List of Questions – Pre-Construction Meeting 1.

Introduce everyone attending including their name, organization, title and role in the project 2. Project Manager - (Name/Phone/Cell/Fax/email). 3. Construction Superintendent 4. After hours/emergency contact 5. Communication protocol 6. Daily Communication Report; agree upon format; include daily activities, potential delays, stoppages, problems, accidents, significant decisions, meetings 7. Security clearance requirements 8. Access to the site and badges 9. Construction schedule 10.Performance and completion of work 11.Delays and time extensions 12.Workings hours 13.Critical work sequencing/phasing issues including hazardous materials abatement, long-lead time equipment deliveries, time constraint issues, coordination with local authorities 14.Coordination of work 15.Pre-mobilization requirements; security clearances, safety plan, schedule of values and construction schedule, liability insurance, etc. 16.Use of premises; authorized areas of operation, use of elevators, use of established walkways, roadways, restroom facilities for contract use, telephones/fax machine, welding and burning permits 17.Temporary facilities; storage sheds, trailer 18.Utilities; availability and use of utility; temporary connections/water, gas, electricity, loading dock facilities and equipment deliveries, parking for contractor personnel, entry and exit, locations and marking of underground utilities 19.Accident prevention/safety; safeguard personnel and property, barricades, warning tape/signs, protecting of existing vegetation, structures, equipment 20.Notification of injuries, fires 21.Permits 22.Housekeeping and cleanup 23.Utility service interruptions 24.Submittals 25.Change orders; profit, overhead and commission ceilings; negotiation of change orders 26.Payments; progress payment requests; final payment/closeout 27.Warranties and guaranties

Testing.Final Inspection 30. review what testing is required and when 29.Final acceptance . inspection. final inspection.28.