don’t mind this. it’s a choral speaking text i want to show to my friend.

you may scroll through your dashboard now[noises like the intro from 20th Century Fox movies] [solo] Hear ye hear ye my loyal subjects! [solo] This is your Queen/King speaking [booooo!!] This is us, children of today, and the leaders of tomorrow Presenting on this very moment right on this grand stage About…… teenagers! Yes, you heard us. TEENAGERS!! [group] Wait what About…. Us? [nods] [group] So…. What is this so called ‘teenagers’? [shrugs] Teenagers are the people who their ages is between ! and 20 [solo] Thanks Captain "bvious [beep beep] # message!!!! [solo] $ait% is that &la'kberry( That is so last year! [laughs mania'ally] )adgets% phones% tablets% *+,- 'ameras These stuffs give you so many fa'ilities in your daily routine #hhh su'h a beautiful modern life #nd su'h a waste of money! #ll of these .unks 'ost an arm and a leg &ut some teenagers wouldn/t mind for the sake of popularity [solo] 0ay my own )alaxy 1ote 223 )lamorous life here 2 'ome [group] uhmmm a'o4ta'o 5or awkward nvm6 &esides shopping for gadgets% Teenagers are also keen in shopping for 'lothes3 [girls] dresses on sale!!! [boys] 7shhhh shopaholi's +tylish% glamorous 'lothes are all they/re 'hasing for [group] 0eah! 2n the name of fashion +tyles do play part in our teenagers/ souls3

ust a single 'li'k! Teenagers also spend a lot of time on video games [girls] >spe'ially boys [boys] #t least we don/t spend our time with gossiping around [girls] $hatever93 &esides% entertainments are said 'ould relieve stress ?mmmm93 $hy not( [snaps fingers] ?ey! #re you still with us( )et your ears pier'ed be'ause we still got a lot to blabber about .alaysian teenagers -unning .ust burden our lives3 [uh4uh] [nods] So. [opera voi'e] (not necessary tho) Internet! We can do whatever we want with Internet Having a chat.usi' for life% man! <4pop is the most 'ommon among . listening to music. in the other word. et 'etera $ith . what else? [group ea'h] Movies! Music! Tv shows! Or.$hat else does teenagers all about( [girls] &FF! [boys] $hat/s that( &ig Frown Freaks88 &ieber/s Fat Fa'e( [ba dum tsss] 1o! 2t/s best friend forever! [duhhh] [group ea'h] &uddies% homies% partners "r whatever you may 'all them The person you need through thi'k and thin The person who give you advi'e on your mistakes The person who993 [group] do 'ra:y things with you! $ell93 That too3 "n the 'ontrary% never 'reate any foe Foes will . entertainment. watching tv shows.an3 +uper =unior3 7+0 [oppa gangnam style!] 1evertheless% never forget the king of entertainment The mighty……. Teenagers these days are so into this kind of things [solo] .

for us. this phase is a blessing We’re here to gain as much experience for our future To be the leader of the future . are the leaders of tomorrow. my friend! Could you imagine. our future president is a person with lack of knowledge Imagine all of the mayhem that might happen [solo] ooooh creepy So we have to work hard from now on to gain triumph ['heers] Teenage years are said to be the most complicated phase of ages We are expected to act like an adult.Teens933 #doles'ents933 [group] $hat are they all about( [group] All they know is to brag about courtship Love love love yada yada Teenagers always got associated with this kind of matter [group] Well duhhhh The adults made us watch all of those fairytales and fantasies [girls] ~You make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream~ [boys] Oh come on…. teenagers. education is much vital for all of us [solo] Tell me more. but treated like a kid But. [girls] ~I got a boy handsome boy~ [boys] Do you really have to… [girl] ~This girl is on fireeeee~ [boys] Well that was unexpected But remember kids. So. as what we’ve said. there’s one thing much more important than your lovey dovey relationship Well. We.

For the sake of our world we’re living in #nd so% we bid thank you for lending your ears3 .

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