Vietnam: The Struggle Against Subjugation

Melissa Glanzmann, Todd Lani, Lindy Lehman, Tristan Martel Senior Division Group Website Word Count-479

To determine our topic, we first discovered that we all had family members who served in America’s armed forces. From there, we discussed possible military related topics. We eventually found ourselves discussing researching Vietnam; we were intrigued by the dispute between communism and democracy that occurred in the era. To begin our research, we explored our assets locally, and exploited various internet sources. After our initial research, we were able to refine our thesis statement. With this new and improved direction, we determined it was necessary to contact someone who actually served in the war providing firsthand accounts. In our interview, with a former pilot from Vietnam, we obtained valuable information about the war. We continued our research at our local library; in which, we discovered multiple viable primary and secondary sources that would provide us with pliable information we could use to prove our topic. We also picked up a couple books from the library, these books contained priceless quotes and points of view which helped us analyze and interpret our topic. In discovering our presentation category, we did individual research, and observed those who placed in nationals last year in all of the categories. Each of us then wrote down on a piece of paper the category we would like to create. We counted the votes; it was a unanimous decision to create a website. We then further discussed why we all chose a website. We concluded that we were keen on expanding our capabilities on the internet, and we sought to learn how to create a website. As far as creating the actual website was concerned, we decided it was best if we got together at least once a week to work on our project. We determined that the best location for our meetings was at the one of our residents which was the most centrally located. While there on the weekends, we discussed what information we wanted to post on the website, the pages required the template we enjoyed, and most importantly how we were going to support our topic. Once

we completed our tasks for the day, we divided up what we were going to accomplish over the week before our next meeting. This proved to be a fairly effective method where the work was divided evenly and fairly amongst the four of us. Our topic directly relates to the NHD theme for 2014 because, in review, we are proving the governments right to stop the spread of communism into Vietnam, and protecting the freedom of the South Vietnamese people. As the NHD theme is rights and responsibility, we strived to clarify this complicated topic and show the close relationship of rights and responsibilities and how the government was justified in their actions in Vietnam.

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