GENERAL – Maintaining the SAN infrastructure, troubleshooting day to day performance issues, monitoring and reporting on the SAN

environment, Coordinating hardware/software installations and upgrades to ensure work is properly performed in accordance with company policy. Configuration and Allocation of storage from DMX and Clariion storage arrays using SYMCLI/ECC/SMC and Navisphere manager. VMAX – I implemented VMAX Autoprovisioning groups for mapping and masking using SYMCLI 7.X. Made use of SMC 7.X for creating initiator groups, port groups, storage groups and Masking Views. Configured and administered FAST Virtual Provisioning (Thin Provisioning) on VMAX. ECC - Used ECC 6.0 for day-to-day tasks such as discovering, monitoring, reporting, planning and storage provisioning for large, complex physical and virtual infrastructures. Performed Storage Capacity Planning by collecting data using ECC Storage Scope reports to prepare the customer for Tech Refresh projects. SWITCHES -Installed and configured Cisco MDS 9513 enterprise directors and was involved from the starting stage of fabric migration from Brocade 12k/3900 switches to Cisco MDS 9513 fabrics. Configured zones on Brocade switches using CLI and web tools. Creation of Device & FC Aliases, zones, zone sets and activating the zonesets using fabric manager. NAVISPHERE - Storage provisioning and administration of EMC CLARiiON arrays using Navisphere. Created RAID Groups, bound Luns, and storage groups using Navisphere Manager on Clariion arrays and provisioned storage to Solaris, Linux servers POWERPATH – I was involved in PowerPath software installation, configuration and administration on UNIX and Windows Servers. VMWARE/VSPHERE - Assisting System Administrator for efficient server migration using VMware vMotion. Installing and configuring vSphere on VMware ESX servers. OPEN REPLICATOR –Implementation of Open Replicator for data migration from HP-XP1200 to VMAX. Configured/Create push/pull sessions to migrate devices, scripted the whole process for efficiency. DMX2000 to DMX4-4500 OPEN MIGRATOR – Host based i.e. Open Migrator to migrate the data from DMX-3 to VMAX storage systems in UNIX and windows environment. SAN COPY – Migrated data from CX3-80 to CX4-960 using SAN Copy. SRDF - Involved in planning and migration of SAN environment from DMX 1000 to DMX 3000 using SRDF/S Planned and implemented a disaster recovery solution using SRDF/AR between the two sites (production and DR) located 1500 miles apart. Implemented SRDF/A for production systems including creation of dynamic RA groups, creation of dynamic RDF pairs, enabling SRDF/A for the group of devices. Addition and removal of devices from the device group when needed by disabling SRDF/A and re-enabled the session. CELERRA – Involved in Setup and administered NAS device, EMC Celerra NS20 (Celerra Manager) Initiated regular backups of Celerra NS20 to remote site for disaster recovery. (McKesson 07-08) SYMCLI – Storage provisioning and administration of EMC Symmetrix and using SymCLI. TIME FINDER – Designed, implemented and managed the Backup and Recovery environment utilizing TimeFinder/Clones. Made copies of production data by configuring TimeFinder BCVs and Clones using Time Finder Business Continuity.

Automated the creation of replicas using EMC Replication Manager Upgraded hosts as per the EMC HEAT report and installed and configured Powerpath for AIX / Solaris and Windows Operating Systems before migrating to the new storage array and installed SYMCLI software. prior to the data migration by discussing with the storage team. and issue escalation ( EMC Grab) with vendor Created automated flexible reporting for storage and host resources using Storage Scope. Provided storage for various productions Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) from DMX and Clariion storage arrays. Document. VERITAS NETBACKUP – Day to day work involved troubleshooting.7 to 5. application and security support. single path failures and number of performance issues. . Generated health reports periodically for the entire SAN/Storage environments. for disaster recovery.1 and configured data ware housing reporting Used SANscreen Service Assurance now called as OnCommand Insight Assure for troubleshooting number of issues including host not seeing storage. Additional responsibilities include system availability and performance management. backup and recovery. and capacity planning assistance. system monitoring. configured and maintained UNIX/Linux operating systems.MIRRORVIEW .Gathered back-end performance statistics. (Tesoro Corporation Feb 08 to SEP 09) ORACLE . analyze data. Administration of file systems and recognizing file access and disk problems using volume manager. Troubleshooting. maintaining groups and user accounts and also daily backups by using VERITAS Netbackup on Windows Servers & Perform restores.Upgraded SAN Screen from 4. DOCUMENTATION – Documentation for all the SAN Switches and Storage Systems. Also used to keep track of changes and move volumes with active data. SYMMETRIX OPTIMIZER . performance analysis. UNIX/LINUX – Installed. & swapped logical volumes to achieve physical volume load balancing using Symmetrix Optimizer. VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER – Installation and configuration of Veritas Volume manager/Filesystem and implementing host based migration using Veritas. SANSCREEN . system software.Involved in a “consistent data replication” for a mission critical application with Oracle database from DMX4-4500 to DMX4-4500 at remote site. and provided hardware.Implemented Mirrorview/A between CX3-40 and CX3-80 at remote site.