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Juan Aceituno

Port and harbor and coastal engineer

Dewatering containment technology Tencate Nicolon. Holland/USA Radial Collectors Wells (Ranney technology) Soft technology for marine Works design and construction. Break water design using Geotubes Tencate Nicolon. Holland/USA. Sea level and erosion control and design using Geotubes technology. Loading arms and port and harbor equipment technologies.

Experience Summary: Forty (45) years experience as a consulting engineer, in the field of Port and Harbor and Hydraulic engineering design, execution, and construction supervision. Experience in; Coastal Engineering, breakwater design, Beach Nourishment and Geotube technology. Experienced in; Ports Master Plan and Design. General cargo port design, Industrial ports design, Coal ports, Oil terminals, Marine Tourist Terminals, and Marina design. In addition, participated as a designer and consultant in varied interdisciplinary projects for public and private sectors related to technical specifications and Terms of Reference preparation for: Port development and design, Fishery ports Coastal stabilization projects, Hydraulic and sanitary projects, Marine out falls, river studies and River Basin rehabilitation. Years of Experience: 3 years working for Geohidra Consultores C.A., an EPC contractor in Soil Engineering Marine and coastal Engineering and Environmental Engineering. 30 years with Ingenieria AyS C.A. (Venezuela): Consultant Company. During 10 years worked for the public services in the Port and Harbor section of the Venezuelan Government. Former General Manager of the National Institute of Ports, and chief engineer of the Port Division at the Public Works Ministry in Venezuela. Education: Title: Civil Engineer, Hydraulic and Coastal Engineer specialist, 1967, Central University, Venezuela. Diplomat, Port and Harbor Engineering Design, 1968 Tokyo, Japan, Overseas Technical cooperation agency. Diplomat, Port And Harbor Engineering Construction, 1973,Tokyo, Japan, Overseas Technical Cooperation agency/ Haneda University/ Ministry of Transportation. Other Courses and Seminars: Training in the American Ports management system, three (3) months at New York, San Luis, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and New Orleans Ports Authorities, sponsored by U.S.A. State Department. 1974 Technologies

Professional Experience in Port and Harbor, and coastal engineering: 1978 to date 1. Current position Technical advisor in Port and Harbors in Geohidra Consultores C..A. 2. Visualization study and pre-feasibility of a Post Panamax shipyard, in Panama, Puerto Armuelles area. For ASTIMAX C.A., Panama, 2013/2014. 3. Consultant engineer for the design of a new port in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. From 2011-2012 4. Consultant for the Design, and Construction, for a pond 7000 square meter area, 5m. Depth for two power barges 170 MW each. Venezuela, Tacoa, for Geohidra Consultores C.A. for the Caracas Electricity Company. From 2010-2011 5. Engineering design for a cooling water intake (16 m3/seg) for a combined cycle, Termozulia, Venezuela, 350 Mw 2004-2006. DSD-Man-

Ferrostaal a German Company and Tecnoconsult, a Venezuelan Company. Channel intake with 20 Geotubes 50 feet circumference covered with rock material. 6. Consultant. Basic Engineering for a new port in Manta Ecuador, a pier in 16 m depth for 35.000 ton DWT Handysize ship for sulphur cargo and fresh water intake, and three (3) SPM buoys, one for crude oil and two for the Refinery products. Manta Ecuador. New Eloy Alfaro Refinery, for SK engineering and construction, and Tecnoconsult S.A., 2009-2010

Juan Aceituno
Port and harbor and coastal engineer
7. Inspection for maintenance at the l Ranney well at the Rio Sanchon, El Pallito Refinery Venezuela, PDVSA 2008 8. Consultant for the Study for location and detail engineering of three (3) fluvial ports in the Venezuelan Amazon. Two ports at the Orinoco River and one port at the Rio Negro River. 2007, to 2008. 9. Consulting services for Samana Village project in Dominican Republic. A marina for 300 yachts. For Parsons International. 2008 to be completed 2009. 10. Detain field works and detail engineering for the 5 km., Adicora beach recovery using Geotubes technology, State of Falcon, Venezuela. 2006-2007 11. Retrofitting of the Port of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, for Parsons International and San Souci Organization, year 2005. The project scope included planning for the retrofitting of the port of Santo Domingo as a tourism port for latestgeneration cruise ships. Breakwater upgrades using 16 tons Dolos. 12. Design of new Puerto Bolivar Barge Channel using Geotube technology, estimate 10400 linear meters of Geotubes 50 feet circumference to be filled up to 2,30 m height each one. Year 2006, Client Piattaforma Italia, Group of Italian construction companies. COSA a local consulting company and Venezuelan Government. 13. Engineering design and work inspection for 1,5 kilometers of beach protection using Segmented Offshore Breakwater filled Geotubes up to of 50 m. feet Jose 20. 19. 18. 17. 16. 15.
Geotubes 50 feet circumference covered with rock material. Study for the rehabilitation of the Margarita Island coastline, Include covering the use the of four 60 principal tourist offshore beaches. Margarita Island Local Government. Geotubes breakwaters, 50 feet circumference to be filled up to 2,50 meters and beach nourishment. Study carried out during 2005 to 2006, waiting for budget to be constructed. Design of coastline stabilization, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, Geotube technology. Design of protection using Groins, and Dune parallel to the coastline. Geotube technology. Year 2000 Design and works inspection of 5 kilometer of coastal protection, groins and breakwaters constructed with traditional technology using rock material. Vargas State, Venezuela 2000-2003.

Inspection on deep-water port project in Araya, Venezuela, for the Venezuelan by Ministry of the Andean



Development Corporation (CAF), 2005. This port was planned to serve as interconnection with South America and the Caribbean, and included a container terminal with capacity for 500,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) and a terminal to handle 6 million tons per year of iron ore. 2005 Coastline stabilization study for Boca de Aroa

Tourist area, Design of beach protection using 16 Geotubes 10 m circumference to be filled up to 1,25 m. June 2006- October 2006, Client PDVSAPequiven S.A. New barge terminal in Encontrados, on the Catatumbo River, Venezuela, for Carbozulia, 2006. The project included a terminal to handle two million tons per year of coal from Colombia, and a local river container terminal with capacity for 200,000 tons of refrigerated cargo. Carbozulia 2005-2006



Condominium, PDVSA associated with several more oil companies. 2004-2005. 14.
Engineering design for a cooling water intake (16 m3/seg) German for a combined and cycle, Termozulia, a a Venezuela, 2004-2006. Company DSD-Man-Ferrostaal Tecnoconsult,

Venezuelan Company. Channel intake with 20

Juan Aceituno
Port and harbor and coastal engineer
21. Construction management on the Port of La Guaira Recovery Project, in La Guaira, Venezuela, for Puertos del Litoral Central, S.A. (the Port concessionaire), January-March 2000. These 27. industrial buildings for general shipyard workshops, for Diques y Astilleros Nacionales de Venezuela, C.A. (DIANCA), 1975. Master Plan for the development of a new port zone in Puerto Ordaz, west of the Iron mill facilities, and its integration into the existing Venezuelan port system, for Corporacin Venezolana de Guayana (CVG), 1989. The need to plan the port requirements of the region arose as a consequence of the expansion of the industrial park of Ciudad Guayana. The Master Plan included a cargo movement survey to determine future port requirements and planning for ten specialized terminals and one multipurpose terminal, as a first development stage to integrate the existing port system into the new expanded system. The specialized terminals, with 19 docking places, were planned to handle the following cargoes: 250,000-TEU container ship, steel sheets and steel products, industrial bulk materials, primary

recovery works were carried out after the floods of December 1999. 22. Construction management during the construction of coastal protection works along the coastline of the state of Vargas, Venezuela, 2000-2001. 23. Engineering project for fishing docks and landing ramp in the islands of Monjes del Sur of the Los Monjes Archipelago and Beakwater design, for the Venezuelan Ministry of the Environment, 1998. 24. Engineering and construction management for the construction of a 1,500-meter dock using steel sheet pile cells filled with rock, for the current 250,000TEU container terminal of the port of La Guaira, 1980. 800 m. Breakwater extension design. 25. Basic engineering, detail engineering, and technical assistance during the construction of Los Taques shipyard, in Venezuela, 1987-1992. The work included fieldwork for the design of bathymetric and shallow geophysical surveys, and development of technical specifications for the construction of the following works: Dredging and hydraulic backfilling. Wharf, 20 meters wide by 200 meters long. Buoyancy chamber of the floating dry dock. Material dock. Fitting out quay. Dock and ramp for the shipbreaking yard (not built). Basic engineering for dry-docking system with an 80,000-ton capacity (not built). Construction management on machinery and equipment installation. 26. Planning of Syncrolift system for dry-docking up to 5,000 tons. Design of buildings and steel frame 28.

aluminum, general cargo, alumina, black products, iron pellets and briquettes, limestone, and a barge dock for the Orinoco-Apure axis. This system will be capable of mobilizing 12 million tons per year of finished and semi-finished products and raw material, in an area of 114 hectares. The multipurpose terminal of the first stage integrates the current port system into the future system. Master Plan Study for Orimulsion handling operations at the port area of Jose, Venezuela. The work included the formulation of a development plan for the handling of Orimulsion, based on the distribution of the fleet provided by Bitmenes del Orinoco, S.A. (Bitor) and the use of terminal berths of the island and monobuoy types.

Juan Aceituno
Port and harbor and coastal engineer
29. Location Study and Development Plan for a general goods port and a 150,000-TEU/year container terminal, in the Cao San Juan tributary technical assistance during the construction of a breakwater dyke using rock material from the island, to join the two islets and convert them into a single island with development possibilities. 34. Environmental Impact Study for the Monjes del Sur Interconnection, Los Monjes Archipelago, 1998. 35. Engineering assessment, project, and specific environmental inspection for

watercourse, Venezuela, for the Monagas State Development Foundation and Corporacin

Venezolana de Guayana (CVG), 1990. 30. Planning for a deep-water port system in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, for Vepica / BECOMCorposuroeste, 1992. The work included location study, planning, cost estimate, and study of the internal rate of return (IRR) of the Project, for a port terminal to export coal and phosphatic rock in Cape Max class ships. 31. Technical direction of the Master Development Plans for Venezuelan Ports. Upon the port congestion crisis occurred in Venezuela from 1975 through 1985, these Master Plan studies were conducted to support an investment program for the expansion of the national port system. Engineer Juan Aceituno was responsible for the technical direction of the following Master Development Plans for the national government: Master Development Plan for the Port of Puerto Cabello. Master Development Plan for the Port of La Guaira. Master Development Plan for the Port of Guanta. Master Development Plan for the Port of Maracaibo. 32. Engineering for the upgrading of dock N 1 for liquid wax handling, Cardon Refinery, for 40. 39. 38. 37. 36.


dredging works at the port of La Guaira, for Puertos del Litoral Central, C.A., 1998-1999. Technical assistance on the design and construction of the Bajo Grande lake dock expansion works, in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, for Petrleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), 1989. The project included berthing and mooring dolphins for tankers up to 80,000 DWT. Project of New Tanker Loading System for Dock N 2, Cardon Refinery, Venezuela, for PDVSA, 1994. The Project included the design of a loading arm-hose system with swivel joints for the loading of 34 refined products. Logistics Operations Terminal Project for the port of Carupano, to support gas exploitation operations of the Mariscal Sucre Project, in Venezuela, for PDVSA, 1993. Location study, bathymetry, and shallow

geophysical survey for the Alcoa aluminum service dock in the Gulf of Paria, Venezuela, for Alcoa Aluminio, S.A. of Brazil, 1992. Construction of the Port of Maracaibo Expansion Project, Venezuela, 1980. The works included erection of dock jack-up, dredging, and yard reclaiming.

CERAVEN, 2000. 33. Engineering for the Monjes Del Sur 41.

Inspection on the General Containerized Cargo Docks EPC Project, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, for VELUZ Consortium / Government of Venezuela, 1982.

Interconnection, Los Monjes Archipelago, for the Ministry of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (MARNR) of Venezuela, 1999. The project scope included engineering and

Juan Aceituno
Port and harbor and coastal engineer
42. Technical assistance during the construction of Los Taques shipyard, Venezuela, 1982-1989. The technical assistance service included construction inspection advice. 43. Retrofitting of the San Francisco dock in Lake Maracaibo, for the recovery of existing facilities, for Corpoven, S.A., 1982. 44. Upgrading of cement dock in Pertigalete, 52. 51. Conceptual engineering, cost estimate, and rate study for an export terminal for high iron briquettes (HIB), an export dock for steel sheets, and a reception dock for limestone, at the Guayana Siderurgical Complex (COMSIGUA), Venezuela, for Corporacin Venezolana de Guayana (CVG)Kobe Steel, 1990. Support to oceanographic studies in the Gulf of Venezuela, the Strait of Maracaibo, and Lake Maracaibo, for Intevep, 1988-1992. The work included the recovery of field data on waves and currents at different oceanographic stations during a three year period.

Venezuela, for Vencemos, 1985. 45. Dock retrofitting at the port of Puerto Miranda, Venezuela, for PDVSA, 1985. The Project included the retrofitting of the dock to increase the mooring capacity for tankers up to 120,000 DWT. 46. Basic engineering for a 10-million ton iron ore transfer terminal in Patos Island across Macuro, Venezuela, for Ipco Contractors / Corporacin Venezolana de Guayana (CVG), 1985. 47. Dock Structure Recovery Project for the fuel distribution plant of the port of El Guamache, Venezuela, 1987. 48. Field study and technical assistance for the design of a dock at the Orinoco pulp and paper plant, Venezuela, for the CIO (Inelectra-Vepica-Otepi) Consortium, 1989. 49. Engineering and construction management for the retrofitting of dock N 2, Cardon Refinery, for PDVSA, 1991-1992. The project consisted of retrofitting the mooring structure for vessels up to 50,000 DWT, and designing and supervising the construction of a new hose and flexible joint structure of own design for the loading of multiple products into tankers. 50. Engineering for the retrofitting of salt dock at the chlorine soda plant of Pequiven, PDVSA, for Tecnoconsult, 1990. The work included dock capacity study and design for the installation of fixed unloading equipment.

Engineer Juan B. Aceituno M. Public Service National Port Institute Manager 1974-1977 Engineer assistant and Design Engineer Fisheries port design in Guiria, Venezuela Several fisheries ports at Chacachacare Margarita, y Punta Meta, Venezuela Project Manager for design of Tourist International port of Margarita island, Venezuela Master plan La Guaira Port, Venezuela Master plan Puerto Cabello Port, Venezuela Master plan Guanta Port, Venezuela, Economic and engineering study of Maracaibo Port, Venezuela Master plan Maracaibo Port Grain Terminal study in Maracaibo Port Ferries Terminal study in Falcon Terminal, Venezuela Phone: 58212-6937877ext 266 Cel : 584142-506050 Fax; 58212-2833286,

Juan Aceituno
Port and harbor and coastal engineer