May 16th - 17th 2014

Optimizing Energy For Living Sustainably


Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 About Us Background Objectives & Participants Event Description Committee Event Rundown Delegates Representatives General Rules & Regulations Petrosmart Competition Case Study & Conference Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida .

This non-profit organization is also registered in Asia Pacific Region as SPE Student Chapter. We are the only student chapter available for all major. Geophysics Engineering. ITB. particularly in ITS. and UPN Veteran Student Chapters. Geophysics Engineering.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 1 About Us Society of Petroleum Engineers Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Student Chapter established on November 10th 2011 and grouped in Java Section along with UI. SPE ITS SC is the first and still the only SPE Student Chapter in East Java Region. and Geomatics Engineering. Now. Electrical Engineering. Material and Metallurgical Engineering. Chemical Engineering. UGM. Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 1 . Trisakti. including Physics. Ocean Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Physics Engineering. SPE ITS SC have a big ambitions to be a professional organization that facilitate learning about petroleum engineering and all things related to oil and gas.

since energy is very essential through every aspect of live. In the contrary. people have developed a sophisticated technology to gather this energy source for further use. transportation. since its first discovery in 1860 Humans’ dependency of this energy source have grown deeply.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 2 Background Oil and gas have become the most important source of energy for centuries. the natural sources of oil and gas have become more and more difficult to reach. sooner or later will be the actor of the era. We students. Humans’ innovation for technology is inevitable. national development. and off course. Even though today’s oil and gas technology has shown a positive development. and all other sectors. the needs of energy have been tremendously increased. and even households needs. and it will deplete sooner or later if human cannot apply the correct treatment and subtlety. so does industrial. Since. students can learn about what bothers most and together formulating the correct solution for now and later use. In order to survive. and this problem must be thought earlier before the decision of the nation is at hand. through PETROLIDA 2014 – “Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably”. people have to adapt to the current situation. We are eager to socialize the importance of oil and gas existence for national development. transportation. Industrial. the right technology. along with the fast-growing human population all around the world. all of them needs oil and gas as the energy source. We hope. Until now. All because the existence of oil and gas resource as non-renewable energy. 2 Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida . further study and research must be done earlier. ITS SPE SC put this fact as our first priority.

all AAPG Student Chapter.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 3 Objectives & Participants Objectives To build a conducive relation between all Student Chapter in Indonesia To learn more about oil and gas To get a conclusion about today’s energy issue through various activity As the media for student to apply their creativity concerning today’s energy issue To build a conducive relation between university students with oil and gas company Participants The target participants for this activity are all students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya. as listed below: SPE UGM SC SPE UPN SC SPE UNDIP SC SPE UIR SC SPE STT Migas SC SPE UI SC SPE ITB SC SPE UNPAD SC SPE ITSB SC SPE Trisakti SC Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 3 . all SEG Student Chapter and all SPE Student Chapters in Indonesia. all university students in Surabaya.

therefore this competition need more participants knowledge to identify a problem related petroleum. and final round. gas. Each of team will get different case with another team. exploratory or explanatory analysis of each participant about oil. geophysics. In smart competition there will be 2 round for participant and they are rally round. and energy. In Case Study and Conference there will be 2 round.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 4 Event Description Theme Petroleum Integrated Days. Case Study dan Conference Case Study and Conference is a descriptive. Case study and conference is held to explore causation in order to find underlying principles and some solution about a problem related oil. geophysics. Surabaya Event Description Petrosmart Competition This competition requires knowledge of the participants in answering some questions related about petroleum. because the question that will be tested not only about petroleum but it’s consist other basic engineering and still within the scope of oil and gas. and they are elimination phase and final round. etc. gas. Each of team consist of three people and one of them is team captain who will bringing up all the perceptions and opinions were obtained. 2014 at Nasdec ITS Building. To win this competition not only needed participants knowledge but will be need dexterity and creativity of the participants in solving problems. and energy. will be held on May 16th . geology. Petrolida 2014 with theme “Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably”. Each of team consist of 3 participant and one of them is team captain. All universities that don’t have the basic petroleum allowed to join this competition. geology. 4 Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida . etc.17th.

The participant will get the opportunity to talk and discuss directly about some advices for starting a job or building a success career with the respectable representatives from companies in oil and gas industry. This session conducted to strengthen relationship between committee and all participant and reduce the burden of the competition for the last 2 days. Participants will be divided into two classes. both conventional and unconventional.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably Workshop Workshop is an event of Petrolida 2014 that held to enhance participant’s knowledge about “oil and gas nowadays and in the future”. undergraduate students will take an important role to make the better thing for this world especially for oil and gas industry. therefore there must be an activity that makes all of participant have a time together. therefore workshop is a simple step to face petroleum industries for undergraduate students. Career Talk This event will be held to give the information to the participant about the profile of their dream company in oil and gas industry and what the company want for their employee. Each class contains different speakers and topics. Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 5 . Topics at each class is all about energy. sharing about what they’ve got for the last 2 days. Gala Dinner Participant of Petrolida 2014 are come from different place. As what we are expect before about petroleum industries in the future. Workshop will be held for two days.

Widya Utama. Stefanus Rangga Creative Design Ilman Patria Supplier Alif Prabawa Security Aditya Ramadhani Accomodation Rizal Pribadi Food & Beverages Namira Adiya Tedji 6 Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida .Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 5 Committee Faculty Advisor | Dr. DEA Project Officer Rahmat Nopian Vice Officer Rianjar Hakim Secretary Indira Khayam Treasurer Hana Septiyani Event Gwyn Walesa Petrosmart Ryan Pradipto Case Study Fernando Napitupulu Workshop Yulia Nur Fajrina Liaison Officer Kenan Sihombing Gathering Az-Zahra Faradhita Fundraising Mentari Rachmatika Publication & Doc.

00 – 21.00 – 09. 2014 09.00 – 13.00 Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 7 .00 PetroSmart Competition Conference and Study Case Workshop 11.00 Welcoming Party Friday.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 6 Event Rundown Thursday.00 Gathering 19. 2014 08.00 – 11. May 15th. May 16th.00 – 17.00 – 11.00 Final PetroSmart Competition Career Talk I 11.00 – 21.00 – 14.00 – 16.00 Opening Ceremony 09. 2014 19.00 Break (Friday Pray) 13.00 Break 14.00 Career Talk II 13. May 17th.00 – 13.00 PetroSmart Competition Conference and Case Study Workshop Saturday.

8. 4. Institut Teknologi Bandung Universitas Padjajaran Intstitut Teknologi Sains Bandung Universitas Indonesia Universitas Trisakti Universitas Gadjah Mada UPN ‘Veteran’ Yogyakarta Universtias Diponegoro Universitas Islam Riau STT Migas Balikpapan 8 Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida . 5.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 7 Delegates Representatives PETROLIDA 2014 is the biggest event of SPE ITS Student Chapter which involves many participants around Indonesia. 7. 9. 10. 6. 3. These are our several universities that honorably invited to Petroleum Integrated Days 2014: 1. 2.

All presentations. written documentation. verbal communication. Prerequisite To complete the registration. 2. Communication 1. comments. and com petition will be held in English The additional information. Registration 1.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 8 General Rules & Regulations A. E. Accommodation and Transportation The committees will only grant the accommodation and transportation for the participants (officially selected by committees) during the competition and gathering in Intstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. Competitions are opened to all students and must be enrolled as a active students in their respective universities until the competition finished All participant must submit the completed registration form and payment receipt before the deadline B. please bring at registration time : • 1 copy of valid student ID • A copy of transfer payment Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 9 . and/or agenda will be announced to all participating universities and during technical meeting before the competition D. 2. Any rules changes. Surabaya.com C. Eligibility 1. clarifications. Rule of Changes Competition rules are subject to change. corrections or clarifications regard ing this rule can be asked via email scspeits@gmail.

Registration Deadline PetroSmart Competition April 16th 2014 Case Study April 16th 2014 3.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably • Fill outs form provided by the committee and please send the form of every competition to the email scspeits@gmail.hakim@gmail.000 via bank transfer after been notified as the selected participant. 2.com +6283831466529 10 Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida . Registration Fees Each participants need to pay the registration fee (per person) of IDR 200. Payment System The payment can be done by transferring before the payment deadline for each competition to our official bank account: Bank Name : Bank BNI Account Number : 0332247464 Bank Account Name : Muhammad Afza Nur Hakim Contact Person Any question regarding the events can be asked to: Rianjar Hakim rianjar. This payment is applied for all of the events which described before.com +6282114475488 Gwyn Walesa gwynwalesa@gmail. 4. 5.com before the registration deadline.

Competition rules are subject to change. All participant must be student member of their university’s SPE Student Chapter 3.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 9 Petrosmart Competition A. The questions consist of six types of ques tions: history. There will be ten (10) posts spread all around ITS area. current events. Each team consist of 3 personals with designat ed team leader. General Rules and Regulation 1. 4. Game Format First round of the game will be rally system. Second round of the game will be held in toss-up questions and only for finalist in semi and final round. The cap teams are 24 teams. trivia. All universities must complete the registration forms for the event before the deadline. Petro Smart is opened to any invited SPE student chapter 2. Team with the highest score determined by numbers of questions solved and an appropriate finish time will be eligible to advance to the next round. 2. Each post provides several questions and/or cases needed to be answered by all teams. B. and clarifica tions will be announced to all participating schools and during the team meeting before the competition. 3. 1. 5. 5. calculations. and problem solving. Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 11 . 6. Any rules changes. The regulations are tentative regarding the number of participants attend ing this competition and further information will be announced as soon as possible. technical questions. 4. All teams will be guided by a route-maps and a control sheet.

Date of Birth : Gender : T-Shirt Size : Student Card No : Mobile Phone No : Email : Third Participant Full Name : Place. : First Participant Full Name : Place. Date of Birth : Gender : T-Shirt Size : Student Card No : Mobile Phone No : Email : Second Participant Full Name : Place. Date of Birth : Gender : T-Shirt Size : Student Card No : Mobile Phone No : Email : 12 Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida .Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably PETROSMART COMPETITION PETROLIDA 2014 Registration Form University : University Address : University Phone No.

then the finalist can do the discussion. Global Market and Alternative Energy. then continued by the presentation and question & answer session. The assesment will be based on participant’s performance on the presentation section and the discussion section in presenting all of the materials and final draft which contains summaries all existing topics. Global market will include issues and update news about oil and gas in global market. After the presentation session. participants has to present one of 10 topics that has been selected by the committee. Participants must present their cases by making a final draft using power point. Each student chapter maximum send two teams. In the first round. the judges will decide the team who passed into final round. Each team consists of three people. all teams will get different case for a problem that must be answered. Description: PETROLIDA 2014 is an annual event of SPE ITS SC. Participant 1. 3. Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 13 . In this event. global market and alternative energy. In the final round.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably 10 Case Study & Conference Topic: Environment. Each team will do the discussion first based on the topic that given by the committee. Environmental issues will be based on the real phenomena around us which give a bad impact to environment and also need to be solved. participants will get random cases which need to be solved. In case study-conference. Alternative energy is around its potential in Indonesia and its development today to replace the fossil fuels. The topic of the cases is around environmental issues. Participants are required to follow case study & conference’s rules. there will be 5 main events which case study & conference is one of these events. 2. This competition is open for all college students who has registered as member of SPE.

2. Participant must attend the technical meeting which will be conducted be fore the event started. Participant should wear a formal dress during PETROLIDA. Each university is allowed to send maximum of two (2) teams for case study-conference event.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably Composition of Teams 1. 14 Petroleum Integrated Days Petrolida . Contestants must be Undergraduate Students and be enrolled as full-time students Competition Format The format of the Competition is as follows: 1. 2.

Date of Birth : Gender : T-Shirt Size : Student Card No : Mobile Phone No : Email : Third Participant Full Name : Place. : First Participant Full Name : Place. Date of Birth : Gender : T-Shirt Size : Student Card No : Mobile Phone No : Email : Petrolida Petroleum Integrated Days 15 . Date of Birth : Gender : T-Shirt Size : Student Card No : Mobile Phone No : Email : Second Participant Full Name : Place.Optimizing Energy for Living Sustainably CASE STUDY COMPETITION PETROLIDA 2014 Registration Form University : University Address : University Phone No.

petroleum -what we call oil.“A century ago.James Buchan . today it is almost as vital to human existence as water” .was just an obscure commodity.


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