RF DT ENGINEER Transciever Technologies Pvt Ltd. Hydera ad david!"ts#g$g"ail.co" %o ile& '()*(+,#,#)-.) '()*,/).))++.)

I desire to work in a Company/Organization which aims to achieve targets successfully provides me a good e!posure to the present work culture and offers me challenges as well as opportunities for career advancement in the technical field of "#$

• • • %$&'C( )'lectronics and Communication* #rom +awaharlal ,ehru technological -niversity I,&'".'/I0&' from ,arayana +unior college 11C from 0$2 "esidential 1chool

• • • • /esignation Organization '!perience /uration 3 "# /rive &est 'ngineer 3 &ransciever &echnologies 0ndhra 2radesh I,/I0 3 1 4ear 3 0pril52016 to &ill

Operating system :anguages "# tools 7ired 7ireless 3 .icrosoft 7indows 82/7indows 9 3C 3 &'.1 10$0$; 16$0 .ap Info <$; 3 0nalog /igital Communication I1/, 119 Optical #i=ers Communications 3 Cellular "# planning >1. C/.0 -.&1 '/>'

? 1killed and motivated with knowledge in >1. >2"1 '/>' &echnologies to meet client@s reAuirements innovatively$ ? 7idespread knowledge of "# 2lanning /rive &est B Optimizing tools$

eigh=ors lists defining$  2ropose the height reduction of 1ectors if the signal is overshooting and co5ordinate with the height reduction team$  Checking for any ca=le swap resulting in call /rops  2lanning Capacity sites =ased on the utilization B =locking of the sites$  Completing the target of given num=er new of sites for drive and optimization on or =efore time$  "esponsi=le for Duality 0ssurance of total /rive$  /ay to day reporting to company$  0ttend customer complaints and take necessary actions$ #G 4%T6 Drive Test 2roCect /esignation 3 3 &ata /ocomo )1C#& Comparison* "# /rive &est 3 3 3 3 Idea )1C#& Comparison /rive* "# /rive &est 'ngineer 0ndhra 2radesh )Ongole*$ &ransciever &echnologies  -sing TE%6 )-.#O tool for /rive test route planning data analysis . 0ntenna to improve the coverage area$ o 0nalyzing the KPI9s tra::ic statistics and monitoring the network for trou=le shooting$  "$# $Optimization of cell sites =y defining neigh=ors which are not defined resulting handover failures$  7orking on .02I.$  /rive &est B Optimization Includes Checking the 1ignal 1trength of a particular sites in a region and accordingly changing the tilts and orientation of the >1.? 0chieving goal oriented performance =y managing highly diverse and technically sound team$ 8G Drive Test 2roCect /esignation :ocation Outsourcing Company 8G RE6P1N6I2ILITI6 .-.CO.+ and 0nalyzing the /rive test log file using .apInfo and .

cluster in which scenarios are suggested =y the customer$  0uditing the site and making changes in 'lectrical and .ationality (o==ies :anguages Fnown .ame /ate of %irth .:ocation Outsourcing Company #G RE6P1N6I2ILITIE6 3 3 0ndhra 2radesh )>untur*$ &ransciever &echnologies  Includes 11E )single site verification* .arital 1tatus 0ddress 3 /0EI/$F 3 F"-20 "0O$F 3 21st 0->-1& 1GG0 3 Indian 3 playing cricket making friends$ 3 'nglish and &elugu 3 -nmarried 3 .ame #ather .iriampalli )village* &ripuranthakam )mandal* .echanical tilts to improve the coverage which mainly depends on distance to ne!t site and average clutter height$  /efining neigh=ors which are not defined found with the help of monitor list and detected list$  &racing ca=le to removed any swap present resulting in poor "1C2 level near site$  2erforming stationary test in each sectors with a set of scenarios suggested =y customer$  Cluster drive includes covering all roads especially the main lo=s of all the sites in a cluster$  Cluster drive is done in two steps pre drive and post drive$  2re5drive clarifies that no site is left with swap and neigh=ors well defined$  Optimizer will optimize the sites in the cluster with the help of data o=tained in 11E and 2re5/rive$  #inal drive is performed then to see the results of the changes made =y the optimizers to enhance the coverage and Auality$ PER61NAL PR1FILE& .

K= .2rakasam )dist* 0ndhrapradesh5.2662H I./I0 DE0LARATI1N3 I consider myself familiar with the given aspects$ I am also confident of my a=ility to work in a team$ I here=y declare that the details furnished in this resume are true to the =est of my knowledge. <DAVID.