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Colleagues, I have compiled a list of the many fruitful suggestions that have been suggested to me with respect to the development of the persona of Mara and especially the connections between Yama and Mara. I have combined the suggestions given in this current thread with suggestions offered on an earlier thread related to Mara from last year. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. Best Wishes, Stuart Sarbacker Northwestern University *** The Taming of Mara: Witnessing to the Buddha's Virtues, BLOSS, Lowell W. History of Religions 18:2 (1978:Nov.) 156. James W. BOYD: Satan and Mara : Christian and Buddhist symbols of evil, by James W. Boyd. - Leiden : Brill, 1975. - IX, 188 pp. Series: Studies in the history of religions ; 27 ISBN: 90-04-04173-7. Symbols of Evil in Buddhism, BOYD, JAMES W., "A Symposium on Japanese Nationalism" Citation: Journal of Asian Studies 31:1 (1971:Nov.). Prasannapada, CANDRAKIRTI has a long quotation from an interesting sutra in which Manjusri subjugates Mara. He gives the title as Mara-damana-sutra, which turns out to be an alternate title of the Arya-Manjusri-vikurvana-parivarta-nama-mahayana-sutra. (See Lewis Lancaster, The Korean Buddhist Canon, entry K463, for references to the Tibetan and Chinese translations.) CLARK, Robert Warren. Ph.D. Dissertation, _Mara: Psychopathology and evil in the Buddhism of India and Tibet_. U. of Virginia, 1994. CHATTERJEE, Margaret. "Some Indian Strands of Thought Relating to the Problem of Evil." Relativism, Suffering, and Beyond: Essays in Memory of Bimal K. Matilal, ed. P. Bilimoria and J.N. Mohanty. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997. For Mara in Prajnaparamita texts a convenient point of departure is Edward CONZE's Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom. It is from page 326 in the Motilal Banarsidass (1990) edition (=P308-328). The English translation includes corresponding sections in other sutras and commentaries. Mara's role as ruler of the realm of desire does not seem to be particularly important.

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London. About 60 per cent of the Sanskrit is preserved in N. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. "Upagupta et Mara. p. Religions traditionnelle d'Asie orientale. Histoire du Bouddhisme Indien. A good starting point for knowing more about Mara is having a look at the entry on Mara in Gunapala MALASEKERA. "A Record in Lament of Divergences [Tannisho]. ed by Tadao Yoshikawa.. Charles Malamoud. pp. Sanskrit Text (Kyoto: Heirakuji-shoten 1978). Nobumi.. Aryan Path 25:6 (1954:June) 243-. Offers a satirical version of Mara's temptation of the Buddha. 2 de 3 01/05/2011 20:36 .pl?trx=vx&list=h-buddhism&mo. too). p. S. "Chih-I's Meditation on Evil.Weeraratne." Jodo Shinshu: Shin Buddhism in Medieval Japan. Thomas H. J." Chugoku kodokyoshi kenkyu. Yoshiko." in Encyclopaedia of Buddhism. 1997. (Mara as ruler of realm of desire).nii-suutra. IYANAGA. LING. Le Jumeau solaire.edu/cgi-bin/logbrowse. Miller. 1987. P. Mahasa. Cahiers d'Extr^eme-Asie. Trans. _The Buddhist Concept of Hell_. Dennis HIROTA et al. The Tempter_. Text critically edited in Skt & Tib by Y. Neal Arvid. James. II (London: The Pali Text Society.R. IX.D. DONNER. pp. tr Title: The Concept of Mara and The Idea of Expelling Demons [pt 1 of "Ma no kannen to shoma no shiso.G. M'emorial Anna Seidel. and 'Dus pa chen po rin po che tog gi gzuns . KAMITSUKA. 323-396. W. KURUMIYA: Ratnaketuparivarta.H-Net Discussion Networks .V (Colombo: The Government of Sri Lanka. Bimala C. PRZYLUSKI. 1979)." Bulletin de l'Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient. Malalasekera gives almost all important references to Mara in Pali canonical materials. Dictionary of Pali Proper Names. C. David W. 1927. LAW. _Buddhist Conception of Spirits_. 1992). I. Kyoto: Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha: Shin Buddhism Translation Series. Allen & Unwin [1962].. "Chapter 4: Licensed Evil.) Etienne LAMOTTE. Seuil. RAO. PREMASIRI. 1974). 115-123. there is no published translation. Chappell. 414-428.. DUROISELLE.QUERY RESULTS> Yama/Mara (Sarbacker) http://h-net. ed. _Heaven and Hell in Buddhist Perspective_." The Collected Works of Shinran. _Mara. 1993. As far as I know. 611-620. being the Tibetan translation of the Ratnaketuparivarta (ditto. Daigan MATSUNAGA. DUTT's Gilgit MSS. Peterson.msu. Volume 1. 759-761 (Note this source is avilable in English. 1989. Buddhism and the mythology of evil. Vol. but the volumes are not with me now. "Good and Evil. Journal Asiatique. pp 80-144] Journal: Taoist Resources 6 no 2:30-50 1996. This is a mythological study on Yama in Veda. 1996-1997. pp. Amy Lynn. 660-682. tr.K. 1927 "La place de Maara dans la mythologie bouddhique".. II. Le Roi Maara du Sixi`eme Ciel et le mythe m'edi'eval de la cr'eation du Japon. ed. 2002 (Librairie du XXIe si_cle). a study in Theravada Buddhism. Paris. 359-364. 4 (1904)." Buddhist and Taoist Practice in Medieval Chinese Society. DOBBINS. In this source. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press. Vol. Kyoto. Trevor Oswald. (Are there new fragments in the Sch_yen materials? Something tickles my memory.mnipaataratnaketudhaara.

edu/faculty/sarbacker. L. "Studies in Yama and Mara. distributed by Asian Humanities Press/Motilal Banarsidass.Contact Us RSS | Validate: XHTML | CSS 3 de 3 01/05/2011 20:36 . _The Ghost Festival in Medieval China_. Mara appears as Indra to Bodhisattva Jagatimdhara. ed by D Parkin (Paperback ." Evil and the Response of World Religion.QUERY RESULTS> Yama/Mara (Sarbacker) http://h-net." Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 66 (1897):76-84. Oxford: Blackwell. SOUTHWALD. In: The anthropology of evil. Title: Buddhism and evil. -Dr. translation with introduction and notes by Frank E. _The Scripture of the Ten Kings_. Alex WAYMAN. Reynolds. Stephen TEISER.edu/cgi-bin/logbrowse." In The Buddhist Forum. WARGO.H-Net Discussion Networks .March 1987) pages: 128-141. University of California] .msu. VIMALAKIRTINIRDESA. October (1990): 499-509. Calif. 1996. University of London. Martin. ROBERT J.. SOUTHWOLD. 1992). 2003. edited by Tadeusz Skorupski. Ed. Martin. "The Evolution of the Buddhist Yama. Publisher Berkeley. : [Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies. 165-89. Bulcsu. Austine WADDELL. no. London: School of Oriental and African Studies. 109-115. WIKRAMAGAMAGE.northwestern..pl?trx=vx&list=h-buddhism&mo. John STRONG." Philosophy East and West 40. Charles Teliaferro and Paul J." Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology. chapter on "Upagupta and Mara: Bhakti and the Buddha Body" + notes in his *Legend and Cult of Upagupta* (Princeton. "Japanese Ethics: Beyond Good and Evil. Stuart Sarbacker Lecturer in Religion Director of Undergraduate Studies Department of Religion Northwestern University http://www. "Mara as Evil in Buddhism. 1997. "Upagupta. the Fourth Buddhist Patriarch and High Priest of Asoka.religion. 1982. Griffiths. Volume IV. "Buddhism and Evil. Three worlds according to King Ruang : a Thai Buddhist cosmology. New York: Paragon House." Indo-Iranian Journal 3(1959). REYNOLDS & Mani B. Chandra.html Humanities & Social Sciences Online Copyright © 1995-2006 . SIKLOS.J.