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The spirits’ and the adversary’s resistance ....

piritua! death can !ast "or an in"inite!y !ong ti#e $ut one day a!! sou!s %i!! co#e to !i"e .... For & %i!! not rest unti! a!! spiritua! $eings have returned to 'e( & %i!! not cease i!!u#inating that %hich is dead %ith 'y !ove unti! it eventua!!y gives up its resistance) unti! it $egins to stir and the "irst signs o" !i"e $eco#e visi$!e. But it %i!! ta*e an in"inite!y !ong ti#e unti! this %or* o" rede#ption has $een acco#p!ished) "or count!ess spiritua! su$stances sti!! !anguish in their so!idi"ied state) and eternities %i!! yet pass $y unti! these hardened spirits %i!! $e a$!e to start on the path o" higher deve!op#ent) $ecause their resistance to 'y i!!u#ination o" !ove is so strong and & %i!! not $rea* it $y "orce. +nd 'y adversary %i!! a!so re#ain in this opposition to 'e "or an end!ess ti#e .... & %i!! not "orci$!y $rea* his %i!! either $ut one day he %i!! return to 'e vo!untari!y and on!y a return !i*e this is o" va!ue to 'e) $ecause & %ant to have chi!dren and not !iving creations %hich are "orced to co#p!y %ith 'y %i!!) %hich !ac* the !ove that a chi!d %i!! o""er 'e. The "act that 'y %or* o" return %i!! e,tend throughout eternity is o" no great signi"icance to 'e $ecause ti#e does not e,ist "or 'e) since a thousand years are as one day to 'e .... +nd the greater the past resistance %as the greater %i!! $e the $!iss o" having returned to 'e) "or 'yse!" as %e!! as "or the entity .... the "act that it %i!! have to su""er i##easura$!y during its ti#e o" apostasy "ro# 'e is due to its o%n %i!!) %hich & do not $rea* "orci$!y.

These are inconceiva$!y !ong periods o" ti#e "or you hu#ans %hich can on!y $e #ade co#prehensi$!e to you $y the concept o" eternity. -ou shou!d *no% that one day it %i!! co#e to an end) that the spiritua!isation o" all created $eings %i!! $e acco#p!ished one day and even 'y adversary %i!! return to 'e again) $ecause that %hich e#erged "ro# 'y strength o" !ove %i!! never be able to go astray forever. +nd the "act that 'y adversary %i!! a!so $e redee#ed one day) that he) too) %i!! return to 'e as the prodiga! son) goes %ithout saying) $ecause & +# !ove and !ove never re!in.uishes anything $ut constant!y see*s to attract reciprocated !ove. &t %ou!d not $e reconci!a$!e %ith 'y per"ect nature %ere & to !et so#ething "orever go astray %hich had co#e "orth "ro# 'y hand .... +nd there"ore you #ay $e!ieve %ith certainty in a tota! rede#ption o" the spiritua! $eings( you need not har$our the !east dou$ts or you %ou!d dou$t 'y !ove %hich) ho%ever) is part o" 'y nature) %hich is supre#e!y per"ect. Eternal death does not e,ist) $ut death can !ast "or eternities .... $ecause these ti#es are inco#prehensi$!e "or you as !ong as you are sti!! in the state o" i#per"ection .... But they are not !i#it!ess .... The concept o" eternity can on!y $e app!ied %hen a!! spiritua! $eings have reached the state o" per"ection again) "or then the $eing %i!! never ever !ose its !i"e again .... it %i!! never again have to "ear death. /o%ever) everything in the i#per"ect state %i!! a!%ays $e su$0ect to !i#itations. +nd thus the state o" death %i!! a!so co#e to an end "or the spiritua! $eing) $ecause 'y eterna! p!an o" a!vation intends to $ring that %hich is dead $ac* to !i"e) $ut the $eing itse!" %i!! deter#ine the ti#e it ta*es and thus eternities #ay pass unti! it decides to give up its resistance. For a!though 'y strength o" !ove see*s to i!!u#inate that %hich is dead .... it re#ains ine""ective as !ong as the opposition does not

di#inish) %hich %i!! neverthe!ess happen one day %ith irre"uta$!e certainty. +nd then it %i!! co#e a!ive .... For sooner or !ater a!! "a!!en spirits %i!! return to 'e and then re#ain %ith 'e "orever .... +#en

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