The physician is assessing renal function in a client with severe pancreatitis. Which laboratory finding would be the best indicator of a problem in this area? A. Alkaline phosphatase 20U/L B. Hemoglobin 14.6 g/dl C. BUN 28 mg/dl D. Creatinine 2.3 mg/dl


An 85-year-old client with diverticulitis has been vomiting and febrile for 12 hours. Where is the best location to assess skin turgor on this client? A. Dorsal hand B. Feet C. Back of the arm D. Sternum


The nurse is caring for a client with pancreatitis experiencing the process of lipolysis of the pancreas. Which assessment would be a priority because of the pathophysiology of lipolysis? A. Checking for tetany-like movements B. Assessing breath sounds C. Obtaining vital signs D. Palpating pedal pulses


A client scheduled for a Nissen repair for a hiatal hernia is being instructed preoperatively to use the incentive spirometer. Which statement indicates to the nurse that the client understands the teaching? A. “These exercises will help to decrease my pain.” B. “I should use this device once a day.” C. “If I use this device, it will help in preventing pneumonia.” D. “I should do these breathing techniques while lying down flat in bed.”


A nurse receives a report on a client three days postoperative abdominal surgery that includes four saturated dressing changes in eight hours. On assessment of this client, dehiscence and evisceration of the wound are noted. After applying a sterile, moistened 4x-4, what is the nurse’s next action? A. Place the client in the dorsal recumbent position. B. Notify the physician. C. Wrap an Ace bandage around the abdomen. D. Use a wheelchair to transport the client to the treatment room.


The nurse is caring for a client with a nasogastric tube in place. Assessment of the aspirate reveals a pH of 2.0. Which is the appropriate action? A. Document the finding. B. Notify the physician.

could decrease its effectiveness? A. noted in the client’s record. Answer D is correct. B.5mg/dl. 7. Answer C can be abnormal with kidney function but is not as specific as the creatinine. Spaghetti with meatballs and toast B. Answers A and B do not relate to the kidney. Prothrombin time of 56 seconds B. This is the best area to check in the elderly due to loss of skin elasticity that occurs with aging. 3. Broiled liver and dinner roll Answer Rationales 1. Answers A. A client diagnosed with an ulcer has been placed on tetracycline due to a positive helicobacter pyloric test result. would receive priority? A. Which food choice. Answer A is correct. Potassium 4. D. Cabbage B. A client is being admitted with a diagnosis of possible pancreatitis. Pain is in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen B.C. Remove the NG tube and replace it. Broccoli chicken stir fry and brown rice D. and C are all influenced by loss of elasticity more than the sternum. Which data. A client with diverticulitis has received nutritional discharge instructions for a high-fiber diet. A client with hepatitis C is scheduled for a liver biopsy. Assessed diminished bowel sounds 10. . when taken with the drug. Creatinine is the most specific laboratory test for renal functioning. Baked chicken and macaroni with cheese C. Turn the client side lying and reassess the aspirate. Bran cereal D. BUN of 22 mg/dl C. Client reports steatorrhea for the last three days C. so they are incorrect. so it’s incorrect. normal is 0. A serum amylase level of 366 U/L D. Which of the following is the best support for this diagnosis? A. Yogurt C.5–1. Hematocrit 42% D. so they are incorrect.0 mEq/L 9. Hypocalcemia is a specific manifestation of clients with pancreatitis and 2. Answer D is correct. Which menu selection by the client would reinforce that the teaching was effective? A. Bananas 8.

Answer C is correct. and D are also clinical manifestations of pancreatitis. Answer A is a false statement. so they’re incorrect. 8. and tetany is a major characteristic of low calcium levels. Answer D is inappropriate at this time. so they are incorrect. and D are all normal values and don’t relate to the procedure’s risks. so it’s incorrect. Answer B is correct. which can lead to pneumonia. 7. so they’re incorrect. and D would not affect the drug. Answer B is correct. Answer B is incorrect because the timing is not as often as it should be. This diet has the highest amount of fiber. Answer A is correct. Milk and dairy products can reduce the effectiveness of the drug when taken at the same time. An abnormal prothrombin time would receive priority due to the risk of hemorrhage with a liver biopsy. This measurement is the most accurate indicator of pancreatitis and the most objective and specific. Answer C is correct. The answers in A. 9. C. Incentive spirometry’s purpose is to prevent or treat ate lectasis. so it’s incorrect. Answers B. so they’re incorrect. Answer C will not help. . C. Answers A. C. Answers B. 10. Answers A. and D are all pertinent assessments but are not priorities with the pathophysiology of lipolysis. B. but are not as specific as the laboratory value. This finding is within normal range for gastric aspirate of 0 –4. and D would not be appropriate or necessary due to the no rmal reading. 6. Answer C is correct. and D have low amounts of fiber. B.lipolysis. 5. The client’s amylase level is elevated above the normal level of 200 U/L. 4. so the y’re incorrect. Answer A is correct. Answer D is wrong because it is best done sitting upright. the doctor should be notified for probable repair. After the saline dressing is applied. Answers B. so they are incorrect choices. C. Answer A is wrong because low Fowler’s position should be used. so it is incorrect.