Dangerous  Effects  of  

Group  5  

  Tobacco   10.  Medical/Dental   Exposure   8.  Smoke  Detectors   4.  Wireless  Technology   .  Cosmic  Radiation   7.10  Everyday  Sources  of   Radiation   1.  Power  Lines   9.  Earth   6.  Radon   5.  Security  Scans   3.  Microwave   2.

  Poor  Immunity   3.  Nausea.  Genetic  and  Birth   Defects   10.  Death   6.  Diarrhea  &   Vomiting   5.  Cancer   7.  Internal  Damage   9.  Radiation  Sickness   4.Outline   1.  Teratogenic  Effects   2.  Psychological  and   behavioral  effects   .  DNA  Damage   8.

Death   !   Very  high  levels  of  radiation  exposure  often  lead  to   death  within  a  FEW  DAYS  or  WEEKS   .

4%  of  all  cancers  in  the  US    are   attributed  to  radiation  from  CT  Scan   .Cancer   !   Estimated  that  about  0.

  .  cell  suicide.DNA  Damage   !   Can  bring  about  cell  mutation.  and   random  cell  division.

Internal  Damage   !   Possible  Symptoms  of  radiation  exposure  include   inflammation  of  the  sac  around  the  heart.  respiratory   failure.  and  vision  impairment   .

 and  childhood  cancers.Genetic  and  Birth   Effects   !   Birth  defects  from  radiation  include  abnormal   growth.   small  head.  mental  retardation.   .  poorly  formed  eyes.

 and  abnormal  organ  size   .Teratogenic  Effects   !   Radiation  effects  on  the  fetus   !   Common  effects  include  short  stature.  abnormal   organ  position.

 poor  liver  function.  poor   muscle  mass.Poor  Immunity   !   Negative  side  effects  include  disrupted  white  blood   cell  activity.  and  fluid  imbalances   .  inflamed  cells.

 such  as  after  a  nuclear   bomb  explosion  or  nuclear  reactor  explosion   .Radiation  Sickness   !   Also  called  as  Radiation  Poisoning   !   term  used  to  describe  the  damaging  effects  of  large   doses  of  radiation  on  the  body.

 Diarrhea  &   Vomiting   !   Caused  by  smaller  but  significant  doses  of  radiation   .Nausea.

 fatigue.   !   Neurotic  symptoms.     .  amnesia   &  lack  of  concentration  as  well  as  other  symptoms   commonly  associated  with  autonomic  nerve   imbalance.  such  as  palpitation  or  a  sense  of  burning   or  chill.  including  gen.Psychological  &   Behavioral  Effects   !   Complaints  among  Atomic  bomb  survivors.

Exposure  (rem)   Negative  Health  Effects  of  Radiation   Exposure   5-­‐10   Changes  in  blood  chemistry   50   Nausea   55   Fatigue   70   Vomiting   75   Hair  loss   90   Diarrhea   100   Hemorrhage   400   Possible  Death   1000   Destruction  of  Intestinal  Lining   Time  to  Onset  (without   treatment)   Hours   2-­‐3  Weeks   within  2  Months   Internal  Bleeding   Death   2000   1-­‐2  Weeks   Damage  to  Central  Nervous  System   Loss  of  Consciousness   Minutes   Death   Hours  to  Days   *rem-­‐Roentgen  equivalent  in  man   .