption of the vital energies leading to disease and death..trees. It should also teach the method of turning awareness on or off at will.. etc. or a wand. The force originates in the navel area and is aroused by the disciplines of breath. and to add new programs to it.

but here are some of its essential features minus the large quantity of quotations drawn from unpublished material which Spare bequeathed to me at the time of his death..(Pg 90) • It is quite simple to state exactly what Gnosis is and how to reach it. stopping the inner dialogue. carried out researches in the sphere of occultism which have remained until now almost unknown to the world at large. (Pgs 122-123) Chaoism • As above. one-pointedness/one-pointed consciousness/single-pointed concentration. When referring to himself in relation to his magical philosophy Spare usually identified himself with a concept which he named Zos. nothing is true And everything is permitted Though it has limited itself To the principle of duality In building this world For itself (Pg 74) excerpts from : Liber Null & Psychonaut Love is permitted. and he is alluded to as such throughout this essay. and other magical methods tend to liberate. Gnosis is the state which most easily allows the will and perception to reach out and touch realities beyond the mind.(Pg 60) • Gnosis. which he expressed largely through the medium of his art. a great quantity of material was discovered which throws much light on the psycho-magical philosophy. a painter and draughtsman of great skill and originality. NO. (Pgs 122-123) • Magically.. however. IV. including the ideas of self or nothingness. no-mind. (Pg 35) • Gnosis is the mechanism by which Kia draws back from the flesh in preparation for the mighty indulgences of magic. so below I am the universe The life force in us Is the life force of the universe The subtle force in us (aether) Is the subtle force of the universe The gross matter in us Is the gross matter of the universe To Chaos. ain or nothing. the Alphabet of Desire. It is an extension of the magical trance by other means. AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE: AN INTRODUCTION TO HIS PSYCHO-MAGICAL PHILOSOPHY by Kenneth Grant First published in The Carfax Monographs. and so can a profound act of single. It may lead to the conviction that oneself no longer exists.(Pg 35) • . passing through the eye of the needle. (Pgs 122-123) • This intense consciousness leads mystics into three common errors. (Pg 131) • Certain forms of gnosis lend themselves more readily to some forms of magic than others. samadhi.the methods of exaltation.Gnosis • [state of mind to be achieved/attained] .pointed concentration on something. Gnosis is intense consciousness of something. I have presented the main points of this philosophy in a book which is nearing completion (see note 1). It may create the illusion that oneself and the object of contemplation are the same thing. and it may lead to the obsession that the object of concentration is the supreme thing in the universe. 1961 Austin Osman Spare. . A great saving to accomplish a greater spending. The contents of gnosis are far less interesting than what can be done with it. On his death in 1956. Most extremes of emotionality (and not just the nice emotions) can initiate it.

Secondly.surely as a geometrical symbol give birth to its own truth or answer. the desire for reification must be strong enough to clothe the image of the will in a form sufficiently attractive to inspire nexus. while the conscious mind is rendered oblivious to the process. omitting any repetition of a letter. Thirdly. Three methods of awakening subconscious memory-strata have been evolved by Zos: the system of sigils. This is the aim of almost all forms of magic but a difference here lies in the simplicity of the method employed. but in this case the form should bear no pictorial approximation to the particular desire in question. a quantity of belief or faith must be freed for activity in the latent depths so that profound and nostalgic stirrings of awareness cause a violent series of impacts which create a shock of identity. and the use of sentient symbols. The cult of the Zos and the Kia is the cult of the interplay of dynamic forces which are further symbolised anthropomorphically by the hand and the eye. which Zos is ever seeking to reify in the raiment of flesh.' an aesthetic concept localized in a stratum of past memory appropriate to its form and nature. however. for every query whatever has its solution inherent within it. it will . or self. that oblique approach to reality which he calls the 'precarious funambulatory pathway between ecstasies. requiring as it does no ceremonial equipment or the participation of a concourse of adepts. which is neither . Then . This he named 'atavistic resurgence'. By a form of Delphic Oracle involving the use of sigils and by intruding a sigil into the subconsciousness. Firstly. it is a method of wish-fulfilment which involves the interaction of will. The resulting ecstasy incarnates the latent desire into patent actuality and power. the alphabet of desire. The symbol complementary to this Zos concept he called the Kia or Atmospheric 'I'. These. It is too early yet to say how Zos's influence will be incorporated into the main body of occultism. it tends rather to dispense with tradition than to draw upon it. Zos often refers to tradition as 'the inferno of the normal. he also evolved the concept of the Death Posture or New Sexuality. This subtle alphabet can be used to call forth elemental automata and the spirits of other spheres. It is Zos's basic theory that all dream or desire. The use of sigils: Enshrine your desire in a short sentence. By observing what occurs to this conceptual residue Zos was able to build up a system of sigils which facilitated entry of the total desire to subliminal realms. of our past selves. stressing the individual and unique approach to reality so that only the mind which is concept-free is great enough to embrace it. the will must be strong enough to probe the depths of latent and cosmic memory until a required atavism is located. namely sentient symbols.He explained this concept in The Book of Pleasure (1913) thus: "The body considered as a whole I call Zos". When any concept intrudes upon the mind it breeds on contact with it. fecundates the subconsciousness. which uses Zos as its special field of activity. there to search out its own level and germinate secretly and unobtrusively. in complete coordination. there to await ultimate extrusion as reified fact after having by-passed the conscious censor and attracted all the necessary elements from the external world. Zos locates the apprehension of reality in the lightning-swift 'inbetweeness' reciprocation between the dual terminals of ego and self. Examples of all three methods may be seen in the accompanying illustration from the author's collection. or desire. perpetually melting into a background awareness of an illimitable ego. The specific desire for which any given magical operation is designed must be visualised subconsciously. Tradition can only be that form of belief which. which can but imprison and not release vitality. Any wish may be given symbolic form.' the convention of empty belief or the crystallized belief of others. unite them graphically in one composite glyph which does not suggest the nature of the desire.forget the desire and sink the sigil in the subconsciousness. anything in fact which a person nurtures in his inmost being may be called forth in the flesh as a living truth by a particular method of magical evocation. and. When the sentence has been reduced to a minimum number of letters. concerns itself especially with prophecy and divination. because it meaning is cryptic and therefore enigmatic to the ordinary consciousness. no longer harbours dynamic possibilities. desire and belief. all wish or belief. being fixed and past. it is able to think for us. By magical means the symbol may then be implanted in the subconsciousness. If a glyph is correctly constructed so that no superfluous elements remain to breed useless ramifications. enable the artist-magician to summon hidden images which are latent in the storehouse of cosmic sub-consciousness. The third method evolved by Zos. and there always remains part of an idea which.and this is of great importance . Ego being the self as it is at the moment. if the sigil resumes a query concerning some future event. A brief explanation of their working here follows. it was the alembic through which he wrought the alchemy of his art as well as his no less individualistic mode of magic. write out the sentence and then put down all the individual letters of which it is composed. Allfeeling Touch and all-seeing Vision are the instruments of that primal id. These three systems of symbolism are not the only contribution Zos has made to the field of practical magic. of the utmost importance that the conscious mind may conceive nothing from such a symbol. In the alphabet of desire each letter represents a 'sensation thinking. It is. will breed from its own sentiency the true child of its symbolic parts.

whose interplay constitutes a symbolic 'rehearsal of reality' in the world of ideas. Bliss might perhaps be a more apt expression.which is infinite and eternal . Hence the self represents desire. This resembles but does not equate with the doctrine of Zen Buddhism. there are symbols. The subject and object. he is always oblique. There is actually no difference in the organ of awareness whether considered as body or as mind. A symbol is a certain mystical sense identical with that which it symbolizes. The art of Austin Osman Spare is not other than the expression of the Zos through which the Kia rehearses its dream of reality. the ego. the 'neither-neither' or Atmospheric 'I' which is both fluidic and fixed in a unity of voidness free from conception.ultimately . but when experiencing itself in terms of imagined concepts such as time and space it assumes the dual role of ego and id. And to what end? For pleasure. religion. but the immediacy of its realisation is sought through the flesh. but as a spontaneous evocation within the magic circle of immediacy . Whereas the Zen process shocks the mind into inactivity so that the individualized cosmic energy may flow unhindered into the ocean of absolute consciousness.fixed belief nor desire toward any other form of energy which is released when the ego breaks up and dissolves. but the means appear to vary. to be effective. conceptions proceed from them. and so long as symbols endure. is suppressed by the censor and thereby forgotten. It is. bereft of true reality. in Zos Kia Cultus it is the body which is rendered affective to implusions of cosmic wave. particularly through loss of faith in a friend. hence desire is aroused and this exhausts the conscious content of belief. or energy. to exhaust the psyche through pleasant means.the 'neither-neither' principle. belief becomes free and vast enough to contain reality itself. One method of freeing belief is by intense disappointment. although . for openly to acknowledge belief allows the ego to conceive from the symbolic form of that with which the poet MallarmZ.' The Kia is present everywhere. A true symbol should be a perfect vehicle for the sum total of energy which goes to inform it.then is it one with the Kia or Atmospheric 'I. But if at times the moment is seized upon and consciously experienced for its own sake. of course. though still with great magical effect.Need not be' signifies that which ego cannot contain or conceive. Absentmindedness then becomes the means of its apotheosis. So long as the mind thinks. Freedom from form and its limitations occurs only when the Kia remains alone and when the Zos realizes the extent of itself.Need not be' (a much reiterated formula of Zos) suggesting the thisness of which ego is at any given moment a merely fleeting reification of limited concept. 'Does not matter . The ceremonial magician sets his stage for the rehearsal of reality with all the traditional weapons. now. it is thus equal to that which it symbolizes because its energy becomes infinite when belief in it is vital. in the all-pervading body of the present. which is a representation of the Kia rehearsing its blissful contact with the Zos or 'body-considered as a whole. conceptless and ever free. although it suggests rather a passive state of acquiescence in intense happiness than a positive and vibrant joy. When it is vitalized by being sunk into subliminal depths it bypasses the ego. A traditionally symbolic form of this concept is encountered in Tibetan Buddhism under the Yab-Yum image. must be vital. Zos suggests through ambiguities which do not consciously formulate the object of desire but create its presence by subtle evocations. for without this mysterious power or faculty. never direct.' . and therefore to the real. In some cases the individual is unable to survive the disillusionment. 'Does not matter . The term flesh denotes in this context the fully conscious awareness of the Atmospheric 'I' . ego and id relationship represents in Zos's doctrine the 'as now' and 'as if' phases of the I's excreation in matter as refracted through the mind. because the apprehension of our greater realities is to be effected consciously through living the symbolic simulations of the ego 'as if' they were real. the symbol enshrining the quota of belief is destroyed. which is . the belief Any symbol is a limitation of belief. It is the imagination which is supreme. it must work subconsciously even to the extent of its denial in consciousness.infinite. the void moments succeeding any type of emotional exhaustion or shock may be similarly utilized. The object is the same in both methods. no subjective apprehension of surrounding phenomena and no objective universe of infinite variety. a state of seity unconceived and inconceivable. in fact. Belief. as in Zen it is apprehended through the mind. or the shattering of some ideal. imagines or conceives. not as a mock rehearsal. by its own particular form and nature. whose method of suggestive evocation arouses sensations and meanings quite foreign to the words by which they are seemingly communicated. The 'I' is increative. which is in a sense the mind-in-movementthrough-time-and-space. the vacuum attracts into itself the entire content of belief inherent in the person at the time of disappointment. so that 'on becoming all sensation' it realises all things as flesh and in the flesh. dynamic. its form or symbol has to be destroyed so that the quantity of belief which is enshrined becomes free to merge with the belief-potential of the believer. Ecstasy and rapture are equally applicable terms. but Zos maintains that this is unnecessary mummery. It is preferable. for when 'the body as a whole' fully realizes its extent . In order to release the energy of belief. When fundamental disappointment is experienced. there can be no ego and no id. Two other factors of importance are Free Belief and Exhaustion. On a smaller the Buddha declared sorrow is one of the greatest single factors leading to introversion of the mental faculties to their source. When this is achieved.

the explosion of bliss is itself the fulfilment of Zos. man and his illusions: Dreams shall flesh . on the theory that the primal depth resounds to old nostalgias reliving their original beliefs.fulgur. and when the full flowering of the obsessional idea is effected. must be energized obsessively by continual ecstasies. Reprinted 2003. the back-to-back dance performed in opposition to the sun's The Formula of Atavistic Resurgence Zos-Kia Cultus !Austin Osman Spare created this Stele embodying the secret glyphs and sigils of the Cultus." AOS "I teach the equal reality of all things. 1975. The subconciousness.” .. is indicated by the backward symbolism peculiar to all Sabbath ceremonies.-. Published as Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare.Two other fundamental factors that render Spare's system in terms of primal magic. are obsession and ecstasy. The alphabet of desire. +. construction or destruction.are all instances of reversal and symbolic of Will and Desire turning within and down to subconscious regions. there to surprise the required atavistic energy for purposes of transformation. to the remote past. sorcery and magic. a primal urge towards union with the Divine by returning to the common source of all. as it were a new obeah or science of resurgent atavisms./012 www. the devil's tail . the words of power chanted backwards. initiation.. "There is a Grimoire of symbology. is primarily adapted for tapping deep currents of ecstasy. Whether it be the symbol of the moon presiding over nocturnal ecstasies. of vague phonic nuances that conjoins all thoughts and is the cryptic language of the subconscious world. NOTES 1.some day. KENNETH GRANT “Atavistic resurgence. healing. impregnated with any given glyph. for he discovered a method of reifying the dream world under the controlling aegis of the fully conscious will. as also of many ideas connected with witchcraft. with each letter representing a vital principle." AOS Whatever the value of Spare’s contribution to art and psychology. his contribution to experimental occultism is supreme.

None of these is the desire's or obsession's annihilation. . 1: All means of locomotion. is caused by its own intensity or by shock of resistance determined by some incompatibility of the desired or desire. ignorance? Of what use sciences or any knowledge except as medicine? Hidden treasure does not come at the word nor by digging with your hands in the main road. and the like.. because of its means. a somnambulation of the Ego with "no form" or control to guide it: hence its emanations are stupid in suggestion. When the Ego. Remember evolution teaches by terrible punishments-that conception is ultimate reality but not ultimate freedom from evolution. but its separation or concealment from the rest of the Ego. its premature subconscious existence. institutions. It is this energy which is utilised for the vitalization of Sigils. governments. elementals. not having exhausted or completed itself by realisation. or memories of childhood. By seizing this mood and living. science. Depending on its degree of intensity and resistance shown at some time or another. Other obsession is the "blind leading the blind.. divorced from personal control. known as mediumism. We are not the object by the perception. If the "supreme belief" remains unknown. but by becoming it.. mood or condition caused by the emotion of laughter becoming the principle that allows the Ego appreciation or universal association in permitting inclusion before conception. machinery. etc. MAGICAL obsession is that state when the mind is illuminated by sub-conscious activity evoked voluntarily by formula at our own time. belief." caused by quietism. it being a voluntary insanity. Closing the gateways of sense is no help. and swamping of the Ego. It is sub-crystalline. etc. Its separation from the Ego (it becoming equal. when resistance is dormant. and my emotion to the dead? In a labyrinth of metaphor and words. It is held there only when some form of resistance is active. The Psychology of Believing. i. or more in bulk than the rest of the consciousness. the Ego has or has not knowledge of the obsession. how can I convey my meaning to the deaf. Otherwise. . Even if "they" were known their study is useless. allowing its incarnation in. an opening out of the Ego to (what is called) any external influence. except by the strata of your experience and atmospheres of your belief. The pertinent question now proposed by "Thee" should be asked by those desirous of some measure of genius. seeks its repudiation. may be but the acquisition of what you possessed long ago. . power of direction and timing. The less said of it (Kia) the less obscure is it. ! Sigils. etc. intuition is lost. If "the truth" has not yet been ascertained. and everything essentially modern. vision to the blind. or transmutation to escape its worry. Self-Love: A mental state.control is given to the presiding obsession. causes subdivision or "double personality"). when the mind is worried because of the non-fulfilment of such desire and seeks relief. which has to live and perform its emotional experience. A transmutated consciousness that is a resistance to "true" subconscious activity. by being free of ideas about it and by not believing. sacrifices all else. It is the condition of Genius.e. Hidden Lore: Hermetic Glyphs EXCERPTS FROM : THE BOOK OF PLEASURE . therefore without their effort must be learned the truth about one's self from him who alone knows the truth . Concentration determines dissociation. always is its expression autonomous. yourself. control. Disease and Insanity (all disease is insanity) is caused when the disembodied energy has no vital function. and cannot become permanently attached to the sub-consciousness.! Kenneth Grant. not appearing to have or not knowing the means of fulfilment. or deliberately forgets. the resultant vacuity is sensitive to the subtle suggestion of the Sigil. Enthusiasm for one object seeking completion by identification. Even with the proper implements and accurate knowledge of place.AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE Kia: The absolute freedom which being free is mighty enough to be "reality" and free at any time: therefore is not potential or manifest (except as it's instant possibility) by ideas of freedom or "means. or disembodied energy. is vital symbolism of the workings of our mind. believing is fruitless. Verily I will make common-sense the foundation of my teaching. Note on the Difference of Magical Obsession (Genius) and Insanity. the study of knowledge is unproductive. a conflict that can never be satisfied. imaginative fulfilment. My answer like the mighty germ is in agreement with the universe. Obsession known as or related to insanity is an experience that is dissociated from the personality (Ego) through some sort of rejection. Exhaustion: That state of vacuity brought by exhausting a desire by some means of dissipation when the mood corresponds to the nature of the desire. Virtue: Pure Art Vice: Fear." but by the Ego being free to recieve it. simple and full of deep import and for a time extremely objectionable to your ideas of . faith. Concentration is dissatisfied desire. Of what use the wisdom of Virginity to him who has been raped by the seducer. for inspiration. repression. There is a great doubt as to whether it is hidden.

Denial or faith does not change or annihilate it. to my answer. we should realise the virtue of it. is a matter of bravery." etc. vegetable life. Repeat this delay again and again till you arrive at spontaneity. if we observe Nature. When by the wish to believe.without change? Who remain single and content! What man among you is large and free enough to encompass his "self"? Your belief obfuscates lineage. the affirmation of my incapacity. So belief becomes true and vital by striving against it in consciousness and by giving it form. when it is the means it changes accordingly. .the accomplished lesson of yesterday. the mutilated part would regrow. by this it is active and dominates at the unconscious period. like heroism.. the lower we probe into these strata. . Not by the striving of faith. So by evoking and becoming obsessed or illuminated by these existences..unanswered! A genius is such. i.. ignorance of "I am" and "I am not" with absent-mindedness as believing. and the innocence of a babe? Perhaps in these is the cause of ignorance. If the ambitious only knew it is as difficult to become incapable as it is to become great. must be evoked by extremely vague suggestion. The reaction and denial.your customed environment. adaptablility. which can only operate when the mind is unusually quiet or simple. chance in safety. . the early forms of life are wonderful in their properties. nor are they necessary to is of the necessity incompatible with an existing belief and is not realized through the inhibition of the organic belief. because that is the true belief. To believe differently is but affectation. or the knowledge of their attainment. ergo. but is theft from time. we gain their magical properties. my invention for making belief organic. its form nourishes and allows it to become attached to the sub-consciousness and become organic. Different aspects are not the truth. This emotion is immoral in that it allows free association of knowledge without the accessories of belief. therefore. faith moves no mountains. ALL geniuses have active sub-consciousness. Believe not to believe. What may be called the early experience was its completion. however much we so desire. animals.e. caused by the troublesome effervescence of the organic incapacity. I am incapable. . but is its reinforcement and preservation. and organic. and the less they are aware of the fact. the inevitable penalty of cowardice lurking somewhere: surely not an inglorious deceit? Genius. Belief exhausts itself by confession and non-resistance. . . The Storehouse of Memories with an Ever-Open Door.good and beauty.? What is the cause of your believing more in God than a dog-fight? Yet you fear dogs more than God! Where is the difference between yourself choked with disquieting piety. it being ceremonial insincerity. The Sub-Consciousness. The pursuit of learning (believing) is the grotesque incubator of stupidity. is a superficial belief. true belief. we shall gain their properties. because he does not know how or why. Now. I cannot live it for thee. Each being a stratum in the order of evolution. Listen. . Never learning to-day what you can do to-morrow is called loss. When conscious of the Sigil form (any time but the Magical) it should be repressed.even were I to keep up the pretence to the end . attentively. How simple it is to acquire genius. so of learning there is no finis. etc. The desire to be great can only become organic at a time of vacuity. the earlier will be the forms of life we arrive at. If you were to dismember its limb. Know the sub-consciousness to be an epitome of all experience and wisdom. Sigils are the art of believing. Timeliness depending on your morality. The subconsciousness is exploited by desire reaching it. and some are indestructible. consciousness. They being experiences long passed. not till it has removed itself. And if we succeed in awakening them. their strength enormous. .you have to forget fear. the last is the Almighty Simplicity. not vice-versa. O! Aspirant. but do not have its body). Therefore belief. etc. is its reality and know the means. So consciousness should not contain the "great" desire once the Ego has wished: and should be filled with an affected ambition for something different. time is an unstudied imagination of the experienced. to have "faith" and believe that I am. having conflicting ideas to first exhaust. Thou must live it thyself. This is what already happens (everything happens at all times) . Naturally then. hence its expression is always spontaneous. Belief is the fall from the Absolute. past incarnations as men." the free or atmospheric "I. Its condition is. it always is its accomplishment. who will take the plunge? The learning of "How" is the eternal "Why". and by giving it (Sigil) form. Ambition is smallness. Its most excellent state is the "Neither-Neither. and in degree you will obtain its existence. He becomes his concept of greatness. birds. a deliberate striving to forget it. etc. everything that exists. does not make me great. What is it that prevents you following investigation into "what exactly is surprise. that accomplished. give to the poor. They are mutual as accomplishments and equally satisfying. What are you going to believe? Truth seeks its own negation. . The chief cause of genius is realization or "I" by an emotion that allows the lightning assimilation of what is perceived. Therefore the imagination or "faith" that I am great. has and ever will exist. Remember. all agog for information. Supposing I wish to be great (is not counting that I am). the curiosity and shock with a more intimate association with the wonders of creation. for by living the meaning thou shalt truly be freed from the bondage of constitutional ignorance. Of its emanations which are you to strangle at birth? Are you illegitimate? You believe in right and wrongwhat punishment will you determine? Can you escape the driving "Must"? Who can escape boredom. but always excuse it). must be organic and sub-conscious. No matter what the desire is. What you learn to-morrow is determined by what you have done. If you could truly believe. to be true. We are not free to believe . wholesomeness and rejuvenescence. To have their wisdom does not mean the necessity of their bodies. etc. the greater their accomplishments.the negation of the wish. or incapacity somehow . A microbe has the power to destroy the world (and certainly would if it took an interest in us).the body modifies in relation to "means" (we travel faster than the hunting leopard. and our accomplishment will correspond." You remember in your youth the thought "that this world is a curious place" in the emotion when you felt "why" as to whether this life is a reasonable development? What was the cause of this and of your summarily dismissing it from your mind? Again the feeling that the most commonplace object is magnificently strange and the vague emotion of co-relation between the incompatible (exhaustive arguments often see this.

! Sigils. in fact no theatricals or humbug.. Knowledge. Inspiration is always at a void moment.e. experience. wizard or priest. The Key to Prophecy. He is King who has reached the dual principle in its simplicity. The great Leonardo's mathematics. They can only dogmatise. All ornament. in striving for knowledge we repel it. build expensive temples. Karmas. All desire..e.. All genius has an hypothesis (usually natural) in the form of a hobby. and the means of locating them (Karmas)." the "knowledge". complexes. 25: By this system. capacity or genius. are such (they please people because they feel the identification). has reached the lowest strata of his sub-consciousness (those one-cell organisms if you like). The law of Evolution is retrogression of function governing progression of attainment.e. useless dress. If its desire to fly had been conscious. that cannot find "Natural" expression. My formula and Sigils for subconscious activity are the means of inspiration.) Total vacuity is difficult and unsafe for those governed by morality. which predominate as governing his functions. An economy of energy and method of learning by enjoyment. and to utilise his ignorance and mistakes. so that it does not restrain or attach such desire to its own transitory images. not yet an obsession. any past incarnation. a mathematical means of symbolising desire and giving it form that has the virtue of preventing any thought and association on that particular desire (at the magical time).. Magickal Obsession. Their entire doctrine a boastful display. their certain failure assured. This sub-conscious activity is the "capacity. you know exactly what (you believe) your Sigil must relate to.. the mind works best on a simple diet. etc. etc. Directly our desire reaches the stratum belonginging to those existences that can "fly" without wings. (Of shall we fly without machines. by its desire being organic enough to reach the subconsciousness. its carriage and retention till its purpose served in the sub-conscious self.. A bat first grew wings and of the proper kind. resembling God (on earth). absurd conditions. usually brought about by exhaustion of the mind. etc. the sub-consciousness. 25 I will now explain their creation and use. The true method has a much greater virtue. or Power.e. whether for Pleasure. If you used any form stupidly. . Assimilating slowly.) Hence the floral nature of and precious stones in design of the crown relate to first principles. Hence it is that those with some natural ability quickly lose it by their teaching. without fear he would accomplish with ease. but allows it free passage to the sub-consciousness. of that degree which causes exhaustion: by that the desire might accidentally reach the real abode of knowledge. the word "Woman" in Sigil form is (example) or (example) or (example) etc. memories and worries. . the first experience which is all experience .. The only teaching possible is to show a man how to learn from his own wisdom. those crowned Kings are never such. later for the purpose of deceiving other from knowing the truth and inducing ignorance. it would have had to wait till it could have done so by the same means as ourselves. Hence this desideratum of Sigils. their standard everything unnecessary. as knowing more. By Sigils and the acquirement of vacuity. Illustration . he would not be conscious of his learning. i. Sigils are monograms of thought. i. can be summoned to consciousness. the pupil could lay no claim to discipleship. The symbolism of crowning a man King. Out of love for my foolish devotees I invented it. ceremony. to prevent its interference with spontaneous expression. implant and multiply that which is entirely superficial. conditions.though exceedingly slowly.. the more wonderful our attainments. they symbolise the "hope. and has not too much pictorial relation to the desire. served to "Deceive" him as such an hypothesis (and as Sigils). crests. magical retirements. all other we acquire is of a negative or manurial value. you might possibly "conjure up" exactly what you did not want.. monograms. Sigils are the means of guiding and uniting the partially free belief with an organic desire. etc. Know all ritual. which cannot be . as arbitrary (you have yourself to please). a hindrance and confusion. Not by obscuring his vision and intention by righteousness." not the reality. are Sigils and the Karmas they govern). and the means of accelerating evolution. All thought can be expressed by form in true relation. whose belief is not entirely self-love. etc. but this means is very difficult. etc. He who deceives another deceives himself much more. Therefore know the Charlatans by their love of rich robes. which serves to restrain and occupy the conscious mind. ceremony. relating to Karma. i. Our lives are full of the Symbolism of those predominating Karmas we are governed by. Our knowledge of flight is determined by that desire causing the activity of our bird etc.. etc. ritual. i. a cowardice hungering for notoriety. or what always happens then. 27 Sigils are made by combining the letters of the alphabet simplified. any result other than by it is accidental. a disappointed desire. nothing at all. escaping the detection of the Ego. too numerous to relate. Were I a teacher I should not act as master. 26: Free belief or energy. and its means of reincarnation in the Ego. The word tiger (example) or (example) etc. obtain virgin parchment. he has no need of crowns and kingdoms.e. . It may even happen in sleep in the form of dreams. is that he. and other stupidity. (Chapters on day and night dreaming for pleasure omitted. The idea being to obtain a simple form which can be easily visualised at will. The virtue of learning and acquiring knowledge by the ordinary means is in its worry and disappointment. Also you do not have to dress up as a traditional magician.the mother of insanity. their origin was for amusement. how pure and clear it all is . there is no difficulty about it. This being the only system. by machinery. i. the lower in the scale of life that governs them.. he would not repeat the vital mistake. and most great discoveries accidental. can by Sigils and 26 their formula find fulfilment from the sub-consciousness. and as always happens their high priests were the more deceived themselves. for the government of energy (all heraldry. Belief with Protection. black goat's blood.

Vacuity is obtained by exhausting the mind and body by some means or another. Drugs are useless. all energy is focussed through it. etc. each corresponding to different strata. interacting processing. It escapes the Ego's resistance by associating with similar images.. being the secret of thought form. We have now agreed as to how a Sigil is need the human brain and the grass. etc. and what virtue it has. its realization may happen at any moment. serves the purpose of protecting consciousness from the direct manifestation of the (consciously unacknowledged) obsession. without the water bug. made the wise fools. Knowledge is obtained by the sensation. depending upon the intensity of desire. by Sigils. You know how the water bug's mittens on the bright rock.eventually it becomes vague. or experiences relative (recieved in this life). Mantras and Posture. and the sun to cast a shadow. depending on temperament. but not from memory or experience which was recent. Power.dogs see grass differently -. One of the introductory koans in Zen Buddhism is "Who is the great magician who makes the grass green?" Who is the great magician who makes the grass green? Who creates every reality? The word "yoga" means "union. choose the most pleasant. the desire for identification carries it to the corresponding sub-conscious stratum. Now by virtue of this Sigil you are able to send your desire into the subconsciousness (which contains all strength). Also a person has more power of creation and originality with a limited means of expression. This knowledge leaves its stratum in company with the energy or desire returning to the Ego. by the Ego conceiving only the Sigil. By Sigils I have endowed fools with wisdom. a particular existence and knowledge gained by it) relative to the desire. hitched together to make the yoga which we call the greenness of the grass.the time of exhaustion is the time of fulfilment. what a person believes by Sigils. resulting from the unity of the desire and Karma.explained briefly. etc. The one shown here is illustrative and the fundamental idea of them all. [Chapters on Symbolism." has been said by some to be more efficacious.disembodied energy usually having no better purpose than to rap-tables. there is no need for crucifixion. simply conceive the Sigil any 28 moment you begin to think. First.ILLUSTRATED INTERVIEW BOB: As Ezra Pound writes in one of the latter cantos. 'The water-bug's mittens show on the bright rock below him. There are many means of attaining this state of vacuity: I mention the most simple. all consciousness except of the Sigil has to be annulled. you wanted the strength of a tiger. is illuminated or obsessed (knowledge or power) from that particular Karma (the sub-conscious stratum. A personal or traditional means serves equally well. Verily. Hence most illumination is symbolic. and of course you need a planet that will produce a water bug and a rock. retain only and visualize the Sigil form. If the Sigil is made an obsession by continual apprehension. as degrees of suggestion. in the form of inspiration. memories. disease to the strong. its destination. and is always fulfilled. and you need human eyes to see it all. its purpose of illumination served. or by walking and concentration on the Sigil. That's Tao-Duh. At the time of exhaustion or vacuity. This is done by reverting the mind to the Sigil when one is extremely worried."This my wish to obtain the strength of a tiger. 27: There are six methods of Sigils employed in this book. It (the obsession) is either gradually assimilated and becomes organic or returns to its original would make a sentence such as:. that having happened. You need a human brain -." (Message from person who typed up this file: In constructing the sentence of desire. None is necessary to him who has (even symbolically) for a moment by the "Neither-Neither" conquered the dual principle (Conception). from which anyone can evolve his own system. The Sigil being a vehicle. is the truth.. and the playing of Patience. and must be subsequently translated. by its "actual" vitalization and resurrection. Hence the mind. or necessity subsequently evolve themselves. the rock. This system of Sigils is believed by taking it up as a hobby at a time of great disappointment or sorrow. do not confuse this with concentration. then vanishes and success is assured.' DUH! Interaction. these should be held in favour. Tennis. giving health to the sick and weak. it is the desire's realization by the manifestation of the knowledge or power necessary. and what exactly is in a name. that the mind contains. beginning with "This my will. and crystalizes itself by their symbolism. Now. Conditions." Yoga comes from the same root as the English yoke: two things hitched together. & Note on Sacred Letters gotta go through a helluva lot of effort to realize your union . Automatic Drawing As Means To Art. and not being able to conceive anything from it. Women and Wine. conflict is avoided with any incompatible ideas and neither gains separate personality.) Sigilized this would be:This my wish (illustrative example of this part of the sentence) To obtain (ditto) The strength of a Tiger (same as said above) Combined as one Sigil (example) or (more simplified example). Everybody thinks it's very hard to be a mystic -. his Ego is free from gravity. 28: This is not the passivity of mediumism which opens the mind to what is called external influence. if for some purpose. Smoking and laziness the more difficult.] -THE BOOK OF PLEASURE MAYBE LOGIC:! THE LIVES AND IDEAS OF ROBERT ANTON WILSON -.

the Confucians. in quotes. and I'm looking for it.! He went up every street and into every alley and across every plaza. or your belief system. and Taoist in all days. intolerant. Every place he goes. a hunt and search. What's important to me at this point in my life? Making really sure that I have forgiven anybody who has ever hurt me or seems to be an enemy. our early imprints. which you think is the whole of the universe. I think it's a very liberating experience to realize how little you really know and how much of the time you're just guessing. "I see infinity in a grain of sand. and making sure that I have nothing but forgiveness for everything.! They just never stop killing one another. We are creating the reality tunnel we are experiencing moment to moment. William Blake said. the universe you live in is your creation.! It's the answer to all the riddles of the universe. or violence prone. When you have seen the one who makes the grass green. and the universe being there. whether you are aware of it or not.with everything -. So this total unity between you and the universe. because there's no green without the grass and there's no green without you. You make your highs and you make your lows. Christianity. an unending race. No nouns anywhere. How often does being sure about everything make you act like a damn fool? BOB: When I call the universe infinite. everywhere you can imagine. And so everything is a coincidence of contraries. you wouldn't be experiencing anything. which is a mystical school. You are making it out of your union with the universe. our conditioning. or dropped LSD once or twice. each in their own way have tried to create a peaceful and amicable society. like Judaism. the great magician who makes the grass green. Ron Hubbard. L. Interacting processing. are even further from the territory. which is your creation. You are the co-creator of the sights you see. Because. Interacting processing. but anybody else who looks out will come back a day later and look at it again and it will still be different. than for any of the Occidental ones. west. the Pope. What I've been trying to do is put the donkey on your back in such a way you'll never forget the master. or any re-imprinting techniques we may have learned since then. a coincidence of you being there. you're almost entirely free from burdens. the sounds you hear. We're all organizing and orchestrating according to our own particular life history. the less burden you got to carry around with you.! And everything is one at the same time. your world view.! Don't go with all of their .! Which means that anybody who looks out will see something different. Then you realize the universe is much bigger and more complicated than any little map we can make of it.S. which I abbreviate B. There's an infinite expanse of signals flooding into our nervous systems and being processed by our higher neural centers in the brain." I don't care if it's Rajneesh. I haven't really studied that closely. the one who creates the whole universe you live in. Nasruddin. "I lost my donkey. And what I like in Buddhism is the basic idea of'll have no doubt whatsoever. Our experiences are generated out of us. People who are really sure all act like damn fools at least half of the time. and Islam. "Never believe fully in anybody else's B. it's like meeting your own father in a crowd -. or studied General Semantics." The donkey represents what everybody is looking for. "The wise become Confucian in good times. The Judaeo-Christian monotheistic trip has been the worst nightmare this planet ever endured. and all the time it's carrying you around. George Bush. and believe me life without forgiveness ain't worth living. "Nasruddin. But it has infinite aspects. unless you went to a Sufi school. The map is not the territory. Otherwise.but actually you're experiencing your union with everything all of the time. It's the human nervous system which takes out of the infinity of the universe the little reality tunnel that you consider reality. I never met a noun yet. But you don't make it alone. And you hunt for east. if you're open enough. don't swallow all of their belief system totally. up. the more you forgive. or did a lot of Zen meditation. our learning. So the greenness is a transaction that ties you and the grass together. Everybody got curious. When you reach the point where you can forgive everybody. Nasruddin went galloping through Baghdad one day on his donkey. Everything that gets into your brain affects your reality tunnel. It's astonishing that we can communicate at all. and your general impression of the universe. down. Tao Duh! That's all I tune in. south. Maybe more than that.S. mostly it keeps you from acting like too much of a damn fool if you're not really sure. the Taoists. what are you looking for?" He said.! We're not generating it out of nothing. Meanwhile. The words that describe the map are not the territory. all of which seem to me fanatical. north. I often thought of myself in terms of that old Chinese proverb. the Buddhists."! And you can. I don't care who it is. You're not doing it consciously. but we are generating it." And I've always had a lot more sympathy for those three religions. You make the grass green.! I'll have to think some more about that. I do not assume it is infinite in space-time. and they were all yelling. One thing that makes forgiveness easier. So we're all living in different worlds. The three main things I've been trying to teach in all of my books is. because nobody realizes how wonderful it is to develop some talent at actually doing it. and Buddhist in bad times. everybody came out of their houses. our genetic background.

infinite." has its roots in the field of general semantics. as Bucky Fuller said. all the B. Orthodox Islam. What? Universe is nonsimultaneously apprehended events. everything that comes in either gets ignored that doesn't fit the belief system. What you really are is totally unknown. CSICOP. "I've got the truth" just don't realize they've comprehended the whole universe simultaneously. That requires some thought. Albert Ellis has rewritten five of his books in E-Prime. It can only be comprehended as part of it. metaphors. It can't be done. Now. in particular. His student D. Scientologists. second by second.! You can't say all about the Universe. think how long it would take to get here from the other end of the furthest galaxy. (Note that I did not say the brain "is" a computer. Anybody who has a belief system that covers the whole universe. Conversely. Everyday you can find new aspects to yourself." E-Prime provides a straightforward training technique for acquiring such semantic hygiene.QGjaDWGy. you can't say all about anything. People who claim. That means at any particular time we only know part of the universe. If we are. in anthropology. GARBAGE finding the right software can "miraculously" solve problems that previously appeared intractable. abolishing all forms of the verb "to be. The Sapir-Whorf-Korzybski Hypothesis. We can't comprehend the whole universe just right now.! It's the way that all great scientists and artists work. which is why we need Maybe Logic. Nonsimultaneously. it's because we start paying attention.! You can't know all about this room. and most of the assholes. You gotta be continually revising your map of the world.! All space-time. consider the human brain as a computer.! You can't know all about this! And yet we think we know ourselves.! Which means whatever belief system or reality tunnel you've got right now has to be revised and updated as you continue to apprehend new events later in time. emotional distortion. Jr. you can't perceive.! So the universe is non-simultaneously apprehended. how it takes 90 years for signals to get here from Sirius. it's not the same time everywhere.dpuf TOWARD UNDERSTANDING E -PRIME Robert Anton Wilson ! E-PRIME. even." calling this subset of the English language "E-Prime. in terms of our general relativity. The wrong software guarantees wrong answers. you can't comprehend.S.See more at: http://www. Maybe not much more. Bourland pioneered in demonstrating that one can indeed write and speak without using any form of "to be. or gets distorted enough so that it can't get into the belief system. And the best way to allow yourself to change and grow is to realize how little you know. Who knows? I might turn on CNN tomorrow morning and find the greatest scientific discovery of the last five million years has just been announced. for short). too. and produced by. David Bourland.naderlibrary. It seems likely that the principal software used in the human brain consists of words. two usages of "to be": identity and predication. to improve their clarity and to reap the epistemological benefits of this language revision. They haven't comprehended everything up to date either because most of them don't know everything that happened up to today. the Marxists. I don't know everything that happened up until this date.. because you're not paying attention. But scenario universe is nonsimultaneously apprehended. So. And the people who are most sure of themselves know even less than I do in most cases. that would be the Roman Catholics. Science and Sanity. and by definition. day by day. minute by minute. Korzybski felt that all humans should receive training in general semantics from grade school on. The second rule is likened to the first: "Don't believe totally in your own B. because you can't experience all of it at one time. and "demonological thinking. I've shown you. and some repetition: "Universe is non-simultaneously apprehended.. Or to the extent that new signals do get in.! But once you have a belief system." We go through our life." Many have urged the use of E-Prime in writing scientific and technical papers. holds that a change in language can alter our perception of the cosmos. as presented by Alfred Korzybski in his 1933 book. as "semantic hygiene" against the most prevalent forms of logical error. if you allow yourself to change and grow. Who knows? And then. they all have to be edited to fit into the belief system. observed that even linguistically sensitive people do not seem able to avoid identity and predication uses of "to be" if they continue to use the verb at all. In our metaphor. This is the natural functioning of the human brain.bullshit. universe is non-simultaneously apprehended. and you can never know it all at one time.) As the Prime Law of Computers tells us.htm#sthash.S. but we're never seeing the same universe that we've seen. Dr. tomorrow we'll know more. you know. what happened is. well. Dr. A revision of language structure.. in collaboration with Dr. again. What? Nonsimultaneously . which means they are really dumb. Moore. our ideas should be changing all the time. "Universe consists of nonsimultaneously apprehended events. GARBAGE OUT (GIGO. Our maps of the universe. the Objectivists." Which means that. can alter the brain as dramatically as a psychedelic. Kellogg exemplifies a prime exponent of this activity. their brain stopped receiving new signals. it may take 20 years for a breakthrough of that magnitude. Robert H. You can't apprehend. and to pay more attention to what's going on around you." Universe is non-simultaneously apprehended. To understand E-Prime.! It's the way children's brains form before they are wrecked by the school system. you can't understand the whole universe at once. and linguistic structures in general. disguised metaphors. maybe a lot more. or you lose more and more contact with reality.! That's why you get bored. Korzybski pointed out the pitfalls associated with. if we . .

in which Standard English alternates with English-Prime (E-Prime): lA. John appears bright and cheerful on holiday at the beach. This is the knife the first man used to stab the second man. The "A"-type statements (Standard English) all implicitly or explicitly assume the medieval view called "Aristotelian essentialism" or "naive realism. The first man appeared to stab the second man with what looked like a knife to me. ethology. but may fit the facts better-if the incident occurred in a psychology class. . 4B. . Once again. In my system of metaphysics. as physicists since Bohr have learned to operationalize. That is a sexist movie. . John is lethargic and unhappy. 4A. which explained this and revolutionized physics. Concretely.change the software. (Bohr's Principle of Complementarity. In memory. 2B. Beethoven is better than Mozart.' we see again how medieval software creates metaphysical puzzles and totally imaginary contradictions. "John is lethargic and unhappy" vs. the modern scientific statements "the electron appears as a wave when measured one way" and "the electron appears as a particle measured another way" do not contradict. anthropology. The electron appears as a particle when measured with instrument-2. 5B. John appears lethargic and unhappy in the office. In my present mixed state of musical education and ignorance. quantum mechanics. and not just to a person of his genius. 9A. we find that the E-Prime translations do not contain any contradiction. and several other sciences make perfect sense when put into the software of E-Prime. Beethoven seems better to me than Mozart. 3A. 2A. sociology. That seems like a sexist movie to me. The electron is a wave. 7A. large sections of general physics. The electron appears as a wave when measured with instrument-l. "The electron is a wave" employs the Aristotelian "is" and thereby introduces us to the false-to-experience notion that we can know the indwelling "essence" of the electron." In other words. namely that the electron when constrained by a certain instrument behaved in a certain way. Operationalizing the statements.) "The first man stabbed the second man with a knife" lacks the overt "is" of identity but contains Aristotelian software nonetheless. 9B. This is a fascist idea.) Looking at our next pair. which . 8B." if you try to translate them back into the software of Standard English. 10B. and even give us a clue as to causes of John's changing moods. 6B. "John is bright and cheerful. 10A. This seems like a fascist idea to me. 3B. the computer operates in a new way. some bordering on "nonsense" or "gibberish. if physicists had written in E-Prime all along. "The electron is a particle" contains medieval Aristotelian software. John is bright and cheerful. The electron is a particle. they assume a world made up of block-like entities with indwelling "essences" or spooks. Note that "the electron is a wave" and "the electron is a particle" contradict each other and begin the insidious process by which we move gradually from paradox to nonsense to total gibberish. Relativity. Consider the following paired sets of propositions. The fetus is a person. lB. Each of these sciences generates paradoxes. but "The electron appears as a particle when measured by instrument-2" contains modern scientific software. but rather complement each other. "The electron appears as a wave when measured by instrument-1" reports what actually occurred in space-time."ghosts in the machine. I classify the fetus as a person. would have appeared obvious to all. 8A. I think I recall the car involved in the hit-and-run accident as a blue Ford." The "B"-type statements (E-Prime) recast these sentences into a form isomorphic to modern science by first abolishing the "is" of Aristotelian essence and then reformulating each observation in terms of signals received and interpreted by a body (or instrument) moving in space-time. (Look back if you forgot the translations. modern math. 5A. the software determines whether we impose a medieval or modern grid upon our reality-tunnel. The E-Prime translation not only operationalizes the data. perception psychology. 6A. The car involved in the hit-and-run accident was a blue Ford. Similarly. 7B. linguistics. On the other hand.

Indeed. An earlier version of this article appeared in Trajectories. Wittgenstein. I at least get an insight into why the problem remains intractable and where and how future science might go about finding an answer. I gain immediate insight by writing down what I know about the enigma in strict E-Prime." International Society for General Semantics. Also see Robert Anton Wilson's "Quantum Psychology. Chapter 13. For now. I have found repeatedly that when baffled by a problem in science. 23-26 Robert Anton Wilson has published science fiction. "The car involved in the hit-and-run accident was a blue Ford. poetry." or makes stabbing gestures at. Jr. 5. and religious issues that still generate the most passion on this primitive planet. and he has two plays published." and so forth. In Wilson's examples. and futuristic sociology. David Bourland. in general. he might have chosen to convert. been. "The electron is a wave. nonetheless "see" a knife.) The reader may employ his or her own ingenuity in analyzing how "is-ness" creates false-to-facts reality-tunnels in the remaining examples.999999 percent of metaphysics to the category of Noise rather than Meaning)-but we must save that subject for another article. 1990 The verb forms of "to be" that E-Prime excludes includes the words: "is. "I recall a blue Ford involved in the hit-and-run accident. all of Wilson's E-prime examples above contain longer sentences than their commonly expressed standard English variants." or in daily life. 2001 I have received several emails criticizing Wilson's article where they point out that the use of E-prime seems to make statements unusually longer than necessary. deductions. was." can convert to. the operational. and how E-Prime brings us back to the scientific." and their contractions. 4 (Winter 1989)." (E and E-Prime. (The first man "stabs. "To Be or Not: An E-Prime Anthology. am." or "The fetus is a human being" do not. and (in his own way) Niels Bohr promoted this view. . thoughts. But in many other cases. is a person (who died two thousand years ago). appear to make sense by normal twentieth-century scientific standards. in "philosophy. You don't need to take drugs to hallucinate. In other cases.often conduct this experiment. solutions appear immediately-just as happens when you throw out the "wrong" software and put the "right" software into your PC. no. but many students. the Logical Positivists. the existential. Often. pp. perceptions. New Falcon Publications." Korzybski. especially when explaining difficult scientific concepts. many consider it "meaningless. Addendum by Jim Walker Originated 09 Sep.) When a proposition resists all efforts to recast it in a form consistent with what we now call E-Prime. (This has contributed greatly to my ever-escalating agnosticism about the political. were. pages 97-107). Reprinted from Etcetera 46. It depends on the situation." to "An electron appears wave-like. are. improper language can fill your world with phantoms and spooks of many kinds. Make everything as simple as possible but no simpler. the phenomenological--to what humans and their instruments actually do in space-time as they create observations. & Paul Dennithorne Johnston. conditioned by Aristotelian software. you actually need more words to express a concept accurately and clearly." "The flag is a living being. be. with a banana. and General Theories. ideological. This text comes from: D. E-prime can clarify a concept more concisely with fewer words. it suffices to note that those who fervently believe such Aristotelian propositions as "A piece of bread. the second man. blessed by a priest. historical novels. I happen to agree with that verdict (which condemns 99 percent of theology and 99. the newsletter published by Robert Anton Wilson. no. Please realize that in some cases. 1991." The statement.

E-prime serves as a linguistic tool. Since "is" and "be" contain only two letters (or only one letter in contractions).." (De Beers Consolidated) "Guinness is good for you. the preamble of the U. and they tend to survive best when shortened to their easiest remembered forms. Another concern I hear from people involves a false belief that those who advocate the use of E-prime wish to change the English language through some form of coercion. who desire to change the history of literature or to force people to use E-prime. The little word "is" gets used more than any other word in the English language. The motto appears so grandiose. especially in religions. or lawful action.S." (English translation of the Koran. satire. In some cases E-prime would hinder the aim of its authors. including its inventors. Jones'" than its E-based: 'This weapon which has the characteristics of a gun has produced the same markings that seem to mar this bullet that allegedly made Mr. poetry. advertisers and scam artists the ability to fool and lie to the public. the works which contain the largest number of "to be" words usually involve the most vague or misleading concepts. oh what a relief it is. I know of no advocate of E-prime. appear some forms of expressions that tend to have shorter sentence structures than E-prime constructions. plop. and religious scripture contain abundant uses of non-E-prime and I've yet to meet an Eprime advocate who wishes to change that. This gives politicians. Converting the motto to E-prime would weaken it to some form such as. or advertisements (see below). Falsehoods don't need lengthy explanations.. E-prime could actually block the author's intent. The Army has recently changed its motto to an even scarier lie: "Be an Army of One. For example. fizz. Folks. Ask for Haig. the advertisers can make their lies short and concise.One critic of E-prime wrote: "A jury will be much more impressed with the statement: 'This is the gun that fired the bullet that killed Mr. and to follow orders without question. deception or an attempt to convert or convince someone. my only sunshine." Of course "do" here represents what the Army wants you to do such as clean toilets.. the Army's motto. Almost all of the works of literature." (Orange) "Where's the beef?" (Wendy's) And here gives some other examples that work better without E-prime (but what in the world do they mean?): "And God said unto Moses. in the use of colloquial language.147) "How are you?" (common greeting) "You are my sunshine. however. Jones appear dead. run until exhausted. For example." (Coca-Cola) "A diamond is foreever. Are you?" (The Independent) "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's. or risk death in a war that you haven't a clue about. advertisements. Below describes some examples of famous advertisement slogans: "Coke is it. Nor have I heard its advocates demand E-prime for all expressions. The future's Orange. Interestingly some advocates of E-prime claim that if you examine the history of literature. Those expressions usually involve some form of lie. political ideologies. jokes. "Do all that you can do." (Popeye the sailor man) "The Truth is from thy Lord. yet what does it mean? The imagination can fill that empty "be" word with visions of heroic battle and grandeur. The works that contain the least number of "to be" words usually come across much clearer. Yet can you imagine what might happen if a soldier actually believed himself as an army? I don't know about you but I'd stay a long distance from him." works as a powerful propaganda ploy to get naive boys to join the service. Jones. Constitution stands as a fine example of natural E-prime." (God in Exodus 3:14) "I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam." (folk song by Jimmie Davis) "Will you be my Valentine?" (Valentine saying) ." (Levy's Rye Bread) "The future's bright. religious scripture. 2. or propaganda. For an example." (Alka Seltzer) "Don't be vague. fizz." (Guinness) "Plop. so be not at all in doubt. I AM THAT I AM. lies." (Haig Scotch) "It is." There do. but I could shorten his first version to a more direct: "The bullet fired from this gun killed Mr. "Be all you can be." No doubt the Army here attempts to appeal to the individualist but the entire concept of soldiering involves submission to authority." Of course anyone can force E-prime into a longer form if one wishes. not as an instrument of power.

by D." "Mary is a dumb file-clerk. Kenyon Jr.htm Books: To Be or Not: An E-Prime Anthology. Johnson by Elaine ) Nonetheless. Kellogg III). E-Prime has not yet caught on either in learned circles or in popular speech. suddenly made sense and became acceptable when re-written in E-Prime. or English-Prime.hilgart.xenodochy.html Discovering By and large. proposed the abolition of all forms of the words "is" or "to be" and the Bourland proposal (English without "isness") he called E-Prime.rawilson. ( A few scientists have taken to writing in E-Prime (notable Dr. (Chapter 13) by Robert Anton Wilson Quantum Psychology E and E-Prime In 1933. thereby confusing themselves and their readers. Paul Dennithorne Johnston (Editor) Quantum Psychology . in a recent (not-yetpublished) paper tells of a few cases in which scientific reports. D. D. David Bourland. Other references on the internet: E-Prime and Linguistic Revision. (The "is of identity" takes the form X is a Y. by Ralph E. or convert someone. Jr. and it also serves as an antibiotic against what Korzybski called "demonological thinking. Hilgartner: http://www. & Paul Dennithorne Johnston. unsatisfactory to sombunall members of a research group." etc. most physicists write in E-Prime a large part of the time. "Joe is a Communist. however." "The universe is a giant machine. David Bourland Jr. http://www.but few have any awareness of E-prime as a discipline and most of them lapse into "isness" statements all too frequently. D. in Science and Sanity. by Robert Anton Wilson (an earlier version of the the above article): http://www. David Bourland (Editor).html E-prime: The Spirit and the Letter. deceive. Bourland. David Bourland Jr."Is that all there is?" (Song sung by Peggy Lee) Of course anyone can express vagueness and falsehoods just as easily with E-prime. stay away from E-prime. A. but it wouldn't have the impact without "to be" forms. by C.html Quantum Psychology: E and E-Prime. So if you want to lie. More E-Prime: To Be or Not II.) In 1949. (Editor) E-Prime III!: A Third Anthology. by Paul Dennithorne Johnston (Editor)..B07. Albert Ellis and Dr. E-Prime seems to solve many problems that otherwise appear intractable. Alfred Korzybski proposed that we should abolish the "is of identity" from the English language. due to the influence of Operationalism -.the philosophy that tells us to define things by operations performed -.g. E. e." Most of this book employs E-Prime so the reader could begin to get acquainted with this .

6." and "The photon is a particle" contradict each other. in a few instances I allowed normal English. "Garbage In. the technical resolutions . at the translations into English Prime. and its "isness" to intrude again (how many of you noticed that?). again. ancient that some claim it dates back to dark. John appears unhappy and grouchy in the office. all through the nineteenth century physicists found themselves debating about this and. 8. we see that no contradiction now exists at all." Nonetheless. As noted earlier. 9. in short. 3. In memory. Lady Chatterly's lover is a pornographic novel. John appears bright and cheerful on holiday at the beach. or total gibberish. In my present mixed state of musical education and ignorance Beethoven seems better than Mozart to me. To begin to get the hang of E-Prime. Conversely. will often "miraculously" solve problems that had hitherto appeared intractable. some quantum theorists joked about "wavicles. consider the following two columns. while discussing some of the weird and superstitious thinking that exists throughout our society and always occurs when "is" creeps into our concepts. Cthulhoid aeons when giant saurians and Richard Nixons still dominated the earth -. conversely. 10. but edits data as we receive it. Clearly. The wrong software guarantees wrong answers. in a modern universe where we can successfully deal with modern issues. Since the brain does not receive raw data. we need to understand the software the brain uses. 4. the software can change the functioning of the hardware in radical and sometimes startling ways. by the early 1920s. Grass registers as green to most human eyes. The photon is a wave. whereas in Standard English we allowed ourselves to talk about something that has never been observed in spacetime at all -. to highlight its central role in the confusions there discussed). One type of experiment always showed light traveling in waves. John is unhappy and grouchy. and another type always showed light traveling as discrete particles. I think I recall the car involved in the hit-and-run accident as a blue Ford. the correct software. 2. The photon appears as a particle when constrained by other instruments. 5. ) Still others looked hopefully for the definitive experiment (not yet attained in 1990) which would clearly prove whether photons "are" waves or particles. That is a fascist idea. "The photon is a wave. no "paradox. As everybody with a home computer knows. 5. The case for using E-Prime rests on the simple proposition that "isness" sets the brain into a medieval Aristotelian framework and makes it impossible to understand modern problems and opportunities. John is bright and cheerful. (As a clue or warning. English Prime 1. 2. but consider what happens when we move to the second example. The photon is a particle. it became obvious that the experimental evidence depended on the instruments or the instrumental set-up (design) of the total experiment. I think I saw the first man stab the second man with a knife. Lady Chatterly's lover seems like a pornographic novel to me. if you find it. 8. just like the sentences "Robin is a boy" and "Robin is a girl. Garbage Out" (or GIGO for short). We also find that we have constrained ourselves to talk about what actually happened in spacetime. (Niels Bohr's Complementarity Principle and Copenhagen Interpretation. In the first example a "metaphysical" or Aristotelian formulation in Standard English becomes an operational or existential formulation when rewritten in English Prime. That seems like a fascist idea to me. 4. The photon behaves as a wave when constrained by certain instruments. This may appear of interest only to philosophers and scientists of an operationalist/phenomenologist bias. 10. 7. The first law of computers -. The first man stabbed the second man with a knife." Others proclaimed in despair that "the universe is not rational" (by which they meant to indicate that the universe does not follow Aristotelian logic. Standard English 1. written in Standard English. 3.tells us succinctly. This contradiction created considerable way of mapping the world." no "irrationality" in the universe. A classic case of GIGO. Beethoven is better than Mozart. If we look.the "isness" or "whatness" or Aristotelian "essence" of the photon. 6. The car involved in the hit-and-run accident was a blue Ford. I placed each "is" in dubious quotation marks. Removing "isness" and writing/thinking only and always in operational/existential language sets us. Grass is green. the first written in Standard English and the second in English Prime. 7.

where the modern scientific (or existentialist) universe assumes a network of structural relationships. Protestants. but it at least transfers us into existential or experiential modes. Like the cannibalism underlying this Rite. played a prominent role in many of the pagan fertility cults that got incorporated into the Catholic metaphysics. the Aristotelian universe assumes an assembly of "things" with "essences" or "spooks" inside of them. This "explains" the Miracle of the Transubstantiation. or "is" an "untrustworthy witness.of the wave/particle duality within physics. if John has developed a habit of philosophical speculation. and may provoke us to heated debate.the assumption that every "object" contains what the cynical German philosopher Max Stirner called "spooks. (Look at the first two samples of Standard English and English Prime again.) For instance. "John is a Protestant" or "John is a Catholic" may change any day. the "essence" of the bread "is" the dead Jew. always opens the door to spooks and metaphysical debates.can transform the "essence" of bread into the "essence" of a dead body. It requires a phallus to transmute the bread into flesh because some of our early ancestors believed it requires a phallus to do any great work of Magick. "John is beardless" may deceive many people (but not trained police officers) if john becomes a wanted criminal and alters his appearance by growing a beard. and it takes us out of medieval theology. so that we do not wander into theology without realizing where we have gotten ourselves. Remaining in the reality-tunnel of standard English. incidentally. and even then linguistic habit will cause many to "not notice" the date and assume "is" means a stasis (an Aristotelian timeless essence or spook. as far as I care. It appears obvious that. this phallus-worship dates back to Stone Age ideas about "essences" that can be transferred from one organism to another. an ignorant doctor tries to impress some even more ignorant lay persons by "explaining" that opium makes us sleepy because it has a "sleepinducing property" in it. for instance. within this framework. one might decide that John "really is" manic depressive. a piece of bread changes into the body part of a Jew who lived 2000 years ago. wandered into theology (or demonology) when it proclaimes that "fuck" "is" an indecent word.a human with a Willy -. According to Thomist Aristotelianism (the official Vatican philosophy) "things" not only have indwelling "essences" or "spooks" but also have external "accidents" or appearances. or with the most subtle scientific instruments -. or violent quarrel. To your eyes or taste buds or electron microscopes the bread has undergone no change at all. And. or it could "be" the Five Original Marx Brothers. Zen Buddhists etc." We have left the realms of spooks and re-entered the existential or phenomenological world of actual experiences in spacetime. often without noticing that we have entered the realms of theology and demonology. but retains the weight of a small piece of bread. those who enjoy theological and/or demonological speculations may continue to enjoy them. and only one . have ordained many female clergy-persons in recent decades.which include everything you can observe about the bread. The most one can say about that in scientific E-Prime would read: "The word 'fuck' appears indecent in the evaluations of x per cent of the population. one Yeshua ben Yusef. whereas in English Prime we can only discuss actual experiences (or transactions) in the spacetime continuum. who the goys of the Vatican call Jesus Christ. "John is a Jew" has at least five different meanings. to Catholics. but the Vatican remains firm in the principle that only a male -. this Miracle can only happen if the priest has a Willy. describing actual events in the spacetime continuum. This book merely attempts to clarify the difference between theological speculations and actual experiences in spacetime. or it could "be" Jesus and the Easter Bunny both. or it could "be" a million other spooks happily co-existing in the realm outside spacetime where such metaphysical entities appear to reside." X found by normal polling methods. In simpler words. to see this distinction more clearly. after the Miracle (which any priest can perform) the bread "is" the body of the aforesaid dead Jew. Turning next to the nigmatic John who "is" unhappy and grouchy yet also "is" bright and cheerful. The Supreme Court. It could "be" the essence of the Easter Bunny. Even more astounding. in all cases. See Frazer's Golden Bough and Wright's Worship of the Generative Organs. In other words. By contrast a scientific or operational statement would define precisely how the structure of the opium molecule chemically bonds to specific receptor structures in the brain. as distinguished from homosexuality-for-fun.) In Standard English we may discuss all sorts of metaphysical and spooky matters. with your senses. To say "John is" anything. In this astounding. Even stranger.) The weakness of Aristotelian "isness" or "whatness" statements lies in their assumption of indwelling "thingness" -. the "essence" of the bread can "be" anything. we find a surprising parallel to the wave/particle duality. another metaphysical contradiction has disappeared in the process. the innocent-looking "is" causes us to populate the world with spooks." Thus in Moliere's famous joke. even mindboggling Miracle. It doesn't even weigh as much as a human body. Now.admittedly do not change.) Moliere's physician does not seem nearly as comical as the theology promulgated by the Vatican. some of which may change and some remain constant." Again. The historical logic of Aristotelian philosophy as embedded in Standard English always carries an association of stasis with every "is. marvelous. Now the "accidents" -."is" it "really" Derry or Londonderry?) Rewriting in English Prime we find "John appears unhappy and grouchy in the office" and "John appears bright and cheerful on holiday at the beach. lo and behold. Jews. or can "be" asserted to "be" anything. Nonetheless. (That town in Northern Ireland mentioned earlier -." unless the speaker or writer remembers to include a date. Or one speaker might decide that the other speaker hasn't "really" observed John carefully. amount to telling physicists to adopt "the spirit of E-Prime" without quite articulating EPrime itself. totally wonderful. Ritual homosexuality. English Prime may not automatically transfer us into a scientific universe.

we should say. Meditating on example 9 will give you the answer to a famous Zen koan.. had not been checked by anybody who insisted the statement about Kennedy contained certainty. As a student of Transactional Psychology. identification did not take long. Kennedy had died of an assassin's bullet and Lyndon B. That makes the idea kind of hard to forget. doesn't it? Looking at sample five -. which explains why three eyewitnesses to a hit-and-run such as we postulate here may report. wearing a 19th Century naval uniform and old-fashioned side whiskers. Johnson had taken the oath as President of the United States. In E-Prime one would write "John had a job as a plumber last I knew. Even outside tricky psychology labs."I recall the car. Weinberg pointed out that the inference. Stranger things have happened. Or does the "external universe" (including the blue Ford) exist in some super-Head somwhere? It seems that the translation into E-Prime -. but I have found no grounds for classifying them as space-ships. I refer to the experiment in which two men rush into a psychology class. despite the abuse he has suffered in these pages. "I have seen." Time always elapses between the impact of energy on the eye and the creation of an image (and associated name and ideas) in the brain. I also see UNFOs. without thinking about the implications of this. Weinberg. However. the impossibility of existentially separating observer and observed. English Prime assumes no spooks and reminds us of QUIP (the QUantum Inseparability Principle. Standard English also assumes a sort of "glass wall" between observer and observed. I once astonished a friend by remarking.of which tells us anything about how John will behave in spacetime. does not describe an operation in spacetime. while English Prime draws us back into the modern quantum world where observer and observed form a seamless unity. and then one makes a stabbing motion and the other falls." Trivial? Overly pedantic? According to a recent article Professor Harry Weinberg -.curiously. this does not surprise or alarm me. The English Prime translation does not assume essences or spooks."That is a fascist idea" versus "That seems like a fascist idea to me" -. so he did not worry seriously about his sanity. like his students. report a knife in the hand of the man who made the stabbing (knife-wielding) motion. peddling a unicycle down the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York. In those cases. well-known to psychologists. My UFOs remain Unidentified. 1963. No explicit "is" appears in the Standard English. I once saw a sign which said 'HALF GAY CLEANERS' -. got the lesson driven home with more drama than anybody expected. that I see two or three of them a week. Nothing has changed since we came into this classroom. ordinary perception has become problematical due to the whole sad history of eye-witness testimony frequently breaking down in court. namely.and I do not rush to identify them as raccoons or groundhogs. and I never reached for a blunt instrument to defend myself. Very few "things" (spacetime events) in the air or on the ground give us the opportunity to "identify" them with certainty. the Standard English version contains a hilarious fallacy. Most people see UNFOs.. it said. the man used no knife. James Thurber tells us that he once saw an admiral."The car. I think.Standard English implies an indwelling essence of the medieval sort. once. The sky contains numerous things that go by too quickly for anybody to identify them.. He used a banana. John may have quit plumbing since you saw him last and may work as a hair dresser now. as noted earlier -. 'HALF DAY CLEANERS'. "John is a plumber" also contains a fallacy. because this class occurred on November 22. Fortunately. struggle and shout. but a blue VW or maybe even a green Toyota. Not accidentally.but when I looked again.. was a blue Ford" we might again encounter Bertrand Russell's two-head paradox. had enough common sense to point out. implicitly. like some people we met earlier. since they did not hang around long enough for me to form even a guess about them. an old acquaintance of mine -. Whatever my critics may suspect. In fact. that "I see" always contains fallacy. In the Castro section of San Francisco. Nick Herbert).. I never mistook her for a squirrel. It seems a blue Ford exists "in" the head of the witness. but whether the blue Ford also existed "outside" that head remains unsure. My own wife has appeared as an UNFO to me on occasion -. has not mastered perception psychology or current neuroscience. so even those trained in E-Prime may see no problem here. Standard English again assumes indwelling spooks and continues to separate observer and observed. identifies said brain as the instrument making the evaluation. Anybody who does not see UFOs frequently. but sometimes even when walking. the world consists mostly of UFOs and UNFOs. In example six -. Thurber had broken his glasses and had not yet received replacements from the optometrist. and mentions no instrument used in measuring the alleged "fascism" in the idea. whenever that has been tried. The majority of students.. . We only find UFOs impressive because some people claim they "are" alien spaceships. If you think about it from the perspective of E-Prime. a well-known homosexual area. describes the operation as occurring in the brain of the speaker and.once tried to emphasize these points to a class by trying to make them see the fallacy in the statement "John F. Example 10 introduces new subtleties. as a blue Ford" better accords with the experiential level of our existence in spacetime than the two heads and other paradoxes we might encounter in Standard English. if the observation refers to a famous (and treacherous) experiment. fortunately. and everybody soon learned that during that class time John F.usually around two or three in the morning when I get out of bed to go to the john and then encounter a Mysterious and Unknown figure emerging from the dark at the other end of the hall. apropos of UFOs. In examples 7 and 8. Even Aristotle. Kennedy is President of the United States.. so named by Dr. especially when driving rapidly.. "Who is the Master who makes the grass green?" It might also save you from frequent quarrels (mostly occurring between husbands and wives) about whether the new curtains "are really" green or blue." Dr. not just the blue Ford of the first speaker.

Because of these problems. instead of hallucinating a knife. • "The fetus is a person. Observe carefully what disagreements or irratibility may arise. Python) • "Pornography is murder." (A. voles and rabbits are all rodents.) E-Prime The Problem Certain expressions which involve identity and attributes lead us to confusion in our thinking. that during his teenage years he stole one thing for a dare and has regretted it since." • "The table is four feet long. It seems likely that persons trained in E-Prime will grow more cautious about their perceptions and not "rush to judgement" in the manner of most of us throughout history." • "The zygote is a person.) and if uniqueness characterises each of us. So perhaps it means I felt sad on many occasions in the past. This sometimes arises because of the verb 'to be. 'He is a criminal' implies that he does. The use of the imprecise verb 'to be' and its various forms can lead us to false beliefs.. if we ask. this question has an answer. Similarly. implies that • I always feel sad.. The question 'Who am I' seems to me quite meaningless and unanswerable. This would: • Remove upsetting but useless self-talk. It could mean. 'It appears to me that we should take action'. imply no time. In the sentence. the whole universe was transformed. It appears to ask for something the same as the speaker (the identity function. Of course mainly they argue against the use of attributes and identity." • "Beethoven was paranoid. we could ask. and eliminating the verb 'to be' reducing the problem in a simple . • Would eliminate metaphysics in its present form.Look back at the re-translation into E-Prime." • "When I took LSD. When we say someone is a criminal we associate with that person everything we think about the word criminal." • "Today is Tuesday. 'Clear to whom?' Or what is clear? If we eliminate the 'is' then we might say. On the other hand. Exercises 1." (M. Certainly. like all present tense verbs. and make statement clearer by identifying the agent." • "Mice. in principle." • "Lady Chatterly's Lover is a sexist novel. 'It is clear that we should take action'. then nothing can equal the speaker. So the question seems unanswerable. always did." • "The human brain is a computer. • Would prevent us using meaningless 'to be' abbreviations ('This is why . • will always feel sad. The sense of sin and the sense of redemption are actual human experiences. Have the group experiment with rewriting the following Standard English sentences into English Prime. always will do some unstated bad thing. and. 'Is' and 'are'. however. followers of E-Prime suggest! removing the verb 'to be' from the English language. 'I am depressed'." • "Every sperm is sacred/Every sperm is great/If a sperm is wasted/God gets quite irate. 'I am depressed'! abbreviates what has happened in the past. and Wagner was megalomaniac. Mozart was manic-depressive. We confuse what we know about the word with the person. this meaning upsets us less than 'I am depressed'. Dworkin) • "John is homosexual. • Would remove passives." • "The patient is resisting therapy." • "Sin and redemption are theological fictions.' For example: • I am depressed • Who am I? • He is a criminal • It is clear that we should take action. 'What characterises me?' then we can list a set of characters." (paraphrased from Ludwig Wittgenstein. This seems more clear and accurate to me. and • I can do nothing about it. and I feel sad now. no space and absolute truth. They might even see the banana.').

and in that particular place. and. from your perspective. for example. we imply that things are: • Permanent • Always true • Unchanging • Look. but is that something we can perceive? Philosophers believe that the use of attributes can lead us into all kinds of nonsense. To say that 'John has the attribute of goodness' seems to make the whole thing more complicated. it also shows that in trying to eliminate Aristotle. yet have you ever heard a similar statement and when you looked you didn't think it was particularly red? The speaker actually meant that the apple appeared red to him. The statements in E-Prime appear more accurate than those using 'to be. I may disagree.' This seemed fine as an expedient. Mary appeared gorgeous at that particular time. smell. Clearly. where if I think it IS green. I may describe the apple as 'green'. So one of us must be wrong. 'Mary is gorgeous. the same to everyone.way. E-Prime: English without the verb 'to be' Eprime does not use any form of the verb 'to be. etc. We can describe it as a moral quality. replaces' 'is' then the statements become much less misleading. I have introduced another theory (Nominalism). 'quality' meant 'attribute'! 'The apple is red' apparently has a clear meaning.something the object has independently of any observers. absolute. of course. The use of the theory of attributes cause the problem here. If. under these lighting conditions' does not create controversy. from my perspective. The statement 'This apple appears red to me at this time and in the position in space. on the other hand. 'The apple is red'. although it was only a rough symbolic representation. does not mean we disagree. In explaining wrongness. or the belief systems of long ago! When we use the verb 'to be' as an attribute. many of these problems can be resolved. • Final • Etc. Patients say to themselves that 'I am stupid'. Can we see wrongness in behaviour? Of course not. etc. . and the followers of eprime suggest that by eliminating the verb 'to be'. when I taught the Japanese English.' Removing the verb 'to be' also appears to remove much of the conflict in these sentences . feel. and when I sought the meaning of 'attribute' I found I could not reduce it to anything other than a synonym. and that everyone perceives it so.' then the use of the verb 'to be'. It does not completely resolve the issue of attributes and identity. but it also brings out the fact that language represents our belief systems. Does that mean I have assumed philosophical nominalism . 'You are wrong!'" However. in this case 'is' can be very misleading. By saying. The problem of attributes becomes more important when we use intangible ones. a class or group has nothing else in common? Although Nominalism appears more rational. sound. 'is' meant '=. such as quality. such as 'Who am I' 3. !How does the verb to be cause problems? I have never really understood the meaning of the verb 'to be. for instance of 'John is good' then none of the definitions of 'is' made any sense to me. This seems inevitable. we cannot touch or see 'wrongness'. I might say. When 'appear'. of course. It seems therefore. and may increase rapport. abbreviated and therefore controversial. That is. in that if I look at the apple I expect it to be red. then either you. we use the theory that things have attributes. I have said that "someone might utter the words. that by avoiding the verb 'to be' we also avoid disagreement. But what does 'wrongness' mean? If we died and our bodies dissected. 'The apple is red'.' Many years ago. we assume that it has the quality of redness. and • Lead us to make hasty and premature conclusions.' Without the verb 'to be' the use of the following becomes difficult: 1.apart from the words. the dissector would find no wrongness in either of us! Wrongness is not a physical thing that can be found in us. The attribute 'wrong' will cause much more controversy! It means that either you or I has the attribute of wrongness. illustrates attributes simply.' And we have controversy. Passives 2. then there must be something that distinguishes the object from others . 'I am inadequate'. after all we always have to make assumptions. I would usually tell or indicate to beginners that the word. Whenever we get more complicated and use statement like. 'Mm! It appears to be more green to me. Progressive verb forms Harold is a man I am a priest so I must be holy. say. or I err. and it looks red to you. The cat is black In psychotherapy. To the speaker. they are objective. but because it looks green to me. When I tried to figure out some meaning. Existential Questions.

Because we went through a legal marriage ceremony five years ago. when humans alone think this. I felt sexy. and does not appear easy to translate without losing important meanings in the language.. 'You are stupid' to myself. Yet. I am a worrier I picture imaginary things happening and tell myself frightening stories about the future When we translate the 'to be' statements into E-Prime. Do those nebulous and airy creatures who live in the asteroid belt have the same physics that we have? Don't we have our viewpoints because we have our eyes.'..' Also consider the following: The house was built in 1903.e. according to the shopkeeper. I utter the words. Humanity is in decline I read a report by a professor saying the world's resources had declined. objective and less controversial. You are so unreasonable! You appear to me to behave so unreasonably! 10. To use 'continues to . makes for strange English! 'At this moment I continue to garden. Men are selfish Harold forgot our anniversary. I refer to Bill as my husband. Last year. 'I conclude 'I am stupid' Or I spent too much money last week. they become more factual. I am stupid 8. 5.. Alice is so sexy. Humanity is in decline 5. and with a different biology. you should appear objective!!! (According to me. I was walking down the road yesterday when I saw Alice. do not let your own existence affect the results) 3. consider the use of 'to be' in the following sentences: I am working in the garden at the moment. Some statement appear complete nonsense. John is a crook 2. do not let your own existence affect the results. the use of the verb 'to be' causes the problem. 7. 8.Science teachers tell their students that do science in an objective way. according to some. Where they would tend to lead us to hasty conclusions. you should simply listen and observe. 1. I want to be self-confident 9. I want to speak up more at works meetings. Be objective (i. Bill is my husband. 1. then they appear to me less absolute. we would have a different world view? I think we would! For example. I am stupid. Should we translate all English into E-Prime Firstly. You are so unreasonable! 10.) According to me.. Bill is my husband 7. I am a worrier You can imagine the long and heated discussions on 'Men are selfish' and similar statements. .e. I want to be self-confident. By eliminating the verb 'to be' we eliminate the problem! Let us illustrate this by translating the above statements into E-Prime. ears and sensors. therefore. I will be lying on the beach! This use of the verb 'to be' in the progressive senses doesn't appear to involve predication and identity. 6. However. Alice is so sexy. John took a tin of baby food from a shop without paying. 6. it conceals the lie 'that things persist permanenty and absolutely'. and keep your personal views out of it!) 3. 4. This time next week. John is a crook. When I saw Alice yesterday. Men are selfish 4. Statements using 'is' in common with many present tense verbs can imply the unquestionable truth of the statement. The work has been completed. etc. Be objective (i. 9. 2. and objectivity seems important to them.

when it has no significance at all. 2. or if we identified the doer. Better solutions would use more accurate language. but surely not 'builders' . The problem seems insoluble to me 3. it is wrong. • It is decided. we do not know the doer. Translations into e-prime should be natural. Mary is beautiful Mary appears beautiful to my eyes.. many passive constructions conceal vagueness and possibly mislead so the active expression appears better on most occasions. The problem is insoluble. But this might lead the reader to wonder why we mentioned Bill Boggs and to wonder its significance.this seems so obviouse! If a team of housewives completed the work. 'seems to me'. Be the monster in the play! Take the role of monster in the play! 1. This is inscrutable. Be a good mother! Feed your baby when it cries! 3.. but 'workers . Without the verb 'to be' these statements would be very difficult to express! Yet we could express them as (in one of many ways): • The king forbade this. Does eliminating the verb 'to be' in these make any improvements? If a co-operative built the house. Use 'appears to me/ you/ them'.The victims were examined at the hospital and sent home. How to translate English into E-Prime Attributes The rose is red. • Mr Smith decided this. this too appears worth saying. • I have decided to conclude the matter. etc solves the problem by using ready made solutions.. etc.. to me to them to us to him/ her etc. then this seems interesting and worth noting. Either we use 'got' as a replacement in these passive sentences. There is no answer. Identity 1. 'looks to me'. 1. Using appears. Be a man! Tell her what you think! 2. For instance. 2. or we do not consider the doer important. • It isn't done. • The matter is concluded. we might say: Bill Boggs & Co built the house in 1903. She has a degree in engineering. In the sentences.' Having said this. but builders!) The workers completed the work. She is an engineer. The doctors examined the victims at the hospital and allowed them to go home.! • According to me. . appears seems looks etc. ' If the local mechanic examined the victims. then this appears worth saying. I am Ken My parents named me Ken. For example: • It is forbidden. but surely not 'the doctors . There appears no answer to me 4. or we reveal the agent: The builders built the house in 1903 (Who else. we might confuse the reader. This appears inscrutable to those scientist.

long time promoting E-Prime (E’).! I wished everyone would just use it because using it myself showed me that a lot of the arguments I engaged in qualified as meaningless. and she turned me on to Korzybski.” as well. internally. !I had also just discovered internet forums and spent several hours a day entertaining myself on Christianity Debate boards.! I noticed my satisfaction from debating decrease day by day. the teacher will come?).RAW. I had become (in some sense) what I outwardly rejected the most.! In September I read Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson. and I experienced profound changes in my thinking. Quantum Psychology MLA Course. every report.! She also goes down in Minja History as the first English teacher to return papers to me full of red pen – always for “passive voice” and “using is too much”. a belief. !It took a few years.! And somehow. This is a toad.! I had turned E’ into a dogma. since I had stopped doing it to them.! Once I realized this.3.! But I didn’t stop noticing the proliferation of izes in the communication surrounding me everyday.! I even stopped writing in E’. 13 January 2005 January 2001.! Then it hit me – adhering to anything all the time (even something as incredible to me as E’) sure sounds like a good definition for “belief.R.! I also wished for it because I wanted people to quit trying to inflict their biases on me – it only seemed fair to me at the time. The revelation stunned me. telling people what to do.! My English summer class professor turned out to be a brilliant woman who studied linguistics at UC Davis (when the student is ready. Brag/incitement: Whether you like modern physics and Budddhism or prefer to return to aristotetlian [faith-based] neurosemantics after 8 weeks of e-prime you will at least unnerstan' quantum/Buddhist perspective and KNOW wot you've rejected .! Every class presentation. !Some saw me as preaching from an E’ pulpit.! I started using E’ as Bob suggested. maybe" imagine every tower in Islam resounding with "There 'is' no god except maybe Allah and maybe Mohammed 'is' his prophet" The world might go stark staring sane? .! And I still felt like anyone and everyone could benefit from just trying E’ for 8 weeks.! I had just moved from Southern to Northern California and was working full time and and taking a semester off school. using skills I had cultivated in my high school years as a nationally-ranked Lincoln/Douglas Debater to tear my opponents arguments apart by twisting language (definitions. and discovered my Cosmic Trigger – E-Prime (E’). labels. Aristotelian Logic) and often added insult to injury through subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ad hominem attacks. Beyond E-Prime ! By J. which affected my thought. long.! I was such a troll – and I loved every minute of it. and I soon found I could see their perspective quite clearly. words from Papa Bob helped me understand more. I spent a long. I usually talked about E’ and debated why people should use it.! But how do I go about promoting something and not sound like I’ve turned it into a dogma? !As usual. “Minja” Jaymz E-Prime (E’): The English Language without the verb “to be” imagine a world where maybelogic and e-prime becom the norm imagine a world with the pope saying "maybe an ordained priest can turn a piece of bread into the body! of a dead Jew but the priest needs a Willy for the magick to work" imagine Jerry Falwell bellowing "maybe Jesus hates gay people as mch as i do" imagine a rabbi chanting "Hear O Israel:the Lord God seems one.! I even reconciled with my very Christian sister who I had stopped talking to 7 years before. I stopped talking about E’. in a sense. and help from my friends at the MLA in the now-mythic E-Prime Argument to come face to face with my Cosmic Schmuckery – in taking the stance I did with E’ I was. English speaking people call this a toad. everywhere I posted online.

! I have used Tracy E. I now use E-Choice.! Underline or highlight in another color those statements you find you either emphatically agree or disagree with. !!Consider why these izes reside in you.! I may write out more another time. ! See the fnords ! Get a bunch of magazines from different perspectives on a topic. magazine. or write them on a separate sheet of paper for later study. or pens in different colors.! I’ve listed a couple below. refraining from reading any of your writing.! Spend as little thought and energy as possible on this writing. ! .! Who am I to try and tell another person what’s best for them?! And I also see a number of reasons why I’m into E’ as opposed to. Ore’s The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality most recently and obtained entertaining results. say. January 14. or any collection of essays.! Think of it as giving a stage to your Prover (“What the Thinker Thinks.Consider it an exploration. and I’m reminded of how easily I can ridicule unfamiliar realitytunnels. anyway) games and exercises I’ve thought up and tried during my years with E’.! Try to tap into the transparent thoughts that play a role in your actions and reactions to life. ! Other tools needed: a set of highlighers. or just a pencil ! Read through an article (or 10 pages at a time.! Plus. or find some academic articles on the internet and print them out.RAW. conspiracy theories. just grab anything – newspaper. set aside a block of time to spend reading what you wrote. some will try them some will only pretend to try them & some will spend 8 weeks explaining logically why nobody shd. Quantum Psychology Maybe Logic Academy Course. circle or highlight in one color every instance of be you notice.! Highlight or circle every is-statement (sentence that contains be). as RAW did after a while. or something like it. ! Do this as many mornings as you can manage/remember/feel like for two weeks. some fun (to me. spend 15-30 minutes freewriting.! Notice reoccurring statements. or whatever metaphor works for you. 2005 ! I’m (mostly) done trying to convince people why I think they should try E’. Quantum Psychology MLA Course. for those interested.! Just don’t grab any of RAW’s more recent books. so any unacknowledged credit is merely an oversight on my part) . January 13.RAW. 2005 And the next day<specifically regarding E-Prime> when semantic experiments seem useful. try them . even though mine seems equally absurd to someone on the other end. if a long book).! !(probably not all on my own – I could have very likely read these somewhere some time.! ! But I’ll share.! ! Self-Self-Examination ! Immediately upon waking every morning. like 8 weeks of Chinese ideogram .! As you do. whatever.! If you’re feeling especially lazy but still want to do this exercise.! ! After the two weeks are up. the Prover Proves”). or your subconscious mind.

The fnords produced a whole population walking around in chronic lowgrade emergency.Read through the article again. the essence of control is fear. dizzy spells. No wonder the poor bastards believe anything they're told. All my left-wing arrogance and contempt for my countrymen melted.! What does that say to you about the writer’s intent?! How much information did you receive from the essay? ! ! Contemplate the word “fnord”. and just to feel a general low-grade emergency without knowing why. I realized. never show much . of course. ! I looked back at the paper and still saw the fnords. which were bad enough in themselves anyway. it's technically called) whenever encountering the word ``fnord. The first conditioned reflex was to experience the panic reaction (the activation syndrome. This was one step beyond Pavlov.! Black out the be and highlight the rest of the sentence. walk through pollution and overcrowding without complaining.! !I’ve quoted from Illuminatus! below. never fight back.! Why didn’t you see it the first time?! Compare the missed izes and the easily noticed izes. including the word itself.! Substitute “is” for “fnord” and see if it still has meaning to you. was to attribute this anxiety to the news stories.'' The second conditioned reflex was to black out what happened. And the third step. never protest. watch their son hauled off to endless wars and butchered. tormented by ulcers. searching for all the izes you missed the first time around. nightmares. Of course. heart palpitations and all the other symptoms of too much adrenalin. ! Notice the frequency of occurrence of be in the essays.! What differences can you find between the two groups of sentences?! Develop some theories for why you didn’t see some but saw others. and I felt a genuine pity.

happiness or eroticism or curiosity or normal human emotion, live with perpetual tunnel vision, walk past a slum without seeing either the human misery it contains or the potential threat it poses to their security . . . ! ! The Writer invites anyone who has a comment, question, or complaint to contact hir at A fnord is a propaganda word conditioned in the masses from a very young age to respond to, usually with fear, anxiety, or uneasiness, but unable to be seen by the general populace. (This definition originates in the Illuminatus trilogy of books by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.) Sometimes it's used in a sentence to denote a general conspiracy (often jokingly), or sometimes it's used for no reason, especially by Discordians fnord. I heard that David Koresh is sharing an apartment in Argentina with Hitler fnord A phrase or sentence that doesn't seem to make any sense. It is often used in Usenet and other computer circles to indicate a random or surreal sentence; anything out of context (intentionally or not) may be labelled "fnord". Also: Fnord is that funny feeling you get when you reach for the Snickers bar and come back holding a slurpee. Fnord is the blue stripes in the road that never get painted. Fnord is place where those socks vanish off to in the laundry. Fnord is an arcade game like Pacman without the little dots. Fnord is a little pufflike cloud you see at 5pm. Fnord is the empty pages at the end of the book. Fnord is toast without bread. Fnord is a venetian blind without the slats. Fnord is the lint in the navel of the mites that eat the lint in the navel of the mites that eat the lint in Fnord's navel. Fnord is the bucket where they keep the unused serifs for Helvetica. Fnord is the color only blind people can see. Fnord is the the four-leaf clover with a missing leaf. Fnord is the space in between the pixels on your screen. Fnord is the smallest number greater than zero. Fnord lives in the empty space above a decimal point. Fnord is the redundant coin slot on arcade games. Fnord is the founding father of the phrase "founding father". Fnord is the last bit of sand you can't get out of your shoe. Fnord keeps a spare eyebrow in his pocket. Fnord invented the green hubcap. Fnord is why doctors ask you to cough. Fnord uses two bathtubs at once. SOUND

24: It may be done by localizing desire to one sense, hence by this formula using the ear as the vehicle, one hears the most transcendental music ever conceived, being the voices and harmony of every conceivable animal and human existence and so with each sense. - AOS It is extraordinary how the formula of Hermes Trismegistus holds throughout; Magick is but the extension of the microcosm in the macrocosm. And as the macrocosm is the greater, it follows that what one does by magick is to attune oneself with the Infinite. —"The Revival of Magick" -Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley—certainly the most skeptical of all mystics—writes forcefully:

For mind and body alike there is no purgative like pranayama, no purgative like pranayama. For mind and body alike, for mind and body alike— alike!—there is, there is, there is no purgative like pranayama—pranayama!—pranayama! yea, for mind and body alike there is no purgative, no purgative, no purgativemind and body alike) no purgative like pranayama! “In fact, the ultimate speculation we can make about the nature of Divinity is that Divinity is NO-THING which we can know. In Hebrew, the word for no-thing (nothing) is AIN.” -Donald Michael Kraig, Modern Magick

Intro to: HU : The Sound of the Unknown (Divine Essence)

"HU is the “vibrational expression” of Cosmic Consciousness." - Suresh Emre

"The Universe was manifested out of Divine Sound; From it came into being the Light."-Shamas - I - Tabriz

Word origin:! God - Our word god goes back via Germanic to Indo-European, in which a corresponding ancestor form meant “invoked one.”! The word’s only surviving non-Germanic relative is Sanskrit hu, invoke the gods, a form which appears in the Rig Veda, most ancient of Hindu scriptures. (From READER’S DIGEST, Family Word Finder, page 351) (Originally published by The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville New York,!Montreal;!!Copyright! 1975) "All affirmations are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense."- SRI SAYADASTI

from The Flaming Door: Mission of the Celtic Fold Soul by Eleanor C. Merry, 1936 "And that which came to meet the soul (as light and sound come to meet our outer eyes and ears) was called HU, the spiritual world." (p. 137) "The Mysteries of HU revealed the other pole of human life: the ascent out of the body into the 'glorified' state of expansion of the consciousness in the spiritual world." (p. 153) "And HU could bring music to the consciousness of waking man and teach it to him, because he himself could hear in sleep the harmonies of the spheres, and his passage from waking to sleeping to waking was unbroken by any obliteration of consciousness. This was always the summit of initiation experience." (p. 165)

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a living God.

from The Religions of Tibet by Giuseppe Tucci "The figure of the creator, who corresponds to the Isvara of certain Saivite schools, bear various names, among them sNang ba ód Idan, Kun snang khyab pa and khri khug rgyal po. That which he creates has two aspects, the exterior world (phyi snod) and that contained within it (bcud), a division that corresponds to that between the Indian bhajana-loka and sattva-loka. The cosmology which is attached to this is surely very old, and is throughout constructed on a dualist basis. From the breath which streamed out of the creator there emerged two syllables HU HU, and progressively, the entire universe."

from The Secret Power of Music by David Tame In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word. And the Word is Brahman. - Vedas In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. - Gospel according to St John. As the religions of East and West so strikingly agree: in the beginning was the Word. But exactly what was -- or, to use the present tense of the Vedic quotation, is -- the Word? The above scriptures describe it as being a part of God, or Brahman. Further, the quotation from the opening of the gospel of St John continues, pregnant with meaning: The same (the Word) was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. We have, in these famous, deeply mystical lines from St John, then, yet another example of the universal ancient belief that God, or a Divine Being, created the universe, and did so by means of a vibratory emanation. This sacred vibration is usually referred to in early Christian texts as the Word (this meaning of the term having been forgotten or overlooked by most Christians today). In Hinduism the divine vibration is, as we have seen, more usually referred to as OM. Nevertheless, the Word and the OM are one and the same thing. Moreover, a great variety of other terms stemming from the different cultures of ancient times also refer to this same universal, eternal phenomenon. Cosmic Sound, infused with the essence of Consciousness, has been known variously as AUM, AMN, AMEN, AMEEN, OMEN, OMON, I AM, HU, YAHUVAH, the Logos, the Lost Word, and by other names besides. (p. 205) In Persia the name of the fabulous huma bird is derived from the root, Hum, which is related to OM. And tradition has it that should the huma bird alight for a moment upon the head of any person, then it is a sign that the person is destined to become a 'king'. Incidentally, the root, HU, is a direct reference to the Word of God; and this is most interesting, for this same root is also a part of the Word human. In 'human', the man portion comes from the Sanskrit Mana, or 'mind of the ordinary man'. So the term 'human' is therefore an eternal reminder of the ancient doctrine: that God is even now in all men, and can be more fully realized by all. Even as Jesus was also the Christ, demonstrating the unification of the principles of earth and heaven as both the Son of Man and the Son of God, so are all men hu-man; God-man. (p. 215) The sunlights differ, but there is only one darkness.

from The Sirius Connection by Murry Hope From the aforegoing, it may be seen that the leonine archetype assumed great significance in all Egyptian thinking, from the cosmological to the everyday. Lion gods and spirits were therefore looked upon as the guardians of all places and property, and the heads were often carved to represent members of the family, priests, priestesses, or Pharaohs and their wives. The Greeks called these 'sphinxes'. One of the names of the Egyptian Sphinx was HU, 'the protector'; another was Hor-em-akhet or 'Horus of the Horizon'which immediately connects its erection with those enigmatical 'Sons (or Followers) of Horus' the Shemsu-Hor. Curiously enough, the name 'HU' also occurs in the Celtic myth of Hu Gadam, an Atlantean person from the sea who guided a band of settlers to the prehistoric shores of Wales. There is also an uncanny similarity of sound between the names Hu Gadam and the Tuatha de Danaans (pronounced Tuar-de-Danans), those strange fairy people with magical powers who, according to legend, landed on the shores of prehistoric Ireland. (p. 197)

"Give a monkey a brain and he'll swear he's the center of the universe."

that is produced whenever an object moves in the universe. Since nothing in creation is in perfect state of rest (electrons are constantly moving around the nucleus). does not exist in the universe." . It is the smallest sound. for example. they are not really opposites of each others." (p.Author Unknown . it is possible that crystals. the real meaning of Silence. On the other hand. Both sound and silence represent two forms of sounds: sound as we know it represents audible sound. it is safe to say that there is no place in creation where the sound "Hu" is not produced. 5) "The forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers may take on their shape because they are responding to some sound in nature.from The Message of The Sphinx by Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval "When speaking of the Sphinx. or the smallest vibration. we are trying to increase our ability to hear a very specific sound: the vibrating sound of the Universe.. Likewise. which is perfect absence of sound. silence represents non-audible sound. the Ancient Egyptians frequently made use of the Harranian derivation Hwl. plants. The sound "Hu" is the most basic vibration in the universe. when we seek to immerse ourselves in Silence. On the contrary. “Hu” is both a sound and a Holy Name of God. The Unknown is referred to as "Hu" in Ancient Spirituality. In this world. That sound is the eternal vibration of "Huuuuuu".. and human beings may be.Cathie Guzett The Relation Between Sound and Silence We usually think of sound and silence as two opposite concepts. in some way. which is the sound of our inner Soul. It is the sound of the Unknown. . Silence is the sound of the Unknown. music that has taken on visible form. we are not trying to shut our ability to hear sounds. It is the sound of the Known. but they also knew it by many other names: HU. In fact. Therefore.

for the same purpose.until it finally becomes Hu. Man does not hear it as a rule.a double flute . as the spirit [is] in the body. not the man-made. and the same word was audible to Christ when absorbed in his heavenly Father in the wilderness.the Numen and your Genius with all their media. and about all things in life. The bells and gongs in the churches and temples are meant to suggest to the thinker the same sacred sound. anxieties. the natural name. This word is not only uttered by human beings but is repeated by animals and birds.a shell. although in comparison to it the sounds of the earth are like that of a whistle to a drum. The sound HU is the spirit of all sounds and all words. !Moses heard this sound on Mount Sinai when in communion with God. serve merely as a background to the dazzling embroidery. no motive to enact except through your own purely formed desire. The Qur'an refers to this sound in the words: 'Be! and all became'. the roaring of the sea. This alone is the true name of God. The Sufis name it sarmad. and thus lead him towards the inner life. !This sound develops through ten different aspects because of its manifestation through ten different tubes of the body. meaning unlimited sound. Shiva heard the same anahad nada during his samadhi in the cave of the Himalayas. and the Word was with God and the Word was God. keeping themselves in the wilderness apart from the haunts of men. and has reached that goal of truth in which all the blessed ones of God unite. It sounds like thunder. no words to speak. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe. beast. This is the word mentioned in the Bible as existing before light came into being: ’In the beginning was the Word. or shanka . Yet you are still in great company . This sound is the source of all revelation to the Masters to whom it is revealed from within. they become altogether eclipsed. !Space is within the body as well as around it. all other sounds become indistinct to the mystic. !Some train themselves to hear the sawt-e-sarmad in the solitude. Yogis and ascetics blow sing . The limited volume of earthly sounds is so concrete that it dims the effect of the sound of the abstract to the sense of hearing. yet. by being able to know the direction of sound. The soul of the listener becomes the all-pervading consciousness. !This sound Hu is the beginning and end of all sounds. Whoever has followed the strains of this sound has forgotten all earthly distinctions and differences. present and future. silver. when mixed with others of still brighter hue. which suggests the idea of intoxication. for every activity of life expresses distinctly or indistinctly this very sound. fears and diseases. There are many colors that are quite distinct by themselves. Dervishes play nai or alghoza . since it is even difficult for the eyes to see the form and color of the ethereal vibrations on the external plane. the sound of shanka . all space is filled with it. appears to him blank. shut the door. !The Sufi knows of the past. empty your mind. but no language can help belonging to it. Every aspect of one's being in which sound manifests has a peculiar effect upon life. sorrows. So it is with the abstract sound compared with the sounds of the external world. be they from man. the most sacred of all sounds. It is because of this that they know and teach one and the same truth. the whistle. !This can be easily understood by studying the nature of color. the freedom of the soul from its earthly bondage. or thing. which can be realized by listening to the sound of the steam engine or of a mill. which all nature constantly proclaims. a name that no people and no religion can claim as their own. others attain it while sitting in the caves of the mountains. and the soul is freed from captivity in the senses and in the physical body. because his consciousness is entirely centered in his material existence. which awakens in them this inner tone. the only name of the Nameless. on the sea shore. the twittering of sparrows. the buzzing of bees. When the abstract sound is audible. and is hidden within them all. around and about man. and his spirit becomes the battery which keeps the whole universe in motion. The Supreme Being has been called by various names in different languages but the mystics have known it as HU. It does not belong to any language. the jingling of bells. the sound of the abstract is always going on within. Those who are able to hear the sawt-e-sarmad and meditate on it are relieved from all worries.” ! Austin Osman Spare. which Muhammed heard in the cave of Ghar-e-Hira when he became lost in his divine ideal. Man becomes so absorbed in his experiences in the external world through the medium of the physical body that space. the vina. A minute study will prove this fact. for the activity of vibrations has a special effect in every direction. This being the case. diamonds or pearls. bird. the sound of the abstract plane. The word intoxication is here used to signify upliftment. All things and beings proclaim this name of the Lord.a horn. or when wandering constantly through forests and deserts. Even bright colors. in other words. !It was the sawt-e-sarmad.’ . the body is in the space and the space is in the body. The flute of Krishna is symbolic of the same sound. and your host of elementals and ghosts of your dead loves — are there! They need no light by which to see. on the river bank and in the hills and dales. !The sound of the abstract is called anahad in the Veda. when embroidered with gold. while the echo of bells or gongs gives a typical illustration of the sound Hu. The Logomachy of Zos Abstract Sound Abstract sound is called sawt-e-sarmad by the Sufis. running water. The vibrations of this sound are too fine to be either audible or visible to the material ears or eyes.“Darken your room. with all its wonders of light and sound.

The word Huwal suggests the idea of omnipresence. therefore alif or alpha is considered to be the first expression of Hu. In English the word 'human' explains two facts which are characteristic of humanity: Hu means God and man means mind. The Sanskrit alphabet as well as that of most other languages begins with the letter A. and both together expressing on God and one truth. Haqiqat in Arabic means the essential truth. . a dreamy look comes into his eyes and his countenance becomes radiant. then he becomes as a king. the knowledge of God. Ya suggesting the word oh and Hu standing for God. but when the sound first takes shape on the external plane. but it is man by whom he is known. All of these examples signify the origin of God in the word Hu. The word A therefore expresses in English one. which word comes from the Sanskrit Mana. he experiences the unearthly joy and rapture of Wajd. The words found in the Bible. which is symbolic of manifestation. while the A represents manifestation. which is totally unlike the momentary intoxication's of this mortal plane. The letter A is pronounced without the help of the teeth or tongue. These three essential letters of the alphabet are brought together as the mystery in the Quran. -Hazrat Inayat Khan "Keep chanting the syllable HU will you are in the body. is in all things and beings. A in the commencement of the word expresses the beginning. hu represents spirit. both of which words signify the everlasting nature of God. the existence which is known.Evan T. and M in the midst signifies end. This first word Ahura suggests Hu. its real meaning is he expression of heavenly beauty. Ahura Mazda is the name of God known to the Zoroastrians. its assonant sounds become hu ek. Your vibratory rate also determines much of what and whom you experience during the day. The words om. Hur in Arabic means the beauties of the Heaven. He is no longer dependent upon a book or a teacher. al meaning he. mind being the ordinary man. the adepts of India. the more his consciousness becomes free from all the limitations of life. especially that of God in nature. for divine wisdom. and Hakim means knower. and Hayyat means life. When ecstasy overwhelms him he is neither conscious of the physical existence nor of the mental. 'Except a man be born of water and the Spirit. and the sound ends in m (mim). This is the heavenly wine. In the word al-Haqq are expressed two words. as well as first. As Sharif says. Its true explanation is. The two words united represent the idea of the Godconscious man. all of which words express the essential characteristics of life. Alim comes from the same. both of which words signify ego. Zuhur in Arabic means manifestation. Truth. which shows its calm and peaceful state. his mind is purified from sin. omen. 'I by the light of soul realize that the beauty of the heavens and the grandeur of the earth are the echo of Thy magic flute'. In English all suggest the meaning of the entire or absolute nature of existence. It is the limitation of language that it can only describe the Most High as something like a king. and a pathway is opened for him towards the world unseen. This word in Hindustani expresses limitation because Ham means I or we. which is the secret to inner travel. or God-man. Human therefore may be said to mean God-conscious. The name of the Prophet of Islam was significant of his attitude to God. begins to shine upon him. and ek in Hindustani meaning one. or first. the light of his soul. the sound of the abstract. are related to the word Allahu. There is a belief that if the Huma bird sits for a moment on the head of anybody it is a sign that he will become a king. and Haqq truth. and the life of God in every thing and being. This word HU raises your vibratory rate. the producing of which sound signifies life. Jehovah was originally Yahuva. The word Hamd means praise. Hayy in Arabic means everlasting. Hu is the origin of sound. praiseworthy. and Muhammad. The more a Sufi listens to Saut-i Sarmad. or ecstasy. impressions. it becomes A. both words together expressing God the source from which all comes. are of the same origin. he begins to receive inspirations. or truth. and revelations without the least effort on his part. God-realized. Eloi. and in Sanskrit A always means without. The word Huma in the Persian language stands for a fabulous bird. and the sign of alif expresses the meaning one. for M naturally ends in a nasal sound. The word Hamsa is the sacred word of the Yogis which illumines the ego with the light of reality. to which all Sufi poets refer. The A is raised to the surface when the tongue rises and touches the roof of the mouth when pronouncing the letter l (lam). A heavenly bliss then springs in the heart of a Sufi. and the word mah in Arabic means water. the Holy Spirit. which are spoken in all houses of prayer. Hakim means master. that when a man's thoughts so evolve that they break all limitation. for the letter m closes the lips. N the final letter is the re-echo of M. the original word. they are named in Sanskrit Purusha and Prakriti. If we divide the word Haqq into two parts. praiseful. in other words Hu. El or Ellah has the same meaning as Allah. The word Allah. and Huvva is the origin of the name of Eve. When alif the first and lam the central letters are brought together they make the word al which means 'the' in Arabic. Hamid. The pronunciation of which closes the lips. his body from all impurities. as Adam is symbolic of life. he cannot enter the Kingdom of God. use as their sacred chant. This explains the words in the Bible. Hu signifying God. The sound Hu becomes limited in the word Ham. With A deepened by ain the word Ilm is formed which means knowledge. The soul floats above the physical and mental plane without any special effort on man's part. 'Alam means state or condition. Elohim and Hallelujah. Al-Haqq is the sacred word that the Vairagis. amen and amin. which in Arabic means God. if divided into three parts may be interpreted as 'the One who comes from nothing'.' In the word Huma. as does the name of God in several tongues." . is called by a Sufi Haqq.The mystery of Hu is revealed to the Sufi who journeys through the path of initiation. God. It is said in the old traditions that Zoroaster was born of a Huma tree. and means knower. upon which the whole name is built. intuitions.

some Zeus. some have called God. happiness is an internal state and an internal decision you make on your own. it is Thy-SELF. Francis “For I am I: ergo." Jimi Hendrix It is spoken of the Sephiroth.” ! Austin Osman Spare However. Spheres. have never seen anyone that was not God already.” At the (tenth) door rings the unstruck Melody. is something only you can do for yourself. it is all music. the nature in which we live."Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) "What makes us feel drawn to music is that our whole being is music: our mind and body. chaos. conflict. It is immaterial whether they exist or not."-St. my own sphinx." . and the same chaos will appear differently ordered and disordered. I am the prism between black and white: mine own unison in duality. ~Zen Saying Great Master Dogen says “striking unbounded space and hearing It reverberate’. (Vadhans M. vortex—asymmetric to all rhythms.. Pick another grid. . Formlessness is none other than Form." -Aleister Crowley "I myself.. By doing certain things certain results follow. and many other things which may or may not exist. is what is looking. and that (capital-T) Truth. all that is beneath and around us. of Spirits and Conjurations. Planes. and that other Episkoposes are sometimes told quite different things in their Revelations. which are also the Word of God/dess. which is Its continuous. metaphysical reality.while others may contribute to situations in your life that please you. and through it some chaos appears ordered and some appears disordered. (Goddess) some Brahma. 5) "Music is the harmonious voice of creation: an echo of the invisible world. Philosophy: God/dess helps those who help themselves. like many other things in life. Pick a grid. O Seeker. The Lord echoes thus in every heart. • Reality is the original Rorschach. and the Paths. students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them. of Gods. Illumination. one note of the divine concord that the entire universe is destined one day to sound.Pritchard "Form is Formlessness. —"Liber O" Knock on the sky and listen to the sound. "The Keystone. wonderful voice before and after the mallet has struck the bell.Prajnnaparamita Sutra "I try to use my music to move these people to act. some even IAO but in truth. the truth of myself." Hazrat Inyat Khan (Sufi Master) (1882-1927) • The point is that (little-t) truth is a matter of definition relative to the grid one is using at the moment. oblique to all paths."-Austin Osman Spare "What we are looking for. the nature which has made us. is irrelevant to grids entirely. No one else can make you happy . it is only fair to state that God/dess doesn't always say the same thing to each listener.

you'll probably come to a dead stop. the arm-waving and word-reciting isn't where the magic(k) comes from in the first place . That doesn't mean you can't do it alone.."-Author E-Prime Xaospeak 'Every man and woman is a Star. with illumination . and imagine the confidence. How can you teach yourself lessons that you don't already know? In truth. and you'll be well on your way. initiation is something you can do yourself. Fluffy-sounding or not. but the goal is always working with your own head. Imagine that you are connected to every other living being on this planet. Whatever you call it. watch a stimulting movie. though we have emphasized this because of the many inquiries from disconnected Discordians who are looking for things to pull with just themselves to work with. when you directly go about trying to think "interesting thoughts". you'll find yourself thinking interesting thoughts completely on comes from inside of you.. (Chaos. So. it's an internal state of "being one with God". Waving your hands around and reciting magic words won't do the trick. talk to a friend.. watch a good movie. and a ton of other new agey phrases that sound embarassingly fluffy when used in most situations.sometimes it's hard to forget that this is *your* hand.regardless of the situations in your life that have contributed to it. utilize some of the suggestions in this section. the decision to actually *see* that greater reality is all an internal decision. and ease that come with that knowing: it's like that. gnosis. DOING MAGICK MEANS TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY Practice HUmility. Self-initiation takes a little bit more work (think masturbation compared to sex . but if you don't forget and just go with the sensation. not the costumes and ceremony. "Be humble for you are made of Earth. enlightenment. Kaos or XAOS) . comfort."-? "Stay HUmble for the body returns to Earth. Some of the activities below may involve other people. Illumination is the same . How do you make yourself think interesting thoughts? Like being told "say something interesting".. Act noble. The robes. though . all of that is dress-up aimed at getting you to the right frame of mind.if you go about trying to "attain enlightenment" directly. in another sense self-illumination seems very like trying to pull yourself up by your shoestrings: the two opposing forces of 'status quo' and 'breakthrough' come from the same entity. You just have to figure out what would get you to that frame of mind. too. Like illumination. many others.pick up a good book. the ritual tools. that's about the best way to describe it. On the other hand. you'll probably come up blank. That's not to say this is easy. though. the frame of mind is the initiation. What do we mean when we say "illumination"? It goes by a lot of names: nirvana."-AC "Every man and every woman and every child is an honest to god Pope. you'll never get anywhere with it). if you pick up an interesting book. While in one sense it is an internal decision. but it is possible. Be noble for you are made of stars. • Curb Your Dogma."-Robert Anton Wilson And Remember: IT IS MY FIRM BELIEF THAT IT IS A MISTAKE TO HOLD FIRM BELIEFS. HAIL ERIS! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA! fnord? OM Amen Hu Silence into Infinity. and neither seems to be stronger than the other. but like in an initiation performed for you by someone else. This section isn't just for things you can do alone.while external situations in your life may conspire to show you your own greater reality. the DNA comes from the Stars. the situation is a lot more complicated than that. "being at peace with the Universe". or engage in some new hobby.

:) 1. THE VOID. Quiescence is hidden desire.e. or identity. “A seed is a unit of consciousness that has body. no. and modern philosophical thought. Oh. and/or Program to create / listen to audible Sound/M(Hu)sick. The idea that functions in THAT. i. a form of "not asking". Mysticism. Visual Magick 2. which means how YOU process. have not all yet learnt. Body etc. How IT processes. equal THAT .. Religion.! . life. HU-Man voice.” -Jan Fries. Dark Matter. Sound/Musick (HU/YOU/Hue) Current creation.. etc.e. Spirit. Materials Needed: M(Hu)sickal Instrument. charge and intelligence and tends to develop from potential into the actual under proper conditions. The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love): The Psychology of Ecstasy “In our solitariness.” ! Austin Osman Spare This operation/technique appears to attempt to encode intent/will/desire and harness/recieve/project (?) the magickal spirit/energy/ psychological properties/qualities/information of inner and outer (non-dual) octarine. Yoga. a "W" can be "M" upside down and "E" sideways.! 1..! MY WILL IS TO BE PROTECTED FROM HARM! 2.. basically work Chaos Magick with Chaos Musick which we term effectively : X(K)Chaos M(Hu)jic(K) or just Hu to make Hu. great depths are sometimes sounded.! For example.. NO-THING . Love is the Law. Cross out any repeated letters! MY WIL* *S TO BE PR***C**D F*** HA**! Resulting in:! MYWILSTOBEPRCDFHA! 3. Heart-Chant.. not in this life. PURE CHAOS."! "F" can be a part of "E" and so on. Consciousness Field. superimposed. The top (or bottom) curve of "S" can be a "D. that to ask it to be denied? Let it be the root of your Gospel. singing bowl. and harmonize one's DNA. . divine essence (or non-essence). Cymatics Research. Now to combine these letters into a symbol. Chaos Science. Heart-Liberate. transmitted and earthed in order to achieve change – change in one’s world. “Others believe in prayer . Do What Thou Wilt. . After many revisions you end up with a glyph of your desire. Then verily sleep is better than prayer. the taboo against knowing who or what YOU . The letters can be flipped. WE . an ancient conceptualization that runs through the whole history of Magick. or anything else really. capital letters are generally used because they appear more willful. Pen & Paper (optional) SIGIL MAGICK BASICS: AOS Sigilization Method The three steps to sigilizing with the AOS method. .” ! Austin Osman Spare. manipulation and release into the greater inner vast no-self (HU/YOU/Hue) or the outer vast Ultra Cosmos (HU) to accomplish one's will.The formulation of a statement of intent. Already Free. Description: The idea that Sound/Silence itself appears as a conception of the Source and Creator/SUSTAINER/Destroyer of ALL-THAT-WAS/IS (Does!)/WILL (be) DO. and the whole of the Multi-Verses really consist of. it is not fulfilled. Seeds are created. Mind. ye who are living other peoples lives! Unless desire is subconscious. appears as the Key (s/tone?). String Theory. (optional) Sigil Making Materials i. linked. Quantum Physics. by it the female obtains much from man. Truth hideth in company.

Ab.Spare.C#.O 3 .A.HANDS FREE! Open-Handed Magick Hu means "God" which in Chaos Magic = CHAOS Man means "Mind" which means roughly = IMAGINATION Formula: INTENT + VIBRATION/FREQUENCY = MANIFESTATION or THINK FOR YOURSELF SCHMUCK! 3. Use this key (or make your own) to assign letters of alphabet to musical tones: C. for the government of energy .B 0123456789TE ABCDE FG H I J K L MNOPQRS TUVWX YZ 0-C -A. but allows it free passage to the sub-consciousness.F.Austin Osman Spare! Sigils are monograms of thought.R 6 .D . so that it does not restrain or attach such desire to its own transitory images. using sympathetic symbols.! . not evolved by hypothesis and experiment. memories and worries. 2. Preparation: 1. The law of sorcery is its own law. YOU (HU) .Q -F. P 4-E 5-F -E.The means used and the way it happens are simple.F#.! --A. "The Book Of Pleasure"! OR i. Z 2-D -C. a mathematical means of symbolising desire and giving it form that has the virtue of preventing any thought and association on that particular desire (at the magical time).T . created by instinctive guess and *arbitrarily* formed. I use a formula.G. S 7-G -H. Visualize or gather materials and form SOI (statement of intent) / sigil for "IT IS MY WILL TO ________".B .Eb .Eb.D.M.Y 1 . the inverse of scientific. escaping the detection of the Ego..O.C# ..Bb.F# .e.G . N .E.

NOW . The author has labored intensely for years pouring over text.V t . Lick. BANISH/OR NOT! .. have continued to inspire revelations... "Consciousness" . "God".. The Rite: Using musical material generated from the sonic sigil. Use numerology to extract numerical/gematria equivalent.I . mantra. some would say all things and no-things "consist" of these Vibrational matrix/holographic based processes.e.. WHATEVER you want to call it.e. "Silence".K . YOU .(optional. the authors research and needs at the time of this particular writing.. Riff. One could use any arbitrary method of assigning musical pitches tones durations etc. (HU . "Hue" . "YOU" . FORGET ALL THAT. to alphabetical/numerical positions. ) 3. Hu i. . "free belief" . i.into Infinity (Silence) ---. activity. BANISH/OR NOT! 0. "Method X" (Jung) . Play musick/chant mantra based on or related to sonic sigil but with improvisational/chaotic impulses to clean the slate so to speak.e.e. Make mantric form of sigilized will/intent/desire (optional but recommended) 4.. 2. instantaneously. etc..Ab . This layout can also be formatted around a circle making 12-fold geometries that could have utilization for further sigilization explorations. Pitch class set.) ..Bb . melody. i.. "Sound" . U 9-A -J. The applications/implications of this technique are infinite. Procedure: 00.. Build energy of piece.. "Mind" .Incorporate dance. websites. You (Hu) therefore effect "reality" by way of resonance at all times. therefore symbolic visualization. Insert Sonic Sigil into piece at high point (Peak Gnosis) .. "Now". W e-B -L. :0 5. languistic/mantric utterance/vibration..S.e. create chordal structure.X i. > i. improv etc. A I R 0 8 5 . This point instant > .e. Etc (optional) 4. 1. Enter Relaxed. create a ritual or experience which aligns with your will/intent/desire.O. INfinity". I>E> >>> this point instant>>> i. NOW.The "Golden" Section 4.. YOUR "MEthod X" is what counts.. Pad Atmosphere. rhythm. Release.i.C) (This assignment appears here completely arbitrarily formed. Loop. appears synonymous....Ab. The discovery of Chaos Magic and subsequent techniques of A. places..* .) 3.. "Reality".e.Pitch Class Set [058] or iv Minor Triad (F.. can function in creative endeavors. books. etc in search of such information only to find countless contentious hooligans and their dogmatic ideas proclaiming authority. based on atonal set theory. Meditative/Trance/Gnostic State. Choose a sound or musical "slice)?(""sample" :) to represent your desire...8 .. Hypnotic.. "IT" . WHEW! (Hu) Always back to SILENCE 5..

to full-on.. consciousness. Sound-Forms. from anything like simple occulted background sound FX in films. Notes: The RESULTS of using this technique seriously can change one's life. DNA. LOVE OVER LAWS. long-distance work.. healing applications. make ring tone for phone. CD for car. meditative journeying. Mantras Affirmations etc. Epic. Super-Hyper Sonic Sigil Sorcery incorporating visuals into a M(Hu)jic(K)ALL Performance encoded with WILL/DESIRE/INTENT. encoded or not. consciousness. group explorations. Further: The Book (on the taboo on knowing who you are) The I Ching The Works of Austin Osman Spare The Works of Aleister Crowley The Mysticism of Sound & Music The Music Of Life Heart Sutra Nada Brahma The Book of Lies (disinfo / crowley) Traveling the Sacred Sound Current The Secret Power of Music Liber Null & Psychonaut Chaos Turbulent Mirror Chao Te Ching Kaostar! Visual Magick Arcana V Prime Chaos Condensed Chaos Oven Ready Chaos Apikorsus Naam or Word Hands on Chaos Magic Stealing the Fire from Heaven Practical Sigil Magic Milarepa Longchenpa Anything by Sri Ramana Maharishi Anything by Nisargadatta Maharaj Principia Discordia Illuminatus! Prometheus Rising yadda yadda yadda Music is my religion. chanting daily upon awaking and before sleep (Huuuuuu or related. literally hearing the inner Nada and through morphic resonance changing one's body. Awakening higher neuro-circuit activity through Sound exploration. the SIGIL of all things unknown. basically re-TUNING the HU-MAN (Sound-Mind) instrument to the Music of the Spheres or Musica Universalis. etc. . Love is the Law. and therefore external reality to one's will and harmonizing with the greater Whole. appear to have scientific results) can realign cells. This operation is a very basic layout for what could be vastly creative workings.) 6. play sigils as loop while asleep. path working. incorporation of sigils into songs.(or not! ANY usage is possible. 7. Jimi Hendrix “Hidden in the labyrinth of the Alphabet is my sacred name. For example.

! -Buddha By becoming attached to names and forms. Anathema of Zos: The Sermon To The Hypocrites “All that we "know" is what registers on our brains.By means of such concepts and mental relations between them. These notions and relations. This is what we mean when we attribute to the bodily object "a real existence.! -Einstein In our thinking. however.appear to us as stronger and more unalterable than the individual sense experience itself. not realising that they have no more basis than the activities of the mind itself. but in another sense.! -Buddha While the Tathagata.are all figments of the imagination and manifestations of the mind. . however it may seem. the concept of space detached from any physical content does not exist.On Earth my kingdom is Eternity of DESIRE. because of the absence of any characteristic marks of self-nature.Austin Osman Spare. constantly makes use of conceptions and ideas about them.” ! Robert Anton Wilson.. for. but in another sense. succession.! -Buddha . in his teaching.we attribute to this concept of the bodily object a significance. we are able to orient ourselves in the labyrinth of sense impressions. Prometheus Rising Things fall apart. Since. atoms. it should be discarded. Yeats: The Second Coming EXERCISE Compare: EINSTEIN According to general relativity." . they are not graspable.! -Buddha All such notions as causation.. by metaphysics. primary elements.. we can only grasp the latter by speculative means. then space loses its substantiality. My wish incarnates in the belief and becomes flesh.It is true that in one sense they are seen and discriminated by the senses as individualized objects. They should recall that the Tathagata. I AM THE LIVING TRUTH. We must always be ready to change these notions—that is to say. So these arbitrary conceptions of things and about things should be wholly given up as one attains enlightenment. and are not..! -Einstein BUDDHA If there is only empty space. sense perception only gives information of this external world or of "physical reality" indirectly. in making use of them in explaining the Dharma always uses them in the semblance of a raft that is of use only to cross a river. therefore.. It follows from this that our notions of physical reality can never be final.. are of the nature of maya and a dream. uniquely determined by the external world.. the character of which as anything other than the result of an illusion or hallucination is never completely guaranteed. with no suns nor planets in it.! -Einstein The belief in an external world independent of the perceiving subject is the basis of all natural science. and as Buddha noticed by sitting alone until all his social imprints atrophied and dropped away. they are not seen but are only imagined. —W.. the axiomatic basis of physics—in order to do justice to perceived facts in the most perfect way logically. error rises…and the way to emancipation is blocked. As the raft is of no further use after the river is crossed.! -Einstein Physical concepts are free creations of the human mind. In one sense they are graspable.. the centre cannot hold.! -Buddha I teach that the multitudinousness of objects have no reality in themselves but are only seen of the mind and. so what you perceive (your individual reality-tunnel) is made up of nothing but thoughts—as Sir Humphrey Davy noted when self-experimenting with nitrous oxide in 1819. which is to high degree independent of the sense impression which originally gives rise to it.! -Einstein Time and again the passion for understanding has led to the illusion that man is able to comprehend the objective world rationally by pure thought without any empirical foundations—in short.B..” . disciples should keep in mind the unreality of all such conceptions and ideas.

” -Timothy Leary. Gandhi.! -Buddha -Einstein & Buddha : The Parallel Sayings “I bring back the wizards and sorcerers the necromancers the magicians. disciples should keep in mind the unreality of all such conceptions and ideas. Chaos & Cyberculture “Sorcery: the systematic cultivation of enhanced consciousness or non-ordinary awareness & its deployment in the world of deeds & objects to bring about desired results. The virtue in most request is conformity. So these arbitrary conceptions of things and about things should be wholly given up as one attains enlightenment. Until I have attained that end.” -Fredrich Nietzsche.” -Julius Evola.perceiving subject is the basis of all natural science. I shall be content to be restless. we can only grasp the latter by speculative means.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.” -Mohandas K. The moon uncovers her nakedness to me. Selfreliance is its aversion.” -Hakim Bey. Assassin “Practice is not concerned with metaphysical interpretations of reality. Comets follow in my wake. I set up idols. They should recall that the Tathagata. Stars make obeisance to me. The Yoga of Power “I mistrust all systematizers and I avoid them. or rather from the very thought of sin. The will to a system is a lack of integrity.” -Harry Crosby. . As the raft is of no further use after the river is crossed. It loves not realities and creators. I practice witchcraft. Nature [italics added] “For now is the time to construct the tools. but rather with the tasks and the realizations that one can accomplish only by going “countercurrent” and by transforming oneself. the axiomatic basis of physics—in order to do justice to perceived facts in the most perfect way logically. however. I seek to be redeemed from sin itself. Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the self-hood of every one of its members. sense perception only gives information of this external world or of "physical reality" indirectly. Their secrets hidden to blinded fools. in making use of them in explaining the Dharma always uses them in the semblance of a raft that is of use only to cross a river. it should be discarded.! -Einstein ideas about them. It follows from this that our notions of physical reality can never be final. Twilight of the Idols “I do not seek redemption from the consequences of my sin. but names and customs. With a sharp-edged sword I cut through the crowded streets. The Book of the Law “Reality designing is a team sport. Since. We must always be ready to change these notions—that is to say. The Story of My Experiments with Truth “Now a curse on Because and his kin!” -Aiwass (Crowley).

” -Alan Watts. enflame thyself with prayer.” -Phil Hine. By this affectiveness the soul draws near and casts its omniscience over us by inspiration.To curse. I lash them with fury stark white with iron black harsh red with blue marble green with bright orange and only gold remains naked. Prime Chaos “If we all did the things we are capable of doing. charge and intelligence and tends to develop from potential into the actual under proper conditions. With our thoughts. I whirl like dervishes. As a sorcerer born who holds the key.” -Aleister Crowley “We are what we think. to chant and be free. conjure. It is time to visualize my own reality. or identity. All that we are arises with our thoughts. Assassin “Self truth results from the unification of Will. we would literally astound ourselves. Colors revolve dressing and undressing. Seeds are created.” -Jan Fries. Chaos & Sorcery “Genuine love comes from knowledge.” -Harry Crosby.” -The Buddha “Chaos Magick can be understood as the discovery and application of effective techniques and scripts to maximize human design for living.” -Nicholas Hall. I roar with joy. we make our world. Edison “And flags unfurled She and the Sun Are not of this world. Visual Magick “Invoke often. Desire and Belief forced into one thing. not from a sense of duty or guilt. Ritual !!!!“I am the power of my desire (ID)” – Aos “I stamp upon the floor.” -Harry Crosby.” -Thomas A. The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are “A seed is a unit of consciousness that has body. life. transmitted and earthed in order to achieve change – change in one’s world.” Aos – The Logomachy of Zos .

” -Bruce Lee “Agents of chaos cast burning glances at anything or anyone capable of bearing witness to their condition. Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism “When ya gotta go…Now we know what we are here for. suspires into great Art. NO1-8-19 HU! .” -Hakim Bey. . incapable of adaptability. Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism “Life is a cut-up. their fever of lux et voluptas. K. By the abstention of desire. Burroughs “Set patterns. Truth is outside of all patterns.” --Austin Osman Spare. The Logomachy of Zos “Fill now my soul with symbols of delight: Soft voices and soft fingers and soft charms And the perfume of the lotus in the night.THAT WONDERFUL first glance at anything which is fleeting but.” -Brion Gysin.S.” -William S. Water-Lillies “The last possible deed is that which defines perception itself. if caught. this is attained (at the psychological time this determines itself” Aos-The Book of Pleasure “….'.C.“By projecting the consciousness into one part. only offer a better cage.'. an invisible golden chord that connects us: illegal dancing in the courthouse corridors. except in the object. sensation not being manifold becomes intensified.” -Harry Crosby. Here To Go: Planet R-101 Love & (K)Chaos M(HU)jic(K) HAIL ERIS! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA! FNORD! BASS:D OM! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Saturday September 21 6:00pm Prickle Prickle ^MAGUS SORCERER Illuminatus Ipsissimus Blue Heron Man 43218 . We are here to go. of pliability.” -Hakim Bey. We are not here to love fear and serve any old bearded but invisible thunder god.