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Chennakesava Reddy
V.V. Vinayak Bellamkonda Suresh V.V. Vinayak Nandamuri Balakrishna Shriya Tabu Starring Chalapathi Rao Devayani Mani Sharma Music by Cinematography Ajay Vincent Release dates 25 September 2002 India Country Telugu Language Directed by Produced by Written by Chennakesava Reddy (Telugu: చెన్నకేశవ రెడ్డి) is a 2002 Tollywood Faction Film, directed by V.V. Vinayak, released on 25 September 2002. The movie stars Nandamuri Balakrishna in double role father-son characther, while Shriya Saran and Tabu play the female lead..The film met with positive reviews from critics and was declared a hit at the box office

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Bharat (Balakrishna) is a sincere and dedicated police officer in Mumbai. In a short span of time he is regarded as a fearless officer who could single-handedly bring the guilty to justice. Preethi (Shreya) is a medico and daughter of Police Commissioner Prasad (Vizag Prasad). She falls head

over heels for Bharat, but this does not make any difference to the storyline of present stream of faction backdrop movies. Meanwhile, another super cop, Sivakrishna, working in Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh, becomes a person in news as a daring and dashing police officer who never bows his head to politicians. Inevitable Sivakrishna becomes an itch to local faction leader, Dhanunjaya Reddy (Anantraj), who runs a parallel government in that region. When Sivakrishna falls victim to the political clout of Dhanunjaya Reddy he is demoted and transferred to Tihar Jail as lower rank officer. In between is shown a statue of Chenna Kesava Reddy, who is considered as a man of high respect in the region and is missing for the past 22 years. Sivakrishna finds Chenna Kesava Reddy in Tihar Jail being imprisoned on some false case. Sivakrishna makes every effort to get Chennakesava Reddy released. When Chennakesava Reddy returns to his village after 22 years, he is pompously welcomed by one and all. Chennakesva Reddy halts the factionalist activities of Dhanunjaya Reddy and his henchmen. After knowing the return of Chennakesva Reddy, his wife and son come to see him. Now the movie turns into flashback, in which Chennakesava Reddy is shown as a generous and the most revered man in the village but has rivalry with Venkata Reddy (Jayaprakash Reddy). In one of the worst spar between the rivals, Chennakesava Reddy’s rivals hack his entire family members to death. When their bid to kill Chennakesava Reddy falls short, they wangle some false case against him and send him to Tihar Jail. However, Chennakesava Reddy's wife Sita (Tabu), younger son Bharat (Balakrishna) escape the attack by Venkata Reddy and his men with the help of his follower and reach Mumbai. Chennakesave Reddy starts taking revenge on his rivals one after the other and there happens to be none to dare Chennakesave Reddy in the Seema. In order to counter him, Dhanunjaya Reddy gets Bharath posted in Seema. The movie continues with the son the chasing father to arrest – father moving ahead in his mission revenge.

Vinayak: Actually, there are a lot of reasons for the box office result. Initially, Samudra gaaru was supposed to direct the film and an announcement was made to this effect too! But, for reasons not known to me, the project was cancelled and Bellamkonda gaaru had the dates of Balakrishna. I narrated a story, but Balakrishna gaaru liked the story narrated by Samudra, and so I went along with that. Another reason is that when one is working with a star like Balakrishna, most of one's attention is spent on how his role should be etched and how he should be projected... and in the midst of all this, the story will take a back seat. He is in fact one person who does not involve in anything once he signs for a project and starts working on whatever the director says.[1]


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S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Udit Narayan Shankar Mahadevan Sunitha Kousalya Sujatha Mohan Chitra

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Don't Care : Shankar Mahadevan : S.P. B Haie Haie alasubramaniam, Sunitha Bakara Bakara : Udit Narayan, Chitra Nee Kopulona : S.P. Balasubramaniam, Kousalya Ooranta Utsavam : S.P. Balasubramaniam, Sujatha Mohan Telupu Telupu : S.P. Balasubramaniam, Chitra


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