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Name: Lamar Wise Student ID #: Cell Phone: Email Address: Are you currently enrolled as a student of the University

of Oregon: Yes. Describe the situation and present the facts in the order in which they occurred. Include names, titles, and describe any affiliation to the 2014 ASUO Elections. Please attach evidence to substantiate your claims. Attached are testimonies describing Mighty Oregon trading votes for materials. We feel as though this is a serious violation of election rules and should be dealt with immediately. Are you aware of any laws, rules, etc. that you believe have been violated? If so, please list them. Please refer to University and State laws, if applicable. Elections Rule 9.8 Severe campaign violations, but are not limited to: submitting votes for other students; tampering with the electronic system; harassment, intimidation, bribery or fraud with the intent of affecting the outcome of the election; libelous or slanderous statements or conduct; tampering with another campaigns materials with malicious intent, intentional actions to mislead or obstruct the duties of the Elections Board. 7.13.2 Campaigns may distribute advertising items such as, but not limited to, t-shirts, pencils, pins and stickers. However, advertising materials may not be exchanged with an elector with the implicit or explicit expectation of a vote for the gifting campaign. Elections Rule 9.8.1 Consequences may include, but are not limited to, loss of all campaigning privileges including presence on the ballot, and, should sanctions be applied after election, removal from any office other than the ASUO Presidency 6.1 Campaigns shall be held responsible for all election-related activities undertaken by their affiliated, including but not limited to volunteers, employees, and representatives. Campaigns have a positive duty to ensure that all such persons do not violate these Rules; this duty increases with the degree of affiliation between an individual and the campaign What is your desired outcome of the grievance/complaint? We would like for Mighty Oregon to be banned from campaigning all of Friday. Testimonies

On April 15th, 2014, I, Samantha Cohen, was clip boarding for Ducks Like You in front of Columbia 150. At 11:01am, I overheard and also observed Alex Titus, a Mighty Oregon member, say to a person at their table If you sign this, well give you a T-Shirt. I have reason to suspect that Alex Titus was implicitly giving out materials in exchange for vote pledges, and these pledges would be used to contact the people who signed. I have also spoken to Jaki Salgado, a fellow Ducks Like You member, and she mentioned that she had also overheard conversations regarding t-shirts. She said to me in a text message She (She is referring to Mighty Oregon Presidential candidate. I was able to confirm this with Jaki after speaking with her in private) would ask if they wanted a shirt and would then say just sign this. Jaki's message was sent to me at 10:30 am. I can certify that all of the information above is correct and factual to the best of my knowledge. Samantha Cohen. It was yesterday a little after 1pm, I remember because I had just checked a group of volunteers in and sent them to field. I was on my computer when I overheard an interaction between Taylor Allison and a group of folks who approached their table. She asked, Hey would you like a shirt? Before handing the shirt she gave them a paper asking them to just sign this. I looked over while the two folks signed the petition. I wouldnt have thought much of it since there were so many that were being passed out, but the just sign this made me eavesdrop. What they were signing was a pledge to vote for Mighty Oregon. Jaki Salgado At approximately 4pm on April 16, I witnessed a young student approach the MO table and asked can I have sunglasses? The female volunteer was in the process of handing it to him until she took it back towards her and asked wait, have you voted for Mighty Oregon? At this moment, the young man said, No, I havent when the volunteer then said well are you going to vote for Might Oregon? Once he said yes, he was given the sunglasses. He then approached our table where there were 4 of us, and I talked to him about what exactly happened (I acted like I did not hear) where he did say that even though he just said he was going to vote, he just wanted some glasses. Clearly, if he had not said (even if he lied) that he was going to vote for MO, he would not have received that sunglasses. Diana Salazar Yesterday on April 16th around 4 pm I was in front of the health center by the Mighty Oregon stand. When I was at the stand I asked if I could have the sunglasses that were on the table. She said "ya if you vote for us". Daniel Espino (not affiliated with the campaign)