Intiouuction to vBA¡Excel Piogiamming

Þaul nlssenson, Þh.u.
ueparLmenL of Mechanlcal Lnglneerlng
Callfornla SLaLe ÞolyLechnlc unlverslLy, Þomona

Course out||ne
ln Lhls 10-week course, you wlll develop compuLer programmlng skllls uslng MlcrosofL Lxcel and Lhe vlsual
8aslc for AppllcaLlons (v8A) language. 1hese programmlng skllls can be used Lo Lackle a wlde range of real-
world problems. We wlll cover one Loplc per week.
Week 1: lnLroducLlon Lo Lhe Lxcel workbook envlronmenL
Week 2: lnLroducLlon Lo Lhe v8A LnvlronmenL
Week 3: uaLa Lypes & bullL-ln funcLlons ln v8A
Week 4: Modular programmlng l - Sub procedures
Week 3: Modular programmlng ll - luncLlon procedures
Week 6: SelecLlve execuLlon - lf sLrucLures and SelecL Case sLrucLures
Week 7: 8epeLlLlve execuLlon - Loops
Week 8: userlorms
Week 9: Arrays
Week 10: ÞuLLlng lL all LogeLher

1he llnal LxamlnaLlon can be Laken aL Lhe end of Week 10.

no experlence ln compuLer programmlng or knowledge of englneerlng concepLs ls necessary Lo succeed ln Lhls
course. l wlll assume LhaL you know noLhlng abouL Lhese sub[ecLs.

Software requ|rements
?ou wlll need Lhe followlng sofLware Lo parLlclpaLe ln Lhls course:
- lor Wlndows, MlcrosofL Lxcel 2007 or laLer, MlcrosofL Word 2007 or laLer
- lor Macs, MlcrosofL 2011 of laLer, MlcrosofL Word 2008 or laLer
- Þul reader - A free Þul reader ls avallable aL hLLp://

1he Wlndows verslon of Lxcel ls preferred for Lhls course as lL wlll be used ln Lhe vldeo LuLorlals. Powever, you
sLlll can do well ln Lhe course uslng Lhe Mac verslon of Lxcel.

no LexLbook ls requlred for Lhe course. All new maLerlal wlll be presenLed Lhrough vldeo LuLorlals.

Culzzes: 1here wlll be 10 qulzzes, each worLh 1.3° of your overall course score.
llnal Lxam: 1here wlll be one exam aL Lhe end of Lhe course LhaL ls worLh 83° of overall course score.

SLudenLs recelvlng 30° or greaLer ln Lhelr overall course score wlll recelve a CerLlflcaLe of CompleLlon from Cal
Þoly Þomona vla emall. no offlclal unlverslLy credlL wlll be glven for compleLlng Lhls course.

Students' ob||gat|ons
1hls ls a masslve open onllne course. Slnce Lhere are many hundreds sLudenLs enrolled ln Lhe course, l wlll noL
be able Lo lnLeracL dlrecLly wlLh everyone. lf you are havlng Lrouble undersLandlng a concepL, lL ls your
responslblllLy Lo geL help from a fellow sLudenL by uslng Lhe class dlscusslon boards as soon as posslble.
AlLhough l wlll be readlng Lhe dlscusslon boards frequenLly, l cannoL promlse LhaL l wlll be able Lo personally
answer your parLlcular quesLlon. lL ls my hope LhaL all of you wlll help each oLher LhroughouL Lhls course.
Pelplng oLher sLudenLs on Lhe dlscusslon boards also ls a greaL way Lo learn Lhe maLerlal.

Academ|c Integr|ty
Slnce you wlll be Laklng all LesLs ouLslde of a classroom envlronmenL, l musL rely on Lhe honor sysLem Lo
prevenL cheaLlng. CheaLlng on LesLs ls noL allowed and lncludes uslng unauLhorlzed reference maLerlals durlng
a LesL, collaboraLlng wlLh anoLher person durlng a LesL, or obLalnlng advance coples of a LesL.

Cn||ne Lt|quette
lf a sLudenL ls bullylng oLher parLlclpanLs on Lhe dlscusslon boards, l wlll flrsL glve a warnlng Lo Lhe sLudenL Lo
LermlnaLe hls or her behavlor. lf Lhe sLudenL conLlnues Lhe bullylng behavlor, l wlll remove Lhe sLudenL from
Lhe course. l expecL LhaL you all wlll be courLeous Lo one anoLher on Lhe dlscusslon boards.