Hypnosis of Portland shows that Weight Loss Hypnosis really works!

By Joran Linderberg April 14, 2014

Portland OR- If you've have been thinking about losing

eight for 2014 there is no

need to ait any further! "ypnosis of #ortland, a su$$essful %ellness & %eight Loss "ypnosis 'enter in #ortland (regon, based on dire$t e)perien$e ith hundreds of $lients ho report in the past five years, sho s that their %eight Loss progra*, really orks, giving su$$essful, long lasting results "ypnosis of #ortland's %eight Loss #rogra* is affordable & $onsists of an individuali+ed $lient approa$h through a $usto*i+ed "ypnosis #rogra*, hi$h varies a$$ording to ea$h person's individual re,uire*ent and issues, $onsidering that everybody is different, has a different eating habits and $hildhood $onditioning, and e)perien$ing a uni,ue and different $hallengeMore About Hypnosis of Portland's Weight Loss Progra

"Our Hypnosis works" says Annalena .- 'avallo,'-"-t, o ner, " it does not lessen the symptoms or allows to cope with them, it does much more: beside powerfully enhancing happy, positive thinking and attitude, it identifies and resolves the root cause of Weight Loss, or any other issue, working directly with the subconscious brain, and so giving natural, gentle, safe solutions to any problem, without rigid food deprivation, allowing to reach an ideal weight, and giving permanent results". /he progra* is not solely based on si*ple "ypnotherapy sessions, but in$ludes as ell healthy nutrition a areness & edu$ation, self hypnosis instru$tion, ele*entary & useful tea$hing of the fun$tions of the sub$ons$ious & $ons$ious parts of the brain, *ini *edi$al intuition $ourse useful if healing responses arise!, assign*ent of ho*e ork 0L#1based e)er$ises, all at no e)tra $ost! But the unparalleled feature of this progra* is $o*bination of the po er of "ypnosis ith other very effe$tive and *edi$ally proven *odalities, su$h as 23/ & 0eurolinguisti$ #rogra**ing-40L#5Annalena adds "If There is something even more powerful than Hypnosis by combining any hypnotherapy session with EFT "motional #reedom $echni%ue! &y using Hypnosis with "#$, it is possible to neutrali'e and break completely a negative neural pathway related to a destructive pattern or behavior, removing the original emotional problem. $hrough "#$ with Hypnosis, the old neural, conditional refle( loop is permanently interrupted. ) brand new, neural network is established in the hippocampus and as a conse%uence the stress * an(iety based food craving, is eliminated. )nd +L, uses the power of visuali'ation, proven to allow people to easily

and effectively, make ideal physical or emotional changes in their systems" If you are ready to get into your ideal shape, feel great & lose eight in 2014, ithout any food deprivation, ith no rigid and unhealthy diets, or by relying only on your o n ill po er, and if you are ready to keep the eight off, no is the ti*e to begin- /here is no better ay to start then ith the "ypnosis of #ortland $o*prehensive %eight Loss #rogra*6 it is natural, affordable, safe, and gives the desired results! About Hypnosis of Portland
"ypnosis of #ortland as founded in 1777 in 8anta Barbara 'A , under the original na*e of ) Happier -ou Hypnosis .ompany, it is presently lo$ated on #ortland, (regon and o ned & run by Annalena .ulliksson1'avallo, 'ertified 'lini$al "ypnotherapist, 9-A-, 'ertified 0L#3or 9ore Infor*ation :isit http6;; -hypnosis1portland-$o* !onta"t
Annalena .- 'avallo, ( ner;3ounder #ortland (<, 7=22> (ffi$e6 4?0>5 7>717@@A hypnosis1portlandBlive-$o*