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118 MADE FOR MERRYMAKING This Scandinavian-inspired space was built with function as a top priority. . 110 TAKING IT PERSONALLY After one renovation experience. 132 PERFECT MATCH A marriage of this young couple’s favourite décor themes – industrial and contemporary resort – turned out to be enviably harmonious. 124 BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY This home illustrates a graceful combination of minimalist and industrial elements. these gung-ho homeowners had the confidence to take on the design of their new place all by themselves.APRIL 2014 102 h&d homes 102 OUT OF THE ORDINARY Almost all of the furnishings here were customised by the home’s designer.

You’re choosing one of Life’s Inspirations. Tel: +603-7958 7611 Johor : Unit A0103. Kencana Perindustrian Tebrau III. Tel: +607-351 9960 Gallery guocera. 46300 Petaling Jaya. (PTD 149221). 81100 Johor Bahru. you’re not just choosing tiles of exceptional quality and beauty. No. Jalan Kencana Mas 2/1. A0104. the DOLOMITI is perfect to showcase a unique and sophisticated .For nearly half a century. Guocera has been transforming the homes and workspaces of our customers with amazing products and services. 2. Jalan 19/1B. Wisma Kemajuan. Our passion has made us the manufacturer of choice in over 50 countries globally. Johor. Satin Dolomiti Series Highlighting its silky smooth finish as the centrepiece of your room or combining it with other neutral coloured tiles. When you choose Guocera. SR5026AS 30x60cm Satin Dolomiti Grey Guocera Digital Glazed Porcelain KFS015A 30x30cm Satin Dolomiti Curve Mosaic Grey Guocera Digital Glazed Porcelain Selangor : Ground & 1st Floor.

inspiration 36 WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Do you dare venture into the concrete jungle? Join us the green issue 46 36 96 {small spaces} 73 17 BIG IDEAS FOR SMALL SPACES Averaging 400sqf in size. 56 YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT A group of determined people are turning unused land into something edible for the community. {design buzz} 96 10 DESIGNER TOYS WE LOVE These iconic toys have stood the test of time to become design collectibles. . 82 FOR ONE AND ALL This software engineer did not let size get in the way of his creative visions for his home. MAKE A MOVE Ronnie Choong talks to us about the GBI tools for interior design. but the core value of a business. 56 90 HIDEY HOLE Drop by the one-bedroom flat full of clever design ideas and hidden nooks for storage. 64 COMMON SENSE When going green is not just a gimmick. 52 BOTTLED UP Eco-artist Lisa Foo makes art out of trash. hotel rooms are the best places to look for space-saving solutions.


24 SHOPPING – SHOP WONDERLAND Whimsical soft furnishings. 26 18 5Q – CARLO URBINATI The CEO of Italian lighting company Foscarini pushes design boundaries. . COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: ALAN LEE/ K STUDIO & VEE CHIN ART DIRECTION: KAFFY TAN 20 TRENDS – RATTAN RETURNS Rattan furnishings are stylishly coming back into fashion. too. Get ready for mouthwatering desserts. 140 26 SHOPPING – CHILLAL Industrial and rustic home furnishings. 22 regulars 12 167 168 EDITOR’S NOTE BUYING GUIDE MY LIFE LIST HOT SEAT – CHAIR ONE Chair One may look too sculptural to be practical. but it’s really comfortable.73 now 16 STICK WITH THIS Magnets have the potential to simplify your life in the home furnishings department. h&d living {expert series} 140 INGREDIENT: PANDAN We learn all about pandan this month. 28 20 WHAT’S NEW The latest in design and décor to dress up your home. floral crafts and baked goods.

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That’s well and good. which we use to highlight best sustainable practices in the industry. We take you to great HomeandDecorMY P.facebook. Have a great month ahead! ELAINE DONG EDITOR P.MAKE GREEN MAINSTREAM Every April. As they take us on a tour of their houses. homeanddecormsia . P. as we came across many people who make it a part of their lives.64 HOW TO LIVE GREEN CHECK OUT OUR ECO SPECIAL. http://www. we hope they will inspire great ideas for your home as well. but what we’d like to see is sustainability becoming mainstream. and not just something people do on special days or months. The good people at TTDI The Edible project (page 56) are literally going to the ground and turning a part of their neighbourhood into (what else) an edible garden! Ronnie Choong. we have the Green Issue. whose owners fully understand the concept of marrying design and their very individual lifestyles.56 TTDI THE EDIBLE PROJECT INSPIRES US. Lisa Foo. embodying the very essence of recycling. which will provide guidelines to interior designers to create sustainable spaces. architect and artist.22 CHAIR ONE IS EASILY RECOGNISABLE BECAUSE OF ITS ICONIC DESIGN. president of MIID talks to us about the upcoming GBI (Green Building Index) tool for interior design. which is to use what is already there. Green or eco should not be a catchphrase that people use to their convenience. rather a way of life. makes art out of rubbish. It has been an invigorating month putting together this issue.


purple e feminin eing the o to e e b rs e d afte d in th his min create nce it ie b . ke idn’t li wner d ould omeo ht it w g u o The h th ed as he chang t u b .COM. VISIT WWW. magazine Subscribe online or get a preview of the latest issue. style-driven interior design website for homeowners and decor enthusiasts.www.MY NOW TO REGISTER AND START INTERACTING WITH OUR GROWING ONLINE COMMUNITY! . promotions subscription as well as Get updates on the latest renovation professional and view visual samples of their An interactive.HOMEANDDECOR. and share them via social networks. ALL-NEW! Draw inspiration from over 2. promotional furnishings and decor accessories to see. m a om r bedro maste Hundreds of furniture items. products portfolios Find a questions Ask Home & Decor as well as renovation experts. homes mood board Store your renovation ideas online.800 pictures of real homes.homeanddecor.


MAGNETS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE IN Replacing individual parts isn’t a problem. STICK WITH THIS THE HOME FURNISHINGS DEPARTMENT. benjaminvermeulen. 16 .T RENDS text LOUISA CLARE LIM MAG furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen makes use of powerful magnets so you can construct the pieces without any tools. since the pieces can be taken apart and reattached with ease. www. NOT JUST DECORATIONS FOR YOUR FRIDGE OR WHITEBOARD.

Magnete by Ronda Design is a magnetised system that allows you to configure your own coat stands. so they can be positioned at intervals on the steel frames. futuristic edge to conventional products. the Magnetic key ring holder and shelf by Meriwether of Montana appears simple and classic. 17 . which comprises a chair. www. On a smaller scale. but hidden on its underside are three strong rare-earth magnets that your key rings snap satisfyingly onto – both practical and fun! The attraction we have to these magnetic designs is purely natural.adele-c. When it’s time to leave the house. Taking only minutes to assemble or disassemble without compromising on structural integrity – could this idea be the future of flat-packed furniture? On the other hand. so they snap together without the need for any The steel panels included in the Magnete collection by Ronda Design allow for flexible customisation of spaces. Assembling furniture is now effortless with Benjamin Vermeulen’s Magnetic Assisted Geometry (MAG) furniture. each can support a load of up to 15kg. gently tug on your keys to release them from the Magnetic key ring holder and shelf by Meriwether of Montana. www. The TT3 modular shelves by Ron Gilad for Adele-C (the latest addition to his Tray Table or TT series) have “trays” that appear to float within metal frames. All the parts are magnetically connected. Magnetic fields are also being exploited to give a sexy. This is achieved by embedding magnets in the walnut panels.The TT3 by Ron Gilad for Adele-C mesmerises with its “floating” shelves. meriwetherfieldgear. storage units and display shelving with multi-purpose parts. table and Magnets are changing the way furniture is designed and constructed.

Under the direction of Carlo and his business partner Alessandro Vecchiato. We like to find out along the way. you immediately cut your space in half by creating a perceived margin. you need to keep in mind what is beneath the surface. and choosing lights that are beyond just functional – they will start choosing stronger pieces as a way of expressing themselves. and a majority of professionals couldn’t tell the difference – I’d say we passed the test.T RENDS text MAVIS ANG photos XTRA Questions with. the space becomes much wider. 5 What is the best way to enhance a small space with lighting? In small spaces. To replicate the effect of the original design. Learn to translate the philosophy from one field of design to another. And to do that. . we mixed LED lights of different colours to mimic the glow of a halogen light. Foscarini’s decorative lighting designs continuously push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. and be very curious. We put the halogen and LED versions side by side at the Milan Fair. and we never say that an idea is impossible from the start. if you have a voluminous pendant light that is set in the middle. But if you place the same design at an angle or in a spot that’s opposite of the entrance. How does Foscarini like to work with designers? We collaborate with emerging designers and masters. how can young designers succeed? Travel. so we have made best-selling pieces like the Caboche (pictured top left) and the Big Bang (pictured left) in LED versions.. 18 What are some lighting trends you see surfacing? We are facing an LED revolution. but we still kill the project. the more they will develop the need for a physical place that assures them that: “This is my nest”. Foscarini is available at Linds and Lightcraft. People are now more interested in getting their own tools to build this “nest”. We focus on a concept we like and see how to produce it – and if we can produce it.. From a business point of view. 5 CARLO URBINATI CEO OF ITALIAN LIGHTING COMPANY FOSCARINI 1 How has the role of lighting at home changed over the years? The more people travel and the more they live in the digital world. Sometimes we end up with five or six prototypes. but an empty space can have a beautiful atmosphere with good lighting. 3 Carlo believes that a home with expensive furniture can fall flat with bad lighting.


and durability against daily wear. rattan furnishings. Available at Crate & Barrel. The rattan weave of this birch-framed closet by Grand Stockholm gives the nostalgic material a modern treatment. which had their heyday in the ‘70s and ‘80s. hardiness.T RENDS text AMANDA JAYNE LEE The rustic Monet was inspired by Danish firm Sika’s original design from the 1950s. The palm-wood material is still much loved for its flexibility. are stylishly coming back into fashion. Available at Dreamweave & Other Stories. 20 . RATTAN STILL LIVES ON THROUGH SLEEK AND MODERN INCARNATIONS. RATTAN RETURNS As is the case with so many objects of nostalgia. the Bensal chair (an update of a 1982 design) is part of a project to bring rattan back. Handcrafted in the Philippines. the Frisco (left) and Helene (below) mirrors combine traditional weaving methods with modern designs. Paying homage to the material that Spanish firm Studio Expormim started with.


his Munich-based office. Launched in 2003. He has a reputation for combining formal and analytical rigour with subtle humour in his designs. 22 . angular frame is built like a football – a collection of small. has collaborated with leading design companies such as Authentics. and flame-retardant. much of the early development work was done using cardboard models. Available in two heights. stackable. Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design. which are widely described as simple and minimalist. white. flat planes set at angles to each other to create a three-dimensional form. Flos. cantilevered atop aluminium legs. WHO DESIGNED IT German designer Konstantin Grcic was trained as a cabinet-maker in England before he studied furniture design at the Royal College of Art in London. The Chair One public seating system comes in two versions: system 1 has a concrete base. the chair is made of die-cast aluminum. and a public seating system. Magis and Muji. Chair One was selected for London’s Design Museum’s “25/25: Celebrating 25 Years of Design” exhibition.HO T S EAT text VERLAINE RAMOS-MARQUEZ photos LINDS CHAIR ONE WHY WE LOVE IT In 2007. Cappellini. a novel material at that time for designer Konstantin Grcic and manufacturer Magis. but ironically. At first glance. but it really offers comfortable seating. Stool One can be had in three colourways: red. This versatile chair is suitable for the indoors or outdoors (the painted version). a concrete base. the stool shows off the same angular seat. WHAT IT INSPIRED The original four-legged chair comes with base variations such as a swivel base. The chair’s futuristic look seems to suggest a digital. Since 1991. the Chair One may look too sculptural to be a practical seat. introduced in 2006. and black. Also part of the Family One collection is the Stool One. computer-manipulated quality. cementing its iconic status in contemporary design. See Chair One and the rest of the Family One collection at Linds. while system 2 (pictured here) has a die-cast aluminium base. Its unique.


FLORAL CRAFTS AND BAKED GOODS 3 1. and flowers used as decor. Visitors can catch live flower-craft classes on the second floor. facilitating the introduction of its cafe concept. Add a little vintage charm to your home with Louise Wilkinson’s tea cup set. 6 24 Where it is 37 Haji Lane. luxury brand events. The store brings in something new and changes its decor every month. tel: +65-6299-5848 . The New Romantics. The container for Scottish Fine Soaps’ soothing muscle soak. 4 What’s in store It looks like a cafe from the outside. These include Davy Young’s Leaves with Memories series of plates and batik cat toys by The Soft Touch. which add a whimsical and magical touch to the space’s intimate vibe – but that’s not all Shop Wonderland is. 2. 3. you can also shop for home accessories on the second floor. caters to weddings. and bouquets for occasions. can be used as a plate for small snacks. Shop Wonderland has relocated to 37 Haji Lane (from 53 Haji Lane) for more vintage lamps and a Louise Wilkinson tea cup set (sourced by Bertha & Biggs). too (to sign up.S HO PPING text HO LI YEN photography DARREN CHANG art direction KAFFY TAN Shop Wonderland 1 2 WHIMSICAL SOFT FURNISHINGS. The team at Shop Wonderland conducts floral-craft classes. Who’s behind it Founder Melissa Wang established Wonderland for Detailed Planners (WFDP) in 2010. In 2012.500sqf shop include Voluspa’s French Bourbon Vanille Corta candle. corporate dinners. The store sells a variety of whimsical soft furnishings and kitchenware. Decorate your home with Voluspa candles and Meri Meri products. with tables and chairs lining the sidewalk. including her time spent managing the British brand Jo Malone. The store’s overall concept and design has been greatly influenced by her travels around the world. store visual displays. so there’s always something to look forward to. 4. just drop by the store or send an e-mail to enquiry@ wonderland. 6. including products from local artisans and international Singapore. will look charming displayed in your bathroom. 5 5. Wares stocked by the 1. The store also supports local artisans. Besides enjoying baked goodies from cafes such as Carpenter and Cook and Patisserie G on the first floor. hiring out Tiffany chairs for events and weddings. providing them a platform to showcase and sell their products. selling soft furnishings. she established Shop Wonderland. Ceramic leaf from Leaves with Memories by Davy Young. The floral and decor arm.


A medley of mosaic lamps from India bring out the rich. re-painted. What’s in store If you appreciate things that aren’t perfect. These tin luggage containers are edgy alternatives to cookie cutter storage boxes. Much of the space is piled high with bedside tables. with the hope of setting up a store one day as a pet project. “The wood has been treated. deals directly with these artisans. Aside from furniture. a little battered up. you’ll be like a kid in a candy store at Chillal. mosaic pendant lamps. Among the store’s eclectic collection are also one-of-a-kind items uncovered at flea markets in Europe. which founder Amit Chillal (after whom the store is named) hand-picked during his travels. Singapore. and sanded down again to give it a raw look. and small cabinets made of beat-up recycled wood and oxidised metal parts. tel: +65-6299-0365 26 . fareastern palette of Chillal. seldom stocking more than one of each design. Where it is 9 Haji Lane. Chillal stocks a wide range of furniture and home accessories with a rustic vintage edge. 4. which allowed him to cross paths with craftsmen from all over India. store manager Rajinder Singh reveals that the majority of the shop’s furniture are simply vintageinspired. These vintage-inspired trunks bring to mind the spirit of exploration during the colonial days of India.S HO PPING text MAVIS ANG photography VERONICA TAY art direction LEYNA POH Chillal INDUSTRIAL AND RUSTIC HOME FURNISHINGS 1 2 3 4 1. With Chillal. Amit. you might even score a genuine antique! Who’s behind it Founder Amit Chillal’s personal passion for artisanal home decor blossomed during his extensive travels for his former food business. Australia and Europe. credenzas. If you’re lucky.” he says. and Chillal makes an effort to keep the items exclusive. but with a whole lot of character. While they may look like they have been scavenged from pre-war colonial houses. Most of the pieces are handcrafted – rather than manufactured in factories – in India. who is based in India. Chillal is packed with a wide range of home accessories such as rustic burlap cushions. 2. 3. and is proud to be able to bring these rustic industrial-decor items to the Singaporean market at very reasonable prices. Amit stayed in touch with them. and even cooler boxes modelled after retro Coca-Cola chillers. “rusted” steel luggage cases.




.. C H E C K O U T.

muji avenue k
It’s been two years since Muji arrived at our shores and the Japanese brand is showing no sign of slowing down. Last month, Muji opened its third Malaysian store in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. The 8,000 sqf showroom is the largest in Southeast Asia. Besides its usual lineup like stationery, furniture, soft furnishings and clothing for men and women, Muji has introduced Muji Kids.
Muji is at M-1, Mezzanine Floor, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. For more info, call +603-2141-0223.



These scented candles smell as good as they look. They make a great accessory on the coffee table, the nightstand and the bathroom rack.



moving on up!
1 Diptyque Red Tuberose, from Ken’s Apothecary. 2 Izola Clary Sage, from Snackfood. 3 Tom Dixon London Crocus and Brick, from Gudang.

The Proof Living store at Ion Orchard, Singapore has reopened on the fourth floor. Revisit all your favourite furniture brands such as Baker, Barbara Barry, and Walter Knoll in this 10,000sqf space. While you’re there, check out their home accessory collection.


Available from authorised dealers.


spanish flair
Spanish tile brand Zirconio is recently made available in Malaysia by Niro Ceramic Group. Established in 1965, Zirconio has been at the forefront of the international ceramic tile circuit. In the brand’s extensive product catalogue are wall tiles manufactured by the single-firing process, stoneware floor tiles, porcelain tiles and a varied range of complementary pieces and trims.
View the collection at Niro, Lot 2 Persiaran Sultan, Seksyen 15, Shah Alam, tel: +603-5033-9333.

The Cosse sofa from Ligne Roset’s new collection is the epitome of comfort. Designed by Philippe Nigro, the sofa features soft, welcoming contours. Its poufy appearance is offset by its wooden legs, which gives it an air of lightness.
Coming soon to Ligne Roset.


online luxury
Award-winning British designer Kelly Hoppen has launched her first online luxury store together with a new interior product range. Shop for “home jewellery”, bed linen, gifts and more from the UK, or get style tips for your home from the famed designer herself.
View the new online store at

space oddity

When Hafele presented the floating Functionality Cube, designed in collaboration with Berlin-based designer Werner Aisslinger, at the Baden-Wurttemberg State Horticultural Show in Nagold, the unique kitchen island was one of the most talked-about designs. Besides having ample storage areas, its countertop can be extended to provide extra working space. One of its drawers, when opened, reveals a pull-out dining table.
For more information, visit or call +603-5569-2526.

dine in style
The Commodore collection from Christofle is the cross-pollination between the modern and the historical. Its clean, elegant shapes, inspired by the Art Deco movement, speak of ultimate luxury. Coupled with fine craftsmanship, the Commodore collection is a flatware collection that will last for generations.
Christofle is at G118, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, tel: +603-2282-5985.


PROMOTION ENDS 15TH MAY.electrolux. Designed for the busy homeowner. The Gardens Mall. visit www. crumbs and pet hair more BRING AN OLD effectively. Kuala Lumpur. AVAILABLE IN BLACK AND WHITE. OH. With a new and more powerful motor fan and redesigned nozzle Available from Namu Haus. 31 . tel: +603-2282-9088.3 Jalan Timur. THIS BED WILL ADD A DOSE OF LUXURY TO YOUR KID’S ROOM. Petaling Jaya. NORMAN OUTLETS AND YOU GET AN INSTANT REBATE UP TO RM100 WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN ELECTROLUX ERGORAPIDO. AND WE HOPE YOUR ACTIVE LITTLE ONE WILL WANT TO GET TO BED EARLY. Is cordless and graband-go design makes cleaning effortless. the sofa is a timeless design that personifies both finesse and comfort. this ingenious device provides the convenience of a mini upright vacuum cleaner and handheld – all in one. opt for the pewter-shade upholstery that’s exclusive to Minotti Studio. tel: +603-7932-3999. BROOM TO ANY HARVEY For more information. the new Ergorapido vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt. Minotti is available from Xtra. VROOM VROOM YOUR CHILD WILL CERTAINLY ENJOY THIS UBER COOL RACE CAR BED. For a retro take on this classic piece.INSTANT CLEANING Electrolux recently revealed the third generation of the Ergorapido vacuum cleaner. in true Minotti CLASSIC YET RETRO Minotti recently launched the Andersen seating system by Italian designer Rodolfo Dordoni at the IMM Cologne 2014 and.

the X-T1 is able to shoot up to eight frames a second with tracking AF. Using Canon’s proprietary DIGIC 5 imaging processor that allows users to evaluate and optimise the quality of images captured.005 seconds. they automatically change from Vitrual Surround Sound to 5. The camera body is dust and water resistant able to withstand harsh weather conditions up to a chilling negative 10 degrees Celsius. At the back the 3-inch LCD panel allows for easy viewing. in-built Wi-Fi enables users to share images with other wireless devices. Available from authorised dealers. It features a wireless subwoofer with a stylish and chic design. When the speakers are removed from the main console. SMALL AND POWERFUL For Canon’s latest Powershot S200. 32 . Available from authorised dealers. The wireless Philips Fidelio HTL9100 soundbar is the world’s first soundbar with detachable speakers. but apart from all the features.0.1-megapixel highsensitivity CCD sensor and a five times optical zoom lens at 24 to 120mm with a f/2.T RENDS tangle free Available exclusively at Harvey Norman.1 Channel Surround Sound on Demand. Together with the camera’s EXP Processor II and X-Trans CMOS II sensor. the imaging is powerful despite is pocket sized body. specifications are a 10. weather proof Fujifilm’s latest X-T1 is one that features the world’s fastest Real Time Viewfinder that has an almost nonexistent lag time of 0. The Philips Fidelio HTL9100 has won the Home Theatre Innovation 2013/2014 Award given by the European Imaging and Sound Association.


the Vibe Z’s dimensions are svelte at a 149mm tall. The Lenovo Vibe Z is the brand’s first smartphone to include ultra-fast LTE. and the Galaxy Camera 2 does more for you on the road. 77mm wide and a slim 7.0. For the BeoLab 17.8 lens and a respectable 5-megapixel at the front. The electronic viewfinder also immerses the shooting experience as compared to one with the rear LCD monitor. Add in the large 4. and to add to that. 34 . Available from authorised dealers.2GHz processor. Available from authorised dealers. a pair of 160-watt class D amplifiers and a proprietary digital sound engine. From the outside. ¾ tweeter. its 81-point AF system covers most of the image area with many focus points for a wider choice.5-inch display is a joy to look at with its Full HD IPS 1920 by 1080 pixels.9mm. Available from authorised dealers. but in terms of real camera power. 18 and 19 range is one that focuses on wireless sound in three different design executions. This combined with the eight frames per second fast sequential shooting makes the E-M10 a winner in a growing market of interchangeables. 13-megapixel auto-focus rear-camera with a f1. The 5. good vibes A FULL TEN The Olympus E-M10 features a compact sized body but with the powerful Zuiko Lens system with good optical performance. Bluetooth 4. Internally.8-inch touch LCD at the back and Wi-Fi plus NFC capabilities.6GHz Quad-Core processor with 2GB of RAM. form meets wireless function as the two-way BeoLab 17 has custom-made six inch midrange. generation two The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 has an enhanced 2000mAh battery and 1. the specifications are the latest as can be with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core 2.T RENDS IMMACULATE SOUND Bang & Olufsen’s latest BeoLab 17. its 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor is backed with the 21 times optical zoom for further distance. Available from Bang & Olufsen.

43300 Seri Kembangan. Bukit Belimbing. Each Arteor piece integrates product ergonomics with fluid functionality. Jalan KPB Website: www. House or home? Redefining the traditional white hardware of wiring devices. Arteor boasts a multitude of functions encased in sophisticated construction – timeless in design and ingenious in Kawasan Perindustrian Balakong.legrand. Luxurious materials coupled with opulent finishes create a visual impact that is both contemporary and . Malaysia Tel : +603-8962 3333 Fax : +603-8962 2266 Email : enquiries@megapower. transforming houses to homes with the artful balance of function and form. Selangor Megapower Electrical Distributions (M) Sdn Bhd Lot 1888.E.Arteor TM The thoughtful design and intimate touches of the ArteorTM range by Legrand transforms the house to a home.


LEFT TO RIGHT Lion by Steiff. FURRY CROWN? WHEN HE LOOKS AT YOU. AFTER ALL. YOU’RE IN HIS LAIR. all from Little Light Haus. from Robinsons. from Space Furniture.KING OF THE JUNGLE SEE THE BIG CAT WITH THE FLAMING. TK8 daybed by Carl Hansen & Son. IT’S BEST TO BACK AWAY. 37 . squirrel lamps.

and tree branch.LEFT TO RIGHT Wallpaper. per roll. from Das Erzgebirge-Haus. . lanterns. all from Egg3. sheep.

1940s Royal typewriter.LEFT TO RIGHT Screen. LOOK OUT. zebra. price unavailable. ZEBRA CROSSING IS IT BLACK WITH WHITE STRIPES OR WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPES? EITHER WAY. price unavailable. from Le Article. Smoke dining chair by Moooi. . from Space Furniture. from Blackhole. from The Cottage Crafts. THIS BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL BLENDS IMPECCABLY INTO THIS MONOCHROMATIC WORLD. lamp. from The Wright Gift.

. SCULPTURAL BEINGS. both from AF Home. LEFT TO RIGHT Small rhino. from The Interior Library. WITH A MAJESTIC DEMEANOUR. and Fat-Fat mini table by B&B Italia. all from Space Furniture. price unavailable. from The Wright Gift. skull coin bank. porcelain jug by Kose. Lys candleholder by B&B Italia.DARK & DANGEROUS THEY MIGHT BE HULKING BEASTS. overscale candle by B&B Italia. wall decor. and big rhino. BUT HERE RHINOS ARE ELEGANT.


all from Dream Interiors. both from The Better Kids’ Decor Store. Rabbit standing lamp. and Cassina zigzag chair. and alligator. from Little Light Haus.LEFT TO RIGHT Folkmanis American alligator (on wall). . design letter cups.

POLAR OPPOSITES THEY WOULD NEVER MINGLE IN THE REAL WORLD. from Motherswork. all from Lifestorey. polar bear. from Molecule. penguins. . and vase. LEFT TO RIGHT Screen. floor lamp. price unavailable. BUT LET’S FREEZE REALITY AND ENJOY THE COOL CHILL THESE ANIMALS BRING TO THIS PRISTINE SET. sofa. fur plaid. from The Better Kids’ Decor Store.

and leather stag head skull. all from Dream Interiors. . from Motherswork. reclinable chair in leather. painting.LEFT TO RIGHT Giraffe.


He has also chosen to remain within the city centre to minimise moving trips. opposite page One of SI Design’s latest design. decided to move his office to Central Plaza. Kuala Lumpur. Design Director of SI Design and the incumbent President of the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID). .” For instance. THE SAME PHILOSOPHY IS APPLIED TO INTERIOR DESIGN. although his endeavours may not be immediately apparent. SAYS RONNIE CHOONG. they switch on ceiling fans. It’s also about the well-being of people. “In the grand scheme of things. he had kept sustainability in mind. 46 left Ronnie at his lightfilled office in Central Plaza. he has used VOC-free glue and paint and recycled materials. Here. the office is cooled by the building’s central air conditioning system and at night.THE green ISSUE text WENSHAN PANG photos SI DESIGN Portrait photography ANDREW O/ ABSOLUTE ART CREATIONS make a LIVING A SUSTAINABLE LIFE MUSTN’T BE TAKEN TOO LITERALLY. Desks and chairs used are those from the previous office. the human aspect is of utmost importance.” he comments. “Being eco-friendly is more than just reducing carbon footprint. the Agilent Technologies office. the employees of the awardwinning firm can enjoy various amenities in the vicinity of Central Plaza by foot. when Ronnie and his co-workers work late. move When Ronnie Choong. During the day.


” Spreading awareness is something the MIID is currently working on. the independent regulatory body for GBI accreditation. And this year. a whollyowned subsidiary of PAM and ACEM. Gold. “These days. • The Green Energy Office. 48 . • The GBI team is divided into three tiers: the GBI Accreditation Panel. But it all stems from awareness. The common area of the BAE Detica office in Binjai is flooded with light and boasts a stunning view. Silver or Certified. The GBI. what we can do to save the Earth is to create less adverse impact. the GBI Certifiers. previously known as Pusat Tenaga Malaysia’s first GBI-certified building. Ronnie reveals that the organisation is collaborating with the Malaysian Green Building Confederation (MGBC) to devise a Green Building Index (GBI) tool for interior design. the GBI Facilitator.“Green is a way of life.” he says. professionals who work with clients and the design team to enhance their projects. • Buildings are awarded Platinum. which consists of a group of seasoned professionals that assesses and certifies project submissions. accredits buildings that meet the criteria of sustainable architecture. • Buildings are required to be reassessed every three years in order to maintain their GBI ratings. THE GBI CHEAT SHEET • Greenbuildingindex Sdn Bhd was incorporated in February 2009. based upon the scores achieved. rolled out several years ago by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) and the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM). the interior design equivalent will be launched.


it’s a place where you find inspiration that enhances productivity.” he says. “You could enjoy having a personal space but you could still see who’s around you. the barriers began to lower. One could do anything inside and escape public view. as seen here at the British Telecoms office. Ronnie shares that. opposite page The office trend has changed.” These days. He reminisces. the landscape of corporate offices was significantly different from that of today’s.MEASURE UP The GBI Interior Tools for Offices will provide guidelines for interior designers to create sustainable offices. the era where communication gained popularity.” Ronnie divulges that he has worked on projects in which the clients desired sustainable designs in order to fit the requirements of the landlord.” 50 Cubicles became in vogue in the 1990s.” In the 2000s. left and below Recently completed. Interactions between co-workers were scarce. “A cubicle is a cave. And having your own room was seen as a symbol of success. “During the 1980s. an office is no longer a space where you work. personal space at work was highly valued. whose building is GBI-certified. But that has changed over the years. THE EVOLUTION OF CORPORATE OFFICES When Ronnie started out as an interior designer almost 30 years ago. such as those for hotels. the Du Pont office features pops of colours amidst a grey backdrop. it helps GBI-certified buildings to strengthen their ecofriendly initiatives when tenants also adhere to parameters set by the organisation. more Tools will be introduced. The GBI panel will then measure and subsequently certify those whose standards are fulfilled. “This Tool aims to get more interior designers to participate in the green movement. restaurants and eventually residences. Long gone are the days when you were chained to the desk and work in a mechanical manner. “People no longer want to be bound to the .” he says. “On top of that. in time. “The walls were coming down but cubicles were nonetheless enclosed space.

and sometimes the employers. Central Plaza. Many companies are beginning to adopt the open concept when it comes to office design. in order to achieve the brightness of a halogen lamp. But years ago. if you will. Ronnie concludes. It has recently completed several projects for various high profile companies such as Du Pont Malaysia.05. a new trend in corporate office design has emerged. if not within a certain radius of our offices!” desk. All employees. it’s the end result that matters. star ratings on energy efficiency of electrical appliances also help interior designers to make informed decisions. “These days. I always believe that we interior designers should source products locally. a library. the main task of interior designers is to meet the client’s brief and this has. Kuala Lumpur. For example. thanks to modern technology. one might need 10 LED ones.” That said. This new type of office promotes human contact and it is believed to increase work efficiency than traditional offices.” says Ronnie.” SI Design has been specialising in corporate office design since 1995. Everyone is free to choose to work wherever they want. “Office hours sometimes become irrelevant.Admittedly. LED lamps have become almost the de facto choice. Ronnie says. albeit taking baby steps. in a way. share a communal space. there’s no benefit in ordering a ‘green’ product for a project but it has to be flown in from halfway across the globe. There are no designated desks. when combined. Halogen lamps are gradually going out of trend. the abundance of eco-friendly materials and appliances has also helped push the movement to a new level. Besides. British Telecom Multimedia. tel: +603-2144-9131 51 . driven them towards going green. “Everyone knows that LED lights are energy-saving. “It’s not just about making a point. BAE Systems Detica and Barclays Corporate Real Estate Services. Of course. SI Design is at CP77 Suite 11. “It is like.” Ronnie reminisces. we must change the way we live.” These factors. have facilitated interior designers to make conscious decision about sustainability.

Her endeavour was purely fortuitous. “the green girl”. aptly named Sea Creature 13. slicing and stitching these plastic pieces into sculptures. as she’s often called.” she says explaining that all their installations have been materialised by applying the most basic methods of manual crafting skills using common stationery and craft tools. which occupy almost every corner of her home. With her skilful hands. what we used were things deemed useless. The roots of the Sea Creature series can in fact be traced back to 2008. She reveals that she lived in an apartment without a functional water filter and the only way to obtain clean drinking water was by buying bottled ones.” The girls’ first few series. the Plastic Organic Lifeform and the Plastic Sea Creature. she’s merely a lass who collects junk.THE green ISSUE text WENSHAN PANG other photos LISA FOO portrait photography CORRINA FOONG bottled up ARCHITECT CUM ARTIST LISA FOO BRINGS UPCYCLING TO A NEW HEIGHT. cleaning. But this petite architect cum artist is no ordinary scavenger. were exhibited at several art galleries and fairs and garnered both critical and commercial success. 52 Lisa Foo declares that she’s not. . “Basically. life-like forms that resemble aquatic organisms. We lit these figures with lighting samples from my architectural projects. she transforms piles of plastic bottles. Her latest installation. The empty bottles soon formed little mountains and while she was thinking of a good way to get rid of them a light bulb moment struck her. into luminous light sculptures of organic. Next Page Lisa join forces with Toccata Studio last year and designed the set for a dance performance called Intertwined. is reminiscent of phosphorescent zoophytes that dwell in the bosom of the ocean. the year Lisa and her partner Mah Su Sim first tried their hands on creating sculptures out of plastic bottles. such as the Plastic Stingray Chimes. “I teamed up with my old friend Su Sim and we began sorting. She had not aspired to become an artist.


1 ONE OF LISA’S WORK DISPLAYED AT THE CHUNG HWA HIGH SCHOOL. SHE WAS THE ARTIST-INRESIDENCE FOR THE SCHOOL ’S CENTENARY ART FESTIVAL 2 LISA USES LIGHTING SAMPLES FROM HER ACHITECTURE PROJECTS AS THE LIGHT SOURCE FOR HER SCULPTURES. music and dance. Her pursuit for the unorthodox was probably the impetus that led her to study architecture. even when I was very young. “My background in architecture has helped me gain a greater understanding of three-dimensional structures and the utilisation of materials. who is a handicraft fanatic.” she adds. symbolising the unity of Malaysians.” she laughs. She decorated the stage with sheets of paper in intricate configurations and. MUAR. In conjunction with the 50th Malaysia Day last year. she collaborated with Toccata Studio on a contemporary dance project called Intertwined in which she was the set designer. created an otherworldly symphony that tantalised the senses. 1 Recently. “I’ve always wanted to do something different and push the design envelope. In December 2013. JOHOR. she created a six-metre tall installation from inflated latex gloves with “I Love MY” emblazoned across each humanoid. when paired with lighting. She was influenced by her mother. I don’t think my teachers liked me very much back in school. a profession that shares several parallels with creating sculptures. 54 2 . Lisa has begun experimenting with other materials besides plastic bottles.MASTER STROKE Turning mundane objects into something extraordinary is an inherent quality in Lisa.

55 . “I simply want to get creative with seemingly useless objects in the comfort of my own home and I want to inspire people of all ages to get creative too. Going green doesn’t have to be confrontational and extreme. OCEANIC LIFEFORMS REMAIN A RECURRING THEME.” 4 Lisa’s work may have a strong impact but she confesses that she’s just an inhabitant of the Earth who’s trying to contribute in her own small ways. “I do not hold a banner in my hands that screams ‘I am a green artist’.” she says. 4 THE SEA CREATURE 13. It’s a conscious way of life and involves many small steps. Because it is only through creativity can we feel alive. visit http://lfss-create. 3 ONE OF LISA AND SU SIM’S EARLIER WORKS. EXHIBITED AT THE PENANG STATE MUSEUM & ART GALLERY. CONCLUDED LAST MONTH.” To view more of Lisa’s work.blogspot.3 “I SIMPLY WANT TO GET CREATIVE WITH SEEMINGLY USELESS OBJECTS IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME AND I WANT TO INSPIRE PEOPLE OF ALL AGES TO GET CREATIVE


and how we would design our space so energy is used efficiently. growing and doing something more for our surroundings. wind.iriam Loh started TTDI The Edible Project on a piece of paper. above 57 . Miriam Loh wants people to know that everything is connected and that if we care about something deeply.” says the 29-year-old. and one of the modules was on “Community Gardening”. sunlight) flowed around our house. She had taken a permaculture design course. next to the TTDI community centre. She was asked to “redesign” a public space in Petaling Jaya. she started to make her plans a reality. there will be positive ripple effects. Where she stays is a piece of unattended land. left Four households water the plots and the garden regularly. manpower. She had found her hypothetical subject area. I have always been interested in planting. “During the course. light. This led me review my immediate neighbourhood on Google Maps and notice how much green space around me could be used to plant food and beautify it for play. literally. Although permaculture is a new way of thinking about connections in life. After the course. we were required to do a survey about how energy (water.

friends of friends and neighbours as volunteers to help dig. Some of the plants found on the site. but more on that later. misai kucing. sweet basil. bananas. we got friends.) Flowers: ylang-ylang. (We’re currently just trying kale and cabbage. skills and passion join to make a strong collective whole. build bean poles. bottom Susan Tam and her husband Pat Fama are passionate about planting their own food. “About 20 people showed up which was scary and exciting at the same time. limau purut. Other than the fixed first Saturday of the month (they have a gotong royong every first Saturday of the month). plant trees and prepare garden beds shortly after that. the regular plot adopters visit every day and the public is welcome to post a message on our Facebook page to schedule a ‘tour’ or get a cutting from the garden at other times. dill. french tarragon. sambung nwaya. sweet potato leaves. as well as Eunice Quah. hill rice. kai lan. as Eunice hands us some choice Brazilian Spinach stalks. Susan Tam and her husband Pat Fama. passionfruit. giant red mustard. mulberry. oregano. They chat with us about the various beans that are growing in the garden. sabah snake grass. (quite a few more growing wild that I can’t name. And so a group of people with much experiences. ulam raja. THE PLANTS AT TTDI THE EDIBLE PROJECT “There are edibles and non-edibles. blue pea. kerak nasi are some fragrant ones that seem to be doing very well. Avid environmentalist Lymun Loo joined the fray. bitter gourd. Now we have four households that regularly care for their plots and help transport heavier resources like dirt. beauty. arrowroot. daun selom. malabar spinach. mint. TTDI The Edible Project had their first seed exchange Feb 2013. but we believe each have its function be it for attracting predators for pests. butterflies. long beans. In the beginning. jerusalem artichoke.) “Edible fruiting/flowering/roots: brinjal. 58 The project launched with a few likeminded neighbours who staked a claim on their own plots. sword beans. “Eunice is the one who finds the best cuttings. corn. food. ladybirds. “Herbs and miscellaneous cooking ingredients: Rosemary. four angled beans. Susan and Pat work a patch at their house too and are very knowledgeable about planting. with grand plans for establishing a food forest in one part of the garden. . Other common flowers I can’t name are found in the garden.” says Miriam.” Miriam Loh.” says Miriam. lemongrass. okra. attracting pollinators. ginger. suriname spinach. support plants for mulch and compost and so on. while Pat shows us how to sprinkle egg shells over the seedlings to keep snails away. collect and arrange bricks. bees and wasps as well as frogs and agamids. These have attracted a diversity of insects and we’ve found a new presence of praying mantises. bricks and cement slabs we scavenge from the neighbourhood.” she says.right A head of sweet corn that was grown from seed. thai basil. “We started to clear the lalang. and they also have a garden patch at home. “Vegetables and greens: Brazillian spinach.

Marlina Mohamat. above right Pat Fama shows us how egg shells prevent snails from attacking young seedling. but is having difficulty sustaining it in this dry spell. whether rats will get in it. Zurida Ramli.Miriam Loh. and how fast it breaks down.everything that has lived will break down. the people of TTDI The Edible Project. Miriam Loh. Pat Fama. then you’ll have to make sure it’s really broken down (looks like dirt and smells sweet) or it’ll ‘burn’ the plants. So finding the balance of ‘greens’ and ‘browns’ is something one will learn quickly. Thinesh Selvarajoo. 59 . above left The group harvests rainwater for the garden. If you want to use it on your plants. Nur Humairah Adawiah. top (from left) Christopher De Shield. What we usually care about and try to manage is that whether it stinks. Susan Tam and Eunice Quah.” . Lymun Loo.COMPOSTING “It can’t go wrong .

The roots will form here. perhaps in the form of a homestead and to be in a community that can provide and manage its own resources and waste. not chasing that bee’s nest away. “For me. making sure the soil is always very moist. The water. white brinjals. food labelling. If they prefer to share a plot with someone perhaps due to lack of confidence/experience. The caretakers of that plot harvest its produce and may share or exchange as they please. although getting mature cuttings often work) • Ulam Raja (seeds) • Chives (seeds/ cutting with the root intact (bulb) • Malabar spinach (cuttings from the market) • Mint (cuttings from the market) These might be a little harder to acquire but worth it as they are very easy to grow : • Brazilian Spinach (cuttings) • Suriname Spinach (seed or cuttings) HOW TO PLANT CUTTINGS: When planting cuttings. that’s fine too. “It can be very overwhelming and depressing but there are very small things we can do. bees and frogs. Monsanto.the soil. doing our part to care for the nature around us and to appreciate the beauty in connecting with food and where it comes from. For Miriam. choosing to eat less meat or going vegetarian. or our conscience. and life in the ocean . clean water scarcity.clockwise from top left The sign of a healthy garden is the presence of buttterflies. keeping the trees in the ground. this project is definitely part of a larger one of her family’s goal to live off the land in tthe near future. Since it goes vertical. farmer suicide. The harvest of the day . the air. belimbing buluh. opposite page The herb spiral embodies the concepts of efficiency and using natural elements that aid the growing process. Make a hole deep enough in the soil so that at least three nodes of the cutting is underground. it saves on space while allowing one to sort and plant different kinds of herbs. top soil degradation. such as in a balcony or porch that receives sunlight part of the day. spinach. the water ways.” she says. Place in brightly lit area. She hopes to encourage people to take control of food security. the air we breathe. basil. EASIER PLANTS TO START WITH FOR THE BUDDING GARDENER • Long Beans and french beans / beans in general (seeds) • Okra (seeds) • Bayam (seeds) • Kangkung (cutting or seeds) • Lemongrass (cutting with the roots intact) • Thai Basil (preferably seeds. like caring for the soil. There is a lot of injustice that goes on. lemongrass. trim of most of the leaves so the plant will effectively directs its energy into making roots. Everything comes back to us in the end. HOW IT WORKS Each family or individual cares for a plot. Water at least once a day. being mindful of our food source has more to do with how the environment . ulam raja. the farmers. A lot can be found by googling Genetically Modified bittergourds. using completely plant-based or natural alternatives for cleaning the dishes and floor. 60 .is treated.


According to Miriam. 62 Miriam hopes to see more households joining them in adopting plots or starting to grow plants in their yards. so we’re taking inaction as a go-ahead for now. for the nearer future at least. keep it tidy. IF RELEVANT “We wrote to the council a rather comprehensive proposal of how the garden would work. we started planting in the area now known as the TTDI Edible Project site. and finding a group of people that would make it happen. private developers and policy makers will actualise green. GETTING PERMISSION. Some members are working on liaising with the right people and finding out other right people to contact. safe spaces for the people of all social economic statuses. replenishing the water table below us. we need to learn that everything is connected. including “a couple of DBKL Kontraktors (red shirt men)” that have taken up a plot too! . Miriam happily informs us that they just got three more households to join them. While waiting for a response. We have looked up Jabatan Landskap’s website but couldn’t find anything immediately related to what we’re doing. and inserted pictures of the site we were hoping to use. Then there’s also green spaces like the one we grew a garden in. cut its grass. “In TTDI we’re privileged to have plenty of safe parks to let our kids wander about. one of the larger goals. there will be positive ripple effects. they allow rain to be absorbed by the earth. And being in the midst of a water crisis. Officers from the council have been on the site. “Gardens. At the time of writing this story. according to eyewitness and but we haven’t received direct response. green spaces and parks not only improve quality of life. Many other neighbourhoods don’t have this kind of space. as well as the types of beds we wanted. and when we care for something deeply. rather than tiling it up. which is not directly related to the garden. but the important this is having a clear vision. We also stated that we would maintain the area i. She thinks it’s possible to start anything on Facebook these days.opposite page Christopher De Shield weeding one of the plots.e.” she says. is that urban planners.

a variety of other types of plants and improving its soil. Lymun and his intern Thinesh. ANYONE? “I want to improve the ‘food forest’ section where the fruit trees are located by planting more nitrogen fixing plants. .ecocentrictransitions.Healing and Herbs. I’m doing this because I have someone who is interested to donate a large number of plants to the garden. “The other thing I have in mind (which is more immediate) is to create a small designer garden space for recreation and a little utility. for contact information or how to find out what’s happening / ideas for starting your own community garden. 3. Check them out at: Website: http://www. I also use Permaculture principles in my designs.A FOOD FOREST. 2. which runs workshops and provides consulting on various aspects of sustainable living: food. fluorishing with produce.Privacy/Safe Haven. I design with function first and form second.” – Lymun Loo. water and shelter. 63 Join them on Facebook: TTDI The Edible Project. The design concepts of the space is based on 1.The Fibonacci Sequence. I have looked at the various plants that is to be donated and have designed the space with those plants in mind.Energy Flow. and 4. One of the adopted Facebook: Ecocentric Transitions Clockwise from top A little tepee has been made for the kids from material found around the neighbourhood. Lymun is the co-founder of Ecocentric Transitions. waste.

acob Holm. reduced running time of dryers and enhanced humidification system. The four focus areas are: create long-lasting products. the company replaced the urea formaldehyde glue with water-based glue. IT IS THE CORE OF THEIR BUSINESSES.” he concludes. reduce carbon dioxide emissions and responsible sourcing. such as optimised ventilation system. During the manufacturing process. “It requires simply that we use our common sense in every step of the way. opposite page Production plant of Fritz Hansen. Fritz Hansen received the Chain of Custody (COC) certification from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). FRITZ HANSEN Blending sustainability. quality and exclusive designs J right The Series 7 stacking chair by Arne Jacobsen has been in production for 50 years. In 2004. reduce toxic chemicals. In 2007. Fabrics and leathers do not contain hazardous azo dyes. The brand uses wood sourced from forests that are sustainably managed. The chipboards used contain up to 70 per cent recycled wood. In 2012. scrap metals. 64 . Plastic parts are free of phthalates and flame retardants and are manufactured without the use of PVC. Fritz Hansen is equally cautious when it comes to materials. the manufacturer announced a significant reduction of carbon dioxide following improvements in its factory. it stopped using glass fibre and chromium VI for chromium plating. quality and exclusive designs are all part of the same solution. The plastic foam that is used in upholstered products such as the Egg chair and the Favn sofa is 100 per cent recyclable. Three years later. paper and cardboard waste are recycled.THE green ISSUE text WENSHAN PANG Denmark common sense THREE MAJOR FURNITURE BRANDS IN THREE COUNTRIES DEMONSTRATE THAT GOING GREEN ISN’T A GIMMICK. President and CEO of Danish furniture brand Fritz Hansen divulges that the company’s vision is to show how sustainability.

65 .

one naturally wants to protect it. It is one of the first companies in the region to introduce a day care centre for its employees. formaldehyde and halogenated compounds. To begin with. Ligne Roset's production complies with the standards set by the French Technological Institute for Cellulose Wood and Furniture. President and CEO of Ligne Roset. The company improved the wood dust extraction of its factories in order to minimise the level of dust expelled into the air. Construction and Furniture. Besides.France LIGNE ROSET Protecting the environment and the people T he factory of French furniture giant Ligne Roset is located in the picturesque village of Briord in Ain. Ligne Roset switched from using solvent-based glues to waterbased variants. Pictured here. Ligne Roset also takes employee welfare very seriously. These glues make cleaning equipments and tools – spray guns.” says Pierre Roset. These varnishes contain no fungicides. limiting the impact on the environment at the production stage and designing the product in such a way that the materials of which it is composed can be easily recycled. it has had a system of hoods installed on machines to eliminate noise pollution for a more pleasant working environment. the cabinet factories sent 500 tonnes of waste for recycling and in 2006. Like Ligne Roset uses materials that have less impact on the environment. “This remarkable setting reminds us daily of our duties as eco-citizens. Ligne Roset sources wood such as oak. the iconic Ruche bed. walnut and beech from ecologically-managed forests recommended by the French Technological Institute for Cellulose Wood. Fritz Hansen. heavy metals. The brand uses UV acrylic varnishes which results in no release of harmful by-products. Waste management is also an integral part of the brand’s endeavour for sustainable production. above 66 . In 2001. this figure was reduced to 300 tonnes. “When one has the good fortune to grow and develop in an environment of such quality. in particular – easier to clean and produce fewer residues.” Ligne Roset believes that an eco-design entails indentifying the environmental issues associated with the product for the duration of its life cycle. right The Tanis desk by Pierre Paulin. We owe it the greatest respect. France.

com. The factory is safe and clean. 67 .left TheTogo sofa. Photos courtesy of Starhill Living. below Ligne Roset emphasises employee's welfare too.



Small actions at home that add up to big impacts


kea believes that going green starts at home and it has a great variety of products – from energy-saving appliances, LED lamps to water-saving taps – to help you live a sustainable life. The Swedish brand has been embracing the LED technology and by 2016, it aims to produce lighting run solely by LED bulbs. LED bulbs consume 85 per cent less energy than conventional ones and last up to 20 years. Ikea also offers kitchen taps that reduce water consumption by up to 30 per cent and bathroom taps up to 50 per cent. The secret lies in a pressure compensating aerator, a little device inside the faucet that adds a little bit of air to help you save water. Besides, a wide range of waste bins are available to help you create your own recycling solution.

Wood is one of the most important materials and Ikea is committed to get the most out of this precious commodity by minimising the amount of material needed and by increasing the efficiency of manufacturing. The company is one of the founding members of the Forest Stewardship Council and works with 21 foresters to ensure that all wood is sourced in compliance with international forestry standards. Ikea partners with organisations like Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and WWF to adopt a holistic approach to the complex sustainability issues surrounding cotton production. Making its facilities more energy efficient is also one of Ikea’s way to provide a positive impact on the Earth. 300,000 solar panels were installed on Ikea buildings around the world. Besides, by shipping more products in one container, the brand has helped decrease carbon dioxide emissions. The Vidja lamp, for example, was redesigned to allow for easier assembly. By eliminating 24 of the original 33 components, its packaging weight is reduced by 28 per cent and because there’s less volume, 128 lamps can be fitted on a pallet, where there were previously only 80. Switching from wood to paper pallets has also reduced the brand’s carbon dioxide emission by 75,000 tonnes a year. left Sorting bins to help you recycle at home. above The Hamlure recycle bags are suitable for


clockwise from top left Ikea has a range of water-saving taps. The Ikea PS lamp uses LED bulbs. The Jokkmokk dining set; Ikea uses FSCcertified wood. The new Lisel fabric is made of 100 per cent cotton. Ikea works with BCI to ensure sustainable harvest of cotton. Ikea installed 300,000 solar panels on Ikea buildings around the world.



The Muji Pulp Board storage units are made of recycled paper and particle board that were sourced from all over the world. These light yet durable boxes can be arranged in various configurations to suit your storage needs. Plus, its neutral colours will fit into any corner of your home.
Available at Muji.

in store

bright idea

An LED light bulb consumes up to 85 per cent less energy and lasts 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Join the LED movement with these Ledare bulbs from Ikea. You’ll see an instant drop in your monthly electricity bill!
Available at Ikea.

washing up

The Sharp ESZ100MN washing machine cum dryer is one smart appliance. Its ingenious Eco Mode automatically detects fabric type and moisture condition and controls water volume, time and power consumption. The unique Heat Pump drying system saves up to 70 per cent energy compared to conventional models while minimising shrinkage and wrinkles on your shirts.
Available from authorised dealers.

This quirky Big Spot bookbag from British brand CathKidston is perfect for books. it is safe. Available from Acacia. ecologicallyfriendly. folders and groceries. “CONSERVATION IS A STATE OF HARMONY BETWEEN MEN AND LAND. Cath Kidston is at G-011 Mid Valley Megamall. • Instead of using the dryer. tel: +603-2201-4810. they can be fashionable too. Not only are shopper bags practical. • Do laundry only when you have a full bet The FR-One range from Acacia is the result of the marriage between technology and design. • Upgrade your old (or broken) washing machine to one that offers better efficiency. hang your clothes on a clothesline in order to save electricity. Made of fire retardant fibres. Now you can go about with your daily errands while making a style statement. Whether as curtains or cushion covers.” ALDO LEOPOLD 71 . bag it tips 5 eco-friendly ways to do laundry • You can save around 40 per cent energy per wash by lowering the washing temperature to 30 degrees Celsius. you can give your home a colourful makeover while having a peace of mind. versatile and stylish. synthetic fragrance and optical brighteners. • Choose natural detergents that are free of chlorine bleach. Kuala Lumpur.

with zero ozone-depleting properties. 72 .black beauty Available from Kitch. which is more energy-efficient than the conventional R134a. Featuring a sophisticated Borderless Black Glass door and Crystal White LED lighting. the wine cabinets use R600a cooling gas. The new Vintec Noir wine cabinets are a blend of style and sustainability.

Shake 10 au naturel cleaners at home KETCHUP Rub ketchup on pots and pans to remove obstinate tarnish. TOOTHPASTE Restore the shine of your silverware by rubbing them with toothpaste. LEMON Clean a chopping board by running a slice of lemon over it. THE ACTIVIST IS THE MAN WHO CLEANS UP THE RIVER. RICE Clean the inside of a bottle with uncooked rice and water. CORNSTARCH Pour cornstarch over grease spills on carpets and vacuum after 15 minutes. 73 . CLUB SODA Shine up a stainlesssteel sink with a cloth dampened with club soda. “THE ACTIVIST IS NOT THE MAN WHO SAYS THE RIVER IS DIRTY. TEA Remove rust from garden tools by soaking them in black tea. VINEGAR Clean drains and pipes by pouring vinegar down them. BAKING SODA Remove tough coffee stains in your mug by filling it up with a baking soda solution. SALT Scouring pads can be tough on your expensive china. Use salt instead.” ROSS PEROT.

” RALPH WALDO EMERSON. the Toshiba Gradient Glass-Door refrigerator is low in energy consumption. help to reduce energy consumption by 40 per cent. It is made of trees farmed specifically for paper production. when combined.The Emeco Broom chair may fool you with its modest look but this Philippe Starck-designed piece is a rare gem. You just use it for a while until it is the next person’s turn. thanks to the new high-efficiency compressor and thicker insulation wall which. These papers have less chemical content compared to recycled papers. Starck claims that the chair is “unbreakable” and that it is “a chair you never own. It is made from 75 per cent waste polypropylene and 15 per cent reclaimed wood fibre that would normally be swept into the trash. 74 . the Muji Plantpaper notebook is for you. The fridge is lit by LED bulbs that save energy and emit less heat. Available from authorised dealers.” Available at Space. write direction “NATURE ALWAYS WEARS THE COLOURS OF THE SPIRIT. cool choice Despite its impressive increase in space. Available at Muji. cleaning up If you prefer to write down your thoughts on a notebook than on a smart phone.

ink cartridges and cardboards. • Recycle old magazines. Available for at Atomi. Possibly the most elegant solar-powered light we’ve seen. soda cans and plastic bottles. Set it to go to sleep automatically during short breaks. • Instead of using the lift. the Sphelar Lantern by Japanese design studio Graf features spherical solar cells which capture sunlight in all directions. This hourglass-inspired LED light will emit a warm glow for four hours with every six to eight hours of charging by direct sunlight. • Print on both sides of papers. Available from Space. use the stairs. They provide cleaner air. Singapore tel: +65-6887-4138. • Switch off your computer when you leave the office. The task light requires no replacement bulbs and is five time more efficient than a halogen bulb. #04-27 Mandarin Gallery. • Take out lunch with resusable containers. • Add plants to your workspace. 75 . It is equipped with a clever cooling system that allows the LEDs to run continuously for over 160.000 hours – that’s 12 hours of use a day for 37 years. let the warmth in tips 7 ways to go green at work • Turn off the lights when you’re leaving any room for 15 minutes.light and easy The CSYS LED task light by Jake Dyson unites technology and sleek design.

giving you the option of a private bathroom or an open-concept living space. WE CHECK OUT SOME 76 . space-saving sliding doors are used to partition the bedroom and bathroom. AVERAGING 400SQF IN SIZE. HOTEL ROOMS ARE THE BEST PLACE TO LOOK FOR SPACE-SAVING SOLUTIONS. 17big ideas FOR SMALL SPACES OF SINGAPORE’S MOST CHIC BOUTIQUE EXAMPLES.SMALL s p a c e s text AMANDA JAYNE LEE photography ALAN LEE / K STUDIO & VEE CHIN art direction KAFFY TAN 1 SLIDING DOORS At the new Park Royal on Pickering.

do what Park Royal on Pickering has done and make it a framed open space instead (left). Use it as a shelf for decor. It reflects the outside scenery.3 2 FRAMED SPACE Concealed cabinets at the top of wardrobes are sometimes too small to place anything in. Instead. For a decorative punch. or tuck a storage box right at the top! The complete integration of your bedroom and bathroom is made possible by placing the shower smack in the middle of the room. functioning as a second “window”. GLASS-ENCASED SHOWERS 4 Just a simple mirror strip across the wall of this room at Naumi makes a big difference to how the space feels. much like the circular shower at Klapsons (pictured left). You can add a shower curtain for privacy if needed. MIRROR STRIP 77 . Take a leaf from the design of this shower enclosure at Wanderlust (above). and also becomes a design feature in the room. choose tiles that stand out and enhance the decor of your space. and you might forget what’s in them.

above. 6 PULL-OUT DESK Rooms at Naumi employ a hollow below the pull-out desk to conceal power points and wires (below). 78 . This way. If you don’t want to be distracted by the view. bottom). you’ll still get a great view with your working area. extend the desk perpendicular to the window. keeping the workspace clutter-free and tidy. as in this room at Park Royal on Pickering (right. You can build these drawers to store bedlinen and towels. you’ll have plenty of workspace with a long tabletop. and far right). 7 BELOW THE BED Naumi makes use of the space under its beds to tuck away the iron (above). propping it up with a drawer beneath. This room at Studio M shows how clothes can even become the focal point of a space (below). as in this room at Studio M (right.5 BUILT-IN DESK Make use of the bay window by turning it into a desk. 8 OPEN WARDROBE Open-concept wardrobes are great for folks with an eye for fashion.

pull-out larder that slides away and out of sight when not in use (below). too. Curtains are decorative and can hide a plethora of structures. A stool can be tucked away easily. This is great for small kitchens and has the bonus of letting you see everything at a glance. 79 . the wardrobe has a built-in tabletop and drawers that can be used as a workspace or dressing table and is easily concealed behind the curtain.CONCEAL WITH CURTAINS 9 10 TALL LARDERS Instead of a bulky minibar. see-through bathrooms. 1 1 POL ARISED GLASS If you shy away from all-glass. This room at Naumi has a high-tech glass pane that turns opaque when an electric current runs through it (right). Drawers on the other side organise smaller items. polarised glass will offer privacy whenever you need it. In this room at the New Majestic Hotel. the rooms at Naumi house all their drink accessories in a tall. It’s also easily operable with a light switch (above).



Rather save space on your nightstand for your gadgets? Enclose the light within the wall, letting it shine through a cut-out shape. As seen at Klapsons (above) and Wanderlust (above right), it becomes an interesting decor feature and saves space, too.



The long, spindly legs of this floating bed at New Majestic Hotel (below) almost make it seem like the slim platform is suspended in mid-air. It’s high enough for light to shine through the space beneath the bed, lending a sense of spaciousness.



Instead of using loose shelves, consider wallmounted ledges. In the Pantone Yellow room at Wanderlust, the ledge flows seamlessly from the window and joins the platform of the bed to make it as unobtrusive as possible (above).



At Naumi, the washbasin has been brought out from the bathroom’s footprint and into the room itself (left). The sexy-looking island hardly looks out of place; the structure was custom-made of quartz and can be lit from the inside.



As seen at New Majestic Hotel, a small ledge affixed to the wall (above) is a great space-saving way to keep necessities close to your bed.

Marking different zones with a hanging partition will keep the floor clean and open, as in this room at New Majestic Hotel. If you plan for an open-concept bathroom, use the partition as a mirror on one side, and mount the TV set on the other side, facing the bed.
DIRECTORY (SINGAPORE) Naumi Hotel 41 Seah Street, tel: +65-6403-6000 New Majestic Hotel 31–37 Bukit Pasoh Road, tel: +65-6511-4700 Park Royal On Pickering 3 Upper Pickering Street, tel: +65-6809-8888 Studio M 3 Nanson Rd, tel: +65-6808-8888 The Klapsons 15 Hoe Chiang Rd, tel: 6521-9000 Wanderlust 2 Dickson Rd, tel: +65-6396-3322


SMALL s p a c e s
text MAVIS ANG photography EDWARD HENDRICKS CI&A art direction KRISTY QUAH

(excluding outdoor area)




who lives here home




one AND ALL FOR THIS SOFTWARE ENGINEER DID NOT LET SIZE GET IN THE WAY OF HIS COLOURFUL AND CREATIVE VISION FOR THE HOME. .” declares Simon. “I’m definitely not a minimalist. who prefers his home to be filled with a personalised hodgepodge of different decor styles.

which conceals a shoe cabinet. so I went with an extendable table from Lifestorey. hile Simon Kong is the sole occupant of this one-bedroom ground floor unit. This additional decorative element enhances the game cafe-inspired appeal of the entrance walkway. but also a play den – a cosy place where my friends and I can hang out. located behind the dining table.” Simon quips. family-sized dining table despite the home’s restrictive footprint. it was also designed with his buddies in mind. Simon often invites a handful of people over on weekends to spend the day catching up over a round of 7 Wonders. That’s why he insisted on having a sturdy. cosy feel thanks to the gecko wall art. “What I wanted was a sanctuary. space-saving TIP The sliding door. “Board games require quite a lot of space to play. also doubles as a cork board.The living area has a rustic. An ardent board games hobbyist.” Simon explains. The grooved panels that run along this wall effectively disguise the bomb shelter’s pushopen door. burlap rug. safariinspired stool and resin wicker dining chairs. 84 W . which can seat up to 10 when expanded.

graphic tiles and a colourful assortment of board games. .The foyer. which features concrete screed surfaces. sets the tone for Simon’s “play den” beyond.

space-saving TIP Sliding doors take up less space. and don’t obstruct walkways even when left ajar. indeed give visitors a sense that they’re entering a board game cafe. The colourful assembly of games. And the communal space past the foyer is dressed up to be a social and cosy area that Simon describes as “rustic yet elegant”. choosing to display them right by the main entrance. held up by metal gears. separates the kitchen from the common area. He also takes a lot of pride in the collection of board games he has amassed over the years. Here. a barn-inspired sliding door. 86 . coupled with the decorative floor tiles and beaded curtain that jazz up the narrow but lively foyer.

87 . too.The kitchen’s feature wall is a magnetic sheet that’s been spraypainted to serve as a chalkboard.

“It’s nice because you can still see the wall behind the shelves. industrial edge. so a backless one was customised for the bedroom. It is propped up for more comfortable lounging with a base of treated pallets. giving the room a modern. peppered with playful elements such as cheerful cushions. . 88 right Simon’s bed also Just like the living room. Simon’s bedroom also takes on a tranquil appearance. This allows Simon to kick back with a book in bed during the day. Cadine Lim from Prozfile designed a sleeping area that does double-duty as a lounging corner. and an industrial side drawer from Like That TIP Simon asked for open shelves to display his quirky home accessories. To maximise the bedroom’s limited space. kooky desktop accessories. serves as a daybed. and look out onto the estate’s greenscape – a privilege that epitomises the restful sanctuary he had always wanted for this unit.” he says. which makes it look lighter.



Lori’s idea to festoon the ceiling with Moroccan lamps is now translated into the flooring instead. all from Egg3. in the form of the Moroccan-inspired print on the floor tiles. 91 . Small cushions and rabbit ornament on shelf.

Stella also shifted the entrance of the sole . more seamless surfaces make the home look more spacious. yet she didn’t compromise on the visual spaciousness of the interiors. Stella Lee of D’Haus. uninterrupted flow of space from the front door right up to the windows in the yard area. I t isn’t surprising that homeowner Lori Chin asked her TIP The continuous cladding of dark veneer at the foyer area effectively disguises the bedroom entrance and the door to the shoe cabinet (on the left). What’s surprising is that. to fashion lots of hidden storage for her twobedroom HDB flat in the Lavender area. First. the entire flat had to be gutted. and the doorway to the kitchen removed to present a long. the designer managed to carve out storage spaces that are large enough to be functional. even with a floor area of only 484sqf. The other big challenge Stella faced was in complying with the list of instructions Lori’s geomancer had for the design of the flat. Cleaner.

bought from a vintage shop. Stella used roller blinds as “doors” to the wardrobe. Artificial plants and cake stand. too! bedroom from a doorway facing the living room wall to right beside the main door. from Egg3. This clever idea is functional and looks great. “Book” storage on floor.” says Stella. This also provided more privacy for Lori. Should this have happened. “We pushed out the bedroom wall by about 50cm into the living room to incorporate a hidden dressing table on the bedroom side. have been fitted to a wooden tray to create a nostalgiatinged table in the foyer area. which take up too much space. Lori bought a bed that allows for air to circulate underneath. and sliding doors. 93 . both from Egg3. plus her geomancer had vetoed her idea to swop the location of the kitchen and bedroom – doing that meant her bedroom would have an adjoining bathroom. space-saving TIP Instead of using conventional swing doors. which are “too common”. The door to the bedroom is now so well hidden that some guests walk past it thinking the bedroom is at the back of the flat! Lori’s plans to erect a platform with hidden storage in the living room went out the window because of budget constraints.Following her geomancer’s advice. the platform would have hidden the water and gas Sewing machine legs.

using the same surface treatment for the bedroom wall makes the doors to the room and the hidden dressing table magically “disappear” from view.Again. 94 .

“preventing dust from entering”. and a lower version now subtly demarcates the foyer from the yard. and on the right is a sliding pull-out shelf unit that stashes away even more items. all from Egg3.” says TIP The storage areas within the dressing table area are also hidden. “I originally wanted Moroccan lamps hanging from the living room ceiling. They translated the idea into the floor tiles instead. Windows let in more light to brighten up the space. On the left of the table are open shelves. pipes. The Moroccan pattern was a lucky find because it had the exact colours the geomancer had specified for the living area! Says Lori: “My idea of a home is cosy and chic. But they kept the idea of the platform. explains Stella. and this is exactly that.” The home’s bathroom is clad in the same Moroccan-print tiles as the living room flooring for visual continuity. 95 . who loves Moroccan aesthetics. Stool and golden ornaments. but that was another idea not approved by my geomancer.

THESE DESIGNS HAVE 1 SONGBIRD Designed by Kay Bojesen The brainchild of famous wooden toy designer Kay Bojesen in the 1950s. these colourful Songbirds didn’t take flight until they were produced for the first time in 2012 by Kay Bojesen Denmark. after his love of soda pop.additions. The blue songbird is named Kay after the designer who would often don a blue suit. and each of the six different colour variants tells a story that relates back to its Danish . DESIGNER TOYS WE LOVE COLLECTIBLES. The Songbirds are made of beech BUZZ 10 text MAVIS ANG 96 THESE ICONIC TOYS HAVE STOOD THE TEST OF TIME TO BECOME DESIGN FOUND NEW LIFE AS QUIRKY HOME ACCESSORIES FOR KIDULTS. NOW MORE THAN JUST TOYS FOR KIDS. and the orange variant is named Pop. Available at www.

3 SHAPEMAKER Designed by Millergoodman Conceptualised by Brighton-based designers Zoe Miller and David Goodman in 2008. and animals. with the idea that these toys should be round and essentially feel good in one’s hands. The Shapemaker is available at Strangelets. and proportion elegantly. Danish designer Kay Bojesen was a firm believer in functionalism. the Shapemaker is an award-winning toy that comprises 25 environmentally friendly hardwood blocks depicting geometric designs. volume. becoming something of a cult toy for Scandinavian design lovers to collect. and he designed the monkey. Kay Bojesen’s wooden Monkey has found its way into the hearts of children and adults through the decades. Set to become a new classic. openended game allows kids (and kidults) to use their imagination to form images of patterns. and has been honoured by the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts as a Swedish Design Classic. the Streamliner Classic Car has been a Scandinavian favourite since it was unveiled by toy design company Playsam in 1984. Available at Platform. a functionalist known for his humorous and minimalist designs.2 THE MONKEY Designed by Kay Bojesen A design classic created in 1951 and later showcased in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. 97 . scenes. This 135mm wooden desk piece is designed by Ulf Hanses. people. along with a series of wooden animals. this stylish. 4 STREAMLINER CLASSIC CAR Designed by Ulf Hanses A classic design that balances form. The small wooden monkey (20cm) is available at The Wright Gift.

Hanno is made of sustainably harvested. and the House of Cards demonstrates that perfectly.fourandtwenty. new-growth beech wood. Available at The Wright Gift. Hanno expresses the same virtues – he is brave. the Mermaid’s serenity and feminity is brought out by her rounded silhouette and simple lines – archetypal Danish design elements that have helped this toy remain stylish even though it was created in 1960. letting both children and adults be their own architect and build a city (albeit one made of paper) in a day. They believed that toys were precursors of serious ideas. Available at www. 6 HANNO THE GORILLA Designed by David Weeks A cross between Kay Bojesen’s Monkey and modern action figures. Danish architect Hans Bolling fashioned the part-woman. making him a hardy heirloom toy.momastore. strong. Each card has six slots that lets it be interlocked with others. Created in 1952 for their grandchildren. and curious. 98 . Available at Space and years ago. Designed in Named after a Greek explorer who travelled to Africa 2.5 MERMAID Designed by Hans Bolling Inspired by the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about a mermaid. 7 HOUSE OF CARDS Designed by Charles & Ray Eames “Take your pleasure seriously” was an expression the Eameses frequently used in their workplace. Hanno the Gorilla is a contemporary creation by New York-based designer David Weeks that has found its way into the homes of design lovers and toy collectors alike. part-fish character as an elegant figure made of oak and maple wood. it allowed users to build complex 3-D structures out of 2-D cards. Manufactured by Architectmade.

com 9 BIRD Designed by Kristian Vedel By tilting its head. Swiss toy manufacturer Naef has been reproducing it since 1977. and these quirky characters have been spotted bringing a small dose of fun into homes all around the world. The building set represents key Bauhaus ideals of incorporating educational elements into the role of play in early childhood. 10 WOODEN DOLLS Designed by Alexander Girard Inspired by folk art from South America. Available at Space. 99 . the building blocks were part of a model children’s room within the school’s experimental house exhibition. Vitra has since started to produce a collection of 22 different dolls based on the originals found in the Girard estate. or pointing its beak this way and that. these playful wooden dolls were initially created by the American designer in 1963 for his own amusement. and continue to be handmade by a small wood turner in Denmark using high-quality smoked and natural oak. Available at Space. child and grandparent.playhao. The Danish designer’s three-generational family of Birds comes in various sizes to represent the adult.8 BAUHAUS BAUSPIEL BUILDING BLOCKS Designed by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher While this Bauhaus building set only comprises 22 wooden blocks in basic shapes and colours. The Birds were first created in 1959. and their ergonomic bodies can also be turned upside down to determine their gender. it presents many possibilities. Available at www. Designed in the 1920s by a student of the Bauhaus school in Germany. Kristian Vedel’s Birds can express everything from curiosity to despondency. Asia and Eastern Europe (which Alexander Girard had a particular passion for).

a good recliner should relieve pressure points. ask harvey norman YOUR LIFESTYLE CONUNDRUMS ANSWERED There’s nothing like curling up with a good book on a recliner after a hard day’s work. which makes it suitable for your family members of all ages. Norwegian brand IMG. the chair should give adequate lumbar support while the armrest should also be high enough so that you can rest your arms for a chance to win Harvey Norman vouchers worth RM100. chairs and home theatre seating of unsurpassed comfort. provides smooth reclining motion and allows you to adjust the reclining tensions. But how do we choose one that’s perfect for us? Harvey Norman has the answers. love seat. The chair must also be big enough so you can change positions easily. . It is a complete system that comprises sofa. Q A How do I choose a good quality recliner? The most important aspect when it comes to choosing a recliner is the level of comfort and support it provides. adjustable backrest will give you added flexibility. In a nutshell. meanwhile. with its special patented mechanism. When you’re in a reclining position. Its Modular Seating program allows for a variety of configurations to suit your specific needs. You can customise the amount of effort needed to operate the recliner based on your body type. offers a unique and flexible motion sofa system that gives you endless combinations. La-Z-Boy. com.Got questions? Email them to homenddecor@writeonmedia. not strain them. The theatre seating can be configured by using different arms. Q A What are the advantages of a recliner? A recliner is an essential piece in a home. It is comfortable and easy to operate. A firm.

Consider getting one made from sturdy and durable components for a longer lifespan. Set a budget before heading to the stores and enlist the help of a sale associate. The recliner’s upholstery plays an important role too. It is also important that your recliner is big enough to allow you to rest comfortably. To prevent breaking your budget. you can select recliners made from less expensive fabrics. Take note that recliners that use gas-based mechanism are easier to manoeuvre.Next. How do I choose one that fits my budget? The range of recliners can range from RM899 to RM20. Make sure the recliner matches the theme of the room. But adjustable recliners tend to be bigger than conventional single-seat chairs. If it’s going to be used by different members of the family. Q A Most of the recliners with good features are expensive. Whether it is modern or classical. if you have young kids at home.999) Save RM2. Traditional fabrics like cotton offer a wide variety of patterns and colours. chances are the back and leg rests will be adjusted frequently. Bear in mind that the mechanisms and frame of the recliner can also affect their price.000! DEAL OF THE MONTH! A SMART SHOPPING GUIDE brought to you by HARVEY NORMAN IPC SHOPPING CENTRE +603-7718-5200 | HARVEY NORMAN MID VALLEY +603-2282-2860 HARVEY NORMAN SUNWAY PYRAMID +603-5622-1300 | HARVEY NORMAN PAVILION +603-2142-3735 HARVEY NORMAN AEON BUKIT TINGGI +603-3326-2631 | HARVEY NORMAN 1 MONT KIARA +603-6203-6380 HARVEY NORMAN SETIA CITY MALL +603-3345-6085 | HARVEY NORMAN PARADIGM MALL +603-7887-3589 HARVEY NORMAN QUEENSBAY (PENANG) +604-630-8210 | HARVEY NORMAN CITTA MALL +603-7846-1025 HARVEY NORMAN AMPANG POINT SHOPPING CENTRE +603-4260-1020 HARVEY NORMAN GURNEY PARAGON MALL +604-229-8886 . look at the recliner’s mechanism. If space is a factor in your home. Models with dual-hinged headrests are also at advantageous. Q A La-Z-Boy JOSHUA Fabric Rocker Recliner 10T592 RM3999 What type of recliner will suit my living room? Narrow down your search by determining what style you’re looking for.000. we recommend more stain-resistant fabrics such as leather. La-Z-Boy PINNACLE Fabric Rocker Recliner 10T512 RM3999 IMG Prince fabric recliner @ RM3. it feels like suede or velvet.999 (normal price RM5. durable and affordable. choose synthetic microfiber cloth. However. Alternatively. be sure your recliner fits into your living space. there are recliners to suit every home.



U pon approaching this house. That is. he wanted to pay more attention to its interiors. inside and out. so to do it justice. if your attention isn’t captured first by the striking art installations in the living room – seen through the full-height glass windows – or the multicoloured hand-blown glass sculptures in the garden. resides here with his three children and his mother. is a talking point. and entrusted its refurbishment to Calvin. a businessman.5 million. including furnishings and decorations. The renovation cost RM2 million. Being the biggest house he has lived in so far. “I tried to give the house a ‘wow’ factor. you would notice two panthers wearing spiked collars “guarding” the main door. Homeowner Sam Lim had purchased the house for RM32. below The garden features artificial grass as well as glass sculptures in organic forms.” Calvin says. Designer Calvin Ho ensured that every corner of this home.left A plain grey wall by the porch is brought to life with a playful display of “legs” in many colours. CREATIVE VISION Sam. his good friend of 15 104 .

The spacious living room has an elegant monochromatic palette. . with a splash of colour from the customised artwork.

.Calvin personalised the ceiling lamp in the entertainment room by adding “tassels” to enhance its design.

A wall in the master suite is dressed in a textured neoprene covering.left This part of the entertainment room is decorated with glossy pendant lamps and artistic depictions of popular superheroes. he has never practised interior design (he’s a veteran in the music industry) even though he has always been fascinated by it. “I threw two different looks together for an interesting contrast. Says Sam: “I had no specific ideas in mind. and a large cowhide rug and tasselled ceiling lamp anchors the space. 107 .” Over the years. which has a lush feel: walls are clad in fabric panels and wallpaper in dark shades with gold accents. providing an interesting 3-D effect. but as I’m familiar with Calvin’s portfolio. where Sam’s friends occasionally gather. But surprisingly. The other side exudes a fun vibe. with a modern red-and-white pool table. imbuing their homes with his “funky. years. On one side is the karaoke lounge. gleaming gold and silver bell-shaped pendant lamps. The home features a separate entertainment room near the pool. colourful and playful” sense of style. Calvin has helped many close friends with their renovations.” Calvin says of its design. an all-white bar. and colourful graphic paintings of superheroes. I just knew that I wanted him to design my house.

Calvin has developed a good rapport with artists. .” says Calvin of its artistic quality. He went on sourcing trips to these destinations. the Philippines and Thailand. “It is meant to surprise and awe. custom-made animal Beside the pool. OFF THE BEATEN PATH Through his interest in design. Calvin personalised this art piece by mounting the animal heads sculptures on a wallpapered panel. A large three-dimensional “painting” of colourful horned-animal heads also commands attention. the specially ordered Angel Bear sculpture complements the glitz of the rose-motif mosaic wall behind it. furnished in dark tones. whathedid PICTURE WINDOW THE DESIGNER INSTALLED A DECORATIVE FRAME AROUND A LONG WINDOW TO ADD SUBTLE DETAIL TO A STARK WHITE WALL IN THE PASSAGEWAY. and adding a frame. craftsmen and furnituremakers in China. the light-filled double-volume living room is ornamented with a show-stealing mouth-blown glass lamp suspended from the high ceiling. and filled three containers with an eclectic selection of quirky wall lamps. With Sam’s help. allowing him to customise anything according to his whim and fancy.In the main area of the house. left Occupying the entire third floor is the master suite.

he instead follows a more intuitive approach. “I always buy by instinct. you can make a big design statement! The master bathroom is elegant and luxurious with glossy surfaces and cleanlined sanitaryware. At times. specially commissioned paintings. he reveals. and lots more. This formed the bulk of the furnishings and materials that went into Sam’s home. The self-taught designer does not rely on technical drawings. the real appeal lies in its finishes and furnishings. highback armchairs. Although Calvin made minor structural changes to the house’s layout. such as extending the dining room and reconfiguring the bathrooms. textured wall coverings.sculptures.” Calvin explains. 109 . This home shows that with a little creative thinking. he buys something and only decides after where it should be placed. adventurous styling and resourcefulness.

THESE GUNG-HO HOMEOWNERS HAD THE CONFIDENCE TO TAKE ON THE DESIGN OF THEIR NEW HOME ALL BY THEMSELVES. which has a faceted surface that resembles origami folds. 110 The eye-catching feature panel in the living area. also hides an overhead beam. .H&DHOMES text LOUISA CLARE LIM photography WONG WEI LIANG art direction NONIE CHEN takingit personally AFTER ONE RENOVATION EXPERIENCE.


The opportunity for him to dabble in this newfound interest presented itself when they purchased their new flat. with too much unused space. Their previous (and first) home. appeared in last year’s July issue. “Through working with our designer. this time around. “Our top priority was space.000sqf three-bedroom condominium unit. above The profile of the kitchen counter follows the language of the geometric form of the feature panel in the living room.” says Kok Wei. Through participating in the design process of his former home. As he thought that it was “too big and empty. .” he shrunk the cooking area and added a domestic helper’s room and a separate utility zone. functional solutions. the financial services professional discovered his passion for interior design. so I tried to maximise what we have. and go for simple. which had a large layout typical of older HDB flats.whatwelove BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WHAT APPEARS TO BE MERELY A FEATURE PANEL AGAINST A WALL REVEALS UNEXPECTED. Kok Wei is playing interior designer. 112 his isn’t the first time the home of Hoo Kok Wei and Michelle Lau is being featured in Home & Decor.” he says. which was smaller – a 1. all within the same footprint. which was designed by JQ Ong of The Association. T LOTS OF ROOM As the couple were starting a family. DEEP STORAGE SPACE WHEN THE DOORS ARE OPENED. The first thing he did was to alter the kitchen. I had learnt from our previous experience. However. they decided to move here from their previous home.


The result is a narrower yet more efficient open kitchen. ARE HIDDEN IN THE CABINETS. Kok Wei and Michelle wanted a study as they frequently work from home. making the space brighter and airier. The walls were torn down and replaced with sliding glass panels. . they could afford to convert the one next to the living area into a home office. with ample counter and cabinet space. whattheydid TIME TO VENT AS THE KITCHEN APPLIANCES. Doing away with solid partitions also visually extends the living area into the study (and vice versa). With Michelle learning to bake – and spending a lot of time in the kitchen – she likes that its open-concept design is conducive for people to gather in to chat. Since the place had four bedrooms. Kok Wei designed an integrated desk and shelving unit along the wall. SUCH AS A RICE COOKER. making the whole area look more spacious. The home’s accessories include travel souvenirs. right Glass sliding panels make for a “convertible” space: it’s either a private study or an extension of the living area. THE DOORS WERE DESIGNED WITH VENTILATION HOLES TO ALLOW MOISTURE TO ESCAPE. with his and hers side-by-side desks.

.Knocking down the walls of the study and replacing them with sliding glass panels lets more natural light into the living space.

however. feature parquet flooring for warmth. with scant ornamentation and crisp detailing. ‘raw’ look. accent the kitchen. which reminded them of Peranakan tiles. “Our previous place was a bit more playful and ‘childish’. we removed them to get the bare. For the built-in carpentry. Kok Wei’s intention for the design of the home was to keep things simple. they selected a blond wood laminate to be used throughout the house. while patterned Spanish tiles from Hafary. Michelle chose the materials and furnishings to tie the look together. this contrasts beautifully with the polished concrete screed flooring they opted for. The rooms.” laughs Kok Wei. .PUTTING IT TOGETHER Although it was Kok Wei who oversaw the overall design. but for this home we wanted something more grownup. “Even though the original granite tiles were ‘supposedly better’.” she shares.

” says Michelle. and Hock Siong & Co. Monoyono. 117 Kok Wei developed simple yet effective storage solutions for the master bedroom. Grafunkt.right The nursery is livened up with colourful touches. and was even challenging at times. such as an indigo Modernica Case Study Rocker chair they bought from Pomelo. such as a customised wall mural. Michelle came to know about the local design firm through a friend. Made with polished plywood. Originals. far right Crafted wooden toys add appeal to the bright and airy nursery. They also purchased new furniture and decor from Foundry. and its innovative carpentry designs caught her eye. too. custom-designed by Produce. Its faceted form was designed using 3-D modelling. . The couple retained some of their furniture from their old house. such as the drawers incorporated into the design of the bed. especially because it’s so personal. this feature panel conceals lots of storage space and houses the TV. The show-stealing element of the home is the striking floor-to-ceiling feature panel in the living area. the couple are very much enjoying the finished product. Air. Although handling the renovation called for much attention to detail. “I’m very happy with the design we created.

the housemates chose a facade that features large glass windows. opposite The doubleheight foyer is bathed in a generous amount of light thanks to the glass frontage.H&DHOMES text MAVIS ANG photos MUSEWORKS Unafraid of pesky neighbours. 118 .


airconditioning had been ruled out. and the design up a notch. the same designer who had handled the renovation of his previous home. many ideas. Patrick Chan.we ideaswelove MIND THE GAP THE DESIGNER CREATED A GAP ALONG THE DINING ROOM WALLS SO THE RESIDENTS CAN STILL LOOK OUT AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE WHILE ENJOYING PRIVACY AT MEALTIMES. He and his housemate. the pair complemented each other further as they speak the same design language. Jordan enlisted the help of Shawn Shum of Museworks. SINGING THE SAME TUNE After making specific requests for a doubleheight foyer and an open-concept bathroom for the master bedroom. Also. and that it was the right time to rebuild their home to bring the indoor temperature down. Jordan left Shawn to his devices to create a space that would tie all the elements up neatly. and emphasising the need for “clean lines and a functional design”. making the 10-month process of building a new structure from the ground up. decided that they had endured the humid weather long enough. 120 ix years had passed since the last renovation of Jordan Ong’s terrace house. In order to turn his design ideas into reality. due to the complicated electrical system in the former single-storey home. “I came up with many. And it’s very rare that . Already S on friendly terms. a lively and creative process.

STRONG ARCHITECTURAL LINES OUTLINE THE SIMPLE YET STRIKING STRUCTURE OF THIS HOME. 121 . giving the illusion of a larger space and increasing the amount of light within the dining room. right A large mirror hangs opposite the dining table.

Jordan was also glad that with Shawn’s past experience of working with them. we decided on the concept of cuboids. clients like all the proposals!” says Shawn of early discussions on the home’s design. the three-storey home was also meant to be “a very social kind of house. and the bed area can alternate between a light-filled space and a cosy corner for resting with the help of black-out curtains. In order to entertain various groups of people under the same roof without isolating each mini-gathering.The master bedroom takes up the entire top floor. the common areas are designed in a way that keeps it segregated yet open. On the ground floor. And on 122 . the designer was already familiar with their existing collection of furniture and accessories and could help integrate them back into the new place. Jordan pointed out that he was exceptionally pleased that the current bathroom design could accommodate a Fiam mirror he has been keeping in storage for ages. “But in the end.” The many beams and columns of the home’s structure were then cleverly camouflaged by Shawn’s minimal yet striking design. preferring clever designs over showpieces that make a home more lived-in and less like a showroom. Jordan insists that he isn’t “a slave to brands”.” says Jordan. and having a box within a box. KEEP IT OPEN-ENDED Besides showcasing their tasteful furnishings. such as a pair of Light Shade Shade chandeliers from Moooi for the living room. the dining area is sectioned off from the living room by a divider with a horizontal gap running through it. This allows people lounging in either rooms to be physically but not visually separated. While Jordan and Patrick have splurged on some designs.

“We understand that some friends feel more comfortable in their own cliques. they also have a view out to the street in front. who occasionally hosts barbecue sessions on the grassy balcony of his bedroom. And thanks to Shawn’s understanding of the housemates’ lifestyle and aesthetic tastes. 123 .Blessed with the luxury of space. emerged as a contemporary space that will stand the test of time – and the merrymaking in between. the housemates indulged in an open-concept bathroom. below More space had to be allocated to the open standing shower so it would keep the water from splashing out. so we give them their own space. From this window. which cost RM2 million to construct. understated. the television room features a large floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the living room below. the second storey. but at least everyone can still see each other!” says Jordan. and fully functional. through another large window on the facade of the house. The reconstruction of Jordan and Patrick’s home embodies the same qualities they admire in Scandinavian design – it’s simple. the house.


570SQF Concrete screed was used sparingly throughout the home. the unadorned balcony showcases this raw finish in a charming way.thefacts WHO LIVES HERE A FAMILY OF THREE AND THEIR DOMESTIC HELPER HOME FOUR-BEDROOM MAISONETTE SIZE 1. .

the homeowners selected furniture that harmonises with the home’s relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Equipped with a refined taste in design.ideaswelove VINTAGE HOMAGE THE DESIGNERS HAD AN ACCORDIONSTYLE GATE CUSTOMISED AND MADE IN MALAYSIA TO ACT AS A DECORATIVE INDUSTRIAL ELEMENT AT THE HOME’S ENTRANCE. .

the truth is that these commercial spaces need regular housekeeping to maintain the look. and held back on any furniture or builtin feature that might clutter up the space.000 makeover instead. were approached by a famous local photographer to turn his two-storey HDB maisonette into an edgy industrial space for his family. they hesitated. 127 . but it’s a different matter to live with it every day. sharp metal corners associated with the industrial look would not be conducive for their daughter.hen Roystern Goh and Low Chee Khiang. whereas homes should be “as maintenance. Chee Khiang adds that while many homeowners hope to emulate the industrial decor found in restaurants and cafes. the homeowners eventually decided to take on a cleaner expression to enhance their home’s spacious layout. focusing on light industrial touches and a fuss-free approach for the RM360. the designers concealed as much of the wiring as they could. “The industrial style looks really good in photos. W In order for the interiors to have a clean-cut profile. Enlightened by the designer’s professional advice. Chee Khiang emphasised to the couple how the rough and unfinished surfaces. as well as the cold. the founders of interior design firm 0932.and hazard-free as possible”.” Roystern explains. And with the couple’s toddler in mind.

it means the privilege of enjoying a nice long bath (something she can do here because of the tropical weather). referring to the choice of using this raw finish for the bathroom walls.” says Chee Khiang. it had to be expanded. The designers did so by taking in a section of the main corridor on the upper floor. 128 . and these cracks become more obvious when the surface is wet. who is Russian. translating them into a few sophisticated elements. “Hairline cracks are common when it comes to concrete screed as it’s applied manually. which Roystern felt was unnecessarily wide in the first place. The doors’ slender frame is made of mild steel. That’s why only the balcony on the ground floor and bathroom within the master bedroom sport concrete screed walls. and that there are many ways to express the style in a subtler way.” SIMPLE PLEASURES Another notion both the designers and homeowners agreed on is that luxury doesn’t have to equate to something showy. which was hand-painted in black for the brush strokes to bring out an unfinished appeal. “But the homeowners see it as a kind of beauty rather than a flaw. WERE CHOSEN FOR THE KITCHEN WALLS TO ALLOW MORE LIGHT TO PASS THROUGH FROM THE GLASS DOORS. One of the home’s most arresting features is the pair of double doors that separates the kitchen from the common area. neutral palette. For the missus. leaving the rest of the home bathed in a warm. Roystern adds that industrial decor doesn’t always have to appear raw. RATHER THAN CABINETS. In order for the master bedroom’s en suite bathroom to accommodate a bath tub. MINIMAL INDUSTRIAL Roystern and Chee Khiang pared down the industrial details.whattheydid LIGHT IN OPEN SHELVES.

129 . The designers chose to retain the original staircase.A fully equipped kitchen was essential as the couple often host parties with guests from overseas. and simply sanded down and re-polished the treads to refresh its look.

The homeowners’ choice of matte-finish homogeneous tiles. which now looks out onto the stairwell. so that made our job a lot easier. While this meant less privacy for the bedroom. yet crucial. elements such as natural light is also maximised in order for the space to appear more inviting.” says Roystern of the two-month-long project. this maisonette was a little darker in the middle. the entire space also appears more soothing. “Without the distracting glare reflected off the floor. Like many elongated layouts. Basic. Concrete screed walls and a rustic teak ledge were employed to bring out the industrial theme in the master bedroom’s bathroom. instead of a glossy surface for the ground floor. as the couple view it simply as a place for rest. the designers were happy the homeowners took to their suggestions readily. the designers broke through a section of the master bedroom’s wall to fit a window. especially around the staircase. 130 . To allow more sunlight to reach it. “They were easy-going clients with a keen sense of aesthetics. also points to their preference for low-key elegance. The designers kept the master bedroom’s decor natural and unfussy.” Roystern points out.



was sparked by the huge speakers purchased by Max and Dessy as Kelvin wanted a design that matched the equipment well.The concept of the brick feature wall. which hides wiring. 133 .

CUSTOMISING THE “CASSETTE TAPE” DINING TABLE MADE SURE IT WOULD FIT THE SPACE PERFECTLY. above As the couple often entertains large groups of friends. 134 . Kelvin created plenty of seating zones – with the sofa. around the dining table and by the island in the adjoining kitchen.

MAKING SPACE It was function. not aesthetics. It did not take them long to agree on what they absolutely needed for their first marital home. that initially preoccupied Max and Dessy. “We mainly wanted necessities such as storage. homespun. Where they differed was on how to transform those shared dreams into concrete reality. Kelvin had no qualms juxtaposing screed walls with wood floors. Their solution was to combine the best bits of these disparate decor styles. who were worried .M 135 ax and Dessy are a young couple who are well-acquainted with the art of compromising with each other.” says Dessy. Max. or a rustic red-brick feature alongside a magazine rack custom-designed to resemble a “punk dog”. favoured an industrial theme. following a four-month renovation. while Dessy fancied a contemporary-resort look. a four-room HDB apartment in Sengkang. lies in how its various raw. with help from designer Kelvin Teo of Space Sense. and edgy elements are fused to create a space that is both eminently habitable and easy-on-the-eyes. as well as to avoid clutter and keep things clean and simple. a relationship manager. The apartment’s allure.

and when we first walked in. the space felt very narrow. Instead of a standalone shoe cabinet that would have made the entrance feel more cramped.ideaswelove STRIKE A BALANCE SEEMINGLY SUSPENDED FROM A CABLE BUT REALLY ATTACHED TO THE CRATE-BOX CABINET. To enhance the sense of space. felt roomy enough for design to take the spotlight. Kelvin knocked down the walls dividing the kitchen from the entrance and living area. footwear. grey and wood. Screed walls lend an industrial edge. trunk coffee table and asymmetrical . awash in a neutral palette of white. The concrete screed and red brick wall.” says Dessy. “New flats are generally small. By keeping the furniture low and ensuring ample pockets of empty space. Kelvin ensured that the living area. THE I-BEAM AMPLIFIES THE INDUSTRIAL THEME WHILE CREATING LEDGE SPACE FOR CONDIMENTS. and installed an island unit that subtly demarcates each zone. 136 about the flat’s size. Kelvin took his cue from a superstition held by Max’s mother that shoe storage should be no higher than chest level. and divided storage below the island into two halves – the part facing the kitchen stores the crockery and the outer half. but the colour had to be used judiciously to prevent the kitchen from appearing too dark. Max likes black.

with a customised wood-and-metal dining table that resembles a cassette tape. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS The industrial theme is more muted in the master bedroom. below An unusual bookshelf made from spray-painted metal pipes doesn’t take up any floor space. but as Kelvin explains. Instead. electrical cabling that runs the length of the room lend an industrial edge to the space. which provides a more serene feel. He gave the furnishings a music theme.A crate cabinet by the entrance to the common bathroom provides extra space for toiletries. the trick was not to overdo it. which Kelvin enlarged by combining two rooms. The sleeping area is tranquil with a customised wood bed frame 137 . the designer played up the couple’s passion for entertainment and karaoke. The couple preferred a white sleeping space.

One panel among this wall of cabinets in fact leads to the master bathroom. keeps to the raw look. sports the strongest dose of the industrial look he loves. The door to the master bathroom is “hidden” within the wall of cabinetry and features racks for towels and clothing at the back. though the wood floors and bathrooms are resort-like!” But she doesn’t mind. The other end. which has a distinct contemporary-resort vibe. and wall-mounted extendable bedside lights. however. incidentally. with full-height cabinetry clad in concrete-looking laminate. save for the screed walls in the dry area. with Max professing a particular affection for the living area that. Dessy jokes: “We thought it turned out very industrial. The couple love the results of their renovation. Of the unusual pairing of decor styles.Asymmetrical criss-crossing timber strips on the laminate cabinets in the master bedroom make them more interesting. 138 .




In my home country. which of course I found very aromatic and quite addictive.Q a WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH PANDAN? My first encounter with Pandan was in the UK in a Thai restaurant called Busaba Eathai. fresh bay leaves are a staple in my cooking. PANDAN IS OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH DESSERT. whereas Western desserts always tend to focus on acidic flavours. Also. Q a WHAT OTHER HERBS ARE SIMILAR TO THE PANDAN WHEN IT COMES TO COOKING? I find that Vine leaves and lotus leaves are very similar to pandan in terms of cooking style but with very different flavours. such as marinating the meat in the juice overnight then pan frying like a steak. But I never used it to cook with. The difference between some local desserts and Western ones is that they tend to be flat. like sour berries. They serve the famous pandan chicken. which is very interesting. The flavour was slightly weird at first but it totally grew on me. HOW DO YOU USE PANDAN? I love to use Pandan in desserts as it complements so many flavours. like rambutan. Allow the jellies to set in the mould before completing the next stage otherwise it will not be separated and will affect your presentation. taste the mixture. which I use to marinate white fish in the mix. with no acidity. which gives it a very aromatic flavour. With the pandan jelly. which you can also use for desserts and cakes. I also love to bake fish in Pandan. take your time. Now I am trying out using pandan with beef. jackfruit and durian. which is an amazing flavour and you can use it in a similar way to pandan in savoury cooking. lemongrass and ginger. HOW WOULD YOU INCORPORATE IT INTO MAINS? I have been experimenting. The fish is then steamed. Also I have blended the pandan with garlic. Q a Q a Q a Q a 142 . Some desserts here a less sweet but some like cendol can be extremely sweet. The advantage Malaysia has is the wide variety of fresh fruit that can be eaten very simply on its own. Each type of cuisine tends to use various types of leaves to cook with. and use it in beverages like tea. It wasn’t until I came to Malaysia and had my first experience of Malay kuih that I started using it. we love to use wild garlic leaves a lot. WHAT’S YOUR TAKE ON LOCAL DESSERTS? In Malaysia there are so many different types of desserts that you can’t quite describe it as a single style. you may want to add more pandan extract to taste. There are a few different techniques I use. chocolate and of course coconut. mangosteen. WHAT ARE THE SPECIAL AREAS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN THESE TWO RECIPES? With the pannacotta.


” TRIED & TESTED! The Home & Decor team was on hand to try out every recipe in this series.“I FIND THAT VINE LEAVES AND LOTUS LEAVES ARE VERY SIMILAR TO PANDAN IN TERMS OF COOKING STYLE BUT WITH VERY DIFFERENT FLAVOURS. and we give it the great seal of approval! .

8. 7. puree the pandan and water. 6. Coconut pannacotta • 200g coconut milk • 60g milk • 40g sugar • 8g gelatine • 1 pinch salt POACHED RAMBUTANS • 12 rambutans. peeled and sliced into 3 • Zest and juice of 1 lemon • 100ml water • 50g sugar How to make pandan extract • Wash the pandan thoroughly. Make the pannacottas first. whisking until the gelatine is dissolved. then pass through a fine sieve. water and gelatine. Then place in a bowl with a cloth and squeeze out the liquid. 2. 3. 4.Pandan and coconut pannacotta with citrus poached rambutans serving 4 PORTIONS Pandan pannacotta • 45g milk • 185g cream • 35g sugar • 8g gelatine • 15g pandan leaf • 35ml water Method 1. making sure it is set. 5. then blend with a little water until you can see the juice has been extracted. 9. boil the water. Leave to cool then pour on top of the coconut pannacotta. dip the ramekins in hot water and then tip out onto a bowl. Leave to cool. To serve. For the poached rambutans. You have to do plenty at once otherwise you will not get much liquid. Dress the rambutans around the outside and serve. Bring all of the ingredients to the boil apart from the gelatine. Add the gelatin and remove from heat. Make the pandan pannacotta now by bringing all ingredients to the boil apart from the pandan. In a food processor. 1 2 3 145 . Add the pandan mixture to the pannacotta. Divide the mixture into the four ramekins and leave to chill in the fridge until set. Remove from heat and add the gelatine. juices and zests then pour over the rambutans. Start with the coconut.

” he says. 4 stalks crushed) • 1 bulb ginger • 4 black tea bags • 500ml water • 8 tablespoons gula Melaka • 300ml whole milk Method 1. Add the mixture to the glass. Boil the pandan leaves. Go to www. 4. “Every day I try something new and I can’t see a day here that would ever be a boring day. whether it be on the streets or in hawker centres. “Malaysia has a great culinary heritage like no other country I have ever seen before. which has restaurants in Malaysia and one in Singapore. 2. followed by the ice and slowly add the milk. Profile Steve Allen loves the food in Malaysia. calling it “honest and unfussy”. 146 . lemongrass and ginger tea Ingredients 4 PORTIONS • 20 pandan leaves • 8 sticks lemongrass (4 sticks for garnish. I also love the way people eat for more information. 3. Serve with a peeled lemongrass stick for garnish. crushed lemongrass and ginger in the water.Pandan. where you can sit on a dirty plastic chair with rats running around and an auntie washing your cutlery next to you on the floor and the food will taste great. leave to simmer for 20 minutes. Strain and add to the gula Melaka. I can’t say I’d swap it for anything else!” Steve Allen is the CEO of The Delicious Group.


Opposite The facade of the newly refurbished The Setai. C. it emerged from a multi-million dollar revitalization better than ever. In late-November 2013. The multi-level renovations represent our dedication to delivering a world-class luxury hotel product. we are thrilled to usher in our busy season with sparkling new pools and like-new grounds. The South Beach scene of Miami has always been the stuff of dreams – luxurious beachside condos. "After an intensive property-wide revitalization project. while maintaining the highest level of customer service for our global clientele. Jewel at SOUTH BEACH NAMED THE BEST HOTEL IN MIAMI IN 2013. WE ARE WOWED BY THE SETAI. Embracing the serene Far East cultural style. equally beautiful people. . Miami Beach. “The conclusion of our revitalization projects could not have come at a better time. beautiful stretches of sand and sea.. with The Setai just announced as the Best Hotel in Miami. cultural and architectural Art Deco HOTELS text ELAINE DONG photos COURTESY OF THE SETAI. The property is an integral part of Miami’s social." said Guenter H. WHICH HAS JUST EMERGED FROM A 4-MONTH REFURBISHMENT TO OFFER GUESTS THE BEST OF EVERYTHING.H. The Setai features a refreshing balance between the sizzling South Beach scene and a tranquil tropical hideout.A. Among the jewels of South Beach is The Setai." Left Miami's South Beach is a stretch of utmost luxury. Richter. the Asianinspired hotel that Conde Nast Traveler called the best hotel in Miami in its 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards. Vice President and Managing Director of The Setai.


and the international Art Deco movement. the overall design concept of The Setai. is a philosophy that combines the architectural history of South Beach and its cultural diversity with the international Art Deco movement. Gathy carefully selected an elegant palette of brick. The lead designer. Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston International Architects and Designers has surpassed the staged décor style that has been the main theme of the boutique hotels in South Beach and created an environment that is truly distinctive and luxurious with an underlying Asian aesthetic and value. 150 . tropical timber and leather. and rather like a vacation home for the & right The rooms are furnished with a distinctive Art Deco flavour. combining the history of South Beach and its cultural diversity. bronze. DESIGN AT THE SETAI Design Art Deco fusion. In The Setai lobby. Envisioned as more than a hotel. space and light. for example. particularly its influence in Asia. the design is intended to create a tasteful setting richly infused with natural materials.

Indonesia. literally brick by brick. The Dragon faces the East and represents good luck. that are installed within the Shanghai bricks. with modern trappings and classic design. Indonesia. space and light. If one design element expresses the concept of Art Deco Fusion.ARCHITECT & INTERIOR DESIGNER architect Jean Michel Gathy of Denniston International The Setai is conceptualised upon reflection of the history of South Beach Art Deco and Art Deco Asia. sensitivity and tastefully decorated. the room's floor is finished with aged leather panels bordered by a tropical hardwood floor. The Tiger faces the West and represents protection. The Courtyard represents a sense of calming and is reflective of nature. which is Gathy's birthplace. These bricks were restored and are now stunning in their new setting. The four statues in the Courtyard are the Celestial Animals. creative layers of materials. The Phoenix faces the South and represents opportunity. The table in the Lobby and the Welcome table in The Restaurant were created with pavers from the palaces in Beijing. As seen in the Forbidden City these statues guard the 4 corners of the world. designs that are always unique in that they are created specifically for each project. below The hotel is popular for its decadent in-room dining selection. with every angle carefully crafted to join perfectly into a panel. This Art Deco fusion philosophy reflects the cultural diversity of Miami renowned ftor creative lifestyle. which at one time had the largest array of Art Deco buildings in the world and are still prevalent today. Jaya Ibrahim. it would be the grey antique bricks used in the lobby. interior designer Jaya Ibrahim & Associates Jaya Ibrahim & Associates is a company based in Jakarta. you will find ornate hurricane lights from Chang Mai. They are also a bridge between the Art Deco hubs of Shanghai and Miami. The bronze's embossed finish creates a feeling as warm and luxurious as the fire glowing within. Each lattice is handmade of Burmese Teak by Chinese craftsman. The focal point of the room is the bronze fireplace. Adding an even greater sense of intimacy. The Setai is envisioned to be a second home to many of our guests where the design intent was to create a place richly interfused with materials. 151 . and a symbol of Asian and American fusion of The Setai. China. top Guests are pampered in the luxuriant bathrooms. These bricks were transported from Shanghai. the name of the maker is stamped on the side of the pavers. consistently creates designs that have a strong sense of place. in them you will either find oranges during the day or candles during the night. The Turtle faces the North and represents stability. The symbolism of the oranges is to bridge the Asian influences of the design style of The Setai and the Sunshine State of Florida. Several buildings in Shanghai's old city that were in irreparable condition were taken apart. Throughout The Setai. designs that are a contemporary reinterpretation of the past. In all his work. the Interior Designer for The Setai. composed of individually crafted and embossed panels from Bali. The lobby also features a timber lattice motif inspired by the Belgium Art Deco era.



has been completely restored to its original Art Deco splendor. The lushly landscaped courtyard features an al fresco dining area. lobby. right The pieces in the lobby were designed by the acclaimed Jaya Ibrahim. bar and lounge. while the interior has been reconfigured to house the hotel's guest rooms. Just beyond this tropical garden-like setting is the stunning white sand beach. restaurants. The lobby features a timber lattice motif inspired by the Belgium Art Deco Area. three generous swimming pools.ARCHITECTURE The exterior of the historic Dempsey Vanderbilt Hotel. and The Spa at The Setai. originally built between 1936-38. Top 154 .

is a philosophy that combines the architectural history of South Beach and its cultural diversity with the international Art Deco movement. Chinese culture is a great inspiration for his work. He paints on paper and canvas using lead pencils. Gyeongsangbuk-do. the Sim Sang Group. FB: /thesetai. Envisioned as more than a hotel. and the night. Design Art Deco fusion. the overall design concept of The Setai. past and present. and rather like a vacation home for the guests. the design is intended to create a tasteful setting richly infused with natural materials. and especially people in the streets. visit www. ART IN THE SETAI artist Christian de Laubadère Christian de Laubadère began living and working in Shanghai in 2001. The guest rooms and suites also imbue a luxurious and warm ambiance with the use of teak. Starting with an intimate setting.Top & Bottom The restaurant and the bar is immaculately designed. markets and parks of the cities and countryside. the sun. smoke and charcoal as well as printed and embroidered fabric selected from China and France. The series of 137 paintings displayed in The Setai and those most recent 21 paintings shown in Shanghai are a reflection of Christian’s fascination with the sophistication and sensuality. space and light. Presently a member of Korea Fine Art Association.) artist Lee Jung Woong Born in 1963 in Wooleung-Gun. which is very important to the Chinese culture. Twitter: @TheSetai. The Setai reflects a passion to provide an experience that few can imagine. INTIMATE AND RICH Born out of a vision. Korea. welcoming guests to a sumptuous dining experience. The significance for the neck and heads to The Setai is that is reminds us of what our guests expect from us – PRIVACY (as you cannot see the face) and INTIMACY in terms of detail and tailoring of service and style (as the paintings depict the subject’s neck which is very intimate. 155 . For more information. • Historically only the very rich and famous (monks) were taught to write with these brushes – this reminds us of the type of guest to The Setai The original shape of the building allowed Gathy to create rooms characterised by unfolding spaces. The impeccable design details of each guest room are exemplified by authentic jade pieces that were found in the antique markets of China and are handsomely displayed on the teak walls. particularly its influence in Asia. and Invited Artists of Sinla Great Art Exhibition • The significance of these paintings is very symbolic because brushes were used to write calligraphy/poetry in China. creating an intimate and rich mood. The Setai creates a private world that connects guests with what has always been the greatest attraction of South Beach: the beach.thesetaihotel. black granite and fine silk.


CEO of Samsung Asia. the South Korean giant unveiled a range of products that provides seamless navigation. held recently at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre. a tool unique to the company and is. President and CEO of Samsung Asia. intuitive control and smart solutions for your home and workplace. . left The Forum was held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre. they are in constant search for the most trendy designs. “the heart of all Samsung’s appliances”.157 a brief stop at the GWK Cultural Centre. a home appliance is more than just a machine that does household chores. Not only are they in tuned with the latest technological innovations brought to the table. right Moon Soo Kim. Indonesia. Above The media made new breed of consumers has emerged. Moon Soo Kim. less noise and more energy savings. These days. it is a style statement – a reflection of the taste of the homeowner. Hybridising functionality and aesthetics can be a Herculean endeavour but Samsung has done it with aplomb. as he calls it. Bali. At the Samsung Southeast Asia Forum 2014. He also introduced the Digital Inverter Technology. disclosed that the brand’s vision is to give its customers a “smart life”. This special technology gives the appliances more durability.

The Family TV feature. allows each of your family members to save their favourite clips for easy replay. CEO and President of Consumer Electronics Business of Samsung Electronics. And fans of football will relish the Soccer Mode. those that the consumers aren’t even fully aware of.STUNNING VIEW In the one-hour presentation. Its revolutionary triangular body allows for a wider inlet. . creates an unrivalled immersive entertainment experience. The WW9000 washing machine is functional and stylish.” HOME PRIDE The new AR9000 air conditioner is the prime example. knobs and buttons. with a “Built for Asia” concept in mind. The WW9000 washing machine shares a similar vein. This year. according to Hyunsuk Kim.” said BK Yoon. That’s the definition of true innovation. All these factors come together and the result is a TV that produces a 3D effect sans glasses. “We are especially proud when we are able to create products that address future needs. clarity and detail are further enhanced with the Auto Depth Enhancer and the PurColor technology. “R&D and design play a key role in how we develop our products as we’re always focused on improving our customers’ day-to-day experience with technology. which comes with screen and sound capture functions. Despite its minimalistic design. Samsung has incorporated several new features in its TVs. however. Samsung has developed a washing machine that sports an elegant and chic appearance. Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. Colour. By removing unnecessary lines. It is also equipped with the brand’s exclusive Virus Doctor that eliminates contaminants and allergens in the air. Several videos were shown at the Forum but the ones that caught our attention were those showing Samsung’s home appliances. The U9000’s curved screen gives images a wider viewing field and. clockwise from left The 158 U9000 Curved UHD TV. is undoubtedly the 78-inch U9000 Curved UHD TV which “takes the home entertainment experience to the next level”. whose zoom-in and auto and manual replay bring viewers closer to the action. when combined with the ultra high definition (UHD) technology. Samsung revealed several key products set to be available in stores in the first half of 2014. wider outlet and bigger fans while maintaining a compact and stylish exterior profile. The star of the Forum. These impeccably shot TV commercials showcase how these ingenious machineries complement our lives and are a reflection of Samsung’s ethos of uniting form and function.

letting you remotely control and monitor them via an application on a smartphone. Both the AR9000 air conditioner and the WW9000 are run by the Samsung Digital Inverter Technology for a more powerful performance while maintaining low energy consumption. is designed to store vegetables. has two layers of doors.” above The AR9000 air conditioner has a triangular shape. And speaking of smart living.” said Boo-Keun Yoon. 159 . By compartmentalising the frequently used and the less frequently used. “We learned this from research into consumer lifestyles. The is instilled with an array of functions like the Auto Optimal Wash. which gives you an extra dose of washing efficiency. also powered by the Samsung Digital Inverter Technology. the Food Showcase refrigerator minimises the escape of cool air. below The Food Showcase refrigerator is. like the rest of Samsung’s appliances. run by the Digital Inverter Technology. which detect the load size. These devices also come with the Samsung Smart Control. The Showcase provides instant access to frequently used items like sauces. “Consumers want quick access to stored items without spending too much time looking for them with the refrigerator door opened. fruits and meats. which remembers frequently used cycles and washing options. namely the Showcase and the Innercase. keeping your perishables fresher longer. President and CEO of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics. and the Most Used mode. it’s hard to top what the new Samsung Food Showcase refrigerator has to offer. And of course. meanwhile. degree of soiling and amount of water and detergent required. and combined the findings with our engineering and design expertise. drinks and snacks. no washing machine from Samsung is complete without its signature Eco Bubble technology. This unique ice box. The result was the perfect solution for every member of the family.

We reveal how you can protect yourself and your family indoors. there are numerous sources of indoor air pollution. the efficacy of indoor plants to remove VOCs isn't constant. xylene. mould. viruses. These pollutants are emitted over a long period of time from common household items such as paints. if moisture build-up isn’t removed speedily. and so on. With high humidity. mould can propagate. in as short a time as WHAT’S OUT THERE Some common commercial solutions to combat indoor air pollution include houseplants. Should you live near major highways. or have an attached garage or car shelter. Carbon monoxide (CO) isn't only emitted from cigarettes. However.ecoWARRIOR text JAMES LOW THE TRUTH ABOUT INDOOR AIR QUALITY We’ve all experienced this either at home or at the office: the acrid smell of commercial cleaning products that irritate our respiratory system. and formaldehyde. pesticides. carbon monoxide can be present in high levels in your home. VOCs are commonplace in homes. And that’s just one example of a situation where indoor air isn’t the best source of oxygen for us. specifically VOCs such as benzene. FIND THE SOURCE One common source of indoor air pollutants is cigarette smoke. vehicle emissions. Long-term exposure to VOCs has been linked to leukaemia. While a moderate amount of mould is harmless to most. too – smoke. Second-hand smoke affects people other than the smoker. Certain houseplants can reduce certain causes of indoor air pollution. CO is also emitted from heating equipment. ARE YOU SAFE FROM POLLUTION INSIDE YOUR HOUSE? WE CLEAR THE AIR. central nervous system damage. 48 hours. and kidney failure. If you think outdoor air is polluted with factors such as the haze. Mould and allergens are particularly worrisome in our tropical climate. and is particularly hazardous to young children and the elderly. bacteria. building materials and furniture. those with sensitive respiratory systems could develop allergic reactions to high concentrations. in 160 photo GETTY IMAGES . The combination of gaseous pollutants such as carbon monoxide and microscopic particulates makes second-hand smoke particularly dangerous in an indoor environment. volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other particulates. cleaning supplies.

quick facts on air quality
n The average adult breathes in about

11,000 litres of air a day, most of which comes from the indoor environment. ailments – from respiratory and eye irritation to more serious conditions such as asthma attacks and reduced lung function. of carrying more pollutants than that circulating in rural communities. and higher humidity levels – can contribute to higher levels of indoor air pollution.

Biological filtration devices rely on biological processes that capture and degrade pollutants in the removal of certain indoor air contaminants. Apart from the removal of common pollutants such as dust and odour, gadgets such as the Botanicaire air-purifier also target toxic VOCs.

n Polluted air can cause a variety of

Just treating indoor air pollution isn’t effective enough to control it. A holistic indoor air-management system is needed. First, reduce the number of sources. Homeowners should be more conscious of the materials they use around the house. Water-based adhesives and paints with zero or near-zero levels of VOCs are becoming more readily available, and will only become more common in time. Many off-the-shelf cleaners rely on high concentrations of chemicals such as ammonia (remember the acrid smell in the toilet?) and chlorine meant to make cleaning “easier”. However, they could damage your tiles and furniture, and are a significant source of indoor air pollution. Choose cleaners made of natural ingredients, or even better, make them yourself! Another surprising source of indoor air pollution: your carpets, rugs, and furniture. The glue used in some furniture often contains formaldehyde, which breaks down into a gas over time. That smell that makes you slightly light-headed? That’s the effect of formaldehyde. With more consumer awareness, many manufacturers take the effort to provide information on their production processes, especially if it’s all kosher. Home cooking too, may introduce increased levels of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide into the indoor environment. While home-cooked food is generally considered the healthier option, allow ample ventilation in your kitchen when preparing dinner. Ventilation is the second strategy to maintaining good indoor air quality at home. Natural ventilation from windows, doors, and other openings help ensure a constant flow of cleaner outdoor air in exchange for polluted indoor air (unless there’s a haze outside). For areas where there is a higher potential for indoor air pollutants to accumulate, such as washrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas, exhaust fans can be used to accelerate the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. It is only when these two strategies are exhausted should you consider the purchase of air cleaners such as those listed earlier.

n Indoor air in cities has a higher potential

n The tropical climate – high temperature


certain scenarios, they have been shown to have little effect, if at all. Ozone generators use electrical discharges to produce ozone, which reacts with chemical and biological pollutants and transforms them into harmless substances. However, ozone is a potent lung irritant, and at levels not harmful to health doesn’t show much potential for air contaminant removal. Activated carbon (gas-phase air filters) removes gaseous pollutants by absorbing pollutants. These are usually targeted at specific pollutants, and are particularly effective at doing so. However, none are expected to remove all the gaseous pollutants in the air. Further, they are overloaded quickly, requiring frequent replacement. Mechanical air filters (HEPA) or particulate filters rely on mechanical separation and are the most common form of air-filtration devices in households. These filters are great at capturing larger airborne particles such as dust, pollen, mould spores, dust mites and cockroach allergens. However, these larger particles tend to settle (onto carpets, furniture, and other such surfaces) rather quickly, so complete removal is almost impossible. Ionisers (electronic air-cleaners) use electrostatic attraction to trap particles. Charged ions are dispersed into the air and attach to airborne particles, “charging” them so they attach to surfaces such as the floor. After turning on the ioniser, one tends to find floors and other surfaces more “dusty”. Be careful to purchase ionisers that do not generate ozone, which is a lung irritant as mentioned above.

Did you know?
Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems in buildings such as shopping malls and offices are required by law to vent (or exhaust) indoor air to reduce pollution.



Make a paste with equal parts baking soda and white, non-gel toothpaste. Dip a damp cloth into the paste and scrub the table in a circular motion. It might take a long while to clear, but keep at it. ■ Hold a hairdryer on high heat over the stain. Once it clears, oil the wood a little to moisturise it. ■ For stubborn oil and grease stains, rub lemon juice on the stain with a soft toothbrush. Alternatively, use lighter fluid or white vinegar.

Did you know?
Over time, your wood furniture will develop a beautiful patina and undergo colour changes. Cherry typically darkens, while walnut and teak tend to lighten in time. Pine, alder and red oak will turn a golden colour as they age.


Walnuts and Brazil nuts work well with light-coloured furniture. Use the nut like a crayon: just rub the scuff with it, and you’ll find the mark vanishing. ■ Available at hardware stores, scuff-mark erasers wipe off residue and marks caused by rubber-soled shoes.


Use a mixture of coffee grounds and rice to neutralise nasty odours and prevent the growth of mildew in your wooden drawers or cabinets. Sprinkle dry coffee grounds and rice on the furniture, and let the mixture sit for a week. In some cases, the process might have to be repeated a few times until the odour disappears. BASIC CARE As wood is a natural and porous material, its fibre and pores loosen as it ages. To minimise damage from dirt and dust, wipe down your wood furniture once a day with a clean cotton cloth, and polish it once every two months. “We recommend applying cream polishes on wood with natural surfaces, and using orange oil on varnished or lacquered surfaces,” says Anita Sam of Journey East. “Just a small amount on a soft cloth will work wonders.”

OLD IS GOLD When all else fails and expert services can’t repair the damage, just leave the stains be. Appreciate the character that old water and wine stains, even burn marks, bring to a vintage piece, as they reflect the past life of the piece.


food notes

Keep It Inside
Aside from storage containers, Tupperware makes cookware aimed at retaining 98 per cent of the nutrients in the ingredients. Thanks to the moisture-lock lids, the Tupperchef Inspired Cookware collection requires less water to cook. This allows food to be prepared in its natural moisture, which helps to retain nutrients.
The cookware range is available at Tupperware.


Art can also hang in the kitchen. Dress your cookspace with these posters by Pop Chart, which portray detailed variations of popular food and drinks such as pasta and coffee. It’s also a conversation starter for guests who prefer to stay in the kitchen to chat with you as you put the finishing touches on dinner.
Available at Pomelo Home, #10-04 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore, tel: +65-6226-4663.


Electrolux’s new line of intuitive appliances is the result of feedback gleaned from visits to over 1,000 South-east Asian households. The range includes the FlexFresh range of fridges that not only preserves your fresh food better, but also boosts the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables with a special lightwave treatment.
Sold at all major electrical stores and Electrolux authorised dealers.

FRESHLY BLENDED The new Naturai P12 Blender by

Mayer Marketing not only looks stylish in three jazzy colour options, it also boasts an ultra-high blending speed of 3hp – fast enough to crush ice cubes finely. It’s also great at blending smoothies and bisques, as it has a preset “Phyto-Rich Vegetable” function that runs at the exact speed and duration required to extract maximum phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables.

. Singapore. Buy them at www. When you aren’t throwing a party. Bosch’s MSM66150 hand blender set is a reliable assistant to help in food preparation at home. The base comes in translucent shades such as aqua.TAKE A STAND Any cake would become eye candy when presented on Guzzini’s delightful cake stand. 50 Jurong Gateway Road. these bowls will bring an element of fun to any home. and is topped with a clear dome. violet and orange. PANION TRUSTY COM Light. you can store your bread in these pretty stands. ergonomic.and dishwasher-safe bowls certainly gets our this nifty gadget can also create sparkling sodas with the aid of over 20 Sodamix flavours. Look Inwards Page One’s colourful range of microwave. with a cheerful hue inside. Source. Source comes in either a metal (in red or white) or a plastic housing (in black or white). Its blender foot is set with four blades for smoother purees and finer-chopped food. and armed with 12 different settings (as well as a turbo button). White on the outside. 164 Available at all leading department stores. sunny yellow. Get it at leading electrical and department stores. too. See more of Guzzini’s tableware at Robinsons. Besides carbonising still water. tel: +65-6887-8838. You can choose from three levels of fizziness. BIG ON BUBBLES Lovers of fizzy drinks and sparkling water might want to check out Sodastream’s latest model. Conceptualised by industrial designer Yves Behar. They cost $17 each and come in aqua green.jooix. #01-07/13 Jem. and radiant orange.

Kuala Lumpur. 165 . British designer Tom Dixon gave the brand’s traditional carafe a fresh and contemporary makeover.soul mates Hit & Mrs is a hidden culinary gem in the Klang Valley. Located on the secluded Lorong Kurau just a stone’s throw away from the busy Bangsar Village. the Hennessy XO bottle feels completely new. call Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia at +603-2053-8688. Round up your evening with Hit & Mrs’ signature cocktails at the bar located on the first floor. Favourites on the menu include the Beetroot Confit. tel: +603-2282-3571. the restaurant is a perfect place for a quiet dinner with your loved one.” explains Dixon. Lorong Kurau. “I was inspired by the way precious objects are mounted. 15 Taman Weng Lock. the mains from RM45 to RM90 and the desserts RM25 each. Bangsar. the Black Cod Fish and the Char-grilled Beef Cheeks. specifically the crystal in the geological museum in London. In his hands. Hit & Mrs is at No. PRECIOUS METAL Hennessy recently unveiled the Exclusive Collection VII. yet remains immediately recognisable. The interior oozes warmth and nostalgia with vintage furniture and accessories. The starters range from RM35 to RM55. featuring a multi-faceted surface in luminous copper. For enquiries.

they add a quirky touch to your space. and muted yellow. and a sleek digital touchscreen on which you can set the exact temperature and cooking time. See the full range at the Miele gallery. the Philips Avance XL Airfryer Available at authorised dealers. roast. vintage feel. Used outside the kitchen (organise your bills in the recipe box!). The optimal amount of oil used in the dish (portion for 10) should only be three teaspoons. shredding and grating. MIX IN THE COLOUR The Bosch Styline MUM5 Kitchen Machine is now available in four trendy colours – deep red. Stash your closely guarded recipes in the recipe box and store your baking ingredients in the tins. tel: +603-6205-3899. gratinate. among others) definitely impress. Its updated model. The lime and pepper seasonings (pink and green packets) should be sprinkled over the fish separately. For more information. and mixed well before adding all three ingredients to the main dish. cool turquoise. faster cooking times. sweet treats 166 . and discs for slicing. and even bake. including a dough hook. Add these enamel accessories to your kitchen for a charming. visit www. Solaris are all packed into an accessories bag that can be stored in the stainless steel mixing bowl. Keep to the original taste of yusheng by only using raw mackerel. 3. Its range of attachments. on top of the existing Clean Steel and Brilliant White. it can also grill. Besides frying. aqua blue. 2. Besides the M Touch user interface. style-conscious homeowners can also rejoice that the new range comes in sleek Obsidian Black and luxe Havana Brown colourways. which lets you navigate the functions intuitively like with a smartphone. FOLLOW THESE POINTERS TO MAKE GOOD YUSHENG (RAW FISH SALAD) GREAT. all from Robinsons. 1.FOR A SNAZZY KITCHEN Miele’s new Generation 6000 Pure Line built-in appliances (ovens. beater and mixer. the Philips Airfryer revolutionalised healthy eating two years ago. microwave ovens and a coffee machine. ON COOKING frying without oil Able to crisp food without any oil. will come in handy for that big reunion dinner as it features 50 per cent more capacity. 167 5.02 Pavilion KL Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2148-3300 Toshiba Tel: +603-5565-8000 18 Jalan Juruhebah U1/ Lot 2 Jalan PJU7/2 Mutiara Damansara Petaling Jaya tel: +603-7726-7777 Muji White Horse Ceramic tel: 1800-88-1880 www.lg. Jalan KPB7. Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2031-8751 15 Jalan Pendidik U1/31 Hicom Glenmarie Shah Alam tel: +603-5569-4799 Molecule Ikea 6. Glenmarie Selangor tel: +603-5569-2526 Lorenzo Miele 3-12 The Intermark Mall Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2166-2212 For store listing. go to Menara Kencana Petroleum Solaris Dutamas Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-6205-3899 Teka tel: +603-7620-1600 Terracotta Tiles Hitachi Selangor tel: +603-8962-3333 The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2089-1188 Samsung Goodrich Global M-2-2 Block M Plaza Damas Phase II Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-6201-5757 LG tel: 1800-822-822 www. Lorong 19/1A Petaling Jaya tel: +603-7652-9333 Kitch BoConcept G16 Bangunan Perdagangan D7 800 Jalan Sentul Kuala Lumpur tel: +6018-599-8233 Panasonic T112 Bangsar Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2011-0178 Kitchenaid Lazzoni Lot Suite Robinsons Electrolux tel: 1300-88-1122 Legrand Feruni Ceramiche 12 Jalan 213 Petaling Jaya tel: +603-7784-7277 Lot Jalan 13/2 Petaling Jaya tel: +603-7953-7600 tel: +603-7877-5216 154 Jalan Maarof Kuala Lumpur tel: +603+2201-3323 Pensonic Bosch tel: 1800-881-770 www. Level 17 Menara IMC. go to S112 Bangsar Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2094-9530 Nippon Paint Niro tel: 1800-88-2663 For store listing.10.nipponpaint. go to Level 9 East Wing ICON Jalan Tun Razak Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2165-0000 Lightcraft Sharp Gudang Damansara 145 Jalan Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-9222-2413 S15 Bangsar Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2092-2618 Ligne Roset No 1A Persiaran Kuala Langat Section 27 Shah Alam tel: +603-5102-5311 Guocera 5th Floor Wisma Kemajuan No 2 jalan 19/1B Petaling Jaya Tel: +603-7958-7922 S3 Pamper Floor Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2710-3388 Signature Kitchen Linds Furniture Lot 24 Jalan Teknologi Taman Sains Selangor 1 Kota Damansara tel: +603-6286-7000 Harvey Norman Hafele 162 Jalan Maarof Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2094-6055 Space Furniture For store listing.00 Pavilion KL Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2141-0223 . Kawasan Perindustrian GUIDE YOUR ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Interfal Marketing 158 Jalan Maarof Kuala Lumpur tel: +603-2093-9588 Namu Haus 3 Jalan Timur Petaling Jaya tel: +603-7932-3999 Janine Alpha Apex tel: +603-5740-6666 MALAYSIA Acacia Fine Fabrics tel: +603-4252-3378 www.alphamalaysia.

My home has a modern luxury style. D. My all-time favourite architect is I.. I am occupied with meetings with suppliers in Italy.M. D. yet comfy to sit on. also designed by Pei. The design that’s on my wishlist is the MBS 003 chair by Mercedes-Benz. 168 . the design has to also attain functionality and comfort for the user. we went to Barcelona and Madrid. 5 Fendi Casa’s collection often feature neutral colours with a sophisticated touch. the structure remains a modern architectural marvel till today. coffee. the musical brought back fond memories. I am a strong believer in getting down to the basics to assure that the goods that Molecule offer are produced in the best conditions and of utmost quality. Despite the fact that it was constructed in 1978. Being a fan of the 1990 life list 1 Joshua Yang MANAGING DIRECTOR OF MOLECULE My definition of a good design is one that aesthetically grows on you over time. 4 The Ghost musical is based on the hit film of the same name. Blackberry. *Carried by Molecule in Singapore 3 4 5 1 The MBS 003 chair by Mercedes-Benz. The most recent trip I had with my family was to Spain. It exudes an air of opulence. 2 I. My favourite piece at home is the Prestige sofa by Fendi Casa. Besides aesthetically appealing. These getaways are extremely important for good family bonding and to create wonderful memories. soaking up the Spanish way of life. Over the course of three weeks. I do visits like this a couple of times a year to choose the right models and colours of products and at the same time observe the production processes. The five things I can’t live without are my family. I have coupled the luxurious look of the sofa with a Stepevi Touch Me series rug. Watch out for us in the third quarter of 2014. I can minimise clashes between colours. paintings and other smaller pieces. In fact. USA. 2 I’m also a big fan of the Louvre Pyramid. I endeavour to bring my family for a getaway at least twice a year. We are currently in talks with a few other luxury labels to add on to our existing Fendi Casa* and Kenzo Maison* range. the chairs are on their way to my home! I was struck by its sophisticated shape and comfort after trying it at the Salone in Milan last year. His first work that caught my eye many years ago was the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Pei designed the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington.C. Timeless as it is with great versatility.C. it allows me to add on different kinds of knick knacks easily. My secret when it comes to decorating is to start with basic colours and give the space a splash of vibrancy with accessories. That way. 3 A rug featuring geometrical motifs from Stepevi. I visit Paris several times a year and each trip to Paris is not complete without an excursion to the Louvre Pyramid – be it a tour through the museum or just enjoying a hot cup of coffee while admiring the glass pyramid from a distance. Pei. one of which must be a destination that we have never been to before as a family.. USA. shopping and the daily newspaper. The last musical I saw was Ghost in New York City.M. At the moment.

46000 Petaling Jaya. Selangor Darul Ehsan. c o m No. n a m u h a u s . Jalan Timur.3.+6 03 7932 3999 w w w. .