December 13th, 2013 James Alan Bush (DWF967-13016062) Santa Clara County Department of Correction 885 North

San Pedro Street San Jose, California 95110 San Jose Police Department ATTN: Detective A. Williams, Gang Task Force Unit 201 West Mission Street San Jose, California 95110 In re witness to three San Jose gang-related homicides in 2013 To Detective A. Williams, SJPD: I have for you a witness to three San Jose homicides—all of which occurred on or around the evening of August 9th, 2013—who is willing to provide “solid information” in regard to the killings that happened at Capitol and Gilcrest, 33rd Street, and Crothers Road, respectively. This is the same individual who said he purchased an AR-15 from Kinko!s Tattoos (near 10th and Williams, perhaps), which I mentioned in a previous letter (he now adds that the aforementioned business sells bulletproof vests and police uniforms, as well). Aaron L. Pacheco (DSF100-13040312) has all of the aforementioned information, plus more useful tips, as is more fully shown by his enclosed note [omitted]. You may visit him at the main jail at anytime for details. Please note that references to Mr. Pacheco!s past work for police in a similar fashion as herein proposed include Santa Clara County Sheriff!s Deputies Kurtis Sturnrupt, Jeremy Jones, and “Big D” DeSantos of the Gang Task For Unit. Sincerely,

James Alan Bush

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