“The strong belief that the interests of a particular nation-state are of primary importance; also, [nationalism is] the belief that a people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute an independent nation, free of foreign domination” (American Heritage Dictionary, n.d.) The term Nationalism has two kinds of meaning, which are nation and state. A nation is a group of people that their hands are together and they work together as one group to make power. State is the power or the politics for the nation. Many people have different perspectives about nationalism, there are some people who are against it and some people are with it. So nationalism has many good and bad things, so sometimes people do not agree with it. I disagree with nationalism because it makes society close minded and ignorant. “Belonging to a national form of life means being within a frame that offers meaning to people's choice between alternatives, thus enabling them to acquire an identity” (Margalit 1997, 83) People who are against nationalism are the people who have freedom in their culture or their country and they are living in a peaceful life. For example, in the United States the people are friendly and they can communicate well with other people from different countries, as well as helping others. The people in the United States accept who you are and appreciate diversity. They are like a one handed nation and a strong minded, so that why they reject the idea of nationalism. On the other hand, Hitler and his nationalism caused the death of over 6 million people. What about the citizen people who do not care about culture or religion and they are living a freedom life, why Hitler killed those people and they did not do anything that makes Hitler kills them with no reasons? “most closely related to, and based on, liberal nationalist assumptions and underlying ideas” (Meissels 2009, 160) “Moreover, Benito Mussolini when he turned to Italy to serve in the military in Italy’s when the peace-time army in Italy”( Steve Smith. (n.d.). Retrieved from, so because of his nationalism and his hates to people who do not love him, he tried to change the people mind and make them his ally to join his hates. So Mussolini have made the attacks by that time that made the peaceful people to expulsion him from Austria. So most of the bad things that happened is because of nationalism.
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