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Nabor, Dither John C.
IV - Saint Dionysius

Mrs. Maria Teresa Casado-Ramos
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November 11, 2013

The prosecuting panel consists of the complainant/s. Inc. 11-15. The CJS does not only include courts. Models and Practices (Quezon City: Great Books Publishing. 4. such as the National Bilibid Prison. and the community3. Analyze the current criminal justice system of the Philippines. but also includes the police. particularly those who have committed crimes and has been filed with a formal complaint. 12-13 2 Oscar Gatchalian Soriano. lawyers. "Where Lies the Delay in the Criminal Justice System?". who will carry the sentence.CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW The Criminal Justice System (CJS) determines the policies and procedures to be followed to give justice to everyone. 27. witness/es. March 31. Each of these has their own role in the CJS and is vital to serving justice to the whole Filipino people. Determine the causes of our slow justice system. 2003. and the prosecuting lawyer/s. The Lawyers Review Vol. The process determines how a complaint will be filed. and the judges. 3. state prosecutors. and how will the prosecuted return to his community2. 2008). In every case entered in the CJS and has been forwarded to be arraigned in a court. Notes on the Philippine Criminal Justice System (Quezon City: Central Book Supply.. 3. Determine the effects of our slow justice system. 2-5. 2010). Identify different laws that can affect our criminal justice system. correctional institutes. The defense panel is composed of the defendant/s. there will always be a prosecuting panel and the defense panel. The Philippine Criminal Justice System: Theories. 3 Alicia Gonzales-Decano. 2. No. 1 . what will happen to it from the time it was filed until it reaches final decision from the judge/judges. witness/es. and the defense lawyers. The CJS of the Philippines is decided upon by various laws 1 and is governed over by the Supreme Court. RESEARCH AIMS This paper aims to: 1. Pablo Fegi Narag.

What are the different laws that can affects our criminal justice system? 4. What are the 5 pillars of our criminal justice system? 3.RESEARCH QUESTIONS The proponent intends to answer the following: 1. What are the effects of a slow justice system? . What are the causes of a slow justice system? 5. What is the process of the current criminal justice system of the Philippines? 2.