Why You Should Weight Train - Reaping the Benefits. By Joseph (J.R.

) Carmen When you rip your muscles y doing resistance training !ith hea"y !eights and allo! them the proper amount of time to heal# they !ill get igger. $s a direct result of this# o"er time# you !ill ecome stronger. %etting igger and stronger is the main goal for most people !ho go to the gym. &ost people measure results from the amount of !eight they ha"e added to their last ench press or the amount of !eight the scales told us !e lost. 'o!e"er# un(no!n to most people# !eight training has many other enefits to esto! upon us. So efore you !rite off !eight training as something for the appearance conscious# chec( out some of the other health enefits you can garner from !or(ing hard at the gym. $ccording to the Centers for )isease Control and *re"ention (C)C) ased in $tlanta %eorgia# a higher meta olic rate is achie"ed y adding muscle mass to your frame. The C)C says that strength training can increase your meta olic rate as much as +,-. The &ayo Clinic has also praised the effects of !eight training on !eight loss as !ell as pre"enting muscle loss due to age. .Strength training e/ercises# such as !eightlifting# are important ecause they help counteract muscle loss associated !ith aging. $nd since muscle tissue urns more calories than fat tissue does# muscle mass is a (ey factor in !eight loss.0+ Weight training has een found to ha"e a positi"e effect on people !ho suffer from dia etes. 1n the article Training Clients with Diabetes# the authors list the enefits of strength training for people !ith dia etes# 2uoting from a study called Resistance training Guidelines for Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus2 .The ma3or enefits of resistance training in indi"iduals !ith dia etes are4 +) impro"ed lood cholesterol profiles# 5) increased heart function# 6) decreased lood pressure# 7) impro"ed insulin sensiti"ity and lood glucose control# ,) impro"ed muscular strength# po!er# and endurance# and 8) increased one strength0 (Soukup et al !""# in $anot % &ravit'( 2))) * 6 The authors of Training Clients with Diabetes state in their conclusion that !eight training is a ma3or factor in helping people !ho suffer from dia etes. .Strength training (!hen done correctly) has een sho!n to pro"ide a safe and effecti"e !ay to control lood glucose# increase strength# and impro"e the 2uality of life in indi"iduals !ith dia etes.0 ($anot % &ravit'( 2)))*# $s you get older your ones ecome frail# it0s a sign of aging. 'o!e"er# if you are in the gym !eight training you can not only pre"ent this from happening# you can re"erse the process. 1n +997 The $ournal of the +,erican Medical +ssociation pu lished results from a study conducted at Tufts :ni"ersity. The study sho!ed that !eight training actually increases one density. This is good ne!s ecause the increase in the density of your ones ma(es it less li(ely for you to suffer from fractures and ro(en ones as you get older.
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-ealth. /ifest.le 0eightless( 5;++# accessed 55 &arch 5;+7 Sou(up# J. et al. +997# Resistance training Guidelines 1or Individuals 0ith Diabetes Mellitus. 6 Jeffrey Janot# &.S.< =en >ra"it?# *h.). 5;;;# Training Clients 0ith Diabetes 7 Ibid

The Centers for )isease Control and *re"ention along !ith Tufts :ni"ersity ha"e pu lished a oo( called Growing Stronger2 Strength Training for 3lder +dults !hich urge oth men and !omen to ta(e up strength training to attle the onset of certain diseases and common pro lems. These include arthritis# osteoporosis# heart disease# o esity and ac( pain., @or a free online copy of the oo( go to this address. http4AAgro!ingstronger.nutrition.tufts.eduAgro!ingBstronger.pdf Weight training has come a long !ay since the days of =arry Scott the first &r. Clympia. 1n today0s society !e ha"e many scientific studies that confirm !eight training is not only good for uilding muscle ut for your all around health as !ell. 1 for one am happy to put the stereotype of the "ain muscle head to rest and em race these ne! findings that pro"e !eight training is producti"e and healthy for e"ery ody.


Seguin# Re ecca $.# B.S# CSCS< Dpping# Jac2ueline E.# &.Dd.< Buchner# )a"id &.# &.)# &.*.'< Bloch# Rina# &.)< Eelson# &iriam D.# *h.) 5;;5# Growing Stronger2 Strength Training for 3lder +dults( p+6