How to Find an Auspicious Date/ Day.

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Many of us are flummoxed when we want to fix an auspicious Day for a function, like shifting of House(Gruhapravesa,Marriages,Religious ceremonies,Bhumsavana,Sreemanta,Nama Nama Karana . We try to find a Vadyar or a Pandit and it becomes difficult to find them. At times some of them provide us with contradictory information. Finding an auspicious Date the Hindu/Indian way is very easy .
Buy a Panchanga(Almanac)- Either Vaakaya Pakya or Enkanitham will do.

Do not have both, one is likely to get confused. If you have your Horoscope ,it is fine or forget it. The above information is sufficient. In the Panchanga, Auspicious Days are marked, as Subha Muhurtangal. They are good for any function,but for Bhumsavana /Upanayana separate parameters are available, which I will explain. For Generally auspicious Days,like finding a Date for any new endeavor,joining duty etc. How to find Auspicious Dates other Dates mentioned in Subha Muhurthangal. Avoid Rahu Kaala and EmaKanda..( This is available in the Panchanga and Daily Calendar. Look up the English Month and date in the Panchanga. You will find Thithi( waxing and Waning of the Moon-from New Moon to Full Moon is called Sukla Paksha,which is auspicious; Full Moon to New Moon is Krishna Paksha is inauspicious-Avoid Dates falling in Krishna Paksha). Avoid Ashtami and Navami Thithis. Next is Yoga.

each 24 minutes long.htm ( A Naazhigai is 24 minutes).There are three yogas mentioned. Budha horai. people avoid Tuesday and Saturdays. Amirtha is best. . How to calculate Horai. Chandra horai. Originally each 24 hour day was split into 60 naazhigais. Siddha Yoga and Marana Yoga. For calculation of the Day have the Sun Rise Details for your City/Country and arrive at the Horai. Just like a day has its own specialities. Horais. This is also permitted. Guru horai. Angaaraka horai.Siddha is next Best. All days are good. They are Amirtha Avoid Marana Yoga. We have Soorya horai. However in certain families. You will also find Amirtha-Siddha Yoga. For Details of Hindu Time explanation for Muhurtham etc. Sukra Horai is Ideal. each hour of the day also has its own specialities. Link: http://www.agasthiar. Sukra horai and Sani horai times during each day.( do not be confused with the Spiritual Yoga being practiced). All Nakshatras are permitted. Thus two and a half nazhigais constitute one modern hour which was known as horai (hora) in ancient times. read my blog-TIME-non-linear Theory.

Avittam and Uthirattathi. Thiruvonam.Sadhayam. For Gruhapravesa. That’s all you have . Uthirattadhi.Utram. Aani.and Thryodasi. Nakshatras.Uthraadam. You have all the details in the Panchanga. Aswini. . This blog is to give an introduction. Months to avoid. All you need is to spend about 15 Minutes.Wednesday. have an auspicious date.Follow what your Family practice is.Thursday and Friday. Dasami. Days Acceptable.Purattasi.Panchami. Rohini.Uthradam. You can have the Details in the Panchanga.Rohini.Punarvasu. Dwithiyai.Poosam.Ekadasi. All Good Thithis are ok. 4/6/8 Month of Conception.Poosam.sapthami.Mrigaseerisham.Chittirai. For Bhumsavana.Maargazhi and Punguni. Acceptable Nakshatras.HasthamAnusham.Punarpoosam.( House Warming Ceremony) Thithis acceptable.Swathi.Thruthiyaiyai.Uthiram Hastham. For very accurate days you need to match it with your wife’s Nakshatra.