ME4262/ME4262E – AUTOMATION IN MANUFACTURING (Semester II : AY2009/2010) Time Allowed : 2 Hours



This examination paper contains FOUR (4) questions and comprises SIX (6) printed pages.


Answer all FOUR (4) questions.


All questions carry equal marks.



All equipment costs include installation. 5 days per week and 50 weeks per annum. an integrated material handling system with buffer storage.80/unit Assuming that the initial capital required for the investment can be secured through a bank loan at an interest of 5% per annum. The study also indicates that only 6 manual operators and 3 supervisors will be needed over 3 shifts when fully automated. suggest any other alternative way(s) that you may consider in making the automated assembly line proposal viable. (4 marks) (b) (c) (d) Suggest 2 possible reasons for incorporating buffer storage in the above proposed automated assembly line? (3 marks) . 8 hours per shift.000 $ 500.500/month $ 12. Indicate the final area of the automated assembly line in order for the proposal to be viable? (4 marks) Apart from the reduction in space occupied mentioned in (b). Six automated machining centres Integrated material handling system with buffer storage Estimated life of the proposed automated line Annual maintenance cost of proposed automated assembly line Manual operator’s rate Supervisor’ salary Electricity bill for the automated assembly line Rent Revenue (a) $1. In a recent board meeting. consisting of 6 automated machines.400m2 of floor area.000 units daily. the fully automated assembly line will occupy only 1. the company seriously considered automating the assembly line. The cost data are given below. (14 marks) A closer study of the above automation proposal indicates that the area of the automated assembly line can be further reduced.000/month $ 30/m2 per month $ 1. justify to the Company’s board members if the investment is cost justifiable for the proposed automated line. It currently employs 30 manual operators and 6 supervisors over 3 shifts. Furthermore.000 5 years $161. A preliminary study of the facilities indicate that the current manual assembly line can be replaced by a fully automated assembly line with the same output capacity.PAGE 2 ME4262/ME4262E QUESTION 1 A local electronic manufacturing company currently has a manual assembly line.100 $10/hr $ 4.800.800m2 with an output of 65. occupying a floor area of 1.

self-propelled vehicles. (c) Automated guided vehicles are generally applied in automation of low and medium-volume handling situation. The speed of the carousel is given as 30 m/min. The width of the carousel is 4 m and the length is yet to be determined. where routing of materials is more individualized. design suitable number of carriers and the number of bins hung on each carrier if there are a total of 900 parts on the carousel system when full and each bin can carry 3 parts? (4 marks) (ii) (b) Indicate the correct answer for the following multiple-choice questions: (i) Which of the following is not a linear transfer mechanism? (a) Walking beam system (b) Geneva mechanism system (c) Power roller conveyor system (d) Chain-drive conveyor system (ii) (10 marks) Which of the following statement is not true? (a) An automated guided vehicle generally uses independently operated. (i) What is the length of the carousel needed if the designed system must be capable of making 40 retrievals per hour? What is the actual time needed per retrieval? (Note: The length of the carousel must be an integer) (11 marks) Given that the max spacing between carriers is 1m.PAGE 3 ME4262/ME4262E QUESTION 2 (a) An oval shape single-directional carousel storage/retrieval system is to be designed for the storage and retrieval in a local hardware shop. (b) Automated guided vehicles are generally used where different materials must be moved from various loading points to various unloading points. The advantages of web-based training are given below except: (a) Access of training material anytime. anywhere with the use of internet (b) Allow collaborative design of parts anywhere with the use of internet (c) Cost savings in logistic and training personnel (d) Ability to monitor the users’ progress remotely. (d) All automated guided vehicles today use the defined pathways guided system in the floor. (iii) . The handling time for each retrieval = 30 seconds.

Reduce space and handling (Inventory) Less scrap and rework (v) .PAGE 4 ME4262/ME4262E (iv) Which of the following type of conveyor system provides for storage and delivery of parts: (a) Skate-wheel conveyor (b) Overhead trolley conveyor (c) Carousel storage conveyor (d) Re-circulating conveyor The followings describe the major differences between Just-in-time/Just-incase processes except? (a) (b) (c) (d) Less work-in-process Less machines used in the process.

(ii) (iii) (iv) In feature recognition. it takes 2k minutes for the parts to go from n1 to n2. multiple interpretation is a difficult problem to resolve. and 0. (ix) (x) In a part feeding device. a coding system is sufficient to be used as a part description format. For a multi-station assembly machine. the major weakness of a coding system is that only limited details of part design information can be represented. it takes k minutes for the parts to go from n1 to n2.2k minutes from n2 to n1. the standard plan for a particular part family is a process plan of one of its members. RP has achieved limited success due to that only limited engineering materials can be used. (9 marks) . When n2 = N +18. On the feed-track. reducing the loading and unloading times has no effect on the uptime efficiency of the machine. The design-by-feature approach can effectively avoid this problem. if its part feeding device continues to work. To convert a functional layout to a GT layout. It is observed that (i) (ii) When n2 = N. When a jam occurs at one of the stations. (6 marks) A part feeding device serves an automated assembly machine. The feed-rate of the feeder is 6 times of the cycle rate of the assembly machine. For a valid classification and coding system. a part must not have two different codes. The ideal cycle time of the assembly machine is 6 seconds. two sensors (the high-level one is placed at n2 and the low-level one at n1) are used to control the queue and prevent the stock-out situation. briefly describe the subsequent actions of this feeding device. (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) In parts manufacturing.PAGE 5 ME4262/ME4262E QUESTION 3 (a) Indicate TRUE or FALSE for the following: (i) In the development of a generative CAPP system. In RP manufacturing. (10 marks) (b) A part feeding device serves a station in a multi-station automated assembly machine. In the application of GT. In the development of a variant process planning system. the use of low-level sensor can sufficiently resolve the “stock-out” situation. the layer thickness can be used to control the stair-case error. a set of OP codes need to be defined such that each OP code represent a set of operations carried out by a particular machine. (c) Determine k.

The fractional defective rates (q) for all the stations are the same. Under the memory control strategy.01.END OF PAPER - . (4 marks) (b) A synchronous assembly machine has 4 stations.03.PAGE 6 ME4262/ME4262E QUESTION 4 (a) A single-station assembly machine performs 4 work elements to assemble 2 components to the base part. the machine produced 1000 good assemblies in 11 hours. Element 1 2 3 4 Description Add part A Fasten part A Add part B Fasten part B Time (s) 4t t 4t t q qA qB m 0. (i) (ii) Determine t. The elements are listed. it took T hours to produce 3600 assemblies. when qA = qB = 0. (9 marks) When m for all the stations is set as 0.02. the machine produced 960 good assemblies and 40 bad assemblies in 10 hours.5 - It was observed that when qA = qB = 0. The average down time per jam is 200t seconds. together with the fractional defective rates (q) and the probability (m) that a defective component will jam the station in the table below.5 0. When qA = qB = 0. it took 15 hours to produce 3600 assemblies. Under the instantaneous control strategy.5. how long does it take the machine to produce 1000 good assemblies? (4 marks) (ii) . (8 marks) Determine how long it takes to produce 3600 assemblies when qA = qB = 0. (i) Obtain the ideal cycle time of the machine (Tc) and the average down time per jam (Td). it took (T-2) hours to produce 3600 assemblies.

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