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KPS Commits to C120 TurboGenTM Rollout

Customer: Location: Engine: Product: Benefits: Kalgoorlie Power Systems Australia Cummins KTA50s-G3 C120 TurboGenTM

Reduced fuel consumption Reduced cost of electricity Emissions reduction Competitive advantage

Typical KPS Plant retro-fitted with Bowman TurboGenTM units

KPS secures fuel efficiency enhancement by retro-fitting Bowman C120 TurboGenTM to its power station fleet. Background
Kalgoorlie Power Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX listed Pacific Energy Limited, is a leading provider of power generation infrastructure to the mining and resources sector in Australia. The business executes a build, own and maintain commercial model with in excess of 240MW of contracted capacity at 23 mine sites across Australia. We are delighted with our partnership with Bowman Power. The C120 TurboGenTM technology has significantly enhanced the fuel efficiency of our power generation offering. This, combined with the KPS reputation for delivery of low cost, high reliability electricity supply infrastructure has positioned KPS with an enhanced competitive advantage in Australias off grid electricity generation market place. Adam Boyd CEO, Pacific Energy Limited

The Challenge
KPS tenders to provide electricity generation solutions to its resource sector client base. Critical to competitive tender success and client retention is the provision of the lowest fuel consumption generation infrastructure available.

The Solution
In 2007 KPS and Bowman agreed to jointly develop an optimised Bowman turbo generation solution for retro-fit to the Cummins KTA50 G3 engines used in the KPS power generation fleet. Upon successful, completion of the development and trialling programme KPS and Bowman entered into a long-term, exclusive agreement to supply turbogenerators (including the C120 TurboGenTM) to KPS. To date, KPS has purchased 70 C120 TurboGenTM systems and is advancing the roll-out of the technology across its power generation fleet.

Additional Case Study Data

Typical engine load: Typical engine usage: Fuel saving: Payback: 850kW 95% / 8,200 hours per annum 7% 17 months1

The Benefits
7% fuel consumption reduction Reduced cost of electricity supply Emissions reduction


KPS Plant, Australia

1. The payback includes retro-fit costs for a commissioned operational TG enabled KTA50

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