Thibault Cauvin

Thibault Cauvin was born on July 16, 1984 in Bordeaux. Since the age of six he has dedicated himself to the study of classical guitar, under the direction of his father, guitarist and composer Philippe Cauvin. Thibault has long prepared for a career as a concert soloist. He has furthered this goal by continuing his studies under Olivier Chassain at the National Conservatory of Bordeaux. There he earned the golden medal with the highest honors and he was awarded the Medal of Honor of the City of Bordeaux, with distinction. At the age of 17, he received the highest ranking in the entrance competition to the Superior National Conservatory in Paris where he is still studying. He also studies with Alvaro Pierri and Judicaël Perroy and he has had master classes with Aniello Desiderio, Eduardo Isaac, Pavel Steidl, Roberto Aussel, Alex Garrobé, and Thomas Muller-Pering. In 2001, Thibault Cauvin played with the Orchestra of the conservatory of Bordeaux and in 2002 gave a tour with the Bernard Thomas’ Orchestra of Paris in Portugal, Antilles Island and France. In 2003 he received « le prix des arts » of Rotary club of Bordeaux. He has won many prizes in guitar competitions, including first prize at the prestigious Sotsenberg Guitar Competition in Los Angeles. After his first prize at the « Concours International de guitare Alexandre Lagoya » he received the « Prize of the Dominica Island » during a concert in the Dominica which was broadcast live by Caribbean TV in the English Antilles. In January 2004, he toured the United States. His Los Angeles concert was broadcast by National Public Radio. In February 2004 he gave a concert in Paris for Radio France which was broadcast and recorded. This recording will be released by the « Déclic » collection. In November 2004 he won the first prize at the famous « Master Guitar Competition in San Francisco ». At 20 years of age, Thibault is the only Frenchman to have win thirteen international competitions. He has also performed in prestigious halls and festivals in Europe (Radio France, Paris ; Royal Festival hall, London; Festival Andres Segovia, Madrid ; Bonner Meisterkonzerte, Bonn...), America, Canada, Turkey (International Ankara Music Festival, Ankara ; Aksanat Taksim, Istanbul…), Morocco (Festival des Cordes Pincées, Rabat...) and Australia. Thibault Cauvin has a promising future. AWARDS 1 st Prize: Andres Segovia International Guitar Competition (Linares, Spain) 2004 1 st Prize: Masters Guitar Competition International Guitar Competition (San Francisco, USA) 2004 1 st Prize: Sernancelhe International Guitar Competition (Sernancelhe, Portugal) 2004 1 st Prize: Forum Gitarre Wien International Guitar Competition (Vienna, Austria) 2004 1 st Prize: Velez Malaga International Guitar Comp etition (Malaga, Spain) 2004 1 st Prize: Jose Tomas International Guitar Competition (Alicante Petrer, Spain) 2004 1 st Prize: Mottola International Guitar Competition (Mottola, Italie) 2004 1 st Prize: Torrent International Guitar Competition (Valencia, Spain) 2004 1 st Prize: Alexandre Lagoya International Guitar Competition (Fort de France, Martinique) 2003 1 st Prize: Stotsenberg International Guitar Competition (Los Angeles, USA) 2003 1 st Prize: Simone Salmoso International Guitar Competition (Viareggio, Italy) 2003 1 st Prize: Fontainebleau International Guitar Competition (Fontainebleau, France) 2003 1 st Prize: Young Guitarist of the Year International Guitar Competition (Bath, England) 2002 “As he played, I was fascinated by where he would take the music next... Cauvin has a real depth of understanding of the music he plays...He is quite a star” Tom Kerstens “One of the best classical guitarists that France has ever known ” Sud-Ouest France “An enacted harlequinade in costumes to match , with intense zest, enthusiasm and a joie de vivre that communicated itself.” Colin Cooper “He brims with youthful bravura but also understands the importance of restraint and control of color, Thibault Cauvin is decidedly on his way. He affirmed himself with a surprising maturity as a technically adroit and highly musical player who’s also blessed with open ears.” Los Angeles time “I was impressed by Cauvin’s enormous technique and youthful enthusiasm” John W. Duarte “His technique is unbelieveable and his musicality allows him to play Scarlatti in one fascinating matter and John W. Duarte in another” Jovan Pesec 10 rue Gustave Gounouilhou 33520, Bruges, France