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Material Komposit

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JORDY HERFANDI - 1106010906


Multiple Choices! 1. Composite materials are classied based on:! c. Both (type of matrix and size and shape of reinforcement! 2. Major load carrier in dispersion-strengthened composites! d. cant dene! 3. Usually softer constituent of a composite is! a. Matrix! 4. Usually stronger constituent of a composite is! b. Reinforcement! 5. Last constituent to fail in ber reinforced composites! c. Both fail at the same time! 6. Al-alloys for engine/automobile parts are reinforced to increase their! a. Strength! 7. Mechanical properties of bre reinforced composites depend on! d. All of the above!

Essay! 1. What is a composite?! Composite is a material consists of multiple phases (matrix phase and dispersed phase which are articially made and exhibit a signicant proportion . Matrix of a composite possibly comes from wide range of material such as metal (metal matrix composite), polymer (polymer matrix composite), and ceramic (ceramic matrix composite), and either does the reinforcement or dispersed phase. The properties of a composite is the combination of properties of the matrix and the reinforcement.! 2. Why are composite important in nature?! Many of our technologies require unusual combination of properties which cant be met by conventional material such as metal alloy, polymer, and ceramic. In case of aerospace industry requires lightweight material with advanced mechanical property. The only way to full the requirement is to combine the lightweights of polymer and the strength of metal resulting polymer matrix composite with metal reinforcement. !

JORDY HERFANDI - 1106010906


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Comparison of Strength vs Toughness in materials! Source: accessed on March 29th 2014 21:00 pm!

Combination of properties such as strength or stiffness with lightweight and great toughness is only possible to achieve which are not attainable by conventional material. Composites have fatigue properties that are generally better than for common engineering material. And composite also can be designed that do not corrode like steel.!

3. What is the matrix and what is the reinforcement in a concrete?! Concrete is a composite with both matrix and reinforcement are ceramic material. There are two types of concrete described by table below!
Concrete Portland Concrete Reinforced Concrete Matrix Cement Cement Reinforcement Sand & Gravel Sand, Gravel, Steel rods/wire/ bar/mesh

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4. List four modern composites and give a use for each.! Plastic reinforced carbon bre composite : yacht hull, sport equipment, automobile body!

Kevlar : bulletproof vest! Polyester nanocopper oxide composite : Antibacterial fabric! Aluminium-Silicon Carbide composite : Ballistic Aluminium!

5. Why are composites so important in the design of the airbus A380?! The new Airbus A380, the worlds largest passenger airliner, makes use of modern composites in its design. More than 20% of the A380 is made of composite materials, mainly plastic reinforced with carbon bres. The design is the rst large-scale use of glass-bre-reinforced aluminium, a new composite that is 25% stronger than conventional airframe aluminium but 20% lighter.! 6. What are advanced composites?! Advanced Composites are generally characterised or determined by unusually high strength bres with unusually high stiffness, or modulus of elasticity characteristics, compared to other materials, while bound together by weaker matrices.! 7. Why are bre reinforcements designed in thin diameter! Thin diameter will result high surface area to volume ratio. Furthermore, larger surface area will create larger interfacing area between the bre and matrix. !

JORDY HERFANDI - 1106010906