(A word already accepted in French psychological usage is preceded by an asterisk. To facilitate translation and reading of foreign literature, the French equivalent of the form closest to the English term is used whenever acceptable. When French has no one-word equivalent, the English term is kept, as is usual in other scientific vocabularies. When a word is difficult to translate into French because it would sound, say, poetic or ridiculous in a scientific context, an abstract word or expression is used instead. English abbreviations are maintained so that experimental reports can be easily read in either language.)
A aversive stimulus avoidance behavior

avoidance response
C chained responses chained schedule compensatory rate conditioned reinforcer

stimulus aversif comportement d'evitement Pieron-Vocabulaire de la Psychologie PUF, 1951 -does not give avoidance training; evitement has been used by Belanger, Canad. J. Psychol., 1958, 12, p. 17/) conduite-or reponse-d 'vitement
reponses en chaine programme en chaine debit compensatoire *renforcement-or agent renforcantconditionnel [or conditionne] *stimulus conditionnel [or conditionne] suppression conditionnelle [or conditionnee] *conditionnement contingence renforcement continu *contr6le courbe cumulative

conditioned stimulus conditioned suppression

conditioning contingency continuous reinforcement control cumulative curve
D deprivation deviation differential rate reinforcement differential reinforcement of high rates differential reinforcement of low rates differentiation discrimination discriminative stimulus

*deprivation *deviation *renforcement diff6rentiel de debit *renforcement differentiel des debits eleves renforcement differentiel des debits faibles *differentiation

stimulus discriminatif

168 FRENCH TRA NSLA TIONS E escape behavior escape response extinction F food magazine comportement d'echappement [or d'evasion]. barre hold temporaire [or limite] M magazine manipulandum mediating behavior N negative reinforcer 0 operant magasin manipulateur comportement intercalaire renforcement negatif operant conditioning over-all rate p pause percentage reinforcement operant (The present participle of operer-to operate-is operant.) conditionnement operant debit general pause pourcentage de renforcement performance pre-aversive stimulus probability of response probe *performance stimulus pre-aversif probabilite de reponse test sondage.) . The English spelling. See comment on avoidance. conduite d'echappement [or d'evasion *extinction magasin a nourriture G generalization gradient I incidental reinforcement intermittent reinforcement interresponse time L lever limited hold *generalisation gradient renforcement fortuit renforcement intermittent intervalle inter-reponse levier.without an accent-is here used to designate a technical term. sondage or coup de sonde (test alone would suffice but is perhaps worth saving for thefield ofapplied psychology.

segments acceleres successifs or reguliers.) alternatif en chaine simultane conjonctif a intervalle constant a proportions constantes entrecroise intermittent interpole melange multiple tandem a intervalle variable a proportions variables restauration spontanee *stimulus potentiel de reponse conduite superstitieuse time out . which is not French. programme (de renforcement) programme: (Probably preferable to schedule. Programming is preferable to a French neologism such as programmation.FRENCH TRANSLA TIONS 169 process programming punishment R rate of responding record recorder processus programming (English present participles are commonly borrowed by French: cf. when repeated. learning. 1) agent punitif 2) punition [or chatiment] reinforcement reinforcer respondent (adj. training.) response S scallop (as in FI) debit de reponse *enregistrement *enregistreur *renforcement agent renforeant Pavlovien *reponse schedule (of reinforcement) schedules: alternative chained concurrent conjunctive fixed-interval fixed-ratio interlocking intermittent interpolated mixed multiple tandem variable interval variable ratio spontaneous recovery stimulus strength of response superstitious behavior T time out segment [de courbe] accelere.

170 U FRENCH TRANSLATIONS unconditioned stimulus w *stimulus inconditionnel ditionne] *mise en train [or incon- warm-up .