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show the entry list STEP 7 -- Setting up and parameterizing hardware -- Setting up modules for distributed operation

How do you connect the SIMATIC Field PG to the bus system to parameterize and diagnose the distributed I/O devices? How can you conveniently change the IP parameters and PROFINET IO device names using a program in STEP 7 V5.5? Configuring an ET200U always with an even number of modules How do y ou integr ate a G SD file into the ST EP 7 HW Config for PRO F IBUS or PRO F INET ? How is consistent data of the distributed I/O processed in S7 masters? What are the differences between the GSD files and the integrated meta-knowledge in the HW Config? What should you watch out for during configuration with GSD files for DPV0 and DPV1 slaves? Information about "Setting up modules for distributed mode" How can you keep data blocks, markers, timers and counters remanent in an IM151 CPU in the case of a power failure? Why is the generation of the "Report System Error..." function interrupted whenever a module is used with GSDML file V2.0? What should you watch out for with regard to subrack failure when programming the OB86? How do you enter comments for DP slaves in the HW Config? How can you easily print the labeling strips of the S7 I/O?

PROFIBUS general -- Setting up and parameterizing hardware -- Setting up modules for distributed operation How do you integrate a GSD file into the STEP 7 HW Config for PROFIBUS or PROFINET? Display part number

Ins t ruc t ions : New modules are supplied in a new version of STEP 7 in the STEP 7 module catalog. The new devices can be added to the hardware catalog via GSD files. From STEP 7 V5.2 onwards, you can also update the module catalog with a Hardware Support Package (HSP). From STEP 7 V5.3 SP1 onwards you can install PROFINET GSD files in the HW Config. Install the GSD files according to the table below. No. P roc edure: 1 2 3 Ensure that you can access the GSD files to be integrated via the directory on your PG/PC. The files should be located on the hard disk, on a floppy disk or CD, or even in a STEP 7 project. Open the HW Config and close the project opened in it. Select the menu command "Options > Install GSD file...".

Fig. 01 4 Browse to the file's directory in the next dialog and then click "Install". You can choose whether to search for the GSD files in the directory or in a STEP7 project. During the installation process, you may receive (error) message support (indicating, for instance, that a certain GSD file is already installed). Once the installation is complete, you can call up a record. Where necessary, use the Online Help ("Help" button).

Fig. 02 5 Now update your Hardware Catalog using the menu command "Options > Update catalog". The slaves are read into the module catalog whose GSD files were installed after startup of STEP 7. Then you can incorporate the slaves in your STEP 7 project. The newly installed devices are in the Hardware Catalog. For PROFIBUS DP under "PROFIBUS DP > Other Field Devices > I/O ...". For PROFINET under "PROFINET IO > I/O ...".

S t oring t he GS D f iles on t he hard dis k : You store the GSD files in the directory "<Drive:>\ Program Files\Siemens\Step7\S7DATA\GSD" on your hard disk.

Fig. 03 Name of t he GS D f ile of t he s lav e c onf igured: Double-click the configured slave in the Hardware Configuration. The name of the GSD file is located in the "Properties - DP slave" dialog to the right of the order number.

Fig. 04 More information on the requirements and procedure for installing, overwriting and recovering overwritten GSD files is available in the following manual: "SIMATIC Configuring Hardware and Communication Connections with STEP 7 V5.5" (Entry ID: 45531110) Section: 3.11 Working with GSD Files. K ey words : Generic station description file, Hardware configuration, Import E nt ry ID: 2383630 Dat e: 2011-02-25 This entry is available in the following languages: german french italian spanish chinese I regard t his art ic le. . . . Copy link
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