PSYCHOLOGY 152: Abnormal Psychology Department of Psychology n!"ers!

ty of #ermont
S$mmer 2%1& '$es(ay ) 'h$rs(ay *:%%+12:&5 ,ann Hall -oom 2%5A
Instructor: Elyse Rosenberg, MA, Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology Office Hours: By a oint!ent Office: "#$E %ohn De&ey Hall E!ail: elyse'rosenberg(u)!'edu Blac*board: htt :++bb'u)!'edu+ , on the Blac*board site for this course there are lin*s to the syllabus and other related class !aterials that are osted on the &eb'

Co$rse Descr!pt!on -his course &ill ro)ide a broad sur)ey of the!es and to ics related to abnor!al sychology' .tudents &ill de)elo a &or*ing *no&ledge of co!!on sychological disorders as &ell as current classification a roaches /e'g', D.M,01' Additionally, students &ill understand factors related to etiology, !aintenance, assess!ent, and treat!ent of these disorders' .tudents &ill de)elo an understanding of abnor!al sychology throughout history, as &ell as ho& sycho athology is understood in current society' Co$rse Goals • De)elo a &or*ing *no&ledge of the co!!on sychological disorders' • 2nderstand the factors that can affect the etiology and course of these disorders' • 2nderstand ho& issues of di)ersity across gender, culture, and race relate to these disorders' • 2nderstand e! irical research on to ics related to abnor!al sychology' -ea(!ngs Most of the assigned reading &ill be contained in the re3uired te4t listed belo&' -he te4t is a)ailable at the boo*store' Additional readings &ill be a)ailable on the course Blac*board &ebsite &hen they are assigned' 'e.tboo/ 0 PsychPortal Co!er, R'%' /5$#"1' 6unda!entals of Abnor!al Psychology /7 th Edition1' 8e& 9or*, 8e& 9or*: :'H' 6ree!an + :orth Publishers' PsychPortal is the online co! onent of the te4tboo* through &hich you &ill access online assign!ents' PsychPortal also includes the eBoo*, &hich is identical to the a erbac* te4tboo*' If you urchase the a erbac* te4tboo*, access to PsychPortal co!es &ith your boo*' 9our registration infor!ation &ill be included and you can follo& this lin*: htt :++courses'bf& ub'co!+co!erfund7e' h to register your acti)ation code' -he boo*store has co ies of the te4tboo*'


If you choose not to buy the a erbac* te4tboo*, you !ay urchase PsychPortal only' 9ou &ill ha)e access to the online resources and the eBoo*' -o urchase PsychPortal, use this lin*: htt :++courses'bf& ub'co!+co!erfund7e' h and urchase as a student in the right bo4' -he ne&est )ersion of the te4tboo* is re3uired for this course' -he !ain diagnostic !anual used in sychology &as u dated this s ring and this te4tboo* reflects the changes' Old )ersions of the te4tboo* &ill ha)e incorrect+outdated infor!ation about so!e disorders' Ass!gnments an( 1"al$at!on .tudents are e4 ected to attend all classes, to co! lete assigned readings before class, and to artici ate in class' Course grades &ill be based on the follo&ing; there &ill be no e4tra credit o tions' Assign!ents are to be rinted out before class and handed in during class' 8o e!ailed assign!ents &ill be acce ted' 12 -ea(!ng response 32545: .tudents &ill turn in a ty ed, # age /#5, oint font; #,inch !argins1 res onse to each to ic that de!onstrates critical thin*ing' 9ou !ust choose 5 o$t of 1% res onses to co! lete /listed belo&1, each &orth #$ oints for a total of <$ oints or 5<= of your grade' Res onses to the readings could include /but are not li!ited to1 discussing a to ic that you found interesting, contro)ersial, or sur rising; e4 laining ossible causes, i! lications, or solutions to the to ic, &ith e4a! les; and+or discussing /&hen a licable1 ho& the research article could be i! ro)ed based on infor!ation fro! the boo* readings' >i)en the short ti!e eriod in &hich each to ic is co)ered, reading res onses , S' be turned in on the day the to ic is co)ered in class /outlined belo&1' ?ate reading res onses &ill not be acce ted' .o!e to ics include only te4tboo* cha ters, &hereas others include additional readings; see age < for details' 'op!cs: #' Assess!ent, -reat!ent, @ Case Conce tualiAation 5' Mood Disorders "' Personality Disorders B' An4iety Disorders+Obsessi)e,Co! ulsi)e @ Related Disorders <' Psychotic Disorders C' Eating Disorders 7' .ubstance 2se Disorders D' Disorders of .e4 @ >ender E' -rau!a @ .tress Disorders #$' Disorders of Childhood 22 ,$lt!ple Cho!ce 1.ams 35%45: -here &ill be t&o !ulti le,choice e4a!s throughout the course2 Each &ill be &orth <$ oints for a total #$$ oints or <$= of your grade' -he second e4a! &ill not be cu!ulati)e and &ill co)er !aterial beginning after the first e4a!' Fuestions &ill assess your understanding of !aterial fro! the boo* as &ell as fro! !aterial discussed in class lectures' 62 Onl!ne Case St$(!es 31%45: -here &ill be t&o online case studies; each &ill be &orth #$ oints for a total of 5$ oints or #$= of your grade' 6or these assign!ents, you &ill read a case study /a)ailable online1 and &ill ans&er a series of 3uestions regarding the !aterial co)ered in the case study' &2 Class Part!c!pat!on 31545: 9ou &ill benefit !ost fro! this course if you are acti)ely engaged &ith the !aterial at ho!e and in class' 9our grade for class artici ation includes


attendance, in)ol)e!ent in class discussions, and 3uality of 3uestions as*ed' -he !ore re ared you are &ith your reading, the !ore you &ill be able to contribute !eaningfully to class discussions' Gra(!ng Co$rse Component Reflections /<1 E4a!s /51 Online Case .tudies /51 Class Partici ation 'otal Po!nts <$ #$$ 5$ "$ 2%% Percent 5<= <$= #$= #<= 1%%4

Atten(ance 9ou are e4 ected to attend e)ery class' Please infor! the instructor in ad)ance if you &ill need to !iss a class for any reason' 9ou &ill need to borro& notes fro! another class !e!ber and you &ill be res onsible for any changes to the syllabus announced in class' If you !iss a class, reading res onses are acce ted only if they are handed to the instructor at the start of class on the day on &hich they are due' E4ce tions !ay be !ade on a case, by,case basis at the discretion of the instructor' COD1 O7 CO8D C' -his course &ill u hold the 2ni)ersity of 0er!ontGs Classroo! Code of Conduct and Policy on Acade!ic Honesty /.ource: 5$$E,5$#$ 2ni)ersity of 0er!ont Official Catalogue1' n!"ers!ty of #ermont Classroom Co(e of Con($ct: 6aculty and students &ill at all ti!es conduct the!sel)es in a !anner that ser)es to !aintain, ro!ote, and enhance the high 3uality acade!ic en)iron!ent befitting the 2ni)ersity of 0er!ont' -o this end, it is e4 ected that all !e!bers of the learning co!!unity &ill adhere to the follo&ing guidelines: #' 5' "' B' 6aculty and students &ill attend all regularly scheduled classes, e4ce t for those occasions &arranting an e4cused absence under the 2ni)ersity Attendance Policy /e'g', religious, athletic, and !edical1' .tudents and faculty &ill arri)e re ared for class and on ti!e, and they &ill re!ain in class until the class is dis!issed' 6aculty and students &ill treat all !e!bers of the learning co!!unity &ith res ect' -o&ard this end, they &ill ro!ote acade!ic discourse and the free e4change of ideas by listening &ith ci)il attention to co!!ents !ade by all indi)iduals' .tudents and faculty &ill !aintain an a ro riate acade!ic cli!ate by refraining fro! all actions that disru t the learning en)iron!ent /e'g', !a*ing noise, ostentatiously not aying attention, and lea)ing and reentering the classroo! ina ro riately1' /Please turn your cell hones off and no te4t !essaging during class1'

31.cerpts from the5 n!"ers!ty of #ermont Pol!cy on Aca(em!c Honesty: Acade!ic dishonesty or an offense against acade!ic honesty includes acts that !ay sub)ert or co! ro!ise the integrity of the educational rocess' .uch acts are serious offenses that insult the integrity of the entire acade!ic co!!unity' Offenses against acade!ic honesty are any acts that &ould ha)e the effect of unfairly ro!oting or enhancing oneGs acade!ic standing &ithin the entire co!!unity of learners &hich includes, but is not li!ited to, the faculty and students of the 2ni)ersity of 0er!ont' Acade!ic


dishonesty includes *no&ingly er!itting or assisting any erson in the co!!itting an act of acade!ic dishonesty' E4a! les of acade!ic dishonesty include: Co!!unicating in any !anner &ith other students during an e4a!ination; co ying or gi)ing aid during an e4a!ination; bringing notes or aids to an e4a!ination; ossessing or ro)iding to another erson an e4a!ination or ortions of an e4a!ination rior to or subse3uent to the ad!inistration of the e4a!ination &ithout the authoriAation of the instructor; and substituting for, arranging for substitution by another student, or other&ise re resenting oneself as another erson during an e4a!ination session or co! arable circu!stance' 6or a re)ie& of 20MGs Code of Acade!ic Integrity /including cheating and lagiaris!1 lease )isit the follo&ing lin*s: htt :++&&&'u)!'edu+Hu)! g+ g+student+acadintegrity' df

htt :++&&&'u)!'edu+HagriEE+ lagiaris!'ht!l' 1.tra Help If you are concerned about your erfor!ance in the class, you are encouraged to !eet &ith the instructor to de)elo a lan to i! ro)e' -he instructor can hel you &ith ho& and &hat to study; ho&e)er it is your res onsibility to ta*e ad)antage of the assistance offered' A roaching the instructor after the course is co! leted &ill not result in a grade change' >rades &ill be changed only if a !ista*e &as !ade in the grading of assign!ents or the recording of grades' -el!g!o$s Hol!(ays If you !ust !iss class to obser)e a religious holiday, notify the instructor in ad)ance and arrange!ents can be !ade to get lecture notes and ensure that assign!ents are still co! leted on ti!e' D!sab!l!ty Accommo(at!ons .tudents re3uiring s ecial assistance due to a disability are as*ed to contact the instructor during the first &ee* of classes so that reasonable acco!!odation for the disability can be deter!ined and arranged' Disability docu!entation, testing, and acco!!odations are coordinated through the ACCE.. office on ca! us: htt :++&&&'u)!'edu+Haccess+' A 8ote Abo$t Co$rse Content O)er the course of this se!ester, &e &ill co)er a range of !ental health issues' .hould any of the !aterial discussed in class be u setting to you or a friend, or should you &ish to discuss these issues &ith a !ental health rofessional, lease feel free to contact your instructor for further infor!ation' In addition, lease feel free to contact the follo&ing resources: #1 Counseling and Psychiatry .er)ices /CAP.1 at 20M /D$5 C<C,""B$1 51 Beha)ior -hera y and Psychothera y Center /D$5 C<C,5CC#1 "1 6or !ental health crises: Ho&ard Center Adult Crisis /D$5 BDD,CB$$1 or E##'


'entat!"e Sche($le of 'op!cs9 -ea(!ngs9 an( 1.ams /subIect to change at instructorGs discretion1' Changes &ill be announced in class' 9ou are res onsible for *no&ing &hat changes ha)e been !ade' Outlines of lectures and discussion are a)ailable on Blac*board' Date :ee/ 1 <+5$ Sche($le of 'op!cs9 -ea(!ngs9 an( Ass!gnments 'op!c -ea(!ng Course O)er)ie& and Orientation History of Abnor!al Psychology <+5# <+55 :ee/ 2 Mood Disorders <+57 >uest ?ecture: .heau,9an Ho, B'A' Personality Disorders <+5D E4a! Re)ie& Exam 1 <+5E ?a& @ Mental Health :ee/ 6 An4iety Disorders C+" Obsessi)e,Co! ulsi)e @ Related Disorders Psychotic Disorders C+B Eating Disorders C+< .ubstance 2se Disorders >uest ?ecture: Eli Jle! erer, B'A' :ee/ & Disorders of .e4 @ >ender C+#$ -rau!a @ .tress Disorders Cha ter < Is !T"D Not an #nxiet$ Disorder% Cha ter #B NY Times: &ea'hing M$ #utisti' "on Through Disne$ 2 Cha ter ## Onl!ne Case St$(y 2 Cha ter #$ Cha ter E NY Times: oarding Cha ter #5 Cha ter B Onl!ne Case St$(y 1 NY Times: Marsha Linehan 1 Cha ter #" Cha ter C Models of Abnor!ality Assess!ent, -reat!ent, @ Case Conce tualiAation Cha ter # The Battle to Define Mental Illness Cha ter 5 Cha ter " Impaired but Undiagnosed Ass!gnments

Disorders of Childhood C+## E4a! Re)ie& Exam ( C+#5 6uture Directions in Abnor!al Psychology


'rac/!ng Co$rse Po!nts;; Ass!gnment Online Case .tudy # Online Case .tudy 5 Reading Res onse # Reading Res onse 5 Reading Res onse " Reading Res onse B Reading Res onse < E4a! # E4a! 5 Poss!ble Po!nts #$ #$ #$ #$ #$ #$ #$ <$ <$ Po!nts

KKRe!e!ber that artici ation oints &ill also factor into your final grade


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