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have put up. I’ve tried to re -host all mega links and fix every link that I mis-posted, as well as correcting dumbass descriptions. Have fun listening! Bold: Highly recommended album/EP/comp/discography. After the bolded sections, the remainder is totally disorganized. Table of contents: Pg. 2: Mandatory Listening albums Pg. 4: Death/thrash Pg. 6: Old-school death metal Pg. 10: OSDM revival/”cavern-core” Pg. 12: Technical death metal Pg. 21: Progressive death metal Pg. 25: Brutal death metal Pg. 28: Slam death metal Pg. 29: Black/death Pg. 33: Melodeath Pg. 37: Deathgrind/goregrind Pg. 40: Death/doom Pg. 43: Deathcore Pg. 44: Unclassifiable/Non-DM

>Dismember - Like an Ever Flowing Stream >Every element of this album just comes together. It's a classic. Perfectly paced, atmospheric, genius riffs. This has it all. >!Kcky3QRa!aTC_HUB2FP215foWFvd4K0xdSJ4VgV7xzX-asmcrbFM Sample: >V/A - Swedish Death Metal (3CD Compilation) >GET THIS. Seriously, a ton of underappreciated bands are featured on this comp. Essential ownership for any death metal fan. >!jN8RTADJ!KpsIc3zfjvbF5R2fL9UAuQPahwRXM4PPs6ekgEiG8dw Sample: Uhhh.... Hard to represent this one well. might do. >Entombed - Left Hand Path >Purest expression of the "buzzsaw" Swedish guitar tone. The opener track is incredible, and the rest is pretty damn good but not quite on par. >!XZcS0LZb!LDrbp0sMPVz4mazzfui2vQ2KG2dHQEskr3X2B0FtuI0 Sample: >Molested - Blod-Draum >Unusual album. It has some folky bits, but the majority is chaotic pitch-black whirls of guitars which at times sound like an earlier version of Portal. This remastered 2CD version has everything the band recorded before most members went off to become Borknagar. The first CD contains the remastered version, which I would avoid – it’s one of Dan Swano’s worst production jobs IMO. >!fd8hCKBJ!XGifFmgsakYeuzS4Z8iDogKY-MY96yo5SX5me2Sewi4 Sample: >Immolation - Here in After >Pioneers of a style of fast, chaotic, oddly-timed style of death metal. It's hard to describe exactly what's abnormal about it until you listen. >!CBkUSTAT!QczB0nxS_731A-0RUCu-Ql9BxRsAivJDqvqBYRs8gX4 Sample: >At the Gates - The Red in the Sky is Ours >Bizarre album that I can only describe as tortured, from the surreal lyrics to the moaning vocals. Uses violin effectively, and some of the finest and most distinctive melodic work around. The way everything is organized may lead to the feeling that it is aimless, but the developments are very complex and deliberate. >!nUllUQ6D!IFOu9y0rvLnMgOr6SMheu3gV4poVl6O94tp6PAW2eSk Sample: >Gorguts - Obscura >One of the "pillars" of technical death metal. Uses shrieking stretched guitar tones that sound totally un-guitar-like, playing torturous passages of atonal/dissonant structures reminiscent of the serialist school of composition. The story concerns a man obsessed with dying and ascending to a new spiritual plane. Inventive guitar work makes this a must-listen but it is a very abrasive album. >!mUlzhKiD!KHZ_GxiDSAkMRLWw-PMh7mQbP5ciICG8ar1bJIECmFA Sample: >Morbid Angel - Covenant >Some people will say this isn’t nearly as good as the first 2 Morbid Angel albums. I like those a good deal, but Covenant did a great job of solidifying their style and adding tons of atmosphere. It’s a bit simplified, but Azagthoth’s guitar work is still ferocious. >!LN10EJhL!ZnHxzVDXrHTycHfpcDfJDVpB94pOk4Tn9s7O-hlOa9Y Sample:

>Adramelech - Psychostasia >Demilich with more conventional vocals but even more bizarre riffs. Absolutely otherworldly feeling in this one. >!vE1C2aoD!J6OBPQQGhb5GPojj4Ue-XCztAvhxmBI9Ria36OZIZ28 >Demilich - Nespithe >Bizarre early technical death metal, cult classic. Watery melodies twist around behind echoing drums and demonic frog vocals. Interesting rhythmic interplay between the riff lengths and the drums - it seems like everything is in conflict with the other instruments. >!SQkn1LAZ!PUL_RUZBNOP6JBaVk6Z7m1b3kYtja456sxZ3souKR-M >Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes >Finnish old-school death metal, surface similarities to Nespithe but less melodically and rhythmically unconventional. Has a dusty, occult atmosphere. >!2FM30K7T!JtQ2bEuOZ_vRFjgnw8JX81mxD5cQNUtOnkh8rvzh32k >Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence >Brutal thrash, relentlessly fast and crushing with intense blast-beat drumming >!bM1VXIpY!AcEeADQWgeHy-avao2HgnABibSc0vNkbnXjyopw3NBs >Septic Flesh - Mystic Places of Dawn >Greek death metal classic. Brooding atmosphere created by prominent synth lines. Another album with a very deliberate pacing, but it’s full of memorable and powerful moments. >!LVlUyTiA!Ym3WOxpoAFJjRMJKXIVW7HQ_-yIE-fccQ6Fk1jWIbkE >Sample: >Atheist - Unquestionable Presence >A goddamn gem of metal despite numerous weaknesses such as thin recording quality and a tendency to jump around from idea to idea. The tracks are short but each develop a unique theme and tell a full "story". Incredible drumming and bass work, jazzy rhythms and tonality. >!SNVEGZ6B!fx8J12I59pLzboitklKL8QK0XmpzfA0fh_8Yj_03i5w Sample: >Brutal Truth - Need to Control >An essential deathgrind album if there ever was one. Fuses industrial ambience with spazzy drumming. >!fAskkSiB!uZNSJL6qAHNluNAfSeTzMzomMRtIzucUw1rOjF8iM1U Sample: >The Chasm - Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph >Doesn't have The Chasm's best production job, but in terms of songwriting, narrative and overall atmosphere this album is about as good as they come. Album cover is horrible but also awesome. >!eRtiSCzL!V9BywyRGIta6JhHElc0Yhw_JC3ge-sn0kUAEz6sQdp8 Sample: >Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten >Created brutal death metal, basically. Still fresh and heavy as hell. Notable for being one of the first bands to employ linear song structures aka through-composition in metal. >!uMkyQCgS!TKINKRw2iom14LBlYCn7GUk-Vs5zXSM3zZZYC1Vlcz4 Sample: >diSEMBOWELMENT – Transcendence into the Peripheral >A goddamn spiritual experience. Listen to this album. >!iUV21JCL!BH7CyWWzgDpbQR97dTxQcyd3bAJPwA0wLgEBL0ctD98 Sample:

-Death/thrash, brutal thrash
>Massacra - Enjoy the Violence >These guys became sort of infamous for being the darlings of ANUS, but occasionally those guys dogpile on really damn good albums. This is one of them. Refreshingly unpretentious but well-written thrash death metal, with smart interplay between phrases. Their first album is also excellent. >!PAV0iJ5K!MFirgFEqp6qpK56wkT329EKOm7B2wLze0DFWE4jMrzw Sample: >Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death >American brutal thrash which heavily inspired early death metal >!LUNV2ADZ!BYisjFP4ZVbnXfbvKmKOJX_dWesIZwiEqdGgFWyA66w Sample: >Sadus - Illusions >One of the greatest death/thrash albums around. Ball-bustingly intense, and the riffs are very technical and memorable. >!6ZcTFJZS!C5G_X1AJXVpv0kiqIm-oxS1KeT9HAG4KB5IS1Dtd0o8 Sample: >Sepultura – Arise >Before these guys decided to make a career of blending tough-guy chuggin’ with Brazilian music, they put out a couple b adass death/thrash albums. >!zAFjnB4a!RynZRCJ2im64r319y7DJQE-USrFsGfslzUxydtZtrnk Sample: >Sepultura - Beneath the Remains >Quintessential part of the South American death/thrash metal scene. This and Slayer's Reign in Blood inspired death metal's riffing style. >!uF12CaaT!UCBotVHzP0P87fZi-Ik5S0XIxf53D0gjqH9X9eaEgEw Sample: >Vader - Morbid Reich >Classic band's early old-school death metal demo. >!TQ9RWapL!QOyJuFLlXw0LdiHY30hBr2TpfL9w0hDpFMWUu6eFP9I Sample: Cancerbero - Abominations From Hell >Thrashy south american death metal demo. >This only came out on tape in a very small release in 2007. >They have a few demos going all the way back to 1988 but this is their most recent excluding a 3 way split they put out in 2008. >!OAFTRLgT!H2FZIB5xLbPXEaoigFZTKT0Tf_U5QUwF-6rp4tzZ6Ac Sample: >Obliveon - From This Day Forward >Progressive death/thrash with a sci-fi theme. Sort of like a more brutal Voivod or a less-wanky Vektor with death metal vocals. >!qBsnyJ6J!OyN-PmbM2oepPwFn9Odl4HXnvC1RR9BHuJoqptQ9M5Q Sample: >Ripping Corpse - Dreaming with the Dead >Underlooked death-thrash, extremely fast with absurd riffs. Lacks momentum in the second half but very entertaining and ahead of its time. >!DUdC2JQR!WMWWshRkASYi-DmGgnVAWEWKrTw2fVP1PCcPArM-C0E Sample: >Electrocution - Inside the Unreal >Thrashy death, fast as hell. >!7J9wQSTC!IuAmHCUhTn7yAEvWorJCtxiePUc6xTzvt28z5MCh7GM Sample: >Deceased - Blueprints for Madness >Sci-fi death/thrash with some mild techy inclinations. Draws Voivod comparisons. >!XcM2VLrJ!H3a2wV1wGK-cPBdQzew1jlFFlSxStOgCpMOu7f0nurs

com/watch?v=6zTEjtoC8_g . > >Chemical Breath .Fatal Exposure >Some incredibly badass death/thrash which I have never shared for some dumbass!CdMhRJ4b!dZaq315H2QVQhhN27mvm3CWtt69pFojtf48PzLpXgfk Sample: https://www.Sample: This brings the

World Without God >Not much track-to-track variety. pretty unusual Pretty fucking great >Convulse .co.Changes >BAH FOE MERRRRRRRRRTTT >Yeah this album owns. but who cares when the overall sound is so out-of-this-world? A Finnish classic. >https://mega. > >Infester . If anyone has it I'd greatly appreciate a share. >https://mega. they write songs about Warhammer and!nIlXWQLR!VR9OcTNLjcQamv197LEjMSqeWCE3vX4dUGEISdqX2Y4 Sample: > Got some folky touches!SZMRnayJ!K0j6xEgph-hRYcC_bGdVvlj5uaJCPstTE9FBEUjnjCU Sample: https://www. An incredible compilation with a great raw sound. >https://mega. Amazing old-school DM release. Crushing DM from Mexico that isn't just Incantation worship.Cross the Styx >Don't mind >Cartilage/Altar . especially if you're into Demigod or >Entombed before they were Entombed.To the!3I0FWTwL!JRfBBCH7-VFltpFyL3K0XQ0BvtdvrhJ5CkD5zWsVKbY Sample: https://www. but the absolutely surreal material on this split and their demo In Godly Flesh is worth seeking!7AlzhaBZ!QgAgZ2WwbIayOWEyf-MX2DtMeks-fAJbpHWEs1_2k9c Sample: https://www. Lovecraftian >Sinister .-Old-school death metal >Amorphis .nz/#!vBViVBpI!bbWIcw1oUaWdl1jafwDZZlb6S2hfPXib7HXcaz3Rs4w Sample: >!3d1EjDzR!aUDbDS8Ovqro522eBN79DzB-Q7dKif1DhxjB4xtL4kc Sample: http://www.scratch that. >https://mega.The Fragile Concept of Affection/Ex Oblivione >Cartilage never released an!yA91jaSB!WWXTsHPPGKmktJv1iEyK9VYKYDgkTORosXXbi42CfLc Sample: Terrors( >Vader . Hefty dose of >Bolt Thrower .The Karelian Isthmus >Amorphis at their most "death metal" and least "melodic".com/watch?v=UkZy6gywfIE >Nihilist .De Profundis >Thrashy death from one of the Polish greats .youtube. They have a REALLY great EP but I've somehow misplaced my physical copy and it doesn't exist on the >Miasma . and energetic . >!7F8xlQyJ!XfwRdUYuIBzcvuX2cPDF-Wv7KQIQXfGfxXnFWHaxZrk Sample: R'lyeh . >!rUVxiLaT!U0Hk-ypipWTNXL9e1Yevrnq9mH9S-96jsJh21LtPvzE Sample: https://www. >https://mega. Been looking for 3 or 4 years just some good-ass old-school death 1990) >!rRcklLRY!EIcypH7fpEgf4a4JSZ5nVTU92Jx0tMB7TNPI5VVvUtg Sample: https://www. You know This upload was requested. one of the genre greats. Awesome guitar tone. in Degradation >Hellish old-school death metal from Seattle of all places.War Master >BOLT

It's a bit harmonically simpler than The Chasm's work. Less than 150 listeners on You probably won't ever see this name again. >https://mega.Dawn of Kouatl >Very obscure death metal from Seattle (anyone guessed where I'm from yet?). Never!TJV3HZbY!eervaVI3CQIEdESwW37qZ35jqfIoBCMMAz5r_mIyJSM Sample:!fB8FHIrL!LAeLSAqdYJcvlUqXgafYiiekH052MgSUJ_hH0JIUnkE Sample: https://www. galloping rhythms. but also full of that cosmic/occult atmosphere that you'd expect from a Mexican DM band. highly influential in the South American!mYcHHDyZ!Vo5GpA58YsuxdU3UU8yHJCkKwOly0R0D4SUC1UgSoLE Sample: https://www. don't skip on it if you're Groovy stuff from!GEMhUTTa!caLgTRDh9QP-6y_6Quw2Ow5BiFk_VRDpsU2NnxRA6bE Sample: https://www. > >Yogth Sothoth .com/watch?v=wn5I2vwHRsk >Ordeal – Atrocities >As requested. but highly praised by those who know it. >https://mega. >https://mega. extremely obscure death metal. This album has some spacy interludes and a bit of thrash/black >Depravity .nz/#!nZMiDZ5C!WWza50RIMcfrRBPiNz7iSglqOOh0OuoJ_vgoK01rfY4 >Sample: Feretrum . awesome vocals. >!vElkXTrI!Ku5C5VUS1NJxd13TkCJJPXH6yQklbmQxcw9C8bMl92Q Sample: http://www. > . Can be a tad repetitive but this is among their best efforts. If anyone cares I'll dig up my others from my archives and upload.Where No Life Dwells >Strong. >https://mega.>Violent Fury .From Far Beyond >Great Spanish death metal >Was unfortunately released on tape through a small Spanish label long after cd's took over and limited to 100 copies. not very well >Unleashed . The Dark Waters Are There are some really neat plucked and tremolo!jQEkRIjI!eX7fdNYsFVj6HxCU12L5_OBTWJWixW35EfTnzKvyngE >Mortem .De Natura Daemonam >Underlooked thrashy death band from Peru. but I'm not going to lie I just found a rar on blogspot. so you know what to expect in terms of guitar style. which contains demos and new material: >https://mega.Abominations of the Nebulah Mortiis >Pretty heavy stuff bordering on brutal but still interesting. Featuring the former guitarist and bassist of The Chasm's first 2 Old-school style DM from!OAkl3ZjS!INpduG-CbVBwQuqvMzr6ai4qAy8Swd5qVTh4l3zTL4Y Sample: http://www. and slow/fast dynamics make this a Swedish death classic. >!uEdT3CIS!fxZDC2z1A4DuKjxpIGebwyOTAXIGokPN1EnByECLmwY Sample: http://www.demos >Highly >Serpens Aeon of the Centuries >Pretty damn good Finnish OSDM similar to Demigod or Cartilage or what have Here's their similar this is their only tape but damn it's good. There are more of these demos and I have them.

The Ten Commandments >Death/thrash with pretty nice pacing (be prepared for some breakdowns though).Diabolic Conquest >You guys know Incantation. but the compositions are quite lengthy and complex. made before these guys went totally symphonic and!bAZ1XLga!UJ31lEjCOQ8rByrcVRhGVA No samples available >Tříštivá Fraktura . though it's hardly a coherent story. Alf Svensson and Tomas Lindberg would go on to join At the Gates. An absolute classic Link: It's everything that made "Death Shall Inherit" so great.! and Duobetic Homunkulus)>Banished >https://mega. and their vocalist was Satan? Well. homemade death >Incantation .co. Very!DFEnyTLZ!bnJMlEf8iRnB71DjoDX0LwhQEAJevYBS6W62MPJYKrE Sample: https://www.O. >https://mega. right? They pretty much spawned all this modern old-school DM throwback stuff that sounds all cavernous and occult and what have you. here they're collaborating with none other than guitarist/composer Dan Corchado of the Chasm. need to listen to this!aF8TlaDB!MST9lj6EFyURqu96I_PIPhEbVJBlP5BXT-6peWZca1Y Sample: http://www.the Incantation demo and In the Embrace of Evil compilation have very good production and some awesome >Therion .youtube. Fits in my book.(2001) Welcome to Fracture >Czech raw. > a desolate and "wintry" atmosphere more typical of black metal. >https://mega.The Winterlong >Short album from this Swedeath and more. who perfectly encapsulate.Deliver Me Unto Pain >Any fans of Baphomet who haven't heard Bloodsoaked .com/watch?v=modwLQ47VOM >Grotesque . Band recorded this one demo then faded listeners Link: so obscure the "intro" track is missing > >Malevolent Creation . but still only 3000 listeners on last. This was that weird period of time when Baphomet changed their name to Banished and released an album under that name. only 8 last. Interesting lyrical >Amorphous Mass .Discography >Pretty fuckin' awesome early Swedish death metal .Beyond Sanctorum >Slightly symphonic/melodic old-school progressive!DdxxUBjZ!aaHLwR0UCnJSQHHqPuMKmw Sample: http://www. And I FUCKING LOVE the Chasm. A classic album.A Dream Of Fatality >A slab of forgotten death metal from!CVtiEJTR!Y8VnSAfZvludgybDmVzU5XpZDwU1lpFcv7W1jKZhvP8 Sample:!qVcwXRIT!V4pz3g_VX6qEYAQfhqWx_SK9s89aGzgm1liq8LenPYo Sample: http://www.Frost Image >Great death metal from . in my!aF8TlaDB!MST9lj6EFyURqu96I_PIPhEbVJBlP5BXT-6peWZca1Y >God Macabre .youtube. Gonna go out on a limb by calling it progressive. A huge classic in underground circles. >!vNFygBJY!Dy2NnC1U9AnmmEXiJxXRTlpXsUMrItfS2cBzt0OgehE Sample: bass guitar and vocals featuring Wokis (! >!aMMkhYpB!KUjn3wZ1uDbX5QwPqTrxjwB9x-pG4Ncz_KH8rJmNAOs Sample: http://www.

The Independence of Observation Choice >Polish death for fans of Behemoth.!qc1zWBJD!VqfIi1rKwFADHPr3_KvtCSww02MZeWGkfTl_OrkeQns Sample:!qI9FDTiT!JVT_SGqvJQR4_qPr_4yudmQaqOtaJWmwb6HXzfqgeDk Sample: http://www.Hail Infernal Darkness >A classic band of the Pacific Northwest!yM9TAapb!TRu8bSouwLTQFwSlHonGTyw5wCJ_hRHb-DhaXiwRf-o Sample: >https://mega. Not exactly OSDM >Desolate Shrine .youtube.Graves of the Archangels >Another rising star of neo-old school death metal. The production is goddamn >Nomad .co.The Sleep of Morbid Dreams >Kickass OSDM!fYUnGbTD!ZcYMbGKfiW4Qe0KW__ON92SMt80ybx-xfvn4PNBMn0g Sample: and I believe this is an improvement on all fronts. > in the Nethervoid >One of the torchbearers of the modern Finndeath style. > >Funebrarum . these guys do about what you'd expect from the scene. this got a glowing 9/10 review from theneedledrop. these guys borrow the Immolation style of!TI8kQaTT!aODEfWimFQl5DxaoOr7PZnHx_rpucpYuaDqMaUDcLXI Sample:!zRd22TTC!EpdxrkXH6jwJ8QaVBbKY4VDSnssMEwbcFKloVj9wN6g Sample: https://www. another band into the Egyptian mythology thing! Coffin Texts are a lot less blasty and techy than your Nile >Coffin Texts . >https://mega. and relentless speed > >Claws .co. though – bit more like Morbid Angel. Has some of the finest DM vocals out there. these Greek guys play up the Immolation angle a good bit. >https://mega. Vader.The Tomb of Infinite Ritual >Oh!PFFAlJzZ!ZihK4AUaQdyWRchKXZjgPzdf2RQdCDHX9cW_Yiia9R0 Sample: twisted riffs to great effect. but it’s good and I couldn’t think where to put but they pull off . but it's definitely a standout in the scene for a reason. especially as regards the guitar tone. backed by thick production layered with >Drawn and Quartered . >https://mega.-OSDM revival/”cavern-core” >Disma . Incredibly atmospheric and ominous stuff.Towards the Megalith >One of the brightest stars of neo-old school death >Dead Congregation . I don't love it.The Sanctum of Human Darkness >I shared this band's previous album in the last thread.

> >Sonne Adam .youtube. w/european methodic structure.Beheaded Ouroboros >2010 Black/death/doom debut from New!nc9BmLzJ!T3nWNXvag6fb4BMgMgnf8hFe2PoHJTXcr-9YGB3NWQ8 Sample:!vA8BBLpQ!OSmnYQUiaAEwanmirQS1d1jiQo0MKZRcdt_NHpMGcKE Sample: http://www. south americas bestiality & a Watain-like image.Patricidal Lust >Unusual death metal album with slight doom!2JVADRpI!IH6g9gOUAAsNl3owUVjFCEuOGCFO9yCSR67kmXLDaaM Sample:!DU9xWJjT!bJYPaHo1y9yd7NgytOZcRh7LDoVxMDn24_LWKJSAoow Sample: http://www.In the Flesh >Modern occult DM.. as well as FLO FUCKIN MOUNIER > mostly crushing and chilling atmosphere with interesting vocal work >https://mega.Crypt Born and Tethered to Ruin >DAT ALBUM Necrovation ." The riffs are unusual with a dissonant sensibility reminiscent of Deathspell Omega.Smouldering >Not a lot can be said about this. Actually features the Morbid Angel vocalist Steve Tucker.Necrovation >2012 Death Metal with a fairly unique sound > dissonant Demilich riff style very >Degial .. It's a concept album about immoral sexual no samples >Deathevokation .The Chalice of Ages >US old-school revival which draws parallels to work by Amorphis or some of the earlier Swedeath acts. It's a bit longer than it ought to be though. > >!OwpUmIIZ!fRJ_KHJHOhbg7ulrkmhmGElYtYhFNa9LuWsIdedF0ws One of the best of the many many many modern Incantation >Nader Sadek .nz/#!jM1CTbqD!dwLms0xL1cLQ-_4yzhz3PjKqHW86afiyrV9jct1csaM Sample: https://www.Black Death Horizon >Straight fucking Death Metal in the vein of Altars of Madness and Mental Funeral.Death's Striking Wings >Described succinctly by a RYM user as "An occult death/thrash blast. >!qcsE0brI!aa0rTBQ1lpd1aR2WffS-niqic95oW17aeA3Zajvd41Y Sample: http://www.Transformation >Israeli neo-OSDM similar to Necros Christos but a bit less unfocused and >Obliteration .youtube. The production is a bit sleek but it's an alright >Abyssous .nz/#!iNtkmIQZ!XV7QLANbkJO_ho4UZi32d2o0K9lM5e4D6sCNQX1I6WM Sample: https://www. >https://mega. this band nails a surreal >!O0ICSAgQ!KdNNJDA7DNU3pyqMGbJidW2wroMtCKTXLFYgaRxkh2c Sample: . more Morbid Angel than!aZoy3ALS!Kv9jAUsno9AKV0WaRzd1sQ Surprisingly obscure. Has an incredibly vast >Witchrist . just a short and sweet slab of new old-school DM Link: >Vasaeleth!qddDgI5Y!SFGvQm0fgycMjI2WhqeoUiUgrrVhL1O5NRogNbYwIyQ >Vastum . DM AOTY 2013 >https://mega.

It's pretty conventional modern occult!HZ9yRAZC!Jl4mP3gn-7nsr6Pgu-KD5VY3ytA95CggnxWk8rGzmqw Sample: >https://mega.Tenements of Ephemera >One-man old-school DM >Cruciamentum .nz/#!OQsBkYBS!Mwn2TFdkZLGy64m4HVOmIxmlR5crs1hz5JBEoQNipRI Sample: https://www.Tenebrous Towers >Atmospheric occult death from Finland. There's a bit of Incantation stuff going >Desolate Shrine .>The Wakedead Gathering . > >Innumerable Forms .nz/#!yZs21RiY!TY7iF1btdqCTRzWXBn6F8xp7RD1xgt-3lVBxI0xWIVI Sample: http://www. but well . >https://mega. wall-of-noise Incantation worship deal. >https://mega. Stuff like this has been described as "cavern-core".Frozen to Death >Fucking raw. but also some Pestilence and Bolt Thrower!PEcEBYiR!HRCMtAzROGwluVfnK3__3mvWdARoTjYnfUuWiXsKaC0 Sample: http://www.Convocation of Crawling Chaos >Crazy-ass neo-OSDM demo from this British band. no

nz/#!zYUGHKRR!TJVsOkcYtNVFeJitIzKBaxIp2x9dP_k-Entirk3DhdY Sample:!SB9X3Jba!WNGL1hbB6ovz0PpSTEKTRGIS-GtjJ15ohF3leWkEik0 Sample: https://www. these guys played a very spastic and grindy style of death metal with a lot of punk >!rAsDjZza!Jyfwkie_Hx_Kc3S9CCHouwfOLFJ1-6Gusm4QDg20wIQ Sample: https://www.Vast >Prog death from!qU0mFTRJ!ZeE1hhHpcGTrDzSG5xtp7lLKkgZi1nXppTLFR9VsHAo Sample: >Cadaver . The They are a very tongue-in-cheek band but their approach to death metal is interesting and distinctive.Multi-dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science >Modern Gorguts tribute band of sorts >Gigan >Mithras . Vocals vary between traditional growling and halfway-whispered black-metalish vocals.The Luster of Pandemonium >Bizarre deconstruction of "tech death".Screams of Anguish >Crazy Florida death metal with tons of multi-tracked guitar >Brutality . Initially sounds like Were You When (Compilation) >One of the originators of >Human Remains .com/watch?v=3Cduct_sBq8 >Crimson Massacre!TAlBxaQT!Cqn5hlCik59oPxdOn8J5aCnDeAB0uusCH41sUq9VXrE Sample (different album): http://www. >https://mega. and the riffs are pretty pedestrian. but many of you will hate it due to the .youtube. Heavy synthesizer use.In Pains >Weird mid-paced prog death. It's all mids and the wet reverb!WZ0QXQRa!Zd3cxhUh8IYbm0TV5aTnfwm99hhNJ47qdx4SA9lWdQQ Sample: https://www. One of the most challenging things you’ll hear from the gen re.Immense Intense Suspense >Weirdo prog death with a liberal dose of violin and a tendency to do acoustic breaks at unusual times. The violin phrases interweave with the guitars in rather labyrinthine. >https://mega. The charming lyrics about human experimentation (which rhyme for no apparent reason) really sell it. >https://mega. >https://mega. reminiscent of Cynic though perhaps a bit less jazzy. a personal favorite band.their first album used the distinctive stero-panned leads that appeared in the first track of Obscura.Worlds Beyond the Veil >The production on this album is a big question mark. In my top 10 DM albums ever. This is a compilation of all their recorded >Disaffected .nz/#!3ZclAR5R!P-4AIDNYXRCz4nosobGU_xgN_TQ_DR5n-EVMXpDMDoc Samples: some heavy doomy > >Phlebotomized .co. with phrases rapidly shifting and!qFEwRbyY!M7bAkCnlGHdF5ZY1d35570eKWNw4tFuwFl8shntxo8E Sample: https://www. counterpoint-heavy riff structures. but it's absolutely VAST-sounding and has this rising psychedelic feeling you don't get from much metal. and lots of little details which pop out on repeat listens > then it adds an 11-minute fingerpicked neofolk/post-rock interlude in the exact middle of the album which is absolutely chilling. dreamlike feeling is buoyed by frequent calm guitar and synth interlude tracks. Drummer Dave Witte went on to join Discordance > Not like any other death metal album. Oh.

youtube. Split with Invocation >You know I like Stargazer a good deal. with a distinctive production style and sludgy/post-rock breaks which draw Neurosis comparisons.Everything is Fire >One of the most popular bands in the new school of Gorguts-worshipping dissonant death metal >Stargazer .youtube.Occidentale >https://mega. An interesting approach for death metal bands to take. Also for fans of >Pavor . The bass is actually sometimes the main melodic instrument while the guitars play tremolo where busy bunches of leads and riffs are separated by post-rock sections. The second is a split with another Portal side project. with the expected sort of surgical sound but actually quite focused songwriting.The Goliath >Tech death +!2J9DXZwL!dG6X6DLZ3uVRMUpWHcSySCrkr0N0dg6DMPZFaG24LYw Sample: https://www. awesome fretless >Ulcerate . but not in the way you'd expect. i ripped the files from the image and coded them to 320. some which appear on the!3M0lRB7J!Wj7WlFRYzU9AAjHbSJaVj2zJEjxH3MyFB7VHITOCPvI Sample:!HJMEzCTS!K1dyp2bBiI1V3GFQmvqNgWnRhDQcPK2VIuyGLaSHy3g Sample: Tracks are generally!yJFA1CzA!aJ6oKie7QKF5J7aixjOSBQVCP6YRtdGLCgLo8dQHTbE Sample: http://www. it's everyone's favorite cult band. Dissonant and chaotic at times .Furioso >One of the best bassists in the >!T. These guys borrow from bands like Knut. and way more jazzy and Oriental scales and modes are used in the melodies. as well as a drum style similar to >Serdce with their riffs reminiscent of >Orgone . and mystical > >Slaughter Brute . leaving room for more progression than the bite-sized tracks on Scream.! . of course. as well as a few exclusive tracks. ??? vocals.>Stargazer .Pod Vladou Bice >Czech deathgrind/tech. which is much closer to the Portal Sound (tm) .nz/#!nYMwFbza!XuESrGuW90VE6glwMHQKUjbbe6dNgZqeKaDL_nVtTyQ Sample: Still retains the unplaceable occult feeling that makes the band!CMtmWLBT!cYF-UVQVABAqhEQPu_XcvTgFzxl9YnQPf-P2nLiuea0 Sample: http://www.) >https://mega. smart songwriting. >!2RsxSZ4J!MHBVqEbaSgHV-gGEvo06WDQU3RQmkXUNnHXsb8FHcYY Sample: https://www. !!! riffs. >https://mega. (ignore the file description being FLAC.Portal and Ulcerate fans take >Atheretic . This album is less black-metal influenced than Scream. though they are definititely doing their own thing. snare goes PING PING PING > > and to think this predates Ulcerate. >https://mega.Apocalyptic Nature Fury >Melodically inventive brutal/tech death with incredible bass!TRth2ayL!KVyQS2Xk2dK4urd3wdgTWXnViPkf4xi28ldmd7zrgOo Sample: http://www. The first link contains some tracks from The Scream That Tore the Sky.A Work of Great Ages >Yup.H. Invocation.Systematic Transmutations >Brutal/tech stuff. These guys write some cool riffs unlike the other Atheist/Cynic influenced bands around.The Alchemy of Harmony >Remember how i described Disembarkation as Atheist with the mindfuckery turned up? This is Disembarkation on

nz/#!XAsiUQqA!EetRymeajA1u8pYxJQYk2ywCaSxAY97xVwuNtim5l_w >https://mega. šedněme do koča. These guys are as dissonant as you'd expect. They released this demo and a split with Apocryphon (which I own) > Avant-Garde >Gorod . and an exemplary drumming performance which isn't too!WVEBQTQA!D-oMY3b5siksk5hyawPdPhYp0Uo92nr8GJWW70MlnXI Sample: https://www. The space ambient track is pretty much a waste of time though. > but they also have some psychedelic touches and a couple longer narrative tracks. There's a bunch of enchanting major-scale work here!TB1wXbyA!GCKZA1zwDTv0OzzC9nN7RSTlbWQmDaxG15S8nJ5_gSE >Incarnator . this is worthwhile and somewhat innovative stuff. You'll like it if you like Symbolic.Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon >Intriguing demo from a band which shares members with but I've heard A Perfect Absolution is!Xd83QAiA!cYiWxXvWspWvWP8XM7aOZAWHCv5UbkCh-nr3VDRJxyo Sample: vozit še budzeme >Look at the RYM tags.> >Cynic . This isn't really much indebted to that though you can hear some characteristic spazzy riffs and with a bit of noise creeping in on the Apocryphon side of things. this is highly recommended to Death and Cynic I!qdNzHSqD!Z_1KADKYNTq1Muy1mG6TyfBbaoNP34nutB4FSi1liqQ > >Duobetic Homunkulus . but this album is full of some incredibly fun riffs and funky grooves. combined with heavily dissonant >I honestly think these guys are one of the best artists to come out of deathcore. Following album is .nz/#!TNMhQCCT!Nnm6tyIYfrY9Fp7tsz8_62Fei0scn0acGQiDVJ8yG-8 Sample: >Fabricant and Apocryphon . Don't let the awful cover art scare you https://www.O. There are 4 tracks on these demos that don't appear on!mVkVlSpZ!KHCnv0umFc0XTbMPSZ2pW2Djfide1hCNR9_0UxypWxM >http://www. I can't find a copy over 192k bitrate since casette rips tend to The guys behind it had excellent chops.! so it pretty much owns. Both are pretty indebted to the surreal/psychedelic side of the genre. Death >Fallujah . it's Cynic before they decided to shit vocoder all over everything.!ONcwhZBZ!JhsQR3C4q5ciaEmVfebfZDPidlNuR_EofCK8BnIqNqo Samples: https://www. >https://mega.demos >Fabricant is a pretty unusual Demilich-style DM band which was started as a school project. processed!OJdDEbQI!QmTCYALNqjOTU6r6j1EUIGIpp3xM6mgB3l4Gm5xSebQ Sample: Technical Death Metal. >https://mega. >https://mega.H.Caeca Superstitio >Pretty similar to mid-period!GY9j1JDA!PLpO7TeYXonAm4LcR0ZryAuFo21ygtWQ6XSpmWrfc7M >https://mega. >https://mega. >https://mega.Ani já ani ty robit ně >Orbweaver . Progressive Metal >But it's by two of the guys from !T.1990 and 1991 demos >Would ya look at Vision >I'm not too big on Gorod in!qYcREKzA!F3kfMi0uHyZDqoTb7JHxXQa5krInGAGfGbzPisSElnQ Sample: https://www. feels like Lykathea Aflame meets Unfortunately. >https://mega.

but these are Deeds of Flesh/Suffocation style brutal death with some surprisingly >Nile .nz/#!7ddxlbZR!LcYwlxAX3ri_oUNGHY9CG3OOiUYKPaEVgA6gcTc1TW4 Sample: http://www. You know what to >Yattering . Personally I'm all for >Psycroptic .Spartacus >Mildly techy death about Ancient Rome . >!mMMmAKSB!dWHggXOUSDfIoqA_K514DEvfWC8JkrlmwG9EfzQc5oQ Sample: Their Darkened Shrines >Nile's best >Pyrrhon . Some mild symphonic elements. They dropped off the wagon after this with some shit groove/industrial!mcNHyRwI!Rqjbl2dh9AJQ0cpPnfO51gVHLkNYvBRbGG_qFvmBn3Q Sample: Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master >Dissonant Gorguts worship meets >Martyr . It's part of the modern Montreal scene which includes Augury. from the death-doomy Sarcophagus to the absurdly fast Execration Text.Scepter of the Ancients >Aussie tech death band with an incredible >https://mega. >!LI8FSK6K!DMBUszmOMC66igcGSnvohBhXv6wRKUEVwDjpNACFxWc Sample:!PEVEBLLB!Baq7Sjd8rbK1_po4cMFRfBRin7oGr6uHhypnTmKf6dg Sample: http://www.Human's Pain.Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy >Another one of those brutal/tech bands who seem pretty normal at first listen but construct some truly off-kilter riffs and song structures.Feeding the Abscess >Schizo tech death packed with a bunch of riffs. These guys have a new album this year but I haven't listened yet. etc. spidery >Ade .com/watch?v=kMypNmHN-yU >Embyronic Devourment > Very!qE8QwCKK!VQsQy06xc0yM5eWPZsbPgBo7LIlRnXQAhRQVATuTmv8 Sample: Beyond Creation. >https://mega. Speaking of which. >!3R8zQQ7Q!JJOdOyLtw0jGkjBq4b8tATaRDtwxOSdE62pLjPs2zeg Sample: >Tech death with a neoclassical edge. I'm not a huge fan of this band but this album has some nice dynamics. Has a ton of variation.Transmutation >This band has jokingly dubbed themselves Satancore. > Murder's Concept >2 albums by these Polish brutal/technical death Quo >Spawn of Possession . Less wanky than Necrophagist or what have you. Nile's Kollias is on drums so buckle up and prepare for some double bass. There's some cinematic melodies present which you would absolutely not expect from this sort of!uAdBgB4b!NteSaBC1IBOEAgKtV5tjNEWjVWQMSUNT9wMtg27I4-Y Sample: http://www. since too many tech/prog death bands write long tracks which go nowhere. due to their subject matter and the very short. >https://mega. especially in the two epic-length tracks "Unas Slayer of the Gods" and "In Their Darkened Shrines". concise songs they write.almost the Roman version of!GVcxRA7L!QXKWnFVQDVNgPiXyB1GN4GZrhKBHy3RkYJwlLEnphIU Sample: .>Ophiolatry . >https://mega.

Sort of similar to Nocturnus in that regard and in the surprising. That gives you a pretty good idea of these guys' sound. specifically >Dead Eyed Sleeper .co. Worth looking into for fans of Martyr. In fact. >https://mega. sudden >Vengeful .youtube.Rancorous Observision >Technical mindfuck album with some Atheist-y riffs.Algophobia >Italian death metal heavily inspired by the Florida prog death scene. > Guitars suffer from a pretty hollow >Disembarkation .Through Forests of Nonentities >So imagine if Opeth was a technical death metal band. There's also no vocoder. Like a roided-up!3dFRVagK!X2SgWVUKFeSKd-lTjdsC7EmQkZ1SqG_po2MkNPE0q5k Sample: https://www. and this one is . > honestly. >https://mega.Craving >Polish tech death that sounds a ton like aside from obvious Cynic worship like Obscura and Coprofago this is the closest you'll get to Focus's sound. but it's worth a listen for fans of the well-known bands.The Omnipresent Curse >This band is a rather unusual Gorguts-worship type act.!2U9FDTLJ!HPEiZnmTx8Oe7EXkJEZb1AyKljYlDUyRl2OxngI7LJI Sample:!WEsi2bxA!IqQFvC15s1orgblEi350yWVLEDhr7kMyUAWvv-H4AbU Sample: http://www. Their albums often suffer from padding and poor!zVsCkA6B!TOQoAxgeMsrThsswepsy3U2KxPFoXbcSgZ2mjiqM2-o Sample: >Algophobia . and >Polluted Inheritance .Ecocide >Obscure prog-death that feels like a tighter and angrier version of Human-era but I happen to like it better than Augury. >!TNNFmACL!X51X_TyQi7G0nd9iR-8h8Vu06XdSICk2mAe2bX8nb_U Sample:!GAM0FaqT!aZ0JcUvI_tZS75SHeeuzIDj5DUQmEIj3MR6NKEZZQeg Sample: https://www. since these guys let their compositions shine rather than burying everything in keyboards and symphonic bells 'n' >https://mega.>Disciples of Power .co.Deep Inside >Featuring several members of >Lost Soul .com/watch?v=pc58Un6Gw6E >Psychopath . >https://mega.Invincible Enemy >Thrashy. >https://mega. technical death with really incredible and distinctive the Transition >Progressive death/thrash with pretty prominent!jQchyBTY!U9Sk0WrvlmaoY3hO01PyC3TfnQQ4Q-0OzdvaAN5_Hpo Sample: http://www. Check this!CJMmUKib!EcU7zhonPT-AOFidXndI4kJww2MzPM6o8qBVJlUoBSw Sample: https://www.Immerse in Infinity >Pretty generic modern tech death. > It doesn't really do anything new within that >Spasme .nz/#!7Y1ExbDQ!BRDtd2eAd00CifFs3Se4tyhyWfVwFVpILe6vKIERZBM Sample: >Violent Dirge . but these guys are good at writing coherent songs and being conservative with double bass and it's really neat "weirdo death" with a cool vocal style.

and in post-production. >https://mega. they also sample Autechre at one point <3 > linear song structures but stays true to the atmospheres and melodies of the first's Manifest >Technical death metal with some odd guitar phrasing and great!wMFylIiA!fNktdFTHopIk8e3uKEApTiH2GIV8EZaqP601GBGgKUU Sample:!HAkWkIYJ!EMePLkBswSREXDlzd3ImpR_DktdGdFVmR7Sek1EGVfo Sample: http://www. This!jV0mCaKI!NriHeBCjYxHKcoFGhapVHnIQBbV3sYeqjnBkLp8pYDU Sample: https://www. >https://mega.Discog (incomplete) >I grabbed this off the Biolich official Flourishing . The EP is 10 minutes of their absolute best >Biolich . > >Acid Death!iBcQ0bBR!LFMetFoZHU4nOkEutEgVN0Gapx8E6y8CPTJn3sNsO4o Sample: https://www. Weird sampling and production makes this album a slightly psychedelic experience.Shadow Mechanics >Underappreciated followup to the classic Slumber of Sullen Eyes (which deserves its legendary status).com/watch?v=_GGLeTP1_HQ >Golem . there's also a cover of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Their early demos are pretty Does some of those jerky spurts of riffs like Spastic Ink or any other Jarszombek >Nocturnus . and he intends to resurrect Cosmic Atrophy when he can buy back some >https://mega. Nocturnus stood out for their progressive and unpredictable song structures and their full-time backing keyboardist who added spacey atmosphere to the compositions. The vocalist is now in Artificial Brain. These guys are a Demilich tribute but I put it all in one place. This album has some!CFFCwDQK!axrW33_NhioaXb4QxWv5bSmP32VU8M_lW3IK7aCzQNs Sample: https://www. >https://mega. The album was produced by two guys. A follow-up album based on At the Mountains of Madness was planned. though.Dreamweaver >Hypertechnical compositions that unfortunately blur together into a mass of dissonance at times. >!qJ8QAKZA!WZhdXE6MGtoDKT1rUNHmWlhsanhGo3MXYCggfSumzhI Sample: http://www.The Key + s/t EP >One of the oddities in the Florida DM scene. It will likely never be >Cosmic Atrophy .nz/#!LM1W2ZLA!fc7NfkSkYwElqX9fhcbCeUnV_R12NfpwUOYMFc9IuCM Sample: https://www. >https://mega. Oh.A Momentary Sense of The Immediate World >Technical Death Metal/Post-Hardcore >https://mega. E: Cory from the band contacted me and said the album demos were wiped out in a HDD!zEMkyYoT!Te-qiT3VoavZ0v09castaQWjGL1Bdp3FvUDbokvRpq8 . essentially. a 21-minute opus guest-starring Luc Lemay Worth it for the cool moments where everything clicks. despite the weak production it's a brilliantly surreal little album. but the main guy in the band suddenly refused to talk to anyone at the record label and went to work on video game >Demigod . and since they couldn't find a drummer they had to use a drum!WFlXCKKA!VBtMOlIATkaaBUrHWVKnRRQTO_RnfWNwjsOu0GmtaEc Sample: apparently.Codex Incubo >Cosmic/Lovecraftian metal heavily influenced by the pseudo-serial riffs of Demilich and the progressive song structures of Timeghoul. Worth it for the final track. Still.The Sum of All Fossils >Dissonant Gorguts-y chord progressions buried under a sludgy guitar >Flourishing .

Atrophy >One of the more interesting Gorguts worship acts. prominent bass work further separates this from the majority of death metal's also ditched the interlude tracks for the most part in favor of a more conventional brutal style. Incredible. Guitar tone is fucking!6MdQTRZZ!QJxwRWJ5WNOzPpKL45HMKi0kCoRm0HJn8NZnPb5MCFE!ickXmLwR!e5Dk-l4dzKuy4NkfE59UmhRPMR5btadivNMxjBnCp-A Sample: http://www.Části a mechanismy strojů (demo) >experimental tech >Ingurgitating Oblivion .H. > >Mithras . Scarred Fingertips is some next-level >Monstrosity . less midrange-heavy production than Worlds Beyond the Veil . .nz/#!Dc0lUD7R!Rh5eTguv9Ber1mMMeD2qgDDAQNkBLjnN0tnsWT21T6Y Sample: http://www. I happen to enjoy this more than CC. >https://mega. Most tracks are short but contain unusual >Baring Teeth . The solos and leads are still bizarre and dissonant as!OR9XkCyK!cOrznwxeuosruDbLfiPGZzY11EAj_GNRb9ZBbQ0dN6I Sample: from one-time !!SJEjRJyA!DnO6sx_O2aMoX0MdgxSEOGsyyFJIzqD8FK3DT4u7Ixo Sample: https://www.Millenium >Featuring Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse fame. and the album art is hot file they link you to is >Chthe'ilist .co.O. Instead of a Gregorian chant interlude they do a Demilichy throat singing dirge to end the!HdVHhIxB!aLWSPS3jD2NMQS5sgqDbIgV76N9rp5GdVxO-64FFT9E Sample: http://www. The solos are weird wailing atonal waterfalls that feel like something Demilich would do on more drugs than usual. >https://mega.The Human Abstract >Russian prog death that seems like a more dissonant Atheist has the prominent bass and frequent breaks to change Scream that Tore the Sky >Bizarre prog-death with involvement of Portal members. as befits Mithras .Behind the Shadows Lie Madness >A bit of a >Mephistopheles . jumping from Gorguts-y dissonance to major-key Eastern Duobetic Homunkulus .co.Sample: https://www. Oh. >https://mega. Immolation-style DM.Amechth'ntaas'm'rriachth (Demo) >Grimy OSDM with very palpable Timeghoul!yUlxHLBA!KxotsjBGWBOOoI6vs48l12a2djAXH1BLrLKC6crFlPU Sample: http://www.! lead guitar and bass https://mega.Sounds of the End >Raw tech death from Australia featuring the former vocalist of mainly because of the technical/progressive song >!DY0XXJ4A!AKPHr1PxhNON_unsCgUtoW34ukkGSXHJhWlqRWR0I-I Sample: >Hieronymus Bosch .youtube. It's a free demo but the . I'm looking forward to a full-length from these guys.this feels like a journey through a twisted nether >Stargazer .Voyage towards Abhorrence >Chaotic. >https://mega. but the guitar style is very >https://mega.

nz/#!ORsA2DyY!YmWcknD6tDTIjLXlSqfOUy2Kt11P8CgFl9-kHniEG7k Sample: Despising the God >Brutal death with very overbearing symphonic elements reminiscent of Schnittke's work. > >Scrambled Defuncts .youtube. >https://mega. etc. Weird stuff.The Essence >EP from this nearly-unknown Florida prog death act. slightly techy DM from a band which only released this one brief album and disappeared!CM8zmBQb!YRSKtUf7ADPHxPK8mlZu8hhVLgsQdMHU6BydU5Itl_U Sample: >Detachment >Eulogy .Suspended in Stone >Really!qMU0iSzL!GWeaPy4raOqTt1V-2I3rYh5aTHR46gmz4fkRDeaw7YU Sample: Irate Architect .nz/#!LJcngL4b!XZYq2XY98-N09hZpWzqjkXoM-K8Jw4myCY-abXQxnIA Sample:!GAkkjR6L!UT8vvmR2cLooW_l9Dy0Qp1JkKw8kvhqEWksw_1pWX-g Sample: https://www. deathgrind Sample: https://www.Spiritually Uncontrolled Art >#rare prog/tech death EP from!CVlXmJAa!ZYpTJC42YSTSlBUPxyALt2M4JLR0-OwK5V2c4tjldC8 Sample: Sacred Medicines >More Nile-y Egyptian TDM. If you like the first At the Gates album you will dig this.>https://mega. >Liers in Wait .youtube. though less overbearingly fast and wanky. >https://mega. Nocturnus. contemporaries of >https://mega.Discography >Technical death!UVA3yBRR!T_WoUkbvgOMSjp13tc_I-kfzddZFc88xKF80V4q7_c8 .com/watch?v=QvHzW33gS4Q Download: > >Necronomicon .youtube.

youtube. >Afflicted .s/t >Some Ulcerate-isms here. Personally. Production can be iffy since these are demos. You guys might like them too. guess. though.!bEFETAZb!AJNRiFkVJ48HAFwqDit6UHHFBC9f-ixLKOoPEg7Ov8g Sample: https://www. Worth hearing. After a streak of good albums they fucked up by giving into numetal trends with 2000's Lego. it's pretty melodic and laid-back as a whole. This is a compilation containing some tracks from their full album. > >Guess who these guys share members with. and full of instrumental tracks. actually.Above the Light >This band is one of the real pioneers of progressive death!TUUjwBgI!ZRz0p3rD9ltwanwqIlXN-z63Yrc4AOHRcwhB3Td4jVA Sample:!GNcWWIqB!AZ4pKCow2-5H3WlI8vqV6BW6f-AbrM5BSkph9eFPgMQ .Khaooohs & Kon-fus-ion >Gloomy stuff from Dan Swano. >https://mega. sort of a weirdo death classic alongside Cadaver's In This is pretty slow as Chasm albums >Sculptured .nz/#!zR111TyQ!TVKzEgcQMasJVuvvIze7fHxll5N6DmHfQ_f0blIIy8M Sample: https://www. >https://mega. It contains some amazing then released a self-titled album which was lauded as a return to form. It's pretty off-kilter stuff. > >Nero di Marte . It's >https://mega. No. Has melodic tendencies and winding proggy songs. and some promo/unreleased!aQ9jjQJB!Xa9iZwA-SiuksXkjvWLh0yEPpqUzTk-J6oY_iIuDkkA Sample: >The Chasm .youtube. but there guys have a unique approach to the idea of "progressive death metal" that is very mid-paced and deliberate. However. with some Yngwieesque shredding. >!uQ0RHLBJ!ZglXjg0NOsYgEEFSQaNkZj0viXs_KwTKawmXbQLaUS4 Sample: https://www. etc. very inconsistent but occasionally comparable to Atheist or Nocturnus. Comparable to Opeth on!yBdygYIB!SskO53MEeARnLsTe-1qAbGkvq9MmI-ggIpgphtkYSWE Sample: https://www. This is often cited as their best.Monium .com/watch?v=c43fj53duJU >Crypt of Kerberos >Neglected Fields . > Sun >Some bizarre Swedish death metal. The style is pretty technical at times. as well as sax and piano. occult feeling of Demigod filtered through Aztec mythology. but is mostly solid old-school stuff with the >The Chasm – Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm >I sorta like this band. > >https://mega. I think his material under this name tries a bit too hard to be weird . Pretty adventurous stuff.Splenetic >Prog death with amazing and most importantly concise >Sadist .com/watch?v=MDYn9xhrxUs >Pan.Macrodex of War >Very ambitious progressive death metal band. They use a bit of twelve-tone in their composition. this is basically Agalloch's tech/prog death side project.I prefer stuff which is unintentionally bizarre. on the most recent album.Procession to the Infraworld >FUCKING RAD Mexican death!rZ132KjL!B9uOqk9wimiQhIYx-Yj6CnT0rId9nugAhEKQIvsKsDQ Sample:!zB8ACByJ!DRCPbmN7dMB0ekgWU5k3Blu1jToAbW-0CtJqBCHT5nM Sample: https://www.

but their second album has its moments. This album is slightly more conventional than but with more of a death metal base than a melodic black metal >https://mega.Planet Dead >Spacy prog death with some >Phantasmagory . It's still sure to alienate some people and bore others. Incredibly poor sound quality holds this back from greatness. I like it!eA9iGCTb!ELso0ABE1_mS6pWoUcZLdFzQs1kL7kS_9_VcYh6nGrQ Sample: https://www. >https://mega.s/t >Pretty melodic prog death featuring juicy fretless bass and Sadist's typical attitude to progressive song of Incomprehension >Pretty laid-back prog death that feels a good deal like Death's later albums. which are complete musical palindromes of each >In Vain . And thrash solos. Not big on the clean vocals >Unreal Overflows . >https://mega. the band went in a very divisive progressive!OcE1VBiS!YatbchCT6bD4Yn3fzY7_dUkwGlBMJN9a1d1_g_WcOP0 >Pestilence .com/watch?v=YQYlRjb-ANU >Blotted Science .Ain Soph Aur >This demo is a unique blend of death metal and progressive rock interludes. >https://mega. and Gordian Machinations of Dementia >Instrumental progwank death metal by Ron Jarszombek. and a really neat concept/aesthetic. > >Sadist .co. a touch of Demilich's angular off-kilter but there's very little that sounds like!yBNTgJZa!EoRSDmFZHUnm1qmP2_GHM0fN85RbBLKn9lLyXMrYWqg Sample: this has a playful attitude. The bass is the most prominent instrument in the!KFMRVZ4Y!I3cCPQ3tNZtO8p1waWp6AC0Ghoww5jQoVvv0kF1f7KU Sample: https://www. which adds dissonant jazzy overtones to the mix. A good number of acoustic breaks/solos. If you know those names you know what to >Chryseis .The Latter Rain >Pretty similar to Ne!Wd9liJyK!Weccz1hQ0qHJposn9RiWSXJNwhJz82nj-z4RnILvScI Sample: They were another one of those fringe entities in the early prog death of the Ancients >After the universally loved Consuming Impulse.Sample:!XQNSzR5S!GwfbVy1UJG0mT-JaE2KbKTMecNgbSTSXb6XCLmmkpSI Sample: http://www. the main man of Watchtower. with some melodeath!iYkHCTCC!TBqzUTht93nP5xR88OJZ0k3aosdbB4z3sVVwQfg--bU . > though. >https://mega. As in his other projects. Cheesy lyrics. and as such their music is a bit rough around the!LRdkmSgT!FIWOVXP8ZDzmK-oDZ1iERBakeFpbUDWJnWL-3SVV1Ig Sample: >Moonloop .nz/#!fclyiLaA!AE86OQDNa6VQWQ554RIVSSuGWFJSup_OQZ3Eba5zWQc Sample: https://www. and it showcases some pretty great basslines. >https://mega. Pretty damn good.Deeply from the Earth >Prog death with a pretty odd and enjoyable riffing style. > >Ahrimah . exemplified by the final two songs.Discography >I'd recommend this band wholeheartedly to Cynic fans. Spastic Ink.

com/watch?v=nHjM64FpSKk >The Levitation Hex .com/watch?v=D80EPgpjZh8 >Orphaned Land . >https://mega. >Anyone here a fan of Alchemist? They have a unique psychedelic take on progressive extreme metal. >!yQcxmQ7a!MEAi-GSFhA2QyBGGC4CeMzA333NBkSMIxWn1fE0FoLk holy >Disincarnate . Again. A good number of their albums seem bloated to me. and their riffs are better than Rudra (who they only merit comparisons with due to subject matter). Death!uNlRiJhJ!ca1vNWFAlBhgPuW9Sojc2g2GQ7BqbceMfoeKzRb-ZfA .co.Todessensucht (Longing for Death) >This was the other good Atrocity album I mentioned. It's a >These guys incorporate symphonic and folk elements in a way that seems neither cartoonish nor https://www..Ka Ba Ach >Tagged as "Progressive Not a huge fan of the lack of melodic variety. but I liked this new project of The last track is ruined by what I think is a cover of Eyes Like Yours by Shakira(???).com/watch?v=KnhpA3O82PM >Kartikeya .youtube. It's a haunting prog-death journey that I highly recommend.. which also contains members of Alarum and Aeon of!eRsnnSCb!f8_sDDg_fOF52BHeRonk_XRYP5dA-wMTPMKzUGwVMKs Sample: https://www. This one is a bit more proggy and melodic. but really interesting stuff.Decadence >Another odd Czech jazz-death outfit. >https://mega. the mega tag ends with "folk" wtf Sample:!zdUgFBKY!R2V94krlFGDtlsCn79czXnfFeGNGXkPclZP2l74e7Io Sample:!iI9SGICZ!fbKgVAOaOfC9BGkbJ6D7RUnZVlxIEE_Qrqv5HmiGP1k Sample: https://www. >!nMV1wQqL!Fn4xskBOCEhLfS8Axk-sEG61-fcJp-Lvc38p5feroFs Sample: but there's some innovative composition and instrumentation here if you can deal with the clusterfuck. they produced an album which very convincingly blends Arabic tonality and traditional folk instrumentation with prog death. Avant-Prog" on RYM. >https://mega. laid-back prog death. >Love History .com/watch?v=MnExCxlRASE >Forgotten Silence . Not exactly death >Crushing Sun .co.TAO >Sort of like a version of Gojira which isn't so stilted and awkward. Uneven. what? > but pretty closely >Atrocity .co. but entertainingly so. >https://mega. recommended to Opeth!ecdW1Tjb!UMkVbxzzx2cnZf2THNz2CH18iYwftNAJHb7SMgqCSX0 Sample: >Wayd .youtube.Anasazi >More bizarre of the Carrion Kind >Unusual progressive death metal reminiscent of early among other >!mZUgzZQL!Bn-4eVX2h8jaCzoNfxL120MZpQxorAIAs9iTbgZU5mI Sample:!eUcyzDCQ!XeEJIhIJjObi5gFoE0lSX1DG711RsrjCu9R5X0tvrok Sample: >Before this band went full folk-metal. >https://mega. but it's compiling all their released material. > in that the keyboards are quite dominant. with some of the usual dissonant chords and herky-jerky rhythms interspersed with a Middle-Eastern/Indian vibe. Occasional acoustic/folk interludes and other weird stuff. >https://mega.The Wilderness >Have you ever wanted to hear a death metal album with prominent sitar? Of course you have! This album will scratch that itch. and like Carbonized at >Will O' Wisp . >!OVcWna5K!SbLpWRSEL97w6BnIWqqD6wouhugwdNdck6jolWPzFyE Sample:!rMEmgAza!J1_SLHkvMwPJmvK_QgNvhh6lv25-ebV3koHTOUQjf4k . This has a different melodic sensibility!zFsB2RwZ!XQebxGOHEFPtrDYnv6YzsEQjJIZQ6uiIkuzIvoTHoBg Sample: Dark Heresy . Despite being a bit it's not lacking in >5CD set by this very weird spacy progressive death metal!2Z1VFIYZ!BfKmihfd1SDT_kZRE9HmSRjTxmg7Cd6S87vLmW2im4Q Sample: https://www.Abstract Principles Taken to Their Logical Extremes >90's progressive death >Lunatic Gods .Sample: http://www.Kosmo >Prog death with a similar approach to Sadist. Very underlooked. Feels a bit like Timeghoul sometimes. but if you're adventurous you might like this band's unique >https://mega. >!vZtVWbDD!YFFTWhdgEO_42ZxucUAo_WMf1cFqsUN9vYePQ0I5-H0 Sample: >Vuvr . but never too overwhelmingly >Czech jazz-fusion death >Tenebris . There might be some duds.

Like a Colombian BDM take on Nile. and also has a very A 1-man project by Ivancient. I have gripes with the recording quality. Has an >Mindly Rotten .com/watch?v=RbSPRpwZPbs >Kronos . nonsensical twists and >Cryptopsy .Planisphaerum >A stupid but really fun brutal/slam death album. >https://mega. you better check out this!qddDgI5Y!SFGvQm0fgycMjI2WhqeoUiUgrrVhL1O5NRogNbYwIyQ Sample: http://www. >!7N9VAb5Y!bH-V5QVrn9EDFbCb30welFlWJzQQD-KUI5mB-OD27Tk Sample: >Defeated Sanity .Passages into Deformity >If you really like None so Vile and Blasphemy Made Flesh. good lifting music >Wormed .A BOMBARDMENT FROM SOUTHERN PARADISE >Ancient Necropsy and Internal Suffering are the highlights and broken English lyrics about subatomic particles and space Crushingly >Unusual brutal death band that makes heavy use of electronics (often martial industrial-style).nz/#!TQ0jWY5B!WwEtjVQY6n-5PkUDUQ0azykss4cgEls_kKB-gieUW7s Sample:!yAUDWB4S!JDrVqCWQPGX38HTMcSRIXhYq8PcOeGSjgdeIjS9qQ-0 >Sample: http://www. who is a member of other Colombian BDM bands.The Most Exquisite Agonies >Colombian brutal death. > ridiculously fast poorly produced shit that makes no sense >https://mega. I hope you like garbage-can >Amputated Genitals . you should probably have this. >!yRVFkJRA!JZNGSAgGR2TmUFQ2tPYUDXun3bU8sh2guGQ1Tppyu80 Sample: http://www. cinematic melodic flair at self-parodying sense of humor. tight drumming by Flo >V/A .com/watch?v=QarRX7cqcx8 >Ancient Necropsy – Deformed King’s Mummification >Interesting!qEkSVLrC!TYZlXzl_KIiPjifJqGPbr39w23BDttO1w0YM3dooj6Q Sample: To me they are a bit homogenous but they get a ton of respect in the modern tech death scene.Human Meat Gluttony >COLOMBIAN BRUTAL DEATH GET REKT SON >yeah for those of you who don't know the colombian death metal scene is the most ridiculous thing ever. fast and >The Monolith Deathcult .Colossal Titan Strife >Brutal death metal with a real nice sense of of the Legion >Incredibly well-crafted brutal death with sweet grooves and lead guitar melodies that fade in and out in snatches. >https://mega. > and absurd dirty mastering >https://mega.None so Vile >Fast brootal DM. but Blaze inside and Mindly Rotten are also worth looking >!vE8lCTbR!DHNsUHOoD12d-W7CYGP6S1tpMVlSp24Z_cAnl1hGsNQ Sample: http://www. Expect Demilich!PJ1whI6A!bPwI1QV0rfYsndu4-C0i-AQqOlIaWA2WU-w3Vds9HAI Sample: https://www. which were mostly addressed by this year's followup album!aBNkjQBb!eWFcSB2RzEq2XNDKxfWkFgq_rFtG40gQ_xFEONyvmvQ Sample: http://www.-Brutal death >Deeds of Flesh . Features unintelligible vocals from Lord Worm.!5MonXIRB!CzP4Fjyn_4Uavv4Xodn_CVTPnClKmG3UPwWch4xGTm4 >Malignancy .com/watch?v=eFg7ZV8c-1o >Godagainst .com/watch?v=Ifins5ytAFk >Usipian >Flesh Consumed . some slam and tech influences Sample: with less of a shitty modern production style.!nYEnCYhY!FHqU1CmQebhBH7VE5ygGDl6CktNDvdw1XleW6vQAnZQ Sample: Download: https://mega. >https://mega. drum!PN13nbQB!O9qt5G8ZSrimPWnp0q7iplYHOZRT7DcU8INHM7ANEBM Sample: https://www. I think I shared it in a previous >Kronos .Instito Omicida >You know Mortician? Simple.Blinding the Masses >This is Nile-style brutal/tech . Coffin Texts and Apophis albums I posted in the earlier!vYUWFTgR!YsZLnC1w2QsA5oUVBKD7TWdz3a4yUP_bfnDeZ0fPCG4 Sample:!HRsCxSjb!BPeVBVWbXJd7eCRBvwcu82SWEnRiVzFHcaOUiI14t64 Sample: None available. >https://mega. movie samples? This is basically like >Scarab . >https://mega. primitive. >https://mega.Intrauterine Cannibalism >I've been hard on Malignancy for a Animals Killing People!PFlCQLrZ!CvWDATBLZpjY-zzWXh4TXFcCD0w1RZx07Yrd8AHiDec Sample: https://www. Typical brutal death fare livened up by ingenious song construction and AWESOME catchy tremolo >Carnivorous Vagina . but sometimes they're really great where you're in the mood to hear something which is nonsensical (tracks move in VERY unpredictable directions) and has a ton of pinch harmonics. though! With actual riffs! >https://mega. > Great brutal death >!7JtnWbba!N-qPBVN5MC5E0StODp6dGSZ_8LlhUNV2FRFN2wSrLgg Sample: https://www.>https://mega.Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering >Brutal death with a pretty shitty!3ZMw2YaA!C9mLYFOP1VgYI3IYE9gETzGBAZNwnPHXTyQ0nD-owV4 Sample: http://www.Dead Corner of the Eye >NYDM worship stuff with really intricate song structures that don't rely too much on choruses. This apparently is a satisfying follow-up but I've heard conflicting things from friends.. Thankfully their albums are pretty short. and weird ambient!vRETXZTB!TrTv13rGwCuM1AzLkH88e3an0FVYk6xinQbQsuIDBf8 Sample: https://www. some unusual Voivod-y chord progressions. was pretty damn good. but if you've listened through all of Nile's albums and also listened to the Necronomicon. > >Brutal Death Metal. because they're fucking this is next on your These guys knew how to write Hellenic Terror >These guys' previous album. >Brodequin . from EGYPT! They lack the variation between tracks that most of Nile's work Colossal Titan!HJMVTLwA!F_QOMUeDviSwkOaBaRxO6UWkV8JQZtrosoW9T3GF1To Sample: http://www.Instruments of Torture >This band was seen as the extreme limit of brutal death metal for quite a while.Supreme Khalkulus of Tribulation >Sorta reminds me of Nile or Behemoth.

Instead it just tries to kill!WVMjCYgS!f2ghvnngBu-SwemsB8ULs0CUfrYIxYRR4JoOE1OAAzc Sample: >Ahret Dev .>Withered Earth . Pretty much the usual Cryptopsy/Suffo >https://mega. > ethereal brutal death metal (!!) with some neat acoustic Sunrise >Another album that's impossible to find over 192k. but executed pretty well.Cut Open The Aberration >Brutal death full of riffs and tempo changes and pig . >!6JkQyKLT!UBlsAGfxEbrYuDsUvzSLeA1YB1oCAdbpnXWRZY3ww2o Sample: https://www.Hellish >Pretty cool old Polish death metal which doesn't feel full of brutal DM cliches. Tracks are organized into sections with effective bridges and slight riff >Repulsive Dissection .nz/#!nZ81QQIA!Ug7K4F_d1QQn8jEgRJcnAAO_5SJ8ZCumaAl0mF_8nAU Sample: https://www.

Demo 1 >INCREDIBLY OBSCURE Japanese brutal/slam band with some glitchy electronics. and has some weirdo chord progressions. but BDM can get away with that.Degradation Paradox >Pretty cool brutal/slam!KFFwFJxA!IZ7-zwq7DdzE-jRTiSWazzByGu8vMRWhyTlyw-q4aGI Sample: http://www. >https://mega. The actual slam is real solid. and has some pretty melodic moments by slam!LN1UFBgZ!XJUubXtq4aifgey8Wq7o-x8Rr_BaCC-y1yDjYgj9jsc Sample: >Infernal Revulsion . Very fun once in a while though. you'll hate Not quite as big as the Russian scene but close. though. but it is really good at keeping momentum going throughout a track. >https://mega. groovy slam death. similar to Wormed's recent single and album.Partial Discography >Brutal death metal with the slams for the childrens Sample: >Jenovavirus . >https://mega. Highly recommended to Wormed!wBxnBLTJ!LMh34jvkOFz9mjIrC7qTEBCQ5F4C5hcw3-DhxXff7lI >Human Mincer . > >Chordotomy – The Precious Ideal >One of my most favorite slam Download: > . Been described as “if demilich grew up doing drugs in a trailer park”. >!vR9wGbCQ!Ci_7mBWQlbYiQTCWBIPBdk0W6dYnlqfXHlgijWQoyow Sample: entire band has reformed as Blunt Force Trauma but their new material is not as interesting.Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery >Very stupid. it's got very clear production. there’s some genre-hopping which bugs!7YEEhZ4I!dxW_xVUb5-SRQRniBvRmtAtWhllYgI-drxdDsmJ6NVY Sample:!2IsBnIiA!AOHOGwFF7fwGK4iBNuCA2FUpaeBEtiFZAt-TwCJ6CLE Sample:!uFEiBS4S!LY_lZ0nO6BckKSqACG-8C0Am5nE_qa6_ANIQHXDIc6I Sample: https://www. but they're the Wormed dudes so it's pretty off-kilter any way you slice it. >!nIEjQLaB!BqdNQH6HKZFdWaLIVv_Jpw5VpHoUHovDC1fIAg-U2cs Sample: >Katalepsy – Autopsychosis >A Russian slam/brutal DM album with a techy edge that’s been getting a lot of hype Plerosis . A bit consciously weird. >Extermination Dismemberment . Dumb This is like the Wormed dudes trying to do normal slam. though.Wigger Slam >Dripping – Disintegration of Thought Patterns during a Syntheitc Mind Travelling Bliss >Weeeeiiiiiird stuff. Despite this being a with gratuitous 303 bass drops. The drum-machine is sorta!GZ10xJAL!IG-8JDcXkHIQKVfFHJwMFgozDawrZa5reuauSiTs2f4 Sample: complete with Ed Gein samples. It's about making a chair out of someone's compilation contains both of their albums.An Epic Conviction >So for whatever reason Japan have a pretty big brutal/slam death metal scene. If you hate Infernal Revulsion are considered by many to be among the best in the country's scene .com/watch?v=UaxLDwW2jyI >Short Bus Pile Up .co. >https://mega.Serial Urbicide >COME ON AND SLAM . An entire album was complete but only these songs were ever released . >7 H Target – Psy Slam Damage >Russian (well duh) slam about Tetsuo from Akira. Devourment and The Red>Soils of Fate . >https://mega. >https://mega. You’ll love it or hate .co. These guys play almost nothing but slams with!2Rl0DZpI!Vd2tY3pqHNMw28SWjlKeHxx3WP1b_6KgW1A_MObjKds Sample: >!jMc3ATAR!V4-6wjMZ3bafWHyAIMwlCHFsFPMwQ3KysgY5GkqQ46w Sample: http://www. featuring members of Dying >Epicardiectomy – Abhorrent Stench of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration >The very essence of wigger!6IFDkL7J!Bl4GKR8hIzWN_GCezz3pRWiuM0pmqpFbhYUHzoRgZ9Q Sample: https://www.Crime Syndicate >Gangsta slam death from Sweden.

Pure demented atmosphere.Stillbirth Machine >EVIL BLACKENED WAR MACHINE SHIT. >https://mega. oppressive environment. For fans of Dissection and early!nRMVALyC!c7_0XlTofeYgT1MPZVVPm3H_hD0QUMkGOoLhqALqNd0 Sample: >Necrophobic . Tracks are very brief and to-the-point so you could say this has some grind >Aurora Borealis . I think it's odd that they're referred to as "blackened death metal" when the only black metal element is their vocal work. WILL KILL YOU >https://mega. >https://mega. >https://mega. Cover should tell you what to the Portal school done!rFN31ayI!Z7J940uJwm8qdCQrCulW_TVfpwlIIzQjUJ9BcQz4MyA Sample: Technical. They're pretty neat.All Albums >Incredibly influential Aussie black/death metal dissonant guitar work and absolutely inhuman vocals combine to create a!TR9wHLxQ!O4YzBRv-NjiTlKgkl-pUqDgwWE4kcUNRtHEUGfwBeHY Sample: This is Swedish death with a lot of black metal influence in the guitarwork and >A bit more Blasphemy and Deathspell Omega stuff going on than in the other albums. > >Mitochondrion .nz/#!bBlUXDJJ!CIeKd0-IUHL5NmVrWdAkF3qiVdByC-buvk7V8jze2OQ Sample: >Imprecation .nz/#!fRVGiazI!RS4qO1Wc0IAy5xttggXaCRCjBTg7SYKidzFmi9KHl4g Sample: I think they have their discog up for free on >Order from Chaos . if you were autistic. Black Twilight >Angelcorpse .youtube.The Nocturnal Silence >I have no idea why I haven't shared this already. from this occult band who were active for a brief period in Texas. > . >!yJ0D1SqQ!E9gS2moJIamNxihattFxnlIZmpcx2KjUn23214Vt88s Sample: https://www.Theurgia Goetia Summa >Classic black/death compilation with an absurdly evil atmosphere.Exterminate >Angelcorpse play a sort of death metal pretty close to what Blasphemy and Bestial Warlust were doing. Incredible atmosphere.Discography >Fucked-up Mexican black/ >Muknal . Bad music to headbang >Prosanctus Inferi .Relinquish >This band has gotten some buzz!HF0iFTKa!Ib2DakDww466KAWefd-QhXH4wnsLEGu01_GkCT_4LHU Sample: but still an exemplar of the modern "dissonant death" >Portal .nz/#!jMsymSbL!YLbn9mZO5nlo5sKZtUuD2CJzqyJBs7_KaH9vLvp4xH0 Sample: Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation >More fucked-up black/death metal.!WJ0EzKhC!Zm2PNV_kfiaBoCCLfrXMUjyznHcGaFAc6wq3oRde-Xw Sample: https://www. >https://mega. murky production. Featuring John Longstreth of Origin and Gorguts on

>Azarath . great cover. Incredible occult ambiance.Untitled > >Grave Upheaval . but long as hell (76 minutes).Aura >Recent black/death guitar tone show album. which gets noisier and more freaked-out as it goes on. > >Pseudogod . >!nc813SAY!Oq-jLhu1BXe1IPOD99Kf2nlneswsOMQT_Et7CIAIEdM Sample: they have plenty of demos before this if you want >Necros Christos!rYFHkYrB!SV7qtGz9lAuoB5yxz_Q3yVscVHBChUyW8Au8IO_Y48s Sample: http://www. Essential for post-2000. and Middle Eastern scales all over the!CRVklC5Y!WhlY2RCLA3rGLbSYQ-nYJW4d_WwVdW3J_UxQb3mg4LI Sample: This doesn't have guitar work as interesting as Portal. >Beyond . If you are a fan of Portal I highly encourage you to pick this!zQUyDYrI!N7-oHWLqXs_WbYLAe23B0zh0AXU-IuFq7IxkxBVllwg Sample: http://www.Diabolic Impious Evil >Absolutely bestial. >https://mega. but it's worth trying out. > >Wrathprayer .co. With track titles like "Intoxicated by Goat Vomit" and "Baptized in the Sperm of the Antichrist" you should know precisely what you're!iJ03FRpT!URhUuH0rnFkEAG2lD2PzQEgiU20oMTeKcQrKLVYv2vo Sample: http://www. though!nBlXiDQQ!DLTq2GUNlWsVR6v1rgXUF077u4U3k-3VHIz_zvGBoCE Sample: https://www. Incredibly good stuff. >They waited a long time to release a full length.Novit Enim Dominum Qui Sunt Eius >Another of the school of droning. noisy. one of my top albums this of the Holy Kingdom >Bestial black/death metal. >https://mega.Fatal Power of Death >Exemplary black/death release from this year. dissonant black/death bands that have popped up A couple of them are simply under the name "Witchery". > seem to have a bit more ambition in their songwriting than just playing tremolo chromatic riffs and chugging power Catechesis >Ferocious black/death album with vast production and twisted riffing. >https://mega.I know a lot of people dig this. especially in the folky interlude tracks. A nice!OUsBkBYB!Lu1QRX_tM5NbxHNCO4ODO3ydWsQDj9pZeF2Nawxy924 Sample: http://www. I honestly prefer bands like Mitochondrion as far as this goes!zEZnVRoD!Tyw3WGXAV71VfHO7CQajsQ Sample: harsh. ritualistic DM that shares members with >Bolzer .nz/#!CEUBmBLb!WaGY2TTl4R6lezdLDMcN2SNHsM9y8mpMx7haj0gNyFE Sample: http://www. Link: https://mega.The Sun of Moloch >Modern blackened death "war metal" stuff with a lot of concentration on atmosphere. intense stuff.Doom of the Occult >Neo-OSDM with black metal >Abyssal .com/watch?v=U52-5QL-o8o .com/watch?v=z2MJ37JrHcY Black Witchery . Generally pretty midpaced stuff with a murky >https://mega.

nz/#!jBVnQTBQ!O4-1hArh1GzeyU_CxoFUB0ThkUZj6HFU1KPQIdd3JbY Sample: Teitanblood > Bölzer .co. >http://www. though. That description makes it seem like some stock mudpit >!EdpyWTZT!ZHS02ww53t45i9yDRfYqUEX3w-Ucow5RS28ZCRglXNM . If you haven't heard this you are missing out. Immolation and Pyrexia are big reference points. War and got back together in the last 5 years.Infernal Warriors of Death >Straight-up New York DM!GJFhwIaC!eLA4cQDoDdipRs-Ortop1yQBkxojL_fbjSxi0497vZU Sample: >Aethyrvorous .co. >https://mega. you know. Bit slower than most Portal stuff.Through the Cervix of Hawaah >Some ritualistic shit right https://mega. DAT COVER ART >https://mega. You guys are probably aware of this band as one of those blackened death bands along the lines of Portal. with a better vocalist and less!eV1XALYI!MECWf0HdQd6R7MuUYpVptkGi16cePoXnonGx2QZzDjE Sample: >Imprecation .Into The Kingdom Of Grave >Death/Black/Thrash Metal >https://mega. >https://mega.Sacrament of Blood >War metal/Blackened >Arkhon Infaustus .nz/#!3NcxzD7a!INAVnlU2gSCriolUg1E-flaeuohJUa9ar_ukCtcEwU8 Sample: http://www.Sadomatic Goat Cult @ 192kbs >Lo-Fi Blackened really good. 2011 archival release. but so is occult black/death metal.Seven Chalices >Truly evil blackened death metal.>Antediluvian .s/t >Has been described as Deathspell Omega fucking Necros Christos on crack cocaine.Orthodoxyn >Evil blackened death!OQlVFLyK!H70ut0Cv1RhF-YykG6_Jp0H4W00XytXIcf5cnQ42zYU Sample: but this is quite >Tyrants Blood .com/watch?v=Z7Oy2veR_Jg >Blaspherian >Antichrist .nz/#!3MdAULAY!P5kyCF4fA6BppTeVgWsoMRcxWuV22UZGKW3dn8Q_pVw Sample: Sadomator . > Acupuncture >Black/Death Metal!nUUgDK5Z!bTY_jAHp-G1goUKyVwyOGhcWTEk0tyouHtRJ3y4BcMs Sample: http://www. One of my favorite albums of The only demo from this occultest-of-theoccult Aussie death metal Tenebris Infinita >Fucking evil black/death metal from this Texas band which released a series of demos in the mid-90s. But. >https://mega. Bit like Deathspell!PElQADST!CfWoV2IvDT6LAVjWv9padEq9fuFx_jQYt7e4pZLmMcg Sample:!cQ8VkL7B!epmM_W-xOqOGaBR-IucTuik4qKE2yG_I45Sq_zNBDug Sample: https://www.

Melodic >Brimstone . most people probably won’ This album is unusual in terms of the tightness of its composition . I never! The riffing style on this is actually pretty distinctive. There's some nice acoustic bits. >https://mega. >https://mega.The Cube >Mid-paced melodic death metal which tells a story of a man trapped in a transparent cube. Less convoluted than ATG.Eternal Death > >Caducity of the World Beyond >More pre-Gothenburg melodic death >https://mega. >https://mega.Menhir >Modern Swedish melodic death metal that isn't Gothenburg?!uIkjXZyC!aGXatmDT69MZZYC6Ugvfg2lNGDIFJP84egdhsWu7Hkw Sample: >!Sc8x2J5J!bGYYO1jKhUZ3xeonK3VsuzFFuJg6PTIDG32sxD-cXjw Sample:!fR0kzbCC!QD_0qgVq656tEPXZwkrV4ns1h2oBBjGqlEcmE4Tr-og Sample: https://www. I consider this to be melodic!7Ms3DZBS!XhK7WAs8neC7cnjXG-MtfkjMoowHHckj4BFhbUvZdYs Sample: https://www. >https://mega.leitmotifs are introduced in the first half and woven together via seamless progressions. and the occasional clean vocals which are somewhat like Depeche Mode.A Velvet Creation >Early Swedish melodeath. Not on par with Eucharist or At the Gates.Above the Weeping World >One of the better modern melodeath >Eucharist . a very morose and beautiful journey that Agalloch fans might like.Carving a Crimson Career >Pretty much power metal with growls. but they’re all full of riffs and twists and turns rather than blatant >!XVsznKAI!PIIuh1UcP38-YZ4uVnFt9Ct7SWkwd_E3EQj0cUfordM Sample: http://www. and they devote some attention to the "death metal"!eFF12QpB!GIUxdR3t-_tzTNtgfd4pXiZQYysvhKs9K8_EGnm_7kI Sample: >Canopy .com/watch?v=23ERFHX1J7Y >Insomnium .Oracle Moon >American melodeath with a very different sound from the usual Gothenburg >Crown of Thorns .nz/#!iYtCiLJa!AJBZg0ow8_qDO3iY7tSJ4SsyM40kNVnd19AoivILLmA Sample: http://www. Every track here is 8+ minutes long aside from a really short bridge Damn sight better than Children of Bodom at . >https://mega. The album has a distinctive sound due to the consistent melodic nature. I happen to think it's pretty fuckin There’s some violin in > >Supuration .nz/#!3AMGjZAR!NJvvhHb-w1MoNyG-SgnBIwUv__tZN7m7RkEjuFC8BqM Sample: https://www.Whirler of Fate >Rifftastic old-school death metal with a hefty dose of story. One of the best albums in the >Garden of Shadows .nz/#!mF030Cqa!YxCLEUgHgiRRxTbEafBV7R9y9iFwFUY7fnmdoFSpHXE Sample: http://www. ferocious non-Gothenburg melodic death >A Canorous Quintet . but pretty good.

nz/#!zAlTUbpJ!HIJBPgzb4WudC_z1I7kQhAteW348GYIvplRePh0gF80 Sample: >Carcass >More Egyptian DM .Route Code Selector >Modern melodeath which sounds like Insomnium in space. > >https://mega. > > >Lunarsea . had) a highly atmospheric. A bit more melodic (pay-what-you-like) Sample: https://www. very ornate (took 14 years to!XBNHnTja!WOBQblsTUaE5ev2l5nXqoB8iqKoyQqdee7VJgbK16e4 Sample: >Apophis . >https://mega. interestingly. Septic Flesh have ( >https://mega.The Craft of Contradiction >Melodic/tech death with a pretty impressive female growler. deliberate sound really uncommon within the >A classic melodeath album. including the development of a constructed language) and pompous melodeath concept album which most closely resembles Edge of Sanity.noticing a theme? This features lots of melodic leads and mid-paced "epic" >Crystal Age . Songs feel a bit reminiscent of Watchtower or Atheist. I'm not terribly fond of it but it's really enjoyable in a lot of peoples' opinions.Cybion >Very French. but the keyboards are less overbearing here than in Nocturnus' This 2CD version contains a remaster of the band's first EP as well as covers of!3UtU2ADA!TIN6JRzDPTOLuv-hK9emflELSXkOcuNG_HU8hFGIbEE Sample: https://www.Esoptron >Figured I'd close off my shares with a classic!nMkDWZiZ!b8lxQ32_1NLg_8B-1sJUNhnRuRs_SsDziWF_c9KEMbw Sample: https://www. >https://mega.Far Beyond Divine Horizons >A space-opera album similar in theme to Nocturnus' >Cephalectomy .>Estuary . pardon the low bitrate but it was this or nothing.Eclipsing the Dawn >You'd expect a goregrind or slam band from that >Aeon Arcanum . >http://aeonarcanum. Hard to find. >!PYNmwTgA!XwcCLgSyufdyuQP3HY4xc2AFkTEAxS0cVSYCa0bBQm8 Sample: https://www. is by H. this is more along the lines of early Kataklysm. Dream Theater and >Kalisia .youtube. Giger. which I can also >Septic Flesh . They have an album under the name Estuary of Calamity with more black metal influence. Album art. I'd highly recommend them to everyone in the thread. Their first couple of albums are really gorgeous!qIVmCarA!RQaMj0ubjiajxuhwIRrcFTaBLF4MWUA2tgCOwgVdm5w Sample: with technical drumming and bewildering tempo changes >Pretty goddamn good melodeath from this tiny Macedonian!SAUmQSAD!cY5ILQ-WYi1fzM1X-CR9rQWNUiV6ZEYnVbMvfJiqGtE Sample: https://www. Emperor. right?!uRlAxAjb!HQSUUm42G0r0cSc82uJnsjDyAUEDz-qWkcWv0-Tm-uI Sample: http://www.

> Which is a!6Qd10BjD!AFxfNF3qUZTwlHSJDI_U6hbaQaARQTj_x-A2uSXRp0M Sample: https://www.Obscure Reflections >Another album which appears to have disappeared from the!fNMAHRpb!Ai5vaQ7foVWV5Ixp9oXWWAUvmi9-z0Et2d73PcqdDAU Sample: http://www.Heritage of Abomination >Reminds me a good deal of Kronos. and one of the band members uses the stage name Holocausto. but it's sure!7d13BLxA!c5Zpyx2px3-dbHpOuNwsiSqj26ZTLljmlL4xqLTRL1A Sample: https://www. The lyrics are very racist but some suggest they're just taking the piss. >!PQkEWIgQ!PBpMZAplOiBZIH6xWTIw7jQuLlMz75ScEM-hLCZC5BQ Sample: https://www.>Misanthrope .Elegy >Popular Finnish melodeath band. > >Merciless!OdNCWA7T!PGB9uXQgPwPxjrtahfDSgS3Ihj1guNPGtPnL4NG5Kss Sample: but worthwhile music.Galloping Through the Battle Ruins >This band incorporates some of the structures and tonalities of NWOBHM into their infectiously catchy melodic death metal. in that it's somewhat brutal but also full of consonant tremolo melodies that get stuck in your the Garden of the Unearthly Delights >Symphonic/melodic death similar to early Septic > . Good!eFNwhYgB!KTsxIy8_L0Am8yftf3DxFncDlCAe3vn-GqCDTxnr660 Sample: Season >This one was REALLY HARD TO FIND. > >Horrified melodeath with heavy keyboard >Xenolith .com/watch?v=tooscWnQHJ4 >Amorphis . very >Rellik .youtube. Oh. >https://mega. Another pre-Gothenburg Swedish!3REjTaAB!UfWI5VLs3vJY81OqVyMwdVWkZCgcqU4odylKXAsPYDk Sample: http://www. Cheesy as hell but really fun. some argue this is one of their best. Sort of cheesy and light by death metal standards.Misanthrope Immortel >I shared this earlier but my Soulseek download was missing a few but this is a pretty unique style of melodic but still agressive death metal. >!mUdEQKoL!c-a5tB1zKyaiQFHejdc7g2FgCiJZ9bwOhnThvNQfqpc Sample: http://www. >https://mega.Incorrigible Bigotry >Another Arghoslent album. because it's pretty interesting prog/melodeath stuff. It's drawn Arghoslent comparisons from some and smart tempo changes. Vocals in >https://mega. Here it is in 320 with no tracks missing .com/watch?v=sKfeTutinFM >Arghoslent .nz/#!XdNhxCCB!UdH0XUS1Z1V9nX4Vnhx_BQ_zX0cgUgoCAeEkhv817Hc Sample: http://www. Check this one >Arghoslent .com/watch?v=LKEUho5eKeQ >Mi'Gauss . Personally I think the harmonies they employ are quite basic and the drums don't do much interesting >Classic melodic death with old-school thrash/death stylings.

com/watch?v=D1IEoMyWqY4 >D. guitarist of The Chasm. As >Gates of Ishtar Pretty hard to find a copy Which is quite a feat. >!KRch2RBR!MD8E537Cju7oSOrn0EzprT41a_sCL2bS8aLsKe3EaBg Sample: https://www. it's similar to The Chasm's work. >!fEtQVKDZ!TNwtb1wMf8eyqHdZUodm_lXBjcgM4xyN6E00B28TeCY Sample: http://www.Purity: The Darwinian Paradox >Interesting melodic British death metal with some cool guitar interplay. sorry. >https://mega.With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness >Pretend the album ends after Primal Breath and it's about on par with TRITSIO. >https://mega. >https://mega. I tend to like Brazilian power metal. The bit-rate of this is only V1.M .com/watch?v=xU04v9goAIQ (glitches at the beginning) >Dam .nz/#!vAFV0BgR!Zt44LFf72kaoEb74tJXmsSqUTQ8xqErqvZrjLdX2Jh0 Sample: https://www. but with more intricate twisty melodies. Almost reminiscent of the complex riffing style of the first 2 ATG albums. this time from Brazil. and this has some great keyboard lines and riffs.Tales of the Mad King >More melodeath/power. though it has poor pacing at>Cenotaph .nz/#!WI0HGKQQ!LscU_1twEX1TWIHZjVRMF2N9cUFOTDZiID6ivYahneY Sample: http://www.A Bloodred Path >One of those bands from the heydays of melodeath who were really good but for whatever reason didn't get the credit they were >At the Gates .Riding Our Black Oceans >Melodic/progressive death featuring Julio!XQFkRbIZ!J1WoxT9fynYIk9f0n2wYGyvQOqgDZl93NXwRmKi9-Dk Sample: https://www.

com/watch?v=_xbXFaenQQs >Terrorizer .co. due to the weirdass guitar work and very prominent inhuman drum And the snare goes PING PING PING!SYlkHZgI!XcGfgiGENGovmoS56JnsXBn1pOJZOni4FqD54os9cs8 Sample: in Progress >The most ridiculous (and thus the best) goregrind album in the Cosmic Futility >Russian goregrind/brutal death. >https://mega. Vocals take getting used to. just a roar of guitar noise. Fascination with murder and serial killers shows up a ton here. > >Last Days of Humanity It's oddly >Catasexual Urge Motivation!ORUlGAZD!bn7sIEUpGTwbL6AfnoD5gVk6BxdcIo0EE7G2yN3tbsg Sample:!zQdUkQIK!E0wVHSGOm6lVk-V-_Co3OU-tYpMPlJmZFOHtIea8l88 Sample:!ad1SCCia!cuux1Fyczj7z52pgdSata2QT_B8Y7KIbnM4w-ENeUwA Sample: >Bodies Lay Broken – Eximinious Execration of Exiguous Exequies >Some fucking raw goregrind/deathgrind clearly indebted to Uncomfortable stuff.Reek of Putrefaction >Singlehandedly created the goregrind >Dead . > >Carcass . There's no detectable riffs. also try to avoid the stuff the band did besides the first 2 albums. lots of The cover should let you know what you're in >Kataklysm .Deathgrind/Goregrind >Assuck Tracks are very long by grind standards but it retains the punky. fun riffs. ferocious nature. >https://mega. >https://mega.You'll Never Know!TY0TBDaI!Q1bpm1WlTbJ0vNtkn_6t_SMC8uB5SKTEa29GfrGv4PE Sample: https://www. >https://mega. The distinctive vocal style makes these tracks extremely!CJ0CQTSZ!eY-CT2NJBQ2edfvQzbOYAzNbEWYFXqg8qP_ZJuyBZog Sample: http://www.Horrified >Classic deathgrind album. and only a few album have done what it does so damn >https://mega. > Until You've Tasted Pain >Tongue-in-cheek!WMdiyZDZ!VSu4NzOFfY3i2UOnp3EaxAKOCuBO0VHuzdivfu0yJs0 Sample: https://www.The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders >Really weird early Carcass-influenced deathgrind made by two Japanese brothers who were legitimately fucking nuts.Sorcery >Canadian brutal/deathgrind with melodic guitar leads. great production. Carcass have changed their style a ton from this point but they're very!OI0mgBCY!Zwh3gUeMktfzq9CAtt7lXk6yw8YHsYYtkCbS_9NGZ7I Sample: http://www. Female pig-squeal vocals. .co. Incredibly well-executed theme spiced up with news samples of robbery and murder and the like..Misery Index + Anticapital _+ Blindspot + 3 >Near-total discog of this famous deathgrind >Repulsion . > >Purulent Jacuzzi .nz/#!nQ1jQD6b!SvWPC3M71fcmeXymHxMf422NJhQJP00OPRs0c2fVaiQ Sample: Downfall >A goddamn classic of deathgrind.!.Urine Garden >Demilich meets brutal deathgrind I guess??? Clean vocals sometimes.Xes and Strokes >Here's a grindcore/deathgrind album someone in the last thread Raw as hell and kind of funny in a gallows-humor way >https://mega.For the Security >Swedish deathgrind with surprisingly technical song >Brujeria .com/watch?v=gAhbdU9eWnc >Skeleton of God . say.Oppressed Reality >Czech grind which is a bit closer to brutal death than.>https://mega. As >Beaten to Death .co. I don't even know what's going on anymore > Spouter >oh hey look it's more Czech grind >https://mega.Discography >Grindcore/Goregrind/Deathgrind >!DAtlTISS!e0dG8yQcWPZVy6n-TeD-kmAwVegjCA2jJvPIKnX2las Sample: http://www. >https://mega. 5 are showcased on this >Alienation Mental .nz/#!vNUzBJhQ!Xik_zQw5s2gVHnD2lhEaHR-eGTVJnPkKD_D4aNDPdzQ Sample: http://www. >!gNQjkbqY!SY8V-V8EZlfSrQPk-w6JMFwxlo11KAH_go_5HfTFPPM Bathtub Shitter .nz/#!mJM1wJRS!JRhNpheoUxdeSaLFylMtI2H9ma0F4Bc_ShbIHaoa2B8 Sample: https://www. the Czech deathgrind/grindcore/brutal death scene is among the most bizarre on the planet. !T.O. but there are many equally interesting lesser-known bands out there. The band got >Carbonized . >https://mega.The Genocide Machine >Fucking ferocious deathgrind with a nice doom/sludge track to cap things Circle of Dead Children .! and Lykathea Aflame are well-known!OVkADBJZ!AwRaJCOTrlzEViUhX73RSwCdSQAw4ELl9mofhRBRbsA Sample: I actually can't find anything off this album aside from live vids :/ >Poppy Seed Grinder!rJEzFLBI!CzZYeSOfwU1mItOh6yupzwlwTvxbEdBuVsqPVYdfL8A Sample: https://www.Discography >Goregrind Sample: >V/A .youtube. but this is a somewhat conventional release.Czech Assault >As you may or may not!2RtGlZRL!RmT6mDcbZDxmSP1PLV6YFyMAALlAU-_oQrSKXBuDG_M Sample:!iE1jSZYR!fwFJU0sMJsWhcQOmTmUTBFvrVrcE4Nmrg0A_ui644H4 Sample:!WA1UQDRZ!elsTMEVL5ka-PvaksVsyrGhAZExomj3ssOmbIcYLD-E Sample: http://www.Matando Gueros >Deathgrind apparently made by Mexican druglords. >https://mega.O. very eccentric vocal style. !!6cdHSTRR!Oh71mBD1R_AMMjkh5dIFlX20goVnzh1TEXFYX-AsXJw Sample: Ahumado Granujo .com/watch?v=4pncaFJmA_c Download: https://mega.

com/watch?v=33mWJLxK_oE&feature=share&list=PL6Vje08Pa15GqKhbZu2Hxl85TnllbIhxm&index=1 Download link:!JJxR2SjY!KF4PknOmwktNo3rt77x92X0kWDweBIASdBdYKfzTx98 .youtube.Sample: http://www.

Probably because you all should have listened to it. >https://mega. Like!rY1glRZT!TMHlOngpbuw4UKWFqrYY2VPOhU0oj2w6Y-YVN8U9ikM Sample: https://www. > >Internal Decay .co. >https://mega. they're death-y enough to include here. pretty much created the style. guitar tone is heavy as Thergothon and This and A Caress of the Void are among the greatest funeral doom albums the Autumn Shade >Oh hey I didn't know diSEMBOWELMENT released another album! Seriously. >https://mega. > then!LRUkRBhC!ZuX7skBpnG8PdC79w-oSylLupP423T-0Ac8xvr85uyA >Morgion .youtube.Among Majestic Ruin >Death-doom with funeral-doom in my!rJEnlBID!PYEg2wDBm2edzisfIaoHeTzwhsB3hK0ExrnxnURQYc8 Sample: http://www. which can only mean good things.A Forgotten Dream >Cult Swedish death with melodic tendencies. and has an amazing album cover.Mourning.Stream from the Heavens >Morose funeral!KcNiGC5T!MZ8-RRMk2aLYst5vACRBVmVI91kTNdXh1XkaXC7W0Oo Sample: https://www. >!nEFQnI4A!Qd9xbAjWGWFXPI-AUQsijzlufNs2hcURAHJ1dkkw0gI Sample: >Evoken This is the remaster.. Musta Seremonia is absurdly grimy and Seremonia >Finnish band that released 2!mV1xRDqK!FD7It1udsDYI_0CeqJzC9FM4lFEor2hyAFR0KLrnpS4 Sample:!XEkRkD7B!LusoCG4YLf0bm04prPaavwT-GhA0JaJNNzriusgAKDs Sample: http://www. and the vocals are very intense in both shrieking and grunting modes. this is really close in sound to >Thergothon . >https://mega. This is a nice peek at Swedish melodeath before the start of the Gothenburg scene. pretty mid-paced to slow. >Album cover + name is an accurate indicator of the >Rippikoulu .Last One on Earth >Insane death-doom masterpiece.. > next to Skepticism.Antithesis of Light >HOLY FUUUUCK Why haven't I shared this.Into Darkness/Eternal Frost >Cult death doom band that released this one album and disbanded. > >Winter . It's also quite succinct. so go look into >Dusk . It's pretty much exactly what I look for in a death-doom!GVthjSLS!C4PyZ2MJzK0ilhwC9FHFQ21WdN0X7UEoSxueMMpO1qo Sample:!eNskXLRK!KXrBtwwYwVaGcYoeEwoEaSBrk4xDwDGJgsGs5xuXE0k Sample: >Ceremonium .co. Then again. Resurrect >A compilation of 2 EPs by this obscure death-doom band.Death/Doom >Asphyx . Strong keyboard elements. many good metal bands are one-album bands.

an introspective listen for when you want music that totally annihilates and encompasses you. >https://mega. Lots of clean vocals and funeral doom moments!wJkT3CZL!Cg-q8mbIPFeNjj1ActWGbGsPuYpnfCi__vj97FY2kOQ Sample: >Creepmime .youtube.Hooded Menace .Shadows > >Paramaecium .youtube.Metamorphogenesis >Esoteric are probably the world's best-known (and best) funeral doom >!7ZsWxZwR!XtyAM3hzJFV2m6RoKt3pdzO-Wf8voDeUZeF6Vms16Q8 Sample: jumpy tracks moving in unpredictable >Desecresy .com/watch?v=dtLEpMMmGaE >Dark Millenium . Crowned in Earth >Bit more of a mellow album than Among Majestic Ruin. >https://mega. Musically. with a bit of a death-doom!75B3gArY!ZqJp_TOL0vjS5wkmkFGljT7XCk87Lf8bgCWJMKCwz78 http://www. >https://mega.Cloaked by Ages. This is just excellent music. >https://mega. It's like a more death-doomy >!7Z0myJpC!RJmQUXPBj6dyrMN4EvpnzQgfeOJ5yySfIcFAiVmZCAU Sample:!iccn1ApS!XgcJ81wOpxp91ePf9ErWmBjbnFF8_a_TeuAOqoE1xCE Sample: and highly >Unholy . An underlooked classic. it's pretty damn good for the style. somewhat diverse and possibly the best modern death/doom has to offer >https://mega. >https://mega. and jazzy >Morgion . unpredictable death/doom Anhedonist .Ashore the Celestial Burden >This is an odd one. Some of their material is a bit death-doomy at its!SFlByAIC!eyjoPAb4K_yBuhxu-HAJdwE8q9MMUitdkWbcPuAtMeQ Sample: http://www. with the same affinity for intertwining leads and Second Ring of Power >Some Finnish death/doom which leans into funeral doom levels of bleak washes of guitars and keyboards at!CF0CHbDI!fm1ransYpFe-uWN8PTROnFPIrsYlB4ZFiuZRknrmCJQ Sample: https://www. very underrated!eBMSgKDR!Usv-5GLkZfN-XOylHuF5f1gZ4FYn9n0BOo4e6TmiS-s Sample: of the Earth >Christian death/doom about the burial and resurrection of Christ.Buried Death >Esteemed release by this Japanese death/doom act.The Drear >Death Doom > the Curse >2008 Death/Doom debut from Finland. Still damn >Esoteric .youtube. Awesome!yRdHAKBb!BX0bHl6ncxCosCSw0jsEPGqWLwR8eW3vgE6spaNND0o Sample: https://www. > >Coffins .nz/#!Wd9liJyK!Weccz1hQ0qHJposn9RiWSXJNwhJz82nj-z4RnILvScI Sample: Doom Skeptron >Some good old moody

Desolation >These guys play an even mix of hardcore punk and death .youtube. Intense!bBtRHS6Q!EGg_iwF3eYjhDS2Gg_bX2hkhVH9NT_atoZM8T97Dg0U Sample: https://www.Deathcore: >Burning Skies!2VMnyQBL!BK1A3yFJ6R3poft63oIBd3Cy00IGaHfwgC3x46g0Hik Sample: > >The Modern Age Slavery – Damned to Blindness >Grindy deathcore. >https://mega. I honestly think that this sort of stuff is what "deathcore" should refer to. >Tribulation . This is a really >Livercage . >https://mega. which I have shared.Error >Oh ho ho. This is crazy >Traumatic Voyage Sometimes reminds me of a less obnoxious Spiral!qZ03UZDI!Txe-RXO9QjeQRgVLObI2K2WMyolVrB5pxjrKoATN6oc Sample:!KRkwRKpJ!KfTJuRPb9fFznIVeIgBFu1QXCyd1wan_NknSNhv8crk Sample: >Oxiplegatz . I think of it as a death metal equivalent of Blut Aus Nord's industrial work.Stratum >Technical black and it has absolutely MEAN drumming with flashy cymbal crashes IIRC. Thematically it's pretty much a trip into the workings of a drug-addled mind. So I tracked down higher-quality MP3s myself.Discography >Freaky industrial black metal. These guys are part of the Helixes collective.Natural Causes >Not exactly death metal. etc. They're all available for free on Last.Discography >It was hard to pick just one album by this!bRlTCTDQ!VBPEVVPocDDYFi_pgggbm0gKysNdX37o9187kIzC1m8 . This is worth hearing for Gnaw Their Tongues!TAdglCxI!OTuETTJR9fjIE4Bber82RDAEeuwwrDTqmcvTJUMuhDY Sample:!ecc0xboS!XdRqUiBmCPgrKo9BpjOQYVoE5xwFgvw2KsrBy8xmGY4 Sample: http://www. but he's disappeared and the mediafire link went dead.Not classifiable/non-DM >Dolorian .com/watch?v=Rr04ZWHifXM >Alarum >Emptiness . but that does no justice to it. herky-jerky songwriting completes the sense of overwhelming wrongness. (aside from one or two which have disappeared since megaupload was gone) but the bitrate is it's funeral doom with whispered >https://mega. I think. but fans of Cynic and Blotted Science should check these Aussies if they haven' >!iZVXHLLa!aoaHjE34G-QN5nuSOA2VqlLKZktr9vjfH6WQtmBndNg Sample: https://www. This was available on Noktorn's >Crowpath .nz/#!LMEAmRbD!Pa0rmWdq_jrgsAUrXlY8LX6t9kJBJz_MljMTi3w2OMY Sample: https://www. This is a combination of death metal and really disgusting industrial!rdtHgTqZ!LHIpEERpXUOmwMe1AoizIg_iNWxtns1FkfXc4iA6pdk Sample: https://www. What a concept! Including this based on the novelty and the fact that it has many of the same guitar tropes as typical tech death releases. >https://mega. surreal atmosphere. > >https://mega. The album is a suite about an alien race escaping!rAV3EZqb!xTYgGHQ9kEVjWX1ZI4oZIDp6Tqv_AZNLr3CqFWrCQRk Sample: >Drottnar .youtube. check this one out.Voidwards >I can't really describe this one. Also a well-executed concept album about an arsonist. In the best way.Son of Sulphur >If Converge listened to way too much Gorguts. > This one is >https://mega. or maybe some stuff by The Axis of Perdition. psychedelic project with tons of long songs and keyboards. but it will take you interesting places. >https://mega. one-man project by Alf of At the Gates (there is a female singer who may be his wife). And Vuvr and Serdce. death-iest mathcore releases I've heard. a group of Finns who make amazing ritual/dark ambient. One of the grindiest. Well. Some odd.The Formulas of Death >Psychedelic rock meets death metal. I can't even buy the CDs anywhere.Sidereal Journey >Avant-garde/symphonic progressive metal with mild DM elements. etc.

Also. surreal feeling to it. and the demon Choronzon is credited as a band member and source of inspiration. This features demonic crypto-vocalizations.De Ware Hond >Belgian black metal with lots of banjo and sax. Fiat!yUF3AQzS!H6IUyDWy14dvviMsVYq5q1bNPVlJjA2-G6gKZ2JhnHo Sample: https://www. that I haven't heard: >https://mega.they even have Zarach Baal Tharagh on vocals! This has a!eF0wGAYB!aXppuxYfVwZ5Kxqk9YSd5XRwhJYvQOUvRZnHgu8mjDE Sample: >Desultor .com/watch?v=6Xwm-9eX0gA >Wormrot .Biomechatronic Intervention >Another one which isn't really death metal but has some >https://mega. Tech death + power metal? What the shit? Clean vocals only. >https://mega. one-man black . and the erratic rhythms and angular riffs don't Awesome cheese metal.E x | i s t >An intricately >Wolok .Masters of Hate >Another interesting tag but incredibly It's true .Maou Taiten >Japanese power/folk metal about youkai lords and shit. What an odd slightly symphonic. >!vdskEQjb!Ucn-1lScW8cpkshoCszwHHeNQtFyPtYrdL-QEA6lflQ >Myopia . Gives you kvlt street cred. progressive black metal album put together by one guy.Servum Pecus >A RYM friend described this as the Frenchest black metal!2Z10nAwB!IL8RtCMeGrPyMIcl0sASZkrWyjEwEFwOorfITIQI0q8 >https://mega.Abuse + Dirge >Really awesome grindcore. >!acUmQRSD!P-TlcUk-qj5rKCVWdwz5XzNXvE1j7qkvCcr_lW2OK44 Sample: https://www. they're Christian.The Glory of God >Black + death +!WZtlyKZa!aYdig2xM5lALAFF1qjkOsUT3y68DHTMSHszMWJWoD0A Sample:!GF1XhYQA!RiqcKxSMl1Rr0IbfSBERkA5eA756L90CdIe0f2v9zto Sample: >Choronzon .com/watch?v=mv0DcJarGXc >Onmyouza >Lo-Ruhamah . but it reminds me of a mixture of Voivod's style with a bit of Meshuggah's angular rhythm (and a vocalist who sounds a lot like Jens). One of my fav bands in the genre aside from Brutal Agog >Weird weird >Lugubrum .nz/#!Tc8CVSzA!YcurDkyA_Q4c1alZ4ps8NBHXMKkXOcatFCJmHLmksGQ Sample: >https://mega. The only album of theirs I've heard. A lot of it is apparently improvised. >https://mega. Napalm Death and another album of but it's an interesting experience. This is tagged as tech death on!zEEylYIZ!Y2jNqRdSbIyZuRgoeO1E3zfim8YyNpPRiTxtNwhf2ag Samples:!CEdz3ZhZ!Edm07VsxWtJRJthLHDKZ6lf7PyIA774rAqiVAkrkl3k Sample: >Infestus . >https://mega. Not anything I'm not at all into Meshuggah and I still liked this a good For fans of Blut aus Nord. >https://mega.Sample: https://www.!rEVnhbhQ!CmTd7XIIcrxQQBo0q5HdjQ3aQHJhnlc6WQvA8_HLk0Q Sample: http://www. It's like slowed-down Voivod melodies put through weird effects pedals. > >C. Psychotic Waltz are up there with Voivod and Watchtower in terms of being able to write and play difficult and memorable compositions. be warned. ring modulated vocals. > . but they're one of the more bizarre grindcore acts out >https://mega. and also one of the most underlooked. Barely even death metal any more.A Social Grace >The "progressive thrash" boom of the last 80s and early 90s is one of my favorite scenes in metal.O. but they also have a stronger prog/psych rock >Psychotic Waltz . jazz drumming.Disharmonization >I don't know what the fuck this is honestly.metal doesn't hold much interest for me. No black metal fan should miss!vY93DSgD!I3t9Lwpnt4W9MR0W6atXBiVcE5s6h5NMvviT94i-OSg Sample: https://www. ??? Just look at dat cover. > but this is pretty nicely produced (not too clean though) and well-structured. .nz/#!SI0lASxI!SnqXBgkrsVTiQtVwkCygPF08NixpTNZ0v6eH4-hYGnc Sample: https://www.S.Collection >I don't know what this band's deal is. It retains a very oppressive atmosphere!nJ103SKI!HOHn2VQuZG1XUfBpL_ntIRBjAUwQFGurQxDVNXlF9tg Sample: >Carbonized . There is also a flute solo in this next to maybe Gasp (if they count) Lots of psych/space rock moments in their later all sorts of shit. you know you're in for a weird ride. Japanese as hell. with some calm acoustic