1. The scope of supply comprises of but not limited to design, manufacture, inspection, testing at works and supply of Increased Safety Induction Motors (MP-1301C, MP-2301C) for Benfield Circulation pumps with accessories and spare parts as per technical specification. 2. Any deviation from the Engineering Standard [annexure-2] & General and Technical Specification [annexure-3,4] attached, shall be clearly spelt out clause wise. 3. This motor is required as replacement for an existing motor of 1145 KW rating of TIBB make Italy. Hence mounting dimensions shall be maintained. Refer table below for dimensions of existing motor. Refer attached outline drawing UM 203879 for further details. Dimensions are W.R.T. IEC FRAME [all dimensions are in mm] H 709.5 A 1250 AA 1430 B 1600 BB 1876 D 100 m6 E 210 C 355 L 3300 4. Existing motor has sleeve bearing. Alternative option of sump oil system or grease lubricated bearings may be considered. Forced oil system, common for pump and motor, shall be utilized. Details: Oil header pressure: 2.0 kg/cm², oil temperature is maintained between 40 to 45 ºC, Oil pressure at motor bearings after orifice: 0.25 ATA, Oil flow: 5.0 lit/min. Oil type: SP68. 5. Party shall visit site for collection of any additional inputs so as to offer a ‘ready to replace’ motor. 6. Manufacturer to furnish typical test certificate from accredited test house verifying the suitability of Increased Safety items for Hazardous area mentioned in the Specification Sheet. Further approval certificate from BIS / CCOE Nagpur for the Test Certificate issued by accredited test house shall also be submitted. 7. The manufacturer shall submit duly filled in, signed and stamped specification sheets, Technical Particulars, Exception & Deviation along with the offer 8. Statutory requirement for Increased Safety (Ex ‘e’) Motor: Motor vendor shall furnish the calculation as per Table-04 of IS: 6381-2004


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FUJI ELECTRIC / MITSUBISHI / SHINKO / TOSHIBA / YASKAWA ELECTRIC – JAPAN. 10. • Overload and over speed test. 11. space heater. 13. AEG TELEFUNKEN / SIEMENS AG / SCHORCH ELEKTR – GERMANY. • Winding resistance in cold condition • Polarisation index test. Make of motors shall be: BHEL / CROMPTON GREAVES / KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC -INDIA. ANSALDO ITALY.ignition risk factors). This terminal box shall be fitted with required no of anti vibration and anti loosening terminals and shall be suitable for receiving multicore cable. Space heater terminal box shall be provided with two nos. Following tests shall be carried out (but not limited to) • Insulation Resistance test. • Noise level test.(potential air gap sparking risk assessment for cage rotor ignition risk factors. If the total sum of the factors is greater then 5 determined by table-04 or greater then 6 as per table-05 of IS: 6381. NO PRE-START PURGE SYSTEM SHALL BE ACCEPTABLE. MOTOR SHALL BE READY FOR START ALL THE TIME. • Direction and phase sequence check • Locked rotor test.FRANCE. BIDDER MAY OFFER ALTERNATE MOTOR WITH DIFFERENT HAZARDOUS PROTECTION ENCLOSURE WHICH FULFILLS AUTO-STARTING REQUIREMENT. ALSTHOM /JEUMONT INDUSTRIE / CONVERTEAM SAS . • Temperature rise test. All TYPE and ROUTINE tests to be carried out on motor as per relevant IS/IEC specifications. • HV test. • Vibration test. • Fractional load test for efficiency and power factor • Starting torque and current • Checking of auxiliary equipments (RTD's.3. • No load run. Bidder / Motor manufacturer shall offer motor with additional type tested as per clause no 6.2 of IS: 6381-2004 (Latest edition) 9. Combined RTD terminal box housing winding RTD + bearing RTD + hot air RTD shall be provided. AS THE MOTOR IS AUTO-STARTING. 12.2. Cable glands both suitable for Cable size as indicated above. Test certificate showing heat run test carried out on similar motor shall be submitted.) and as per Table-05 of IS: 6381 (potential stator winding discharge risk assessment . greasing) 14. LAURENCE 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 2 of 15 . ASEA BROWN BOVERI – SWEDEN . • Dimensional check up.

3 hard copies & 1 soft copy shall be supplied for approval after order within 2 weeks from the date of LOI. 2. if necessary 4. ABB POWER SYSTEM – EUROPEAN-UNION-EU.SCOTT / PEEBLES ELECTRICAL – UK . 4 hard copies & 1 soft copy in CD shall be submitted as final documents prior to dispatch of the equipment. Illustrative and Descriptive catalogues -3 4+E 9. Terminal Box drawings -3 4+E 8. Dimensional Drawings 3 3 4+E Drawings and data for air / water heat 3. Installation. operation and maintenance -3 4+E manual 1. 15. GENERAL ELECTRIC / WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC / ELECTRIC MACHINERY / RELIANCE ELECTRIC – USA . Order Copies) For Approval 1. 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 3 of 15 . 3. 6. Characteristic curves (For reference & records) a) Thermal withstand curve b) Load vs FL current 4+E c) Load vs Efficiency -3 [each] [each] d) Load vs Power Factor e) Load vs Speed f) Voltage vs Thermal withstand time g) Starting current vs Time diagram for RTDs. of No. Documents With bid After (No. Drawings and data for oil system . 3 hard copies & 1 soft copy shall be supplied with bid. Spare parts List -3 4+E 11. These shall be made in sets and supplied in fine plastic coated folder. Documentation schedule of motor: Sl. WEG SA – BRAZIL . Catalogues of bought out accessories -3 4+E 10. Connection -3 4+E thermometer etc 7. -3 4+E exchanger . For Final Specification sheet and Technical 3 3 4+E Particular completely filled in 2. if -3 4+E necessary 5.

make suitable modification in the equipment to comply with the above mentioned rules.0 SERVICE CONDITIONS 3. so that no extra protective covering for ingress of water shall be required. joints.2. 3. in the motor is in phase with the applied voltage giving rise to current surges which may reach a value equal to 1.5 Motors with type of protection “n” shall. 2.1. Equipment complying with equivalent IEC standards shall also be acceptable.f. Under this condition.1 Enclosure 4. comply with the requirements laid down in IS: 9628. 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 4 of 15 .6 times the starting current and also cause transient torques of large magnitudes. comply with the requirements laid down in IS: 21482004.0 SCOPE 1.1 The design. whenever necessary.m.2 This standard shall be read in conjunction with relevant specification sheets and other relevant references as specified therein. testing at works and delivery in well-packed condition of medium voltage and high voltage induction motors. manufacture. voltage of the system may completely disappear and return in a short time with the motors still running and connected.1 The details of power system to which the motors will be connected shall be as indicated in the specification sheet.3 Flame proof motors shall. in addition. 4. 1.4 Increased safety motors shall. 2. 2.1 The enclosure of motors for indoor and outdoor services shall be IP-54 and IPW-55 respectively as per IS: 4691.Annexure-B ENGINEERING STANDARD ES: 8102 INDUCTION MOTOR 1. unless otherwise specified. 4. bearing housing.2 The motors shall be suitable for connection to a power system where transient disturbances are very likely to occur.1 This standard covers the technical requirements of design. The supplier shall.3 Vertical motors for outdoor installation shall be provided with a rain protective hood. During the transient disturbances. unless otherwise specified. 2.1.2 System Details 3. manufacture and testing of the equipment covered by this standard shall comply with the latest issue of IS-325 and other relevant Indian Standards. 2.1 Ambient Conditions The ambient conditions shall be as indicated in the specification sheet. terminal boxes etc.2 Motors for outdoor service shall be provided with special seals for the enclosure. in addition.1. 3. 4. in addition.0 GENERAL DESIGN FEATURES 4. comply with the requirements laid down in IS: 6381. the requirement specified herein shall prevail. 3.2.1. 2.6 Wherever any requirement laid down in this standard differs from that in Indian Standard Specifications.0 STANDARDS TO BE FOLLOWED 2.2 The design and operational features of the equipment offered shall also comply with the provisions of latest issue of the Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant Statutory Rules & Regulations. the return of voltage may occur at such an instant that the induced e.4 All external hardwares shall be zinc passivated or cadmium plated. 4.

6 The cooling fans shall be suitable for bidirectional rotation of motors. All motors shall be totally enclosed fan cooled conforming to IC-0141 as per IS: 6362 unless otherwise specified.6. 4. Where ventilation is required. 4. 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 5 of 15 . 4.5 The rotor shaft shall be electrically and magnetically so balanced that the induced shaft voltage does not exceed 200 millivolt. the cooling tubes and flanges shall also be suitable for the cooling water analysis as indicated in the specification sheet.2. 4.1 The motor coils shall be made out of insulated electrolytic grade copper conductor. For large motors.4.5 The enclosure shall be provided with threaded metallic plug to permit drainage of condensed water from the inside.2.4.2 For small motors. In case of any design limitation. 4.6 mm For CACW motor .5.5. the windings shall have the same features as detailed for the stator windings.2 The motors shall be insulated assuming the power system neutral as isolated. the same shall be indicated in the offer.4 Wherever service conditions indicated in the specification sheet are such that corrosive agents are present in the surroundings. Guide key or reference points shall be supplied to prevent wrong assembly. unless otherwise specified.6 Windings and Insulation 4. The rotor voltage shall not exceed the stator voltage. the same shall conform to ICW 37A 91 as per IS: 6362.6.2 The slot shall be open type with coils so arranged that the coils can be easily removed for inspection and repair.4 The rotor shall be dynamically balanced and shall rotate perfectly with no preferential stop points.1 Motors shall be suitable for both directions of rotation. Otherwise the bearing housing at non-driving end shall be insulated for 2 KV. 4. 4.3 In case of CACW construction.4 Stator 4. 4. a plate showing the direction of rotation corresponding to the phase terminal markings shall be fitted at the driving end shield of the motors. these shall be arranged in suitable packs. the rotor bars and the end rings shall be of copper or copper alloy.3. The bars shall be firmly placed in slots to prevent vibration during start up / locked rotor condition. For CACA motor .2 In case of CACA construction.5 In case of CACW motors.7 The cooling fans shall be made of non-sparking materials such as cast Aluminium (LM-6 alloy) / cast iron. 4.4. The rotor shall be constructed such as to allow the removal or addition of material for balancing. the same shall conform to IC-0161 as per IS: 6362.3.2 Cooling 4. Trays shall be provided for collection of leaking water with arrangement for its drainage.2 In either case.2.Low carbon alloy steel 4.1 The rotor shall be of squirrel cage construction. 4. unless otherwise specified. each pack being separated by spacers to form ventilating ducts for circulation of air.5.2. Conductor ends shall be securely fixed to the end rings using the latest brazing techniques. 4. 4. The rotor cage shall be designed for the required starting and duty cycles.3 Direction of Rotation 4. Retaining rings shall be provided for high speed machines for the end rings.5 Rotor 4. Successive coils shall be connected by accessible joints.Aluminium tubes having minimum thickness of 1. 4. 4. 4.5.2. The cooling air shall be sucked from the non-driving end. the following materials of construction for cooling tubes shall be adopted. well brazed and finished smooth to prevent damage to insulation. These shall be fastened to the motor shaft by means of compensating rings or will be balanced independent of the motor.3 Wherever wound rotor is specified. 4.1 The stator laminations shall be made from suitable magnetic sheet iron varnished on both sides. the squirrel cage shall preferably be of pressure die-cast construction.5.

7 Slip Rings and Brushes 4.9 The bearing temperature shall not exceed 90ºC for grease lubricated bearings and 70ºC for oil lubricated bearings.2 Where external thrusts are specified.6. The slip rings and the brush gear shall be cooled by the motor cooling fan. The arrangement shall be complete with grease nipple and drain plug located at convenient locations. 4. 4.000 hrs.6. In such cases.8.8. 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 6 of 15 .1 All the terminal boxes shall have identical degree of protection as that of the motor.8.6 The windings shall be well brazed and capable of withstanding thermally and mechanically the transient disturbances specified under clause 3. 4. In either case.4 The bearing shall be suitable for both directions of rotation of the motor. 4.V.8.7. 4. the bearings shall be capable of providing the specified end-play.8 The windings shall be star connected for high voltage motors and delta connected for medium voltage motors. 4. the housing shall be pressurised type with flameproof pressure switch for interlocking with the motor.2.3 All motors shall be insulated with class B or F insulation as indicated in the specification sheet with tropical and fungicidal treatments.8. the slip rings and brush gear shall be housed in a flameproof housing. Auxiliary contacts shall be provided on the controllers for connections to the motor supply controls to prevent wrong operations during starting. the windings shall be easily replaceable type and the temperature rise shall not exceed that of class B insulation.V. the rheostats and the controllers shall be suitable for such duty and be continuously rated. 4. Slip rings shall be located in the non-driving side.8.3 The starting rheostats shall be designed for intermittent duty and rated for 10 minutes. Where speed regulation is required.4 Wherever class F insulation is specified.5 The winding coils shall be dried. 4.7 Self cooled bearing system shall be preferred. making a total of three impregnations and baking.4. heat resistant insulated conductors shall be used as lead-in wire. The material of construction shall be copper alloy. Finally the windings shall be painted with special anti-acid and anti-alkali paints to withstand the site conditions. the guaranteed life of the bearings shall not be less than 20.8. the motors shall be fitted with special roller thrust bearings capable of withstanding the specified thrust.1 All motors shall be provided with bearings suitable for the application. The bearings must be guaranteed to ensure a smooth operation and a life not shorter than 30.8. 4.6.10 Wherever shaft end-play has been specified.7. 4. 4. For M. 4. 4.8 The manufacturer shall specify the type of lubricant and the time interval of lubrication for the bearings of each motor.3 The bearing housing shall be effectively sealed against ingress of dust and water and creep age of lubricants along the shaft.V.6.2 For explosion proof motors.9 Terminal Box 4. 4.8 Bearings 4. glass covers shall be provided for inspection.6 All oil lubricated bearings shall be fitted with oil level indicator and resistance temperature detector/dial type thermometer with alarm and trip contacts.7 Lead-in wire between the windings and the outside terminals shall be made through bushings in H. motors. properly impregnated with suitable varnishes to withstand the site conditions and properly baked. 4. 4. motors.7. In case this is not possible.5 All motors shall be provided with on-line grease lubrication arrangement for both DE and NDE side bearings except for motors of frame size 112 and less and flange mounted M. 4.000 hours. 4.6.6. At least two additional impregnations and baking shall be applied to the assembled stator coil.9. motors.8.

neutral shorting link shall be provided on the neutral box for star connection.5 Speed switch shall be provided.1 immediate start and 2nd start after 5 minutes. 4. the spacing in the box shall be adequate for easy termination.1 The motors shall be capable of being started direct-on-line.3 The power terminal boxes shall be as follows: a) For H.4.Manufacturer’s standard box with epoxy or SRBF moulded terminal board. 4. 5. They shall be silent and smooth in operation. the terminal box shall be suitably designed for proper termination of such cables.2 Locked Rotor Condition 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 7 of 15 . wherever required.9. 4. For M. three on one side and three on the other side to separate terminal boxes. 5.0 PERFORMANCE 5.Phase segregated type capable of with standing the system fault level for 0. motors.9. Shorting links for delta connections shall be provided in the terminal box for motors 112 frame and above. Inspection glass shall be provided to indicate the oil level in the gear box.9. design of terminal boxes shall be such that it may be possible to arrange top/bottom/side entry of cables at site.9.5 In case of H.2 The power terminal box shall be mounted on the right hand side of the motor as viewed from the coupling end.6 In case of M. b) For M.8 The power terminal boxes shall have adequate clearances in between the terminals and also between the terminals and cable gland for proper termination of cables. motors . Where more than one cable is required to be terminated in parallel. This sequence shall be repeated in the next hour.1.9. However.9.3 The starting current shall not be greater than 6 times the rated current when the motors are started at full voltage including tolerances. b) With the motor at steady state load temperature . or more.10 All terminal boxes shall be complete with heavy duty double compression type cable glands and lugs/connectors to receive the external cables.1 Starting 5.9.2 successive starts and 3rd start after 5 minutes.9. motors .11 Where cross linked polyethylene cables are specified.V. 4. 5.1. 5. They shall be capable of withstanding moderate shock loads having a service factor of 2 and the starting duties. to fulfil the starting conditions.7 For increased safety motors and for motors with type of protection “n”.1.4 The mounting arrangement of power and neutral side terminal boxes for HV motors shall be identical so that it shall be possible to interchange the boxes at site.12 The cable lugs shall be of tinned copper and suitable for crimping. the terminals shall be provided with positive locking device so that they do not become loose during normal operation. 4.9.V.V. 5.2 The starting torque of each motor shall be higher than the initial resisting torque of the driven load through out the starting period even at a feeding voltage of 85% of the rated voltage for normal purpose motor and 80% of the rated voltage for special purpose motor as indicated in the specification sheet.1. 4. all the six leads of the motors shall be taken out to a common terminal box. all the six leads of the motors shall be taken out.10 Geared Motors Where geared motors are specified.1. unless otherwise specified.V. motors.9.9. 4. the gears shall be oil lubricated. 4.9 Separate terminal boxes shall be provided for connection of power.2 Sec. unless otherwise specified.4 The motors shall be suitable for the following starting cycle: a) With the motor at ambient temperature . heavy duty as per AGMA class III and capable of transmitting the rated motor power continuously.V. 4. 5. 4. 4. Motors. control and space heater cables.

5. having starting time up to 10 secs. However for type ‘n’ motors.2 For increased safety motors.3. 6. as required by the driven machine supplier shall be complied with by the motor supplier. 6. the maximum temperature in the rotor shall not exceed the following values: For squirrel cage rotor 300ºC For wound rotor As applicable to the insulation class For explosion proof motor As per temperature class of the hazardous gases / vapours.3 The motors shall be suitable for running at the rated load for 5 minutes duration at 80% voltage and for 1 Sec.4 and 5. the motor shaft shall have the desired class of accuracy.4.2 Normally the coupling half for the motor shaft shall be supplied by the driven equipment supplier. the maximum allowable temperature shall not exceed 200ºC. 5. 5. without exceeding the specified temperature rise.0 COUPLING DETAILS 6. 5. The time tE and the locked rotor current shall be stamped on the name plate as well as indicated in the test certificates.1 respectively. The coupling half shall be keyed on the shaft with a tapered joint or shrunk with a straight joint.1. without exceeding the above temperature as applicable 6. 5.2. perpendicularity and eccentricity. For increased safety motors. 6.3 Where rigid coupling is specified. under hot condition at 110% of rated voltage shall be more than the starting time of the motor coupled to the load even at the lowest stipulated starting voltage by 2 secs. for motors.3 For deciding the time tE in all cases.1 All motors shall be continuous maximum rated (S1 duty as per IS: 325). the temperature of the insulated stator and rotor shall not exceed the value stipulated under clause no. for motors. 5. 5.2.5 i) If the motor is to be coupled to a reciprocating pump or compressor requiring fluctuating torque. For all vertical flange mounted motors.1 Unless otherwise specified.3. the motor supplier shall ensure that the inertia of the driving and driven machine assembly shall be such that the variation in the armature current shall not exceed ±66% of the rated current while delivering full load.4.3.1 The locked rotor withstand time (tE).2.3 In case of starting and locked rotor conditions stipulated under clause nos. 5. the motor manufacturer shall coordinate all details of the coupling system with the driven equipment manufacturer. having starting time more than 10 secs.4 Temperature Rise 5. the maximum surface temperature shall not exceed the values applicable for temperature class of the hazardous gases / vapours present in the surrounding area.2. and by 5 secs. ii) The measurement of armature current shall be done with the oscillograph. run out.3.3 Running 5. all motors shall be coupled to the driven equipment through flexible coupling. the limitations on shaft extension. unless otherwise specified.5. The value of tE shall be determined in the presence of purchaser’s representative unless test certificate from an independent testing authority is submitted for similar motors. 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 8 of 15 . 5.2 The motors shall be capable of delivering the rated output without exceeding the specified temperature rise under the system voltage and frequency variation conditions as specified in the Specification Sheet. duration at 70% voltage. 6. wherever required.2 For explosion proof motors. the total temperature shall be 10ºC less than for normal motors. For this purpose.1 The total temperature of the stator winding under full load running condition shall not exceed the values permissible for the specified insulation class. tE under hot condition shall not be less than 10 secs.

2 In addition. of evenly distributed embedded resistance temperature detectors for measurement of winding temperature. 7. shall be provided to keep the winding dry for all high and medium voltage motors.0 ACCESSORIES The motors shall be complete with the accessories as indicated in the specification sheet.4 Dial Type Thermometers 7. RTDs (1 on each side) for bearing temperature measurement of oil lubricated bearings.3 These RTDs shall be of platinum having 100 ohm resistance at 0ºC and temperature coefficient as 3. ii) Unless otherwise specified.4 Increased safety motors shall have additional name plate containing relevant particulars as per IS: 6381. maintenance and replacement. iv) All necessary coordination with driven equipment manufacturer shall be carried out by the motor manufacturer.C to any of the two motor winding terminals.1 Space heaters rated for 240 V A. the slide rails for all belt driven motors shall be supplied by the motor manufacturer. 7. These shall be located in positions at which the highest temperatures are likely to occur.1 All high voltage motors shall be provided with 6 nos.6 i) Wherever belt drive is specified.3. the motor supplier shall ensure that the shaft extension and the bearings are suitable for the duty specified. RTD for hot air temperature measurement ii) 2 nos.4. 6. 7. 7.1 The name plates shall be of stainless steel with letters embossed on them.2 The name plate shall contain all the relevant details as per IS: 325 and in addition shall indicate the following: i) The description and code no. 7.2. 7.4.2. shall be assembled at such a distance from the motor so as to allow easy inspection of the windings.2. the measurement of hot air and bearing temperature (of oil lubricated bearings) by dial type thermometers shall be provided wherever specified. the high voltage motors shall be provided with i) 1 no.850 x 10-3. 7.1. 7. 7. if any. 7.3. For grease lubricated bearings.2 The location of the space heaters shall be such as to allow easy access for inspection.3 The thermometer shall have two potential free contacts for alarm and trip.3 Flameproof motors shall have additional name plate containing relevant particulars as per IS: 2148.3. except for motors rated below 30 KW which shall be suitable for space heating by connecting 24 V A.2 Name Plates 7.3. 7.4.4. at 110 V D.2. 7.C. RTD shall be provided only where specified 7. 7.3 Embedded Temperature Detectors 7.4 The RTDs shall be 3 lead type having power frequency insulation level of 2KV.5 Motors with type of protection “n” shall have additional name plate containing relevant particulars as per IS: 9628.5 The RTDs shall comply with the requirements laid down in IS: 2848.1.1 In high voltage motors.C. of motor ii) Degree of protection of enclosure iii) Temperature rise of windings under running condition iv) Designation of bearings v) Recommended type of lubricant and interval of lubrication vi) Direction of rotation vii) Mounting Arrangement 7. 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 9 of 15 .3.4 All contacts shall be rated for 2 Amps.iii) The additional fly wheel. 7.2 The arrangement shall consist of a dial type of mercury-in-steel thermometer so mounted that its stem shall be located in the maximum temperature region.1 Space Heaters 7. 7.2.

0 VIBRATIONS The motor vibrations measured at the bearings must not exceed the limits specified in IS: 12075.5 For bearing temperature measurement.2 Epoxy paint. the motor supplier shall quote separate price for the complete oil system of the motor.0 PAINTING 10. 10.0 TESTS AND INSPECTION 11. 631 as per IS: 5. pressure switches vii) Necessary piping viii) Necessary control and interlocks 8. not absolve the vendor from their responsibility for making good any defects which may be noticed subsequently. 12.3 Rust inhibiting agents shall be applied to fittings and sliding surfaces. however. the motor shall be subject to stage inspection at works and inspection at site for final acceptance. 11. 7. polarization index test shall also be carried out. 100% rated motor driven pumps with motors ii) 1 No. 12.4 All flanges shall be closed with blanking plates to avoid entry of foreign materials. 11.1 The motors shall be properly packed to safeguard against weather conditions and handling during transit. 10.2 However.4. 11. 7. a common oil supply system for the motor and the driven equipment shall be provided by the driven equipment manufacturer. 7.0 PACKING 12. 12. unless otherwise stipulated in the specification sheet.2 Additional tests.1 All motors shall be routine tested as per relevant standards. oil tank complete with oil level gauge and thermometer iii) 1 No. oil cooler iv) 1 No. differential pressure switch for filter vi) 2 Nos.3 For high voltage motors of each rating. 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 10 of 15 .5. 10.4 All the above mentioned tests shall be carried out in the presence of purchaser’s representative. wherever specified. where forced oil lubrication system is considered. shall be carried out on one motor of each rating.4 The oil supply system for each motor shall include: i) 2 Nos. 9. 7. 7.3 The system shall be suitable for location near the motor.5 These inspections shall. oil filter v) 1 No.0 NOISE LEVEL The motor noise level shall not exceed 85 dB measured at a distance of 1 meter from the motor. separate thermometers shall be provided for each bearing. In addition.1 For large sized motors.7. wherever specified.3 Unless otherwise specified.1 Enclosures of the motor and its accessories shall be painted with two coats of anti-rust paint and two coats of anti-corrosive paint after suitable pre-treatment. the finishing shade shall be light grey having shade No.4. 12.2 The shaft shall be properly clamped / supported. temperature measurement arrangement shall be provided only where specified. shall be used.5.5. 11.6 For grease lubricated bearings.5. 11.5 Oil Supply System 7.

15.-. 13. as required. shall also be quoted along with the offer. shall be supplied with the main equipment.0 DRAWINGS AND DOCUMENTS 13. and Description 14. operation and maintenance manual.1 Deviations. 14.0 SPARES 14.6 The packing box / crate shall include a copy of installation.3 Any other spare parts not specified.2 Commissioning Spares: Commissioning spares.1 Drawings and documents as indicated elsewhere shall be supplied. 13.4 All spare parts shall be identical to the parts used in the motors. from the data furnished in specification sheet shall be indicated therein beside the data by encircling it. -. if any.0 DEVIATIONS 15.1 Spares for operation and maintenance: Item wise unit prices of spare parts with recommended quantity shall be quoted along with the motors as listed in the specification sheet.12. but required.Enquiry / order number with plant / project name . Item wise list of recommended commissioning spares shall be furnished for approval.Name of client . 15. 12.-.2 Deviations.Name of consultant . 14. if any.-- 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 11 of 15 .Motor Code No.2 All drawings and documents shall have the following descriptions written boldly: . 14. from this standard shall be clearly indicated in the offer with reasoning.5 The loose pieces of the motor / spare parts / Instruments shall be separately wrapped in moisture resistant paper and marked with identification marks and name plate of the corresponding motors.

area classification: Details of Driven Machine: Type of equipment Absorbed power POWER SYSTEM DETAILS: Supply Fault MVA Power cable size Space heater cable size Bearing RTD o/p cable size Winding RTD o/p cable size Cable glands MP1301C.2 A.5 mm² PVC insulated Cu conductor 1100 V grade. for 1 second (43.5 mm² PVC insulated Cu conductor 1100 V grade. XLPE insulated Aluminium conductor 1100 V grade.3 B.1 C.5 D. Enclosure Gas Group: IIC Centrifugal pump 1100 KW 3 Phase. Quantity Description Reference Standards AMBIENT CONDITION: Temperature Max/Min/Design ref. Chlorides in moisture. 3 wire.7 Motor Tag No.1 D.1 A. IEC 40/ 09/ 45 °C. Temp Class: T3.s Motor for Benfield pump P301C ISS. 19 Cx 2.4 D.3 D.1 B.Annexure-C GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: A.0 C.6 D.7 kA) 3 core 240 mm². 2 of 3 Cx 2.3 A. MP2301C TWO no.0 D.5 mm² PVC insulated Cu conductor Double compression Nickel plated Brass cable glands-Certified for use in hazardous area 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 12 of 15 . Altitude Installation Environment Haz.4 B. 3 Cx 2. effectively earthed 500 MVA.2 D. Dust: Urea.4 B. Sand Zone-2. 100 % RH less than 1000 M Outdoor Vapours: Ammonia.2 B.0 B.5 C.2 D.

50% load Power factor at 100. under hot condition & max.Annexure-D TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TO BE SUBMITTED DULY FILLED Sr. 75. Temp. 50% load Cooling method Degree of Protection Addl degree of Protection Duty Insulation class Mounting Method of Starting Starting torque/rated torque Max. Starting current Min. amb.No. when rotor is locked Push pull withstand capacity Item Rated output Requirement 1300 KW minimum egQRNGy 710 xa2 Three Star [Y] 11000 volts ±10% 50 Hz +3%.8 Vr/ Vr Safe stall time at 1.10% to be specified 2985 RPM [2 pole] Squirrel cage to be specified to be specified TETV / CACA IPW55 Increased Safety E Ex-e IIC T3 S1 (Continuous) Class F (with temperature rise limited to that of class B) IM 1001 [IM B3] Horizontal foot mounted Direct on line to be specified 500 % of rated current inclusive of IS/IEC tolerance 80% Clockwise as seen from DE 3 cold / 2 Hot to be specified to be specified (i) Hot: (ii) Cold: Offered 27 to be specified 28 to be specified 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 13 of 15 . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Frame size Number of Phases Stator Connection Rated Voltage with variation Frequency with variation Combined V & F variation Full load current Full load speed Type of Rotor Efficiency at 100. 75. of consecutive starts Acceleration time at 0.1 Vr in hot and cold conditions Stator thermal time constant time 'te' to reach limiting temp. Vstart at terminals Direction of rotation No. -5% +/.

detector cables TB for space heater On RHS as seen from DE Minimum 18 months from date of supply or 12 months from date of commissioning whichever is earlier. Bearing temp. Location of Main Terminal block Guarantee 36 37 38 Motor suitable for AUTOSTARTING i. 40 Required NOTE: Indicate deviations.29 30 31 32 33 Bearings Space heater Earthing Drain points Painting Temperature detectors: Force lubricated sleeve type with oil pressure and level indicators 230V. c.s with marking on body and on power TB To be provided on each side With Acid-Alkali resistant Epoxy based paint. if provided Assistance in Erection and commissioning of the motor 39 To be furnished with details.e. if any. 35 b. separately. Shade: Light Grey (631 of IS:5) 3 wire PT100: 2 each per phase 3 wire PT100: one each Separate terminal boxes for: Main PSTB with sealing chamber. 50 Hz Two no. detector cables Winding temp. ---***--- 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 14 of 15 . 1 ph. YES 34 (i) for stator windings (ii) for DE and NDE bearings Terminal boxes a. d. ‘Ready for Start’ always available Purging arrangement.

: UM 203897 11KV_Motor_Tech_Annex Page 15 of 15 .OUTLINE DRAWING NO.