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plans in place to respond to injuries
this winter sports season.
Canterbury Rugby’s general man-
ager of community rugby, Tim
Gilkison, said all coaches and refer-
ees from under 14 grades upwards
are required to attend a RugbySmart
course organised by the New Zea-
land Rugby Union and ACC.
Te course teaches correct tech-
niques to promote safety in scrum-
maging and tackling.
Canterbury Rugby League has a
similar requirement in place, where
all coaches, managers and trainers
from division one sides have to sit
a New Zealand Rugby League ac-
credited course, which covers player
safety and their duty of care.
Both codes have a system for re-
porting serious injuries that leave
players hospitalised or out of action
for a significant period of time. De-
tails are stored in a national data-
base, allowing them to be easily fol-
lowed up.
Concussions have become a
cause for concern in recent years,
and Gilkison said the RugbySmart
course places an emphasis on help-
ing coaches and referees identify and
treat them.
He said that all players diagnosed
with a concussion face a three-week
minimum stand-down period, un-
less they receive clearance from a
medical specialist.
“We do treat concussions quite
seriously and that’s been made very
clear through RugbySmart in recent
years,” said Gilkison
Some sports have more injuries
than others.
Christchurch Netball manager
Megan McLay said that unlike in
contact sports, where “crash-type”
injuries are common, injuries in net-
ball were mostly sprains, twists and
“In my fifeen years in this role,
I’ve only ever seen one concussion,”
she said.
Staff from Health and Sport Cen-
tral are on site at Christchurch Net-
ball Centre every Saturday, diagnos-
ing and treating injuries that occur,
as well as maintaining detailed re-
Last season, they recorded 517 in-
juries, 215 of which were to the ankle
Canterbury Hockey chief execu-
tive Rod Templeton said all Can-
terbury Premier League teams are
asked to have their own first-aid kit,
and coaches are recommended to
have first-aid training.
At their Nunweek Park home base,
park supervisors with first-aid train-
ing are on hand and first-aid kits and
ice are available.
Gilkison said that up until this
season St John volunteers were on
hand at division one fixtures, but
afer consulting other provincial
unions and finding they were not
using them, and with an eye on the
costs involved, they decided not to
St John spokesman Ian Hender-
son said they can provide first-aid
cover to sporting events and clubs
in Christchurch when requested, but
there would be costs involved, as de-
cided on a case-by-case basis.
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