lsvg lsvg -o lsvg rootvg lsvg -l rootvg lsvg -o | lsvg -il lsvg -p rootvg mkvg -y'datavg' hdisk1 reducevg -df datavg hdisk1 mkvg -s $ hdisk1 $%& mkvg -s $ -y sivg hdisk1 mkvg -s ) -t # -y sivg hdisk1 chvg -a y ne!vg chvg -a n ne!vg chvg -t # ne!vg chvg -0 n ne!vg reorgvg ne!vg e(tendvg ne!vg hdisk/ hdisk) e(tendvg '-f' 'rootvg' 'hdisk1' e(portvg ne!vg importvg -V )) -y ne!vg hdisk# redcucevg ne!vg hdisk/ varyoffvg ne!vg varyonvg ne!vg syncvg -v sivg mirrorvg -7 -m sivg hdisk# unmirrorvg sivg hdisk# Display all VGs Display all active VGs Display info about rootvg Display info about all LVs in rootvg Display info about all LVs in all VGs Display info about all PVs in rootvg reate VG !ith name datavg on hdisk1 !ith partition si"e 1#$%& 'emove VG datavg reate VG !ith name vg(( on hdisk1 !ith partition si"e reate VG !ith name sivg on hdisk1 !ith partition si"e $%& reate sivg on hdisk1 !ith PP si"e ) and no of partions # * 1+1, -o cuase VG ne!vg automatically activated at startup -o deactivate the automatic activation at startup -o change ma(imum no. of PP to #+/# on vg ne!vg -o disable 1uorum on VG ne!vg 'eorganises PP allocation of VG ne!vg 2dd PV hdisk/ and hdisk) to VG ne!vg 2dd PV hdisk1 by force to rootvg 3(ports the VG ne!vg 4mport the hdisk# !ith name ne!vg5 and assign ma6or number )) 'emove PV hdisk/ from VG ne!vg -o deactviate VG ne!vg -o activate VG ne!vg -o sync the mirrored LV in the VG sivg -o mirror LVs of sivg !ith hdisk# 8-m for e(act mirror5 -7 forbackground mirror9 -o remove the mirrored PV from the set.

-o remove or replace physical volumes in a volume group for maintenance purposes5 use 7%4- or the chpv command. : reducevg ;VGname< ;PVname< : rmdev -dl hdisk;n< 'eplace the disk... : cfgmgr -v : lspv : chdev -l hdisk;n< -a pv=yes : e(tendvg ;VGname< ;hdisk;n< Mirroring rootvg 4f you do not mirror the root volume group5 you have a single point of failure. 2l!ays mirror rootvg> 4 have seen too many unnecessary system rebuilds because rootvg !as not mirrored. %irroring rootvg is a straightfor!ard process and consists of the follo!ing steps5 in !hich !e are going to mirror rootvg to a ne! disk called hdisk1? 1. 2dd hdisk1 to the rootvg for mirroring? : e(tendvg rootvg hdisk1 #. @se this command if all the rootvg logical volumes !ere created properly? : mirrorvg rootvg /. Ar 8if a problem !as encountered9 manually mirror rootvg and do not mirror the dump device 8lv++ in e(ample9? : lsvg : lsvg -l rootvg : lsvg rootvg ). %irror each logical volume?

: for B in C8lsvg -l rootvg | grep syncd | a!k 'Dprint C1E' | grep -v lv++9 < do < echo CB < mklvcopy CB # < done F. 7ync the volume group? : syncvg -v rootvg : lsvg -l rootvg ,. onfigure the boot devices? : iplGvaryon -i PVB2%3 &AA- D3V4 3 PV4D VAL@%3 G'A@P 4D hdisk+ BA ++++1+)H/HFac#/+ ++++1+)H#$##f+#1 hdisk1 I37 ++++1+)H#$##eF/# ++++1+)H#$##f+#1 : bosboot -a -d JdevJhdisk+ bosboot? &oot image is ,KFF F1# byte blocks. : iplGvaryon -i PVB2%3 &AA- D3V4 3 PV4D hdisk+ I37 ++++1+)H/HFac#/+ hdisk1 I37 ++++1+)H#$##eF/# : chvg -a'y' -0'n' -('n' rootvg : bootlist -m normal -o hdisk1 : bootlist -m normal hdisk+ hdisk1 : bootlist -m normal -o hdisk+ hdisk1 : lsvg rootvg | grep -i 0@A'@% AP3B LVs? 1) 0@A'@%? 1 -he mirrorvg command does all of the mklvcopy commands under the covers for you. 7ince disk 1uorum !as disabled5 !e must reboot the system for the changes to take effect. : shutdo!n -r no! VAL@%3 G'A@P 4D ++++1+)H#$##f+#1 ++++1+)H#$##f+#1

lsfs Lists all filesystems in the JetcJfilesystems entry lsfs -1 List all filesystems !ith detailed info lsfs -a -o list all filesystems 8default9 lsfs -l 7pecify the output in list format lsfs -c 7pecify the output in column format lsfs -v 6fs Lists all 6fs filesystems chfs -a si"e=#)FH, Jsi hange si"e of L7 Jsi to #)FH, ( F1# bytes blocks 81# %&9 chfs -a size=+245 ! "si A## 245 ! $ 5%2 &'te &(oc)s to FS "si chfs -a size=*+%+24M* ",sr A## %G- s.ace to FS ",sr chfs -m Jsi Jbi hange the mount point from Jsi to Jbi chfs -2 Jsi -o auto mount the filesystem si chfs -d account Jsi 'emove account attribute of Jsi. 8 from JetcJfilesystems file9 chfs -a splitcopy=Jbackup -a copy=# Joracle -his !ill mount the #nd copy of mirrored filesystem oracle to Jbackup in read-only mode crfs -v 6fs -g testvg -a si"e=,)),F -m Jsi6u reates L7 Jsi6u of type 6fs in VG testvg of blocksi"e ,)),F crfs -v 6fs -g datavg -a si"e=1+% -m Joracle reates L7 Jor"cle of type 6fs in VG datavg of 1+%& crfs -v 6fs -d JdevJlv++ -m Jsi6u reate L7 Jsi6u of type 6fs on device JdevJlv++ rmfs Jsi6u Deletes L7 Jsi6u and associated LV rmfs -r Jsi6u Deletes L7 Jsi6u its mount point and associated LV

defragfs Jsifs defragfs -1 Jsifs fsck -y n JdevJlv++ fsck -p JdevJlv++

-o defragment the file system Jsifs Display the current defrag status of the file system -o fsck the filesystem associated to JdevJlv++ assuming response MyesM -o restore superblock from backup superblock

lspv hdisk+ lspv -p hdisk+ lspv -l hdisk+ chpv -v r hdisk1 chpv -v a hdisk1 ch.v -c h#is)+ migratepv hdisk1 hdisk# migratepv -l silv hdisk1 hdisk# Display status and characteristics of the PV Display PP usage of hdisk+ -o list all logical volumes on PV hdisk+ lose the PV 8@sed !hile removing PV !ithout varyon9 Apen the PV C(ear the 0aster &oot recor# on /V h#is)+ -o move PPs from PV hdisk1 to hdisk# -o migrate LV silv from PV hdisk1 to hdisk#

lslv -l lv++ lslv -p hdisk1 chlv -t copy lv++ chlv Nn silv lv++ chlv -p r lv++ rmlv silv rmlv -f silv mklv -s n -c / silv hdisk1 e(tendlv silv F mklvcopy -s n lvsi # hdisk1 mklvcopy lvsi / hdisk1 hdisk# rmlvcopy lvsi # hdisk1 0)(v -t 2fs(og -' (og++ ne3vg 2 (ogfor0 "#ev"(og++ Display info about LV by PV Display LV allocation map for hdisk1 -o change the lv++ to copy type -o rename lv++ to silv -o change the lv++ to readonly mode -o remove silv -o remove silv !ithout user intervention -o make LV silv !ith three copies on hdisk1 -o e(tend the LV silv !ith F LPs -o mirror LV lvsi on same PV !ith # copies -o mirror LV lvsi on PV hdisk1 and hdisk# !ith / copies Oill remove one copy of LV lsvi from hdisk1 4o create a 2fs(og 3ith na0e (og++ on VG ne3vg 3ith 21/s 4o for0at 2fs(og vo(,0e (og++

bootlist -m normal -o -o see the boot se1uence in normal mode bootlist -m service -o -o see the boot se1uence in service mode bootlist -m normal cd+ hdisk+ -o change boot se1uence to cd+5hdisk+ in normal mode bootlist -m service cd+ rmt+ hdisk+ -o change boot se1uence to cd+5rmt+5hdisk+ in service mode &os&oot -a# "#ev"h#is)% 4o create &oot i0age on /V h#is)% 0)&oot -c# "#ev"h#is)% 4o c(ear the &oot i0age bootinfo -b 7pecifies the bootable disk bootinfo - t 7pecifies the type of boot

bootinfo -e bootinfo -&ootinfo -s h#is)+ &ootinfo -r bootinfo Nk bootinfo Nm bootinfo No hdisk+ bootinfo N" &ootinfo 7.

% Disk boot 5 D-'A% boot 4 -ape boot 5 Bet!ork boot

heck the machine can boot from tape -o see the machine hard!are type 4o see the size of h#is)+ 4o see the size of 0e0or' in 6-o see the key position 8% 7ecure5 2 7ervice5 5 Bormal9 -o see the machine model code -o list the location code of hdisk+ -o see the machine is %P capable 8+ N Bot apable5 1 N apable9 4o fin# o,t if the 0achine can r,n !4-&it )erne(

&ootinfo 76 or .rtconf 7) &ootinfo -'

8'eturns the string M/#M5 if e(ecuted on a machine that is only capable of running the /#-bit kernel. -he command returns MchrpM5 if the machine is capable of running the ,)-bit kernel or the /#-bit kernel9 4o fin# o,t the c,rrent(' ena&(e# )erne( 0o#e 8'eturns M/#M if the /#-bit kernel is enabled5 and M,)M if the ,)-bit kernel is enabled.9 co00an# 3i(( i#entif' the t'.e of s'ste0 har#3are 'o, have8 either 52-&it or !4-&it. 4f the command returns a /#5 you cannot use the ,)-bit kernel.

: .rtconf -) Pernel -ype? /#-bit 4o fin# o,t if !4 &it e$tensions are (oa#e#9 C (s(.. -( &os:!4&it 4f /#-bit? lslpp? +F+)-1/# Lileset bos.,)bit not installed. An 24Q )././ 5 4f ,)-bit? Lileset Level 7tate Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Path? JusrJlibJob6repos bos.,)bit )././.H$ A%%4--3D &ase Aperating 7ystem ,) bit 'untime An 24Q F.1 5 4f ,)-bit? Lileset Level 7tate Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Path? JusrJlibJob6repos bos.,)bit F.1.+./F A%%4--3D &ase Aperating 7ystem ,) bit 'untime 4o fin# o,t if OS is 52&-it or !4-&it 9 C (oca(e!4 4f /#-bit? e(ec89? +F+K-+/, annot load program locale,) because of the follo!ing errors? +F+K-+/# annot run a ,)-bit program on a /#-bit machine. 4f ,)-bit? L2BG=enG@7 L G ALL2-3=MenG@7M L G -IP3=MenG@7M L G%AB3-2'I=MenG@7M L GB@%3'4 =MenG@7M L G-4%3=MenG@7M L G%3772G37=MenG@7M L G2LL= 4o fin# o,t if )erne( is 52-&it or !4-&it9 ; (s -( ",ni$ 4f /#-bit? lr!(r!(r!( 1 root lr!(r!(r!( 1 root 4f ,)-bit? r!(r!(r!( 1 root system system system #1 %ar #F #++# Juni(R -< JusrJlibJbootJuni(Gmp* #1 Sul 1+ 1,?)$ Juni( -< JusrJlibJbootJuni(Gup #1 Sun +) #++# Juni(R -< JusrJlibJbootJuni(G,)*

Lor 24Q F.# ,)-bit? -o find out if hard!are if /#-bit or ,)-bit ? ; getconf <A=D>A=?@-A4MOD?

shrinkps? Be! boot image created !ith temporary paging space.aging s.ta&(e or o&2ect 0o#.(e not stri.) bit mode9 -o find out if Aracle is /#-bit or . shrinkps? Be! boot image created !ith resi"ed paging space. removed.ta&(e B=ASC S'ste0"!+++C or o&2ect 0o#.aging++ -o increase the si"e of the paging space in ) LP blocks -o create a paging space on VG sivg of ) LP si"e 8-s)9 and activate it immediately 8-n9 and activate it at every restarts -o remove the paging space paging++ 4o invo)e a(( entries in "etc"s3a...s.)-bit use? C A'2 L3GTA%3Jbin< fi(e orac(e 4f /#-bit ? orac(e9 4f . 4o increase the size of . /#-bit kernel for uniprocessor systems • . 4o reactivate the 52-&it )erne(8 fo((o3 the sa0e . 4o t.ace h#! &' %+ 1/s 4o #ecrease size of .ni$@.ace .s -s*%+* h#!$$@0.en#ing on 'o..(e not stri.) bit9 -o find out if kernel is /#-bit or .s -#*%+* h#! -o list out all paging spaces -o display the details of the paging space$@!48 #e.aging s.ace .)-bit? ommand? getconf 6?=N?1@-A4MOD? . shrinkps? Dump device moved to temporary paging space.rn on the . /#-bit kernel for multiprocessor systems • . ch.) 8 4f hard!are is .aging++ ch.aces fi(e ch.re8 s..)-bit processor systems -he follo!ing e(ample provides the commands to run to enable the !4-&it )erne( after s'ste0 insta((ation? : ln -sf JusrJlibJbootJuni($@!4 .e: /AG? S/AC? COMMANDS lsps -a lsps hd..ting . shrinkps? 'esi"ed and original paging space characteristics differ5 check the lslv command output. or .ace h#! &' %+ 1/s 4his B-#E%+EC 3i(( . recreated !ith ne! si"e.e# !4-&it AAD e$ec.) Juni( : ln -sf JusrJlibJbootJuni(G.s shrinkps? -emporary paging space paging++ created.on -a .r s'ste0 t'.aging s.aging++ 4o t.s -a ' .aging++ chps -s) paging++ mkps -a -n -s) sivg rmps paging++ s3a.aging$@0.)-bit kernel for .roce#.)-bit ? orac(e9 e$ec.rn off the .erfor0 the fo((o3ing ste. shrinkps? Paging space hd.e# <o3 to Change 6erne( Mo#e of A-M AAD 51 B5:%C for 0ore infor0ation: -here are three kernels available in the JusrJlibJboot directory? • .)-bit kernel. for .s -a n . shrinkps? Paging space hd.&stit.) JusrJlibJbootJuni( : bosboot -ad JdevJipldevice : shutdo!n -r 2fter the system has rebooted5 it !ill be running the .) 84f Pernel is booted in .

hdisk+ rootvg F1#%& + no no lv : chps -a y hd. hdisk+ rootvg F1#%& 1 yes yes lv : sysdumpdev -P -p JdevJhd. activated.aging++ 3ith h#! : mklv -y'hd. hdisk+ rootvg F1#%& 1 yes yes lv : SFS4?M DGM/ COMMANDS sysdumpdev -l sysdumpdev -L sysdumpstart -p sysdumpstart -s sysdumpdev -p JdevJlv++ sysdumpdev -P -p JdevJlv++ sysdumpdev -s JdevJrmt+ -o list the current dump destination List the details of the previous dump 7tarts dump in the primary dump device 7tarts dump in the secondary dump device -o make lv++ as primary dump device -o make lv++ as primary dump device permanently -o make rmt+ as secondary dump device .no9 : chps -a n paging++ : Dctivates s!ap spaces as per JetcJs!apspaces : lsps -a Page 7pace Physical Volume Volume Group 7i"e V@sed 2ctive 2uto -ype paging++ hdisk+ rootvg F1#%& + no no lv hd. Part of the perfagent.' -t'paging' rootvg 1. secondary JdevJsysdumpnull copy directory JvarJadmJras forced copy flag -'@3 al!ays allo! dump L2L73 dump compression AB : rmps paging++ : lsps -a Page 7pace Physical Volume Volume Group 7i"e V@sed 2ctive 2uto -ype hd. : lsps -a Page 7pace Physical Volume Volume Group 7i"e V@sed 2ctive 2uto -ype paging++ hdisk+ rootvg F1#%& 1 yes yes lv "#ev". s. : s!apoff JdevJpaging++ : 'emoves an entry in JetcJs!apspaces 8%eans auto .yes9 : s!apon -a : 2ctivates s!ap spaces as per JetcJs!apspaces +F1H-+HF s!apon? Paging device JdevJpaging++ is already active.aging++ shrinkps svmon topas vmstat sar istat slibclean ps 4o 0a)e avai(a&(e h#!C 7 =e.aging s.ace .PP ( /# as PP si"e = F1#%&9 fileset 4&%Us topJmonitor clone 'eports virtual memory statistics 7ystem 2ctivity 'eport 7tatus of inodes 'emoves any currently unused modules in kernel or library memory Displays the current status of processes A##ing a s3a. primary JdevJhd.ace B5%2M. s.ace . : %akes an entry in JetcJs!apspaces 8%eans auto .aging++ 4o #eactivate . hdisk+ 81.aging++ s3a.s3a.(acing e$isting .on "#ev". s!apon? Paging device JdevJhd.aging++ 7hell script that chps -d e(ecutes to shrink paging space -akes a snapshot of virtual memory usage.

rte package -o list the file set !hich contain JetcJhosts file -o list the pre re1uisites for bos.server file set -o list the installable products on the device rmt+ -o install all filesets !ithin installp -L -d JdevJrmt+.rte lslpp -! JetcJhosts lslpp -p bos.1 bos.ecific co00an#s lslpp -l lslpp -ha bos.char device9 Conso(e e0.sysdumpdev -" -o determine a ne! system dump occurred Device re(ate# co00an#s cfgmgr -o configure devices and installs device soft!are in system cfgmgr -l vscsi+ -o configure the components connected to the vscsi+ interface lscfg -o display config5 diagnostics and vital product definition info lscfg -l mem+ Display info about device mem+ lscfg -l ent* Display info about all 3thernet cards lscfg -v Display vpd lscfg -v -l hdisk+ Display vpd of hdisk+ lscfg -vp |grep -e M%emory D4%%M -e M7i"eM D4%%s Details mkdev -l rmt+ -o change device rmt+ from defined state to available state lsdev -P -o lists all supported devices lsdev -P -c disk -o list all supported disks lsdev -P -r class -o display supported class lsdev -P -r subclass -o display all sub class lsdev -o lists all configured devices lsdev .e# lsparent .-k rs#/# -o display possible parent devices !hich accept rs#/# devices lsparent . 8c .c if -o display e(isting net!ork interfaces lsdev re1uires -o see the details of installed file sets -o list the installation history of all file set in packages -o list the files in the bos..* lslpp -f bos.(ation co00an#s lscons lscons -b chcons JdevJtty/ chcons -a login=enable JdevJtty/ s!cons JdevJtty/ alog -L -t console alog -t console -o alog -t boot -o -o list the current console -o list the console at ne(t boot -o change the console to tty/ 'edirect console to tty/ and provide login prompt -o change system console to tty/ temporarily -o see the current attributes of log type console -o see the console messages -o see the boot time messages Ansta((ation s.-l mem+ -o display the properties of mem+ chdev -l sys+ -a ma(proc=1++ -o change default ma(proc value to 1++ chdev -l rmt+ -a blocksi"e=F1# -o change the block si"e to F1# chdev -l rmt+ -a ret=no -o avoid tape retension r0#ev -( r0t+ 4o re0ove the #evice r0t+ r0#ev -# -( r0t+ 4o re0ove the #evice tota((' fro0 #ata&ase r0#ev -( r0t+ -S 4o change the state of the #evice sto.nfs.-l hdisk+ -o display parent devices !hich accept child device hdisk+ lsattr -Dl rmt+ -o see the default values of the device rmt+ lsattr -3l rmt+ -o see the current values of the device rmt+ lsattr -3l tty+ -a login -' -o see all possible values of the login attribute of tty+ lsconn -p scsi+ -o list all possible connection scsi+ can accept lvlstma6or -o list the available ma6or numbers mknod JdevJnull c # # reate null device !ith ma6or 8#9 and minor 8#9 nos.1 installp -aQ -d and e(pands file system if it .

updates 4nstallp -u .1/.fileset< L32B @P failed install Net3or) re(ate# co00an#s host 1K/.1#.1 reate alias ip address for en+ route add + 1K#..1++./F.+ net!ork route -f -o clear the gate!ay table chdev -l inet+ -a hostname=si -o change the host name to si permanently netstat -a -o sho! the state of all sockets netstat -c -o sho! the net!ork buffers cache netstat -D -o sho! the net drops of packets netstat -i -o display interface statistics netstat -r -o sho! the routing table netstat -rn -o sho! routing table 8ip !ill be given instead of host names9 netstat -s -o sho! the statistics of the protocols netstat -s -p .H -o make 1/.sage co00an#s du -k du -l du -s df -i -o list number of bytes in 1k blocks -o list number of bytes in F1# bytes blocks -o list only the total disk usage in the current directory -o display no of free and used inodes .+ 1K#. tcpJudpJipv.H as gate!ay for 1#.product< -o check the ..t.product< -o commit the .1/.product< installp -o cleanup an incomplete installation (.fileset< D34B7-2LL a fileset installp .1 netmask -o remove bos.F#.ace .#FF.+.#++..H -o make 7v 4o chec) .1 'esolves ip to host name 8from JetcJhosts file9 host ibm 'esolve ibm to ip address 8from JetcJhosts file9 hostname ibm -o change the host name to ibm entstat en+ -o the status of ethernet device en+ entstat -d en+ -o list the detailed status of device en+ no -a -o list all net configurable attributes and their values no -d the!all -o change the!all parameter to its default value no -o ipfor!arding=1 -o make the machine as router in tcpip net!orks traceroute ibm -o trace the route to ibm ping ibm -o tcp ping to the machine ibm ifconfig -a -o sho! the status of all net!ork interfaces ifconfig en+ -o sho! the status of en+ ifconfig en+ up -urns on net!ork card en+ ifconfig en+ do!n -urns off net!ork card en+ ifconfig en+ detach 'emoves en+ card from the net!ork interface list ifconfig en+ inet 1K).t for consistenc'C lppchk -c .media-path< -Q all 2PPLI updates installp -r& -Q all '3S3 .H as default gate!ay for entire net!ork route add 1K#.1++..updates installp -c -g -Q all inconsistenc': BNo installp -r -o re6ect the applied soft!are installp -c -f .product< instfi$ -) ADHHHH -# "#ev"r0t+:% 4o insta(( the fi(e set associate# 3ith fi$ ADHHHH fro0 r0t+ instfi$ -i) ADHHHH 4o verif' fi$ ADHHHH insta((e# smit install &ase install panel smit installGlatest 7elective install panel smit installGall 4nstall 2LL products bffcreate -1v -d .+ up onfigure en+ starts immediately ifconfig en+ alias 1KF.1/.+.< -o sho! the statistics of respective protocols< -f .K.installp -u bos.disk-path< opy maint to disk installp -1a -d .

JdevJrmt+ List the contents of cpio archive from rmt+ cpio -icvd .H Bo =etention on O.1 ibs=..en Bo Bo Ies Ies Bo Bo Ies Ies Densit' Tigh Tigh Tigh Tigh Lo! Lo! Lo! Lo! .1 find J -print | backup -ivf JdevJrmt+ &ackup entire system to rmt+ backup -+vf JdevJrmt+ Jhome &ackup Jhome directory to rmt+ !ith backup level + restore --vf JdevJrmt+ List the archive in rmt+ restore -(vf JdevJrmt+ Jhome 'estore Jhome from archive in device rmt+ find .data image file and backup vg vg++ savevg -ef JdevJrmt+ vg++ reates vg++ backup but e(cludes files listed in the JetcJe(clude. : dd if=JdevJrmt+.)k obs=F1#+ | tar -(v&f: dd if=JdevJrmt+. JdevJrmt+ Jhome 'estores Jhome directory from rmt+ tar -cvf JdevJrmt+ Jhome 2rchives Jhome to rmt+ device tar -tvf JdevJrmt+ List the archives in rmt+ tar -(vf JdevJrmt+ Jhome 3(tract Jhome from rmt+ dd if=si of=si1 conv=ebcdic onvert and copy ascii file si to ebcdic si1 dd if=JdevJrmt+ ibs=F1# obs=1+#) of=JdevJrmt1 -o copy blocks from rmt+ !ith F1# blocks to rmt1 !ith 1+#) blocks tctl -f JdevJrmt+ re!ind -o re!ind the tape tctl -f JdevJrmt+ offline -o e6ect the tape tctl -f JdevJrmt+ status -o sho! the status of tape chdev -l rmt+ -a blockGsi"e=F1# -o change the block si"e of the tape to F1# Ohen using variable block si"e5 the dd command can be employed !ith an e(cessive block si"e to buffer input to tar5 cpio5 backup5 and restore.F Bo JdevJrmt*.. 'emember that this does not alter the physical block si"e used by the device> : chdev -1 rmt+ -a MblockGsi"e=+M Variable block si"e : chdev -1 rmt+ -a MblockGsi"e=F1#M Li(ed F1#-byte block si"e : chdev -1 rmt+ -a MblockGsi"e=1+#)M Li(ed 1+#)-byte block si"e 4a.# Ies JdevJrmt*.tions Fi(ena0e =e3in# on C(ose JdevJrmt* Ies JdevJrmt*. co00an#s mksysb -i -Q JdevJrmt+ reates image.df -k -o display diskspace in 1+#) bytes format -ac).data file !ith map file and system backup mksysb -e JdevJrmt+ reates system data but e(cludes the files listed in JetcJe(clude. JdevJrmt+ 'estores cpio archive from rmt+ cpio -ivt .1 Bo JdevJrmt*.(icit and system backup 8-Q e(pands Jtmp if re1uired9 mksysb -m JdevJrmt+ reates image.1 ibs=.e Device Na0e A0.)k obs=F1#+ | pa( Nrf Iou can change the default block si"e defined to 24Q for a tape device using the chdev command or through 7%4-5 as sho!n in the follo!ing listing.) Ies JdevJrmt*.rootvg 0)szfi(e Creates "i0age:#ata fi(e mkcd -d JdevJcd1 reates system boot backup to the D-' device JdevJcd1 mkcd -d JdevJcd1 -v vg++ reates backup of vg vg++ to D-' device JdevJcd1 mkcd -d JdevJcd1 -G reates generic boot backup savevg -i -f JdevJrmt+ vg++ reates vg++.1 ibs=.)k obs=F1#+ | cpio -iv& : dd if=JdevJrmt+. Ies JdevJrmt*.)k obs=F1# | restore -(vf: dd if=JdevJrmt+.Jhome -print |cpio -ocvum& < JdevJrmt+ 2rchives Jhome directory cpio -icvdum& ./ Bo JdevJrmt*.

Ab6ect lassBame< 7ampling of 24Q Ab6ect lasses C(ass O&2ect Contents of the O&2ect C(ass PdDv Predefined devices supported by 24Q Pd2t Predefined device attributes Pd n Predefined device subclass connections uDv ustomi"ed devices attached to the system uDvDr ustomi"ed device drivers u2t ustomi"ed device attributes uDep ustom device dependencies uVPD ustomi"ed vital product data onfigG'ules onfiguration rule sets /rint co00an#s 1chk -1 1chk -P lp+ 1chk -: 1#/ 1chk -2 1can -( 1#/ 1can -Q -P lp+ 1pri -:FH+ -a #F 1hld : F. JetcJob6reposJPd((( AD% predefined 2ttributes5 onnections5 and Devices? Pd2t Pd n PdDv JetcJob6reposJ u((( AD% customi"ed 2ttributes5 Dependencies5 Device Drivers and Vital Product Data? u2t uDep uDv uDvDr uVPD onfigG'ules uAD 8Be! to FL>9 JusrJshareJlibJob6repos omponents of the 7oftOare Vital Product Data 87OVPD9 ? lpp history inventory product Device ob6ect classes are linked hierarchically into subclasses.K 1mov -m lpa -:11 enable ps1 disable ps1 cancel -:111 lpstat lpstat -p lp+ lpstat -u root -o display the default 1 -o display the status of the printer lp+ -o display the status of 6ob number 1#/ -o display the status of all 1ueues -o cancel the print 6ob 1#/ -o cancel all 6obs submitted to lp+ -o change the priority of the 6ob to #F -o hold the 6ob F. : odmsho! .t#o3n Co00an#s : shutdo!n -m WF : shutdo!n -r : shutdo!n no! : shutdo!n -r : shutdo!n -Lr : shutdo!n -r no! : shutdo!n -k 7hut system do!n to single user in F minutes 7hut do!n and reboot 7hut do!n immediately !ithout rebooting 'eboot no! 'eboot no! !ithout any user !arning 'eboot no! and !arn the users 2void shutting do!n the system ODM9 ustomi"ed ob6ect classes represent the devices actually present on the system.K 1hld -r -:F.K -o remove holding from F.K -o move the 6ob 11 to 1ueue lpa -o enable 1ueue ps1 -o disable 1ueue ps1 -o cancel 6ob 111 -o display the status all 1ueues -o display the status of print 1ueue lp+ -o display the 6obs submitted by user root .: tctl -fJdevJrmt+ re!ind : tctl -f JdevJrmt+ offline : mt -f JdevJrmt+ re!ind : mt -f JdevJrmt+ offline 'e!ind the rmt+ tape drive 'e!ind and e6ect the rmt+ tape drive 'e!ind the rmt+ tape drive 'e!ind and e6ect the rmt+ tape drive Sh.

hpnp bos. -he (.svprint.remoteGprG1ueue< -he 7ystem V filesets that are installed by default include the follo!ing? bos.msg.rte bos.terminfo.enG@7.prt -s 24Q : s!itch. -here are three steps to enable the printer.t command to allo! the printer to accept print re1uests? : accept hp)V -he last step is to enable the ne! print 1ueue using the ena&(e command? : enable hp)V -o define the print 1ueue on the remote client5 use the follo!ing command synta(? : lpadmin -p .svprint bos.a#0in command is used to add the printer? : mkdev Nc printer Nt hp)V Ns parallel Np ppa+ N! p : lpadmin -p hp)V -v JdevJlp+ -D MTe!lett-Packard LaserSet )J)%M 2fter the 7ystem V printer has been added to the system5 you need to use the 1icensing co00an#s oslevel oslevel Nr instfi$ -i I gre.lp1 -P lp+ last last | grep shutdo!n uptime 8! -u 9 : s!itch.svprint.fonts bos.svprint.svprint.svprint.prt -s 7ystemV -o display the status of 1ueue lp+ -o list all the records in the JvarJadmJ!tmp file -o sho! the shutdo!n sessions -o sho! ho! long the system has been up 7!itch to the 24Q printer subsystem 7!itch to the 7ystem V printer subsystem Ance the printer driver is installed5 you can proceed to add the 7ystem V printer to the system. M1 lslicense chlicense -u/+ chlicense -f on -o list the operating system level -o get the %L info 4o get the M1 info -o see the number of license -o change the fi(ed user license to /+ -o enable floating user license Gser co00an#s id id -gn id -Gn lsuser root lsuser 2LL lsuser -a TA%3 2LL lsuser -a 2LL lsuser -a auth1 auth# 2LL lsuser -a e(pires 2LL lsuser -a accountGlocked 2LL chuser -a login=true san chuser -a rlogin=true san mkuser si mkuser su=false si rmuser si rmuser -p si !ho !ho JvarJadmJ!tmp -o list all system identifications for current user -o list the default group for current user -o list all system groups for current user -o list the attribute of user root -o list the attributes of all users -o list the home directory of all users -o list all usernames -o list the authentication method for all users -o list e(piry date -o check account lock status of all users -o enable the user san 3nable san to login remotely reates user si !ith default values in JusrJlibJsecurityJmkuser.remoteGprGserver<>.ps bos.defalault reate user si !ithout su facility -o remove user si -o remove user si and his all attributes List users !ith tty nos and ip numbers Lists history of login logout system startup and shutdo!ns .clientGprinterGname< -s .

allo! JvarJadmJcronJcron.allo! JvarJadmJcronJat.(ing co00an#s crontab -l crontab -e crontab -l < Jsi crontab -r crontab -v JvarJadmJcronJcron.deny batch at1 6oe -o list the crontab entries -o edit the crontab entries -o copies the entries of crontab to Jsi file -o remove all crontab entries -o list the submission time Lile containing users !ho allo!ed cron service Lile containing users denied cron service -o list the 6obs scheduled via at command -o remove the scheduled 6ob root.df6dh6dh.!ho -r !ho am i J!ho -m mkgroup dcm chgroup users=u15u#5u/ dcm rmgroup dcm chauthent -o list the run level -o list the current user -o create the group dcm -o add users u1 u# and u/ to dcm group -o delete the group dcm -o change the authentication methods -o enable a non-root administrator to use .deny at -l at -r root.#1 Lile containing users !ho allo!ed at service Lile containing users denied at service -o run the command !hen the system load permits -o list all the 6obs submitted by user 6oe ODM Co00an#s odmget smGmenuGopt odmget -1 Mid=licensesM smGmenuGopt odmdelete -o smGmenuGopt -1 Mid=licensesM odmsho! smGmenuGopt odmdrop -o smGmenuGopt odmchange -o smGmenuGopt -1 Mid=licensesM file1 -o get the ob6ects from class smGmenuGopt -o list ob6ects that matches 1uery id=licenses from ob6ect smGmenuGopt -o delete the entries from class smGmenuGopt !hich agrees the 1uery id=licenses -o sho! the ob6ect class definition -o drop smGmenuGopt ob6ect class -o change the attributes from file1 .df6dh6dh.#1 JvarJadmJcronJat.&s'ste0 Co00an#s lssrc -a lssrc -h node1 -a lssrc -s kadmind lssrc -g tcpip mkssys rmssys -s kerberos chssys -s kerb -s kad startsrc -s kadmin startsrc -g tcpip stopsrc -s kadmin stopsrc -g tcpip refresh -s nfsd refresh -g tcpip refresh Ns lpd -o list the status of all subsystems -o list the status of all subsystems on foreign host node1 -o list the status of the subsystem kadmind -o get the status of the subsystem group tcpip -o add a subsystem -o remove the subsystem kerberos -o rename the subsystem kerb to kad -o start the subsystem kadmin -o start the subsystem group tcpip -o stop the subsystem kadmin -o stop the subsystem group tcpip -o refresh nfsd subsystem -o refresh tcpip subsystem group Sche#.3#a#05 simply add their 4D to the MsecurityM group S.

byname JetcJpass!d JetcJgroup JetcJhosts JetcJnetid netmasks.byuser bootparams JetcJbootparams mail.byname JetcJhosts hosts.byaddr ethers.byname JetcJpass!d pass!d.byname JetcJprotocols protocols.byaddr group.byname JetcJpublickey netid.ort J ?rrors Co00an#s errpt errpt -a errpt -d T errpt -d 7 errpt -a -6 /)F.=e.byname JetcJnet!orks net!orks.))#/ chitab tty++#?#/?respa!n?JusrJsbinJgetty JdevJtty lssrc -g portmap -o display complete summary of report -o list complete detailed report -o list all hard!are related errors -o list all soft!are related errors -o list detailed error report of error id /)F.byname JetcJservices protocols.))#/ -o enter the entry tty++#?#/?respa!n?JusrJsbinJgetty JdevJtty in inittab -o start tcpip Dae0ons of NAS Server ypserv yppass!d ypupdated S(ave Server ypserv C(ient ypbind B47 maps created by default 8if file available on master server9 %2P L4L3 pass!d.byaddr publickey.bynumber JetcJrpc services.byaddr rpc.byname JetcJgroup group.bynumber netgroup.byaddr hosts.aliases JetcJaliases mail.byname JetcJethers ethers.nfs file hanges nis domain name to mca hanges nis domain name to mca until ne(t reboot -o make the machine B47 master 8Aptions -A Aver!rites e(isting maps -o prevents over!riting e(isting maps -3 3(it on errors -e Bo e(it on errors -P 7tarts yppass!dd daemon .nfs hanges nis domain and modifies JetcJrc.byaddr net!orks.byaddr JetcJnetmasks chypdom N4 mca chypdom N& mca chypdom NB mca domainname mca mkmaster B4 P B2%3 pass!d Group Tosts 3thers Bet!orks protocols aliases %odifies nis domain name entry in JetcJrc.byhost JetcJnetgroup netgroup.

byname -o display map nickname translation table -o display the pass!d file in the domain pci -o change the pass!ord of nis user Display characteristics for the configuration of B47 master -o merge JetcJpass!d and JetcJsecurityJpass!d file to JvarJypJpass!d -o transfer pass!ord map file from host mca /roce#.$K1G indyoradst: <MC9 1ist .nfs and starts daemons heck the yp daemons !ith lssrc Ng yp S(ave Server hange the nis domain name chypdom N& mca 3dit hosts file5 keep entries for loopback5 this machine and of server 3(ecute mkslave NA N& N mca C(ient 0achine hange the nis domain name chypdom N& mca 3dit hosts file5 and keep entries for loopback 5 this machine and of server 3(ecute mkclient N& mca heck for ypbind !ith lssrc Ns ypbind 1/A= indyoradst: uname -L 1 +.nfs %akes the machine as a client of mca server and starts ypbind daemon -o cat the pass!ord map file pass!d.thenticate# &' =MC /opt/csm/bin/lsnodes -a Status .$K1G indyoradst: prtconf -L LP2' 4nfo? 1 +.byname -p DonUt start yppass!dd daemon -@ 7tarts ypupdated daemon -u DonUt start ypupdated daemon 7tarts ypbind daemon -c DonUt start ypbind daemon -& 3(ecutes ypinit command and modifies for NAS Master Server hange the nis domain name in the master server chypdom N& mca or smit chypdom Verify tcpip is running by e(ecuting lssrc Ns inetd Verify portmap is running by e(ecuting lssrc Ns portmap 8Lor security reason it is better to locate all nis files to JvarJyp directory and change the D4'=Jetc entry to D4'=JvarJyp in the JvarJypJ%akeLile.mkclient N& N7 mca ypcat pass!d ypcat N( ypcat Nd pci pass!d yppass!d lsmaster mrgp!d <JvarJypJpass!d yp(fr -h mca pass!d... Lor merging the e(isting pass!ords e(ecute mrgp!d < JvarJypJpass!d9 3(ecute mkmaster NA N3 NP N@ N N& -A Aver!rites e(isting maps for this domain -3 3(ist on errors !hen creating master server -P 7tarts yppass!dd daemon -@ 7tarts ypupdated daemon 7tarts ypbind daemon -& 3(ecutes ypinit command5 uncomment entries in rc.artitions a.

out Detailed event script output logged in H day rolling history JvarJadmJcluster. 9.out Autput from event emulation rdist -b -f JetcJdisfile1 -o distribute the files in disfile1 to all nodes in disfile1 in binary mode Sample entry for disfile1 TA7-7 = 8 rootRnode1 rootRnode/ 9 L4L37 = 8 JetcJpass!d JetcJsecurityJpass!d9 CDL4L37E -< CDTA7-7E -o start cluster daemons 8m-clstrmgr5 s-clsmu(pd5 b-broadcast message5 -i-clinfo5 -l cllockd9 -o force shutdo!n cluster immediately !ithout releasing resources -o do graceful shutdo!n immediately !ith no takeover -o do graceful shutdo!n immediately !ith takeover -o sync the cluster toplogy -o do the mock sync of topology -o sync the cluster resources -o do the mock sync of resources cluster verification utility clstart -m -s -b -i -l clstop -f -B clstop -g -B clstop -gr -B cldare -t cldare -t -f cldare -r cldare -r -f clverify .9 4f you still can't get partitions recogni"ed by DLP2' after verifying the checklist5 contact 4&% service personnel. 9.300> Active:<0 >.2>. Autput from -7PA commands 8similar to smit.. <ACM/ Co00an#s (ogs JtmpJhacmp.mmdd Day by day vie! of cluster events.+<5 your system probably still has a net!orkJhostname set up problem. 0x0> CmdCaps:<0x0.0x0 >. 7ee the 2ppendi(es in this article for more information. 9.s9. 4f the LP2' is activated and still sho!s 2ctive. 84f your LP2' is 4f nothing changes after that5 check your hostnameJnet!ork setup in 7etting up T% Jpartitions hostname and net!ork. 0x0> CmdCaps:< recognize# &' D1/A= lspartition -dlpar <#0> Partition:<001. DCaps:<0xf>.206. CmdCaps:<0x1. OS:<AIX. 5.206.%<5 .206. 0x0> <#1> Partition:<002.log Tigh level vie! of cluster events 8Bo clean up on this file9 JusrJsbinJclusterJhistoryJcluster. partition03..1F>. partition01. DCaps:<0xf>.3. 4f you have 6ust rebooted the T% 5 !ait for a fe! minutes.9 4f you're missing some active partitions or some partitions are reported as Active. 7ee 7etting up the T% Jpartitions hostname and net!ork.partition01 1 partition02 0 partition03 1 Ohere % means LP2' is activated and authenticated for DLP2'X + means other!ise.300> Active:<0 >. OS:<. 84n this e(ample5 LP2' ++# is being shut do!n5 and LP2' ++/ is not activated because it is at 24Q F.log9 <MC9 1ist . DCaps :<.300> Active:<1 >.3.5 <#2> Partition:<003.log lstrmgr messages JtmpJcspoc. 5.1< but the G@4 is still not DLP2' capable5 do a rebuild to get around this problem.2>.# partitions are listed as Active.3. 8one file J day of month9 JtmpJcm.1.+<5 you could have either net!ork or hostname setup problems.+$f< your system has been set up properly for DLP2'5 and you can skip the checklist no!. 5. OS:<AIX. 4f all active 24Q F.

cllscf cllsclstr cllsnode cllsnode -i node1 cllsdisk -g shrg cllsn! cllsn! -n ether1 cllsif cllsif -n node1Gservice cllsvg cllsvg -g sh1 cllslv cllslv -g sh1 cllsdisk -g sh1 cllsfs cllsfs -g sh1 cllsnim cllsnim -n ether cllsparam -n node1 cllsserv -o list clustur topology information -o list the name and security level of the cluster -o list the info about the cluster nodes -o list info about node1 -o list the PV4D of the shared hard disk for resource group shrg -o list all cluster net!orks -o list the details of net!ork ether1 -o list the details by net!ork adapter -o list the details of net!ork adapter node1Gservice -o list the shared vgs !hich can be accessed by all nodes -o list the shared vgs in resource group sh1 -o list the shared lvs -o list the shared lvs in the resource group sh1 -o list the PV4D of disks in the resource group sh1 -o list the shared file systems -o list the shared file systems in the resource group sh1 7ho! info about all net!ork modules 7ho! info about ether net!ork module -o list the runtime parameters for the node node1 -o list all the application servers claddclstr -i / -n dcm -o add a cluster definition !ith name dcm and id / claddnode -o add an adapter claddnim -o add net!ork interface module claddgrp -g sh1 -r cascading -n n1 n# -o create resource group sh1 !ith nodes n15n# in cascade claddserv -s ser1 -b JusrJstart -e JusrJstop reates an application server ser1 !ith startscript as JusrJstart and stop script as JusrJstop clchclstr -i # -n dcmds clchclstr -s enhanced clchnode clchgrp clchparam clchserv clrmclstr clrmgrp -g sh1 clrmnim ether clrmnode -n node1 clrmnode -a node1Gsvc clrmres -g sh1 clrmserv app1 clrmserv 2LL clgetactivenodes -n node1 -o change cluster definitions name to dcmds and id to # -o change the clustur security to enhanced -o change the adapter parameters -o change the resource group name or node relationship -o change the run time parameters 8like verbose logging9 -o change the name of app.#++.#FF.#FF.#++. server or change the startJend scripts -o remove the cluster definition -o delete the resource group sh1 and related resources -o remove the net!ork interface module ether -o remove the node node1 -o remove the adapter named node1Gsvc -o remove all resources from resource group sh1 -o remove the application server app1 -o remove all applicaion servers -o list the nodes !ith active cluster manager processes from cluster manager on node node1 clgetaddr node1 returns a pingable address from node node1 clgetgrp -g sh1 -o list the info about resource group sh1 clgetgrp -g sh1 -f nodes -o list the participating nodes in the resource group sh1 clgetif -o list interface nameJinterface device nameJnetmask associated !ith a specified ip label J ip address of a specific node clgetip sh1 -o get the ip label associated to the resource group clgetnet 1K/.#FF.# #FF.+ -o list the net!ork for ip 1K/.K.K.#5 netmask #FF.#FF.+ clgetvg -l nodelv -o list the VG of LV nodelv cllistlogs -o list the logs .

k file for master key and JvarJkerberosJdatabseJpricipal.clnodename -a nodeF clnodename -o nodeF -n node/ clsho!res clfindres (clconfig (hacmpm (clstat -o add nodeF to the cluster -o change the cluster node name nodeF to node/ Lists resources defined for all resource group -o find the resource group !ithin a cluster Q utility for cluster configuration Q utility for hacmp management Q utility for cluster status S/ Co00an#s Dae0ons hats hags haem hr pman -opology services Group services 3vent management Tost responds Problem management hatsd hagsd haemd hrd pmand5pmanrmd 8 JusrJsbinJrsctJbinJhatsctrl script9 8JusrJsbinJrsctJbinJhagsctrl script9 8JusrJsbinJrsctJbinJhaemctrl script9 8JusrJsbinJrsctJbinJhrctrl script9 8JusrJsbinJrsctJbinJpmanctrl script9 faultGserviceGOormG'-GG7P 8OA'%9 cssGrestartGnode9 7!itch daemon on nodes 8JusrJlppJsspJrc. admin 8eg?.root.klogin file and add admin principal to it reates JetcJkrb-srvtab file using e(tGsrvtab command9 -o setup O7 as &47 -o check the P77P versions in all nodes -o verify system monitor configured properly -o verify system monitor installed properly Y operational setupGauthent setupGserver splstGversions -G -t spmonGctest spmonGitest .admin entry in 7tarts and configure P77P daemons onfigures default partition9 -o setup !orkstation as 7P authentication server 8 reates JetcJkrb.panels 7tarts and configures 7D' 7ets node number + for c!s in AD% reates hmacls file !ith rood. 4t checks acl files admin. kpropd Daemon to receive update for a secondary database server hardmon Daemon that monitors and controls the state of 7P hard!are 4t checks acl file JspdataJsys1JspmonJhmacls installGc! -o complete P77P installation on c!s 84nstalls P77P programs for 7%4.admin9 using kdbGedit command reates Perberos 2 L7 8adminGacl.conf5 JetcJkrb.s!itch called by kadmind-he authentication database daemon for pass!ord changing and administration tools Listens port HF1.8get5mod5add9 in JvarJkerberosJdatabase J.c!s9 reates J.admin and creates local service principals 8hardmon.get5mod5add files9 3(ecute kinit for root.pag5 pricipal.realms files reates authentication database using kdbGedit command reate master key file J.acl.c!s5 rcmd.k using kstash command 2dds kadmin and kerberos to inittab file and starts them Define initial auth. kerberos Daemon that provides authentication services Y ticket granting ticket for clients.dir for authentication database.

year<..classGname< 'eturns the transaction 4D of a lock on a specified class 7D' learLock .hour<.classGname< -o unlock an 7D' class sysparGctrl sysparGctrl sysparGctrl sysparGctrl sysparGctrl sysparGctrl sysparGctrl -G -2 -G -D -' -3 -s -k -r -o add and restart all system partition sub systems -o stop and delete all system partition sub systems -o restore all system partition sub systems in current partition -o list all system partition sub systems -o start all system partition sub systems in current partition -o stop all system partition sub systems in current partition -o refresh all system partition sub systems in current partition -o create node group si !ith 1st node in 1st frame -o create node group si !ith 1st #nd and /rd nodes -o create node group si !ith node groups ng1 and ng# -o create node group si !ith host name n1 and n# -o create node group si !ith all nodes in the current partition e(cluding hosts n1 and n# -o list node groups in current partition -o list node groups globally -o find all node groups !hich contain node group si -o create / node groups !ith names si1 si# and si/ -o create / node groups globally !ith names si1 si# and si/ -o resolve the nodes in the node group si as node numbers !ith global option -o resolve the nodes in the node group si as fully 1ualified host name -o resolve the nodes in the node group si as fully 1ualified ip address -o remove node groups si and si1 -o remove node group si but leave entries in other node groups !hich is having the entries in it -o clean up all node groups -o add nodes 1 and # to the e(isting node group si -o add nodes 15# and node group ng1 to node group si -o remove nodes 1 and # from node group si -o remove nodes 15 # and node group ng1 from node group si -o display leds of nodes in a multi partition system -o display leds of nodes in the current partion -o po!er off node/ in frame # -o po!er on node / in frame # ngcreate -s 1?1 si ngcreate -n 1 # / si ngcreate -B ng15ng# si ngcreate -! n15n# si ngcreate -ae n15n# si nglist nglist -G ngfind si ngne! si1 si# si/ ngne! -G si1 si# si/ ngresolve -G -n si ngresolve -! si ngresolve -d si ngdelete si si1 ngdelete -u si ngclean -Ga ngaddto si 1 # ngaddto si 1 # ng1 ngdelfrom si 1 # ngdelfrom si 1 # ng1 spled -G spled or spmon -L spmon -p off frame#Jnode/ spmon -p on frame#Jnode/ .minute<.si -o restore 7D' and partion sensitive subsystems 7D'GetAb6ects 7yspar -o get the system partition info 7D'GetAb6ects sysparGmap -o get the system partition map 8!ith node info9 7D'GetAb6ects 2dapter nodeGnumber netaddr -o get the node number and net address in the 2dapter class 7D'DeleteAb6ects 2dapter netaddr==1K/..hour<.##H 7D' hange2ttrValues Bode nodeGnumber==K bootpGresponse==install -o change the boot response as install on node !ith node number K 7D'OhoTasLock .7I7%2BGtest 77Gtest 7D'Gtest -l si 7D'List lasses 7D'2rchive si -o verify the system management component -o verify communication subsystem -o verify 7D' and logs the errors in file si -o list the class name in the 7D' -o backup 7D' in the directory JspdataJsys1JsdrJarchives !ith name backup...##H -o delete class 2dapter !ith netaddr value 1K/.#++.Sulian day<.Sulian day<.K.year<.minute< sprestoreGconfig backup.K.

-o clear the s!itch errors Perform sync reset and do self test of s!itch chips -o startup all nodes globally -o startup nodes 15# and ) to $ -o startup node group si -o startup all nodes.spmon -G -p on frame#Jnode/ spmon -k service Jframe#Jnode/ spmon -p off frame1 spmon -P frame1Jnode1 spmon -reset frame1Jnode1 spmon -open frame1Jnode1 spmon -d spmon -G -d hmmon -V 1?1 hmmon -0 -s 1?1 hmmon -1 -s 1?1 hmreinit hmcmds -G off all hmcmds -G off 1?/ hmcmds -G on 1?/ hmcmds -v -G bootGsupervisor 1?1 hmcmds secure l 1-/?# hmcmds -v synchGreset hmcmds -v po!erGonGreset cstartup -G all cstartup -B 1 # )-$ cstartup -g si cstartup -GZ all cstartup -k all cstartup -3 all cshutdo!n -L node1 cshutdo!n -h node1 cshutdo!n -g si cshutdo!n -G -B 1 / )-H cshutdo!n -Q -B 1 # / hostlist -av hostlist -avd hostlist -d! node1 hostlist -B si hostlist -s 1-)?) nodecond -n 1 1 nodecond 1 1 splstdata -h splstdata -i splstdata -v splstdata -t splstdata -b splstdata -n splstdata -s splstdata -d splstdata -p splstdata -e 3fence -o po!er on node/Jframe # if it is outside current partition -o change the key settings to service -o po!er off frame1 -o see the key settings of frame1Jnode1 -o reset -o open a tty on frame1Jnode1==8s1term -! 1 19 -o run the diag in the current partition -o run the diag globally Displays a descriptive list of symbolic variable names Displays the state of node1 in frame 1 and e(ists Displays and monitors continuously -o stop and restart hardmon -o po!er off all hard!are -o po!er off slot / in frame 1 -o po!er on slot / in frame 1 -o reset the po!er of nodeGsupervisor card on slot 1 frame 1 8@se full to close the opened ttys on nodes9 -o change the key in secure mode for slot # in frame 1 # and / Perform sync reset. Oith Z it !ill restart the nodes !hich are already running 8other!ise command !ill e(it9 -o verify the startup !ith se1uence file 87tart7e19 -o startup all nodes ignoring the se1uence file -o shutdo!n node1 immediately -o halt the node node1 -o shutdo!n the nodes in the node group si -o shutdo!n nodes 1 / and ) to H regardless partition -o shutdo!n nodes 1 # and / ignoring se1uence file -o list sp host name !hich is active -o list the hosts in ipaddress !hich are active 'eturns the ip of the node node1 List the host names in the node group si List the hostname of the node in )th slot in frames 1-) -o get the ehternet address of the node 1 in frame 1 -o net!ork boot the node 1 in frame 1 -o list the hard!are info 8e1uivalent to lscfg 9 -o list the net!ork adapter data 8e1uivalent to netstat -in9 -o list VG info on nodes -o list e(tension node config -o list boot install info -o list node information -o list node s!itch information -o list file system info 8e1uivalent to df9 -o list 7P partition info -o list the sp environment variables like ntpGconfig5 amdGconfig -o display all nodes fenced .

K.1.# and / -o fence nodes node1 and node/ -o fence out but !ill unfence it after reboot -o unfence nodes !ith ips 1K/. ( F9 -o change the e(piry date of principal si6u to #++1 may #/ -o list the predefined kerberos principals rcmdtgt k)list k)list -srvtab chkp -l .K.1.# 1K/.# and / -o unfence nodes node1 and node/ -o start sp s!itch -o start sp s!itch and turn off autounfence feature 81 for autounfence enabled9 -o prepare a system partition for repartitioning -o delete nim client definition for nodes 1 # and / from B4% master -o make node 1 # and / as B4% clients -o unconfigure nodes 1 1H and // as B4% masters and remove filesets -o make nodes 1 1H and // as B4% masters -o list the status of the O7 7ets date and time by en1uiring ntp server K+.# 1K/. 8 reates in tftpboot directory of O7.1.K.K.9 -o e(tract service key files from the database for instance node1 -o e(tract service key files from the database for instance 7Pbg2dm 8 reates in the present directory !ith name . si6u chkp -e #++1-F-#/ si6u lskp -p .1.#.3fence 1K/.F 3fence node1 node/ 3fence -auto6oin node1 3unfence 1K/.1.1.K.F 3unfence node1 node/ 3start 3start -autounfence -+ 3unpartition delnimclient -l 1 # / mknimclient -l 1 # / delnimmast -l 1 1H // mknimmast -l 1 1H // lshac!s ntpdate K+.1 spbootlist -l 1 # nodecond 1 ) nodecond -n 1 ) sphrd!rad 1 / # setupGauthent kdbGdestroy createGkrbGfiles file e(tGsrvtab -n node1 e(tGsrvtab -n 7Pbg2dm spsetauth -d k) std chauthpar k) std kpass!d lsauthent k)init k)init k)init k)init k)init si6u -v si6u -i si6u -r si6u -l si6u -o fence nodes !ith ips 1K/.1.instance<-ne!-srvtab9 -o set the authentication methods as k) and standard -o change the authentication methods as k) and std -o change the kerberos principals pass!ord -o list the authentication table -o get the kerberos ticket for principal si6u -o get the same as above but give verbose output -o get the same but the machine !ill ask for the instance -o get the same for a different realm 8@ can specify realm9 -o get the same for the life time in minutes !hich u specify -o obtain a ma(imum life time ticket for rcmd services on local node -o list the ticket cache and principalUs name -o list the contents of the server key file -o change the life time of the principal si6u to /+ minutes 8.#.1 -o set the bootlist on nodes 1 and # -o net!ork boot the node ) in frame 1 -o fetch the ethernet address of node ) in frame 1 -o fetch mac address for node / and ) in frame 1 -o setup a c!s to use kerberos authentication -o destroy the kerberos database 7earches for nodes in installJ ustomise mode and create krb-srvtab for those nodes.K.1.

k file -o initiali"e the kerberos system ksrvutil list -o list the principals and version number in the server key file ksrvutil -f JetcJsrvtab.k file -o backup the kerberos database to si.bak file spacsGcntrl block user1 -o block user1 on the node spacsGcntrl unblock user1 -o unblock user1 spacsGcntrl deny user1 -o deny user1 spacsGcntrl allo! user1 -o allo! user1 spacsGcntrl -f JtmpJsi deny-o deny the list of the users in the file JtmpJsi c!Gallo!ed List of users to be allo!ed to login to O7 c!GrestrictGlogin 7cript !hich !ill deny user to login to c!s and allo! them to change the pass!d 8files are JusrJlppJsspJconfigJadmin directory and entry for second file !ill be in JetcJprofile file9 spmkuser id=1#/) pgrp=system groups=system5bin home=node1?JhomeJsi6u si6u -o create 7P user si6u !ith id 1#/)5 primary groups system5 secondary groups system5bin and home directory homeJsi6u of node1 sprmuser -ipr si6u -o remove the 7P user si6u 84 for interactive5 p for removing info from pass!d file and r for removing the home directory9 splsuser -c si6u splsuser -f si6u -o list the attributes of sp user si6u in column format -o list the attributes of sp user si6u in stan"a format spchuser groups=dev5system sh=JbinJksh si6u -o change the shell to ksh and secondary groups to dev5 system of 7P user si6u supper -v supper update supper status -o go to the supper prompt in verbose mode -o update all file collections -o see the status of the file collections .bak kdbGutil ne!GmasterGkey kadmin kadmin kadmin kadmin kadmin kadmin kstash kdbGinit ank cp! cap get dest -o list the kerberos service principals -o list the kerberos client principals -o list the principals of si6u and abc -o remove the principal si6u -o remove the principal si6u !ithout prompting for confirmation -o remove the principal !ith verbose output -o change the attributes of the kerberos principals -o avoid asking master key and get it from .bak list -o list the principals in the file JetcJsrvtab. -o change the master key -o add5delete5see5change pass!ord5change admin pass!d of kerberose -o add a ne! kerberos principal -o change the pass!ord of a principal -o change admin pass!ord -o get the details of a principal -o destroy admin ticket -o save the master key in the .bak file -o restore the kerberos database from file si.lskp -s lskp -c lskp si6u abc rmkp si6u rmkp -n si6u rmkp -v si6u kdbGedit kdbGedit -n kdbGutil dump Jsi.bak delete -o delete the keys in the JetcJsrvtab.bak kdbGutil load Jsi.bak ksrvutil change -o change the key version in the default srvtab file ksrvutil delete -o delete the keys in the JetcJkrb-srvtab file ksrvutil -f JetcJsrvtab.bak.

9 2dd a symbolic link to si6u file in lists directory to list in si6u directory ie ln -s JvarJsysmanJsupJsi6uJlist JvarJsysmanJsupJlistsJsi6u H9 @pdate JvarJsysmanJfile. for fi(es in "ho0e"si2. 19 go to JvarJsysmanJsup #9 create dir si6u /9 change o!nership and group of si6u to bin )9 copy contents of JvarJsysmanJsupJuser.admin supper diskinfo -o list !hen last updation occured -o sho! current servers for updation -o sho! summary of last or current updation -o sho! the details of last of current updation -o list the files in the file collection user.conf file9 JetcJsysctl.acl file sysctl -h node1 aclcreate -p root.acl sysctl -h node1 info commands -o list the authori"ed commands for the current principal sysctl -h node1 acladd -p si6u -o add the principal si6u to the default 2 L file sysctl -h node1 -f JetcJsi.J .acl 2 L file sysctl -h node1 acldelete -p si6u -o delete the principal si6u to the default 2 L file sysctl -h node1 -f JetcJsi.J 3DA po!er no $9 @pdate sup.admin and si6u sysctl -h node1 checkauth -cmd pdf -o check authori"ation for command pdf for the current user .admin -p si6u -f JetcJsi.acl acldelete -p si6u -o delete the principal si6u to JetcJsi.admin to si6u F9 edit list file for including and omitting files in JhomeJsi6u directory 4t should contains entry like the follo!ing symlinkall upgrade .admin K9 4nstall file collection si6u in the nodes dsh -av supper install si6u sysctld JetcJsysctl.admin -o sho! the diskspace and current VG /roce#.supper !hen supper !here supper log supper rlog supper file user.conf 7ysctl server daemon 7ysctl configuration file setauth -cmd svcconnect BAB3 -o allo! non kerberos users to e(ecute sysctl commands 83ntry in sysctl.aclE -o change the acl file for pdf command to JetcJsi.JhomeJsi6uJs* .collections file !ith follo!ing entry primary si6u .acl si6u -o check entry for si6u in the acl file JetcJsi.collections dsh -av supper update sup.conf file9 setauth -cmd pdf D2 L JetcJsi.admin file collection to reflect the changes made to file.i(# a fi(e co((ection 3ith na0e si2.acl acllist -o list the entries in JetcJsi.acl acladd -p si6u -o add the principal si6u to JetcJsi.acl 2 L file sysctl -h node1 acllist -o list the entries in the default acl file sysctl -h node1 -f JetcJsi.admin -o install the file collection si6u -o remove file collection si6u -o update file collection user.acl Default acl file for sysctl sysctl -h node1 Apens a sysctl command interface for node node1 sysctl -h node1 aclcheck si6u -o check entry for si6u in the default acl file 8sysctl.acl -o create acl file JetcJsi.admin supper install si6u supper remove si6u supper update user.JhomeJsi6uJabc omitany .re to -.acl9 sysctl -h node1 -f JetcJsi.acl !ith the entries root.acl 83ntry in sysctl.JhomeJsi6u omit .

&start:srv .rn PP if condition in the above e(ample checks for kerberos user in the acl file JetcJsubstart.c. 19 reate the client application s.srv !ith follo!ing contents startsrc -s .@ser si6u 8kerberos principal si6u.:a#0QC>S 2dd the application to the sysctl by adding follo!ing line to"&in"s.&"&in"s.&start reate server application substart. -av "etc"s.acl from sysctl.acl -o remove the acl file si.acl -o include the acl file si.s to create a S'ct( a.9 H9 $9 K9 1+9 119 NAM Co00an#s smit nimconfig smit nimGmknet smit nimGmkroute smit nimGmkmac onfigure and start B4% master reate B4% net!ork ob6ects Define B4% net!ork routes reate client net!ork ob6ect .#e "etc"s. -av "etc"s.acl 4f the condition is true it e(ecute the command JetcJsubstart.&start@.(ication -ask ?.2 4n the above script if condition !ill check for the number of arguments and e(ecute procedure on corresponding host hange the mode to e(ecutable ch0o# 55 ".. -av "etc"s'sct(:conf 'estart the sysctld daemon to get the ne! information on c!s and on all nodes Get the kerberos ticket for user si6u and e(ecute follo!ing command s.conf file sysctl -h node1 svcrestart -o restart the sysctld daemon on node node1 Ste.adm9 should get the permission to start a subsystem by e(ecuting the command substart.conf file inc(."&in"host(ist -n .&S'ste0 ret.tcl !ith a procedure substartGproc !ith follo!ing contents create .s.# -his should start the lpd daemon on node / -ry the above command !ith any other kerberos ticket.&start:ac( .&start:srv reate acl file substart.&S'ste0P AG4< O g(o&a( SCGS?= if K ac(chec) -f "etc"s.c..0ents e$cee# the (i0itN e$it % fi ".srv !ith arguments passed by substart command reate the script substart. -av ".&start:srv .roc . 'esult should be negative #9 /9 )9 F9 .&start in JusrJbin directory of c!s !ith follo!ing contents if K .&start:tc( Distribute the files to all nodes . Permission should not be given to other users.c. -av "etc"s.2 -his script e(ecute the command startsrc !ith the argument passed by the substart command hange the mode to e(ecutable ch0o# 55 "etc"s.% I ".SCGS?= M O e$ec "etc"s.acl in the sysctl.""&in"s'sct( -c .sysctl -h node1 confadd include JetcJsi.roc OS.roc s.acl !ith the entry for user si6u Lac(L @/=ANCA/A1 si2.conf file sysctl -h node1 confdelete include JetcJsi.S.&start .&start 5 (.&start:tc( .sr"(.L -gt 2 M then echo NArg.&start:ac( .c.

inst resources lsnim List B4%-defined ob6ects bootinfo -1 heck 4PL 'A% emulation bosboot -r reate 4PL 'A% media smit nimGalloc reate bosGinst resource on client smit nimGperms 7et master push permission smit nimGmacGop 7elect client and resource smit nimGmkgrp reate a B4% client group smit bosGinst Push install stand-alone client smit nimGinstall Pull install from client smit dkslGinit 4nitiali"e diskless client smit nimGmacGopp lppchk Verify installation smit nimGbackupGdb &ack up B4% configuration smit nimGrestoreGdb 'estore B4% configuration smit nimGclientGop 'emotely operate a B4% client smit nimGunconfig @nconfigure B4% master nimconfig -a pifGname=en+ -a netname=net1 -o initialise the B4% master !ith net!ork name net1 nimconfig -r -o rebuild JetcJniminfo file !hich contains the variables for B4% nim -o define -t lppGsource -a source=JdevJcd+ -a server=master -a location=Je(portJlppGsourceJlppGsource1 lppGsource1 -o define lppGsource1 image in Je(portJlppGsourceJlppGsource directory from source cd+ nim -o define -t mksysb -a server=master -a location=JresourcesJmksysb.image mksysb1 -o define mksysb resource mksysb15 from source JresourcesJmksysb.smit nimGmkres reate lppGsource smit nimGalloc reate bos.image on master nim -o remove instGresource -o remove the resource instGresource nim -o check lppGsource1 -o check the status of lppGsource lppGsource1 nim -o allocate -a spot=spot1 -a lppGsource=lppGsource1 node1 -o allocate the resources spot1 and lppGsource1 to the the client node1 nim -o bosGinst node1 -o initialise B4% for the &A7 installation on node1 !ith the allocated resources nim -o dklsGinit dcmds -o initiali"e the machine dcmds as diskless operation nim -o dtlsGinit dcmds -o initiali"e the machine dcmds for dataless operation nim -o cust dcmds -o initiali"e the machine dcmds for customi"e operation nim -o diag dcmds -o initiali"e the machine dcmds for diag operation nim -o maint dcmds -o initiali"e the machine dcmds for maintenance operation nim -o define -t standalone -a platform=rspc -a if1=Mnet1 dcmds (((((M -a cableGtype1=bnc dcmds -o define the machine dcmds as standalone !ith platform as rspc and net!ork as net1 !ith cable type bnc and mac address ((((( nim -o unconfig master -o unconfigure nim master master nim -o allocate -a spot=spot1 dcmds -o allocate the resource spot1 from machine dcmds nim -o deallocate -a spot=spot1 dcmds -o de allocate the resource spot1 from machine dcmds nim -o remove dcmds -o remove machine dcmds after removing all resources associated to it nim -o reboot dcmds -o reboot ther client dcmds nim -o define -t lppGsource -a location=Jsoft!areJlpp1 -a server=master -a source=JdevJcd+ lpp1 -o define lppsource lpp1 on master at Jsoft!areJlpp1 directory from source device JdevJcd+ lsnim -o list the nim resources lsnim -l dcmds -o list the detailed info about the ob6ect dcmds lsnim -A dcmds -o list the operation dcmds ob6ect can support lsnim -c resources dcmds -o list the resources allocated to the machine dcmds nimclient -he client version of nim command 8@ser can obtain same results of nim in server 9 Net3or) Ansta(( Manager BNAMC .

master bos.c:(oc)# BL7 lock manager r.nim. 'P program to port manager r.on errors5 !hen creating master server] 7-2'.ration : smit mkmaster TA7-7 that !ill be slave servers an e(isting %2P7 for the domain be over!ritten] 3Q4.the slave server no!5 at system restart5 or both] 0uit if errors are encountered] : smit mkclient 7-2'.. /. reate a Jtftpboot filesystem and install the B4% filesets using the preceding command se1uence.c:0o. Lirst5 create a Jtftpboot filesystem before running smitty ni0@config@env. &oot the client.ose nfs# BL7 server daemon .sysmgt.ort0a. onfigure the B4% %aster from D-'A% using s0itt' ni0@config@env.c:stat# 'P status manager r.sysmgt.device< bos.the ypbind daemon] 7-2'.the ypupdated daemon] 7-2'.spot : smitty nimGconfigGenv #.the yppass!dd daemon] 7-2'. F. 4nstall a stand-alone client from the 0)s's& image using s0itt' ni0@&osinst .. -o create the Jtftpboot filesystem and install the B4% soft!are5 use the follo!ing command se1uence? : mklv -y 'lvtftp' rootvg 1 : crfs -v 6fs -d lvtftp -m Jtftpboot -2 yes : mount Jtftpboot : chfs -a si"e=1#++++ Jtftpboot : df -k Jtftpboot : installp -1aQ -d .c:.re1uired if there are no B47 servers on this subnet [slave15slave#\ yes yes no no yes both [%aster\ yes both Ies both [\ -o stop5 start5 or check status of the B47 client '.1. Define the client machine8s9 using s0itt' ni0@0ac.the master server no!5 at system restart5 or both] : smit mkslave TA7-B2%3 of the master server an e(isting %2P7 for the domain be over!ritten] 7-2'. reate a 0)s's& image and define a 0)s's& resource using s0itt' ni0@res .r. ).the B47 client no!5 at system restart5 or both] B47 server . NFS Server Dae0ons Dae0on /.&in# daemon5 run the follo!ing commands? : lssrc Ns ypbind : stopsrc Ns ypbind : startsrc Ns ypbind .cnfs# P authentication service NFS C(ient Dae0ons &iod BL7 block 4JA daemon Portmap 'P program to port manager NAS Servers an# C(ients Config. H. .nim.nt# BL7 mount manager r.

nisd B47W server daemon rpc.s -o create B47W master servers and clients5 invoke the 7%4.db ompiled alias file JetcJmailJsendmail. B47 daemons are started using the 7' startsrc and sto. -he JetcJrc.(.tion Displays ob6ect properties of an B47W table Displays the contents of an B47W table 'emoves an B47W ob6ect from a namespace 'emoves B47W directories and subdirectories from a namespace -he B47W daemonX provides B47W services 4nitiali"es a !orkstation to be an B47W client 7tarts the B47W cache manager daemon Displays the contents of the shared cache file Pings the replicas and prompts for updating Displays the contents of the transaction log reates5 deletes5 and performs miscellaneous administration operations on B47W groups Displays the seven default values currently active in the namespace reates B47W tables from corresponding Jetc files or B47 maps Starting NAS+ Services Like B475 B47W is managed as a subsystem under 24Q. -he JetcJrc.&os:net:nis. : startsrc -g nis : stopsrc -g nis 4he NAS #ae0ons are as fo((o3s9 ypserv ypbind yppass!dd ypupdated keyserv portmap B47 server daemon B47 server binding manager B47 pass!d update daemon B47 map update invoked by inetd Public key server daemon 'P program to port manager NAS /1GS NAS /ac)ages . : startsrc -g nisplus : stopsrc -g nisplus B47W daemons are as follo!s? 7endmail configuration file JetcJmailJaliases %ail aliases JetcJmailJaliases.@config.nispass!d B47W pass!d update daemon nisGcachemgr B47W cache manager daemon Sen#0ai( Fi(es -he sen#0ai( %-2 uses the follo!ing files for configuration and data? JetcJmailJsendmail.LastPath s0it nis.nisd nisinit nisGcachemgr nissho!cache nisping nislog nisgrpadm nisdefaults nisaddent Descri.NAS /ac)ages .pid P4D of sendmail daemon . B47W daemons are started using the 7' startsrc and stopsrc commands.&os:net:nis Starting NAS Services Like BL75 B47 is managed as a subsystem under 24Q.nfs script contains steps to start up B47W services.nfs script contains code to start up B47 services before bringing up BL7.src commands. 24Q also provides setup scripts to set up B47W? nisserver5 nispopulate5 and nisclient. The following table cont ai n s a list of com m o n NIS+ com m a n d s to man a g e differe n t NIS+ comp o n e n t s . Co00an# niscat nisls nisrmdir nisrm rpc. file %ail statistics -he sen#0ai( program accesses configuration file information from a compiled version of the JetcJsendmail. : JusrJlibJsendmail Nbi ---. 4f you update any of the configuration information !hile sen#0ai( is running5 refresh the sen#0ai( subsystem by issuing an 7' refresh command or by sending the daemon a 74GT@P. : stopsrc -s sendmail : kill -. -he 24Q sen#0ai( automatically compiles the JetcJmailJaliases and"(i&"sen#0ai( -&i. 'head N1 JetcJsendmail. -o compile a ne! version of the JetcJaliases table5 use ".src command or send a 74G2&A'.pid' -he basic startup flags for sen#0ai( should invoke sen#0ai( as a daemon and specify the time in minutes bet!een mail 1ueue scans for postponed' -o restart the stopped server5 use the 7' startsrc the daemon. : lssrc -s sendmail -o display the set of supported signals5 use the -( argument of the )i(( command? : JbinJkill -l .pid JetcJmailJstatistics Link to sendmail.9 : startsrc -s sendmail -a'-bd -1/+m' -o check the status of the sen#0ai( daemon5 use the 7' (ssrc command.tcpip script.reate ne! alias database -he sen#0ai( program is invoked as a subsystem from the JetcJrc. -hese flags are -&# and -RSti0eT.ompile a ne! table. : JusrJlibJsendmail Nb" --. : refresh -s sendmail : kill -1 'head N1 database sen#0ai( accesses alias information from a #&0 version of the JetcJaliases table. : JusrJlibJsendmail -bd -1/+m : 7tart and scan mail 1ueue every /+ minutes -o stop the sen#0ai( daemon5 use the 7' sto. 8Bote that starting sen#0ai( !ith startsrc re1uires an additional files !hen it is started. 4f you are running a non-4&%-supplied sen#0ai(5 you may need to force a compile of these files as part of the startup. -o compile a ne! version of the database5 use sen#0ai( !ith the -&z flag.

annot mount JdevJlv+K on Juni(Gstage? -he re1uested resource is busy.-/#) mount? +F+.H+H rootvg rootvg datavg active active : redefinevg -d hdisk# datavg : synclvodm datavg +F1.-/#) mount? +F+. : varyoffvg datavg : e(portvg datavg : importvg -y datavg hdisk# datavg .Datavg recover' : varyonvg datavg +F1.-/#) mount? +F+. annot mount JdevJlv+) on JoracleJdata)? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. &it LVD 7 74 Disk Drive hdisk1 2vailable +$-+$-++-)5+ 1. annot mount JdevJlv+.-/#) mount? +F+.-/#) mount? +F+. +F1. annot mount JdevJlv+$ on Japps? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. annot mount JdevJlv+F on JbkupGarchGlogs? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. annot mount Jproc on Jproc? -he re1uested resource is busy.-+1+ ? Volume group must be varied onX use varyonvg command.-/#) mount? +F+.: lsvg datavg +F1. annot mount JdevJlv+# on JoracleJdata#? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. : ls JdevJlv++ ls? +. : varyonvg datavg : mount -a mount? +F+. annot mount JdevJlv+1 on JoracleJdata1? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. : lsdev .-/#) mount? +F+. : mount Joracle mount? +F+.F/-/)1 -he file JdevJlv++ does not e(ist.-F)) synclvodm? @nable to access volume group datavg.-/#) mount? +F+. annot mount JdevJlv+H on JnonGediGdata? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist.-+/F JdevJlv++ is not a kno!n file system. annot mount JdevJhd1+opt on Jopt? -he re1uested resource is busy.-+$# varyonvg? @nable to access a special device file.-/#) mount? +F+.-+1+ ? Volume group must be varied onX use varyonvg command.-/#) mount? +F+. on JtransferGedi? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. snitsoradbs+.: lsvg rootvg datavg snitsoradbs+. annot mount JdevJlv++ on Joracle? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist.-/#) annot mount JdevJhd1 on Jhome? -he re1uested resource is busy. &it LVD 7 74 Disk Drive hdisk# 2vailable +$-+$-ff-+5+ 7 74 '24D F Disk 2rray : lspv hdisk+ hdisk1 hdisk# ++cdbHFd$+1cKe$$ ++cdbHFdcKH//fb1 ++cdbHFd+ae).-/#) annot mount JdevJlv++ on Joracle? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. annot mount JdevJlv+/ on JoracleJdata/? 2 file or directory in the path name does not e(ist. : fsck JdevJlv++ fsck? +F+. 3(ecute redefinevg and synclvodm to build correct environment.-/#) mount? +F+.-/#) mount? +F+.c disk hdisk+ 2vailable +$-+$-++-/5+ 1.

PA4BBJ2 Joracle JoracleJdata1 JoracleJdata# JoracleJdata/ JoracleJdata) JbkupGarchGlogs JtransferGedi JnonGediGdata Japps . .: lsvg rootvg datavg : lsvg -l datavg datavg? LV B2%3 -IP3 loglv++ 6fslog lv++ 6fs lv+1 6fs lv+# 6fs lv+/ 6fs lv+) 6fs lv+F 6fs lv+. 6fs lv+H 6fs lv+$ 6fs LPs PPs PVs LV 7-2-3 1 1 1 closedJsyncd FH FH 1 closedJsyncd K# K# 1 closedJsyncd 1+/ 1+/ 1 closedJsyncd 11+ 11+ 1 closedJsyncd 1)K 1)K 1 closedJsyncd ) ) 1 closedJsyncd 1 1 1 closedJsyncd 1 1 1 closedJsyncd . 1 closedJsyncd %A@B.

AAD FS =ecover' %aintenance -ype the number of your choice and press 3nter. +$-+$-++-)5+ hdisk+ H+++. -ype the number of your choice and press 3nter. 19 2ccess this Volume Group and start a shell #9 2ccess this Volume Group and start a shell before mounting filesystems KK9 Previous %enu .+ +$-+$-ff-+5+ hoice? 1 Volume Group 4nformation -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Volume Group 4D ++cdbHFd++++)c+++++++1+/fbaKfH++ includes the follo!ing logical volumes? hdF hd. +$-+$-++-/5+ #9 Volume Group ++cdbHFd++++)c+++++++1+)+ae)Hc$c contains these disks? hdisk# 1/)F. 19 Volume Group ++cdbHFd++++)c+++++++1+/fbaKfH++ contains these disks? hdisk1 H+++. + ontinue $$ Telp ] <<< KK Previous %enu <<< hoice [KK\? + 2ccess a 'oot Volume Group -ype the number for a volume group to display the logical volume information and press 3nter. hd$ hd) hd# hdKvar hd/ hd1 hd1+opt f!dump lgGdumplv paging++ paging+1 paging+# lv+K lv1+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ype the number of your choice and press 3nter. <<< 1 2ccess a 'oot Volume Group # opy a 7ystem Dump to 'emovable %edia / 2ccess 2dvanced %aintenance Lunctions ) 4nstall from a 7ystem &ackup $$ Telp ] KK Previous %enu <<< hoice [1\? 1 Oarning? 4f you choose to access a root volume group5 you !ill not be able to return to the &ase Aperating 7ystem 4nstallation menus !ithout rebooting.

heck Log log redo processing for JdevJrhd# ** Phase 1 .heck onnectivity ** Phase ) .heck onnectivity ** Phase ) .heck &locks and 7i"es ** Phase # .heck Pathnames ** Phase / . . log redo processing for JdevJrhd) syncpt record at F1/H+#$ end of log F1/H+#$ syncpt record at F1/H+#$ syncpt address F1/H+#$ number of log records = 1 number of do blocks = + number of nodo blocks = + JdevJrhd) 8J9? ** @nmounted cleanly .heck 4node %ap ** Phase .heck Log log redo processing for JdevJrhd/ ** Phase 1 .heck &locks and 7i"es ** Phase # . : fsck JdevJhd1 ** hecking JdevJrhd1 8Jhome9 ** Phase + .heck &lock %ap #$+1 files K$. . free : fsck JdevJhd/ ** hecking JdevJrhd/ 8Jtmp9 ** Phase + ..heck &locks and 7i"es ** Phase # .heck 4node %ap ** Phase . rootvg hecking the J filesystem.heck 'eference ounts ** Phase F . JdevJrhd# 8Jusr9? ** @nmounted cleanly .+ blocks #)H/+K.heck &lock %ap /#)++ files 1+/H1K.heck 'eference ounts ** Phase F .heck onnectivity ** Phase ) .heck Pathnames ** Phase / .heck Pathnames ** Phase / .heck suppressed 3(it from this shell to continue the process of accessing the root volume group.heck 4node %ap ** Phase . .heck Log log redo processing for JdevJrhd1 ** Phase 1 .hoice [KK\? # 4mporting Volume Group.heck 'eference ounts ** Phase F .heck &lock %ap 11)# files #K##)+ blocks 1+1$)$+ free .heck suppressed hecking the Jusr filesystem..+FH blocks $)F11#H free : fsck JdevJhd# ** hecking JdevJrhd# 8Jusr9 ** Phase + .

heck Pathnames ** Phase / .HK+) free : fsck JdevJhdKvar ** hecking JdevJrhdKvar 8Jvar9 ** Phase + . .heck &lock %ap 1KK$ files 1K)#)+ blocks .heck Log log redo processing for JdevJrhdKvar ** Phase 1 .heck 'eference ounts ** Phase F .heck onnectivity ** Phase ) .heck 'eference ounts ** Phase F . . files #+11H$) blocks #K.heck onnectivity ** Phase ) .heck 'eference ounts ** Phase F .#H1 blocks #+F$H/ free : logform JdevJhd$ logform? destroy JdevJhd$ 8y9]y : bootlist -m normal -o cd+ rmt+ hdisk+ : df -k Lilesystem JdevJram+ JdevJcd+ 1+#)-blocks Lree V@sed 4used V4used %ounted on 1/1+H# 1+H.heck Log log redo processing for JdevJrhd) ** Phase 1 .heck &locks and 7i"es ** Phase # .heck &locks and 7i"es ** Phase # .heck suppressed hecking and mounting the Jvar filesystem./ 1V J .$+ 1$V /. .heck &lock %ap F$1 files F. JdevJrhd/ 8Jtmp9? ** @nmounted cleanly . . hecking and mounting the Jtmp filesystem.heck &lock %ap H+K.heck &locks and 7i"es ** Phase # .heck Log log redo processing for JdevJrhd1+opt ** Phase 1 .$KF# free : fsck JdevJhd1+opt ** hecking JdevJrhd1+opt 8Jopt9 ** Phase + .heck Pathnames ** Phase / .11$/.: fsck JdevJhd) ** hecking JdevJrhd) 8J9 ** Phase + . + 1++V /+FK1$ 1++V J7PA- : bootlist -m normal hdisk+ : bootlist -m service hdisk+ : JusrJsbinJshutdo!n -rL no! : e(it 7aving special files and device configuration information.heck 4node %ap ** Phase .heck Pathnames ** Phase / .heck 4node %ap ** Phase .heck onnectivity ** Phase ) .heck 4node %ap ** Phase .

heck suppressed Lilesystems mounted for maintenance !ork.JdevJrhdKvar 8Jvar9? ** @nmounted cleanly . : bootlist -m normal -o hdisk+ .

$$ Telp ] <<< hoice [1\? 1 Oelcome to &ase Aperating 7ystem 4nstallation and %aintenance -ype the number of your choice and press 3nter. ******* -ype a 1 and press 3nter to use this terminal as the system console.'emote 4JA 2ttachment 7ummary --------------W 1 = 7%7 %enu $ = Apen Lirm!are Prompt memory keyboard net!ork F = Default &oot List . . @7 Government @sers 'estricted 'ights @se5 duplication or disclosure restricted by G72 2DP 7chedule ontract !ith 4&% orp. boot image timestamp? ##?#.%b boot device? JpciR)++++++++111JpciR#5#JscsiR1JsdRF?^ppc^chrp^bootfile. ******* Please define the 7ystem onsole. done.. .. 2ll rights reserved..e(e closing stdin and stdout. 3lapsed time since release of system processors? 1 mins FK secs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oelcome to 24Q. +)J+K -he current time and date? 1/?F#?#H +HJ#/J#++) number of processors? # si"e of memory? )+K. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------24Q Version F.AAD S'ste0 =ecover' : bootlist -m normal cd+ hdisk+ : bootlist -om normal cd+ hdisk+ : shutdo!n -Lr 'ebooting ..Property of 4&% 8 9 opyright 4&% orp. = 7tored &oot List scsi speaker 7-2'-4BG 7AL-O2'3 PL3273 O24-..# 7tarting BAD3:+++ physical P@:++1 as logical P@:++1. <<< 1 -ype 1 and press 3nter to have 3nglish during install. '4A onfiguration W------------.. T2'DO2'3 7I7-3% %4 'A AD3 Licensed 4nternal ode . 1KK+5 1KK). hoice is indicated by <<<.

+ ontinue $$ Telp ] <<< KK Previous %enu <<< hoice [KK\? + 2ccess a 'oot Volume Group -ype the number for a volume group to display the logical volume information and press 3nter.<<< 1 7tart 4nstall Bo! !ith Default 7ettings # hangeJ7ho! 4nstallation 7ettings and 4nstall / 7tart %aintenance %ode for 7ystem 'ecovery $$ Telp ] KK Previous %enu <<< hoice [1\? / %aintenance -ype the number of your choice and press$H)a)e/a includes the follo!ing logical volumes? . -ype the number of your choice and press$#Kf contains these disks? hdiskF /)HFH 1D-+$-L hdisk) /)HFH 1D-+$-L hdisk/ /)HFH 1n-+$-L hdisk# /)HFH 1n-+$-L #9 Volume Group ++FKd. 19 Volume Group$H)a)e/a contains these disks? hdisk1 /)H1F 17-+$-++-K5+ hdisk+ /)H1F 17-+$-++-$5+ hoice? # Volume Group 4nformation -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Volume Group 4D ++FKd. <<< 1 2ccess a 'oot Volume Group # opy a 7ystem Dump to 'emovable %edia / 2ccess 2dvanced %aintenance Lunctions ) 4nstall from a 7ystem &ackup $$ Telp ] KK Previous %enu <<< hoice [1\? 1 Oarning? 4f you choose to access a root volume group5 you !ill not be able to return to the &ase Aperating 7ystem 4nstallation menus !ithout rebooting.

. : logform JdevJhd$ logform? destroy JdevJrhd$ 8y9]y : fsck -p JdevJhd1 **************** : fsck -p JdevJhd# **************** : fsck -p JdevJhd/ **************** : fsck -p JdevJhd) **************** : fsck -p JdevJhdKvar **************** : fsck -p JdevJpinutil **************** : e(it 7aving special files and device configuration information. hecking and mounting the Jtmp filesystem. **************** hecking and mounting the Jvar filesystem... rootvg hecking the J filesystem. **************** 3(it from this shell to continue the process of accessing the root volume group. 19 2ccess this Volume Group and start a shell #9 2ccess this Volume Group and start a shell before mounting filesystems KK9 Previous %enu hoice [KK\? # 4mporting Volume Group.hdF hd. paging++ hd$ hd) hd# hdKvar hd/ hd1 hd1+opt lgGdumplv fslv++ pinutil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ype the number of your choice and press 3nter. **************** 6#Glogredo?end of log +())ce#c 6#Glogredo?syncpt record at +(1)//c 6#Glogredo?syncpt address +(1)//c 6#Glogredo?log record count = /)KFF 6#Glogredo?after record count = 1K++/ 6#Glogredo?do block count = )FF 6#Glogredo?nodo block count = 11$ JdevJhd)? 7uperblock is marked dirty 8L4Q3D9 hecking the Jusr filesystem.

V #//K 1/V Jvar : lsvg rootvg dbvg : varyonvg dbvg +F1.K kilobytes in #KH$ user files. 3(ecute redefinevg and synclvodm to build correct environment.Fc ++FKd.Verify LileJDirectory 2llocation %aps **Phase $ ..$ 1KV 1$)) 1)V J JdevJhd# /+1).. .-+$# varyonvg? @nable to access a special device file. F//.\ : synclvodm dbvg +F1.heck &locks5 LilesJDirectories5 and Directory 3ntries **Phase # .caHHK/e.caH$1)ef/) ++FKd.Verify Disk 2llocation %aps 1/1+H#++ kilobytes total disk space. 1FHH). : lspv hdisk+ hdisk1 hdisk# hdisk/ hdisk) hdiskF ++FKd. F//.PA4Bu+1 6fs# #++ #++ 1 closedJsyncd Ju+1 u+# 6fs# #++ #++ 1 closedJsyncd Ju+# u+/ 6fs# #++ #++ 1 closedJsyncd Ju+/ u+) 6fs# #++ #++ 1 closedJsyncd Ju+) loglv++ 6fs#log 1 1 1 closedJsyncd BJ2 : fsck Ju+1 **************** -he current volume is? JdevJu+1 **Phase 1 .caH$1)ecf.-+1+ ? Volume group must be varied onX use varyonvg command. 1/+$ kilobytes in 1$+$ directories. : varyonvg dbvg : synclvodm dbvg : lsvg -l dbvg dbvg? LV B2%3 -IP3 LPs PPs PVs LV 7-2-3 %A@B. ++FKd.+$/K.'eport Problems **Phase F . : df -k Lilesystem 1+#)-blocks Lree V@sed 4used V4used %ounted on JdevJram+ .FF/. .$ 1KV 1$)) 1)V J JdevJhd) .heck onnectivity **Phase H .F.Duplicate &lock 'escan and Directory onnectedness **Phase ) . +F1. #KFH+$ #FV )FF 1V Jtmp JdevJhdKvar 1/1+H# H1++) ).ount links **Phase / .caH$1)f/$f rootvg rootvg dbvg dbvg dbvg dbvg active active : redefinevg -d hdisk# dbvg : synclvodm @sage? synclvodm [-v\ [-P\ VGname [LVname.FF/.**************** Lilesystems mounted for maintenance !$bfF$) ++FKd.-F)) synclvodm? @nable to access volume group dbvg.caH$1)f1$) ++FKd.$ )$V //+KH KV Jusr JdevJhd/ /K/#1.

Duplicate &lock 'escan and Directory onnectedness **Phase ) .Verify LileJDirectory 2llocation %aps **Phase $ .ount links **Phase / ./F kilobytes in HK#H user files. user files.heck &locks5 LilesJDirectories5 and Directory 3ntries **Phase # . ##. . kilobytes are available for use. Lile system is clean.'eport Problems **Phase F . Lile system is clean. kilobytes in 1.ount links **Phase / .Duplicate &lock 'escan and Directory onnectedness **Phase ) . kilobytes are available for use.heck onnectivity **Phase H .. 1+$/H$#$ kilobytes are available for use. : fsck Ju+/ **************** -he current volume is? JdevJu+/ **Phase 1 .'eport Problems **Phase F . user files. .'eport Problems **Phase F . 1#))$+H. Lile system is clean. .K)) kilobytes in 1. : fsck Ju+# **************** -he current volume is? JdevJu+# **Phase 1 . : logform JdevJloglv++ logform? destroy JdevJrloglv++ 8y9]y : sync : sync : sync : bootlist -m normal -o cd+ hdisk+ .Verify Disk 2llocation %aps 1/1+H#++ kilobytes total disk space. Lile system is clean.Verify LileJDirectory 2llocation %aps **Phase $ .H+1$$1.Verify Disk 2llocation %aps 1/1+H#++ kilobytes total disk space. kilobytes in 1# directories. + kilobytes are available for use. 1/$/ kilobytes in K$/ directories.heck &locks5 LilesJDirectories5 and Directory 3ntries **Phase # ..Verify Disk 2llocation %aps 1/1+H#++ kilobytes total disk space.Verify LileJDirectory 2llocation %aps **Phase $ . : fsck Ju+) **************** -he current volume is? JdevJu+) **Phase 1 .K.F.heck onnectivity **Phase H .Duplicate &lock 'escan and Directory onnectedness **Phase ) .ount links **Phase / . kilobytes in 1# directories.heck onnectivity **Phase H .heck &locks5 LilesJDirectories5 and Directory 3ntries **Phase # . 1/1+#.

. . .: bootlist -m normal hdisk+ : reboot 'ebooting .

a( Chec)o.PAALGB2%3< reclaim=$+ -o end 8ie.#iting9 tsm< audit library /F$)lib Dis0o.+ +.+ Pending backup image JdevJpcondata#Hops tsm< arch Je(portdumpJc!eomJe(pP'33A%+1D3 #++F.ace =ec(a0ation9 -o start space reclamation? tsm< update stgpool .dmp.libraryGname< .---------.Z -archmc=archive++/+ %anual heckin? tsm< move drmedia .4SM Co00an#s select nodeGname5filespaceGname5stgpoolGname5volumeGname from volumeusage 1 vol status=pending Volume Bame 7torage Device 3stimated Pct Volume Pool Bame lass Bame apacity @til 7tatus 8%&9 ---------------.volume name< !herestate=vaultret tostate=onsiter tsm< T3 P4B libvol /F$)lib search=bulk checklabel=barcode status=scr tsm< 1 re1 tsm< reply .nting the ta.+ Pending ++++K# D'G&PPPAAL /F$) L277 +.tape no< T3 PL2&3L=I37 LA' 3=BA '3%AV3=I37 A.+ +.5 after9 7pace reclamation? tsm< update stgpool .volume name< !herestate=vaultret tostate=onsiter tsm< move drmedia .'e1uest Bo.to0atic Chec)o.< Man.e9 .t9 tsm< checkout libvolume .-----------.t9 tsm< run drcheckout Ne3 14O 1a&e(ing an# Chec)ing in9 L2&3L libvol /F$)lib labelsource=barcode search=bulk checkin=scr S.PAALGB2%3< reclaim=1++ A.-------+++++1 D'G&PPPAAL /F$) L277 +.----.

-2P3GBA< D=C<?C6OG4 move drmedia * !herestate=mountable tostate=vault cmd=M7end volume Yvol to offsiteM cmdfilename=JtmpJdrcheckout.dsm stgpool=/F$)Garcpool !ait=yes backup stgpool /F$)Gbkppool drGbkppool !ait=yes backup stgpool /F$)Garcpool drGbkppool !ait=yes backup db devclass=/F$)class type=full !ait=yes backup volhist filenames=JtsmdbJbackupJvolhist.t(t checklabel=barcode status=scr D=-AC6G/ disable sessions select * from sessions !here upper8sessionGtype9='BAD3' if 8rcGok9 goto reschedule e(pire inventory !ait=yes move data JtsmdbJbkpGdiskpool.?++?++ enable sessions e(it reschedule? update schedule drbackup type=admin starttime=no!W++?+F e(it Server si#e U.bkp backup devconf filenames=JtsmdbJbackupJdevconf.bkp audit license update schedule drbackup type=admin'9 1 script 1 script D'&2 P@P f=d 1 stgpool 1uery actlog 81uery the activity log9 1uery admin 8display administrator information9 1uery association 81uery client node associations !ith a schedule9 1uery auditoccupancy 81uery client node storage utili"ation9 1uery backupset 81uery a backup set9 1uery backupsetcontents 81uery contents of a backup set9 1uery cloptset 81uery a client option set9 1uery content 81uery the contents of a storage pool volume9 1uery copygroup 81uery copy groups9 1uery datamover 8display data mover definitions9 .dsm stgpool=/F$)Gbkppool !ait=yes move data JtsmdbJarcGdiskpool.tsm< dismount vol .t(t !ait=yes checkin libvol /F$)lib search=bulk vollist=L4L3?JtmpJdrcheckin.t(t remove=bulk !ait=yes D' T3 P4B move drmedia * !herestate=vaultretrieve tostate=onsiteretrieve cmd=MYvolM cmdfilename=JtmpJdrcheckin.

1uery db 8display information on the database9 1uery dbbackuptrigger 81uery the database backup trigger9 1uery dbvolume 8display information on one or more database volumes9 1uery devclass 8display information on one or more device classes9 1uery domain 81uery a policy domain9 1uery drive 81uery information about a drive9 1uery drmedia 81uery disaster recovery media9 1uery drmstatus 81uery disaster recovery manager system parameters9 1uery enabled 81uery enabled events9 1uery event 81uery scheduled and completed events9 1uery eventrules 81uery rules for server or client events9 1uery eventserver 81uery the event server9 1uery filespace 81uery one or more file spaces9 1uery library 81uery a library9 1uery libvolume 81uery a library volume9 1uery license 8display license information9 1uery log 8display information on the recovery log9 1uery logvolume 8display information on one or more log volumes9 1uery machine 81uery machine information9 1uery media 81uery se1uential access storage pool media9 1uery mgmtclass 81uery a management class9 1uery mount 8display information on mounted se1uential access volumes9 1uery node 81uery nodes9 1uery occupancy 81uery client file spaces in storage pools9 1uery option 81uery server options9 1uery path 8display a path definition9 1uery policyset 81uery a policy set9 1uery process 81uery one or more server processes9 1uery profile 81uery a profile9 1uery recoverymedia 81uery recovery media9 1uery re1uest 81uery one or more pending mount re1uests9 1uery restore 81uery restartable restore sessions9 1uery rpfcontent 81uery recovery plan file contents stored on a target server9 1uery rpfile 81uery recovery plan file information stored on a target server9 1uery schedule 81uery schedules9 1uery script 81uery tivoli storage manager scripts9 1uery server 81uery a server9 1uery servergroup 81uery a server group9 1uery session 81uery client sessions9 1uery s1lsession 8display s1l session value9 1uery spacetrigger 81uery the database or recovery log space triggers9 1uery status 81uery system parameters9 1uery stgpool 81uery storage pools9 1uery subscriber 8display subscriber information9 1uery subscription 8display subscription information9 1uery system 81uery the system configuration and capacity9 1uery volhistory 8display se1uential volume history information9 1uery volume 81uery storage pool volumes9 .

arc Narchmc=archve###F &ackup is completed5 if not please escalate appropriate heck the backed up data by using tsm<1 arch Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F.arc @se the belo! command for restore the data for follo!ing tsm<ret Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F. @se Putty on your system type the 4P address of the server 2t user prompt type user name and pass!ord -ype D7% to get into -7% client5 it !ill prompt tsm< @se the belo! command to check the data availability 3G? tsm<1 arch Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F.7-2-@7< 1 vol stgpool /F$)Garcpool status=. 3(it the -7% client by using 1uit.arc Narchmc=archve+/.arc and it !ill display the data file !ith retention time and date.arc JtmpJ Login to the server !here you target to restore the data and type :dsmc ret Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F. 1 volhist type=dbbackup -< -o check drbackup completion status -ype D7% to get into -7% backup client5 and tsm< @se the belo! command for taking backup for the follo!ing 3G? tsm<arch Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F.dsm9 N 1H %& LAG Volume 8log.hostname< 1 vol status=.7-2-@7< -< displays the filling tapes in arcpool library !ith filled in si"e 7-2-@7 can be online5 offline5 filling5 full5 empty.F 3G? tsm<arch Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F.arc Narchmc=archve++/+ 3G? tsm<arch Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F.dsm9 N K %& Lormat and define a F++%& D& and #F%& 'ecoery LAG vol.arc 3G? tsm<arch Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F. ============================================================= Login to the server from !here you !ant to restore the data. 2nd e(tend them by .arc JtmpJ -virtualnode= the system name !hich you have performed the backup 4SM Server Manage0ent9 Defining Database and 'ecovery Log 7i"es? 7i"e in default? D& Volume 8db.3(?1 actlog -begintime=++?++ begindate=today-1 or=cl node=.arc tsm<ret Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F.arc Narchmc=archve++K+ 3G? tsm<arch Jnsc!1archGlocalJc!opsG1G1#/)F.

dsm 8$ %&9 2' T4V3PAAL archive.dsm formatsi"e=#F e(tend db F++ e(tend log #F 4ncreasing Disk 7torage Pools? &y default5 &2 P@PPAAL backup.dsm 8$ %&9 7P2 3%GPAAL spcmgmt.define dbvolume db#.dsm formatsi"e=1++ 2dding 2dministrators? reating a user named mark !ith pass!ord %issouri and adding him to system class 'egister admin mark %issouri Grant authority mark classes=system 2dding &ackup-2rchive clients? 'egistering a node %ercedes !here u have already installed -7% client !ith pass!ord montana 'egister node %ercedes %ontana userid=none .dsm in &2 P@PPAAL5 Define volume backuppool sbkp+1.dsm formatsi"e=F++ define logvolume log#.dsm 8$ %&9 -o create a 1++%& volume named sbkp+1.