Hervé Perrin Joins Business Development Team at Prepay Nation Expanding the European footprint for the leading

mobile value transfer company. Berwyn, PA (USA), April 16, 2014 -- Prepay Nation, a leading provider of cross-b order microvalue and prepaid mobile airtime transfers, has brought on telecom bu siness leader Hervé Perrin as VP of Business Development. Perrin joins Prepay Nati on s team of mobile ecosystem innovators with a mandate to expand the company s Euro pean operations, as well as to invest his expertise in their ongoing development of new and exciting use cases for their award-winning platform. A globally successful strategist, marketer, and change manager with a significan t focus in the telecommunications sector and the EMEA region, Perrin comes to Pr epay Nation from director-level positions across the mobile landscape, including MVNO, B2C prepaid airtime transfer, and consultancy organizations. With 20 years of global leadership experience at companies such as Set Mobile, T elenor, Moov- Subsidiary of Etisalat, Intercel, Telecel, Afritel, and XTS Networ k, he has worked with and consulted for some of the largest mobile operators in the industry. He is also the founder of Minute Transfer, one of the very first i nternational mobile top-up (IMTU) companies in the world, and served as the star tup Managing Director of the first MVNO in sub-Saharan Africa. Perrin s achievements bode well for Prepay Nation. His unique profile of having wo rked at MNOs, MVNOs, vendors and consultancies gives him a valuable perspective on what Prepay Nation has to offer. As the organization seeks to bring their fle xible value transfer platform to mobile network operators and service providers around the globe for a variety of use cases, Perrin s intimate understanding of th eir needs will prove invaluable. Perrin is a strong addition to our team, said Ajay Goyal, President of Prepay Nati on. He has the kind of insight that can guide us in developing partnership opport unities, as he so clearly knows the inner workings and pain points of our target clients. His success speaks to his abilities, and we are excited to work with h im on even greater success for Prepay Nation. Prepay Nation has built not only an impressive global network of operators and re tailers, but also a platform so flexible that it presents an incredible opportun ity for innovation, added Perrin. I am looking forward to breaking new ground on u se cases for their value transfer platform use cases that will disrupt and lead th e market. About Prepay Nation: Prepay Nation is a fast growth company in the business of enabling micropayments from one person to another across international borders. Prepay Nation utilizes the prepaid mobile ecosystem to transfer values in the form of international ai rtime remittance. With mobile operator partnerships in Central America, South Am erica, Caribbean, Asia, and Africa, and a varied distribution channel spanning t he US, Canada, and Middle East, Prepay Nation offers its innovative services to expatriates who financially support their loved ones back home. Prepay Nation s un ique business model, highly scalable processing platform, and interconnectivity with mobile operators, allows for instantaneous and no-fee transfers for the con sumers and an opportunity to generate significant revenues for the distributors. For more information, visit http://www.prepaynation.com. Press & Media Contact: Sarah Feidt Head of Marketing Prepay Nation, LLC 1055 Westlakes Drive, Suite 300

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