Athenian Treasury at Delphi

December 15, 2008 (Repost April 11, 2014) By Da i! Arthur "alters #$A#$ #$RR%R Ami!st the on&oin& ne's o( the )reat Ban*ers +anic o( 2008, a me!ia critic has !eclare! that ,ournalists are mincin& 'or!s- .e thin*s ery stron& lan&ua&e is calle! (or by the crisis/0cuse me, but 'hat are 'e to e0pect (rom our mealy1mouthe! press putas, 'hose careers !epen! on their ability to he!&e an! beat aroun! the bush, ta*in& care not to o((en! members o( the po'er elite 'ho o'n the &reat 'horehouse in the nation2s capitol3 4houl! a ,ournalist say, (or e0ample, that she 'as loo*in& at the panic*in& 4ecretary o( the Treasurer the other !ay an! that he remin!e! her o( a stuc* pi&, an! that she !i! a little home'or* an! !isco ere! that this sa ior o( )ol!man 4achs (rom collapse pile! up 5600,000,000 (or himsel( as an in estment ban*er at )ol!man 4achs, than*s to the ,ob recommen!ation
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MIAMI MIRROR – TRUE REFLECTIONS o( the 7i0on A!ministration, creatin& the ery problem that brou&ht this &reat nation to its *nees, ,ust as he &ot !o'n on his *nees an! be&&e! 7ancy +elosi to appro e his sal ation plan at the "hite .ouse summit meetin& the other !ay3 4houl! our in!epen!ent ,ournalist say that the sa&e o( %maha, 'ho &ot !o'n on his *nees an! praye! to &o!less 8hea en9 that )ol!man 4achs be (urther secure! by the Treasury 4ecretary2s plan, so he coul! in est a (e' billion in it, is ,ust another speculatin& (ool, no 'iser at least than the &roup that thre' a (e' billion !ollars into "ashin&ton #utual ,ust be(ore it 'ent !o'n the !rain3 The lou!mouthe! ,ournalist mi&ht say that the continual s:ua'*in& o( ;hic*en <ittle at the hea! o( =e!, 'hose (a orite aca!emic sub,ect is the )reat Depression, cause! the s*y to (all on the (inancial 'orl!- $t ,ust (ell on "ashin&ton #utual as !epositors 'ith!re' billions in !eposits o er t'o 'ee*s- But the remainin& !epositors are not to 'orry, (or the ban* 'as sei>e! in the mi!!le o( the ni&ht an! its ,uicy assets 'ere han!e! o(( the ?+ #or&an ;hase- The &o ernment hel! the &arba&e ba& (or the rest- The hea! o( "ashin&ton #utual, a turnaroun! e0pert, 'as *ept in the !ar* by the ban* pre!ators until he 'as in(orme! o( 8the lar&est ban* (ailure in @-4- history9 'hile he 'as in mi!1(li&ht- The (ormer hea! o( the ban*, a(rai! (or his ,ob, ha! pre iously turne! !o'n an o((er (or 58 share4houl! not our coura&eous ,ournalist obser e that "ashin&ton #utual is ,ust the latest course o( the &houlish pi& (est3 4houl! she not use stron&er 'or!s, classin& pi&s 'ith s'ine, an! say that the 4ui!ae =amily an! its ulture (rien!s are car in& up the nation2s best assets, ta*in& the lion2s share (or themsel es 'hile tossin& the scraps to the un'ittin& public3 But the public is not that un'ittin&, (or e ery re!1bloo!e! American has some pi&&ishness 'ithin A $ mysel( am a prou! member o( the ;lan o( the "il! Boar- The American people ha e proteste! the pi& (est, but to no a ail, (or their representati es belie e the American people they o(t re(er to are rather stupi!- A(ter all, 'hat !oes ?oe Blo' *no' o( hi&h (inance let alone (orei&n policy3 .e cannot e en balance his o'n chec*boo*- $n (act it is only !urin& crisis that he is intereste! in the most important thin&s in the 'orl!- 4urely our electe! lea!ers must sa e our !umb asses, o er our !ea! bo!ies i( nee! be, an! the 'orl! must be sa e! as 'ell 'hether the 'orl! li*es the shoc*in& an! a'esome, pre1empti e plans or not4houl! our ,ournalist e en bother to say that 'e !o not li e in a !emocracy3 %ne nee!s at least (i e1hun!re! million !ollars to en,oy !emocracy no'a!ays- But 'hy bother to say such thin&s 'hen honesty is !ismisse! as a rant by e((ete critics3 An! i( our ,ournalist sai! that the
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MIAMI MIRROR – TRUE REFLECTIONS representati es behin! the present pre!icament shoul! (ace a (irin& s:ua!, an! that the +resi!ent himsel( shoul! be 'rappe! in a (la& an! hun& by the nec* (rom the "hite .ouse (la&pole, she mi&ht be char&e! 'ith treason- 7o, stron& 'or!s are anathemaB emotion, the thou&ht1(eelin& (oun!ation o( morality, must be a oi!e! at all costs- 7o1one belie es in anythin& in this a&e o( he!&in&, not e en money, there(ore any reputable ,ournalist must &et beyon! &oo! an! e il, he!&e her 'or!s an! ha e them cleanse! by e!itors behol!en to publishers in or!er to sur i eCour a era&e citi>en mi&ht be (inancially inept, but she has a sense o( ,ustice- An! the a era&e man 'ho !oes not *no' a cre!it s'ap (rom a hole in the &roun! *no's better than to trust the current &o ernment o( our currently !eclinin& nation- "e are hearin& some ery stron& 'or!s (rom them- But the pro(essional press putas 'oul! not !'ell on those 'or!s lest a riot ensue 'hen thin&s &o too 'ron&ly- 7o, the ,ournalist must contribute to the (inancial panic by han&in& on the 'or!s o( ;hic*en <ittle an! +or*y +i&The ,ournalist must not report that there is plenty o( money to &o aroun! i( only people 'oul! part 'ith it- Ta*in& her cue (rom the (ri&htene! suits at (inancial institutions, a 'or*in& consumer reporter must 'arn the consumer that there is a cre!it crunch, an! a! ise the consumer to be (ru&alThe consumer must hoar! money, an! thus contribute to the icious cycleAt least hoar!in& money &i es it some alue- But more money can be create! out o( thin airB that is 'hat mo!ern ban*in& is all about, an! that is 'hy more Americans o'n homes than any'here else in the 'orl!, not to mention the mountains o( trash, ,un* an! &arba&e they consume in a!!ition to necessities- The cre!it in(lation an! housin& boom !i! not start 'ith the Bush A!ministration A it starte! in the 40s, an! really too* o(( in the 80s$( the !eclaration on the bac* o( the =e!eral Reser e 7ote, 8$n )o! "e Trust9, is true, people 'ill emer&e (rom their bun*ers, sell their &ol! coins, an! &et bac* to 'or*- ;re!it crunch, my assD <et2s &et on 'ith business- ;onstipate! ban*ers must pur&e the bo'els o( the cre!it bloc*a&eA(ter all, money is not the thin&- The !ollar is a piece o( paper or a recor!e! number, a unit e0chan&e, a symbol (or alue 'ithout alue in itsel(- The !ollar is e i!ence o( !ebt, an! it is only an asset i( the !ebtor is trust'orthy%ther'ise it is trash- "e must not *ill the !ebtor2s ability to per(orm$t is (aith, (irst o( all, that mo es people, an! this (inancial panic is e i!ence that people ha e place! their (aith in the 'ron& thin&s or in nothin& at all- They ha e truste! lea!ers 'ho ha e !one 'ron& thin&s an! are tal*in& about the 'ron& thin&s- They are losin& (aith or are cynical, an! are trie! o( bein& !ictate! to- 4o maybe ,ournalists !o nee! to use stron&er lan&ua&e to !epict the 'i!esprea! !isappointment- #aybe opinion columnists shoul!
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MIAMI MIRROR – TRUE REFLECTIONS actually &o o erboar! an! call (or a &reat !e(enestration (rom the hi&hest 'in!o's- +erhaps a toppin&1o(( party shoul! be hel! to cast the corporate 'ron&!oers o(( the roo(s o( their s*yscrapersAs (or me, $ belie e 'e shoul! use stron& lan&ua&e but in a positi e 'ay- %ur lea!ers nee! to calm !o'n, to stop runnin& aroun! li*e chic*ens 'ith their hea!s cut o((, an! then rushin& to'ar!s one cli(( or another 'ith the e0pectation that 'e shoul! (ollo' the suits- The people in char&e are human bein&s, not pi&s- $( they are terribly embarrasse! an! ashame! that thin&s ha e &one so (ar south, i( they 'ant to actually be the trustees they shoul! be, let them purchase penance no' 'ith their in(luence an! their billions, an! 'e shall con&ratulate them- "hy &an& up on the rich an! po'er(ul 'hom 'e may resent but still secretly lo e, 'hen they 'ant to loo* &oo! in the public eye an! lea e a &ran! le&acy3 %( course 'e nee! to chan&e the &uar! so that not only the (o0es are &uar!in& the henhouseThe sal ation plans are ,ust schemes- =or any one o( them to 'or*, people must belie e that the po'er elite 'ill not let the @nite! 4tates &o belly up or let its people !o'n- $n any e ent 'e nee! to (lush the toilet an! to start actin& an! spea*in& more con(i!ently- $( money !isappeare! o erni&ht nothin& else 'oul! be lost an! 'e coul! create some more to ta*e its place- This 'hole thin& 'ith money is a sort o( con &ame that re:uires con(i!ent an! persuasi e men an! 'omen alon& 'ith the 'or*(orce to ma*e it 'or*- To ma*e it 'or* is especially challen&in& no' that most people *no' it is a sort o( con- $t is as !i((icult to ha e (aith on comman! as it is to lo e people on comman!- But 'e ha! better ha e (aith or else, an! that is not really a con- The (aith 'e actually ha e then is in one another as a transcen!ent 'hole, that 'e shall participate in common intercourse (or the bene(it o( e eryone concerne!- That really !oes 'or* 'hen 'e 'or* to&etherThat is the 'or* 'e ha! better &et bac* to ri&ht a'ay, to restore (ull (aith, con(i!ence an! cre!it to our usual American "ay, a 'ay that is, in my ,a!e! personal opinion, !is&ustin&, but $ 'oul! not !epri e anyone o( it as lon& as $ can &et a'ay 'ith a little (oul lan&ua&e-

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