Purdue Football Conditioning Program – Duane Carlisle June 4, 2013 | Featured in the Summer 2013 Issue Share !

eet"1StumblePin#$Shares %&S S'' F(( )*++ ,ID'(S Patri-. /illis0 1omegro!n (223Season /or.outPatri-. Peterson0s &4hill S4eed +adder /or.outS *C5 Per2orman-e Series 6$7 In-rease a-.ling Po!er /ith %el8in Ingram 9o! Pla:ing Patri-. /illis0 1omegro!n (223Season /or.out S *C50s 2013 Football Summer raining ;uide !as de8elo4ed b: Duane Carlisle, dire-tor o2 s4orts 4er2orman-e at Purdue &ni8ersit:, 2ormer strength -oa-h 2or the San Fran-is-o 46ers< he 2o-us this :ear is on -onditioning 2or the gridiron< Football /or.out raining i4s I started -oa-hing s4rints and hurdles at Penn State< )a-. then I also trained gu:s 2or the Combine=be2ore an:one did it 2or mone:< *2ter Penn State, I started m: o!n 4er2orman-e -enter, +ightning Fast raining S:stems< I then had the o44ortunit: to !or. !ith the 'agles, De8il >a:s, +aSalle &ni8ersit: and 46ers be2ore ta.ing m: -urrent ?ob at Purdue< I@d ha8e to sa: ,ernon Da8is and Patri-. /illis are the best3-onditioned athletes I@8e !or.ed !ith< hose gu:s are ma-hines< In high s-hool 2ootball, man: athletes 4la: both !a:s and e8en on s4e-ial teams< he 8olume o2 running and energ: reAuired is 8er: high< So -onditioning is -riti-al< his 4rogram !ill im4ro8e :our s4eed, -onditioning and abilit: to -hange dire-tion< Bou !ill 2l: a2ter this su-.er< Don@t ?ust go through the motions< I2 it@s a s4eed da:, run 2ast< I2 it@s a -hange o2 dire-tion da:, -hange dire-tion 2ast< I2 it@s a tem4o da:, 2inish the !a: :ou start< (n the !or. -a4a-it: da:s C/ednesda: and Frida:D, :ou need to grind and get a2ter it< %a.e sure that :ou are ma.ing the target times and !or.ing hard at it< *deAuate re-o8er: is -riti-al, so 2ollo! the 4res-ribed re-o8er: time< +et :our * P s:stem re4lenish so that :ou ha8e the 4ro4er energ: stores to eEe-ute ea-h mo8ement at a high intensit:< he general rule o2 thumb is to re-o8er 2or three to 2i8es times longer than :ou !or.< Do u44er3bod: strength training !ith :our !or.out on %onda:s and hursda:s sin-e :ou@re s4rinting hard and -hanging dire-tion 2reAuentl: on those da:s< Fo-us on :our lo!er bod: on uesda:s and Frida:s sin-e these are !or. -a4a-it: da:s< Frida: should

on 4osition3s4e-i2i.out< &nderstand !h: :ou@re doing !hat :ou do< Do :ou lo8e the gameG I2 :ou don@t. agilit: and -onditioning !or. then do :our 4osition !or.e athletes ma. and ne8er train belo! that eE4e-tation le8el< he First /ee. ethi.and good habits in :our eating and slee4ing 4atterns< .be :our hea8: leg da:< I2 mo8ement is :our goal.e /ednesda: o22 to 2o-us on a-ti8e re-o8er:< he biggest mista. it@s going to be hard to eE-el< Set eE4e-tations 2or ho! :ou !ant to im4ro8e and be-ome better.e is o8ertraining< he: get su-. be2ore starting :our !or. :oursel2. re-o8er: and ada4tation< *t the end o2 the da:.ed into the mindset that more is al!a:s better< )ut reall: it@s a three34art 4ro-ess7 training.!arm3u4.ills to get better at !hat :ou do on the 2ield< Bou -an@t train ?ust to train< Bou need to train 2or 4er2orman-e< >eser8e 1I minutes during ea-h !or.drills. then hit the !eights 2irst< a. !hi-h should 2o-us on game te-hniAue< Do a d:nami.etting stronger and 2aster doesn@t mean :ou@ll automati-all: be a better 2ootball 4la:er< hese attributes are im4ortant.s.out 2or 4osition3s4e-i2i. but ultimatel: :ou need to !or. %onda: S4rints 3 4E10 :ards C2 min< J I min< rest be2ore neEt setD S4rints 3 4E20 C2 min< J # min< rest be2ore neEt setD S4rints 3 4E30 C33I min< restD uesda: In3and3(ut S4rint 3 2E$00 :ards C30 se-< e8er: 100 :ardsJ3 min<D hursda: Pro *gilit: Shuttle 3 2E$00 :ards C30 se-< rest e8er: 100 :ardsJ3 min< be2ore neEt drillD +3Drill 3 2 ea-h dire-tion C2 min< restJ3 min< be2ore neEt drillD . :ou ha8e to as.ood li2est:le habits are -riti-al=the: !ill im4a-t :our training< . F*m I reall: im4ro8ingGH his is !hat it all -omes do!n to< 'stablish -onsisten-: during the o223season !ith :our !or. 2irst< I2 strength is :our 4riorit:. then do :our s4eed.

the landing and immediatel: re4eat< 1ill +unge /al. and u44er bod: stable< >esisted S4rints >esisted Sna4io-a Per2orm !ith a resistan-e band< >esisted 33Cone >ea-tion Drill . 1ill 1igh 5nees 1ill 1igh 5nees /ith *rms )ehind 1ead Same as abo8e. ta. then ?um4 3 to 4 2eet u4 the hill< Sti-. . a-ross the 2ield along the goal line to the other numbers Cabout 30 se-onds o2 rest totalD.4edal >un u4 the hill ba-.ing small ste4s. then transition to a lateral shu22le 2or 10 :ards< 1ill SAuat Jum4 Find an u4!ard in-line< +o!er into a sAuat.S4rint3to3Shu22le 3 2 ea-h dire-tion C2 min< restJ3 min< be2ore neEt drillD S4rints 3 2E40 :ards C43I min< restJ# min< be2ore neEt drillD S4rints 3 2EI0 :ards CI min< restJ# min< be2ore neEt drillD S4rints 3 K0 :ards CI min< restD 'Eer-ise Instru-tions In3and3(ut S4rint +ine u4 at the goal line. then s4rint ba-. then s4rint along the numbers do!n to the o44osite goal line< /al. do!n the 2ield to the goal line !here :ou started< >e4eat until :ou@8e s4rinted the total distan-e 4res-ribed 2or the set< Pro *gilit: Shu22le +3Drill S4rint3to3Shu22le S4rint 20 :ards 2or!ard.!ards.ee4ing :our hi4s ba-. but !ith :our arms behind :our head< 1ill )a-.

Plant3and3Cut Drill S4rint 2or 10 :ards to a -one< Plant on :our le2t leg at the -one. and then s4rint 2or!ards u4 the hill< 1ill S4rint to Shu22le S4rint 10 :ards 2or!ard u4 a hill. then transition to a lateral shu22le 2or 10 :ards< 1ill LigMag Drill S4rint u4 the hill at a 4I3degree angle 2or 2i8e :ards< Change dire-tion and s4rint in a 4I3 degree angle in the o44osite dire-tion< Continue this 4attern u4 the hill< . -hange dire-tion and s4rint at a 4I3degree angle to :our right 2or 10 :ards< >e4eat in the o44osite dire-tion< 1ill +ateral +unge 1ill Crosso8er Ste4 1ill 3K0 urn and S4rint Per2orm 3K03degree ?um4 turn at the bottom o2 the hill.

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