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Gold's Gym strategic management plan 2013-2017

Submit to : Dr. Mohammed Gars Eldiin. Done by : Manal Salem Al Karbi Shamsah Suhail Al Nuaimi Mona Ahmed Al Tamim Moza Mohammed Al Hassawi ID NO:


Introduction .... Mission ........ Vision ... Values... Community services ... SWOT analysis.......... Strategic plan .... Strategic plan framework Goals and objectives ...... Outcomes/indicators/impacts Appendix .
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Gold's Gym 2013-2017 Strategic plan:-

Gold's Gym is a fitness center that originally started in California, USA by Joe Gold. It has the largest gym chain in the world with more than 700 location in 37 countries and a membership of more than three and a half millions person. Healthy life is a luxury, and since 1965, we have helped people around the world find theirs. When Joe Gold opened the first Golds Gym, he began a tradition of commitment and dedication that is still practiced today. Our worldwide locations are home to the most diverse group exercise classes and amenities in the industry. Combine that with our best-in-the-business personal trainers and you have an unmatched fitness experience. We are well known for our passion, uniqueness, and experience on health and fitness. At Golds Gym, youll find an energetic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to achieving their goals. Vision statement To be recognized as the top health and fitness provider, ensuring everybody has the opportunity to be healthy. Mission statement We are leading provider of fitness in Al Rahba.

We encourage our members to live a healthy life and achieve their fitness goals by provide quality serves, finest fitness equipment and fitness knowledge. Values Dedicate ourselves to serve Community service To enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve through our fitness philosophy, facilities, programs and product. External and internal factors SWOT analysis important part of the strategic management which help us and give us the guideline to analyses the core factors which identifying the strengths and weaknesses of UAE exchange center. When considering the opportunities and threats; whether domestically or globally. There are three internal factors (staff, products and services, technology), also three external factors (competitors, substitution product or service, revenue). Concentrate on the strength points and void weakness points and this plan will be for next five years. Strength

1- Strategic location (It's the only one in the area). 2- Highly qualified trainers. 3- Wide range of target customers 4- Well known American fitness center. .

5- Flexible timing. Weakness 1- Requires high budget. 2- Unqualified staff. 3- Weak financial system. 4- Expensive memberships. 5- Inside a shopping mall. Opportunities

1- Long term memberships. 2- Greater innovation. 3- New services. 4- New technology. 5- Emerging market. 6- New market. 7- New products. Threats 1- Bad economy. 2- International competitors. 3- Mature markets are competitive. 4- Intense completion. 5- Volatile revenue.

6- The availability of substitute products. Strategic priorities of our gym 1. Provide excellent service to members with the best, most innovative equipment. 2. Operating with Excellence sets out the activities that we must do well in order to inspire our members, achieve our business performance objectives and ultimately deliver our mission. 3. Create additional financial resources to support the gym mission and strategic plan. 4. Offering incentives to help increase membership and Use the gym to provide a positive culture for the local community. 5. Implementing systems to support risk management practices (e.g. reporting hazards, incident reports, emergency evacuation plan). 6. Professional development for staff is carried to ensure that high quality

services are delivered and maintained. GOALS, OBJECTIVE AND ACTIVITEY In this part we have considered many objectives accordingly where each partner in the project provided an objectives that best fits her vision to the business and contributing to the main idea of the enterprise. Goal: Helping obese ladies to overcome the psychological fears and gain trust in their abilities in becoming slim and fit.

The Objective of Golds Gym : Becoming professionals in the industry and reveal the inner beauty of ladies and assisting them in leveling their inner beauty with their external one by hard working and commitment. The actions to be followed in achieving the objective will mainly involve ladies where the actions are related to the work process and the outcome will be related to the state of the customers after attending the classes. The actions: 1. Providing consulting for each lady separately and on this basis we provide her a customized weight loss program based on her weight and other health conditions if applicable. 2. Making partnerships with professionals like weight loss centers and clinics if the case requires more than training program. 3. Providing customer loyalty program that includes other complementary packages like haircuts and make-up sessions. 4. Providing a quality check and advice to customers based on how much they lost and how much they should have lost. 5. Providing discounts and shopping coupons to ladies losing more than 10 KG in a specific time as encouragement.

Objective Outcome Indicator Completion: stands for showing commitment to lose weight in the first month Success: customers should be serious Impact: committing to class five times a week Completion: becoming able to attract the best people in the industry Success: becoming publicly known Impact: receiving professional advice Completion: becoming accessible by all clients Success: exist all around the city in proper locations Impact: providing the best equipment Completion: Having 40% Market Share Success: becoming well reputed Impact: increase total number by 20% in next year Completion: customers should be able to lose excess weight in no longer than six months Success: Achieving the goal by clients Impact: maintaining body mass index BMI Completion: customer continuity after losing weight Success: commitment to healthy lifestyle Impact: having loyal customers

Becoming professionals in the industry and reveal the inner beauty of ladies and assisting them in leveling their inner beauty with their external one by hard working and commitment Goal:

Contracting Serious Customers

Exposure to specialized media

Opening New branches

Increasing market share

Assisting customers in losing weight

Forming a club of loyal customers

Cover all sports needs of the athletic and normal people via the best exclusive equipment and tools.

The Objective of Golds Gym According to Miss Shamsah: To have special, and safest environment through effective sports machinery. Actions: Review, study, read all the community sports needs for youth and old . To mix the fun with the sports use the latest electronic games to encourage the members to do sports, such as X BOX- PLAY STATION . Study all the health problems that the UAE faces obesity, blood brusher, diabetes and heart problems to get the best machines which suits to help these people. Use professionals line of doctors and trainers to help the people to get the best results of the machines . Get unique sport system machines such as laser machines and multi task machines for shaping different muscles with fast save results. Create a system evaluation of the benefits and the feedback of community activities about the machines.


Outcomes 1.Special Entertaining atmospheres

Indicators For completion: having electronic game sport system. For success: keep tracking of the best game system which the market provides. For impact: breaking routine. For completion: continuous training for the team of professionals doctors and trainers. For success: Heath center and health tracing system under special ID for every member. Gift and capons for each member which they follow the system. For impact: member aware of their health problems day by day to solve in due time. For completion: exclusive machines in UAE. For success: updating the gym with latest machines For impact: members satisfaction.

Get the new and special effective sports machine

2.PROFFICINAL trainers

3. Best machine line

4. High standard of Relax environment for members

For completion: Jacuzzi and Sauna area available. For success: healthy and clean area. For impact: 100% relax and health environment after hard working sports day.

Objective: To build a state of the sports facility that provides the newest in exercise equipment and services no other gym has to offer.

Objectives Outcomes 1. Provide desirable amenities that will attract customers. Excellent Indicators Members comfort For completion: Grooming items such as shaving cream, soap, shampoo and conditioner are in dispensers at no charge. Towels are also free. For success: Members never brought their grooming items, as dispensers were constantly needed refilling and towels needed cleaning. For Impact: Membership registration increased by 25% The biggest sports club For Completion: Advertisements were made, such as commercials, billboards, and Internet. For success: Commercials aired before YouTube videos, and our facebook page received many likes. Billboard was seen by thousands of people a day. For Impact: Registration rates by the gym increased by 35% after the marketing campaign. Members achieve new heights High quality stuff " For Completion: Trainers held individual and group workout sessions. As well as provided diet plans accustomed to the individual. For Success: Members achieved their fitness goals. For Impact: Member participation with trainers increased by 30% 1. High quality gym For Completion: We built a safe and playful environment for kids that included an adult supervisor. For Success: According to our survey taken by women members, the nursery was the most likeable feature of the gym. For Impact: Women registration with the gym increased by 40% Delicious and healthy high quality food " For Completion: All foods are low in fat and high in protein, and fiber. The cafeteria also serves fruits and vegetables. For Success: Although healthy, the food is also delicious. Types of food served are a part of the diet plans provided by trainers. For Impact: Cafeteria sales increased by 50%

Get the new and special effective sports machine

3. Hire a staff of experienced and qualified trainers that hold certificates of recognition from the International federation of fitness

4. Provide a nursery for children inside the sports club.

A cafeteria that serves healthy foods and snacks.

Goal : Increase the number of current members by 80% Objective: To increase the profit Actions : 1. Offer a free month to any existing member who brings in a new member. 2. Promotional Plans. 3. Print brochures and fliers that can be left on counters or posted in high areas. 4. Offering 10 sessions for asset price that will be less than 10 individually purchased sessions. 5. Gaining contract with outsource company to provide us with special services such as transportation and cleaning service to increase the gym profit.

Objectives Outcomes 1. Unique name in the society Indicators For completion: -Choose a brand attracted name that describe our business - reaching customers expectation. For success: Advertizing in websites and special magazines. - Making Contracts with hospitals, hotels and business companies with special package offers. For impact: Making a good reputation in the society that lead to increase the memberships.. For completion: create business website to get customers through email which help to build the relationship. for customers comments and suggestion. For success: Get customers feedback and identify their requirements. For impact: Obtaining satisfied customers. For completion: Increase the percentage of ordinary and VIP membership. For success:. Making the service price reasonable to attract thrifty customers. providing special special attention and treatments which make them prestige For impact: Making profit that help to expand the business. For completion: Open more branches within the area expanding to other emirates. . For success: Employ more professional trainers that save business reputation in other emirate which lead to continue the success. - Issue membership cards that customer can use within any branches in the country. For impact: Making the business more conformable complex and diverse which help to increase the profitability. For completion: find companies through website that supplying the best quality product at reasonable price For success: - Providing offers of one month free on the activity that related to the purchased equipment. - Get free training from our professional trainers For impact: Having diversified commercial concerning at human health and fitness.

Building a Famous demanded gymnasium club

3. Making revenue

4. Expanding the business within the U.A.E

5. Being the gym products agent in the area

Goal: Greater innovation, motivation and new service skills. Objective To develop new professional staff Activity 1. Selecting highly qualified employees with high Acceptance criteria. 2. Annual awards for the best employee of members evaluation in the branch. 3. Produce video CD for the best trainer with sharing some profit. 4. The best performance award for the best brunch. 5. Staff development courses. Outcomes

Objectives Building a Famous demanded gymnasium club

Outcomes 1. Qualified employees.

2. collaborative staff.

3. Professional services.

4. Enthusiastic and interactive employees.

Indicators For completion: high acceptance criteria. For success: .highly qualified educated employees. For impact : Best performance For completion: Divide the tasks between employees. For success: Fast and organized work. For impact : work efficiency. For completion: high efficiency registration programs. For success: facility of completing transactions. For impact : quick and perfect members registry. For completion: finishing tasks on due date. For success: good work place and availability of all equipment and update system. For impact : customer satisfaction.

In this report we had reviewed the major components of opening a new enterprise represented in a UAE version for the well-reputed international Golds Gym. Though there are many names under the same name in the UAE but they were working without proper licensing from the original GG based in the USA. Herewith we as a group had introduced the Gym; its foundation, history and operations and then contributed to making the same idea live in the UAE. Yet such a thing had many advantages and disadvantages and required making a proper SWOT analysis that contributes to reality in terms of customers, market, economy, competitors and other factors where we determined where we can have strengths and opportunities and where we would face weakness and threats. The second part was mainly about setting the goals, objectives and the outcomes where in this part each partner had shaped the goals and the objectives and outcomes that better fit according to her where in general all are coming in favor of the business where we can see that there is no conflict in objectives and goals and at the same time there is contradiction in ideas where they all lead to placing an impact for the customer and for providing the best service in integrated packages and coming along with proper management and functioning for all the tasks assigned to each partner. In this concern, each member in the group had placed a completed set including goals, actions and outcomes where they come in an integrated way that straightly connects to the operations of the project. The mission and the vision of the project are mainly linked to the people wellness and becoming leaders in the market. However we are facing many

difficulties in accomplishing the project since the competitors in the market are so many and our key success is that we are a franchise for a well reputed gym on global level among which Golds Gym had become a benchmark in the gym business worldwide. Considering the goals and objectives; they all came in sets where each partner had place the visions of her embodied to match the mission and vision of the business where goals and targets are set according to nature of tasks. The set goals are mainly related to four major tasks. The first one is operations where we are working on becoming leaders in the market and provide innovative concept about gyms. The second is related to the integrated services that comes in parallel with the business where we are offering services only to ladies and part of becoming fit involves nutrition system where we are working on providing our customers an integrated service that enables them to achieve the desired results they are looking for and at the end their success represents our success because the satisfied customer brings others. The third goal is achieving profits where it is linked to the first and second goals where our success in operations will be reflected as success in our profits. The fourth goal represents hiring qualified people where we need experts in the field that can help our customers in becoming fit and at the same time to achieve our mission and vision where the role of staff in our business is very important. We can see that our goals are all integrated and they are all leading to the same results since they are all related together where they form a chain where if anyone breaks then this will affect the whole business and for that purpose we all unite and work hard to make sure that we excel in all the goals

set and achieving success will mainly represent that our business is successful.