Gage Silvery

Columbus, Ohio | Mobile: +1 740.815.8251 |

“I  am  an  intelligent,  passionate  student  of  Fashion  &  Retail,  eager  to  learn  and  interested  in  obtaining  an  
internship  where  I  can  offer  insights,  participate  in  the  creative  process,  train  with  seasoned  professionals  
and  absorb  experiences  that  will  enhance  my  skills  and  future  value  to  the  industry.”  


The  Ohio  State  University,  Columbus,  Ohio  
Fall  2010  to  Present  
§ Pursuing   a   Bachelor   of   Science   in   Human   Ecology,   majoring   in   Fashion   &   Retail  
Studies/Product  Development  
§ Anticipated  time  of  graduation:  Spring,  2014  
§ Cumulative  GPA:    3.29  
§ Dean’s  List:  Autumn  and  Spring  semester  2013,  Spring  and  Winter  quarter  2012,  Spring  and  
Winter  quarter  2011,  Autumn  quarter  2010.  

Big  Walnut  High  School,  Sunbury,  Ohio    




Graduated  2010  



Highly  motivated  self-­‐starter.  I  set  goals  and  attain  them.  
A  keen  eye  for  detail  and  aesthetics.  
Thorough;   able   to   complete   tasks   on   deadline   and   quickly   assimilate   and   apply   written   and  
oral  instruction.  
Strong  work  ethic,  eager  to  go  above  and  beyond  what  is  expected  of  me.  
Excel  at  interpersonal  communications  and  building  relationships  
Experienced   with   business   software   like   Microsoft   Office   (Word,   PowerPoint,   and   Excel),  
Adobe  Photoshop,  etc.  
At  home  with  technology,  with  a  quick  learning  curve  on  new  tools  and  processes.  


Work Experience

Arhaus  Furniture,  Columbus,  Ohio    





Aug  2013  to  Apr  2014  


Unpaid,  15  hours  per  week  
Assisted  with  the  design  and  set-­‐up  activities  for  retail  furniture  layouts  
Executed  replenishment  of  merchandise  and  accessories  
Assisted  with  bi-­‐weekly  transfers  and  deliveries  
Created  and  completed  furniture  and  accessory  displays,  soliciting  feedback  and  guidance  
from  Arhaus  management.  

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Gage Silvery
Columbus, Ohio | Mobile: +1 740.815.8251 |

Starbucks,  New  Albany,  Ohio  






Aug  2011  to  Present  


Provided  superior  customer  service  to  enhance  customers’  experiences  
Operated  Cash  register,  handling  cash  and  addressing  customer  orders  and  concerns.  
Assisted  with  store  product  shipping  and  receiving  
Responsible   for   merchandising   of   in-­‐store   sale   items   and   overall   store   appearance.   Train  
new  employees  




Cantina  Laredo,  Columbus,  Ohio    
Feb  2011  to  Aug  2011  
Head  Host  
§ Provided  welcoming  customer  service  in  a  sophisticated  atmosphere  
§ Organized  seating  arrangements  for  special  events  and  large  parties  
§ Assisted  with  setting  up  for  special  events  and  parties  
§ Answered  all  calls  regarding  reservations,  RSVPs  and  scheduling  for  events  
Abercrombie  &  Fitch,  Columbus,  Ohio  
Sep  2008  to  Nov  2011            
Customer  Service  Representative,  Model  
§ Provided  excellent  customer  service  
§ Maintained  an  orderly  and  upscale  store  environment  
§ Completed  several  floor-­‐sets  and  updates  for  the  store  
§ Cash  register/Cash  handling  
§ Shipping/Processing/Inventory  
§ Assisted  with  merchandise  audits  
§ Attended  focus  groups  for  upcoming  fashion  seasons  at  the  corporate  headquarters  
§ Worked/Modeled  at  company  diversity  events  

Available  upon  request.  


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