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Clement Hii I enjoyed watching Captain America:The Winter Soldier. It saved me from an afternoon of boredom. I don't think any superhero can save the world. We can only save the world by the way we think, by the way we behave and by what we hold to be important. Many of our Malaysian leaders can take the lead and start to practise what they preach. Jimmy Ceo, Hernane Sabay Herrera, Mohan Sharma and 824 others like this. 3 shares Wilson Chan I think it will not happened in my generation, maybe the next generation when our politicians are more educated and not the kampong hero we are having now. 3 · 6 April at 20:53 · Edited Bruce Sum Captain Malaysia. 3 · 6 April at 18:54 Top Comments

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Hoho ZammEr Malaysian leaders change themselves? Slim chance. They only way for Malaysia to change is to change its leadership. 2 · 6 April at 18:57 Mohammad Raza he man 2 · 6 April at 18:56 Aviana Zubedaa remember the song: we dont need another hero? let ourselves be the heroes and let us lead the world firstly by lead ourself. 4 · 6 April at 19:01 Yosa Tatsu Dato you become captain malaysia? 1 · 7 April at 00:46 Ray Zack huh..Captain America with scales. .mm..fishy. .fishy. .. 1 · 7 April at 00:42 Abbe Seow Like your new dress code !!! 1 · 6 April at 22:59 Kencrut Tok Ae wow amazing 1 · 6 April at 18:58 Caspian King How's this?



.facebook. 6 April at 20:53 QueenKim Kim Steel man 6 April at 19:08 Keong Ng its in their gene.. hard to change 7 April at 10:26 Mobile About Find Friends Create Advert Badges Create Page People Developers Pages Careers Places Privacy Apps Cookies Games Terms Music Help Facebook © 2014 · English (UK) https://www...4/15/2014 Clement Hii . 6 April at 19:26 Joanna Marie Ho well said captain Hii Man 6 April at 19:18 Eric Law Hahahah good afternoon captain 6 April at 21:51 Santhanadass Michael practise what preached 6 April at 21:11 Ali Yaldrum In Malaysia the leaders of every field think that they are not answerable to anyone.php?fbid=484139241687910&set=a.293937480708088&type 2/2 . Everyone plays safe and conforms. All they expect is complete obedience without any questions.294248767343626.com/photo..Timeline Photos | Facebook 2 · 6 April at 20:00 Arjuna Black helehh ws tua og ora nalarr !!!!!! 7 April at 03:36 Chui Burn ade misai hahhhaakkk 7 April at 00:56 Seleneyamma Joseph Well said Brother Clement! 6 April at 21:50 Nancy Chiong Hi Captain Clement!!!! 6 April at 20:47 Shenna Dot Malaysia needs to be saved in the manner you prescribed! 6 April at 19:28 Aishah Mat You look like superhero hehehe.52205. this is the biggest hurdle in development of Malaysian talent.