White Paper for Android Applications

At the current market the mobile applications(mobility) providing the consumers to make use of the application remotely to fulfill their day to day needs like banking or education or health solutions vice versa . There are two giant operating systems that leads the mobile application market. 1. Android 2. iOS There are more reasons that android changed the mobile applications world. Mainly because of open source, user friendly, developer friendly, low cost. As the mobility increases gradually the challenges for the developers also increased due to certain reasons. I can say that the below are the main key challenges for the Android Applications.

Key Challenges:
* * * * De ice Di ersity. !et"or# Challenges. $ard"are Challenges. Security Challenges.

The above are the main challenges which i have faced so far as per my e perience. And some of the applications are! 1. %&S 'ite (%nterprise Application) 2. *ate &o+ile App 1. %&S 'ite: "M# $ite is a Messenger Application which is developed to provide the mobility solutions for Hospitals (PriorusMed).And it is %I&&A complaint patient centered physician network that will revolutioni'e the way physician groups, networks and entire regions communicate and collaborate on patient care. At heart of the priorus system is the ability of users to securely and efficiently communicate with each other. Security Issues: Category: $ealth Category: %ducation

This application totally runs on %TT&# because every user in the application has most confidential data. The Application login Methods which are most secured with strong algorithms. #o This application runs securely depending on the algorithms as well as the web services 2. Gate Mobile App: This Application is developed to provide mobility solution for a web portal onlineies.com. (hich is an education based web portal provides service for the users who is attending )AT" test.The users of this web portal varies from *+ years to ,- years thus most of the users are doesn.t use high end mobile phones and speed internet connection too. Though the consumers doesn.t use high end mobile phones the application runs on minimum re/uirement of ,-0 M1 2AM. And it runs from Android ,.3., to Android 4.5. And This app is rated as 4 stars in the )oogle play store. Device Diversity: Most of the users of this app are students so there is a huge diversity challenges that I faced while developing this application. (here the people who are ranging from *+6,- uses some sort of mid6range and entry range devices which comes with low internal storage and low performance with comparing to the high end devices. #o i developed the application which supports mdpi screen to hdpi screens. Network Challen es: 7ne of Most 8ommon challenge that is faced by many mobile application developers. 9ue to the unavailability of :etwork while using the application effects on the application efficiency. At the time of taking online test if there is any connectivity lose occurs the application shouldn;t show the test from the first. #o i went through the webservices everytime after submission of the answers.#o the <ser can resumes his test even after losing the connection.

1y )owtham =umar &aidiMuddhala. Android Application 9eveloper. Mail! gowthamkumar-*0>gmail.com &hone! ?@*6@53,A5+3A+, ?@*6+33355-A5A.