Volume 5 Issue No.


January-March 2014

The Association “New Generation Science and Business Cluster” (NGSBC), a research organization from Lithuania, is the newest Associate Member organization of the International Federation of Social Science Organizations (IFSSO). The Association NGSBC submitted its application for membership to IFSSO last 24 January 2014 and it was immediately accepted by IFSSO. see back page...

Delegates of the NRCP General Membership Assembly listening to the report of NRCP President Dr. Lourdes Cruz.


NRCP Holds 80th Assembly, Elects New Social Sciences Chair The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) held its 81st General Membership Assembly last 26-27 March 2014 at the Manila Hotel in Manila, Philippines with the theme “Future Earth, Future Philippines.” Hundreds of regular and associate members from the different parts of the country attended the Assembly. Nobel Laureates Richard F. Heck and Yuan T. Lee were among the guests of the Assembly. Dr. Lee, in particular, delivered a talk on see back page... IFSSO Member Appointed as Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Anthropologist Dr. Michael Tan was appointed by the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines (UP) as Chancellor of UP Diliman last 27 February 2014. Prior to his appointment, Dr. Tan was the Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) of UP Diliman. CSSP-UP is an Associate Member Organization of the International Federation of Social Science Organizations (IFSSO) since 2010. In 1997, Dr. Tan was the recipient of the Takashi Fujii Award of IFSSO for Originality in Social Science Research.

LITHUANIAN ORGANIZATION JOINS IFSSO cont... The Association NGSBC was established in 2008 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The said Association aims to promote the partnership between science and business sectors in Lithuania through the following: 1) developing viable models and forms of cooperation; 2) implementing advanced knowledge management techniques and methods, strengthening the practical training of students, and developing new intellectual products; 3) consolidating the potential of Lithuanian education institutions and business companies working in the field of knowledge management; 4) creating common facilities for research and education, establishing high level research and development competency centers; and 5) developing the competencies of teachers and researchers using the latest training techniques and advanced management practices. The mission of the Association is two-fold, namely: 1) to raise the competitiveness of Lithuania by creating the conditions in educational institutions for better practical training of new generation managers and executives in the implementation of research; and 2) to improve the environment for dissemination of knowledge and technologies between educational institutions and businesses by promoting the Cooperation between Business and Science. Among the activities that are currently being undertaken by the Association NGSBC are: 1) development and implementation of projects, promoting cooperation between business and science; 2) delivery of research in the Humanities and Social Sciences area and provision of consulting services; 3) development of innovations in Education, as well as educational and training tools; 4) development of business management systems, transfer of technologies, and innovations; and 5) promotion of Humanities and Social Sciences research and the organization of conferences and thematic events. Mrs. Gabija Skucaite is the current President of the Association “New Generation Science and Business Cluster”.
NRCP Holds 80th Assembly, Elects New Social Sciences Chair

cont... “Future Earth, the Initiative for Global The NRCP is a Research Council established Sustainability.” Several other papers on the by Philippine law in 1933. At present, the theme were also read during the Assembly. NRCP is organized along 13 Divisions, one of NRCP members also elected new members which is Division VIII (Social Sciences). The of the organization’s Governing Board. IFSSO NRCP is an active Full Member Organization member Dr. Leslie Bauzon was elected as the of the International Federation of Social Scinew Chair of NRCP’s Division VIII or the ence Organizations (IFSSO). Social Sciences Division. He is replacing Prof. Carmencita Aguilar, former IFSSO President, as Chair of the said Division. Dr. Bauzon is a Historian and former Dean of the College of Social Sciences of Philosophy of the University of the Philippines (CSSP-UP). He has attended the 20th IFSSO General Conference in Lipa City, Philippines in 2011 and the 21st IFSSO General Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013.
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