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Written By Jane Miranda on Sunday, February 16, 2014 | Sunday, February 16, 2014

The CSC Computerized Examination (CSC COMEX) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q: How do I take the Career Service Examination through the COMEX?

A: Before you can actually take the test through the COMEX, you have to undergo three steps, as follows: First, you have to register an account in the COMEX website csc.gov.ph.The system will ask you to supply personal and other pertinent information. You must have an active email account where the confirmation email will be sent for the activation of your COMEX account. Second, you will receive an email notification of examination offerings including the type of examination, number of slots, date and time of personal appearance, date and time of examination, and examination venue. You can choose from any of the available examination and reserve an examination slot. Third, on the day of your personal appearance, you have to present yourself at the CSC Testing Center for the verification of your identity, payment of examination fee, and capturing of your photo, fingerprints, and digital signature.

Q: Where can I possibly take the COMEX? A: The COMEX is going to be administered in sixteen (16) Testing Centers across the country. All CSC Regional Offices (CSCROs) and the Central Office serve as Testing Centers. You can take the COMEX in your preferred Testing Center.

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Q: I am a registered user but cannot reserve a slot. 2) the examination fee. the application begins when an applicant reserved an examination slot and is completed when the applicant confirmed his/her reservation during personal appearance at the Testing Center. a user may request editing of data only during slot confirmation or personal appearance. In case he/she already had reservations. Also.FAQs on CSC Computerized Examination System (COMEX) | Civil S. application is filed personally in any CSCRO while in COMEX. he/she will receive a notification through email. both the PPT and the COMEX contained the same number of test questions and have the same time limit. Q: Why can’t I edit my profile? A: A registered user is only allowed to edit his/her profile if he/she does not have a reserved examination slot. 3) the manner of taking the examination. examinees in COMEX read the test questions from computer screen and record their answers on the computer through the keyboard. and 4) the number of days test results are released.. However. examinees in PPT read the test question from a test booklet and record their responses on an answer sheet. The application is created during account registration. 2 of 6 3/24/2014 6:05 PM . the COMEX system checks from the CSC database files if the applicant is qualified to take an examination. Results of the PPT are released within forty-five (45) days while results of the COMEX are released within one (1) hour after the test. editing data (Profile Management) is temporarily disabled. Q: In a testing center. respectively. http://csc. The examination fee is P500 and P600 for the PPT and COMEX. On the other hand.juanpinoy. Q: What are the documentary requirements in the taking the COMEX? A: At least one (1) valid ID and the printed application.. Test forms used in the PPT and the COMEX are equivalent in terms of level of difficulty. What could be the possible reason? A: When an applicant made a slot reservation. Q: Is the examination more difficult in the COMEX than in the PPT? A: No. Q: What is the difference between the Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT) and the COMEX? A: The difference between the PPT and COMEX are 1) the manner of filing of application.. Applicants need not submit passport-size ID pictures since photo capture is done electronically on the day of personal appearance.com/2014/02/faqs-on-csc-computerized-examinati. In the PPT. If the applicant is not qualified. With regard to manner of taking the test. how many slots are available per examination schedule? A: Twenty (20) slots are available in each Regional Testing Center while fifty (50) slots are available in the Central Office per examination schedule..

juanpinoy. http://csc.download here Philippine Civil Service Exam Reviewer Compilation . and if you failed the previous examination but the gap between your next schedule is less than three (3) months.download here Tweet 1 3 of 6 3/24/2014 6:05 PM .com/2014/02/faqs-on-csc-computerized-examinati. Antonyms VIII. Mathematics VII.... However. An applicant will not be allowed to reserve a slot if he/she meets any of the following conditions: the applicant’s name is found in the database of individuals prohibited from taking any civil service examination due to involvement in examination anomaly. either Professional or Sub-Professional. I. and the applicant reserves a slot for an examination he/she has already passed. he/she has taken within three (3) months. Q: Can I reserve more than one slot for the same level of examination? A: Technically. Double-Word Analogy IX. Alphabetizing III. Online CSE Reviewers take the sample test and check for the answers at the end of the questionnaire. Number Sequence Application form for Civil Service Examination (revised) . Analogy V. or prohibited from re-entering government service as a result of the imposition of the penalty of dismissal. yes. As long as the number of slots in a particular examination schedule and your preferred Testing Center is not yet full. Synonyms II. Q: Is there a cutoff for slot reservation? A: There is no cutoff for reserving a slot. Philippine Constitution X. the applicant reserves a slot for the same level of examination. you can still reserve a slot.. Correct Usage IV. you may not be allowed to take the examination in subsequent schedule based on the following reasons: if you have already passed the examination you previously took.FAQs on CSC Computerized Examination System (COMEX) | Civil S. Inductive Reasoning VI.