MSW Practicum

My MSW foundation practicum was at the U12 program in Woods Homes. The U12 program is a short term (3-6 month), residential program for children (7-12), designed to provide a safe environment for children behaviourally at risk and who cannot be managed in less-intensive settings. The program offers a comprehensive assessment and intervention service designed to develop effective intervention and support plans for very challenging children. In the U12 program, I had opportunities in working with challenging children. I went through clients’ clinical files, conducted comprehensive clinical assessments, went over literature reviews regarding the correlation between teenager’s crime rates and their past histories, raised questions regarding how to handle difficult kids, and actively interacted with the children and provided interventions to them. I also went to the eastside and observed single session counselling. In this practicum placement, I expanded my knowledge on how to work with children who have complicated issues. In addition, I also learned about how to conduct comprehensive psychosocial assessments and develop an intervention plan for clients.

My MSW advanced practicum was at the Heart Transplant - Southern Alberta Transplant Program - Foothills Medical Centre. This service provides assessment and optimization of eligibility for patients with advanced cardiac disease for cardiac transplantation and/or mechanical circulatory support. It also provides education for patients with advanced heart failure or cardiac

disease with respect to management options and optimization. It monitors and manages inpatients and outpatients during assessment for cardiac transplantation and while on the cardiac transplant wait list. This service also provides supports for patients after cardiac transplantation. During my practicum, I was fortunately working with inpatients and outpatients who undergoing open-heart surgeries or cardiac transplantation. I actively engaged in the assessment process for inpatients and outpatients and independently assessed cardiac patients at the preoperation clinic and other units. For example, I conducted psychosocial assessments to assess patient’s emotional and financial needs. I also developed discharged plans and arranged family meetings. Moreover, I reviewed academic journals to investigate psychosocial issues and applied those research findings into practice, such as depression among pre-post cardiac transplant patients and their care givers. I discussed different practice models and intervention approaches with field supervisor, such as cognitive behavior therapy and patient/family centered practice model. In addition, I expanded my knowledge on community resources. I believe that I have indepth knowledge on community resources at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

To summarize, my MSW practicum has helped me in improving my clinical skills in the following areas:

     

Conduct Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessments Utilize Patient/family Centered Practice Apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy into Practice Create discharged plans Work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team Link research into practice