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The 3DO Company Army Men(R): RTS March 2002 Version 1.

0 Thank you for purchasing the Army Men: RTS game. We recommend that you read thi s file to get the most up-to-date information about installing, running, and max imizing performance of the Army Men: RTS game. This document contains informatio n you might find useful, and we think it will help you to get as much enjoyment out of this game as possible. This game was developed for use with English (United States) versions of Windows . Use of the game on other language versions of Windows may result in errors tha t can render the game unplayable on your system. Note: The information within this document is accurate as of the date of the rel ease of this product. ------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Installation and Uninstall System Requirements Game Information Keyboard Information Multiplayer Information Video Card And Other Hardware Drivers / DirectX(R) Troubleshooting Installation Issues Problems Running the Game General Solutions 8. GameUpdate(TM) 9. How to Play Army Men: RTS in GameSpy Arcade 10. Purchasing 3DO Software 11. Contacting Customer Support ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Installation and Uninstall Installation: To install your copy of the Army Men: RTS game onto your hard drive: A) Insert the Army Men: RTS game CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The autorun pro gram should automatically launch the setup program. Follow the step-by-step instructions to install the Army Men: RTS game. B) If the autorun window does not appear, left click on "Run..." from the Windows Start menu and type "D:\SETUP.EXE" (where D: represents your CD-ROM drive letter). Or, you can double-click on the "My Computer" icon, then double-click on the "CD-ROM" icon labeled, "Army Men RTS(D:)", (where D: represents your CD-ROM drive letter). This will initiate the installation process. Uninstall: To uninstall Army Men: RTS from your hard drive: Click on the Start menu and go to "Settings" and then "Control Panel". On the Co ntrol Panel directory, double-click on the "Add/Remove Programs" icon. Find Army

Men: RTS in the list. Click on it and then click on "remove". Follow any onscre en instruction to finish removing the program. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------2. System Requirements The following are minimum system requirements to play the Army Men RTS game. If these requirements are not met, the Army Men RTS game may not work pro perly. Computer System: IBM PC and 100% compatibles Operating System: Windows 9X/Me/2k/XP home CPU: Pentium 233 (PII 400 Recommended) Memory: 64MB RAM minimum; (96MB RAM recommended) CD-ROM Drive: 4X CD-ROM Drive Free Hard Disk Space: 310 MB Sound Card: All major DirectX 8.0 compatible sound cards Video Card: DirectX 8.0 compatible with at least 16MB VRAM (32MB recommended) Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse 56K modem or broadband for modem/internet play, TCP/IP protocol for network play. Note: If your system has a later version of DirectX, make sure that your hardware drivers are updated and comply with that version of DirectX. Windows 2000 requires local administrator access. Player is solely responsible for all Internet-related fees and charges. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Gameplay From the Main Menu, you can select the following: BOOT CAMP (TUTORIAL) Boot Camp offers three lessons in real-time strategy basics. GREAT BATTLES If you're in the mood for simple short skirmishes, Great Battles allows you to c hoose from a list of unique single-objective missions. CAMPAIGN GAME Campaign mode takes you on 15 action-packed missions through the backyard and in to the house in your search for the renegade soldier, Colonel Blintz. MULTIPLAYER GAME Now you can challenge friends to tactical battles online, either on a Local Area Network or over the Internet. Join up as teammates or play head-to-head. The go al is simple: defeat your opponent's troops and destroy his or her Headquarters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------BASIC STRATEGY There are several steps you will need to follow in each and every mission. 1) Begin each mission by building a Headquarters. This allows you to build one o

r two Bulldozers and several Dump Trucks. 2) Use a Bulldozer to build a Resource Depot reasonably close to any resources y ou see, and then send your Dump Trucks to the resource to mine it. 3) When your Headquarters are built, you're ready for recruits! Use one of the B ulldozers to build a Barracks, and pump out those soldiers for an attack on the Tan. Create a basic squad comprised of Grunts, Grenadiers and a couple of Mine S weepers. With your squad ready for action, send them out to explore the area imm ediately around your base. 4) Once you've sent your squads out to explore the area, you'll have a general i dea of where the Tans attack from and the basic layout of the land. With these t hings in mind, build a Barbed Wire Fence around your camp. It's also a good idea to put a few Guard Towers between pieces of fence. The Tower functions as a loo kout and has the firepower of several Grunts. 5) When you've got the resource reserves built up enough, upgrade your Headquart ers to a Super Headquarters and build a Garage. Use the Garage to build Medic Tr ucks that can heal your troops, your buildings and each other. You can also crea te Machine Gun Trucks (aka: Half-Tracks), Minelayers and Tanks. 6) When you have the resources, upgrade your Barracks to Super Barracks. You can use this new structure to pump out a more specialized platoon: Bazooka Men, Mac hine Gunners, Snipers and Mortar Men. 7) Finally, when you have the resources available, upgrade the Garage to the Sup er Garage and make Choppers for aerial assaults on the Tan base! NOTE: If any Building or Soldier icon in the Construction Menu appears shaded, y ou either don't have the necessary requirements or the resources available to bu ild it yet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------In multiplayer gaming any player can pause the game using the Pause key. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Basic Game Controls Information FUNCTION Select Unit/Issue Default Command Deselect Unit Change direction of building before construction Scroll Camera Around Camera Height MOUSE Left Mouse Button Right Mouse Button Middle Mouse Button, "<" and ">" Keys Right Mouse Drag Mouse Wheel

FUNCTION KEYBOARD Create squad with Ctrl + [number key] currently selected units

Select Squad Bring up Game Menu

[number key] ESC

Move camera to the Space Bar last game message (i.e. "Enemy sighted!") Stop Units Center Camera Over Headquarters Camera Height Save Game Load Game S H F1 - F4 F9 F10

---------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Multiplayer Information LOCAL AREA NETWORK Complete the following steps to begin a LAN Multiplayer game: 1. Select "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu. 2. Enter your Name. 3. Create a New Game. 4. Enter a Game Name for this game. 5. When the Multiplayer LAN screen appears, make any appropriate modifications to the game: * Assign a team letter, * Choose your troop's color, * Add an AI team, * Lock the Game (no one else may join), or * Select your Mission (Choose the Map that you'll play on and it will be displayed beneath the "Select Mission" button). 6. Select "Play" to begin! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Video Card And Other Hardware Drivers / DirectX Sound Card: All major DirectX 8.0 compatible sound cards Video Card: DirectX 8.0 compatible with at least 16MB VRAM (32MB recommended) Please ensure that you have the latest drivers for your hardware. You can get m ore information on which version of DirectX is supported by your version of the device drivers. Contact either the original manufacturer (such as ATI, Hercules, etc.) of the component, or the maker of the entire system (such as Compaq, Dell , etc.) that uses the component. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------7. Troubleshooting

Installation Issues Problem: The computer freezes during install, or you receive an error message during install.

Answers: 1. Your computer may be using an older 16-bit CD-ROM driver. To check if your computer is using an older 16-bit CD-ROM driver: - Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Properties'. - Click on the 'Performance' tab. - In the Performance status box, if the File System line says, "Some drivers are using MS-DOS (R) compatibility", you are using a 16-bit CD-ROM driver. If you are using 16-bit CD-ROM drivers: Contact the manufacturer of your CD-ROM drive o r the manufacturer of your computer for an updated 32-bit CD-ROM driver. 2. There may not be enough space on your hard drive for temporary files to expan d and/or you need to free up resources. To free up Resources: - Close all unnecessary programs running in the Background. (See "Resources and Background Tasks.") - Keep at least 100MB free on the hard drive that the game is installed to, or t wice your RAM, whichever is larger. - Delete all files in your C:\Windows\Temp folder, and then empty the Recycle Bi n. 3. The CD-ROM drive might be having problems with how it buffers information. To turn off read-ahead on the CD-ROM drive: Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Properties'. Click on the 'Performance' tab. Click on the 'File System' button. Choose the 'CD-ROM' tab at the top. Change the 'Optimize access pattern for' field to 'No read-ahead'. Click on 'Apply', then 'OK' and finally click 'Close' (you will be prompted to restart your system).

4. The Autorun or DMA settings on your CD-ROM drive could be interfering with th e game installation. Turn off the Autorun and DMA settings on your CD-ROM drive: Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon and choose 'Properties'. Click on the 'Device Manager' tab. Click on the '+' sign next to the CD-ROM line so that it becomes a '-' sign. Click on the line that appears under the CD-ROM line to highlight it, and then click on the 'Properties' button. - Click on the 'Settings' tab. - Look for the Auto-insert Notification and DMA lines. If there is a check mark in the boxes next to either of these lines, click on the box to remove the chec k mark. - Click on the 'Apply' button, and then click on the 'OK' button. - When you are asked if you want to restart your system, choose 'Yes'. Problems With Running the Game: - The game does not launch properly: If the game gives an error message, locks t he system, blanks out the screen, or simply returns to the desktop with no activ ity when attempting to launch: A) Resources and Background Tasks, B) Display Se ttings, and C) Direct X Troubleshooting below.

- During normal gameplay, the game crashes and returns to Windows or locks the s ystem: A) Resources and Background Tasks, C) Direct X Troubleshooting, and D) SOFTWARE vs. HARDWARE acceleration below. - The game runs slow or choppy or with blurry graphics: A) Resources and Backgr ound Tasks, C) Direct X Troubleshooting, and D) SOFTWARE vs. HARDWARE accelerati on below. - Sound skips, repeats, or is garbled: A) Resources and Background Tasks and C) Direct X Troubleshooting below. General Solutions: A) Resources and Background Tasks: Windows may be running any number of background tasks that hog the system resour ces so that it cannot run your game smoothly. Before you start the game, press the CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys at the same time to bring up the Close Program window. End Task on all programs except Explorer and Systray, then try running the game . If this worked and you are running Windows 98, you'll want to go to the Windo ws Start menu and click on Run, then type in "MSconfig" and hit Enter. Go to th e Startup tab and uncheck everything here except for System Tray. This will dis able those programs from loading when the system starts, but you can re-enable t hem any time by running this program again and re-checking the Startup options. You may also want to run Scandisk and defrag utilities within Windows for basic preventive system maintenance. Consult the Windows help files for more informati on. B) Display Settings: Many 3DO games require Windows to be set in a certain display mode in order for the game to operate. In your Display Settings (Right-click on the desktop and se lect "Properties" and the "Settings" tab) make sure that your Colors are set to 16-Bit High Color (maximum) and the screen area is set to 800x600 (minimum). If you are not able to move the slider for your screen area to at least 800x600 pi xels, make sure that your monitor type supports this resolution. To do this, cl ick on the "Advanced" button and the "Monitor" tab. If necessary, change the mo nitor type to "Plug & Play Monitor" under the standard types that Windows offers . "Super VGA 800x600" should also work. If your monitor is already identified a s one of these types and you still can't move the slider, your video card may no t be capable of supporting a high enough resolution. Consult the video card's m anufacturer for more information about supported display modes. C) DirectX Troubleshooting: DirectX: DirectX is a program incorporated into the Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME f amily that allows various hardware-intensive programs, particularly games, to ta ke direct control of all the hardware components within your system. Nearly all PC games currently on the market make use of DirectX, and Microsoft periodicall y updates DirectX to allow PC-based games to take advantage of new technologies. A current version of the DirectX installer is always available at <www.microso> in the Download Center. Device Drivers: Many of the hardware components in your computer, such as the vi deo card and the sound card, require software programs called drivers to functio n properly. Drivers contain vital information about these devices, like the ins truction sets the computer uses to call on them. DirectX coordinates these drive

rs and manages the way that they interface with the Windows environment for runn ing games and programs. How it all works: DirectX interfaces directly with the device drivers to enhance the quality of graphics and sound in multimedia programs. To give a rough idea of how game software works, all the instructions originate from the game and ar e then passed to DirectX. Then, DirectX gives them to the driver software and th e driver software ultimately interprets those commands for the hardware to execu te the operation. Because Microsoft periodically updates DirectX, games are usu ally written for the latest version available and shipped with it. However, whe n you update your version of DirectX, in order for your hardware to interface wi th it properly, it is sometimes necessary to obtain updated drivers for your har dware. The hardware manufacturers usually provide updates as a free download. What to do: DirectX includes DXDIAG, a very complete and comprehensive tool for DirectX troubleshooting and settings. To use it, follow these directions: Press the 'Start' button on the Windows 95/98/ME-task bar and select 'Run'. Type "dxdiag" (do not include the quotes) then click on the 'OK' button. This wi ll run the DirectX Diagnostics Tool. To make sure all your files are DirectX compatible, select the 'DirectX Files' ta b to ensure that there aren't any exclamation points next to the file names. If you find exclamation points under this tab you will probably need to reinstall DirectX by either reinstalling the game, or visiting <> and dow nloading their latest version of the game installer. By clicking on the Display and Sound tabs, make sure all of your drivers are Dire ctX compatible. Select the 'DirectX Drivers' tab and make sure there are no excl amation points next to any of the file names. If you find exclamation points un der this tab, you will need to update your drivers by contacting the manufacture r of the hardware through their phone support or through their website. You can get more information on which version of DirectX is supported by your version o f the device drivers. Contact either the original manufacturer (such as ATI, Her cules, etc.) of the component, or the maker of the entire system (such as Compaq , Dell, etc.) that uses the component. D) SOFTWARE vs. HARDWARE acceleration The two main methods of processing a game with 3D graphics are known as software rendering and hardware acceleration. Software rendering places the load of the graphics functions on the system's main processor (CPU). Because of the limita tions of this mode, the graphics will display with less definition and fewer spe cial effects such as special lighting, shadows, etc. Hardware acceleration uses the video card's built-in processor to do the calculations for special graphics effects, and offers more capabilities for the games graphics. Not all video ca rds are capable of hardware acceleration, and those that are may support more sp ecial graphic features than others. If your game is running poorly in hardwareaccelerated mode, your video card may not be able to handle all of the hardware acceleration functions the game has enabled. If applicable, you may need to cha nge the game's graphics settings to software acceleration. Refer to the game ma nual for more information on how to change this setting within the game. A Note on Windows 2000: Unless otherwise stated on the box, 3DO's games are not supported on Windows 200 0 at this time. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is that in that DirectX is not as smoothly integrated with Windows 2000 as it is in the case of Windows 95/98/ME. As Microsoft has attested on its own website, Windows 2000 is based on the Windows NT code and is aimed mainly at powerful office and networking applications. Alternately, Windows 95/98/ME are comparatively better suited to recreational and multimedia programming. As such, 3DO feels that its resources are better put towards developing and testing on other platforms. We

hope you will understand the logic of this decision, and we sincerely thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------8. GameUpdate (TM) GameUpdate is a program that will search the 3DO website for game updates. You must be connected to the Internet for GameUpdate to function. -Connect to the Internet -Go to Start | Programs | 3DO | GameUpdate -Follow the instructions when the GameUpdate window opens Please note: If a newer version of GameUpdate exists, then only the GameUpdate program may be updated. You may need to reboot your system, reconnect to the In ternet and run the new version of GameUpdate to update your 3DO game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------9. How to Play Army Men: RTS in GameSpy Arcade You can play Army Men: RTS online through GameSpy Arcade, which comes convenient ly bundled with the game. If you haven't done so already, insert your GAMENAME CD and install Arcade now. Then, to play Army Men: RTS online, just follow thes e simple instructions: Launch GameSpy Arcade and Go to the Army Men: RTS Room: Click on the GameSpy Arc ade link in your Start Menu. When the software starts, you'll see a list of game s and more along the left-hand side. There's plenty to do, but there's time for that later: Click on the Army Men: RTS button on the left to enter the GAMENAME room. Find or Start a Army Men: RTS Server: Once you're in the Army Men: RTS room you can meet or greet other players, find servers or create your own server. The top half of the application will list all of the available servers, including the n umber of people playing and your connection speed (measured by something called "ping." The lower your ping, the better.) Don't like any servers? Click on the " Create Room" button to start your own server and wait for people to sign up. (A clever server name, such as "Taste the end of my rusty hob-nailed boot!" usually attracts people). Otherwise, double-click on a server of your choice to join in . Joining and Starting a game: Once you double-click on a server or start your own , you'll be in a staging room, in which you can trash talk with your fellow play ers and prepare for combat. When you're ready to play, click the "Ready" button at the top of the screen. When everyone in the room has signaled their readine ss, the host can then launch the game. Arcade will fire up Army Men: RTS and the carnage will begin! Problems? If you have problems using Arcade, whether installing the program, registering i t, or using it in conjunction with GAMENAME, consult our help pages, located at or e-mail us by using the form located at htt p:// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

10. Purchasing 3DO Software You can order other 3DO software directly from 3DO through the order webpage at <>, or you can call the 3DO Direct line at 800-336-3506 (if calling from Canada, please dial 650-385-3187). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------11. Contacting Customer Support For international support issues, please reference the printed materials include d with the game or visit for contact information within your t erritory. For technical problems or questions within United States or Canada: 3DO Customer Support Website: (includes an email question form) E-mail: Automated Phone Support: (650) 385-3193 Fax number: (650) 385-3181 Mailing address: The 3DO Company ATTN: Customer Support 100 Cardinal Way Redwood City, CA 94063 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Copyright 2002 The 3DO Company. All Rights Reserved. 3DO, Army Men, GameUpdate, Heroes, Heroes of Might and Magic, New World Computing, and their respective log os, are trademarks or registered trademarks of The 3DO Company in the U.S. and o ther countries. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. New Wo rld Computing is a division of The 3DO Company. --The End--