page Name and logo of company Type of product Illustration of the product Marketing mix  Price  Promotion  Place Main target of product Rational of the product Benefits to the industry

Molca corporation sdn.bhd.Company name. Molca Cafe . Branding.

vanilla.Type of product Beverages Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Mocca Coffee Fruit drinks Pineapple Watermelon Orange Banana Lemon Snack Pancakes Ice-cream(chocolate.yam) Cup corn .

50 . You can add ice cream .have free gift and additional 1 first packages.00 per Scoop.there are 2 packages that we provided the packages is shown on table below .50. Buy 6 packages.00 per Scoop. FIRST PACKAGES * Drinks (choose one ) * 2 Pancakes * Ice Cream (Choose Flavour) SECOND PACKAGES * Drinks (choose Two) * 2 Cup corn * 2 Ice Cream (Choose Flavour) Rm 16 Rm 21 Buy 8 packages.Rm 3.Rm 1. each.00 : Rm 2.00 The Juice drinks Pancakes : Rm 4. You can add ice cream .Rm 3. each. Price Each of the Product: All the beverage drinks : Rm 3.We sold .MARKETING MIX (1) Price We provide 3 packages in our shop .Rm 1.50. have additional 1 first packages.We sold . Fruit drinks. Fruit drinks.

00 Fixed cost for 2 weeks 1 packages :Rm 600 Expected sales for 2 weeks : 170 packages Cost 1 first packages : Variable Cost + Fixed Cost / Expected sales : Rm 7 + 600 / 170 : Rm 7 + Rm 3. Example. 7 set We will give 1 extra set as a . If the clients buy 1st Package .52 : Rm 10. We give more promotion to the clients. (a) Consumer Promotion : We give this Promotion to Increase Clients To purchase our Product.50 : Rm Rm1.682 : Rm 15.00 (per scoop) Variables cost for 1 Packages : Rm 7. Then we sold the packages with : 1st Packages = Rm 11 + Rm 5 = Rm 16 2nd Packages = Rm 16 + Rm 5 = Rm 21 2) Promotion In our Molka shake Cafe.Cup Corn Ice-Cream : Rm 2.682 # We want to have Profited from our packages Rm 5.52 # Cost 2 nd Packages : Rm 12 + 700 / 190 : Rm 12 + 3.

(3)Place We build our café: (a) In the middle of the city. we will use tv and radio to advertise our café. we will use social network as facebook to promote our café. if they buy more than that.After the promotion. (a) Fistly.80 for that set. so the costomer can follow our page to know latest menu and promotion. centre pomt.After discount they only had to pay Rm 16. and Cyber. that they have a chance to win a special prize on our Cafe (b) Trade Promotion : We give this promotion to attract more costumer. Not just That we will do many promotion to attract the clients to visit our cafe.To attract the costomer. we will give them 1 lottery ticket .00 gift.Then. on this place there are many people and percentage that they will come to our place are higher than other place. . Example. (b) Infront of the shopping mall. Our 2nd Packages that Rm 21.This will attract them to come to our shop. (b) Seconly.such as servay. school.we sell all of our package at 80% Price only. . to visit our shop. Example:We will rent A shop that near to the shopping mall.We will make a page to promote our café to public on the facebook. Example: We rent shop that near to the College. On Sunday we have discounts to students And children.


and others. surfing internet.and we hope our place very suitable for them to hangouts play movie. located near to their workplace . enjoying the game that we provide.and play a game such as pool.makes the costumer that are chasing against time to enter to our café and takes coffee and other snack as a breakfast.using wifi that our café. . provided . and provide more time to enjoy their breakfast. (2) Employee .Consumer markets Our main target for our product are: Students/teenagers -We want our shop become a place to students and teenagers to do revision.Our café. and make a new friend among them.

Healty. Very nice to young generations taste Easy to get Benefits of the product to the industry Café can be a place for teenager to do their revision Introduce the healty lifestyle to the community Café can be a students to find new friends Increase the popularity name to the community .more vitamins.Rational of the product Product are food that can be digested quickly and essiential for employees.

Illustration/branding of the project Chocolate Coffee .

Fruitdrinks .

Snack 1) Pancakes .

2)Ice cream .

3)Cupcorn .