Political Activism Paper NURS 471- Community Health Nursing II Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to allow

the student the opportunity to complete an in-depth analysis of a health issue in order to serve as an advocate for community health nursing and consumers. Students are expected to present a sound logical argument regarding the issue. Student Approach to Assignment This paper discusses a Virginia bill that proposes the requirement of screening all newborns for congenital heart defects. Before choosing the topic of congenital heart defect screenings for all newborns, I considered pages and pages of potential legislation. Ultimately I chose this topic because it involves my preferred nursing specialty and it is a bill that I strongly believe will reduce the complications of congenital heart defects and improve quality and quantity of life for many newborns. After first stating the issue, I then provided an in-depth analysis and my opinion on the issue with research support. Reason for Inclusion of the Assignment in the Portfolio This assignment is included in my portfolio because it showcases a unique opportunity that I had to not only state my opinion on a legal policy, but also the opportunity to present my opinion with research support to a member of the local government responsible for voting on the policy. Within this paper I demonstrate advocacy for the newborn population and their families. The following program objectives are highlighted:  Research  Evaluates research that focuses on the efficacy and effectiveness of nursing interventions.  Example: In order to support my opinion that all newborns should be screened for heart defects before discharge, I incorporated a variety of research sources that discuss the effectiveness of these screenings. For example, according to the CDC, due to the implementation of these screenings in other states, many individuals born with congenital heart defects are living longer than they would have had they not been screened soon after birth. Additionally, a primary research study found that pulse oximetry without the examination screening was only 63% effective in detecting congenital defects whereas with the addition of the examination screening effectiveness was in the upper 80s.  Professionalism  Understands the effect of legal and regulatory processes on nursing practice and health care delivery, as well as limits to one’s own scope of practice.  Example: Without the implementation of this screening protocol, none of the hospitals in Virginia are screening every newborn for congenital heart defects and therefore many newborns are going home only to come back symptomatic

with disease progression and complications. However, by making it a law to do so will force hospitals to implement this policy and impact nursery nursing practice. Therefore, by writing to a government representative responsible for voting on this bill I demonstrate the scope of my personal practice and the ability I have to make changes.  Advocates for professional standards of practice using organizational and political processes.  Example: By submitting my position on this bill with research support, I am advocating for the implementation of a higher standards of practice with this healthcare policy through the use of political processes.