B.C.E – 1769 C.E.) TERMS TO KNOW: Incas Aztecs Nation-States Cahokia Three-Sister Farming Caravel Columbian Exchange Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) Conquistadores Capitalism Encomienda Mestizos Popé‟s Rebellion Black Legend PEOPLE TO KNOW: Ferdinand of Aragon Isabella of Castile Christopher Columbus Bartolomé de Las Casas Hernán Cortés Malinche (Doña Marina) Moctezuma CHAPTER 2: THE PLANTING OF ENGLISH AMERICA (1500 – 1733) TERMS TO KNOW: Protestant Reformation Roanoke Island Spanish Armada Primogeniture Joint-Stock Company Charter Jamestown First & Second Anglo-Powhatan Wars Act of Toleration Barbados Slave Code Squatters Tuscarora War Yamasee Indians Iroquois Confederacy PEOPLE TO KNOW: Henry VIII Elizabeth I

Sir Francis Drake Sir Walter Raleigh James I Captain John Smith Powhatan Pocahontas Lord De La Warr John Rolfe Lord Baltimore James Oglethorpe Hiawatha CHAPTER 3: SETTLING THE NORTHERN COLONIES (1619 – 1700) TERMS TO KNOW: Calvinism Predestination Conversion “Elect” Puritans Separatists Mayflower Compact Massachusetts Bay Colony – “City upon a hill” Antinomianism Fundamental Orders Pequot War King Philip‟s War Dominion of New England Navigation Laws Glorious (Bloodless) Revolution Salutary Neglect Quaker PEOPLE TO KNOW: Martin Luther John Calvin William Bradford John Winthrop Anne Hutchinson Roger Williams Massasoit Metacom (King Philip) Charles II Sir Edmund Andros Henry Hudson Peter Stuyvesant Duke of York William Penn CHAPTER 4: AMERICAN LIFE IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY (1607 – 1692)

TERMS TO KNOW: Indentured Servants Headright System Bacon‟s Rebellion Royal African Company Middle Passage Jeremiad Half-Way Covenant Salem Witch Trials Leisler‟s Rebellion PEOPLE TO KNOW: William Berkeley Nathaniel Bacon CHAPTER 5: COLONIAL SOCIETY ON THE EVE OF THE REVOLUTION (1700 – 1775) TERMS TO KNOW: Paxton Boys Regulator Movement Triangular Trade Molasses Act Arminianism Great Awakening Old Lights New Lights Poor Richard’s Almanack Zenger Trial Royal Colonies Proprietary Colonies PEOPLE TO KNOW: Jacobus Arminius Jonathan Edwards George Whitefield Phyllis Wheatley John Trumbull John Singleton Copley John Peter Zenger CHAPTER 6: THE DUEL FOR NORTH AMERICA (1608 – 1763) TERMS TO KNOW: Huguenots Edict of Nantes Coureurs de bois King William‟s War Queen Anne‟s War War of Jenkins‟ Ear King George‟s War Acadians .

French and Indian War (Seven Years‟ War) Albany Congress Battle of Québec Pontiac‟s Uprising Proclamation of 1763 PEOPLE TO KNOW: Louis XIV Samuel de Champlain Edward Braddock William Pitt James Wolfe Pontiac CHAPTER 7: THE ROAD TO REVOLUTION (1763 – 1775) TERMS TO KNOW: Republicanism Whigs Mercantilism Sugar Act Quartering Act Stamp Act/Tax Admiralty Courts Stamp Act Congress Nonimportation Agreements Sons/Daughters of Liberty Declaratory Act Townshend Acts Boston Massacre Committees of Correspondence Boston Tea Party “Intolerable Acts” Quebec Act First Continental Congress The Association Battles of Lexington & Concord Valley Forge PEOPLE TO KNOW: John Hancock George Grenville Charles Townshend Crispus Attucks George III Lord North Samuel Adams Thomas Hutchinson Marquis de Lafayette Baron von Steuben Lord Dunmore .

CHAPTER 8: AMERICA SECEDES FROM THE EMPIRE (1775 – 1783) TERMS TO KNOW: Second Continental Congress Battle of Bunker Hill Olive Branch Petition Hessians Common Sense Declaration of Independence Declaration of the Rights of Man Loyalists Patriots Model Treaty Armed Neutrality Treaty of Fort Stanwix Privateers Treaty of Paris PEOPLE TO KNOW: Ethan Allen Benedict Arnold Thomas Paine Richard Henry Lee Benjamin Franklin Joseph Brant George Rogers Clark CHAPTER 9: THE CONFEDERATION AND THE CONSTITUTION (1776 – 1790) TERMS TO KNOW: Society of the Cincinnati Disestablishment Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom Civic Virtue Republican Motherhood Articles of Confederation Old Northwest Land Ordinance of 1785 Northwest Ordinance Shays‟ Rebellion Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan Great Compromise Common Law Civil Law 3/5 Compromise Antifederalists Federalists The Federalist .

PEOPLE TO KNOW: Lord Sheffield Daniel Shays Patrick Henry CHAPTER 10: LAUNCHING THE NEW SHIP OF STATE (1789 – 1800) TERMS TO KNOW: Bill of Rights Judiciary Act of 1789 Funding at Par Assumption Tariff Excise Tax Bank of the United States Whiskey Rebellion Reign of Terror Neutrality Proclamation Battle of Fallen Timbers Treaty of Greenville Jay‟s Treaty Pinckney‟s Treaty Farewell Address XYZ Affair Convention of 1800 Alien Laws Sedition Act Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions PEOPLE TO KNOW: George Washington Alexander Hamilton Louis XVI Edmond Genet Little Turtle “Mad Anthony” Wayne John Jay John Adams Charles Maurice de Talleyrand CHAPTER 11: THE TRIUMPHS AND TRAVAILS OF THE JEFFERSONIAN REPUBLIC (1800 – 1812) TERMS TO KNOW: Revolution of 1800 Patronage Judiciary Act of 1801 Midnight Judges Marbury v. Madison Tripolitan War Louisiana Purchase .

Livingston Toussaint L‟Ouverture Meriwether Lewis William Clark Aaron Burr James Madison Tecumseh Tenskawatawa (“The Prophet”) CHAPTER 12: THE SECOND WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE AND THE UPSURGE OF NATIONALISM (1812 – 1824) TERMS TO KNOW: War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans Congress of Vienna Treaty of Ghent Hartford Convention Rush-Bagot Agreement Tariff of 1816 American System Era of Good Feelings Panic of 1819 Land Act of 1820 Tallmadge Amendment Peculiar Institution Missouri Compromise McCulloch v. Maryland Loose Construction Cohens v. Woodward Anglo-American Convention .Corps of Discovery Orders in Council Impressment Chesapeake Affair Embargo Act Non-Intercourse Act Macon‟s Bill No. Virginia Gibbons v. Peck Dartmouth College v. Ogden Fletcher v. 2 War Hawks Battle of Tippecanoe PEOPLE TO KNOW: Thomas Jefferson Albert Gallatin John Marshall Samuel Chase Napoleon Bonaparte Robert B.

Calhoun Black Hawk Nicholas Biddle Daniel Webster Henry Clay Martin Van Buren Stephen Austin Sam Houston Santa Anna William Henry Harrison CHAPTER 14: FORGING THE NATIONAL ECONOMY (1790 – 1860) TERMS TO KNOW: “Self-Reliance” Rendezvous Ecological Imperialism Ancient Order of Hibernians Molly Maguires .Florida Purchase Treaty (Adams-Onís Treaty) Monroe Doctrine Russo-American Treaty PEOPLE TO KNOW: James Monroe CHAPTER 13: THE RISE OF A MASS DEMOCRACY (1824 – 1840) TERMS TO KNOW: Corrupt Bargain Spoils System Tariff of Abominations Nullification Crisis Compromise Tariff of 1833 Force Bill Indian Removal Act Trail of Tears Black Hawk War Bank War Anti-Masonic Party Pet Banks Specie Circular Panic of 1837 Alamo Goliad Battle of San Jacinto PEOPLE TO KNOW: John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Denmark Vesey John C.

B. Hunt Cult of Domesticity McCormick Reaper Turnpike Erie Canal Clipper Ships Pony Express Transportation Revolution Market Revolution PEOPLE TO KNOW: Samuel Slater Eli Whitney Elias Howe Isaac Singer Samuel F.Tammany Hall Know-Nothing Party Cotton Gin Patent Office Limited Liability Commonwealth v. Morse John Deere Cyrus McCormick Robert Fulton DeWitt Clinton Cyrus Field John Jacob Astor CHAPTER 15: THE FERMENT OF REFORM AND CULTURE (1790 – 1860) TERMS TO KNOW: The Age of Reason Deism Unitarians Second Great Awakening Burned-Over District Mormons Lyceum American Temperance Society Maine Law of 1851 Woman‟s Rights Convention at Seneca Falls New Harmony Brook Farm Oneida Community Shakers Hudson River School Minstrel Shows Transcendentalism “The American Scholar” PEOPLE TO KNOW: .

Foster James Fenimore Cooper Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau Walt Whitman Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Louisa May Alcott Emily Dickinson Nathaniel Hawthorne Herman Melville Francis Parkman CHAPTER 16: THE SOUTH AND THE SLAVERY CONTROVERSY (1793 – 1860) TERMS TO KNOW: West Africa Squadron Breakers Black Belt Responsorial Nat Turner‟s Rebellion Amistad American Colonization Society Liberia The Liberator American Anti-Slavery Society Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Mason-Dixon Line Gag Resolution PEOPLE TO KNOW: William T. Dow Lucretia Mott Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan B. Anthony Lucy Stone Amelia Bloomer Robert Owen John J. Audubon Stephen C.Peter Cartwright Charles Grandison Finney Joseph Smith Brigham Young Horace Mann Dorothea Dix Neal S. Johnson Nat Turner William Wilberforce Theodore Dwight Weld William Lloyd Garrison David Walker .

Sojourner Truth Martin Delany Frederick Douglass CHAPTER 17: MANIFEST DESTINY AND ITS LEGACY (1841 – 1846) TERMS TO KNOW: Tariff of 1842 Caroline Creole Aroostook War Manifest Destiny “Fifty-four forty or fight” Liberty Party Walker Tariff Spot Resolutions California Bear Flag Republic Battle of Buena Vista Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Conscience Whigs Wilmot Proviso PEOPLE TO KNOW: John Tyler James K. Trist David Wilmot CHAPTER 18: RENEWING THE SECTIONAL STRUGGLE (1848 – 1854) TERMS TO KNOW: Popular Sovereignty Free Soil Party California Gold Rush Underground Railroad Seventh of March Speech Compromise of 1850 Fugitive Slave Law Clayton-Bulwer Treaty Ostend Manifesto Opium War Treaty of Wanghia Treaty of Kanagawa Gadsden Purchase Kansas-Nebraska Act PEOPLE TO KNOW: . Polk Stephen W. Frémont Winfield Scott Nicholas P. Kearny John C.

Brooks Dred Scott Roger B. Perry CHAPTER 19: DRIFTING TOWARD DISUNION (1854 – 1861) TERMS TO KNOW: Uncle Tom’s Cabin The Impending Crisis of the South New England Emigrant Aid Company Lecompton Constitution Bleeding Kansas Dred Scott v.Lewis Cass Zachary Taylor Harriet Tubman Millard Fillmore Franklin Pierce William Walker Caleb Cushing Matthew C. Taney Stephen A. Douglas Abraham Lincoln John Brown John C. Sanford Panic of 1857 Tariff of 1857 Lincoln-Douglas Debates Freeport Question Freeport Doctrine Harpers Ferry Constitutional Union Party Confederate States of America Crittenden Amendments PEOPLE TO KNOW: Harriet Beecher Stowe Henry Ward Beecher James Buchanan Charles Sumner Preston S. Breckenridge John Jordan Crittenden CHAPTER 20: GIRDING FOR WAR: THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH (1861 – 1865) TERMS TO KNOW: Fort Sumter Border States West Virginia Trent Affair Alabama Laird Rams .

Dominion of Canada Writ of Habeas Corpus New York Draft Riots Morrill Tariff Act Greenbacks National Banking System Homestead Act U.S. Sanitary Commission PEOPLE TO KNOW: Charles Francis Adams Napoleon III Maximilian Jefferson Davis Elizabeth Blackwell Clara Barton Sally Tompkins CHAPTER 21: THE FURNACE OF CIVIL WAR (1861 – 1865) TERMS TO KNOW: Emancipation Proclamation Thirteenth Amendment Gettysburg Address Sherman‟s March Congressional Committee on the Conduct of the War Copperheads The Man Without a Country Union Party Appomattox Court House Reform Bill of 1867 PEOPLE TO KNOW: Salmon Chase Clement L. Vallandigham John Wilkes Booth CHAPTER 22: THE ORDEAL OF RECONSTRUCTION (1865 – 1877) TERMS TO KNOW: Freedmen‟s Bureau “10 Percent” Reconstruction Plan Wade-Davis Bill Black Codes Pacific Railroad Act Civil Rights Bill Fourteenth Amendment Reconstruction Act Fifteenth Amendment Ex parte Milligan Redeemers .

Morgan CHAPTER 24: INDUSTRY COMES OF AGE (1865 – 1900) . Hayes James A. Howard Andrew Johnson Thaddeus Stevens Hiram Revels Edwin M. Reed Tom Watson William Jennings Bryan J.P.Woman‟s Loyal League Union League Scalawags Carpetbaggers Ku Klux Klan Force Acts Tenure of Office Act Seward‟s Folly PEOPLE TO KNOW: Oliver O. Stanton Benjamin Wade William Seward CHAPTER 23: POLITICAL PARALYSIS IN THE GILDED AGE (1869 – 1896) TERMS TO KNOW: “Waving the Bloody Shirt” Tweed Ring Crédit Mobilier Scandal Panic of 1873 Gilded Age Patronage Compromise of 1877 Civil Rights Act of 1875 Sharecropping Jim Crow Plessy v. Garfield Chester Arthur Grover Cleveland Thomas B. Ferguson Chinese Exclusion Act Pendleton Act Homestead Strike Grandfather Clause PEOPLE TO KNOW: Jay Gould Horace Greeley Rutherford B.

TERMS TO KNOW: Wabash. Rockefeller Samuel Gompers CHAPTER 25: AMERICA MOVES TO THE CITY (1865 – 1900) TERMS TO KNOW: New Immigrants Settlement Houses Liberal Protestants Tuskegee Institute Land-Grant Colleges Pragmatism Yellow Journalism National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Women‟s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) World‟s Columbian Exposition PEOPLE TO KNOW: Jane Addams Charles Darwin Booker T. Louis & Pacific Railroad Company v. St. Illinois Interstate Commerce Act Vertical Integration Horizontal Integration Trust Interlocking Directorates Standard Oil Company Social Darwinists Sherman Anti-Trust Act National Labor Union Knights of Labor Haymarket Square American Federation of Labor Closed Shop PEOPLE TO KNOW: Cornelius Vanderbilt Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Alva Edison Andrew Carnegie John D.E. DuBois Joseph Pulitzer William Randolph Hearst John Dewey Horatio Alger Mark Twain Carrie Chapman Catt CHAPTER 26: THE GREAT WEST AND THE AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION (1865 – 1896) . Washington W.B.

TERMS TO KNOW: Reservation System Battle of Little Bighorn Battle of Wounded Knee Dawes Severalty Act Mining Industry Homestead Act Mechanization of Agriculture Populists Pullman Strike Fourth Party System Gold Standard Act PEOPLE TO KNOW: Frederick Jackson Turner Jacob S. Taft . Coxey William McKinley Marcus Alonzo Hanna CHAPTER 27: EMPIRE AND EXPANSION (1890 – 1909) TERMS TO KNOW: Big Sister Policy Great Rapprochement McKinley Tariff Insurrectos Maine Teller Amendment Rough Riders Anti-Imperialist League Foraker Act Insular Cases Platt Amendment Open Door Note Boxer Rebellion Hay-Pauncefote Treaty Roosevelt Corollary Root-Takahira Agreement PEOPLE TO KNOW: Josiah Strong Alfred Thayer Mahan James G. Blaine Richard Olney Liliuokalani “Butcher” Weyler Dupuy de Lôme George Dewey Emilio Aguinaldo William H.

Oregon Lochner v.John Hay Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt CHAPTER 28: PROGRESSIVISM AND THE REPUBLICAN ROOSEVELT (1901 – 1912) TERMS TO KNOW: Social Gospel Muckrakers Initiative Referendum Recall Australian Ballot Muller v. Riis Robert M. Johnson Florence Kelley Frances E. New York Woman‟s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) Elkins Act Meat Inspection Act Pure Food and Drug Act Hetch Hetchy Valley Dollar Diplomacy Payne-Aldrich Bill PEOPLE TO KNOW: Henry Demarest Lloyd Thorstein Veblen Jacob A. (“Fighting Bob”) La Follette Hiram W. Willard Gifford Pinchot John Muir CHAPTER 29: WILSONIAN PROGRESSIVISM AT HOME AND ABROAD (1912 – 1916) TERMS TO KNOW: New Freedom New Nationalism Underwood Tariff Federal Reserve Act Federal Trade Commission Act Clayton Anti-Trust Act Holding Companies Workingmen‟s Compensation Act Adamson Act Jones Act Tampico Incident Central Powers Allies U-Boats Lusitania .

PEOPLE TO KNOW: Herbert Croly Louis D. Hoover Henry Cabot Lodge David Lloyd George CHAPTER 31: AMERICAN LIFE IN THE “ROARING TWENTIES” (1919 – 1929) TERMS TO KNOW: Bolshevik Revolution Red Scare Criminal Syndicalism Laws American Plan Ku Klux Klan Bible Belt Immigration Act of 1924 Eighteenth Amendment Volstead Act . United States War Industries Board National War Labor Board Industrial Workers of the World Nineteenth Amendment Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act Battle of Château-Thierry Meuse-Argonne Offensive League of Nations Irreconcilables Treaty of Versailles PEOPLE TO KNOW: Arthur Zimmermann George Creel Eugene V. (“Big Bill”) Haywood Bernard Baruch Herbert C. Brandeis Victoriano Huerta Venustiano Carranza Francisco (“Pancho”) Villa John (“Black Jack”) Pershing Charles Evans Hughes CHAPTER 30: THE WAR TO END WAR (1917 – 1918) TERMS TO KNOW: Zimmermann Note Fourteen Points Committee on Public Information Espionage Act Schenck v. Debs William D.

Racketeers Fundamentalism Scientific Management Fordism United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) PEOPLE TO KNOW: A. Taylor Henry Ford Charles Lindbergh Sigmund Freud CHAPTER 32: THE POLITICS OF BOOM AND BUST (1920 – 1932) TERMS TO KNOW: Adkins v. (“Fighting Bob”) La Follette Albert E. Harding Albert B. Children’s Hospital Nine-Power Treaty Kellogg-Briand Pact Fordney-McCumber Tariff Law Teapot Dome Scandal McNary-Haugen Bill Dawes Plan Agricultural Marketing Act Hawley-Smoot Tariff Black Tuesday Hoovervilles Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act Bonus Army PEOPLE TO KNOW: Warren G. Davis Robert M. Smith CHAPTER 33: THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND THE NEW DEAL (1933 – 1939) TERMS TO KNOW: Brain Trust New Deal Hundred Days . Fall Calvin Coolidge John W. Scopes Frederick W. Mitchell Palmer Nicola Sacco Bartolomeo Vanzetti Horace Kallen Randolph Bourne Al Capone John T.

Willkie .Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) National Recovery Administration (NRA) Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) Dust Bowl Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Social Security Act Wagner Act Fair Labor Standards Act Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO) Court-packing Plan Keynesianism PEOPLE TO KNOW: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt Harry L. ROOSEVELT AND THE SHADOW OF WAR (1933 – 1941) TERMS TO KNOW: London Economic Conference Good Neighbor Policy Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act Rome-Berlin Axis Johnson Debt Default Act Neutrality Acts of 1935. Wagner CHAPTER 34: FRANKLIN D. Hopkins Father Charles Coughlin Francis E. 1936 and 1937 Abraham Lincoln Brigade Quarantine Speech Appeasement Hitler-Stalin Pact Neutrality Act of 1939 Kristallnacht War Refugee Board Lend-Lease Bill Atlantic Charter Pearl Harbor PEOPLE TO KNOW: Benito Mussolini Adolf Hitler Francisco Franco Cordell Hull Wendell L. Townshend Huey P. (“Kingfish”) Long Frances Perkins Mary McLeod Bethune Robert F.

N.) Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Berlin Airlift Containment Doctrine Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) Fair Deal .S. “Ike” Eisenhower Harry S. 9066 War Production Board (WPB) Office of Price Administration (OPA) National War Labor Board (NWLB) Smith-Connally Strike Act WAACs (Women‟s Auxiliary Army Corps) WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) SPARs (U.CHAPTER 35: AMERICA IN WORLD WAR II (1941 – 1945) TERMS TO KNOW: ABC-1 Agreement Executive Order No. Truman Albert Einstein CHAPTER 36: THE COLD WAR BEGINS (1945 – 1952) TERMS TO KNOW: Taft-Hartley Act Operation Dixie Employment Act of 1946 GI Bill Sunbelt Levittown Baby Boom Yalta Conference Bretton Woods Conference United Nations (U. Coast Guard Women‟s Reserve) Bracero Program Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC) Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Navajo Code Talkers Battle of Midway D-Day V-E (Victory in Europe) Day Potsdam Conference Manhattan Project V-J (Victory in Japan) Day PEOPLE TO KNOW: Douglas MacArthur Chester Nimitz Dwight D.

Earl Warren John Foster Dulles Nikita Khrushchev Ho Chi Minh Gamal Abdel Nasser Fidel Castro John F. Nixon Betty Friedan Elvis Presley Joseph McCarthy Rosa Parks Martin Luther King. Johnson CHAPTER 38: THE STORMY SIXTIES (1960 – 1968) . “Ike” Eisenhower Richard M. Jr.National Security Council Memorandum Number 68 (NSC-68) Korean War PEOPLE TO KNOW: Benjamin Spock Joseph Stalin Jiang Jieshi George F. Board of Education of Topeka. Marshall CHAPTER 37: THE EISENHOWER ERA (1952 – 1960) TERMS TO KNOW: The Feminine Mystique Rock „n‟ Roll Checkers Speech McCarthyism Army-McCarthy Hearings Jim Crow Montgomery Bus Boycott Brown v. Kennan Reinhold Niebuhr George C. Kennedy Lyndon B. Kansas Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Operation Wetback Federal Highway Act of 1956 Policy of Boldness Hungarian Uprising Battle of Dien Bien Phu Suez Crisis Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Sputnik Kitchen Debate PEOPLE TO KNOW: Dwight D.

TERMS TO KNOW: New Frontier Peace Corps Apollo Berlin Wall European Economic Community (EEC) Bay of Pigs Invasion Cuban Missile Crisis Freedom Riders Voter Education Project March on Washington Civil Rights Act of 1964 Affirmative Action Great Society Freedom Summer Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Voting Rights Act of 1965 Black Panther Party Black Power Six-Day War Stonewall Rebellion Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) PEOPLE TO KNOW: Robert F. Kennedy Robert S. McNamara Ngo Dinh Diem James Meredith Lee Harvey Oswald Malcolm X Eugene McCarthy George C. Wallace CHAPTER 39: THE STALEMATED SEVENTIES (1968 – 1980) TERMS TO KNOW: Vietnamization Nixon Doctrine Silent Majority My Lai Massacre Kent State University Pentagon Papers Détente Miranda Warning Philadelphia Plan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Earth Day Southern Strategy War Powers Act Watergate .

Bush Boris Yeltsin Nelson Mandela Manuel Noriega Norman (“Stormin‟ Norman”) Schwarzkkopf Clarence Thomas CHAPTER 41: AMERICA CONFRONTS THE POST-COLD WAR ERA (1992 – 2004) . Leonid Brezhnev CHAPTER 40: THE RESURGENCE OF CONSERVATISM (1980 – 1992) TERMS TO KNOW: Proposition 13 Boll Weevils Supply-Side Economics Reaganomics Strategic-Defense Initiative (SDI) Sandinistas Contras Glasnost Perestroika Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty Iran-Contra Affair Moral Majority Black Monday Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Operation Desert Storm Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) PEOPLE TO KNOW: Ronald Reagan Margaret Thatcher Mikhail Gorbachev Saddam Hussein Jerry Falwell Sandra Day O‟Connor George H.W. Jr. Kissinger Warren E.“Smoking Gun” Tape Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Roe v. Wade Malaise Speech SALT II Iranian Hostage Crisis PEOPLE TO KNOW: Henry A. Burger Rachel Carson George McGovern Gerald (“Jerry”) Ford John Dean III James Earl (“Jimmy”) Carter.

Bush Richard Cheney John Kerry Nancy Pelosi Barack Obama Joseph R. Ross Perot Hillary Rodham Clinton Newt Gingrich Robert Dole John McCain Sarah Palin Monica Lewinsky George W.TERMS TO KNOW: Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Democratic Leadership Council Oklahoma City Bombing Contract with America Welfare Reform Bill North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) World Trade Organization (WTO) McCain-Feingold Act Whitewater Lewinsky Affair Kyoto Treaty 9/11 Al Qaeda USA Patriot Act Department of Homeland Security Guantánamo Detention Camp Abu Ghraib Prison No Child Left Behind Act Hurricane Katrina PEOPLE TO KNOW: William Jefferson (“Bill”) Clinton H. (“Joe”) Biden CHAPTER 42: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FACE A NEW CENTURY .